One provider even foregoes insurance reimbursement

Orlando victim being carried away
Pulse Nightclub shooting victim being carried to scene of crime on June 12, 2016

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Orlando Health and Florida Hospital will not bill survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre for out-of-pocket medical expenses, officials announced Wednesday.

Instead, the hospitals will write off an estimated $5.5 million or more in care.

“The pulse shooting was a horrendous tragedy for the victims, their families and our entire community,” Orlando Health President and CEO David Strong said. “During this very trying time, many organizations, individuals and charities have reached out to Orlando Health to show their support. This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.”

Its main hospital — Orlando Regional Medical Center — treated 44 of the more than 50 victims who needed immediate medical attention from the June 12 attack that killed 49 people. The nightclub is only a couple of blocks from the Level 1 trauma center.

Nine of the Pulse patients died shortly after arriving at ORMC, and their families also will not be charged, hospital officials said. One victim remains hospitalized there.

At Orlando Health, bills will be sent to health insurers for patients who had coverage, but whatever those policies don’t cover will be absorbed by the hospital chain, said spokeswoman Kena Lewis.

At Florida Hospital, which treated a dozen of the clubgoers, officials said they would not even bill the victims’ insurance for the treatment, nor will they bill for follow-up surgeries the survivors may need.


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59 thought on “Orlando Hospitals Won’t Charge Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims For Services”
  1. Yeah………you dont want to leave a paper trail. My thinking is this….they really have very little to bill for and this makes the perfect way to cover that up while making it appear that you are doing some good deed. And any hospital that can casually write off 5.5 million in care… overcharging someone. And what could this hospital have possibly done that would have cost 5.5 million dollars????? Does this seem off to anyone else?

    1. PPJ

      That is exactly what I was thinking. No paper trail.

      Of course there is the added benny of free medical care for sodomites. They are spraying this stuff now on the oyster beds around Seattle. In case of a major catastrophe, Yellowstone, pole shift, WWIII, etc, there must be no food left for surviving scavengers to feed upon.

    2. “never waste an opportunity” fits well in all these cons.

      The very basis of all NWO foundations. I like the Clinton-Haiti rice deal myself. That was pure genius and then they went in for the kill after the quake. The UN cholera enabled eugenics AID. Wow, these guys are good!

  2. “The pulse shooting was a horrendous tragedy for the victims, their families and our entire community,” Orlando Health President and CEO David Strong said. “During this very trying time, many organizations, individuals and charities have reached out to Orlando Health to show their support. This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.”

    PeeKay did a great video of Orlando Regional Medical Center lying doctors. I cannot find the video link now because PeeKay has been banned from YouTube.

    There is no reason why these lying medical entities connected to the false Orlando event should not send falsified insurance claims to the fake insurance carriers of the fake victims. Share the wealth!

    The only kindness paid forward by Orlando Regional Medical Center is a further exposure of their fraud and collusion with the forces of darkness who perpetrated the Orlando false event.

    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”
    John 1:5 “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”
    John 1:5

  3. Governor Rick could have fixed them up with his Solantic urgent care companies. They have tested state workers for most everything else. I have no doubt they will soon be tested for zika virus.

    I predict that soon there be nobel peace prize nominations just for being a sodomite.

    This is the governor who blasted a memo to state employees to never discuss climate change for any reason. You don’t want to discuss this in Florida as rising oceans are eating away expensive beach front roads and properties an encroaching on the water table.

    “If you have a $62 million investment, representing the biggest single chunk of your $218 million in wealth, and you put it in a trust under your wife’s name, does that mean you’re no longer involved in the company?

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott says it does.

    Scott has aggressively pursued policies like testing state workers and welfare recipients for drugs, switching Medicaid patients to private HMOs and shrinking public health clinics. All these changes could benefit that $62 million investment, but Scott sees no legal conflict between his public role and private investments.

    A few days before he took office in January, Scott moved his shares in Solantic Corp., a chain of 32 urgent care centers, to the Frances Annette Scott Revocable Trust. Scott co-founded Solantic in 2001 and was involved in its operation until last year. His wife’s trust now holds enough stock in the private company to control it. “

    1. It’s oh sooooo Clinton Foundation!

      Certainly it’s avoiding felony fraud. No statutes prevent them from faking news and/or stagecraft. But financial fraud and RICO have teeth. Even preparing the billing for services never rendered could cause issues.

      In Sandy Hook the donation wagons must have figured a way to avoid any compromise that might put them in jeopardy. That’s where real law enforcement should go fishing if there are any real law enforcement left.

      1. ” if there are any real law enforcement left.”

        Financial fraud laws have not been enforced for decades. RICO is still on the books and did indeed have teeth, but I do not believe RICO is being enforced now.

        Charity Fraud have stricter legal requirements in those laws but if Killary and the Clinton Foundation people don’t go to jail now, those laws are no longer being enforced either.

