American Free Press
(August 2, 2016)

• AFP investigative reporter, prominent Clinton researcher, and prolific author Victor Thorn was found dead, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


AMERICAN FREE PRESS contacted the State College [Pa.] Police Department this morning for any news on the suicide of Victor Thorn, whose birth name was Scott Robert Makufka.

AFP asked the policeman who answered the phone if the department could provide any updates.

“There was something that occurred on Monday morning, but I don’t know if we’ve released any identities or any details about it at this time.

VictorThornSlider-300x231AFP asked if he knew when the release might happen.

“I don’t. I don’t know what the status of the investigation is. I have not seen the detective that’s in charge of that today yet. They’ll release it as soon as they can. I don’t know what the holdup is or the details are at this point.”

Please visit “2016 Police Media Releases” to access the most current releases.

The releases “usually get picked up pretty quickly by Centre Daily Times, and, and some of the other media outlets,” he told AFP.

Prolific author, AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound. Family and some close friends contend Thorn took his own life on his birthday, August 1. Thorn would have been 54.

At the peak of his writing career, the author of some 20 books and 30 chapbooks, Thorn had reported for this newspaper for over a decade, writing thousands of
articles on myriad subjects from conspiracy to health-related topics. Best known for his investigate research on the Clintons, Thorn wrote the Clinton trilogy—three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.


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19 thought on “Prominent Clinton Researcher Found Dead”
  1. Thorne is said to have killed himself at a healthy 54 to ‘avoid getting old and sick’ according to who his son, who is probably scared enough to make such seeming nonsense up. But I didn’t know the man or much about him so I can only speculate.

    I do think there was a dangerous bridge about to go up between ‘trutherism’ and anti-Hillary investigations particularly as embodied in Thorne’s work. The link may have presented the greater threat than the sheer existence of Thorne’s exposes of the Clintons, which surely isn’t any monopoly on the topic. If Hillary wins the election the thirst for knowledge (real or fictitious or both) about her wrongdoings will only intensify, and Thorne’s writings could intermingle the two mostly distinct ‘disciplines.’

    But how would killing Thorne prevent that? Are his books less likely to get published or disseminated now that he’s dead (or will it take time for us to know)? Or is it a signal? Some of both?

    The only certainty is that if the national fixation on Hillary ferments further into an even more spirited and hateful obsession (which will happen if she becomes president) the line between it and ‘nutterism’ will blur beyond control. Those in power cannot let ‘conspiracy theory’ go mainstream.

    1. Sue in her first paragraph is referring to a blog comment (on another blog) in which Victor Thorn’s friend and sometime-time collaborator Pete Papaherakles claims to have heard first-hand from Victor Thorn’s kids that the story is true, that he he did intentionally commit suicide because he did not want to become old, or something to that that effect.
      Unfortunately I have not been able to find that comment. Maybe it has been “memoryholed.”
      I find that claim extremely improbable. Someone who is 54 and in good health does not shoot himself with a shotgun.
      Thorn’s work was the basis of Roger Stone’s book, “The Clintons War On Women”, a full chronicling of the Clintons’ abuses of power and their crimes. The crimes go on for several hundred pages.
      My guess is that this murder was meant as a cannon shot shot across the bow of Roger Stone and the Trump campaign — if you mention the crimes of Hillary Clinton in public you will come to a bad end.
      This murder also coincides with a full-spectrum, orchestrated mainstream media beat-down of Trump, including the release of nude photos Melania Trump. Absolutely shameful.

  2. From Christopher Bollyn;

    “Victor Thorn (aka Scott Makufka) of American Free Press, basically plagiarized my research about 9-11 and then had it published by Willis Carto in a book – after they had ousted me from the same organization. Scott Makufka, who writes under the name Victor Thorn, actually played a key role in having me ousted from AFP, and was then brought into the organization to take my place – and steal my thunder about the Israeli role in 9-11. “

  3. I can’t find the reference, but I think I read in the last couple of days a comment by Fetzer that he thought that Victor Thorn did actually commit suicide.

  4. I had known Victor for over 20 years thru the Net but never met him–he published some of my fiction stories on Babel waaaay back when.

