Recalling Principal Dawn Hochsprung’s ‘Censored’ Post-Massacre Remarks


Everytown For Gun Safety’s Erica Lafferty Smegielski and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a gun control rally in Hartford CT in April. Image Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The Sandy Hook active shooter event of December 14, 2012 will be on showboated at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Slated to speak is one Erica Lafferty Smegielski, “[t]he daughter of the elementary school principal who was slain in the Sandy Hook massacre,” the Connecticut Post reports.

Smegielski, the daughter of Dawn Hochsprung, will speak on Wednesday in Philadelphia as Democrats gather to nominate Hillary Clinton for president.

Readers may recall that Hochsprung gave a mysterious postmortem interview to the Newtown Bee minutes, presumably to associate editor Shannon Hicks, minutes after she was shot to death by Adam Lanza. As documented in the Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline,

In a December 14 Newtown Bee article unidentified school personnel are commended for their courage. Among them are school principal Dawn Hochsprung, who recounted to Bee Editor John Voket[5] how “a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went ‘on and on.’”

The problem with the account was that it conflicted with a subsequent storyline where Hochsprung was the first to be killed by the gunmen.


The original Bee article has been scrubbed from the paper’s site, but is still available here and below. As Insanemedia observes, the report was retracted by the Bee shortly thereafter and the community paper issued this online statement on or around December 17. 

An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted. We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have caused the Hochsprung family.


Despite this and countless other anomalies concerning Sandy Hook, including complete demolitions of both crime scenes, Clinton shamelessly harnessed Smegielski’s special slant on the Sandy Hook narrative story earlier this year as part of her campaign against Democratic Party rival Bernie Sanders. 

Smegielski attacked Sanders for the Senator’s position that gun manufacturers should not be sued for the December 14 incident. This was seized upon by the Clinton campaign.

Smegielski is a particularly shrill gun control advocate who since late 2012 has taken to social media to make her case against conservative political leaders and attack pro-Second Amendment pressure groups like the National Rifle Association (who routinely play along in the charade) all under the guise of her pain and suffering. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Smegielski is paid for her advocacy as Senior Outreach Director for the Michael Bloomberg-bankrolled Everytown For Gun Safety.

The Sandy Hook shooting still requires a thorough criminal investigation by responsible authorities. Those in the State of Connecticut or federal government who recognize the idiosyncracies understandably fear action for violating confidentiality agreements, professional ruin, or worse if they blow the whistle on this and similar operations.

The Newtown event has generated tens of millions of dollars for those involved, essentially “buying” their silence for participation in the Obama administration and Democratic Party’s broader program of false flag terror and heightened police state measures that include disarmament. 

Like the questionable 1995 school shooting in Dunblane Scotland (amazingly invoked by Obama in the wake of recent “active shooter” incidents) that led to the banning of semi-automatic firearms throughout the United Kingdom, the Newtown project failed to sustain such immediate efforts in the US. It nevertheless remains an anchoring narrative for the Democratic “law through terror and disorder” Party that seeks to further its platform through continued subterfuge and fraud.

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  1. Reblogged this on The PPJ Gazette and commented:

    Maybe we should allow victims of the illegal wars to sue military contractors for the deaths of more than a million. Or how about we sue medical schools that train doctors who mistreat their patients and cause harm and death? OR! How about we let victims of drunk drivers sue alcohol beverage manufacturers for contributing to the deaths of so many. This could be a real gold mine if we work it right! Yipppee!

    1. That’s a poser. I don’t get it either. Well, it isn’t like that is the ONLY anomaly. I’ll bet a telemarketer would pay big money for a list of “true believers” for this production.

      1. Being ashamed of husband and father, presumably, Dawn and the girls opted for the mother’s maiden name. The father of the girls, Dawn’s first husband, is a story all to himself as the Connecticut researcher described in her scary tale.

        1. Me too! I would like to read more!

          Sorry, y’all… Let me introduce myself. Name’s Acacia, from the south, stalked this blog for the past 2-3 yrs and rarely comment. Like maybe once a year, rarely. I’m not sure which I enjoy more: the articles or the commentary? Anyway, thought I would say, “Good Evening” and introduce myself. Wouldn’t want y’all to think I’m some ill mannered, ignoramus of a troll.

          Kind regards,

        2. Good news, your post, re: The Amazingly Resurrected Dawn Hochsprung articles, has passed w/ flying colors the moderation fascists. No offense intended, if it’s a “REAL” person doing the mod’s.

  2. I look forward to long prison stays for all these people involved in the Sandy Hoax,
    this is true treason at the highest levels,
    and you will pay for attacking the people of the USA

    1. People might have wished the same thing for Julius Caesar, but alas, it never happened. Supposedly, he was murdered instead. Would that be acceptable?

      1. I happen to believe the world actually has a chance to put an end to human slavery once and for all at the hands of the Oligarchy,
        its due to the internet and general education,
        the possibility is definitely there,
        when people refuse to kill people in other countries
        for banker’s wars,
        when soldiers refuse to accept unlawful orders,
        when people refuse to be bullied by threats to their jobs or their homes and are ready to face jail and inconvenience

  3. Gee, I sure do wish someone would ask this shameless liar how her dead mother was able to make an appearance on the news coverage of the Boston smoke bomb four months after SHES.

  4. A researcher in Connecticut has done amazing investigation into Dawn Hochsprung, her extended family and background going way back. Reads like a fairy tale, or better yet – a scary tale. This researcher has put feet on grounds that matter and findings into words that matter even more.

    I spoke to an old acquaintance in Connecticut who knew both George and Dawn Hochsprung. They were real all right, but don’t’ deserve the hero status they were given in life and in “death”. Far from it.

    Erica Lafferty Smegielski claims her mother is buried in Connecticut while George Hoschsprung says Dawn is buried upstate New York two miles from their lake shore compound. She can’t be in two places – or can she? Seems to be something the Sandy Hookers are famous for – being in two places.

    1. Anne, do you have a link to the researcher? We talked about this quite a bit over time. People involved in these things, especially central players are usually “connected” in some way. That is how they were asked to participate in the first place.

      Some are compromised. Some are opportunists. Some are both. They are known to each other or at least their organizations are known. One can rest assured that “Gene”, for example, was a known entity prior to being asked to participate.

      This particular production brought many diverse people and groups together. This must have required an enormous amount of “director” time. It wasn’t so much about having a script and finding actors as it was finding players and ad libbing a “plausible” scenario.

      They really failed on the last part. Of course they don’t judge these by the same standards we use. If it leaves an overall impression, they’re quite satisfied. That’s pretty easy to do when your “media” arm spews your takeaway line nonstop.

      1. It’s also easy to do when evidence is made to disappear! And that implies collusion with the state somehow. Hmmmm. Obama wants gun control and so does Bloomberg. Malloy has political aspirations… hmmmm, again.

      2. Cinderella has changed the names of real people and real places to protect the “innocent”. The scairy tales are true. There is more, but I have been out of the loop and still am for the most part, so not sure if Cinderella has posted more findings. Findings that go the core of the “event” reaching international borders.

        The Sorcerer of Wry ~ Part 1.

        The Sorcerer of Wry ~ Part 2.

        The Sorcerer of Wry ~ Part 3.

        1. Anne, thanks for the links. That is a fascinating site. I spent some time there and plan to spend some more. You feature prominently in some of the pieces.

          Much of this brings back memories. Other parts leave me wondering. I am not as gifted as you when it comes to seeing the more obscure connections.

