FBI Director a Connecticut Resident Since 2010 

Turned 52 on December 14, 2012

By Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D.

James Brien Comey, Jr. was born December 14, 1960 at Yonkers, New York, but grew up in Allendale, New Jersey. His net worth is reportedly in excess of $11 million. He was appointed FBI Director Sept. 4, 2013 although approved by the Senate about 3 months earlier.

Comey (left), alongside President Barack Obama (center) and outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller (right) at Comey’s nomination to become the seventh Director of the FBI, June 21, 2013. Source: Wikipedia

Comey moved his family to Westport, Connecticut in 2010 into a wealthy neighborhood. Observe the interesting “coincidence” that he reached the exact age of 52, his birthday, on the same exact day the Sandy Hook “massacre” was carried out in Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012.

From the instant he took office of FBI Director, just over 8 months after the Sandy Hook Hoax, and even possibly earlier, he was privy to every sordid detail of this massive crime on America, from the planning stages to its execution to its continuing cover up by all relevant government agencies including but not limited to the FBI.

Because of his position as head of the FBI, it is 100% certain he knows every sordid detail of this massive scam and crime and unconscionable hoax on every good American Citizen; yet he remains deafeningly silent about it all.

[In fact, as FBI Director Comey has intimate knowledge or access thereto of every false flag terror event that has taken place in the US under the Obama administration’s DOJ, from Tucson to Dallas and beyond.-Ed.]

He is covering up this massive crime on America just as only days ago he covered up crimes against America by another lying lawyer by the name of Hillary Clinton who graduated, as did her husband, from Yale University Law School at New Haven Connecticut. Observe the common denominator in all these evil machinations against Americans: the State of Connecticut, or more aptly “Corrupticut.” These facts are easily verified by anyone hence no references are provided. 

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77 thought on “James B. Comey’s In-Depth Knowledge of Sandy Hook Event”
  1. I wonder if the agenda was made privy to SCOTUS in some way as to determine legalities. I for one assume the knowledge runs from the FBI to DOJ to SCOTUS or at least circuit courts criminals. Scalia’s character assassination was more brutal than his slaying. Since the New World Communication of Tampa, Inc. v. Akre case, I suspect a John Yoo type analysis of current law suggests that they can report the “event” as an event and therefore under such can report it as they would the story plot of a movie. If the production is done by independent groups with no fore -knowledge of the event to the FBI, LE or other Authorities, they can treat it as an event and thus report to media as such. There is something there in the law books that we have missed.

    As far as we know, the Sandy Hook investigation is never closed and they are still looking for perpetrators of the “event” These days, the laws are for us. They have only rules to follow. If we able to prove Mueller or Holder had pre-knowledge, there could be some recourse. But after Hillary’s great escape, I doubt Comey would ever see bars, or any judges, disbarment.

    As far as I am concerned, you do not get to status positions without substantial dirt in which they can coerce or insure the compliance of these cretins. And you only get the Nobel or other medal after you have committed the most heinous act for the benefit of the New World Order.

    1. Scalia may not be what you think.

      “Scalia liked to—— little boys. I know this from personal experience – as he was one of my primary abusers as a child and was one of the HEADS of the cult that abused me. He was a vile man who was such an extreme sadist that I find it hard to give words to his voracious appetites. I hated this man in ways that I can’t begin to explain and he rivaled Aquino in my abuse as a child.”


    2. Hillary voters are perfectly willing to forget her past crimes. Or, they don’t know, they don’t care. The finite package known as the 2 party system forces Americans to make choices between 2 highly compromised America haters, remember McCain vs. Obama?
      What will be left for our children and grandchildren? Will the State be the sold property owner? Will we get rolled by the well known crime families?
      Still, it distresses me that Trump appears to be so forgiving of Zionism. Perhaps he’s a Zio himself. Unless the door is always open at the White House to help and suggestion from the commoners, there will be no hope and no future for NWO maggots that we shall become.

      1. “Still, it distresses me that Trump appears to be so forgiving of Zionism.”


        What do you suggest? What does a person who is not “forgiving” of Zionism recommend? Zionism is a fact of history. Israel exists. Zionism began in 1879, which means that Israel is the native land of six or so generations of Jews who returned to their ancestral homeland, and whose descendants live there today.

