ndUniversity of Notre Dame Students Function as Paid Public Relations Operatives 

Sandy Hook Justice

University of Notre Dame students and filmmakers Caroline Clark and Kelly Quinn are confronted by a citizen journalist about the biased and deceitful methods used to produce the film Patrolling Sandy Hook. The two filmmakers have been honored at multiple film festivals. However, Clark and Quinn are unable to answer some simple and honest questions about fairness and academic integrity. For example, the filmmakers cannot answer the questions about who directed them to target Wolfgang Halbig.

Dr. Jeff Goudreau of Dallas, Texas (Medical Specialists Associated) donated funds to the Notre Dame film class, but the funds were NOT distributed equally to all the student groups. There apparently was a secret agreement that all funds must be spent targeting Wolfgang Halbig and further propagandizing the official Sandy Hook narrative. Dr. Goudreau allowed Clark and Quinn to keep all the funds for themselves while effectively assisting them in cheating on their class project, leading to their film being chosen as winner of the Audience Choice Award 2016 at the Notre Dame Student Film Festival.

Caroline Clark & Kelly Quinn further deceived Wolfgang Halbig through misleading him and hiding the adversarial source that provided them with funding. Caroline & Kelly proceeded to deceptively edit the footage taken and failed to include any mention of several in-person interviews they filmed of Notre Dame Alumni praising Wolfgang Halbig for his dedication to education and public service. Lenny Pozner received “final cut privilege” to decide what materials, both visually and verbally, would be included in the final cut of “Patrolling Sandy Hook.”

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62 thought on ““Patrolling Sandy Hook” Documentary Targets Wolfgang Halbig”
  1. This Blogg is a life line for the community of fearless truth. Thank you for your tireless energy. The enemy is cunning and well financed yet your laser like focus exposes these characters who are known to us, those who question and hang tough.
    Lenny Poster and his squad of useless criminal vagabonds will be crushed.Know that like your fake name.

      1. A lot of us nurses were scratching our head on the previous Ebola crisis in Africa,
        why in the world would they send a team of soldiers in a hot zone with the “Satan Bug,”
        then return them to the States, and continue to allow unrestricted
        travel from these areas???
        It was against all normal quarantine procedures

        1. Same reason they are letting illegal aliens with tuberculosis in.

          They want to cripple us for the “Take Down”.

          The weaker and sicker we are the better.

          They love us…..

  2. Our Lady’s University motto is…

    Vita, Dulcedo, Spes

    Life, Sweetness, Hope

    Yes, we send up our sighs,
    mourning and weeping for the ruination and mockery of the ideals of this once great university.

    Salve regina!

  3. They were totally unable to handle a question that had the slightest air of criticism. They effectively confirmed that the funds had indeed been distributed unevenly. Good journalistic work.

  4. Notre Dame’s ex-president (I think that was his very high office) Theodore Hesburgh, lobbied to get the jewish american spy Pollard freed.

    The Catholics are sick and depraved. Nothing that comes out of them should be heeded. They are responsible for the mass molestation and rape of children. It is a degenerate cult, plain and simple.

    Georgetown University was found guilty of raping its own female students, even when a male student committed the crime directly. That’s how corrupt and vile Catholicism is.

    It’s no coincidence that the Supreme Court that presides over the destruction of the West is almost all jewish and catholic.

    1. I have no use for Fr. Hesburgh, who was always a tool of the in-progress creation of the New World Order, but he was right about Pollard, from the point of view of decency–and by extension, anyone who thinks MHB’s mission is right and just.

      The real reason Pollard was jailed is that he discovered, and tried to expose, the Iran-Contra scheme. For this noble effort, he could not be forgiven. The propaganda war against him is tippy-top of the list, even above the coverup of the murder of John Kennedy, of the conspiracies that cannot be allowed to be stripped naked. It is why Caspar Weinberger has been so intense in his insistence that Pollard never be recognized as the whistle blower that he is.

      It is also about the protection of Shimon Peres, who in the 1950s shipped to the United States hundreds of Sephardic children to be used in radiation experiments, in exchange for nuclear weapons technology. Among other horrible things.

      Barry Chamish made a career of exposing the crimes of Israel’s leadership, and this is one of them. If Pulitzer Prizes were awarded to truthful investigative journalism, Barry would already have won five or six. Here’s the story behind this one: in his post, doing his job, Pollard learned that America was secretly betraying its key ally, when he discovered that America was financing and arming the PLO.

      This episode, among others, is described in his book SHABTAI TZVI, LABOR ZIONISM AND THE HOLOCAUST. (You can read the whole thing here: http://vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres8/CHAMISCHsabatai.pdf).