          I agree with her about “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”. Anyone who has ever played in it or had some involvement is forever changed. My mother once did a musical and dance adaptation that I was in as a child. I haven’t been the same since.

          I confess that I could not identify all of the character references in “Cinderella’s” “The Wizard of Wye”. It is very clever and well-written, but I can only identify a couple.

          The piece on “Dawn” and our head custodian is very informative. I remember looking at that once. This helps put it into perspective. The one absolute is that there is much more going on here than the storyline suggests.

          She seems to trace a great deal of this back to Tenet. Again, he is another employee, albeit a highly placed one. That could certainly account for everything from the China connection (remember Sllick Willie’s trade deal?) to Obongo’s SSN, formerly owned by a Fairfield Hills resident of Russian extraction.

          Lastly, SHES has always had the Bard’s ambience. There is something surreal about it. It is for people who live in that netherworld. It is a world where custodians direct principals. It is a world where the “Bottom’s” are not so easily identified.

      1. Robert Hoagland was in the news again back in May. His Hoffaesque disappearance is still a mystery – officially.

        ~The show, “Disappeared,” explored the story of Robert “Hoagy” Hoagland, a 50-year-old father of three who vanished the day before he was supposed to pick up his wife at the airport. It aired Monday night on Investigation Discovery.~

        1. Yes, as I recall the wife was coming back from ……….Turkey? I may be showing my ignorance here but, when was the last time you met someone who vacationed in Turkey?

          It is the sort of place you go if you are Turkish, or an agent. I went there once, briefly, quite by accident. The plane I was on went there and we had to lay over in Ankara. It felt like it was 150 outside. I was wearing winter clothes, having come from England.

          Anyway, Ms. Hoagy didn’t seem particularly distressed by her loss. Judging by the dearth of information I suspect he supposed to drop off of everyone’s radar.

        2. This is not true, lophatt. Some of the New Testament was composed there (John wrote Revelation on Patmos), and many of Paul’s letters were written to congregations there, which he founded in the missionary trips we read about in Acts. Christian tour groups flock there to see the Biblical sites.

          It was called Asia Minor in those days; it was a key part of Alexander’s Greek Empire, and later of Rome. Eventually, when Rome divided, it was called Byzantium, and survived as a thriving empire for 500 years after Western Rome fell. This all makes it a wildly attractive destination for archeologists, historians, and tour groups. It’s quite beautiful, too.

          Michael Palin did a number of travel miniseries for the BBC some years back. All are excellent, and available on Netflix. In one of them, Pole to Pole, he starts out in Norway and travels south. His time in Turkey is simply amazing. They have some of the weirdest places in the world, strange dwelling-places abandoned long before Alexander the Great swept through the place. I’d go there in a heartbeat.

        3. Well, shut my mouth! Consider me speaking for myself. I am aware of the geography, but, having been there (albeit briefly), I don’t wish to return.

          You couldn’t pay me to go to Israel either, but that’s me. I’m pretty familiar with who wrote what in the Bible and the history associated with it. I suppose my error is in assuming that others feel as I do.

          So, I’ll try again. For me, I can’t imagine going to Turkey voluntarily. Consider it a matter of taste. The history is interesting and I’m sure it’s a great place to be “from”.

        4. No accounting for taste, I guess.

          I’ve not been to Turkey, but I HAVE been to Israel, and I’d recommend it with utter urgency to anyone who takes the Bible seriously. To take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water, to float in the Dead Sea, to stand at the Mount of Transfiguration…. Nothing can match these experiences. I was in the dungeon where Jesus almost certainly was detained, beneath Caiaphas’ residence–the archeology is solid that it was his house. To see the place, to wander the landscape, is to make it real in a way impossible to imagine in your reading chair.

          I’m told some people don’t like strawberries. Weird, what some people don’t like, or want to do. To each his own.

        5. I do know someone who has been to Turkey. My brother and his family in Norway took several vacations there, although not lately. They always chose the city of Side because of the old ruins.

          My daughter stopped in Turkey for a week a few years ago on the way to visit a friend in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The friend had a teaching position there for two years and they rented a car and drove all over for a couple of weeks. A different world. I enjoyed the photos, but prefer to live here.

          In Turkey too my daughter rented a car and saw as much as she could of ruins during that time. She said that she got goose bumps when she touched the ancient ruins, wondering about the original builders so long ago. She stayed at a wonderful, little private hotel where the proprietors went out of their way to be accommodating and they served delicious meals there as well. Cats all around waiting for a handout.

          These days I don’t know how well the tourist business is doing in Turkey. Probably not as well as in the past when it was a big hit with northern Europeans looking for sunny climes.

        6. Well, it’s probably unlikely he’s playing Pinocle with Dawn and Lauren every other Friday. Maybe his missus. As I recall she didn’t seem all that troubled by his absence. Maybe she had a religious experience in Turkey.

  5. These people should be followed by legions who stand silently with signs that say “Shame”.

    It is bad enough to participate in a hoax like this for money. It’s an entire other level when one creates a “career” out of lying in order to deprive others of their rights.

    But then, of course, it takes a “special” sort of lying politician (psychopath) to USE a lying creep like her for her personal gain. Neither woman has an ounce of shame. Soulless wretches !

  6. That’s old news, and it’s time to move on to the people’s business of electing a leader. Besides, what difference, at this point, does it make?

  7. Excellent article as always!

    I would just like to point out a potential continuation of this concatenation. The ostensible mall shooting in Munich had at last count 9 fatalities.

    At first this seemed just another computer-generated random location for the global Gladio. But then a few things struck me.

    The 1972 Olympic “massacre” in Munich. If you take the death toll of Israelis (presuming it was real), you had 11. The current Munich situation is seemingly still fluid. 9…11. Certainly in the same ballpark.
    Like the Dallas police sniper attack (itself suspiciously similar to the Ukrainian “Maidan Sniper’s Massacre” [which tallied 49 dead…same as reputed in Orlando…49]), Dallas was framed by the police chief himself from the outset with a specific word: “triangulation”. The intent was to evoke the JFK assassination. Same city, same method (according to the chief’s earliest interviews regarding multiple snipers).
    The mall shooting in Munich is intended to evoke the 1972 “terror attack” in the same city. Besides the city being identical, the proximity of the Olympics (held there in 1972, now about to start in Rio) is another factor meant to send the message that “this has been going on for a long time.” Notably, the 1972 event was not an Islamic terror event (even though the “dead” were Israelis). The motive was nationalism and the leader of the terrorists was at least half Jewish. It was supposedly a protest against Israeli crime against Palestinians. Perps requested release of Baader and Meinhof (etc.)
    As France and Belgium have reported been targeted so much recently (particularly France), Germany needed a terror attack to keep this whole operation oraganically plausible. Germany, it seems, has made out rather well as regards these mass casualty events.


  8. What Are The Odds of this guy being at two terrorist events? The Same Guy That Filmed France Truck Attack Was On Scene at German Mall Shooting!

    credit to: “comisohigh”

    German journalist Richard Gutjahr, 42, who filmed the scene unfold, said: ‘I stood on the balcony, right on the Promenade des Anglais, and saw how people celebrated there, and how suddenly a truck drove through the crowd,’ he told AFP on Friday.

    Local reporter Richard Gutjahr described the scene at the shopping center as something “out of a bad movie,” with the shopping center completely surrounded by police, a helicopter overhead, and police carrying semi-automatic rifles. Gutjahr was not able to confirm reports of deaths or injuries.