        To not “forgive” the fact of Zionism, would that mean driving all the Jews out of Israel? If so, where would they be forced to go? Do you recommend that all of them be driven into the sea, as the PLO and Hamas are dedicated to doing? Do you have a final solution to the Jewish problem? Whatever would be done to them, once their dream of a Jewish state is ended, who would you imagine would live in their homes, afterward? Would that be Arafat’s wicked followers? Would you applaud that, the ascendence of murderers and knaves? And what of the displaced Jews’ possessions? The art on their walls? Their cars? The gold fillings in their teeth?

        I know what Islam does to human should; we have 1,400 years of history to attest to it. If Zionism ends, and Islam replaces it, the ugliness will be unprecedented in history–and Islam has written the book on the unimaginable, when it comes to horror.

        Think again as to what you wish for, Gil.

        1. You are so correct. Patrick. Whatever faults one can find with Jews (Zionism), pales in comparison to the evil that is Islam.

        2. “One of the better documented massacres occurred in a small, neutral Palestinian village called Deir Yassin in April 1948-before any Arab armies had joined the war. A Swiss Red Cross representative was one of the first to arrive on the scene, where he found 254 dead, including 145 women, 35 of them pregnant”

        3. How absurd
          Islam does not own our money system (ZIONISTS DO!)
          Islam does not defraud $20,000,000,000 a year from taxpayers to fund their wars and murders (ZIONISTS DO!)
          Islam does not own our State Department (ZIONIST DO!)
          Islam does not own/control our politicians, our judges and the military (ZIONIST DO!)
          And as far as Israel having any rights to Palestine, which was begat with MURDER, TERRORISM, TORTURE ETC.murder,
          let me quote from AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGEMENT (The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, Alison Weir):
          “…Zionists …tried to clear the land (Palestine) of Muslim and Christian inhabitants and replace them with Jewish immigrants. This was a tall order, as Muslims and Christians accounted for 95% of the population…when the buyout effort was able to obtain only a few percent of the land Zionists created a number of terrorist groups to fight against the Palestinians and the British.
          Terrorist and future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin later bragged that Zionists had brought terrorism to the Middle East and the world at large…
          As Israeli historian Tom Segev writes, ‘Israel was born of terror, war, and revolution, and its creation required a measure of fanaticism and cruelty’…
          by the end of Israel’s War of Independence over 750,000 Palestinian men, women and children were ruthlessly expelled…the children they killed by breaking their heads with sticks…one soldier boasted that he had raped a women and then shot her. One one Palestinian woman testified that a man shot her nine-month pregnant sister and then cut her stomach open with a butcher knife”
          More to come about the true nature of the Zionists and their horrific nature and deeds

      2. Zionism is at least as great a problem as Islam, probably worse in my opinion. Jews have no right to declare Palestine their exclusive possession. It’s total hogwash.

        Just think about this, .4% (that’s point-four percent) is the Jewish population in this world. In the U.S. it does not exceed 3% (which is very small but vastly too large to explain naturally).

        People cannot turn on a TV, read a paper, go to the doctor, etc., without encountering Jews. How is that possible? The percentage is roughly the same as for Samoans. How many Samoans do you see lecturing you every day?

        No, this inequality will not stand scrutiny. No amount of hand-wringing and schmaltz makes it acceptable.

        1. There are several factors contributing to Jewish dominance in media, Hollywood, culture, finance, etc. Charles Murray, and other researchers, found that Ashkenazi Jews have IQ’s roughly a standard deviation above other whites.

          However, there are other factors involved. Nepotism is especially prevalent in the Jewish community. I had many tenured Jewish professors, who were mediocre, and, sometimes barely more knowledgeable than associate professors. Professor Kevin MacDonald of Cal State University, has written some rare, critical examination of this phenomenon.

          To say that Jews are disliked because of their money and accomplishments is like saying that the reason Americans are disliked abroad is for their economic privileges and freedoms, i.e., it is a very misleading statement.

          Some Jewish intellectuals have identified problems, and possible threats to Jewry, in Jewish culture, that help breed anti-Semitism among the 99.6 percent of the world’s non-Jews. These include Henry Makow, and the late professor Israel Shahak.