      Go to:

      (The Real Reason Why Pollard Sits)

      As Barry introduces what happened:

      It’s a fairly complicated story and I will lead you through it by way of other people’s research. When I comment you will see three stars *** at the beginning and end of the commentary. For instance:
      *** In 1987, a government commission of inquiry headed by Abba Eban issued its report on the Pollard Affair. It concluded that the man most responsible for the fiasco was Shimon Peres, who became Prime Minister in late May, 1984. He was not only apprised of Pollard’s intelligence, he read it daily. Receiving smaller portions of blame were Defence Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir.
      This long buried report is, naturally, long forgotten because Peres spent a good week denying every word in it and arranging the end of Eban’s political carrer. But let us not forget, the official investigation conducted by the Israel government concluded that Peres was the chief culprit.***

      Here is the key that opens the lock Barry tells us about:

      Federal Government Watch Discussion List: “The back channel came alive under Vice-President Bush from 1984-91. The channel was used to direct the laundering of American money to the PLO. Although Pollard didn’t know it, when he warned the Israelis that a PLO arms shipment was going through Greece in 1984, he inadvertantly blew the whistle on the White House’s first transaction of arms to Iran…In the summer of 1984, Pollard noticed a pattern of vessels going back and forth from Greece to Yemen, where the PLO had a major base. Pollard passed the tip to the Israelis. In the summer of 1984, the Israelis tipped off the Greek authorities who seized an entire shipload of arms believed destined for the PLO. Neither Pollard nor the government of Israel was aware that they had smashed George Bush’s first shipment of arms to Iran. Pollard never realized that he had busted the most secret
      White House operation of modern times. The summer of 1984 Greek shipment was a dagger over George Bush’s head.”
      Loftus, Aarons, The Secret War Against The Jews: “Pollard notified the Israelis, who passed word to the Greeks, who raided the arms ship. None of the players knew that this shipment was directly connected to an event two months previous, in which US hostages had been kidnapped in Lebanon. The ship had not been commissioned by Arafat but by US Vice-President Bush and was ultimately destined for the patron the of Lebanese kidnappers, Iran. The shipment marks he true beginning of the infamous Iran Contra scandal.”

      Back to me.

      Israel has been ruled by evil men–and none are more evil than Shimon Peres–but has been idealistically defended by naive Jews like Jonathan Pollard, because they are, well, idealistic. Pollard had no idea how evil Israel’s leadership was, much less his own government–in the persons of Bush/Weinberger–was when he tried to do the right thing. They destroyed his life.

      Julian Assange has lived in an embassy for what is it, four years? More? For doing the same thing. Trying to expose evil. At least Julian has not been forced to live in a dungeon.

      1. Wow
        I wouldn’t have thought even this miserable disinformation troll could possibly evoke sympathy for Pollard, who should have been sent to Guantanamo for life-execution would be too kind, here is a monster that actually passed nuclear secrets to foreign powers-I did not believe you could have sunk any lower

      1. Well the early Hebrews were not referred to as Jews, and they were a different ethnic/racial group than the mostly Ashkenazi Jews of today,
        while the Hebrews have an important historical place among ancient civilizations to suggest the Jewish mafia today that controls the West should receive a pass is absurd,
        this is a well researched data bank and group of researchers, both professional and amateur, this is NOT CNN,
        to simply holler “racist Morons” simply identifies you as a troll

    2. I can see that, while I took a “leave of absence” from posting here, this site has grown into a Catholic-bashing, “Jack Chick” sort of trash heap.

      Due to the efforts of a few idiots, the level of discourse and the logic contained therein have fallen to their lowest common denominator. That’s too bad, really. We had some fine people posting here and most are gone. The remainder are hanging on by the skin of their teeth while this stupid, ignorant assault continues.

      Well, congratulations. You can now trade ignorance with abandon. This site is no longer worthy of a comment. I’ll go take a shower now.

      1. I hear you. I’ve complained many a time.

        “They ALL did it”.

        Evil is an equal opportunity employer.

        It wears a “Blind Fold” when it possesses your Soul.

        No more religion here. We all know or stand where we stand by choice.

        If you want to touch your TV screen or maybe buy some water In a vile for a love gift of $100.00 turn on channel 9 about 2:00 am.

        1. Ric
          Such sophomoric attempts to control the narrative such as I am going to take my marbles and go home are laughable.

          Anyone who doesn’t think the jesuits and the ADL lobby are not joined at the hip then dry your tears and explain why, refute the information presented. Leave off the “I am a victim routine”, it is worn out, that dog doesn’t hunt any more.

          Paddy likes to keep his “people of the book” front and center, yet virtually calls for the extermination of the Palestinians, you know the people whose country was stolen.