    Richard Gutjahr who filmed the Nice France Bastille Day Staged attack is married to Mossad agent and Knesset member Einat Wilf. To quote Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr this video is like something “out of a bad movie”


        1. Annie it’s just a coincidence. These Luciferians would never be in numerology too.

          That would make them really bad people……

        2. Numbers mean nothing to “them”, only to bookies.

          Since numbers are not in their vocabulary, we have been told it is a conspiracy, then it’s just a coincidence with today’s date 7/22, 2016.

          2 + 1 + 6 = 9

          7 + 2 +2 = 11

        3. Ric, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you escaped “moderation” purgatory yet? For some reason it seems to have landed on me lately. I’m getting afraid to write too much as it is likely to go “poof”.

        4. Yeah, along with Hoagland, we need a Brevik(s) update. Notice I use the plural?

          I read with some chagrin where Norway was expelling a 90 year-old the other day. Probably had subversive thoughts.

          Well, I suppose its not too late to sign up for lessons with those Muslim ski instructors up in the resorts. You may even be able to spot some NATO tanks while you’re at it.

        5. They’re keeping their eye on you! It must be all those subversive comments. They don’t like it when you’re on to them. They like it even less when you talk about them.

        6. Lophatt, here is a Breivik(s) update:

          Earlier this year one of the Anders Behring Breiviks filed a suit against the Norwegian state for inhuman treatment. He (they) won and the state is appealing. This could go on till the prison term ends. After all there is at least two, if not three, Breiviks to carry on the charade.

          In 2012 Anders and his clones were sentenced to 21 years in prison and a minimum time of 10 years served – the maximum penalty in Norway. According to official sources, a total of 77 people were killed and 319 injured. It took a long time to agree on the number 77 after juggling several other numbers first.

          Anders & Co. may even become lawyers by the time the sentence is served. A special room has been set aside for the prisoner(s) to study political science. Perhaps this is what the claim about inhuman treatment is – discovering what politics are.

          From Norway’s best known “conspiracy” site “Nyhetsspeilet”…..

          On the evening of July 21st a bartender reports that Breivik had a sweet drink at a bar on Oslo’s west side.

          Same evening, at 10:30 PM, witnesses claim to have seen Breivik and another man in a boat way up in the Tyrifjord where the unfortunate island is.

          However, Breivik himself claims to be home at 10:30 PM on July 21st, watching a movie till 11:30 PM.

          Same evening the getaway car is driven to Oslo and pays toll at a toll booth around 11 PM.

          So where is Breivik on the evening of July 21st, 2011? Close to Utøya? At home with his mother? Drinking at a bar? Driving the getaway car through a toll booth? Who is the man seen with Breivik on the boat?

          And who are the two men seen with Breivik in Kragerø?

          Even that bastion of research (not) rag “Aftenposten” reports on the Kragerø incident: “Oslo police pay attention to witness observation linking Breivik to a grocery store in Kragerø center just a few days before July 22nd. According to news outlet “Varden”, Breivik was seen at the store in a so-called NATO sweater with police emblems. He was accompanied by two men. The witness is the owner of the store. Oslo police consider this information important.”

          Train from Oslo to Kragerø takes about 3 hours, 2 1/2 hours by car.
          The London-based newspaper The Independent, published an article on Kragerø stating that “When Norwegians want to get away from it all they head for Kragerø. Forests, fjords and islands await them at the place where Edvard Munch found peace and relaxation.”

          To my knowledge the names of Breivik’s companions were never published which is no surprise.

        7. Lophatt, regarding the elderly Russian lady – she had received a 90 day visa to visit her family in northern Norway. The family has lived there for many years and is established.

          UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) can only count to 90. The woman is 90 years old and she was allowed a 90 day stay, so 90 it is. As a relative of the lady said, if UDI had any brains it would be outlawed to prevent it from spreading.

          If Zinaida Sokolova claimed to be a Muslim and a wizard on skis, UDI would immediately set her up at a mountain resort at taxpayers’ expense to join all the other Muslim ski instructors. I hear these instructors are so good they are churning out one Olympic candidate after another.

          On the other hand, I suspect there is some sort of new cold war going on. They are sticking it to Russia and not the old lady – in their perverted minds. NATO’s current secretary general was awarded that position after his “successful” handling of 7/11, 2011 in Norway. He is right there with NATO stirring up a hornet’s nest on the Russian border and loving every minute of it.

        8. You’ve explained it perfectly. That’s about what I thought. Something tells me that throwing their lot in with NATO is not such a good idea.

          The Russian woman should have claimed to be an unaccompanied “minor”. I’m not sure though. It seems they only allow the dangerous ones to stay.

        9. Yes Anne, that’s probably why Munch painted “The Scream”. He just finished his copy of “Aftenposten”. These various “Breviks” have not been lost on several researchers.

          Also, the disputed number of casualties is suspicious as well. The whole thing is “unusual”. It’s like one of those old horror movies. I try to think what it would be like to have one guy stalking around shooting people. We are led to believe that there was no place to hide and no one made any effort to stop it.

          In the city I have visions of “Terminator”. Stalking the empty streets hurling bombs. Same thing, no one does anything.

          I have seen pictures of the alleged “cell” for one of the Brevik’s (or do they share?). I’ve stayed in worse hotel rooms. “Brevik” is an obvious character. There appears to be at least three actors playing “Brevik”.

          Whoever his “companions” were, they were probably from the Gladio II Directorate. Having once nurtured Quisling, Brevik shouldn’t be such a surprise.

        10. Lophatt and all – Edvard Munch created four versions of The Scream for various media between 1893 and 1910. While living in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat outside Nice (France), Munch described his inspiration for the image:

          ~One evening I was walking along a path, the city was on one side and the fjord below. I felt tired and ill. I stopped and looked out over the fjord—the sun was setting, and the clouds turning blood red. I sensed a scream passing through nature; it seemed to me that I heard the scream. I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked. This became The Scream.~

          Yes, Munch had no warm feelings for “Aftenposten”. I’m in good company.

          From the esteemed “Aftenposten” itself – translated:

          ~In regards to paper, newspaper specifically, Aftenposten’s relationship with Munch historically had been dismal. The contempt between artist and paper was a mutual one as long as he lived. On Munch’s 60th birthday the paper nevertheless sneakily got an interview with him and Munch declared the following: I do not like Aftenposten. It is somewhat sufficient as a newspaper and all that, but is always wrong when art and artists come into question. Aftenposten always takes the side of the public.~

          Edvard Munch should see that rag today. It is a scream.

        11. Yeah, there’d probably be a “fifth” version. I think “Aftenposten” is a lot like “The Daily Mail”. All Kardashian and no substance. None of them do journalism. They just read the copy their masters hand them. It’s sad, really.

    1. To further this,

      (thanks to Amos_Quito)

      What are the odds that the Munich shooter is Israeli, with connections to Mossad – you know, like the guy who just happened to film the truck attack in Nice, France?

      EDIT: Sources

      VIDEO: Heroic motorcyclist loses life in attempt to stop terror attack in Nice:

      The video – reportedly filmed from a nearby balcony by journalist Richard Gutjahr – shows the biker racing along on the left side of the truck before jumping off and running up to the cabin of the lorry.

      Who is Richard Gutjahr??? (

      Wikipedia (Translated from German)

      Richard Gutjahr (* 1973 in Bonn ) is a German moderator , journalist and blogger .


