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The Kevin Barrett-Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Eights part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question”
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Prof. Tony Hall
Editor In Chief, American Herald Tribune
Co-Host, False Flag Weekly News


Not one aspect of the officially authorized account of 9/11 has been able to withstand the test of close scrutiny by the best of the citizen investigators in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The crude vacuity of the ongoing 9/11 cover up can be seen as powerful evidence that many of our governors have much to hide about their own roles in the lies and crimes of 9/11 and in the subsequent onslaughts of state terror to which the original misrepresentations gave rise.

The persecution of Kevin Barrett in 2006 for doing his job as a conscientious Islamic Studies teacher can be seen in retrospect as telling evidence of government and media collusion in the 9/11 crime. The unfolding of this dark episode involving a devastating betrayal of academic integrity in the Wisconsin heartland of America helps expose those who have the most to lose if the real culprits of 9/11 were to be identified.

Eventually the University of Wisconsin caved in to the pressure from the enemies of academic freedom. Because Dr. Barrett lost his job, the University of Wisconsin lost much respect among those that genuinely seek to safeguard the fragile institutional foundations on which free and democratic societies depend. Academic institutions where the protections of academic tenure are genuinely earned, honored and defended, frequently form a last line for the defense of truth.

The fragile rules and procedures essential to the exercise of academic freedom are meant to form primary mechanisms in the age-old quest to distinguish what is real from what is false. What is the purpose of universities once they abandon their higher mission as identifiers, custodians and protectors of truth? Are universities worthy of respect once they become mere agencies for the advancement of the political agendas of dominant interests?

In the paradigmatic case instigated by the truth telling of Dr. Kevin Barrett, a major American university found itself in the maelstrom of controversy over how 9/11 should be interpreted. Rather than signal its capacity to host such a vital and necessary task of drawing truth from a refereed reading of both real or connived “facts,” the University of Wisconsin embraced the rule of politics over the rule of academic integrity. When put to the test, the U of W’s administration as well as its Faculty Association failed to defend the crucial capacity of qualified faculty to express themselves freely on subjects of great political sensitivity.

Rather than leave the realm of intellectual controversy, Dr. Barrett became a pioneer in alternative Internet broadcasting, the main site of his Truth jihad. For many years Dr. Barrett has covered on his Truth jihad media network every twist and turn in the gradual coming to light of the truth of 9/11 and many related issues, episodes and personalities connected to the Mother of All False Flag Events. Dr. Barrett has sought out and interviewed thousands of significant newsmakers whose importance might otherwise have been kept hidden. He has lectured widely including at universities in Turkey, Morocco and Iran on a wide array of subjects encompassed within his many fields of academic and journalistic expertise.

In this fashion Dr. Barrett has helped to expose the huge truth deficit of mainstream media (MSM) venues. By and large these venues and their agents of deception and distraction have abandoned any pretenses of doing investigative reporting worthy of the name. Rather than speaking truth to power they most often become servants of power acting primarily as obedient stenographers for officialdom.

By going where the MSM won’t go, Dr. Barrett has helped clarify the extent of the dishonesty and obfuscation of a thoroughly corrupted communications industry that includes public broadcasters such as the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. More often than not these agencies of mass communications subordinate the public interest and the common good to the war agendas of the military-industrial complex.

In the decade since Dr. Barrett was purged from the academy, he has created a record of great importance exposing on a day-by-day basis significant breaking news. The books, articles and digital archives of his extensive media work have already become major primary sources concerning many strategic developments in our rapidly changing world. Dr. Barrett’s prolific contributions to the record of our life and times during an era set in motion by the fraudulent interpretation of 9/11 are destined to outlive the mortal existences of the generation that came of age in the 1970s and 80s.

Dr. Barrett’s prodigious journalistic output is often leavened by satire containing copious quantities of parody, paradox and biting irony. Barrett has also continued to publish academic works including two recent edited volumes assessing the distance between media hype and reality in the two violent episodes in Paris in 2015. As on 9/11, both Paris events were instantly characterized without objective investigation as the demented deeds of self-directed Islamic extremists acting independently. I authored articles in both these volumes as part of my collaboration with a persecuted Muslim colleague.