          “I strongly believe that antisemitism and Jewish chauvinism can only be fought simultaneously.”
          – Israel Shahak

        2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I don’t disagree with that. I could say MUCH more, however, but the bottom line is that they suffer from the consequences of their behavior.

          That has been the constant over the centuries and will always remain so as long as they consider themselves superior and take advantage of those who host them. The fact that they see themselves as “visitors” no matter how long they have lived in a location, makes people rightfully suspicious.

          I know of no other “religion” (if that is what we’re talking about, and I doubt it), that ties itself to this locality/superiority idea. What it is is POLITICAL, not religious. If was so the day they set off on this path.

          So, I have no sympathy. None is merited or required. If they behave themselves and conduct themselves appropriately I pay no attention. That is seldom the case, in my experience.

          I don’t use the word “antisemitism” as the vast majority are not Semites at all. Nonetheless, the conditioning didn’t work on me. I really don’t are whether anyone likes that or not.

        3. The history of the Jews is well documented,
          although it is suppressed with what amounts to book burning/banning, Jewish Supremacy reigns in our country, you now pay the bill for kosher foods in your marketplace-that should say reams,
          they do not assimilate, they relocate,
          as a group they are an invasive parasitical entity, they control most major choke points of power, influence, entertainment and media-how we as a country could ever have allowed this to happen is a subject of history and many tears,
          as citizens we have every right to refuse citizenship to ANY tribe, secret society etc. such as this, Talmudic Jews are pledged to lie and falsify ANY oath they take in relation to their own tribe,
          this is only sounds radical to a lot of people because they have been so brainwashed by the influence of Jewish propaganda via media, Hollywood-our country has been co-opted from within, taken over, the sooner people realize that and wake up the sooner we can restore order

        4. Here we go again, playing the “Talmudic Jews” one note horn.

          The moderator is suspicious of such monological commenters, at least in part because some of the most vehement “anti-Semitic” polemicists operate directly out of Tel Aviv boiler rooms.

        5. Nixon is rolling in his grave.Good info,Sir.The Hawley family of Newtown was a major political force in CT. starting in the 27th century.

        6. A standard deviation higher.Who is lower in I.Q.,James Watson said it was Afro-Americans.If a group is higher than there are lower groups.
          You are on a slippery slope.There is no way to account for most of the variables present in a intelligence determination.

        7. Right on peace frog for bringing perspective into this silly argument.

          I’ve tried unsuccessfully.

          If everything thats gone wrong in the world is the fault of the Juice then we don’t need anymore conspiracy theories or websites .

          Case solved?

          Luciferians have no Race just an Agenda.

          They come in all colors…..Even yours.

          You only know them by their works not their words.

        8. True Ric, it can not be blamed on any one group. The Bush family, and many other elites have had strong ties to Nazism. The CIA and intelligence community have nurtured ties to these Gladio/ Paper Clip factions. You can look at Ukraine today and see a resurgence of classic Nazism. I think that Henry Makow, born Jewish and now a Christian Convert, is right in cautioning that the Jews could well be scapegoated again by the NWO.

        9. “Jews have no right to declare Palestine their exclusive possession.”

          Well, they never did that, so it’s kind of a strange thing to say, lophatt. When they started to move to that tiny corner of the Ottoman Empire in 1879, the first Zionists knew they were living in a vast empire, with no possibility of making such a “declaration.” WWI was more than thirty years in the future, but even after that, the land became a possession of the British Empire, still at its peak; the Jews who were living there could not dream of making such a “declaration.”

          We can talk about the Balfour Declaration, of course, which was a commitment of the British to create a country for the Jews in their ancestral homeland (which they had been systematically migrating to for almost four decades by then), but the point is that Britain never fulfilled it, instead inviting massive illegal immigration by Arabs, to dilute the Jewish presence, in a concerted effort to sabotage it.

          This is the factual history of what happened.

          Finally, fed up, the Jews declared Independence from British rule, exactly as we did–but even then they did not declare the land their exclusive possession, unlike we Americans vis the Indians. They agreed to an equitable distribution of the land with the Arabs–which the Arabs refused flat out, leading to the dispute the world is fixated on today.

          You can look it up.