      Gutjahr is the former Israeli since 2007 Knesset -Abgeordneten Einat Wilf married. [24] He has a son (* 2010) [25] and a daughter (* 1994) [26]

      Who is his wife, Einat Wilf? (

      Einat Wilf (Hebrew: עינת וילף‎‎, born 11 December 1970) is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party.


      Einat Wilf was born in Jerusalem. She studied at the Hebrew University Secondary School. During her national service in the Israel Defense Forces she was an Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200, and reached the rank of lieutenant. [...] In 2007, she ran for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress. However, she withdrew before the actual vote, and Ronald Lauder was elected president.
  9. During the period when Newtown was being pressed to disperse funds, which had been earmarked expressly for parents and spouses of the “victims,” Erika elbowed her way to the front of the line. In order to display a level of grief so profound, that she claim her share, she took the press out to her mother’s headstone on the day of her wedding. This media whore bride collapsed in prostrate grief over the gravestone, wearing a bridal gown and veil.

    The Hochsprung’s had purchased a retirement home on a lake in New York. Their lakehouse neighbors reported that they didn’t recognize her from the television coverage of the shooting, perhaps because they used old pictures of Dawn, sporting long hair, although she had been wearing it short for many years.

    Dawn had not been at Sandy Hook very long. She was from Woodbury. Her friend Gerald Stromski, town selectman of Woodbury, told reporters that he and Dawn had discussed the possibility of just such a scenario, especially since he had developed security screening metal detectors in use at most airports, and they considered the need for this technology at school entrances. Stromsky had lived in Woodbury for 30 years, but moved to North Carolina in 2013. On May 21, 2015, he was killed after an explosion in his garage, where he sustained lethal burns.

      1. These poor, ignorant people actually beLIEve that they were fighting for ‘murika, when actually they were actually fighting for the Zionist control, and ownership of the Levant.

      1. Wow! She seems a little “touchy”. Was this meeting during daylight hours? After all, she lives on “Transylvania Ave.”. Since when is calling someone “attractive” harassment?

        It would be hard to imagine a more unlikeable group than the Newtownians. I really miss studying these guys. It makes me feel so much better living here.

        1. It must have been long after sunset and before the moon came up. I have seen the accuser’s picture. Perhaps in the dark and with impaired vision someone may find her attractive.

        2. She’s cute, in a professional kinda way ($$ ka-chink),
          this is certainly weaponized feminism,
          to make such ado about nuthin’

    1. Hmmm? I wonder if he knew Jack Parsons?

      Dawn is apparently buried to two places. That, in itself, is somewhat unusual, even for Connecticut.

      From what I can gather, Ericka was very friendly with the Head Custodian, as was her mom. He was sort of an “advisor” the principal, apparently.

      Stromski seems to fit another pattern. It is very easy to proclaim yourself a “security expert”. What is that, exactly? It IS a growth industry. One gets the impression that Dawn was a bit of a scammer herself.

      How does Johnny Appleseed develop screeners? What screeners?

      It doesn’t matter what path one chooses with this, they all lead to nonsense.

      1. Erica spent all of five minutes being photographed in her wedding gown at her mother’s “grave”. Then they had to rush to the car for the five hour drive to the lake house in upstate NY for the wedding. This makes one assume that Dawn is “buried” somewhere in Connecticut and thereabouts.

        However, widower George said in an interview that he often walks the two miles from the lake house in upstate NY to visit her grave. In other words, Dawn has a grave somewhere in Connecticut and one in upstate NY. No one has called them on that blunder – yet.

        Noah has two graves as well – one in Connecticut and one in Washington state. Don’t know what happened to his remains in Pakistan.

        That even one person still worships these performers is frightening. Much more so than worshipping proclaimed leaders we have no use for. At least I have no use for them.

        1. Your use of the word “worshipping” is apropos, because this is a new-age religion, and “faith” drives it at its core. It’s the same for “Climate Change” (aka “Global Warming”). Both use the same system of beLIEf.

        2. Anne, I still don’t know Dawn’s first husband’s name. I understand the story. Also, I don’t know who George’s original wife was either. I’m a little thick sometimes.

          At one time I think we all pretty much agreed that this could not have been pulled off in most places. It takes a special combination of “true believers” with New Age ideals. Basically, these are rather extreme cult followers.

          So, some are the manipulators, and others the manipulated. It is so perverse it gives me goosebumps. Even watching the school board and other government operations reminds me of what would happen if a bunch of totally incompetent people were given control. . Their actions make no sense.

          I remember Erika could barely contain her laughter. We had Satanists, Baha’i’s, and psychologists all competing to explain how this all made perfect sense. I honestly can’t remember one group or situation that didn’t strike me as “totally other”.

          The very few who seemed to be capable of shining some light on this died suddenly or disappeared. The more we exposed these devils the more they put it out there.

          Worship is correct. They have given up their freewill to these demons in exchange for lucre. While this is hardly new, I really can’t remember a more egregious example.

          I guess they “know their father’s name”.

        3. The first husband:

          This article has one on those surveys they want completed before reading the whole story, but the first two sentences says it all:

          Don’t know if “Bobbie” is behind bars or in bars these days. I am sure he is proud of his famous offspring. Crime runs in some families, except these daughters avoided jail – so far.

        4. Anne, thanks so very much! I guess this is why the little “De Filios” are called “Laugh-erty”. Mom must have great judgement. Oh, I forgot…”had”.

          It’s hard to understand why she left him when he was “on the way up”. He went from simple fraud to bank robbery. They didn’t say anything about his drug dealing, however.

        5. This is all I could find on his drug dealing. The article itself is probably too old and has been removed. From this we know he spent 18 months in prison for dealing drugs and opted for 8 more years after the bank holdup.

          (Scamming little ole ladies, bank hold up, drug dealer – who would not want to change to Laugherty – ops, Lafferty.)

          Heroin | REP-AM

          LITCHFIELD – A convicted drug dealer with a heroin habit of his own is back in … of drug charges was sentenced to 18 months in prison in Litchfield Superior Court on … WATERBURY – Robert DeFilio walked into the People’s United Bank in …

        6. Lophatt, you wrote – “Also, I don’t know who George’s original wife was either. I’m a little thick sometimes.”

          When it comes to the cast of characters in the SH fairy tale, we are still thick – all of us. I don’t think anyone has done more work into researching the background of certain SH participants than Cinderella. While doing that it became like playing with Russian matryoshka dolls. You take the head one and there is another and another and another – endless.

          So was the research into the SH characters. One person lead to another and to another and so on. The persons behind the faces we were shown in the media become stories all to themselves, but still connected to the SH event and beyond.

          Cinderella asked me to help out in some of her research which I gladly did. At the time I discovered that most have a secret side hidden from their immediate surroundings, no matter how much they enlist churches and volunteers to help out with “charity work”. Pillars of the community who operate behind so-called charity work.

          I don’t know if George Hochsprung’s first wife has been named in the media anywhere. Her activities led to more matryoshka dolls far and wide. I am reluctant to name her, but if someone really wants to know it should not be hard to find. She plays a major role in the Scairy Tales. Let’s say that a company she started became involved in international “charities” that resulted in a big lawsuit against other participants involved. Not that it did not pay off real well for some in the end.

          I believe Cinderella is sitting on more fascinating SH research and just waiting for the right time.

        7. Anne, “Cinderella” alludes to her in her “Scairy Stories”. I suppose it is “safer” to talk about Bobby De Filio since Dawn is declared dead.