    When I first started to awaken, I saw Victor’s name everywhere in the truth biz. So, on the fence for all the things racing through my head, I summoned an old email I had for him and before long we were talking on the phone–and also with his wife at the time Lisa G. They were both always super nice to me and hand fed me crumbs until I began to see the lies in basically everything.

    Victor was kind enough to send me any of his books for free. His book on the Holohoax is a must read for any newbie or vet. He trusted me on that so much he sent me a galley copy to proof read, then he sent me a FE soon after.

    I don’t know what happened but in my gut I feel there is a good chance it wasn’t suicide. Hope more news/investigation emerges. He did a TON of good work and tried to share his soul for the truth IMHO.

    Today, there is so much jealousy and back-stabbing in the “truth community,” which is exactly what the Hebes want.

    Give the man a moment of goodwill for what he honestly tried to do.

  5. I listened to the AFP interview with the brother of Scott Robert Makufka, aka Victor Thorn. The younger brother insisted that his older brother had committed suicide, yet no one saw it happen. Scott (Victor) detested funerals and never attended one after his grandmother died. His parents are getting old and frail, he did not want to end up later in life like that.

    We are told Scott (Victor) was in excellent health and had never seen a doctor or a dentist. His excellent health may have given him at least another twenty years, so why not give those years a chance? The brother said that Scott drove his car up to a favorite hill top and shot himself there. We have to take his word for that (?) even no witnesses were present.

    This happened in Centre County, Pennsylvania. When I hear about this county a few things come to mind, things that have nothing to do with Victor Thorn. Things such as the famous case of the missing district attorney Ray Gricar (still missing) and the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. Even George Hochsprung bought himself a house in Centre County after the SH incident – in addition to the lake house in upstate NY where Dawn is buried nearby. Or is it in Connecticut? I get confused.

  6. I also heard the brother’s interview with AFP and also found the brother to be repulsive. Additionally, the AFP interviewer seemed afraid to ask any real questions. Funny, AFP is the only print newspaper that’s still in existence that actually has featured tons of stories about EMF/Microwave harassment. But does AFP take its own articles seriously? If so, why weren’t the staff advised to use at least
    rudimentary EMF protection? There’s a long, long list of the dearly departed that used to work at AFP. My hunch is that Thorn was targeted with EMF, which has been known to cause major Depression. And everyone knows that depression can often result in suicide. There’s tons of patents on these remote electronic manipulation devices that can alter a person’s consciousness from afar. These
    quiet weapons leave no traces, but I do hear that they canl leave traces on a person’s bones, but Coroners don’t search for these types of things in autopsies, now do they?. It’s actually a perfect crime if you think about it. Get a person to kill themselves without ever laying a hand on them? Ingenious! And if these ground waves that hit their target originate on satellites miles above the earth…..well, that actually might stump a modern day Sherlock Holmes, now wouldn’t it?

  7. As of 8-14-16 Texe Marrs, who wrote the anti-hillary book “Big Sister is watching you” in the 90’s and certainly gives good info about the Clintons among others on his radio show, suffered a “heart attack” according to his website.

    Also Sherman Skolnick, who had a lot of run ins with the Clintons, especially Hillary, as evidenced from the writings on this website was perhaps gotten rid of by the Clintons in the early 2000’s. The Arkancide list goes on. The Clintons are Bush associates btw way back, a CIA arranged couple and the Mena drug airport was a Bush family operation with the junior partners being the Clintons.

    1. Sherman Skolnick died on May 21, 2006 – from a heart attack we are told. His papers were tossed in a large bin and discarded. Many articles of his have been scrubbed from the Internet, too hot to handle for the cabal. I suspect his death also had something to do with the planned futures of fellow Chicagoans Obama and Emanuel. He had the dirt on those two.

      Rense has an extensive archive of Sherman Skolnick’s articles:

      This one can still be found…….

      An interview with Sherman Skolnick:

      Skolnick also wrote about this incident, can’t find his writing on the subject:
      Published on August 29, 2005 by Charles Digges


      “A US delegation headed by Republican Senator Richard Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was detained Sunday for three hours at an airport in the Siberian city of Perm, Russia before being allowed to leave the country for Ukraine in a diplomatically chaotic incident Sunday.”

