Submitted by Sajjad Shaukat

Some western psychiatrists believe that many terrorists have had a difficult childhood producing narcissistic wounds, resulting in “projecting the hated parts of the self onto the outside world”. According to another similar reasoning, “The desire to destroy the establishment is driven by the terrorist’s search for identity.” This dynamic could result in operatives taking unauthorized vengeance against society for their own reasons unrelated to the group’s cause; such acts are equivalent to military officers making politically unauthorized use of their weapons.


In his book, “The Readiness to Kill and Die: Suicidal Terrorism in the Middle East,” a professor of psychology, Ariel Merari who provides a comprehensive analysis of suicide attacks and terrorism by showing how personality characteristics interact with group pressure and public atmosphere, points out,

“Most suicide terrorist attacks are carried out by sub-state groups, whether organized as terrorist groups or as self-starter cells…this is because it is easier for groups to transform susceptible individuals into terrorists by radicalizing, recruiting, indoctrinating and training them to become suicide bombers and then videotaping their commitment to martyrdom. Such groups receive their oxygen from religions and societies that glorify martyrdom into an afterlife in paradise.”

Besides mentioning other causes of terrorism, a number of writers, authors and researchers agree by remarking, “Terrorists recruit mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions.”

However, some depressed operatives may follow instructions in carrying out suicide missions. Since the US started fake global war against terrorism, after the 9/11 tragedy, various political experts have opined that terrorism comes in a variety of forms such as religious terrorism, secular terrorism, economic terrorism etc., but its main aim is to achieve political, economic and social ends.

In his book, “Inside Terrorism,” Bruce Hoffman writes: “For the religious terrorism, violence is the foremost divine duty executed in direct response to some demand or imperative…the secular terrorist sense leads to a sanctioning of limitless violence against a virtually open-ended category of targets.”

Besides, in various countries, including America, laws have been enforced to cope with the problem of terrorism. For example, in case of Pakistan, almost all the political parties unanimously had agreed on a draft of legislative measures—the 20 points National Action Plan—the bill as 22nd (Constitutional) Amendment was enforced soon after its approval from the parliament. Now, individuals will be punished in accordance with the National Action Plan which includes countering hate speech and extremist material, choking financing for terrorists and terrorist organizations, taking effective steps against religious persecution, ban on glorification of terrorism and terrorists organization through print and electronic media, measures against abuse of internet and social media for terrorism, dealing firmly with sectarian terrorists and so on.

Judging in these terms, the character of the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has emerged as a political terrorist.

In order to win the presidential race of the Republican Party, Trump had started exaggerating the threat of Islamophobia by manipulating various terror attacks in the US and Europe.

Trump manipulated the terror attacks which occurred in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice and Munich which were, in fact, false flag operations, conducted by Israeli Mossad and CIA who were playing the double game by using the terrorists of the Islamic State (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) in this respect, while, some incidents were not linked to ISIS, but were the result of self-radicalization of the individuals.

Donald Trump used each terror assault and the shooting at San Bernardino, California in fueling anti-Muslim racialism in America and to get the sympathies of a majority of the ordinary Americans and those of Europe, who did not have much time to go into depth-analysis and have been misguided by his emotional speeches, statements and false hopes. The more he exploited the threat of Islamic militants, the more popularity he got among general masses of America, who have been impressed by his stereotypes. After the incident at San Bernardino, which resulted in the deaths of 14 persons by a Muslim couple, Donald Trump had called for a ban on Muslims, entering the United States.

The Washington Post in an article, under the caption, “Trump’s reckless, dangerous Islamophobia helps the Islamic State”, wrote on June 13, 2016,

“Trump’s standards, his comments about the Orlando shooting have been reckless and self-serving. They are also dangerous for the country…the strongest remaining force that propels the Islamic State is the Islamophobia of Trump and his European counterparts, argue senior intelligence strategists for the U.S.-led coalition. Inflammatory, xenophobic statements about Muslims reinforce the jihadists’ claims that they are Muslim knights fighting against an intolerant West. Trump unwittingly gives them precisely the role they dream about.”

In this regard, Khaled A. Beydoun pointed out on the Aljazeera multimedia network on March 13, 2016,

“The world brand Trump is becoming synonymous with expansion of racism and incitement of Islamophobia…I think Islam hates us, said Donald Trump, 24 hours before the Republican presidential debate in Miami…is a call to his voting base, to further galvanise them around a disdain for Islam that not only heightens hateful fervour at his rallies, but incites violence on American blocks and pushes bigots to the ballot box…the statement is rooted in the very ignorance and hate which made him the darling of bigots and surged him up the polls…Islamophobia­-the suspicion and fear of Islam and its 1.7 billion adherent-is political ideology for Trump.”

Anti-Muslim rhetoric of Trump could be judged from his several other statements. Trump’s opposition to Muslim refugees, especially from Syria is very well known. During his appearance with the National Border Patrol Council’s Green Line radio show on May 15, 2016, Donald Trump predicted that refugees with ISIS-funded cell phones will conduct another 9/11-like terrorist attack in the US. During a GOP debate in December, 2016, he had already expressed similar thoughts by giving “Americans wake-up call about border security and to take it seriously,” elaborating that he had “no doubt, the attackers were already entering the country.” On February 14, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan warned that ISIS attacks on “U.S. soil is inevitable.” However, these warnings were exploited by the Israeli Mossad and its affiliated CIA operatives to target the night club of Orlando, (Florida) so as to provide Donald Trump with an opportunity to accelerate his campaign against the Muslims.

After the shooting at the gay night club in Orlando, he also criticized the US President Obama to resign, slamming him for having “disgracefully refused to even say the words “Radical Islam.” Calling on his opponent-candidate Clinton to get out of the general election race for the same reason, Trump said, “Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen…we cannot afford.”

Trump again remarked that he would decrease immigration from the Middle East because “since 9/11, hundreds of migrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism in the United States.” He, once again, asked for the ban of any Muslims entering the US. On June 19, 2016, during his interview with the CBC News, he called for racial “profiling of Muslims inside the United States to combat terrorism.”He reiterated his call for more surveillance of mosques and warned that radical Muslims were trying to take over our children.

Trump continued move against Muslims. In this context, toughening immigration checks for the French and Germans in the US, questioning NATO obligations and hinting at an exit from the World Trade Organization, Donald Trump said on July 24, this year,

“We have problems in Germany and we have problems in France…they have totally been compromised by deadly Islamist attacks in Nice and last year in Paris…you know why? It’s their own fault…because they allowed people to come into their countries.”

Nevertheless, the incident of shooting at the gay club in Orlando not only exposed this false flag operation, but also endorsed other false flag terror-attacks in the US and Europe. In this regard, in an interview with Brazilian TV on June 14, 2016, the ex-wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen Sitora Yusufiy revealed that American FBI pressurized her to keep quiet about his homosexuality. While, Mateen had been dubbed as an Islamic terrorist by the American politicians, senior officials and commentators, following reports that he had pledged allegiance to the ISIS, but FBI wanted to downplay the personal and self-hating nature of the assault. Even, President Obama stated on June 12, 2016, “Federal authorities had made no definitive judgement on the killer’s motivation, and whether he was inspired by or directed by Islamic State or other terrorist groups. Obama clarified by explaining “Orlando shooting was the result of Mateen’s personal resentment in relation to the gay club.”

In this respect, on June 28, 2016, The New York Times wrote,

“The mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12 included a curious phrase: false flag…the victims in the shooting? They were “crisis actors” hired to promote the story as a pretext to impose tighter gun restrictions, the theory goes…the term false flag relates to naval warfare when a ship would fly a flag that would conceal its true identity as a way to lure an enemy closer. Today, it is commonly a shorthand for an act of deception…conspiracy theorists have applied the label to high-profile attacks, including the shootings by a husband and wife last year in San Bernardino, Calif, that killed 14…the phrase has even been used to doubt the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

Similarly, the teenager Ali David Sonboly who killed 9 people in Munich had no connection with the ISIS. Police investigation revealed that he was “a mentally troubled person” and police also discovered extremist material, linked to the attack by Andres Behring Brevik, the white supremacist who murdered 77 persons in Norway in 2011. And the shooting in the French city of Nice was also a false flag terror-act, as CIA-Mossad arranged it with help of ISIS which used homegrown terrorists of France.

However, through these false flag operations, the US-led Israel achieved its several sinister designs. Like the drastic aftermath of 9/11 tragedy, rulers and politicians of the US-led Western countries, especially of Europe, including their media have been misguiding their general public by creating chauvinism against the Muslims. They are propagating the so-called threat of Islamophobia. In one way or the other, the Muslims are being persecuted in the US and other Western countries. Owing to the irresponsible approach of Western leaders, far right-wing parties and “Stop Islam” movement in the West, especially in Europe are becoming popular by largely attracting their people. Besides, Muslims in the continent are facing severe backlash in form of attacks on them and threats in wake of anti-Muslim protests. Without caring for human rights, several Muslim refugees have been expelled from various European countries.