Kevin Barrett continues to bring to the New Media of the Internet a cornucopia of topics that should be freely and openly debated in our universities but, by and large, are not. Our institutions of higher learning are thereby failing some of the core principles that university faculty members, including Prof. Chomsky and I, are charged to serve and defend.

As I see it this article here forms a part of my best effort to rise to the high responsibility invested in tenured professors to safeguard the academic integrity of universities.

In my view Dr. Chomsky has fallen far short of the ideals he espoused in 1967 when he called for “intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” In his early days Professor Chomsky was himself the target of attacks on his democratic right and academic responsibility to articulate truths often inconvenient to power. How did he survive those professional and political attacks? Certainly part of the answer lies in Chomsky’s own erudition, eloquence, tenacity, and a prodigious level of research and publication during his most robust years.

Kevin Barrett, however, has displayed similar qualities working intelligently and tirelessly against the many obstructions put up by an elaborate machinery that might be characterized as the 9/11 Cover Up Industry. The 9/11 Cover Up Industry can be seen as part of a large propaganda-military-industrial complex whose elements also include what Norman Finkelstein labeled The Holocaust Industry and what David Miller and others have described as the Islamophobia Industry.

In spite of all that has been thrown against him, Dr. Barrett has for the last decade worked with courage and great internal resolve to expose the workings of false flag terrorism, including the events of 9/11. He has done so without the safety, security and access to resources that are supposed to come with academic appointments. It is not a big stretch to speculate that there are some hidden factors at play in the disparity of treatment afforded Chomsky and Barrett by universities. Advertising themselves as institutions of higher learning, these institutions are unfortunately sometimes not the paragons of peer review and meritocracy they are supposed to be.


A recent example of the propensity of some universities to abandon the high ground of protected academic freedom lies in the contested efforts of Florida Atlantic University to fire the tenured Communications Professor James Tracy. Tracy is facing severe professional recriminations for exposing many of the frauds permeating the Sandy Hook false flag school shooting event in Connecticut in 2012.

One of the consequences of evading any formal procedures to deal with the lies and crimes of 9/11 is the frequency of successor events to keep the fear of Islamic terrorism alive. Dr. Barrett has applied his expertise in false flag terrorism to immediate assessments of the engineered violence brought by the 9/11 culprits to London, Madrid, Bali, Ottawa, Sydney, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, and Dhaka. In The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism, Trevor Aaronson has demonstrated the domestic side of this transnational genre of psychological operation.

Dr. Hall is editor in chief of American Herald Tribune. He is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled The Bowl with One Spoon.

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24 thought on “9/11 and the Zionist Question: Is Noam Chomsky a Disinfo Agent for Israel?”
  1. Not sure I see the argument here. Yes, Chomsky gets a lot of tolerance, but don’t forget that he has become so established as scientist and activist—and he’s no so old—that it would be hard for the establishment to silence him even if they wanted to.

    Perhaps there is a point here. But some real evidence would be nice, since I’ve often watched Chomsky take on Israeli politics and society.

    1. Analyze Chomsky’s verbiage more carefully and you will clearly see his limited hangout credentials right before your eyes and ears. Just like Russ Limbog, Chomsky appears to be critical of Israel but look at the topics he espouses and you will rapidly see this true colors. Moreover, sharp people like Chomsky and the DNC realize America has been severely dumbed down and many Americans are barely literate, if they care at all. American education has followed Dewey’s socialization paradigm, rather than the paradigm of careful analysis and evaluation. As a result, in talking to a wide range of Americans, one can readily see that our education system is really shot full of holes and our students planning to matriculate at a college are often sorely in need of remedial work in math and English, our native tongue.
      As such, Americans are sitting ducks even if they were to listen to the likes of Chomsky.

  2. The Talking Heads I am concerned about are the ones who proffer invalid data, information re: events that supposedly happened but in fact did not, or are a deliberate attempt to substitute a narrative,
    those that that do not/cannot distinguish between the information they have gleaned and their interpretation of the information,
    its fine to really really really believe your own beliefs but allow the rest of the herd to decide for themselves

  3. Mr. Kevin Barrett if you’re looking on the site to see comments I would really love love have a conversation with you.

    I’d like to know how you got to Islam from either Jewish upbringings or Christian. i’d like to know how you got to Islam from either Jewish upbringings or Christian upbringing.

    I find it intriguing and fascinating.

    I know when you lost your tenure you’re probably mad at the world and I understand.