          I’m genuinely surprised that you are so pristinely ignorant considering this matter, and shocked that the people who “liked” your comment did so, as anyone with a modicum of knowledge would simply laugh at your remarks. Unless by “like” they meant they were enjoying a parody–which is almost certainly not the case. They, too, are almost certainly completely ignorant of what happened in the years between 1879 and 1947, or they would not approve of what you wrote. The Arabs refused to compromise, because they could not tolerate dhimmies, free and equal, sharing the land, when the true plan was to drive them all into the sea, for their impudence.

          But let’s leave that aside, and pretend your false premise is true. Did Englishmen have the “right” to declare North America their exclusive possession? Australia? Barbados? If not, what should be done about it? What is to be done about you and me lording it over these lands we have inherited from those who made that declaration? Do we not belong here by now? Should Indians be given our houses? While the Jews never did in their tiny patch what the English settlers did in all our vast lands, do you rankle with the same indignation about that, or is it only Jews that get your dander up, for some quirky reason?

          As for your sense that the Jews possessing a tiny corner of Asia, smaller than New Jersey, is a worse problem than Islam itself, well, the idea buggers belief. Do you know nothing of the 1,400 years of slaughter we have endured at the hands of Islam? I have written about it here, many times, so you must recall some of the horrors I recounted. The devil never created a more vile, horrendous political ideology, in contrast to what Jesus told the Woman at the Well: salvation is of the Jews–as indeed it is, Christianity simply being its outworking to completion.

          A very odd comment you have written. Perplexing.

        10. Patrick, you refer to Lophatt’s comments as “odd” and “perplexing.” I think neither is applicable. It seems Mr. Lophatt has jumped into the easiest and safest haven available; excoriation of Jews.

          If it were not for Jews, we could all sing about the wonderful world Louis Armstrong sang about.

          Sad, tragic, and pathetic.

        11. The notion that people who expose the ‘ease’ with which Jews try to blame everyone else, europeans particularly, for their problems are supposedly taking the ‘easy’ way out always amuses me.

          Perhaps we should check and see who started ‘it.’ While we’re doing that, maybe see which party chases the other all over the world… Something tells me the one refusing to leave the other alone in peace isn’t telling the accurate version.

        12. Paddy says

          “The devil never created a more vile, horrendous political ideology, in contrast to what Jesus told the Woman at the Well: salvation is of the Jews–as indeed it is, Christianity simply being its outworking to completion.”

          Please define salvation for us. I assume you mean the one true book written by constantine the roman war lord. The one with only two choices heaven or hell. Wow that kind of boxes us into a corner, most of humanity is to taste the fire? Whatever happened to the old verse about my father has many mansions? Paddy doesn’t subscribe to the true word when it doesn’t synchronize with his trolling.

          I know I have said I normally scroll past Paddy but sometimes I can’t resist.

          An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” said the priest, “not if you did not know.” “Then why,” asked the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?” ~Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

          Paddy Jesus is a friend of mine and I am going to talk to him about you on the other side!

  2. About the $11 million, Comey served on the Board of HSBC, a position he resigned from to accept FBI Director. HSBC has long been a money laundering operation, a former executive there wrote a book about it, and, wrote in it about being gang stalked after he blew the whistle. HSBC paid one of the largest fines in U.S. banking history as a result of these allegations (and to avoid criminal prosecutions that were brought against other outlaw banks such as BCCI; perhaps BCCI went down because it was founded by a Pakistani and received the bulk of its financing from the U.A. Emirates).

    Perhaps, Mr. Clean was chosen because he is not clean but subject to blackmail.

    1. It’s patently clear that the PTB are perfectly comfy talking and doing very bad things right out in the open. Comey appears highly compromised and they make the best cat’s paws by far. When you are owned by somebody else, you can certainly break law after law on the basis of your burgeoning blindness to reality and truth.
      Dannell Malloy is another highly compromised individual who has probably received mucho shekels for his part in looking the other way regarding Sandy Hook. Malloy has a tendency toward stuttering and he’s a perfect foil for doing nasty things under Clinton should she be chosen by the sycophantic idiots would vote for the Wicked One. Rest assured, there are loads of Malloys that will do whatever Clinton might ask for the privilege to serve under her, a grotesque thought if there ever was one. Either you pay her back with complete obeisance or you get smashed apart by those granitic ankles. She will rule by fear and an iron hand. America will reach the abyss and Hillary will push us over. She will become our Stalin, a paranoid president aka a power mad dominatrix.