Trump remains silent about the American homegrown militants who have killed more innocent persons than those massacred by Al-Qaeda and ISIS inside the US. He has also set aside the assaults by the extremist Americans on mosques.

In this connection, Veterans Today quoted a report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and University of California, Berkeley, released on June 20, 2016 which said, “The number of recorded incidents in which mosques were targeted jumped to 78 in 2015, the most since the body began tracking them in 2009. There were 20 and 22 such incidents in the previous two years, respectively. The incidents include verbal threats and physical attacks.”

While, such a discriminatory policy towards Muslims is already annoying Islamic community in the multicultural societies of the US-led West and is causing more recruitment in the militant outfits like Al-Qaeda and especially ISIS, Donald Trump has left no stone unturned by providing new ammunition to these terrorist groups. He has, deliberately, taken his anti-Muslim rhetoric to a climax, inspiring the moderate Muslims to join the extremists or terrorist outfits.

In the recent days, political character of Donald Trump has become more controversial and dangerous for America. In his first response to at the Democratic National Convention from Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier-US Army Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in 2004 by a car bomb in Iraq, Trump stated, “He sacrificed nothing for his country…Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, didn’t speak at the convention because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.”

Earlier, Khizr Khan reprimanded Trump for seeking to bar foreign Muslims from entering the country, saying their son would not have been able to serve under a Trump presidency. He added, “Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America…you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Criticizing Trump, President Barack Obama stated on August 3, 2016, “Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to be president, and questioned why his party still supports the New York billionaire’s candidacy…the notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices…means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job.”

Both the Republicans and Democrats also condemned Trump’s foolish statement. Taking note of Donald Trump’s discriminatory speeches and statements, several prominent Republicans, including some congressman have decided that they will not vote for Trump by arguing that “he is unfit to serve as president of the United States.”

It is mentionable that as part of the anti-Muslim approach, and with the support of its Western allies, American President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama deliberately created chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, including other Islamic countries such as Somalia, Yemen etc. where Washington was indirectly involved to obtain the illegitimate political and economic interests of the Zionist Jews and Israel. In case elected, as the US president, Trump who wants to complete the unfinished agenda of Israel will continue anti-Muslim policies.

It is of particular attention that the most important cause behind the suicide attacks is that when real brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents and the fellows of the Muslims, demanding independence from the Zionist-Israeli-led colonialism, and neo-imperialism are being killed due to state terrorism, extremism develops in the concerned persons who feel psychologically compelled to commit violent acts (or suicide attack) and the political objectives they espouse are only a rationalization. Psychologically speaking, when a person crosses the stage of fear towards non-fear in these adverse circumstances, the previous one can never be achieved and in such a case, even a coward person becomes bold to commit suicide or any violent acts. A number of suicide missions in Iraq (During occupation), Afghanistan, Israel and the Indian-held Kashmir verify this fact. Particularly, some events of women committing suicide also testify this fact. It is because of these reasons that human lives themselves become bombs, supplying the requisites of new style deterrence.

Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad does not permit acts of terrorism or suicide attacks. But, it is religious fervour, created by Trump against the Muslims that the militant groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliated terror-outfits will further misinterpret the concept of Jihad to motivate the common Muslims to target Christians, Westerners and especially Americans.

It is worth-mentioning that in the past, Russia faced a number of terror-acts, conducted by the Chechen militants, which killed several innocent persons and personnel of the security forces. In one of the major assault on September 1, 2004, Chechen terrorists took more than 1200 people—most of them children as hostages in a Russian school in Beslan, and thus killed over 400 people when Russian special troops conducted a military operation to free the hostages. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin and top officials of the Russian government did not blame all the Muslims for the acts of a few.

Although the presidential nominee of the Democrats Hillary Clinton is also Israeli agent, yet her criticism about contributions of election-campaign from Wall Street backers, email-scandal, drone-scandal etc. have weakened her position. Hence, Trump best suits the interests of Tel Aviv. Notably, in an interview with the Daily Mail on May 2, 2016, Trump stated that Israel should continue construction of illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank.

It is mentionable that by following the double standards of the US in its worst form, Trump also intends to favour India, while opposing the nuclear weapons of Pakistan, as he stated in the recent past. He has brushed aside the ground realities that Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi led by the ruling fundamentalist party BJP has been implementing anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan agenda, while encouraging Hindutva (Hindu nationalism). Besides Muslims, BJP and other extremist outfits have also been targeting the Christians and their places of worship. Donald Trump has further encouraged Hindu terrorism inside India where other religious minorities are living under perennial fear.

It is notable that in case, America’s anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli and pro-Indian Donald Trump becomes American president, he would continue the US phony war on terror by targeting more Muslims countries, while backing the reactionary policies of some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Thus, Trump will destabilize the entire Middle East, including more Muslim countries, especially Pakistan to please the BJP-led fundamentalist government of India and Israel, as Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Muslim world, which irritates India, Zionist Jews and Israel. Trump will encourage every possible techniques of state terrorism, being employed by India and Israel in the occupied territories of Kashmir and Palestine. Notably, there are already governments of the religious extremists in India and Israel. So, if succeeded in the forthcoming presidential election, the fundamentalist and impulsive politician Trump will not bother for dangerous implications of the US flawed strategy—America and its Western allies have already been entangled in a prolonged war in Afghanistan, and especially double game of American military and CIA has badly failed in Syria, despite support to ISIS, Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front), and rebel groups who are fighting to oust Syrian President Assad’s government to obtain the aims of a greater Israel. With the assistance of Russia and Iran, Syrian and Iraqi forces have successfully retaken a number of cities which were in control of ISIS, Kurds and rebel groups.

Besides, if elected, the presumptive American president Trump promised to stop immigrants from Mexico by erection of a boundary wall, while calling the Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists”. Trump is fueling racism between the Muslims and Christians—the black people and the white people. And if he becomes the US president, he is likely to move America towards autocracy, while American public is already protesting against the curtailment of liberty. His racist approach could cause a civil war in the US.

Trump’s political character is an amalgamation of the traits of Louis XVI, the king of France, Prince Metternich, the Austro-Hungarian emperor, Rasputin, Russian spiritualist, Germany’s rulers William II (Kaiser) and Adolf Hitler who brought about unrest in their own countries and also devastated Europe through World War I and World War II. Wavering between fact and skepticism, the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump shares a number of similarities with these famous persons like ungoverned temper, rashness, self-egoism, unrealistic idealism, lack of pragmatism, ignorance of ground realities and especially religious prejudice.

At this juncture, the world has already been dividing on religious lines owing to the flawed policies and double game of the former President George W. Bush and President Obama. It will be misfortune of the US and other Western countries, including the whole world, if Trump becomes American president, as he will take the US, Europe and the entire world to the era—from 1511 to 1648 when Europe witnessed a prolonged arena of barbarism, religious bigotry and intolerance, resulting into beastly violence, and the Treaty of Westphalia was concluded in 1648 in order to maintain the nation-state system whose basic purpose was to honuor the dignity of human beings. Even, in the coming months, if more false flag terror attacks are being arranged by the Mossad and CIA, Trump will again exploit them by further dividing the international community on religious lines. So, past scenario of religious wars could be seen before Trump becomes American president.

Taking cognizance of Trump’s political follies—terror-hysteria, religious bigotry and racialism which are well-penetrated in his personality, some writers and researches, including American politicians call him a “crazy person” and some call him, a “mad man.”

Returning to our main discussion and earlier causes of terrorism that terrorists recruit “mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions,” we may conclude that Donald Trump is a political terrorist.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book, US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations. He resides in Lahore Pakistan. Email: sajjad_logic_pak [at]

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  1. So, based on a few quoted paragraphs from books that are not doubt hundreds of times longer than the offered quotes, I’m supposed to believe that Donald Trump is a terrorist? And all merely because he has decided to run for office against an established political class of self-appointed aristocracy, and who are by and large incompetent to manage the affairs of the United States for the benefit of anyone other than themselves. They hang the citizens out to dry while they become wealthy at our expense, but this makes him a terrorist?

    An interesting intellectual exercise in extreme mental yoga – twisting it all up like a snake in pain. But, HOGWASH! HORSE-PUCKEY!

    1. It’s ALL media propaganda from the lying mainstream media globalists who want to continue destroying America and DONALD J. TRUMP stands in their way, along with his supporters, numbering in the millions.

  2. First, let me say that I think Trump is a false choice who has been given to the public as a ‘hero’/savior, man of the hour.

    Not once did this author mention transnational bankers.
    Nor did he mention the persecution of Christians in Pakistan.
    We are all being used. This guy won’t acknowledge it.

    Here is some info I found online about the author:

    He “writes about international affairs”. I would ask for whom does he write? From whence does his paycheck come?