          Cinderella does a lot of implying about her and that’s why I was curious. Unless I’m reading it wrong she implies that she may have had a particular liking for De Filio.

          While I realize that she is being careful, it is a little hard to follow. I wondered if she is really that concerned. I’ve been able to follow most of her narrative. You filled in one missing piece.

          I know that you did a lot of research on the foundations and various companies. It was excellent but, I confess, I didn’t pay as much attention to that as I did other aspects. I have a habit of “pulling my head out of the weeds” now and then when I get bogged down in detail.

          Also, as you say, these are “characters”, not “people”. Of course their advertised, sheep-dipped lives are going to be different from their real ones. We mentioned The Company and that’s one of their specialties.

          Just pick any of them. They each have a “story”. I’m pretty sure that the story isn’t accurate.

        8. Lophatt, – after DeFilio and before George there were others. Often at the same time even including the latter. As an old friend in Connecticut said about Dawn, this friend also knew George’s first wife well, but Dawn was rumored be “aloof” by those who were acquainted with her. No wonder, she was one busy lady.

        9. Anne, I told you I was “thick”. I hadn’t considered the “down time” between robbery boy and geezer. I see that now. I could have sworn, however, that “Cinderella” implies that Ms. Hochsprung (the first), was also burning the candle at both ends.

          It really doesn’t matter. I was just trying to apply that to her storyline. To me, at least, that part is a little muddy. Thanks for the information.

        10. Lophatt – the first Mrs. Hochsprung has a new husband. One who uses different names. It was the person who took over the first Mrs. Hochsprung’s business (research alludes to Mrs. Hochsprung still being involved with the business then) – it was the new so-called owner who had quite a repertoire. This “new owner” upped and did a Robert Hoagland.

          If I was not “thick” enough from before, the cast of SH characters have added to the bulk. However, it has been great fun doing that research and laughter is good for the soul. Being very selfish I’d say better them than me. They’ve have to rehearse their lies 24/7 and now they live it.

        11. You are quite right, Anne. All we “know” about them is what is “said”. I think we’ve established that the George and Dawn show is not as advertised.

          Not that its even worth bothering with, but even with all of their hype, if someone believes every jot and tittle of it, their proposed “solutions” don’t make any sense.

          Where I live we have local government (I call them the Norwegian Mafia) that are totally committed to Agenda 21. They don’t call it that, of course, but anyone who is reasonably knowledgeable can see where these initiatives come from (complete with funding).

          I used to go to their meeting to be heard. Wow! They do not want advice, from anyone. We have traffic circles going up left and right, along with bicycle/electric car lanes. They’ve reduced all of the speed limits and narrowed the roads to make them more annoying to use.

          They have strict guidelines as to what size house or apartment someone can buy or rent and what percentage of their income the payments can represent. Everything is totally controlled.

          Not to put too fine a point on it but it reminds me of when I lived in Europe. In the U.S. we think that we have permission. In Europe nobody has permission. Everyone must ask.

          I understand this. But why anyone would voluntarily do this is questionable. But, as I routinely say, they don’t CARE what we think. They have been told to do this and they are doing it. They are not asking us for permission. Their “authority” comes from being signatories to a “Long Range Plan”. Read A-21.

          So Newtown is an extreme example. This same movement is virtually everywhere. Different locations are at different spots in their plan. Make no mistake, they are working The Plan.

          So the characters in the SHES production are no more phony than my local city council. I’d hazard a guess that two-thirds of them have no idea why they are doing what they’re doing. It simply doesn’t matter to them. They have no personal morals. They know that those who obey are rewarded. What else is there?

        12. Sounds like your local mafia has advanced to “The 2030 Agenda”. They installed a traffic circle (roundabout) here in town with much hoopla, ribbon cutting and photo ops, also much ridicule from drivers. The cost: 2.2 million dollars. Guess what, now everyone is taking a different route just to avoid that crash circle. The ones who are brave enough to try usually end up inside a nearby business taking with them decorative roundabout boulders, flowers and such. The old intersection was much to prefer.

          Your local Norwegian mafia has much to live up to. One of the head honchos along with Maurice Strong to get Agenda 21 off the ground (Rio 1992) was then Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland. Her fan club calls her Mother of Sustainability.

          She did such a splendid job on her native Norway that she decided get the hell out and retire in the South of France where they still had a bit of freedom then. Not so much these days. I think she is close to Nice.

        13. Anne, you really should come visit. You would feel at home, other than the climate. We have fjords. It looks like Norway. That’s why so many settled here. You can buy “Aftenposten” downtown at the market.

          The royals of Norway has paid two visits in the last 30 years or so. I have friends who grew up here and swear that they spoke Norwegian in their elementary school. I believe them.

          I’m not sure just how much the Norwegian factor plays into A-21 but they are a tight knit group. Now that I’ve been here almost 25 years they are finally starting to warm up to me. I’m still going to pass on the Lutefisk, however.

          We too have sprouted traffic circles. They are advertised as going for about $2M each as well. I try to tell people that they have roundabouts in Europe too, but not because they LIKE them. Honestly, there is absolutely NO reason to place them where they are.

          Last week our local rag informed us that they will be installing yet another one on a road that recently received one right down the street from my house. They said that they were going to connect this road to another that currently has no connection and are buying up miles of property to do so. They estimated completion in 2027.

          Now, the roads in question have little traffic. They do not need this “improvement”. The “connection” will be a bike lane with electric car access and a very tight, slow, vehicle section. Perfect!

          Did I mention that the traffic circles are all landscaped? Our mayor, bless her heart, ran out and personally purchased tulips for one of them. Did I mention she can spend up to $75K without council approval?

          Some of our more frequently traveled roads look like the dark side of the Moon. No money for that, nosiree. That might speed traffic and encourage car use. We have dozens of empty buses circling constantly.

          I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that everyone is related to everyone else. It IS a beautiful place, however. Every time I drive down the hill from my house and see the mountains covered with snow and the water below it takes my breath away. I’m very fortunate.

        14. National Lampoon’s European Vacation is hilarious. The Griswold family starts driving on a roundabout in the morning and at dusk they have not managed to get out of the circle.

          When I first moved up where I am (on and off) that was as far away as one could get from the city of Lost Angels, but still be within a reasonable distance and out in nature. And the nature is spectacular up this way – whatever is left after a second wild fire in two weeks. This one is real bad. Lots of horse ranches and animal sanctuaries here. Firemen and volunteers are doing an almost impossible and incredible job in steep terrain. I like to think that most people are good, it is the bad ones who get the headlines.

          Here too over the years I’ve seen changes we don’t need, but are pushed through. Lots of people moving away from Lost Angels to this area are adding to the new changes. More congestion, more traffic accidents and higher cost of housing especially. The Old Road (name of the road) that was my favorite to get around town, is no longer an old road. It has been improved upon and to be avoided for the most part.

          Lophatt, thanks for the invitation to come and visit. I just want to make sure that no royalty is coming to your town before I make plans. It will be a good while, recuperating from knee surgery. Perhaps I should make plans to come when I know there will be no royalty, such as during Bilderberg meetings and Davos where Norwegian royalty normally can be found. I am as fond of royalty as I am of Aftenposten. I’ll show up for the lefse competition.

          I’ll try to post a photo of the local roundabout with flowers. I forgot how it works. This used to be an old cowboy town, a real cowboy town with horses, guns and all. They still have a cowboy festival each spring.