      “Lugar, Senator Barack Obama—the junior Democratic Illinois Senator also of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee—as well as the rest of the US delegation, who are on a weeklong nuclear disarmament tour among former Soviet states, spent several hours at a weapons destruction site outside Perm before returning to the city airport, officials from the US Embassy in Moscow told Bellona Web Monday.”

      1. Sherman Skolnick’s interview with Steamshovel Press in 1994 is very interesting. The print is small and hard to read. I copied the transcript, pasted it to Words and enlarged the print.

        Here is a small portion where Skolnick talks about a plot to assassinate JFK in Chicago on November 2nd. Kennedy did not arrive in Chicago as planned. Skolnick got hold of those papers which were to be released in 2039.


        Q: I should say for the readers that Abraham Bolden was the first black Secret Service agent, appointed by Kennedy, and after the assassination…

        A: First black in the White House guard.

        Q: …he was apparently thrown in jail on trumped up charges.

        A: So I came with my lady friend in her little red car and we sat in front of Bolden’s house and I had these documents, eleven of them, mounted in one of those salesmen’s books with the plastic pages, under celluloid. And Bolden sits in the back and looks at them and looks at each one and says, “I knew it. You are here to put me back in prison. I’m on parole!” I says, “Bolden, I want to clear you.” “Like hell you do! You’re part of a government effort to put me back.” And I say, “I think Mark Lane didn’t do right for you when you were down there in Springfield, Missouri. I think all your lawyers put together have not done right for you. I am here to clear you.” “Like hell you are. You got my secret report. It’s not supposed to be out until 2039. You got it. You stole it. And I’m going to be blamed that I gave it to you and I’m going to be sent back to jail and you are going to get publicity and I am going to get jail.” I says, “For godssakes Abraham Bolden, I am here to do good for you. I’m going to court and attach all these documents and I’m going to confront the goddam government and I’m going to put in there how they framed you.” I didn’t know anything about Garrison or Dealey Plaza, I kept no clippings, I was not interested in that.

        Q: Garrison tried to do something and failed and here you’re coming to this guy saying you’re going to do the same thing, take it to the courts. If he was following the Garrison case, I could imagine that he would not have the same faith that you had that you could do something in the courts.

        A: And so I went to court and I sued, Skolnick vs. National Archives and Records Service and I set forth the whole thing about Cuba, about Kennedy, about Bolden and the fact that Bolden was framed. On the day we brought the lawsuit, one of the major 50,000 watt stations here had a good young reporter that I knew and he put a major story out on it. He eventually was run out of Chicago. There aren’t any happy endings to any of this. Stuart Pahn. He went into the brokerage business.

        Q: What was in Bolden’s report?

        A: It was on the plot to kill Kennedy in Chicago by a person named Lee Harvey Oswald and an Oswald double, Thomas Arthur Vallee, both of whom were apprehended. Vallee was arrested on a $5 traffic rap and the traffic ticket was suppressed and put in the National Archives. Two blocks off the Northwest Expressway, which is now called the Kennedy Expressway. And they were going to go through a hairpin turn just like they ended up going in front of the Book Depository. They found a hairpin turn in the route from the airport to the college football game where on November 2nd Kennedy was to go to a football game in Chicago. He didn’t come, but his route was to go through a hairpin turn where they had another guy who was working at a CIA printing office with the window looking right down at Kennedy. The complaining witness against Vallee was Daniel Groth, not listed as policeman, listed as a witness. Groth came with a machine gun, kicked in Fred Hampton’s door and assassinated people there.

      By Collection of Sherman Skolnick’s Writings

      Nov 9, 2008 – 8:11:00 PM

      “Rahm Emanuel – Top reputed black-mailer, extortionist, and arm-twister for the Clinton White House. About 1991, moved from the Chicago-area, to Arkansas to help conduct Clinton’s presidential campaign. Raised funds reportedly by knowing secret workings of major covert operations of the American CIA. Such as: HOUSEHOLD INTERNATIONAL and HOUSEHOLD BANK, headquartered in Chicago, successor to CIA’s proprietary dope and assassination funding operation, NUGAN HAND BANK.”

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