Regulators Spurn $25 Million US Government Study 

Critics on Capitol Hill calling 5G Rollout “Boon to industry, but devastation to public health“

Parents for Safe Technology
Center for Safer Wireless

Breaking July 11th, 2016: In the wake of the $25 million National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Toxicology Program (NIEHS/NTP) study, which brain-cancer-gliomafound DNA damage and carcinogenic effects caused by wireless radiation, FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, is fast tracking the 5G Spectrum rollout with a vote scheduled for July 14th.

The 5G network would carry far more data and use higher frequencies than ever used before. Wheeler recommends these new frequencies not be studied or tested for public safety, so the US may be “first out the gate”. Virtually every home or lamppost would be outfitted with a small cell tower. According to Wheeler’s June 20 remarks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., “5G build out is going to be very infrastructure intensive, requiring a massive deployment of small cells.”

Despite industry assurance of safety, many thousands of independent, peer-reviewed studies have proven that wireless radiation is harmful. Last year, 220 scientists submitted an International Appeal to the United Nations calling for greater public protection from exposure to wireless radiation.

According to multiple surveys, at least 10% of the population has already developed electro-sensitivity. “We are currently in the midst of an epidemic,” says Dafne Tachover, CEO of “We Are The Evidence”, an advocacy group representing people who have been injured by wireless radiation.

In a Supreme Court Case in Israel, led by Tachover, evidence was presented of over 200 children who developed Electro-Sensitivity as a result of Wi-Fi in schools. These children, along with the ever-growing number of people who suffer from adverse bio-effects caused by radiation, may find their lives yet more disrupted if the FCC approves 5G.

Representatives from various EMF awareness organizations have come to Washington DC this week in an effort to educate public officials about the wealth of science showing harm from wireless radiation, and to convey the views of a growing number of people who would choose health over an “Internet of Everything.”

Via California Brain Tumor Association; We Are the Evidence; Parents for Safe Technology; Center for Safer Wireless; Maryland Smart Meter Awareness


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35 thought on “FCC Fast Tracks 5G Spectrum Wireless Despite Links to Cancer & DNA Damage”
  1. We live in a crony-capitalist, quasi-fascist state where as long as something is good for “business,” meaning enhancement of tax revenue, health concerns and everything else be damned.

    1. It’s worse than that, Paul. It’s not just a blind, “profit is everything” juggernaut. These psychopaths are actually feeding on our population, purposefully This is actually a hot war being waged on an unsuspecting populace.

      And they are amazingly crafty. The insidious “Tin Foil Hat” invective was developed far, far ahead of this battle plan, many years ago, so that people would feel ashamed or foolish to do exactly what they need to do to protect themselves, and that would be to construct a Faraday Cage around their heads and bodies in order to protect their lives from destructive high frequency microwave radiation. This “Tin Foil Hat” meme is exactly like the “Antisemite” meme that freezes people in their tracks to protect themselves from an alien invasion (and no, I don’t mean UFOs).

      That’s all I’ll say right now.

    2. One cannot stop a cell tower from going up due to reasons of health damage. We learned that in spades a few years ago when a questionnaire circulated in the immediate area I live in signified that the tower was going up regardless of complaints to health that were/are well documented. Now, we are reminded of this as the immediate area has the nastiest radio static I’ve ever heard.

        1. there are so many out there now…heaped upon each other even. Connected to the tops of buildings where ppl live…

    1. … and yet, people won’t even take a simple paintball gun and black out the ubiquitous cameras posted everywhere in their cities and even small towns. Interestingly, the city I live in, has outlawed carrying loaded paintball guns in the city. First thing I thought of was that some enterprising young cubs had already thought of my idea.

  2. Warning: Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher, cultural critic, and Hegelian Marxist. He is a senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, this is some stuff he has said. These psychopaths beLIEve in their own crap so devoutly, they just can’t help but post manifesto-style confessions.

    The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006) – Quotes – IMDb

    “Slavoj Zizek: The mystery is that even if we know that it’s only staged, that it’s a fiction, it still fascinates us. That’s the fundamental magic of film. You witness a certain seductive scene, then you are shown that it’s just a fake, stage machinery behind, but you are still fascinated by it. Illusion persists. There is something real in the illusion, more real than in the reality behind it. ”

    1. Slavoj Zizek: Cinema is the art of appearances, it tells us something about reality itself. It tells us something about how reality constitutes itself.