      1. In my opinion, her joking statements regarding Libya and Ghaddaffi’s death smacked of dissociative disorder. There are many others, in prominent places internationally, probably because they are blackmailable-Lagarde is a grreat example.

    2. Ah yes, who could forget the Bank of Credit Commerce International.
      I think it had nothing to do with it founder being Pakistani but him pissing off the wrong alphabet agency. And his brother was a senior officer in the IB.

  3. Wonderful to hear from Dr. Abbe again.

    He brings us much closer to the truth of the big picture

    as does this…


    The Greatest Speech Ever Made

    Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in the film the great dictator, with a splash of modern imagery. Song: Window by The Album Leaf

    I’m stickin’ with my bribery-extortion-blackmail grid hypothesis.

    As a Christian, things would be much better if we would truly follow the One Who is Truth in our lives, but they would not be near as good as Chaplin says because we are fallen creatures whose nature is to belong to and obey our Creator, Who created all ex nihilo.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a more pleasant subject to talk about than lying and cheating in secret by our own taxpayer funded government? Best wishes, Winfield J. Abbe

  4. Look at the current Yale influence in Government and especially in the courts.


    Bill Clinton (1973), 42nd President of the United States, 1993–2001
    Hillary Clinton (1973), 67th Secretary of State, 2009–2013

    Michael Bennet (1993), U.S. Senator (D-Colorado), 2009–present
    Richard Blumenthal (1973), U.S. Senator (D-Connecticut), 2011–present
    Cory Booker (1997), U.S. Senator (D-New Jersey), 2013–present
    Chris Coons (1992), U.S. Senator (D-Delaware), 2010–present

    Samuel Alito (1975), Associate Justice, 2006–present
    Sonia Sotomayor (1979), Associate Justice, 2009–present
    Clarence Thomas (1974), Associate Justice, 1991–present

      1. William Buckley of firing line was a Yale boy also. You know that great “conservative” mouth piece. He liked to interview Heinz Kissinger from time to time but never brought up Brice Taylor.

        Buckley also liked to reminisce about sailing off Corrupticutt in his yacht kicking back with Italian wine and steaks.

        1. Yeah, he was a pompous ass. Imagine, being paid to be an insufferable elitist.

          My wife was watching the “convention” the other night. I walked by only to see Al Frankin (and at least 20 other examples) declaring their undying love for Hildebeast. I haven’t seen that much tribal activity since “Zulu Dawn”.

          How does one account for members of the THREE percent being EVERYWHERE? Oh, I remember, they’re in charge.

        2. The Buckley family owned a grand estate named Great Elm in Sharon, Connecticut. Sharon is an idyllic little town in the northwest corner of the state. I recall the local media hoopla when the contents of the estate was put up for auction. They came from near and far to get “a piece of history”.

          Today the mansion has been divided into a few high class condos while keeping the old charm. If you belong to the ivy league and don’t stray, you’ll do very well.


        3. Buckley was a good example of how rhetoric is used to prove just about anything,
          language is plastic and moldable,
          it must start with integrity and honesty,
          there are man who are edjukamated,
          with flowery speech and winsome poetry
          with a message that is misleading and , devisive (ring any bells???)
          one has to have the spirit of discernment
          and develop a rigorous rational mind
          and refuse to be swayed by false arguments
          and false messengers

      2. The high profile television personality William Buckley who preached “conservatism” was a Yale graduate. He liked to cook steaks and drink imported wine in his sail boat off the Connecticut coast with Heinz Kissinger. The same Kissinger who says yes many will die in the NWO but it will be better for those who survive.

        And of course Preston Bush was one of the many financiers of the Hitler regime along with 6000 gold bars from future pope Pacelli. These productions have been controlled from the top for a very long time. Unfortunately millions just keep getting dead along the way.

        The skull and boners they say, drink wine from Geronimo’s skull. I wonder if that is before or after they cavort naked in mud filled caskets while being filmed.

        We continually hear about the academic qualifications at Yale. It can’t be much if Bush Jr. made the cut. This guy is about one I.Q. point above total retardation.