  3. There will be more articles of this nature appearing across the web and in public venues as the skewering of Trump continues. He was a ringer thrown in to the mix for precisely the reason of making sure Clinton would be installed in the White House. Had Trump not been her opponent…..she couldn’t have won a foot race even if she was the only participant. Despised and reviled across the country…Clinton represents the final nail in the coffin of America. She will take us down. This is a murderous, treacherous woman whose history is littered with the bodies of those she found a threat.

    This whole election cycle should be a warning to everyone that life as we know it is about to change drastically. When the candidates for presidency of the US are reduced to two of the most unacceptable candidates possible, we have to know the fix is in.

    IF either of these two deadbeats are a political terrorist, Cliintons propensity for war, and for making people disappear from the planet should earn her the red badge of “murderous”.

    1. ” Had Trump not been her opponent…..she couldn’t have won a foot race even if she was the only participant”

      I 100% disagree with that statement. I think he’s the Only one who could beat her.

      This whole theory that Trump was put in to “Hand it over” to Hillary is just another psyop by the PTB so you Don’t participate in the single most important election in US history. Sit it out. It’s all rigged.

      The people are very motivated, it may surprise you.

      And pls don’t call stupid either…….

      1. OOps,

        I meant pls don’t call me stupid either for not buying into these theories.

        I know people feel strong on what they believe and I not going to try to argue either way on this. It’s pointless.

      2. I believe Trump is a patriot and the polls just like the ‘news’ are continuously trying to beat us down.

        ABC has a live vote going here with Trump at 78%, hrc is at 4% behind the other two! [22,000] votes. They probably took it down already as I couldn’t repost it on facebook.

        NBC had a similar result yesterday? but memory holed it as computer votes cannot be trusted. I have never been polled on the phone.

        1. Here is the NBC poll with Trump getting 50% of the 62,000 votes with hrc and Johnson at 19% each. The ABC poll with now with 59,000 votes has Trump at 70% and HRC moving up to 5%.

          Believe it was Ric who rightfully stated we need a landslide to win otherwise they can steal it easily. That is why we are bombarded with bad news on the polls and the trolls repeating the don’t bother to vote mantra.

      3. Donald Trump is a smart man. Love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he is a smart man. A smart man knows that the Boston Smoke Bomb was fake, the Nice Attack was fake, the Bataclan nightclub shooting was fake, the Pulse nightclub (a decrepit condemned building) was fake, and the Dallas police shooting was fake. I reiterate, Donald Trump is smart. A smart person knows that all of the mentioned events were complete Hoaxes.

        Why is Trump outing and condemning Radical Islam if he is a smart man? The answer is actually quite simple:

        Donald Trump is bluffing. He is calling out the Power’s to Be and using their fake stories against them. That is what a smart person does, plain and simple. He doesn’t really want a muslim ban. He is bluffing them. If they wan’t the ban lifted, they would have to admit that the preceding events were all HOAXES and no one was injured or killed.
        “The ban will remain in effect until we know what the heck is going on!” He knows what is going on, and I applaud his strategy.

        Anyone who is awake, and I would bet the farm that Donald Trump is awake, knows exactly what to do to fix things. He has many faults, as do many of us, but right now, he is the best fit for the job. This country has not had this opportunity since Kennedy.

        1. (almost) totally agree – my hunch is that Trump knows full well, that the WTC was not demolished by the Arab teenagers with their jumbo jets… but of course he can’t say that … so the “Muslim ban” is precisely what you suggest – a way of appearing to “fall for” the official theory and to suggest an obvious and reasonable remedy … listen to what he actually said in his convention speech – the ban is “temporary… until the congress of the US can determine what’s going on” (almost an exact quote, I think) … extremely curious, suggestive language … is the congress going to recommend drone strikes on madrassahs world-wide? ,,, or treason indictments of deep state conspirators? …

          unfortunately – I don’t think Trump has much of a clue as to how “fix” things – and hoax or not – lots of real people died on 9/11

    1. In the end, as it has always been, it does not really matter who gets (s)elected to the presidency of the UNited States Corporation. The president is just a figurehead like in any old corporation. The real decisions are made by the board. Don’t forget what happened to some who did not take the memo from that board seriously.

      With the memo comes a set of golf clubs. What would Hillary get if she is (s)elected? New golf clubs for hubby to keep him at a safe distance? Or perhaps a mounted fish to remind her of her brave time in Alaska? The year was 1969.

      ~In Alaska, she washed dishes in Mount McKinley National Park, the better of two brief menial jobs that financed her travels. “My worst job was sliming fish in a fish cannery in Valdez,” she said without hesitation.~

      There are no photos of the Hildebeast in Alaska in the summer of 1969, not from Valdez and not from Mount McKinley. LIFE Magazine did an exposé on her that summer with no mention of Alaska. She was chosen already for her political, murderous future. She does not have the looks of an outdoorsy type. Not then and not since.

      Unless Hillary has some undoctored photos to prove her adventures across Alaska in 1969, I don’t believe it. It has the fishy smell of her being named after mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary because he was famous. She has since come clean about that one.


        Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine
        By MAUREEN DOWD,
        Published: June 15, 1994

        “You’re too old, you can’t see and you’re a woman,” Mrs. Clinton said she was told, adding that the recruiter dismissed her by suggesting she try the Army. “Maybe the dogs would take you,” she recalled the recruiter saying.

        “It was not a very encouraging conversation,” she said. “I decided maybe I’ll look for another way to serve my country.”

        And the rest is history.

        This was sent to me by a fisherman in Alaska:
        The Democratic presidential hopeful revealed on the Today show Monday that after graduating from college, she went to Alaska with some friends and ended up landing a gig packing salmon at a fishing cannery in Valdez.
        “I showed up and my first job, I was given a spoon and some boots and I was told to clean out the insides of the salmon,” she explained. “So I did that for a while but the Japanese workers … thought I was too slow. So they were yelling at me in Japanese – which of course I couldn’t understand – to go faster. So then they literally kicked me out of that job and they put me on this little conveyor belt where you had to pack the salmon head to tail, head to tail.”
        But when Clinton raised concerns about the cleanliness of the fish to the manager, she got the boot from that job as well. “I said, ‘Are you sure these are okay?’ And he said, ‘Just do the job, don’t ask any questions.’ ”
        “And I said, ‘But they don’t look very good and they don’t smell very good.’ And he just yelled at me. Then when I came back the next day the whole operation was gone. So I think that was the equivalent of being fired.”

        One Alaskan Comments:
        Halfbreed • 10 months ago
        “I’ve been in Alaska since 1956. I can tell you that our salmon is treated with the utmost care. Standards are high and inspections frequent then and now. NO ONE would let a rotten fish go down the line! This REEKS of BS. And the idea that the operation vanished? Cause an employee of the lowest level asked a question? Makes us Alaskans out to be criminals cause it’s a crime to knowingly pack rotten meat. What does she care? There are only around 700,000 of us Alaskans.”

        Hillary working a conveyor belt reminds me of this I Love Lucy episode:

  4. Sajjad Shaukat has a by-line at Veterans Today dated November 12, 2015 below:

    [According to a recent statement by Prof. Fetzer, (if I recall, during a video interview with Dennis Cimino) Veterans Today is a gov’t operation to keep former and current military spinning in a ‘correct’ orbit and helping to assure they stand down—my paraphrase.]

    Shaukat mentions the balance of power idea; which, from my understanding, is right out of the Talmud. Problem, reaction, solution—-the solution being wanted was desired in the first place.

    But in a cursory reading of the above VT article by Shaukat, it appears he understood the machinations of certain mid east powers in the grand chess game.

    I’m not sure why he now thinks Trump is mentally unstable. Trump is speaking directly to the fact that he doesn’t want war with Russia. Whether or not he’d have the last say on that is another matter because who would he be able to appoint to his cabinet who isn’t on board with the global agenda? I’m not a fan of Paul Craig Roberts, but he made that very point during a recent interview with infowars. How could Trump carry through on much of his campaign rhetoric?

    1. Please point out to us a more capable and patriotic American than Paul Craig Roberts… say you are not a fan of PCR, does that mean you’d vote for somebody who differed from your view BUT proposed something that was necessary, good and proper for the US? Or, does it mean that people who merely differ from you are on the wrong page consistently?

      PCR is one hellacious sumbitch who reeks of love for America yet is severely put back by the insanes who run this nation and world. He calls ’em like he sees ’em and he sees ’em real good.

      Would you be OK if I said you were insane just because you differed from my view of the world? Would you be willing to analyze properly the rationale used by long time experts in economics and politics in their espousals of their considered proposals? I assume you don’t have the PhD that Roberts has in economics, you don’t have his BS in chemical engineering, either. So, just how to you merely and without recompense say you don’t agree with him when most likely you are clearly not as educationally astute that PCR is? Are you prepared to defend your disagreements with Roberts openly and honestly and before us all or do you think your hunches are perfectly adequate explanations for us to seriously consider your opinions? Hunches don’t cut the mustard unless well defended and you have done nothing of the kind, sir.