    I would just like to know how you could make such a Leap .

    With much respect sir, thank you.

  4. Chomsky refutes 9/11 was an inside job and even the JFK assassination was a conspiracy. He is very smooth in talking about “coincidences” in dispelling many arguments. How does he answer the foreknowledge of the dancing Israelis? He also states that it could never have been kept a secret. What about the Manhattan Project that had tens of thousands of participants? What about the 40 year Tuskegee syphilis experiments on blacks? What about COINTELPRO, MKULTRA taking decades to come out, and the majority of Congress polled by the Church Committee stating that they believed that the FBI had a compromising FBI blackmail fileon them? What about the mafia hiding evidence of Hoover being a homosexual for nearly half a century, and the government never formally admitting to an Italian mafia during that time? What about the dirt intelligence agencies have on one another keeping a lid on it? (e.g., the Moscow apartment building bombings).

    The intelligentsia is not running our institutions for their brilliance, but rather, because they go along to get along. Complicity pays.

      1. Yes, he does. Recalled this clip from 2008, looked around and found it.
        His statement about “JFK’s murder being “irrelevant and who cares, people get murdered all the time” is unbelievable, but here he is speaking on record in front of an audience. I have to give it to him, he is smoother than a smoothie.

        ~Uploaded on Apr 12, 2008
        See Noam Chomsky speaking in Budapest at the Kossuth Klub hosted by the “Lehet Mas a Vilag.”

        He is debunking the conspiracy behind 9/11 events and claiming that JFK murder is irrelevant. This is the original and unedited footage as presented by onegoodmove.org~

        8 minutes:

        1. Chomsky & Killery have the same disease. It’s called “Diarrhea of the Mouth”. Nothing but putrid filth passes over their tongues. I do believe I’ve seen this clip before. Further on he dismisses the scientific work of AE911 TRUTH, by characterizing them as “fringe” wackos who believe in all sorts of wild conspiracy theories, like space aliens and the like. This man has completely discredited himself, and everything he has ever written or said can be thrown out the window as being complete BS. All of his books can now be moved over to the fiction section, or the Black Magic area. John 8:44. !!!

      2. He doesn’t just refute it. He continually dismisses and ridicules the possibility. He laughs in one interview saying that truthers “must think there are psychopathic murderers in high government positions”. This is quite odd considering his hours of speeches over decades alleging/citing examples of high level atrocities committed by same group. And as “the most important intellectual in world”, he claims that he cannot form an opinion on #7 in freefall for 11 feet across 100 meter width. This is not only high school physics, but gravitational kinematics are nearly always in chapter one.

        1. Wow I am so surprised to hear this,
          and saddened, i have great affinity toward the science of linguistics:(
          I would like that reference if you have it

  5. Excellent article! I was not this familiar with the history of Dr. Barrett. It’s truly repugnant when schools like Wisconsin and FAU cave like this.

    As to the question concerning Chomsky in the title, I would start by saying that I’ve always been suspicious of Chomsky’s complete lack of curiosity concerning 9/11. Honestly, his betrayal of the the 9/11 Truth movement was due to his refusal to engage with the scholarship available.

    I am far from perfect as far as having a comprehensive knowledge of 9/11 and more recent false flags, but I spent what little money I had years ago to make a diligent study thanks to tomes by Thierry Meyssan, Webster Tarpley, David Ray Griffin, Michael Ruppert , and others.

    It was clear to me that the 9/11 story was pure fiction. In fact, it didn’t take very much research to come to such a sobering conclusion. Thus, Chomsky’s ignorance (as ostensibly a brilliant polymath) is inexcusable. It’s cynical. It’s consequentialist. It is a typically liberal form of nastiness.

    But to understand Chomsky (whether he’s an agent of Israel or any other government) entails understanding his truly brilliant grasp on language. While his linguistic theories are at times problematic, the man is a wizard of elocution. And that is the key… He has the linguist’s ability to be extremely slippery with language. He is therefore able to ingratiate himself to a great many people while perpetually contradicting himself. He is, then, saying essentially nothing.

    So his skills are those of a quintessential operative or agent of influence.

    I never had any sympathy for Chomsky until recently. He has at least called Israel’s treatment of those in the occupied territories “much worse than apartheid.” That is, of course, true.