  5. http://www.maxresistance.com/gov-dan-malloy-denies-his-sandy-hook-nationally-televised-statement/

    Gov. Dan Malloy Denies His Sandy Hook Nationally Televised Statement
    2912 Conspiracies , The NWO 1 year ago Max Resistance 6
    “Recently Wolfgang Halbig, along with a team of reporters and videographers for John B. Wells and Caravan to Midnight, appeared at the Capital in Hartford Connecticut on April 24, 2015 for Mr. Halbigs FOIA hearing. During his visit to the capital building, Wolfgang happened to meet Governor Dan Malloy. Wolfgang approached Gov. Malloy and introduced himself along with his team while a very unique opportunity arose. Utilizing this opportunity, the team and Mr. Halbig confronted the Governor with a question.
    Mr. Halbig asked, “Governor Malloy, who spoke to you prior to the Sandy Hook incident on Dec 14, 2012 in regards to a news conference in which you said”. “The Lt. Governor’s office and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this being played out in our state.” The governors reply to Mr. Halbig’s question was “No I never, I didn’t say that. No, I never said that!””

  6. http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2015/05/sandy-hook-wolfgang-halbig-goes-for.html
    Here is a brief quote from the article:
    “Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, school principal and nationally recognized school safety expert, is the leading researcher into the Sandy Hook. After filing complaint upon complaint about the failure of responses to his FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, he was granted a hearing, which was initially scheduled for March 31, 2015. Wolfgang waited, but the time came and went. It was re-booked for April 24th and has taken place. Here is an exclusive interview with Wolfgang by MBC (Media Broadcasting Center), where a video recording of the hearing and a panel discussion of what had transpired during the hearing with many serious students of Sandy Hook follow. “
    Wolfgang was even threatened by two police officers who came to his home in Florida and sought to intimidate him and scare him with threats should he carry out his requests for information about the details of the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut where this horrible event took place December 14, 2012. Mr. Halbig has every right, as does any U.S. Citizen, to request such information and expect to have his requests honored honestly, promptly and truthfully without any obstruction by lawyers or others. Instead a typical lawyer in Connecticut has been obstructing and stonewalling him. This is what lawyers do. They obstruct truth and receive money for doing so. They are taught to lie and cheat in law school. They have bad reputations going back centuries in history. For example, mythical society of Utopia by Sir Thomas Moore, which purportedly had a ”perfect” social system, lawyers were banned because “lawyers disguise matters”. This was in the year 1516! Nothing has changed today. This is documented in the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992, page 330. He also quotes John Keats, page 331:
    “I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters”.
    Obviously the authorities in Connecticut have something to hide about the Sandy Hook Hoax or they would not be so defensive and secretive and uncooperative and threatening and intimidating about providing the truth to ordinary citizen investigators like professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. and Wolfgang Halbig and other investigators as well. Secrecy is the enemy of truth. Everyone, every citizen should aspire to truth, not from it. However, lawyers obstruct truth. They have conflicts of interest because they seek to misuse and abuse their evil training to protect criminals in a courtroom from a guilty verdict or protect the criminal liars in Sandy Hook who successfully scammed us all with this evil hoax for which some received large sums of money while the authorities misused their ability to use the military force and power of government to prevent the truth from being brought out into the light of day and the light of truth, all to further a selfish agenda to abridge and intimidate the brainwashed public into abdicating their most fundamental right to own and bear arms for self defense and personal home protection of their loved ones and families from harm. This evil event was a gross obscene fraud perpetuated upon a gullible and unwitting public and all involved must be brought to justice. This is the goal of both professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. and Wolfgang Halbig and other courageous investigator citizens across our country. The internet has fortunately provided a long overdue challenge to the corrupt media controlled by about a half dozen corrupt corporations who do not report or investigate such government crimes like this one.
    It is completely false logic to dismiss these claims with the two obscene words “conspiracy theory”. We are talking here not about theories, but facts, which dispute the lies of lying, cheating government officials, all done in secret, so none of their claims can be disputed with facts. It is they, the lying, cheating government lawyers and officials who are engaged in the “conspiracy to defraud” every U.S. Citizen of their most fundamental basic Constitutional rights to bear arms for defensive purposes, and to misuse government power to obstruct the release of information which would prove and document their many evil deeds in their conspiracy to plan and carry out the gross and evil Sandy Hook Hoax upon the duped American Public. It is the government unindicted criminals engaged in the conspiracy, not those exposing it. Those who claim this is a “conspiracy theory” have it backwards.