          The 2.2 million dollar baby…….

        15. Anne, those circles look they were left over from the Roswell incident. Ours are much “lower tech”. Just brick pavers, rock work and plants. Of course they put in several electronic speed signs that flash “Slow Down” at you if you go over 25 MPH. It used to be a 45 MPH zone.

          I suspect $2M is the going rate that they pay their adherents. That probably accounts for their popularity.

          I didn’t mention the royals because I thought you’d be excited. It just struck me odd that they’d come here for any reason. A lot of the locals were pretty excited about it. I know of no planned visits in the foreseeable future.

          Well, our social engineering continues apace, with or without our permission. I usually tell people that as much as people’s desire to control others surprises me, their acceptance of it surprises me more.

          I think that’s the heart of my tale of the city council and the roundabouts. It’s about the futility of trying to assert your rights. They no longer acknowledge that you have any. I think that applies to more than traffic circles and city planning.

        16. Lophatt, I have not been to the Roswell circle since it was built. It’s less than a mile from me. I take another route. On the plus side, the city here has removed all seven red light cameras. The vote was 3-2.

          I can’t recall when I ever was excited about royalty – a useless bunch of parasites, although King Olav seemed to be a decent likable man. Can’t say the same for the current crop in that castle. Only once have I made a deliberate effort to show up for a royal pageant. It was not to see any blue bloods, but to watch the horses.

          The queen of the empire where the sun never sets celebrates her birthday with a huge parade in June every year, although her birthday is in April. I doubt she attends on horseback anymore. We were in London on vacation and decided to watch the parade. No one can put on a show like the Brits when it comes to horses and parades. It was well worth it, unforgettable. Liz was very tiny on that horseback, not a big person at all.

        17. Anne, I’ve seen the Queen’s B’day parade as well. You’re right, it’s stunning. I’m a sucker for some forms of pageantry. But then I like liturgy too. Rituals and ceremonies should convey meanings in a non-verbal way. They can be very powerful.

          Our electronic speed signs are capable of taking pictures. They made them stop that here several years ago. They used to just mail tickets to your home. Little by little they are putting it back into play. It’s too much revenue for them to lose.

          Currently its just bridge tolls and “roll through” tickets. Soon it will be everything again. They are not asking for permission.

          All over the area they have severely reduced the speed limits. It was not based on any safety concern. Cops writing tickets or stopping cars is a constant. They hide behind shrubs with radar guns.

          So yeah, I have some old fashioned ideas about “leadership” or “statesmanship”. It doesn’t exist any longer. There was a time when you could at least say with some honesty that the ‘royals” or senior politicians tried to publicly set good examples. I know, I know. If we’re honest, many of them at least knew what that was and tried to appear to possess those qualities the great unwashed were to aspire to.

          It was the idea behind Pygmalion. I think some of them saw this as their duty. The idea was to “elevate” the populace above base behavior.

          Now we seem locked in a race to the bottom. There is no talk of aspirations, only acceptance of one’s lot. It is rather a Muslim ideal. “You have no way to advance, you should be grateful for what you have”.

          Well, it is what it is. It isn’t hard to see what our controllers have in store for us. Maybe, if we find that unacceptable, we might wish to extricate ourselves from them.


    This article describes Stromski as a security professional. His obituary describes him very differently – landscaper with a Johnny Appleseed type of persona – encouraging children to plant trees. There is no mention whatsoever of his connection to security technology. His 2014 move to North Carolina, followed by his death from a garage explosion is very odd considering he was a town pillar in Woodbury for 30 years.

  11. We really need to focus on the bigger picture. The planet is being bombed by the United States. And I know people are referring to what I call the Jewish State, for that is what they call themselves. Zionists does blend Jews and Christians, but really it is an Orwellian usage. Euphemism. So anyway, focusing on the bigger-picture is much needed. I mean this false news has gone on for decades. And will continue to. UNLESS people pay attention to the larger system at work here and the horrors like drones, for example. (I really want this so not to be true, but the public gives no reason to open fire on any of our public. I guess in Michigan they did shoot two back people, at a protest and blamed it on something that made no sense.. But they have no reason to worry about a docile public.) We need to focus on the bigger-systemic picture here.

    1. Even the conceptions you are and have been for yrs presented with are totally phony. Two examples, cops have never been brought up on charges, generally. And violence against women has never been prosecuted, ever. When they were it was around a 2 yr sentence, and this is about as rare as snow in Miami.

    2. Zionism doesn’t “blend” Jews and Christians, it takes advantage of naive Christians in a more concentrated form of propaganda than for the general public, that’s all. Jews Don’t give a crap about Christians. At the right time, Christians will be thrown under the bus.

      1. Who said anything about “blending”? They don’t want anything to do with “the cattle”. It’s a tribal thing. If you aren’t a member by birth, you’re not in it, therefore, you’re an animal. What’s to “blend”?

  12. She’s gotten chubby. This lying gig hasn’t hurt her appetite. I actually miss all the long discussions on SHES. There was just SO MUCH!

    For those who are new to this they don’t know what they missed. For the old timers, it is easy to forget just how messed up every aspect of this fiasco was.

    Now we get to see them trot this out as if there were no problems with it at all. They should organize enough people to be at strategic locations where they will be filmed with SHES hoax signs. They’ll boot them out but a few may get televised.

    As difficult as it is for me to imagine someone actually voting for the Hildebeast, with each passing day it just gets stranger. How utterly devoid of all sense and morals would someone have to be? It makes my head hurt.

    This is the type of woman who, if selected for a poor children’s group would steal the donations, take their food and sell them into a child slavers.

    Her “soul mate” (ha!), would steal the fillings out of people’s mouths. They make my skin crawl. The current murdering phony is more perverse. Think about that.

    So this obviously crazed psychopath is going to get a shameless liar to stump for her. My-Oh-My, too corrupt to fail. We’ve come a long way, baby. Now they come pre-indicted.

    Looking back, every year that goes by brings increasingly lower standards. The only solution is to build a fence around D.C., declare it a federal prison, and keep them there. Just throw a little raw meat over the fence once in a while. Let them fight for it.

    Given enough time only Hildebeast would remain, fat as ever.

    1. ” build a fence around D.C., declare it a federal prison, and keep them there. Just throw a little raw meat over the fence once in a while. Let them fight for it”

      couldn’t have said it better

    2. “Given enough time only Hildebeast would remain, fat as ever.”

      Haha, thanks for this comment. Sometimes I just have to laugh about all this stuff so I don’t cry.

  13. California , Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and now Massachusetts have passed assault weapon laws since Sandy Hook. Some worse than others. If Hillary wins, the SCOTUS and AG will close the door on the issue. She and her cronies Feinstein ,Bloomberg, Boxer, Cuomo, Deblasio will end it and fast.

    The DNC trashed Trump as fearmonger, Obama admits gun crime down over his term but then they pitch a fit about gun control. The gun crime is up in sanctuary and gun-free cities while going down nationally.

    So how so you sell this to the voter? You stage your own event at the DNC nest week. On the heels of another fake shooting in Munich, you double down in Philly. A well planned Freemason Cop event would help support her assault ban agenda. Target the kids!

    The DNC stages the gays in Orlando and the GOP stages the cops in Dallas. It’s like watching a game of checkers because they can’t win at chess with we who are awake.