      [… and don’t believe for a moment that TV news is not cinema] — THX

    2. “Slavoj Zizek: Our fundamental delusion today is not to believe in what is only a fiction, to take fictions too seriously. It’s, on the contrary, not to take fictions seriously enough. You think it’s just a game? It’s reality. It’s more real than it appears to you. For example, people who play video games, they adopt a screen persona of a sadist, rapist, whatever. The idea is, in reality I’m a weak person, so in order to supplement my real life weakness, I adopt the false image of a strong, sexually promiscuous person, and so on and so on. So this would be the naïve reading… But what if we read it in the opposite way? That this strong, brutal rapist, whatever, identity is my true self. In the sense that this is the psychic truth of myself and that in real life, because of social constraints and so on, I’m not able to enact it. So that, precisely because I think it’s only a game, it’s only a persona, a self-image I adopt in virtual space, I can be there much more truthful. I can enact there an identity which is much closer to my true self. ”

    3. … and my last one from this find. I found this disturbing set of quotations as a result of a search for “The Problem of Belief”, a phrase which does appear in this website. Emphasis mine.

      “Slavoj Zizek: In order to understand today’s world, we need cinema, literally. It’s only in cinema that we get that crucial dimension which we are not ready to confront in our reality. If you are looking for what is in reality more real that reality itself, look into the cinematic fiction. ”

  3. My good buddy came over to my house today to help me fix a flat tire. He said there were demonstrations blocking I-64 because of the story of the killing of the guy in Dallas, in the backwards car (steering wheel on the wrong side). He believes the narrative, and I didn’t have enough ammunition to help him see the scam. A decent summary of all the evidence would be helpful.

  4. You know, I have a parting thought on this subject, and that is that we should be the ones who keep on dancing, enjoying our lives to the fullest, regardless (that means ignoring) what these psychopaths are playing in their game. What gives them power is that people are paying attention, fearing, showing concern, worried, battling, fighting, arguing, disagreeing, separating, and preparing to die.

    “We” are the truly powerful ones, as soon as “we” realize it. And “we” do not need to be “herded like cats” to implement our power, so there is no need to join a group, or beLIEve in an “ISM”, or even to agree with each other on anything more than one thing: “they must go”. And it’s even doable without that. Anyone can nullify the curse with one thought, “You must leave me alone”. No need to join a militia, no need to bomb the CFR into powder, no need to assassinate anyone, just adopt the thought: “You must leave me alone”. And even with this obviously pacifist methodology, some people will die. It is a war.

    I like the “Lophatt Method” of ignoring and laughing at these criminals to destroy their power over “us”. “We” do not need to be a cohesive group to defeat them (and hence the quotations). All that is required is that some people privately, and individually, deride, ridicule, ignore and otherwise nullify their hypnotic trance. Another thing is, I have recognized that people (even ones I love) are so hypnotized by this beast, that there is nothing I can do for them, indeed they have turned on me as if I were the enemy. This system will suck them up like syrup on a pancake, and they will die. The “medical” system will see to that, and it has recently done so in the case of my mother. The death of my mother at the hands of these animals has set me on fire.

    I have access to plenty of weapons in many ways, but there is no way of winning a war such as that, and so I have no intention of using those weapons. If someone killed Killary, then the next psychopath would just step up in her place. This war is only winnable in the minds of sane people. The insane people will die as a result of their beLIEfs. This cannot be helped! A Revolution is not a war of weapons, but a war of understanding and ideas, and information. That is why the loss (if “we” ever had it, which “we” never did) of our media is so devastating.

    I recommend watching a copy of the movie “Idiocracy”, touted as fictional, actually a documentary. “We” must try, individually, to talk sense to as many people as we can, individually, one person at a time, and those who will not listen or see, we must leave along the wayside.

    People who think “we must take back our country” are wrong. This country was never “ours”. “We” must form a new country, preferably without a “government” (as unimaginable as that might be), with all of the work and danger that that entails. Eventually new trust will develop between people, and the criminals will be expurgated, and unfortunately, this process must happen over and over again, because the psychopaths will never cease, and the criminality will forever be our enemy.

    “We” are not “we”. But it doesn’t matter, because people of good conscience know the difference between right and wrong.

    That exhausted me.

  5. I sense a lack of Revolutionary Sentiment at this blog today. Maybe people are just not willing to give up anything they think they have been given by the false system, where they have been convinced that a dollar is a unit of value, and not a unit of debt. NO?

    I challenge you to give up one thing: TV. Can you do it?

  6. We have fascism and communism here in the USA, our school system has been Soviet based since Reagan instituted it into our school system,
    Mullins claimed they were more or less the same system,and were Jewish in origin as I recall

  7. The last major study by the World Health Organization regarding the dangers of cell phone radiation was partially funded by the cell phone industry. Although the individual studies showed higher rates of gliomas to the brain and jaw on the same side as the handedness of the cell user, plus dangerous absorption rates to children due to their thinner skulls – the final numbers were so skewed as to show that you were less likely to get cancer if you used a cell phone than if you did not!

    So who needs a study!

    1. Everyday medical “studies” about any and all pharmaceuticals are just as bad. This is how the medical industry kills over 860,000 people in America every year. And it is not accidental, but coldly purposeful.

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