    1. Even CD Wade and friends have been stonewalled in their attempts to receive any evidence. The Hartford Courant and reporter David Altimari filed a FOIA request for copies of many of the documents referred to in the police report. The enormous killer fan spreadsheet, photos of Lanza with a gun to his head, Lanza in dress rehearsal gear, his writings et c.

      The FOIA commission listened to both sides and made a FINA: determination in favor of Altimari and the Courant: ” 1. Forthwith, the respondents shall provide a copy of each of the requested documents, free of charge, to the complainants. ”

      Connecticut refused to release the documents and are fighting the decision on appeal. This brief is so solid, it will be very interesting to see how they attempt to convince a court to overturn the decision. But, overturned it will be, because it is most likely that the requested documents either don’t exist, or were created after the fact and will not stand up to scrutiny.


    1. On Thursday 7/28, 2016 Joking and “Gun control spotlight shines in Bridgeport court”


      Three excerpts:
      After two hours of negotiation, both sides came up with an agreement they felt would protect Remington and Camfour’s business interests, but provide the families with the information they need to press on with a lawsuit against the companies.

      “We believe Remington will act in good faith,” the families’ lawyer, Joshua Koskoff, said after both sides had presented their agreement to state Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis. “Not every single document is going to be protected and Remington didn’t ask that — only the good stuff,” he joked.

      A trial in the case is not anticipated until 2018. Bellis has been pressing the two sides to work together to get as much of the pretrial work done as possible.

      1. The only possible explanation for this is that they have agreed to “take a fall” and they will be compensated “under the table”. Then they can use the decision to advance their disarmament agenda.

        1. I absolutely concur. They were given an offer they couldn’t refuse. I believe many of the Newtownians were given these exact same terms of endearment.

    2. Lily Gaubert (centre) whose photo was used to represent Sandy Hook ‘victim’ Allison Wyatt

      Lily Gaubert’s mother discovered that Lily’s photo had been used to represent Sandy Hook ‘victim’ Allison Wyatt.

      Lily Gaubert’s mother wrote on her Facebook page:

      Dearest family and friends:

      Saturday afternoon I was made aware that a photo I took on August 14, 2009, of Lily on her first day of kindergarten, was found on multiple Facebook pages (8 that I know of at this time…3:30 a.m.) devoted to the horrific events in Connecticut.


  7. In response to

    lophatt says:
    July 29, 2016 at 7:26 PM

    “Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families that are largely controlled by the Rothschilds. “

    1. Doxie, I wouldn’t argue with that, although that is not the angle I usually see it from. The rise of Zionism ran concurrent with that of Communism. While appearing (at least in Russia) as “opposites”, in reality they complemented each other nicely. It was a Jewish control mechanism whereby they appear to have controlled two sides of an “argument”.

      Many Russian Jews left for Palestine but many remained. The Cheka (Bolshevik secret police) were almost 90% Jewish. They murdered many. Later, as a worldwide phenomena, it was hard to tell one from the other.

      It is hard (maybe impossible) to exclude the Rothschilds. They are incredibly rich and secretive. I would argue that their position isn’t so much that they’re “Zionists” or even “Jews”. I think those elements are ready made to assist them with their designs on world domination.

      1. ” I would argue that their position isn’t so much that they’re “Zionists” or even “Jews”. I think those elements are ready made to assist them with their designs on world domination.”

        And I would certainly not argue with that.

        I would however argue that theiy desire to own and run the world is more closely related to Luciferianism (lie, kill, steal and destroy) and a deep hate for Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the Savior, and the Messiah. Love of “Zion” and the Jewish people, and “belief” in certain prophecies of the Tanach are also incidentals and tools.