        The donation money flow to Sandy Hook families went through social media PayPal buttons to a large extent. No 501c3 tax exempt charitable foundations were established. Of course there were other off-the-books money trails with all of the false events donations. In other words there is no way to even attempt to get financial fraud prosecuted regarding Sandy Hook slush money.

        America is a ten second freefall controlled demolition.

  4. “I just went out for a fun night with friends. No one expected this to happen.” I feel like I heard that a few times on the initial coverage as well. Rinse (brain) and repeat.

    1. Just like the 55 million bucks given to Newtown, Conn. to build the new school. I say it did NOT come from Connecticut, we are penurious to a fault in this state.

  5. Same reason they had no invoices written by ambulance drivers – paper trail: Who was transported, when, injury, treatment, cost? Nope, – don’t want to write anything down – this is theater. The scene that interests me: That cloud of flies from approx. 30 gallons of blood in the Florida sun for 24 yrs.

    1. Did not the FBI close the files on disclosures emanating from the Orlando event from participants? Like, gag orders on doctors and other relief personnel like EMT’s etc.

  6. Who knows how long this was being planned, but one thing is for sure, the nurses and employees of Orlando Medical Center were under financial duress and in danger of losing their jobs as recently as recently as 2015 and, despite the hefty salaries paid to their revolving CEO’s, they were reportedly losing money !!

      1. You clever devil, “no business like Shoah business”…. look what that got Norman Finklestein, though. Or Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, David Irving.

        Like, prison terms and threats against their lives. And that is coming to a place near you as we speak…..

    1. This is a theme for shooting venues. The Charleston SC church was a condemned building, San Bernardino has a bankruptcy petition sitting in federal court for several years. Then there are the pure payoffs like Sandy Hook.

      1. Connecticut was so blatantly spurning of the requests of citizens to allow FOIA suits to proceed legally and legitimately. Anyone who saw the tapes of these events featuring Halbig and his attorney, Kay Wilson, can’t help but retch at the repulsive non-cooperation as afforded to the plaintiffs by a court system that is clearly off the rails. Malloy is currently trying to fight off accusations of some cutesy financial dealings with his previous electioneering campaign and accompanying spawn. Because this state has been blessed with the tainted largess of both federal and state coffers and a tilted judiciary, how could they lose? We who saw these sessions in court squirmed uncontrollably in our seats as the so-called judiciary made good on some totally bogus points of jurisprudence. Yet, there was no recourse whatsoever. They won, we lost, game over. Say what?
        People who don’t realize NWO is a real term not an anomalous one most likely are content to say, as did my recent visitors, that “we are doing swell, what’s there to worry about”? Connecticut is on the ropes bigtime, we are listing to port and starboard episodically and we are about to hit an iceberg that will sink us for sure. Malloy is ready to throw in with Clinton if she should win the election. He can taste his future Cabinet position, hometown boy makes good by selling out…..

  7. That the money grubbing hospitals aren’t billing is proof positive it was fake. All these hoaxes, fake ridiculous news stories in the MSM and local newspapers is mind numbing and makes me wonder what kind of surreal reality show we’re living in. These psychopaths in charge cannot be human!

    1. 55 million clams was given to the town of Newtown thanks to the Sandy Hook brouhaha that saw the asbestos saturated building not used for years destroyed under the aegis of lifelong gag orders for the demolition crew. Yeah, sure. Just like the 911 fiasco and the alacrity with which the girders and other wastes were whisked away “for the safety of residents”, Sandy Hook precipitated this act of generosity that pretended to express the selfless gift from our esteemed governor, Dannel Malloy. I’d love to see that cancelled check that was used to pay for this outrageously ornate and costly memorial to the time the perps put one over on the electorate. Were such a check cut, I’d wager it came not from the budgetarily wrecked state of Connecticut but from either the black-op till or some insignificant “official” that nobody ever heard of, done this way to protect the higher-ups that perpetrated this event meant to help the removal of guns from Americans.
      As an aside, we had a visit this weekend from our former neighbors we last saw 32 years ago. The Connecticut raised member of the pair guffawed when I mentioned many of the salient points were but travesties and lies thanks to the overall effort to hide perps from their complicity in the event. He felt sorry for me, felt I might take some Paxil or Prozac for my condition…..both educated people living a long way from here, but totally convinced the AP and CMMM would never, ever lie to the American public…..this is exactly why Clinton is not in jail as we speak. These are not ignoramuses, these are educated people just like the UConn faculty that voted 95% in favor of Obama not once but twice!!
      And we owe it all to Tavistock, how nice.

    2. This Orlando (project orange) event, Sandy Hook and 911 are so complex a mind control, beta test, data collection operation we often forget the huge money laundering aspects of these schemes as well as it’s purpose for operating funds for other empire projects. Remember the CAFR fraud exposed? All the munies, states having two sets of books and offshore accounts that center around the central banks.