        1. I cursorily read PCR’s brexit article. I don’t much read PCR because of his previous position in Washington and the photo of PCR standing in front of a painting of George Washington in an obvious masonic pose. Are you simply saying that he’s playing good cop when called upon?

  5. Trump’s qualities and the question of a bigger game in this election aside, I found the quality of the article rather disappointing. Quoting pshychologists’ speculations and theories about terrorism and terrorists (there is no science of terrorism, let alone psychology), and then dragging in all sorts of speculation about Israel (no evidence provided outside of Trumps support for settlement expansion, which has been de facto GOP and Dem policy for decades), given half-baked accounts of statements that have been exhaustively debated already, and judging Trump under Pakistani law, doesn’t make much of a case.

  6. Psychologist ? This article is from an Eastern perspective without a hint of understanding of what it is like to grow up in the United States. This country was founded on revolution. IF Trump does not succeed in commandeering this political revolution, my fear is that we’ll need to take to the streets once again 🙁

  7. Well, I could be politic in my remarks but I think I’ll “go Trump”: This story is utter and complete bullsh#t.

    The idea that peaceful Islam as it practices in the West is under attack is utterly incredible. Show me the hordes of Christian or even secular mobs attacking mosques. Show me the huge swathes of major European cities that are “no go zones” for Muslims. Show me the places where Americans by the millions are insisting on Christian theology to be used as the final word in law. Yet I can show you instance after instance of mass Islamic behavior that does these things, and more

    Utter bullshit, top to bottom. The West has been SUPINE in the face of Islamic onslaught. Donald Trump is the only national figure of significant stature on the political scene to actually call things are they are. The West is being overrun, our borders as porous as a sieve and our cultural institutions paralyzed with political correctness that dare not even speak the name “radical Islam.” But the problem is Donald Trump? He incorporates the traits of Rasputin and Hitler, according to this moron.

    Fortunately, PC mouthpieces like Sajjad Shaukat are, at long last, being drowned out by the tens of millions of people in the US, Europe and other Western countries that are saying, “ENOUGH!”

    Message to Sajjad Shaukat: You are on the wrong side of the tide…it’s turning. You will be swept out to sea and lost in the coming storm, thank God.

  8. “Political terrorist.” That’s a good one. James Tracy’s downward spiral of credibility accelerates. Why does he oppose Trump? How can he publish such drivel? Since any enemy of Trump is by definition a friend of the most evil, corrupt, public personage in American political history, one can only wonder.

    Pretty much, this whole article is delusional, and where it is not it is disingenuous and/or ignorant. Where to begin? I suppose, at the beginning.

    This fellow resides in Pakistan, which is something like 98% Moslem, so it’s a fair bet he’s not in the other 2%. Keep that in mind as he “analyzes” Trump. The first thing he (I’m assuming it’s a “he,” having no idea if “Sajjad” is a male or female first name) does is invoke psychiatry, implying that Don’s childhood was “difficult.” I guess this one falls into the category of ignorance. He had a happy childhood.

    He connects that with Trump’s supposed “desire to destroy the establishment,” which is a remarkable assertion, considering that he’s spent his entire adult life mastering the rules of the “establishment,” and gaming it to the tune of billions of dollars and a fabulous lifestyle. He seems to like it. And he is DEFINITELY not “search[ing] for identity”; he knows who he is better than almost anyone in public life. So why would the writer tell us that Don is searching for identity, a search that has driven him to terrorism? My guess is that the writer doesn’t like anyone to question the brewing clash of civilizations–because if we openly talk about the absolute incompatibility of Islam with the Judeo-Christian West, the West might finally start to fight back, and Islam will be unable to reach the threshold of numbers in America required to do to us what it has done to Europe. Europe is lost.

    As I always say, where is Charles Martel when you really need him?

    Supposedly having established the baseline, the writer moves on to the issue of how suicide terrorists are made. Quoting from a book, he says that suicide bombers are created by cynical groups, groups which “receive their oxygen from religions and societies that glorify martyrdom into an afterlife in paradise.” Of course, it is flatly false to talk about “religions and societies” that do this. There is only one: Islam.

    When the author introduces “expert” opinion, saying that ““Terrorists recruit mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions”,” he’s misdirecting the reader, because while that is true, he fails to mention that it is a new tactic; Islam conquered most of Christendom through the most absolute savagery ever seen in the historical record, but it did that with hoards with swords, and with pirate ships. This is something never seen before; the fact that the crafters of the New World Order have used it to try to restart the old jihad in a dying civilization (read David Goldman’s How Civilizations Die (and why Islam is dying too)) is a valuable insight, but it does not exonerate Islam, which is impossible to do. Islam is irredeemably evil, as all its history demonstrates.

    After some irrelevant mumbo-jumbo, he concludes that “Judging in these terms, the character of the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has emerged as a political terrorist,” as if he’s proven an important point. Which he has not. He quotes another book, stating “…the secular terrorist sense leads to a sanctioning of limitless violence against a virtual, open-ended category of targets.” This is Donald Trump, we are supposed to agree. What a crock.

    Here is his next sentence, a stand-alone paragraph: “In order to win the presidential race of the Republican Party, Trump had started exaggerating the threat of Islamophobia by manipulating various terror attacks in the US and Europe.”

    Maybe this sentence was poorly proofread, because I don’t think the writer meant to say that Trump is doing this. I think he means the opposite. First, leaving aside that there is no such thing as “Islamophobia” (phobias are IRRATIONAL fears, and fear of Islam is anything BUT irrational—just ask the Copts of Egypt), how on Earth could “Islamophobia” be a “threat,” much less an exaggerated one? Unless he means that a widespread correct understanding of the true, terrifying nature of Islam is a threat to the steady spread of Islam into the West—which would mean that Trump wants Islam’s slaves to be extremely concerned that we in the West are waking up. Does he think that Trump is exaggerating such a threat to Islam’s relentless advance? I’m guessing not, because the second half of the sentence introduces the thought that Trump is “manipulating” the fake terrorism of recent years, which he quickly makes clear he believes is being done to harm Islam’s relentless advance.

    Now, the author correctly asserts that the marquee Islamic terror attacks of this century are mostly fake, or real but set up by the crafters of the New World Order–but he blames Trump for using them to his advantage. What would he recommend Trump do? Run on the guaranteed-to-lose campaign platform that it’s all a plot by the crafters of the New World Order, and that the whole population, who believe these things are what they’ve been told they are, are a bunch of saps? How long does the writer think Trump’s run would have lasted if he did that?

    In any event, there is no question that Islam has been our deadly enemy ever since the day Mohammed became demon-possessed in that Arabian cave, and told his piratical acolytes to conquer the world on behalf of Allah. It doesn’t matter that the NWO guys decided to use it as their tool to take over the world. In other words, the tool is useful for them because it really IS deadly, even if it lay relatively dormant for centuries.

    Now, here’s the first GIANT LIE in the article (there are lots of them): “After the incident at San Bernardino, which resulted in the deaths of 14 persons by a Muslim couple, Donald Trump had called for a ban on Muslims, entering the United States.”

    No. He called for VETTING Moslems entering the US. We have to know if they are, possibly, terrorists, before letting them in.


    Look: everyone assumes the San Bernardino event was committed, and that Moslem newcomers did it. Everyone is scared of the idea that it could happen anywhere. Maybe Trump believes the official story, like everyone else—ya think? If so, it sounds perfectly rational to me. Islam, after all, has been trying to conquer the West for 1,400 years.

    And in any event, as Ann Coulter quite rightly says, we have enough lunatics and murderers of our own, why would we want to import even a single additional such person?

    How the author, were he honest, can quote from an article titled ““Trump’s reckless, dangerous Islamophobia helps the Islamic State”” is almost entirely perplexing. As a matter of public stance, the Washington Post believes that the Islamic terrorism events are real, and that Moslems did them. So how could fear of such events be “reckless” or “dangerous”? It is entirely rational, if Moslems actually DID do these things for the reasons we are told they did. The selected portion of the article demonstrates the sheer delusion of this post’s author. Any sensible person laughs out loud when reading it. How can this guy think it is a reasonable argument?

    How can James Tracy have read the excerpt and decided to print it the article I am responding to?

    Outdoing himself, our author goes on to provide another ridiculous quote: ““The world brand Trump is becoming synonymous with expansion of racism and incitement of Islamophobia.” This is simply breathtaking in its asininity. The moron he’s quoting apparently never actually WATCHED a Trump rally, because he says Trump makes comments that “…only heightens hateful fervour at his rallies”. Hate is not the “fervor” one sees in those events. Quite the opposite; what one sees is joy, optimism, gratitude, love, and laughter. The writer of this post, who quotes that ignorant fellow, should check out the reality; youtube is only a click away, even in Pakistan. But then, after all, he IS in Pakistan, the Moslem equivalent of Jewish Israel. He’s got an axe to grind.