  8. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/sandy-hook-school-opening-public-years-massacre-40984065

    New Sandy Hook School Opens Nearly 4 Years After Massacre
    NEWTOWN, Conn. — Jul 29, 2016, 7:39 PM ET

    • This propaganda article by Associated Press and ABC News does not even mention the mountain of evidence that the whole episode was a massive hoax as the great book of which professor James Tracy is an author proves: “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” available for free reading. Pat Eaton Robb is a shameful disgrace of a reporter or journalist or whatever she is called. They lie,, lie, lie and get away with it unchallenged. She would have gotten F in journalism class and flunked out of college in former years. All the well established rules of crime scene investigations were flushed down the secret toilet in Sandy Hook at Newtown, Corrupticut. All they learned from Nazi, Germany is how to copy them.

  9. The Sandy Hook Hoax is a many faceted government sponsored scam on an unwitting public. The best scams are those in which the victims do not know they were fleeced or had. Many very courageous investigators have added vital information of enlightenment to expose the truth of this con on America by government. William Shanley is one of the courageous citizens. Here is a recent link to his current efforts which just recently came to my attention on another site:


    1. What is the significance of James Comey turning 52 years old December 14, 2012 the day of Sandy Hook?

      It’s quite obvious Mr. Comey is neckdeep in the hoopla along with the rest of the Treasonous Cabal.

        1. I guess you have to know cabbala to figure it out.

          The belatedly reported birth date for the alleged Munich shooting perp, David Ali Sonboly, is 20 April 1998 which is Hitler’s 109 th birthday …

          Joan of arc murdered in Rouen France site of the throat cutting jihadi.

        2. Dub,
          deb I know people Daldenda numerology and stuff but I don’t see why him turning 52 on the Sandyhook has any significance.

          I know it’s his birthday but was this a birthday present what are they trying to say ?

          I am all ears.

          Specifically the head of the FBI. So coincidently he has a birthday on the day of Sandyhook.

          I was born on Halloween so does that make me a warlock? Haha

        3. Haha,
          I was using that dictation feature.
          I have no clue what those first couple words were ..haha

        4. I have no idea what it means Ric.

          Halloween eh. Now that is interesting. It means you are a spook! Just kidding.

          I was born on easter sunday. The doctor told my my mother she was going to have an easter bunny or a fool. I missed April fools day by 7 hours.

          I cam into the office once and our secretary said happy easter. I said thank you and it is also my birthday. She said no kidding and I said no kidding the Gods have sent you a sign! Her eyes rolled back in her head. I have had some fun with that one.

          I know a guy born on July 4th also. That is hard to top.

  10. Kol Nidre

    “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”

    1. Talmudic influence in the New World order and the US

      “Public Law 102-14 is an American federal law passed in 1991. It can be found in the American Library of Congress. It was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush. The law asserts that congress recognizes the “Seven Noahide Laws” as the “historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great nation was founded”. The law asserts that “without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos” and that “society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles”. The law asserts that it is the nation’s “responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future”. The LUBAVICH MOVEMENT (a.k.a Chabad-Lubavitch) is recognized for promoting the ethical principles of the “Seven Noahide Laws” throughout the world”

      The Rothschild Dynasty is Talmudic (no reference should be required) this is profound, considering the influence, power and control of Rothschild Zionism

      “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature …You may ascertain by turning to top Jewish authorities today that the Babylonian Talmud, the written form of the Tradition of the Pharisees, is the sole authority of the so-called “Jewish” religion, or Judaism. ”
      Elizabeth Dilling http://come-and-hear.com/dilling/jriit.pdf

      Rabbi Finklestein’s history of the Jews, he states:

      ” The TALMUD derives its authority from the position held by the ancient academies. (i.e. Pharisee) The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine. were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin . . . At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the TALMUD as the final resumé of the teaching of those authorities when they existed.”

    1. O/T but I stumbled on this today:

      Do you know these connections?

      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      It checks outs on Google.

      And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
      And this doesn’t even cover Newspapers, Magazines or the major stateholders in 6 corporation that own ALL the MSM.

        1. “One of your better posts”
          Did I win something?
          A Kewpie Doll or a babies arm holding and apple?
          Maybe a brand new Monza?


    2. Mick
      I would like your thoughts on Amalek,
      who is Amalek, according to the Jews,
      I am familiar with the Biblical passages about Amalek,
      but after reviewing a number of Jewish sites re: who this tribe identifies as Amalek today I am reading a lot of articles that dance around the subject, not really giving much real information, but cloaking the subject in rhetoric

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