      Take note that Panama Papers and UBS (Bradley Birkenfeld) have yet to present us with any meat after being released to ‘authorities’ Like Gil said we can thank Tavistock for the psy-op but we should congratulate the City of London, RIIA and all their satellite financial institutions for their resourcefulness in profiting during 0 interest times thanks to the global money laundering and associated Libor / Ponzi’s that synchronize to these events.

      How much do you want to bet that $55 Mln originated from the head of a poppy and traveled through the veins of a teenager in Maine or New Hampshire before winding up in Malloy’s hand?

  8. The short clip you have of Obama is misleading. I am watching the whole speech right now and he is not talking about Western democratic nations, but just the opposite.

    1. I think you may be right. I’ve been “not billed” in a tragedy. With something big like Pulse, why not not bill them? As far as if Pulse really happened, i have a friend in Orlando. I could ask what my friend thinks, or the sister who i read posts about Pulse. She seemed to believe Pulse happened.

    2. I agree with you poet, Since no one was shot why should They be charged?
      As a matter fact they’re all going to get tens of thousands of dollars for participating.
      That’s great community service.
      But unfortunately for me, I’m from one of those European families who started this country so when I went to the ER they charge me $7000. I’d like some of that community service love too.

  9. All those pesky details that make it so hard to pull off a hoax – such as hospital bills for fake victims, and trial dates for fake perpetrators.

    The 11/01/13 LAX hoax was a doozey, however our TSA hating shooter is AWOL. Paul Ciancia pleaded “Not Guilty” to all eleven counts, and was scheduled for trial. The trial was delayed until February of 2016. When that date came around, a few people remembered, so they rescheduled it to 08/23/16. Did anyone notice that that date too has come and gone? I didn’t think so. Researchers have been unable to find him listed as an inmate in any California or New Jersey prison

    Paul Ciancia, who managed to avoid all 3000 CCTV cameras in LAX, appears to be slipping deep into the memory hole.

        1. LOL. The guy probably came straight from Hollywood Blvd.

          ~I turned around and I saw a man in a Zorro costume … greeting what appeared to be his girlfriend … she said to him, “I have one more bag to get. Wait out here.’ And he turned and went down the sidewalk a little bit,” said Paula Leonhauser. “I don’t know whether that is the person who they were frightened of, but what happened next was the police yelled … at all of us to get down and get away.~

  10. Within the last 2 weeks, we have heard of stampedes at shopping malls. The first one was a bunch of ‘gunshot’ sounds at a mall, but they never figured out what the sounds were that made the people panic. Now they are telling us ‘popped balloons’ caused a stampede at another mall last week.
    Are they conditioning us for a ‘mall active shooter drill gone live/hoax?’ I sure believe so. I bet it will happen within the next month.

    Friggin’ psychos.

    1. I think you are most likely correct, people are being primed for another “event”. I think they also pull this kind of stuff to gauge the reactions of the people. Don’t go to the mall….. 🙂

    2. This is been happening all over the country, operation Gladio in full swing.

      They have to keep all Americans continuously scared,nervous until we realize a police state is the only answer .

      1. Worst to me have been the “reports of gunshots” at JFK and LAX in which we learn that people wearing airport security uniforms were telling passengers to leave terminals by any doors available as “active shooters” are on the rampage. In the NYT article about the event at JFK we even learn that people ran out of Terminal 1 (which has many people arriving from out of the country, so perhaps this was engineered to help someone with less-than-perfect documentation to enter the U.S.) to catch any cab available to get away from the fracas. And today we see mob scenes at LAX from a similar event on the tube. No need for fake shootings – all you need to do is yell FIRE! and human nature will take over. Cheapest form of agit-prop yet devised.

    3. I started picking up on this “trend” at malls with stories that have been hitting the news and FB shares over the past 2 weeks. In the Detroit area there was a FB posting about a creep at a local upscale mall taking pics of kids and who refused to stop even after parents asked him to. The police would not make him leave since he had not committed any crime. Somebody took a pic of the guy and it was interesting that he had on a striped blue and white shirt (just sayin.) Then the next day was a story about a guy following women to their parking spot. The poster on FB was making assumptions in her post saying she knew the guy had nothing but nasty on his mind (the rest of her FB page was rather odd with nothing but record album recommendations and half of the posts were in Spanish). Then we ended the week with a smash and grab at another mall (Twelve Oaks) where they ordered everybody out of the mall because they were not sure if it was gunshots or glass breaking. They are definitely prepping for something or simply putting the fear in people as Christmas shopping gets closer.

  11. It is a beautiful hot August night in Los Angeles California if you live here enjoy it while you can Winters coming.

    I know, I know, the East laughs at us for we don’t even have a snow.

    We have to deal with earthquakes OK ?give it a rest haha

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