    The question is, why does Tracy want to help him grind it?

    Moving on, he next argues that anyone who believes the official stories about Moslem terrorists should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to stop Moslem terrorists from entering the United States. Well, I suppose if you are an Islamic supremacist, who believes the Koran and the Hadith in that Islam is destined to rule the world, I guess you might get a tad worried about that. Don’t want tomorrow’s dhimmis to catch on before the the dar-al-harb is conquered by the dar-al-Islam.

    He goes on to provide this altogether obvious observation: ““We have problems in Germany and we have problems in France…they have totally been compromised by deadly Islamist attacks in Nice and last year in Paris…you know why? It’s their own fault…because they allowed people to come into their countries.””

    But of course he implies that Trump is wrong about that.

    Does Tracy also think Trump is wrong about that? It’s obviously true. The author seems to have no idea that this is self-evidently true. Only a Jihadi could disagree with Trump on this, as if inviting the clash of civilizations that we in the West will inevitably lose is what we must feel proud of doing, and anyone who opposes it is a “racist.”

    Giving this jihadi space at MHB is a head-scratcher.

    Here’s an idea our poster might consider advocating: flood Pakistan with evangelical Christians, relentlessly, year after year, in their millions, building churches on every corner and demanding that no hints of “Christophobia” bleed into the cultural life of their adopted country. Are you laughing at the suggestion? You should be. It’s like expecting that Israel will welcome millions of NAZIs.

    I could go on. It’s all very tiresome in its falsity. In fact, the boldness of the flat-out lies grows as we slog to the end of this execrable screed. It becomes so palpably false that I wouldn’t be surprised if MHB is being transformed into a competitor of The Onion. It becomes that ridiculous, as it draws to a close.

    I fear that I have wasted time in responding to it at all, but the few thoughtful commenters left at MHB deserve a counter balance. Certainly, if Tracy keeps this up, there will soon no longer be such a need.

    1. When every corrupt world leader, Neocon/Rino, every left wing Rag and ALL of the MSM ( not to mention fellow colleagues saying Trumps’ a plant) is telling you how to Vote or the World will explode, it’s time to take a really good Look around you.

      I’m shocked this article is here. Even FOX is cleaning house and moving to left for the NWO.

      It’s an all out War to protect the Status Quo and Globalism.

      You will find out who your friends really are at the end of this because if Hillary does win as “They” are planning.

      They Far left and many you thought were center will UN-cloak…

      The USA will change almost overnight.

    2. Sajjad Shaukat is a male. Here is his bio with reference to his extensive articles:

      Veteran’s Today links to many of these articles. Gordon Duff of VT is on record saying that 40% of the material published on his site is false information.

      In the side bar here we see that Sajjad Shaukat is one of Kashmir Watch’s top ten authors. At the conclusion of the article printed in KW we read the following, which makes it a bit unclear if Mr. Shaukat writes for VT of KW.

      ~Returning to our main discussion and earlier causes of terrorism that terrorists recruit “mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions,” we may conclude that Donald Trump is a political terrorist.

      Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations
      Courtesy Veterans Today~

    3. True. True. True. True. True. True……

      I’m of the opinion that the Islamic world is the proxy sumbitch of the NWO/Zio combo. Just as black Americans have been used by their supposed benefactors, the jews. Yeah, the jews were big into the importation of blacks and more jews, their feigned “support” of blacks meant nothing as far as altruism was concerned. Blacks appear to be very easily stirred up and are very susceptible to believing everything the jews tell them. Throw in Sharpton and Jackson, and you have a situation where blacks are only too happy to follow their master tormentors. They never knew what hit them!
      We are either going to support Trump or we are going to be writing to this blog from the FEMA camp of their choice. It’s just that simple. Stein and Johnson, what can you say about them? HIllary, if you can believe the medical office diagnosis of her health problems, may only be kept in this election to “win” it. After she discombobulates, the Jesuit trained VP Kaine takes over and the NWO pace rapidly quickens. I wish I knew if Hillary’s health was as stated, but in this day of Photoshop, whom can we trust?
      The absurd denigrations of Trump are laced with lies and obfuscations. Democrats will do anything to get their girl into the White House. Ditto the Repugnicans. They only care about themselves, their performances over the years are best described as horrible. All the screaming individuals and agencies are concerned about their welfare, not that of the is nation. If you want to be a dope and vote Hilly, have at it. Maybe you can become a kapo at the FEMA camp, too.
      It was always very clear when Senators Murphy and Blumenthal turned tail and joined the NWO gang. We can thank Sandy Hook for their transfigurations. It anointed Gov. Dannell Malloy, allowed him to start making bizarre political decisions, and it saw him becoming one of them and leaving us behind. Our political class has spurned us as never before. Let’s hope our memories don’t forget what they did to us when Payback time comes along…..

      1. I think we need an article on “How to be happy when you find yourself in a Soviet-style labor camp at the DHS,”
        since it is one very possible scenario in which you will lose all your wealth and possessions, be in jail, mistreated, illness (TB is big in prison camps, and whatever else you do don’t sleep with a prostitute!) and if released probation, reeducation classes, poverty, etc.

  9. “Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad does not permit acts of terrorism or suicide attacks. ”

    “Thus, Trump will destabilize the entire Middle East, including more Muslim countries”

    Says Who?
    Whats there to destabilize? Bush/Obumer/Hillary already did it.

    Pure Rubbish.

    This article should be sent to Salon or one of those pro Hillary Rags.

    So the message here is “Vote Hillary”, be a good slave and obey your Masters.

    We know better…..take your vaccines..

    1. Looks like a pretty good article on the whole, he does cite the US/Mossad in 9/11, which is a very positive note for a journalist,
      although he doesn’t directly say what the alternative to Trump is-therein lies the problem, a vote for Killary is a vote for WWIII

    2. “Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad does not permit acts of terrorism or suicide attacks. ”

      Ric we keep hearing that but that is not what we see on the ground. Islam resulted in the death of 80 million Hindus and over one thousand temples of antiquity razed to the ground and that is just for starters. Maybe there are some adherents to peace somewhere but they seem to be in short supply.

      1. I find it fascinating the globalists the leftist the church leaders the luciferians are all working together against Christianity and maybe even for different reasons.

        Mostly just for control over Western civilization using Islam as a tool unfortunately the end result will be the 12th Iman, The Jewish Messiah and the Christian antichrist we all know how that ends up.

        Whether you believe it or not they do.

        We are being groomed for the returns of the long-awaited Messiah’s of the three major religions and boy is it going to suck when everybody figures out they have been duped.

        But I read the end of the book we win.

        Sorry didn’t mean to get too religious on you…

        1. I think we’re only in the 5th age(?) I think we have a bit of a way to go yet….the Sanhedrin have been reconstituted in Tiberias for some time now. There’s much more they wish to do. The real issue is how to make basically irreligious people understand that this is all deadly serious for reasons they don’t think exist anymore because we’ve been civilized through enlightenment.

        2. Fascinating stlonginus,

          I think it will just take an Planned “Event” and all these elements will move together to implement “The Plan”.
          Who knows when? But it looks sooner than later IMO.

          I’ve always thought we are in the 2nd Age. Interesting, I can see the 5th age too as a possibility depending on which angle you are looking from. Regardless the “Event” will be the same to close out this “Age”.

  10. I haven’t read anything by PCR that I didn’t support or had serious issues with,
    as far as Trump as many of us have said all along he is a distraction, perhaps there to get Hillary in office (we haven’t witnessed the end game yet), probably to make a deal at the last minute for $$$ but basically it is all theater, they are funded and in the pockets of the same handlers more or less, this is the tw-party system of organized crime, surely the election has already been decided (which is not to say chaos is not ever present in the mix)

    1. If you were Donald Trump and were shown to have thrown the election to Hillary, where in the world could you show your face? Would you promote your hotels and golf courses and expect America-lovers to frequent same? If being a traitor was the course chosen by Trump, would not failure of all his enterprises result? There would be myriads of severe aftershocks were Trump to meld into the Hillary inauguration. Has Trump been so insincere that,like Hillary, he can easily espouse his love of America while simultaneously sticking a K-bar knife into it?
      There is a comment that lays the lumber to Kevin Barrett for being highly critical of the West. Kevin, since his severance from the Univ. of Wisconsin for the most bizarre of reasons, has an axe to grind and for good reason. Likewise, are people thrown into dire straits more likely to accept financial succor from some individual or agency that is tantamount to being a traitor or enemy of our way of life? If I were starving, would I accept some shekels from Mikey Bloomberg to do/say things that were really counter to what I really believed? Barrett has a Moroccan wife, he’s converted to Islam, whatever that means, and he’s been scorned since his freedom of speech was usurped. I’d say he had some justifications to be very bitter at times.
      Barrett and Tracy can say whatever they please anytime they please. If we don’t like it or disagree, well, they get to run the gauntlet and be whipped from stem to stern. It’s the chance we all take when we write anything here, somebody may take offense and cut loose with the verbal salvos.

