‘While it looked and sounded real, it was only a drill.’

By Cody Shepard
The Enterprise 
(Jul. 26, 2016)

STOUGHTON – It was a situation Stoughton police say they never want to face.

“Control, I’ll be off at the Dawe school with an active shooter,” an officer said over the radio in an urgent manner. “I’m at the front door. I’m taking shots. Shots fired, shots TEMS-active=shooter-drillfired. Get me some help up here.”

While it looked and sounded real, it was only a drill. It aimed to prepare the town’s public safety agencies in the event a similar situation ever occurs in town.

The training video was released Friday by Stoughton Media Access Corporation. The exercise was performed by the Stoughton police, fire, public works and school departments.

Several officers arrived at the school and saw a cruiser near the front entrance, with smoke around it.

“It was to give them a focal point and some visual stimulus to raise their heart rate, really get them experiencing any tunnel vision if they’re going through auditory exclusion and make it as real for them as possible,” said Stoughton police Patrolman Jonathan Gagne, a member of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council SWAT team.

The officers entered the building from various doors and created a diamond formation. As they moved throughout the building together, they found multiple victims — laying in hallways and sitting in doorways — bleeding and suffering from various injuries.
The victims pointed the officers down different hallways, which eventually led them to the classroom the shooter was in.

“It’s all on the shooter’s shoulders,” Stoughton police interim Lt. John Bonney said, referring to whether police will use lethal force. “Once that threat is eliminated, we need to now then look for more threats. We only got the call for one shooter, but we can’t just believe that and go on that one shooter. We won’t be able to get medical care to anybody if we’re taken out by a shooter, so we need to get the threat eliminated first.”

The police have previously performed such drills, but this training exercise was the first time the fire department was involved.

“Police in schools have been training and the fire department’s been out in left field with it,” said Stoughton Fire Capt. Mike Carroll. “We really need to get on board with it. It’s real world, it’s what’s happening.”

The officials who participated say they hope it’s the realest active shooter situation they ever face.

“You can’t ever deal with something like that,” Bonney said. “When we’re running by these people, they’re screaming, ‘Don’t leave us, help us.’ That’s something you’re never going to recover from.”

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23 thought on “What An ‘Active Shooter Drill’ Looks Like”
  1. It’s amazing that the general population is convinced that something like this is necessary. I can’t think of genuine school shooting that has taken place in the past 10 years !

  2. This is FYI! The change that obumer has promised us is now Becoming the “norm”!!!! Goota have more incidents to fill the 24/7 cable tv shows! Keep your heads down!


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  3. Why do they need the people to believe this so much? Why do they demand that the public believe it? Why is it so important that they will spend millions of dollars (not their own, of course) to force people to believe it?

    “What are we gonna do tonight, Brain? Narf!”
    “Same thing we do every night, Pinkie, try to take over the world!”

    Do they need tens of millions of “Pinkies” to accomplish their goal? Apparently so.

    1. Pinkie and the Brain was one of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen. Not sure I’d still feel the same way now. I haven’t watched it in years. Seein as how it was a Steven Spielberg production I’m sure there is tons of messages in them for us. One of these days I’m going to get a collection of them and re-watch. Years ago laughing my bum off at my demise and not even knowing it.

    2. Yes indeed, why? Apparently people now assume that part of the media’s job is enforcing “belief”. I guess that’s why they NEVER question anything presented to them. “Here, its a purple antelope”. “Oh, gee, thanks……”.

    3. So, do you see why I have focused on belief as a major weak point in the public’s psyche that is being used here in this war on humanity? The call to stop believing, but to start thinking instead is not an attack on religion (as Patrick jumped to the conclusion), but it is simply a call to arms as an alternative way, possibly the only way, to fight this takeover of humanity by a criminal, communistic, tribal cabal who would kill you as soon as look at you. An antidote, an anti-weapon, if you will, for what is really going on here. Members of this cabal are in your courtrooms, your churches, your schools, and even in your own families… they are pervasive throughout our society. They are simply following the Protocols, which are out in the open for anyone to see, whether as dupes or as malicious actors.

      When we were young, and started to read fiction (or nowadays to watch fictional movies), we were taught to suspend disbelief, so that we could enjoy the brunt of the fiction. It is a part of engaging with fiction. Well, I say now when we are supposedly looking at non-fiction, we should suspend belief, because almost all of the people’s beliefs are complete fiction. And this is the way to “enjoy” non-fiction today.

      I’m going to do a study on people’s easy willingness to believe.

      1. I think that’s what I’ve been saying. I may have even started the discussion, long ago, on “faith-based media”. Or, faith-based politics.

        I have, however, made (and continue to make) the distinction that faith (as in religion) requires belief. If you think you’re too smart for that, or have other reasons to challenge that, go ahead.

        I used to be “too smart” for religion too. I outgrew it. I don’t try to get people to agree with me. Its gratifying if they do, it can be annoying if they don’t, but it’s always their call.

        If I feel strongly about something, it is possible that I overlooked some aspect of it, or wasn’t aware of something. It’s unlikely, but it could happen. Short of that, I’ve spent a long time getting to my positions on things. If I haven’t, I have no problem saying so and it doesn’t bother me to not have a position or (belief).

        I wouldn’t mistake that for “lack of thought”. Also, when someone disagrees with you that doesn’t automatically make them “stupid”. It just means they disagree. If you want to know why you have to have enough respect for them as needed to hear them out. If not, its better not to ask.

      2. THX you got that right.
        This is insane sitting down ?

        James Comey our FBI director sat on the board at HSBC which the Clinton foundation ran hundreds of millions of dollars through. This is the same bank they caught stealing over $2.5 billion dollars from the people not to mention money laundering for criminals worldwide.