    1. But they’re winning alright. The Murphy bills in Congress are stalling due to the conventions, and then the election will hold off passage until the New Year (most likely). But the only thing right now that stands between the american people and its tyranny is Senator Cornyn’s amendment proposing court hearings to decide, after someone was deemed ‘mentally ill’ even by internment.

      Munich represents a shift they’ve been working towards. First it was ‘autistic’ for awhile. Then, ‘bipolar’ for quite some time even though there is no such disease (calling it manic depression might remind middle aged and older people what the disease actually involved and that it was extremely rare). But now, it’s just ‘depression,’ and psychosis isn’t even necessary anymore, which was probably the goal from the start (they went in a circle), as to implement mass internments and/or gun confiscations they’d need the populace to have at least some respect for their actions and adjudications.

      I also think the rarity of guns in Germany has some meaning for the American landscape. It probably serves to bolster the notion of mass confiscation, as a ‘depressed’ would-be mass murderer could get a gun even when they’re hard to come by. Of course, it’s also a handgun issue which the democrats want a ‘handle’ on as well…

      I disagree that this is a democrat versus republican agenda, though, if that’s what the original post means to suggest.

      1. It’s not left versus right. It is the two party paradigm. They are working together. The Dem vs GOP is just the divide and conquer technique used by two wings of the Phoenix. It’s from the ashes that the NWO comes.

        I have written for years about these crisis event not being about gun control but the DSM-V agenda to make everyone who thinks alternatively to the official story is crazy. Guns are just one of the freedoms you will lose and will open the door to a host of draconian mandates and restrictions on our liberty.

        My post was only pointing out that they both are complicit.

        1. ‘Original post’ referred to the one way above, not yours. I think the MHB admin seems to suggest it’s the democrats when it’s both parties working from different angles (or pretending to).

    2. Sadly, the thing to remember is that THEY ARE GOING TO DO THIS. It doesn’t matter what we think of it. The actions and the excuses are simply there to make what they are going to do look more plausible.

      None of these functionaries (NONE), care one whit about what we want. All of the productions are simply designed to give them something to point at and blame for their actions.

      In short, they don’t work for us, never have. They work for the controllers with The Plan. The Plan calls for disarmament and enslavement. They are following their orders.

    ~Open house at the new theme school – for local residents only~
    “Important themes in the construction of the new school are connecting canopies, bridges, tree houses, an inner forest, and layers of transparency, the project architect said.”

    Seems they just can’t agree on a permanent memorial site. How about dedicate the new theme school as a 50 million dollar memorial site and get it over with. No, they don’t want it to be over. The event now identifies the town. Without the event they’d be nothing. Just big fat zeros like in zero donations and zero headlines. They would have their much tooted privacy though.

    In a recent article that seems to have vanished, Newtown officials were discussing the declining school enrollment and pondering which schools to close – again. Our favorite first select(wo)man Patsie even suggested the new SH school to close! Before it opens! What was she on? Same as W?

    Back at the ranch, if you are one of “them” you can make up your own rules for yourself and your family. Malloy, wife and son sneak son’s backpack through airport security with the help of their guard (policeman). Good comments.

    Footage shows Connecticut governor bypassed airport security

    1. Wow, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. $50M for 460 students? Enrollment so low they keep talking about closing schools, even the new one?

      They have a commission for the memorial? What’s it gonna be, a statue of Baphomet? You’re quite right, of course. The “Kool Kidz” run the show and the fellow travelers enjoy some of the spoils. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

      From George Tenet to Barry Soetoro there’s been interest in little Newtown. It’s a “New Town”, get it? This is a preview of what they want for all of us.

    2. Anne, you cause me to think aberrant thoughts.

      Suppose THIS was the intention for the new “school” all along? I mentioned here a while back that I saw up close and personal the framework of that school as it was being constructed, from adjacent Crestwood Drive. I thought to myself, “Self, that don’t look like an elementary school plopped in the middle of these here boondocks.”

      Perhaps there was another, more nefarious intention for this massive structure to rise up from the now hallowed grounds of 12 Dickenson Drive.

      Interstate 84 is a stones throw from this parcel, easy on, easy off.


      1. Joseph, you ain’t kidding. I wish I could find that article from a week ago where Patsie Llodra suggested the theme school as one that perhaps could be closed. How do you close a school before it opens? Guess in SH they can. The way it was written seemed so nonchalant, as if it was no big deal to close this outrageously expensive behemoth. Wonder why the article vanished? Could it be that sometimes Ms. Llodra speaks words she should not, such as when she said that DHS provided the check in sign?

        Here is another article from yesterday on Newtown’s dilemma with declining enrollment. During a similar debate last year “a trauma expert warned that closing an elementary school could set back the town’s recovery efforts from the Sandy Hook massacre.”

        Whatever the real plans are for this theme school so close to I-84, let your imagination run wild, they will need an endless supply of experts to keep the locals traumatized and psyoped.

        1. Well, if you ask me, I’m not so sure that the old school was functioning….as a school. Since federal bureaucracy is a growth industry, even they need to expand from time to time.

          I can’t think of a better place to run psyops from than Newtown. The whole place is a veritable petrie dish.

  15. This is the single click response to the whole Sandy Hook FRAUD-


    12:08 dozens of police breaking for lunch despite the nurse and secretary still missing after 4 sweeps of the building and armed dangerous suspects are at large in a purple van.

    12:21 – police bring in tons of groceries and snacks, including but not limited to Doritos, Gatorade , bananas in the MIDDLE OF AN ACTIVE CRIME SCENE ??? Over Olivia Engel’s blood trail ?

    13:28 Portable toilet driven into the middle of the crime scene ?

    We either have a fake scenario or the most egregious demonstration of police misconduct and incompetence in history.

    1. It clearly demonstrates this is a drill,
      this does not have the expediency, action or pace of a disaster, much less an epic one involving deaths of numerous children,
      any legitimate intelligence analyst would instantly recognize this
      (I scoured Youtube looking for a real shooting video, but my search kept bringing up drills and False-Flags, I got so disgusted I gave up looking….)

    2. Ray it has been a couple years since I viewed any Ct. state police dash cam video. What should be inherent incredulity to anyone watching this crap has not dimminished in me.

      The fact that the monsters who pulled the strings in this transparent farce have allowed anyone to avail themselves of the dash cam presentation, to my mind, is a loud and clear proclamation that they enjoy teasing with in plain sight evidence.

      Evidently, in some abominable fashion, they are entertained by these machinations.

      What also needs to be understood here is that Shannon Hicks world famous award winning conga line evacuation photo is incongruous with the time frame of the dash cam video. She is a despicable, ghoulish fraud.

      What reasonable person would not question; Why would any of the images within the dash cam video WARRANT redacting? There are no real crime scene or autopsy photos to be seen as a result of Ct. raised bill 1054, so we also cannot see “heroes” extracting traumatized children from the scene of the worst school shooting in American history?

      Apparently, long live the Sandy Hook narrative as the world knows it.

  16. they have to keep the BRAIN WASHING AGENDA going – babies & GUNS , the murderers themselves have to keep the dog & pony PRODUCTIONS in front of the poor brain washed folks who watch the SCRIPTED idiot box — Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering , Racism, Hatred, used for the Agenda to produce & promote War – The Detsruction of America is the Agenda of the establishment “government” ( ALL CAREER POLITICIANS )

  17. What makes the propaganda agenda so obvious is the total victim identity immersion of the participants – going on 4 years now all the “victims” entire identity are those of a “Sandy Hook VICTIM”

    Erica Smigielski’s Twitter page is a picture of her in her wedding dress kissing her mother’s tomb stone ??? Seriously who in the world would do that and why ?