      This is a pretty sophisticated bunch of folks who weren’t born yesterday and when they verbalize, they make their attitudes known to the rest of us. Either we credit them for their ideas and introspective acumen or we are guilty of the sin of criticism that is ungrounded. You lay your cards on the table and you take a chance of winning…….or losing all. Who would want it any differently?

  11. In this respect, on June 28, 2016, The New York Times wrote,

    “The mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12 included a curious phrase: false flag…the victims in the shooting? They were “crisis actors” hired to promote the story as a pretext to impose tighter gun restrictions, the theory goes…the term false flag relates to naval warfare when a ship would fly a flag that would conceal its true identity as a way to lure an enemy closer. Today, it is commonly a shorthand for an act of deception…conspiracy theorists have applied the label to high-profile attacks, including the shootings by a husband and wife last year in San Bernardino, Calif, that killed 14…the phrase has even been used to doubt the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

    Curious phrase??? Just in case anybody had any questions about whose pocket the NYT (JYTs) is in…

  12. I note the “question mark” in the title of the posted “essay”. As one who expects to vote for NOBODY for POTUS in the 2016 (s)election, I find that subtly disingenuous. I wonder if Prof. Tracy himself will deign to explain why he thought posting such…DRIVEL, the word that comes to mind, finally…on this otherwise exemplary web site was a good idea. Perhaps: Prof. Tracy gets his tenure restored, his position secured, and all shall be forgiven. Oh, yes, and SHES was for real. Right?

  13. MHB Administrator. I have been a regular reader of MBH for a number of years and am surprised and disappointed by this post. The included statement, “Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad does not permit acts of terrorism or suicide attacks,” does not lend credibility to your website, and is certainly inconsistent with your past postings, being indicative of your having “lost your way”. Will you consider retracting this complete post? With regards from Kevin Stiller, Brisbane, Australia.

  14. Judging from the comments some readers are not very pleased with this article. MHB finds the piece inspiring, perhaps not for its argument, but in the specific sense that we should consider, and vigorously critique as necessary and appropriate, positions and ideas with which we strongly disagree.

    1. “inspiring.”

      Inspiring jihad, I suppose. Jolly good, that. What remains of the West, completely subsumed to dhimmitude. Good show.

      I DO “strongly disagree” with Islamic supremacism, but I get the impression you DON’T–otherwise you would have not published this piece of excrement.

      You, of all people, should denounce, in the most unambiguous terms, the principles this scumbag stands for. If he gets his way, if Islam replaces the West, the classes you taught will never again be even imagined as a possibility. I have long been mystified by your affection for the egregious Kevin Barrett, but I held out hope it had something to do with academic congeniality, and persecution within the academy. I suspected that you actually agreed with his hatred of what made the West the West, but I held out hope I was wrong.

      Well, this apologia sealed the deal. You are side by side with Barrett,in belief and principle. Next thing we’ll see here is a taqyia essay by Tariq Ramadan.

      The stomach turns.

      No one is going to like the world these Islamists have in store for us. They say the revolution eats its children, which means that you, James Tracy, will feel the sting before the rest of us.

      I recommend that you repent. The word, in Greek, means “turn around.” Walk in the reverse direction. Admit that this Pakistani enemy of our way of life should NOT “inspire” us. If he lived in our midst, he should be tarred and feathered. Since he lives in the most vile Islamic hellhole, the least we can do is denounce his vile ideas. I’d advise you to lead that cause, and work to make America great again.

        1. I have to agree with Patrick. I have an open mind but this article seems to imply that I am a weak and unbalanced individual because I support Trump. This is an article that has no coherent argument and indeed comes across as liberal propaganda. Not sure I will subscribe to MHB anymore.

  15. Just received this email! 🙂

    Attn: beneficiary. This is to inform you that United Nation gave meinstruction to contact you regarding your Compensation of ATM Visa Card. After an extensive close door meeting betweenthe Board of Directors of the UNITED NATIONS, THE WORLD BANK-GROUP ANDINTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND), it was resolved and agreed upon that this body”world international debt reconciliation committee” will workextensively to ensure that your Contract Payment, Your Inheritance and LotteryWinning prizes will be paid without hitches and delay through the World Bank–Group and IMF Insurance body. Note: we have decided to contact you followingthe reports we received from Anti-Fraud International Monitoring Group yourname/email has been submitted to us therefore the United Nations have agreed tocompensate you with the sum of(US$500,000.00) this compensation is alsoincluding international business that failed due to Government problems etc.Youare therefore advice to send the below information. Meanwhile your ATM Visa Card is here with me, Ionly waiting to hear from you so that you’re ATM Visa Card will be delivery toyou within three working days time. Waiting to hear from you with your full nameaddress and telephone number ThanksMr. James Obed.Line +226-79652545

    1. Dear Mister DubsterMicks,

      My Code name is Ric.

      I am Saudi prince stuck in America after 911 . If you give me your bank account information I will put $8000 in there and you buy me a ticket to Saudi Arabia .

      Upon my successful arrival I will put $10 million in your bank account.

      No I’m not Nigerian…hehe

      Signed stuck in Los Angeles.

  16. The article is fictional, since it ignores the scientifically established truth of 9/11’s essence as a false flag and offers several inferences that are consistent with the fanciful idea that Osama bin Laden’s hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers with their airplanes. As such, it has little bearing on reality. Would the author care to correct his basic understanding of 9/11 and rewrite it accordingly?


    1. In other words, the real terrorists among us aren’t so much suffering from a “difficult childhood producing narcissistic wounds, resulting in “projecting the hated parts of the self onto the outside world”. They are suffering from a severe “group-think” delusion that such deceit and destruction, such murder and mayhem, can actually lead to positive outcomes.

      1. The question of what mental disorders influenced the brilliant engineers who successfully conducted the largest controlled demolitions in history is interesting, but hardly important and certainly not essential. Once universities open faculties of conspiracies against humanity, it may spawn a few PhD theses.

        In the meantime, this article’s psychological assessments of fictitious terrorists have little application to the real world.

        Besides, truly evil is generally not the product of “narcissistic childhood wounds,” but of essential psychopathy or some other genetically caused brain deficiency. Kindly consult Łobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” for more details.


    2. TO DANIEL NOEL: My comment to Jan Dingow was meant for you. Everytime I click on “reply” to your comment, it comes up as a reply to Dingow. So to clarify – everything YOU said is absolutely true. This article is fictional for a lot of reasons.

  17. I return to this site in occasions and see nothing has changed. A mainstream ‘news’ article pushing the lies of for the Powers That Be and a mass of less-than educated comments. I admit I didn’t read the entire article because it is impossible for the author to have changed the direction of the propaganda piece to honest after a number of paragraphs filled with total nonsense.

    The alleged terror attacks mentioned here were not false flag attacks actually carried out by terrorists. For example, it wasn’t the Mossad killing people in Orlando; Nobody died! Anyone who analyzed the alleged vicitims on conflicting online memorials, etc. for the Seltember 11 attacks knows that there were not 3,000 murdered. I could go on with truth, but that doesn’t seem important on this site. I won’t hold my breathe for this to be posted.

    And what is wrong with those here who trust Trump or any part of the political system. Trump is literally an actor, IMDB page and all. He flashes Masonic/satanic hand signs constantly, practically worships Israel and has many connections to the zionist scum, including being the Grand Marshal of an Israeli parade in NYC. Just as with Clinton, he is playing a role scripted for him; as much as he was acting when involved with pro wrestling.

    While you all are busy discussing the absurd and being as fooled as the sheeple watching CNN and FOX, Obama and his masters are setting up for his third term.

    And the praise by some for PCR??? What fools.

    If by odd chance this gets posted, I can’t wait to see the replies from the shills who seem to spend all of their time commenting on this site with childish jokes and little insight.

    The article has no basis in reality! Other than a couple of comments, all here are as blind and fooled as the mindless masses.

  18. I’ve always been amused when MHB readers expect everything posted here to align with their idea of what it is James Tracy should think. Even his character gets dragged in and summarily judged based on the thoughts of someone else.

    It’s often the commenters who express the most outrage about the wrong direction of MHB that are at the same time the most persistent in posting some ridiculous opinion of their own, which they have no compunction about associating with Tracy.

      1. No, you are right, Maryaha.

        My comment is about those who think it was a bad idea for Tracy to post Shaukat’s article, because in their minds it’s not something Tracy should agree with.

        It’s just a little ironical that a blog concerned with free expression should have readers that insist on policing the thoughts of the blogger.

        1. It’s fine with me, Toni, if Tracy wants his world to turn in that direction. It’s his site, after all, and he can do with it what he wants.