    In a final note…I would mention the strange case of Alex Jones calling out Wolf Blitzer as an Israeli agent a few days ago. Blitzer may very well be just that, but it is not the “strange” part. This unusual willingness of Jones to all-of-a-sudden break the Israel taboo came on the heels of the article posted on MHB about Jones being “Pozner’d”.

    Whether the punch has been pulled (the Blitzer piece), I know not.

    Most of all, I salute you Dr. Barrett for exercising your voice within the academy. I have supported Dr. Tracy as being a crucial link to reality in the post-Sandy Hook days of sheer simulation.

    Thank you also to the author of this article for the enlightening history of rotten academia since 9/11.

    Keep up the great work, fellow researchers! I myself am focusing on the Israel lobby and the BDS movement. I would recommend the groundbreaking pro-Palestinian documentary films (which show how rotten the IDF and Israel in general are) 5 Broken Cameras and (alternately) Corner Store.

    God bless you my friends,


    1. @Paul…and concerning the BDS movement, I would like to bring to your attention, if you are already not aware, that the governor of NJR, Chris Christy, signed into law last week that NJ Pension Funds may not be invested in any company that boycotts Israel, or otherwise wishes to cause harm to Israel. Makes me wonder if he was threatened with the Samson Option, or just decided to take a under the table donation. Perhaps the Khazerian Mafia made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. You and all readers here might want to do some research on fourth generation micro nukes, like the ones that hotly “fizzled” in the bedrock below the towers on 911. In some of the videos that will come up from your search, you can see Mr. Teller saying that eventually his nuclear devices will be completely clean, as far as residual radiation is concerned.

      1. That’s a very interesting story, sir! I wasn’t aware of Christie’s Zionist position. It’s sad. Indeed, fitting all the pieces together is the toughest part of what we’re doing. I don’t have the books discussing micronukes at the WTC (by Fetzer I’m assuming).

        You might say it’s laziness on my part, but that wouldn’t be the whole story. I need books. I am unable to glean much from an online text unless it is relatively short. I can’t stare at computer screens that long. But I also must annotate and fill the margins if I have any hope of retaining at a high level.

        As a graduate student, I am not flush with cash. Likewise, I am tasked with synthesizing an immense amount of information on all sorts of topics. But conscience dictates that I bring Dr. Tracy’s situation into my work, that I bring all manner of U.S. rottenness into my work, and finally the BDS movement and all associated with that.

        In addition, I rely on MHB to give me the most essential news from around the world at judicious intervals.

        At the present time, my focus is on communications and propaganda. Perhaps, one might say, the dark side of advertising. Even the bright sight is pretty dark…so you can only imagine.

        I hope to share insights here as I have them and sincerely appreciate all the commentators and our host (my hero) Dr. James Tracy.

        And thank you for your excellent question,


  6. “What is the purpose of universities once they abandon their higher mission as identifiers, custodians and protectors of truth?” Not to split hairs, but isn’t that actually an acknowledgment of the UNIVERSITY’S function AS GATEKEEPERS?! I mean, that’s precisely what a correct rendering of “higher mission(missionary?) as identifiers(Intel), custodians(praetorian guards), and protectors(knights) of truth” would add up to. Hey news flash: the CIA are protectors of truth, too…maybe THAT’S why they CLASSIFY it. Or perhaps there’s SPYS IN ACADEMIC CLOTHING! My mistake, Tracy already interviewed Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media on that.

    We really need to start subjecting the premises we collectively adopt to deeper scrutiny, like for instance the true purpose of TENURE, which historically was a pledge/oath to the King/Order in return for certain protections…like say SPEECH. I’ll stop there. BTW on Chomsky, Kerry Bolton & Daniel Estulin detail to some extent the origins of Chomsky as iconic academic as well as the CPS(Center for Policy Studies)’ prominence in fostering THE NEW LEFT in the ’60s through the usual suspect foundations & intelligence connections in “Revolutions From Above” & “Shadow Masters”, respectively.

    1. John 8:44 !!! The Khazarian Mafia and their Sayanim CANNOT afford to let the truth emerge. Just as a scorpion will sting you, and a rattlesnake will bite you, no matter how nicely you treat it, and no matter what promises it may make to you, the Sons of Satan can only lie and do you harm. Expect nothing else and you won’t be disappointed.

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