    Kaitlyn Roig gets on the speaking circuits and proclaims “we would not let this tragedy define us”. And yet she completely defines herself as the Sandy Hook Hero Teacher.

    Nicole Hockley cannot say her own name ever without adding her official title “Mother of Dylan Killed at Sandy Hook” – I was at the wear orange rally in Newtown and when Nicole spoke she introduced herself with her official title “Hello I am Nicole Hockley Mother of Dylan Killed at Sandy Hook”- the crowd yelled out “LOUDER LOUDER”. She laughed, literally laughed and repeated her title “HELLO I AM NICOLE HOCKLEY MOTHER OF DYLAN KILLED AT SANDY HOOK”. Let me try to understand this – you introduce yourself defined as the mother of a murdered first grader and then you chuckle about it when you repeat yourself ?

    All of the high profile public representatives of the victims all have their Face Book pages, twitters and everything else completely themed by the Sandy Hook event and forever focused on their agenda.

  18. Part of me wants to let the masses wallow in the mire of Sandy Hook. Let them continue to dredge up the fairy tale when it can serve an agenda.

    But then I get pissed off.

    The readers of this site will surely remember the AR-15 riddled corpse of Dawn Hochsprung miraculously offering details of the S.H. massacre to the photographer of the year for 2012, Shannon Hicks (who ever so intrepidly, after snapping enough photos, rushed into the fray as a volunteer firefighter). However, I am afraid NO ONE in Philly this coming week will remember, nor will the overwhelming majority of those watching and listening.

    You cannot remember what you willfully ignored in the first place.

    In a world whose major calamities are not forcefully controlled and conducted by those who live in the shadows, who themselves are empowered and directed by unseen entities, Sandy Hook (along with all the other fairy tale events) would have been exposed elementarily shortly thereafter. Satan’s rule over this world will not permit “a thorough criminal investigation by responsible authorities” because those earthy authorities answer to unseen authorities (Ephesians 6:12).

    This is not solely the “democratic party’s broader program of false flag terror,” but rather a broad spectrum, world wide political agenda with the ultimate goal of ushering in a ruler whose unprecedented charisma and dogmatism will appeal to the whole world. This is the man of lawlessness of 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

    “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders.”
    (2 Thessalonians 2:9)

    You see, it is only through the work of Satan that Sandy Hook has been covered for nearly four years, because, as with Boston, San Bernardino, Charleston, Orlando and all others, these productions, though spiritual in nature, have manifested physically for literally an earth shaking purpose.

    1. I think you’re right, Joseph. It always boils down to faith and choices. If one has “faith” in these demon spawn who produce these events, their “choice” will be to ignore anything to the contrary.

      To me at least, being “willfully” ignorant is MUCH worse that simple stupidity. We here have shown that the producers of these events do not deserve to be believed. “Belief” is not the default position.

      It is demoralizing to see how many at least allow themselves to play along. The image of Satan laughing is ALL OVER SHES. I would recognize that feeling anywhere. It is putrid and cloying.

      What a perfect introduction to Hillary. It fits her like a glove.

  19. Anne, Turkey was (until recently) a big tourist spot for Russians. I had no idea I was going to “offend” anyone by simply saying that I didn’t care for the place. It isn’t about ruins, its much more up to date than that. It’s HOT, its dirty in places and not everyone is sweetness and light.

    But……., to each their own. I would have rather gone there when the ruins were new than now. I am not prejudiced about that part of the world. I just didn’t like present day Turkey.

    I could tell you a tale of going to Medjugorje when it was still behind the Iron Curtain.

    I went with two women from my church, an Eastern Rite Catholic monk (wearing a full cassock), only to discover they were having a civil war between Muslims and Christians. I still liked it better than Turkey.

    I can even tell some stories about “Lot Airlines”:

    If you don’t mind broken seat backs and having free-range chickens wandering the aisles, this flight’s for you.

    Anyway, I like Turkey too. I just prefer mine with gravy and mashed potatoes. It has a rich history and if they could dump their present regime it might be worth visiting some time in the future. I’d like to go to the Holy Land sometime too, but not while the present occupants hold sway.

      1. Lophatt, you did not offend me. The latest in vacation news from European vactioners is that Turkey, Egypt and Tunis are the biggest losers in the tourism business, with Croatia the winner and Spain # 2.

        Places such as Barcelona does not want hordes of tourists to clog up their streets and beaches, so they have put up signs like “tourists go home” and “refugees welcome”. Ok.

        1. Ha, ha! That’s right,Germany and France seem to have become major “tourist” meccas. All of those itinerant money-spenders would just make it hard on the “refugees”.

          The NWO gang have made it rough on tourism in general. Croatia, huh? I’m so out of touch.

        2. Well, I’ll have to speak to my travel agent. “In room showers?” They didn’t have those in Yugoslavia. They have beach chairs and umbrellas too.

          It does look nice. I had no idea. Isn’t that where that guy in “Rosemarie’s Baby” was from?

        3. When you travel to Croatia be sure to drop into neighboring Montenegro. After that tiny nation joins NATO, the well heeled have been promised a vacation destination as never seen before, even more glitzy than today. A perfect match for their tastes and offshore bank accounts. You’ll love it!

          Rosemary’s Baby? You mean Krampus that lovable, horned creature? He hailed from the Bavarian region, but I’m sure he a had a cousin or two in Croatia.

        4. I’m not sure I can afford that. As to Rosemary, I can’t remember who but someone mentioned “Dubrovnik”.

        5. lophatt, you made me curious. It’s been a very long time since I watched Rosemary’s Baby which was written by Ira Levin. He wrote The Stepford Wives too.

          ~In the dream ballroom Jackie Kennedy had spoken kindly to her and gone away, and then all of them had been there, the whole coven, na*ed and singing in a circle around her. Had it been a real thing that had really happened? Roman in a black robe had drawn designs on her. Dr. Sapirstein had held a cup of red paint for him. Red paint? Blood?

          “Oh hell now, Hayato,” Minnie said, “you’re just making fun of me! ‘Pulling my leg’ is what we say over here.”

          Minnie? Back from Europe? And Roman too? But only yesterday there had been a card from Dubrovnik saying they were staying on!
          Had they ever really been away?~

          Here Rosemary tells Roman to shut up. He is supposed to be in Dubrovnik. Pretty macabre stuff. 2 min.

          As for Ira Levin, who had based the characters in The Stepford Wives on residents of Wilton, CT, wrote this in 2007 to the editor of NY Times:

          Political Theater: A Banned Play on the War
          Published: March 27, 2007

          To the Editor:
          Re ”Play About Iraq War Divides a Connecticut School” (news article, March 24):

          Wilton, Conn., where I lived in the 1960s, was the inspiration for Stepford, the fictional town I later wrote about in ”The Stepford Wives.”
          I’m not surprised, therefore, to learn that Wilton High School has a Stepford principal, one who would keep his halls and classrooms squeaky-clean of any ”inflammatory” material that might hurt some Wilton families.

          It’s heartening, though, to know that not all the Wilton High students have been Stepfordized. The ones who created and rehearsed the banished play ”Voices in Conflict” are obviously thoughtful young people with minds of their own.

          I salute them.

          Ira Levin
          New York, March 24, 2007

        6. Yes Anne, wheels within wheels. Some things don’t go away. They just go round and round.

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