          Of course, it represents a dramatic shift. I fail to see the irony in my pointing out the transmogrification. I am not in any way complaining about his right to help a jihadi express his fanatical viewpoint freely. He is entitled to endorse the Ku Klux Klan if he wants to (which would be endlessly better than endorsing Islamic jihadism, by the way, in my opinion). If you think my pointing out the change Tracy is taking MHB in is an attempt at “policing,” well, you, too, are entitled to your opinion–but it’s not what I’m doing.

          I’ve been a regular here from the beginning. January, 2013, I think. I have an institutional memory of the place. It was a media criticism/analysis venue. If he wants to remake it into something Kevin Barrett would hold dear, that’s his prerogative–although I’d much prefer it if he were only pretending to be “inspired” by the Islamic jihad, in the fashion of The Onion. I like The Onion. Advocacy of Islam’s designs on our future, on the other hand, is gravely disturbing to me. I wish that he did not do that. It disappoints me.

          But hell, if he wants to flush his brand down the toilet, more power to him.

          It’s true that I think it is a very grave mistake for him to have published the article, but apparently it is a window into what he truly believes, so I guess that’s a good thing. It “inspired” him. Glad to know that about him. Sometimes it takes years to learn who people really are. I wish, truly wish, he were not inspired by such ideas, but there’s lots about the world I wish were different.

          Maybe I should not have been so shocked, but if you review my writings here, going back to the beginning, you will find that I consistently pointed out Tracy’s steadfast withholding of his opinions, always maintaining his academic objectivity, which was in my opinion an essential part of what made MHB so valuable. It was only with his contribution to Fetzer’s edited volume that he finally publicly declared what he believes to be true about Sandy Hook (so far as I can tell)–which is another mistake I think he has made. But again, that’s his business, not mine.

          He can throw away his carefully protected credibility if that is his wish. It is only a concern of mine inasmuch as I have committed so much time to helping to add value here, and I felt obliged to alert the few remaining thoughtful commenters as to my thoughts on the matter. I believe I did the right thing in doing so.

          And if by doing so he chooses to interpret my comments as “uncivil,’ well, he can think any way he wants about THAT, too.

          Islam is the most fearsome threat any civilization can ever face. It has destroyed countless cultures, reducing them to grinding, nightmarish, slavery–just look at what it has done to any of the formerly glorious worlds it has conquered. It has its sights set on us, now, and it is the primary tool in the hands of the trillionaire families behind the crafters of the New World Order. MHB should be a primary platform pointing that out. Forgive me if it disappoints me that Tracy has chosen exactly the opposite, to coddle Islam, to be “inspired” by the jihad. He might think my saying so is “uncivil,” but someone had to say it.

        2. I’ll break my fast just long enough to say thank you, Patrick, for your thoughtful and passionate sharing over the years. Now that this site has obviously been hijacked, (willingly or otherwise), it is nowhere I wish to be.

          Toni made some good intellectual points (she’s a smart girl!), but I fear she misses your point. Just as I’m sure that many fail to recognize that now what appears are an endless barrage of “factoid” pertinent to….what?, presided over by a self-appointed “judge”.

          Some of us have left, it would be encouraging if the remainder would do likewise. I see no value in contributing to this sideshow.

        3. Patrick says:
          “…I think it is a very grave mistake for (Tracy) to have published the article, but apparently it is a window into what he truly believes…”

          I’ll ignore the fact that this is yet another instance in which you would like to erase the speech you find offensive, and just ask: why do you think that because someone, in this case Tracy, publishes an article by someone else, that it reveals that the publisher is necessarily in agreement with post? Isn’t it even a remote possibility that Tracy disagrees with the author?

          In fact, isn’t it a stronger likelihood that, regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees, Tracy is inspired by the author’s articulation of his viewpoint and hopes to elicit the same in MHB readers?

        4. “Isn’t it even a remote possibility that Tracy disagrees with the author?”

          He found it “inspiring.”

          Words have meanings. This can’t mean he does not agree with the jihadi.

  19. I think the U.S. presidential race is best understood as one thing: code. Mr. Trump is not the beast this piece makes out. Trumps words do not mean what they seem to mean. They are raw emotion.

    Hillary Clinton’s words, on the other hand, mean absolutely nothing.

    Trump is the best hope for America. That Chertoff, Hayden, Zelikow, and Negroponte have stood up against him is the best endorsement. It is indeed “the enemy of our enemies”.

    Trump’s campaign is unique in recent American politics. People are responding to meaning beneath the surface of rhetoric. Hillary represents status quo. Trump represents change. The emotional attraction to Trump might best be understood through the lenses of communications theory.

    And so we come here for that very purpose. This article is dangled for discussion. It is a carrot.

    Yes, Trump’s words taken at face-value often evince weak positions. Trump seems to misunderstand false-flag terrorism, but we might have to take that chance. The upside risk is wholly on Trump’s side. There is the very real possibility that he is playing a “role” to get into the White House. There is only one goal in his mind: win.

    As a businessman, he has found the market gap in Hillary’s offering. Trump has wisely made himself into a caricature which draws attention to all of Clinton’s shortcomings.

    Trump and Clinton display the unity of opposites. While this is natural in two-party politics, it has not been so pronounced in past memory.

    Trump will win the presidency at this rate. His candidacy is coded. Assuming office, his true purpose will unfold. If it doesn’t, then we give him hell until he’s voted out. Hillary’s presidency would be a non-stop hell: guaranteed.


    1. yes, but Trump is in favor of torture and trying Americans by military courts. His operative policy is to reduce US imperialism abroad and to create a police state at home. It is by no means a farfetched policy in current US-America.

      1. Trump certainly has problems. He’s walking a fine line–playing a role. He knows the masses are dumb. He’s telling them what they want to hear. So it’s both pathetic and brilliant.

        But I would refer back to my hypothesis. Nothing Trump says can be taken at face value. That is the only risk worth taking. Hillary is a lose-lose situation.

        So we’ll call it a form of Pascal’s wager.

        The only hope for the U.S. is that Trump is occasionally guilty of WWF (wrestling, not wildlife) tactics.

        Torture is the status quo. Military courts are the status quo. Obama didn’t change any of these policies in reality. He is merely W. in blackface. Every policy has been continued. Some have been expanded.

        You’re right in that Trump seems to be signaling a sort of foreign policy reminiscent of Ron Paul. I approve.

        As for Trump presaging a police state, I don’t see that at all.

        I will grant that his immigration comments have been ill-advised. Ironically, Americans at large want the very policies he’s advocating.

        If he’s elected, immigration will enforce the laws on the books. No one has a guaranteed right to immigrate to the U.S. (or any other country). That is his point. His rhetoric is hyperbole.

        I would even go so far as to venture that he’d never build a wall on the southern border. Which is not to say he won’t focus on immigration.

        Mexicans will not be deported en masse. Muslims will not be banned whole-cloth. It’s all rhetoric. The substance contained within will benefit the whole country.

        Liberal machinations will be severely curtailed. Foreign NGOs will be kicked out. Trump is the American Putin. I welcome it.


        1. Trump support as a form of Pascal’s wager. You have an interesting mind, Paul. Pity this blog has degenerated so much.

        2. Thank you 🙂 it was a bit of a stretch. I understand your reservations regarding Trump. They are not unfounded. I have the most problem with his immigration policies. I love the Hispanic people of my city and state and country. I’m down here in San Antonio. Some of Trump’s rhetoric is unacceptable. I love American Muslims and Muslims worldwide. Again, some of the words have been insensitive and offensive. I would reiterate that Trump either doesn’t understand false-flag terrorism, or he is playing some kind of game.

          I do support this Pakistani author’s take on the Palestinian situation. Though I think much of Obama’s anti-Israel stance has been a ruse, it’s pretty bad that Trump could be more backwards than Obama concerning Israel and Palestine. However, U.S. policy has not changed substantially under Obama (which makes his posturing transparently hollow).

          If Trump sucks, I’m giving him hell from day one. I just do not see any upside to Hillary. Trump’s value is unfortunately buried beneath a bunch of polarizing remarks. I’m not sure he’s gonna win this chess game, but I hope he does. Either way, the battle for truth will continue. This is the front line. Glad to be here with you! And thank you for your kind words.


      2. Legitimizing a government to torture people is the descent into hell,
        if you allow a government to torture suspects YOU will become a suspect in time

        The Original Ones lived by their dreams,
        today Hollywood and the MSM are our reality

  20. I read most of Mr. Shaukat’s article, but I have an allergy to wasting my time on too much obvious falsehood. For the record: Most suicide terrorist attacks and other terrorist attacks in the US and Europe are hoaxes. They are theatre put on by our own intelligence organizations with collusion by elements of the police, media, and political “leadership”– at the behest of banksters and other corporate mobsters. That these events aren’t real is attested to by comparing the images to those in Lebanon or Syria following a real terrorist attack.

    Additionally, if one searches, for example, “San Bernardino hoax” it’s fairly easy to find good material debunking these events. Or, one can simply view the material on this site or on 20th Century Wire.