        Guess who the Head Prosecutor was that let them off the hook for $185 million.

        Loretta Lynch, Who heada the Department of Justice now and let Hillary Clinton off.

        The corruption is unprecedented and if Hillary is elected president it’s over.

        I think the first think she’ll do is turn the Federal Reserve into the Clinton foundation and we Owe the Clintons $20 trillion just for starters …..VOTE just this Time.

        1. Anything connected to these, dare I say it?…………..parasites, can’t have a good outcome. I honestly don’t think they get “elected”. They are “placed”.

          The truth is, she is probably the equivalent of any of them. She’s just insane with greed that she shows it. The others cover it up better.

          I’m not sure on this one just what they’re gonna do. They’ll either install her as a final “screw you” to all of us, or they’ll install Trump. He’ll slide in there as slick as snot and…….before you know it, you won’t be able to tell it isn’t a “Clinton” administration.

          Nobody gets to play without their approval. That’s immutable. They won’t allow it.

          So, I don’t get too excited. It doesn’t matter if you are. Think of how pathetic it is that they had to hire a cheering section. Your new president is elected by “popular vote” but she’s SO unpopular they can’t find stand ins at the Democratic convention. That’s a hoot.

          Just let it sink in. If you encountered this with any other group or organization you’d leave in disgust. This is the NATIONAL ELECTION. They do better in Belize.

        2. At least Trump will humor us…

          You know the old story whoever gets elected gets sat down to watch some old JFK films …

    1. Oh, and by the way, some pistols are gas operated and others use recoil. If they are recoil operated and blanks provide sufficient recoil (depending on the gun) they may not need them. I can tell you from experience that M-16’s, (AR-15’s) and some hand guns need adaptors to fire multiple rounds.

      If you don’t believe me, fine. I don’t care. But, facts are facts. I obviously can’t answer why they didn’t use the adaptors for safety reasons. Most organizations would do that. Maybe this bunch is stupid and arrogant.

      And frankly, it IS dangerous. If some cop or other armed person didn’t get the memo, saw the commotion and decided to “help” someone could get killed or hurt.

  4. […] Charleston church shooting Just like Alton Sterlin, Dylann Roof took pictures with his weapons and posted them on social media so now there is no doubt that he had weapons. The pictures were likely planted on his Facebook which is why I abandoned my accounts. Dylann’s guns however appeared to be fake, while Alton Sterlin likely had real weapons even though he was a convicted felon. Dylann said he was unemployed, but had money to purchase ammunition for a .45 and a bullet proof vest. He had black friends on his Facebook page as well, and his black friends said he didn’t use any racial slurs. There was an active shooter drill on the day of the shooting. There is also an issue with the shadows of various objects in the surveillance video suggesting it’s doctored. He entered the church with 5 magazines and a firearm that are not visible or in a bag. He attended a black church without drawing suspicion of wearing a bullet proof vest with the front crotch tail exposed. The funeral for the hero-anti-2nd Amendment “senator” Clementa Pinckney was a wax dummy. And so Obama’s drones called for a race war which will lead to Martial Law to prevent the next election. http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/06/19/woman-calls-for-race-war-at-scene-of-church-shooting/ What An ‘Active Shooter Drill’ Looks Like […]

  5. “It was to give them a focal point and some visual stimulus to raise their heart rate, really get them experiencing any tunnel vision if they’re going through auditory exclusion and make it as real for them as possible,” said Stoughton police Patrolman Jonathan Gagne, a member of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council SWAT team.” Translation: it was PSYOPS, behaviourism, Operant Condition, Pavlovian, Skinner Box; then to top it off “doublespeak” the likes of which Orwell could only dream of(he did as chief propagandist for The Big Brother Corporation). Priceless! And the moral of the story: Law Enforcement(another form of PR terminology) are susceptible to brainwashing just like the mass population.

  6. Well the summary pretty much sums it up. “Don’t leave us……..”. That’s the condition they want us all in. Helpless. Completely dependent.

    Those of us who’ve watched this for some time see it as clear as daylight. I guess, if you don’t think too much, its still a mystery to you.

    It seems that there is no limit to how “in you face” they can make this and nobody objects. As a small example, look what they did to the Berniebots. They objected and they put them in a cage.

    They followed that up be showing that they simply didn’t care what they thought. That’s the new paradigm. Many long-time supporters of the Democratic Party haven’t even figured out that they are “right” of what the Republicans used to be not that long ago. The whole thing is full of “Neocons”.

    Do they see that? Of course not. “Reality” is whatever they’re told it is, not what they can verify. This is the helpless, faith-based citizenry. Nobody has told them that they placed their “faith” in demons. They will never know unless their owners tell them.

    I have noticed that people seem to believe that there will come a time when they will “announce” the dictatorship. Nobody EVER does that. China is a “democracy” (don’t you know?), just like here. Hildebeast will be selected “fair and square”.

    Well it won’t be long now. They are tying up the loose ends and making ready. Better get your minds right. You’re all helpless dependents in the New World Odor.

  7. If at all possible, the shooter should be eliminated by a novel means (such as exploding robot). This serves to further “other” the shooter and obfuscates the fact that the greatest source of information has just been killed.

    So I guess the training is to kill, not incapacitate. That might indeed be helpful indoctrination when the authors of state-sponsored events most want their patsy dead. Patsy? Best dead. Professional assassin (post-operation)? Best dead.

    Considering this very basic formula, it’s amazing that intelligence agencies can get anyone to work for them whatsoever.


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