    Those who commit actual voluntary suicide attacks are people who’ve lost everything– family and home– and are watching the destruction of their culture and nation. That is, they are under attack by the US or US proxy forces. And they occur close to home.

    Many “suicide” attacks occur when a man is asked to drive a truck to a location and the truck is detonated remotely on the way.

    A particularly insidious line in Mr. Shaukat’s article seems to applaud the US policy of cracking down on “extremist speech” at home. Somehow I doubt this will be limited to those who espouse violence. Nor is the desire to limit immigration “extremist”. Who should decide the extent and origin of immigrants? Surely the citizens of the country. All over the world citizen majorities prefer to limit immigration. This is a normal desire to preserve one’s own culture. But of course this impulse is used for political polarization.

    Trump practices a polarizing and chaotic collection of statements; Hillary espouses organized military terrorism against other countries and attacks rights domestically. We don’t have a real candidate for the presidency. But that’s been true since John Kennedy.

  21. nobody knows nuthin! … isn’t that the whole point ? … the best anyone can do is to learn to think – to speculate really – in a multi-level, coded, dense, inside-jokey way…

    fwiw, my hunch is that Trump knows full well that the Arab teenagers with their jumbo jets did not demolish the WTC on 9/11 … but of course he can’t say that … – so his proposed “Muslim ban ” is merely a way of appearing to fall for the bait (the official WTC theory) – and throwing it back in their faces … listen carefully to what he said at the convention – the immigration ban is “temporary… until the Congress of the US has an opportunity to find out what’s going on” – (close to an exact quote) – extremely curious, allusive language – just what can the US Congress do about the behavior and thinking of 1 billion Muslims? …

    another example – when Obama a few years back said he was more concerned about nuclear detonations in New York City than obscure extremist groups in the ME … on what “level” shoul.d that be understood? – is his concern “real” … or was that more of an inside joke… ? – I think the latter and I think it likely that Obama knows full well that nuclear detonations were used to demolish the WTC on 9/11 . and perhaps he even has some misgivings now about that operation…

    again – try to listen well, and think complexly – but in a tentative way

  22. These days I normally look past the normal chatter and excuses of those who call themselves muslims. They are now not much more than the military wing of Rome sent to subdue western Europe. The excuses don’t fly any more.

    To understand why Germany is forever embroiled in war, one would do well to read this.

    Rome Never Forgets; The Vatican Never Forgives

    “Many have wondered for decades why Germany was defeated, and destroyed, twice in the two world wars of the last century. In World War I Deutschland as it is known in German was especially destroyed economically and financially. In World War II the Fatherland itself was quite deliberately devastated.

    It was the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which took place in September 9 AD, in what is today northern Germany that set the stage for the vengeance of Rome. In that month Germanic tribes banded together to annihilate three Roman Legions (XVII, XVIII, and XIX) as they snaked their way through the Teutonic forests. This unparalleled slaughter of over 20,000 Roman soldiers occurred because of the misplaced trust by the Roman General Publius Quinctilius Varus in the Germanic Commander Arminius. By every account, Varus was ‘betrayed’ by Arminius through the execution of a fastidiously laid trap from which 3 Legions of Rome had no escape as they faced certain death and desecration.”

  23. It would be nice if Mr. Shaukat would explain to us why German and other European women and children are being raped on the street by muslims, why parts of Europe are no go zones due to the “religion of peace”.

    The excuses are getting old. In truth and in fact muslims have become the tool of Rome, an integral part of the pope’s plan to destroy Europe once and for all using his so called Chrislam, the combining of Christianity and Islam. They take orders nicely, don’t cause any problems for the zionist and you can continue to overrun Europe at will.

    Russia is also a target but I think Putin said best when he indicated, those who prefer sharia should go to the countries where it is the law..

  24. “It’s fine with me, Toni, if Tracy wants his world to turn in that direction. It’s his site, after all, and he can do with it what he wants.”


    You are awfully concerned as t how somebody else runs their blog. Why don’t you start your own? WordPress is really easy, I have one and you could always come back here for advice if needed.

    Just think you and recendiz, folker and the rest of the clowns you think this blog couldn’t do without could exchange love letters with each other while you swamp trivial stories. Give it some thought.

    Your pathetic posts are normally just a pack of lies with advice on which direction this blog should take.

  25. The author argues that Trump is a political terrorist who uses hate speech to rouse support for his Presidency, thereby furnishing the impetus for Islamic believers and others to engage in violent jihad. If Trump wins the election, he warns, a religious war will ensue that will rival those of the Holy Roman Empire.

    I think the author is over-reaching here. Shaukat ascribes to Trump the kind of willful character that he imagines belonged to Rasputin, Hitler, et al. But a closer look at Trump reveals a smaller, more callow man, whose insight doesn’t fall far from his own immediate interests.

    Of course, it’s easy to get swept up in hoping Trump can break through the prevailing political juggernaut that obscures every road to real civic efficacy available to citizens. Who doesn’t want that? I want that. I just think it may be a mistake to believe that Trump has the country’s best interests at heart, or that he knows what he’s doing, “crazy guru” style. He’s no Jedi.

    The work of investigative journalists Wayne Barrett and David Kay Johnston on Donald Trump extends from the seventies, and details his position at the nexus of the Mob, greasy palmed politicians, compromised Union apparatchiks and ethically challenged bankers. These are the entities that underwrote his deals while allowing him to parlay the fiction that he was a self-made man who left his small-time father behind in Brooklyn. Trump’s origin story is disingenuous, and speaks to his character. It was his father’s long-time financial and political relationships that allowed him to operate in NYC. Even as late as the building of Trump Tower and his Atlantic City deals, the former boy millionaire was still dependent on his father’s signatures to clear the way for development.

    I won’t go into his history here; it’s available to your search engine. However, one need hardly go further than the fact that the contemptible Roy Cohn was his original mentor. It’s a mistake to take Trump for an honest man.

    The upshot of my comment here, with no disrespect to the actual Mafia, is that there is an electoral choice between the relatively small-time, ordinary mafia-like doings associated with a person of limited character like Trump, and the big, implacable globalist mafia represented by the lying and unredeemable Clinton.

    I don’t disagree with Shaukat that, in the author’s words, Trump like Clinton “would continue the US phony war on terror by targeting more Muslims countries, while backing the reactionary policies of some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia,” or that he “suits the interests of Tel Aviv.” It may be that all maleficent activity will continue unabated, even abetted, by Donald Trump. But there’s a chance it won’t.

    For me, the most encouraging thing about Trump’s candidacy is the outright fear and loathing it seems to have inspired in all the powers that be, across the spectrum. That’s got to count for something.

    * On the other hand, if Trump is merely a foil for Clinton, as has been claimed, it has to be admitted he has done a pretty good Job. Right after the DNC convention, he came out with an economic plan that rehashes Reaganomics. How better to alienate the newly freed up Sanders supporters? The way to a populist victory for Trump was by navigating to the left of Clinton on some economic issues, while maintaining his nationalistic focus on American interests. Either he is throwing it away, or his political instincts are over-rated.

    * Also, as it so often is, 9/11 proves to be the litmus test here. With his history as a developer in NYC, there’s no way that Trump could be unaware of the details associated with the redevelopment of the World Trade Center property, before and after the event. But will he pursue justice? It seems doubtful.

  26. Clinton Crime Family wacks son of doctor one day after of his leaking her dementia treatment by his father:

    “Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has issued a report saying that the father of a doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia was found killed this weekend after he leaked information about her deteriorating health to the public.

    According to the report, Vincent Fleck, the father of Clinton’s physician Dr. Daniel Fleck, was found near his home just 24 hours after releasing Hillary’s most secret medical records to the public.

  27. None other than USA Today – Trump may win by a huge margin! Left other on line polls buried in the comments here that show the results drastically different from what is being reported.

    The inventor of this app is going to be very rich next year!

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if we suddenly have media outlets competing to be the real truth tellers?—trump-win-election/88640044/


    “[…] looking at what happened in 1914 – or for that matter at all that is and has been happening in human history – the eye of the Yogin sees not only the outward events and persons and causes, but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action. If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, these in turn were mere puppets in the clutch of those [hidden/hyperdimensional] forces. When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”

    ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Hidden Forces of Life

    As was explored in-depth with a previous article, the continuing belief in government and authority is the most basic set-up of the Matrix Control System. The moment you identify with/support a party/candidate (left, right, middle, democrat, republican, green, progressive, liberal , conservative, whatever…) and engage in the game, the matrix “has you”.

    We are far removed from any significant “shift in consciousness” so long as people continue to give their power away to any external leader, political and otherwise. And that’s just the starting point in the process of emancipation. There is the intersecting illusion of identifying with a nation/flag/’tribal’ legacy, and of course, all of the hive mind and group think fallacies which are based upon countless illusory identifications which arise from a lifetime of social/cultural conditioning and programming.

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