          It is very suspicious when muslims, hindus, American indians etc can be banged on 24/7 but every discussion involving certain points is “bashing”?

          I have seen a number of sites like that, they bang on khazars all day everyday, but panic when a connection is made connecting them to the holy father in Rome is brought up.

          It is called “The Memory Hole” and most of us had assumed a primary thrust was bringing about information that has been buried.

          It is very strange when your boy Paddy continually resorts to such diatribe as referring to people as idiots, morons, punks etc expounds “flat earth” which is an insult to the human intellect, and that doesn’t bother you. In fact you run to him as consolation as if you are a tag team match.

          Not impressed.

        2. Dub,

          I agree with the points you have made.

          Your right when you say it’s ok to bash this but not that.

          Got it!

          I’ m not. In any Tribe or Camp.

          What I was trying to say is everybody has their beliefs and are pretty much set in their ways .

          I ‘ve spent my whole life searching and looking at everything with open eyes.

          I don’t have a dog in any of these fights. I learned a long time ago who the enemy is and isn’t one race.

          I was merely saying we need to stop Interjecting religion into every subject that comes up .

          It is a fact every major religion just as every major corporation has a hand in this.

          This world is based on greed and selfishness and that will never end. He has the the most toys and gold wins.

          There in lies the problem with all of them.

          All Good, Amen.

        3. Sun,
          I just read your rant about Catholics, pathetic.

          That’s exactly what I was just talking about. What did you accomplish besides insulting people.

          And your response to me is a bully bully ?

          I guess you’re too smart for the rest of us and probably yourself.

          I don’t know what to say to you Sun.

          I made my point and you just proved it.

        4. Intelligent Catholics who are searching for answers are in a dilemma,
          take the red pill or the blue pill?
          This is a group of researchers that do not spare the child
          don’t blame the executioner for doing his job
          the Truth will accept nothing less

        5. Ric
          Bully! is an old term used to say Well done! and it was in response to Mick’s post, which I wholeheartedly concur,
          my statement about Catholicism is respectfully stated, to the point and my firm conviction,
          if your religion cannot stand scrutiny, and even less your ego,
          then you must look to yourself,
          this is a blog that is about truth,
          and I am not the one getting personal,
          with respect

        6. Sun,
          No Problemo.

          I don’t take any of this personally for I don’t belong to any of the groups or tribes.


        7. Hey Mick. Go piss up a rope. You brought your gang and corrupted a few who were already here. Why don’t you devote some time to your own blog?

          I don’t have to make excuses to you or anyone else. You’ve established a whole new tone to this site. Apparently some like it. I don’t.

        8. Lophatt, I want you to know and I am sure I speak for some others, I really missed your comments when you were gone! I respect your opinion and you seem logical and balanced in your views. I had almost stopped reading this blog while you were gone! I was checking the comments every so often to see if you had returned. If you are leaving for good please let me know where you are commenting/blogging. I will follow you there. Thank you kind sir for you insight and thoughtful comments.

        9. I don’t have a rope. I think it is time for a little common sense 101 however.

          Pointing out the many the many dark areas the vatican has been involved in over the centuries is not “bashing”. It is pointing out what should be obvious.

          When the former nun Charlotte Keckler says Indicates at 16 she went into a convent to be the “bride of Christ”. She was very surprised to be told that drunken priests were the representatives of Christ and sex with them was like having sex with God. She was sent to an unknown foreign country with underground foreign tunnels, raped starved, crawled through glass, seeing aborted fetuses thrown into lime beds by drunken priests etc. This is the vatican “bashing” Charlotte Keckler. It is the reason convents were abolished in Mexico in 1934.

          Such tales are not uncommon, they are legendary. Such tales by many children indicating disney themes used in mind control ultra being used against them by priests are widespread.

          When we see things in the Daily Mail (not known to be forthcoming at times) such as:

          French security sources said Kermiche met “FORMER CATHOLIC’ Hauchard (right), now 24, close to his village of Le Bosc-Roger-en-Roumois, in Normandy. It raises the possibility that Kermiche was inspired by Hauchard to carry out Tuesday’s attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

          It is a red flag, as France has been long known to produce jihadis. When Kermiche’s own mother says after meeting this agent, his words were not his own as if he were bewitched. This is not surprising to any of us who follow the bouncing ball.

          When it is pointed out some of the worlds worst dictators responsible for millions of deaths were all catholic, jesuits and in some cases priests, this is not catholic bashing, this is the bashing of nations by the vatican.

          “Practically every right-wing dictator of the period had been born and brought up a Catholic – notably Hitler, Franco, Petain, Mussolini, Pavelic, and Tito (who was a Catholic priest).” – John Cornwell – Hitler’s Pope (1999; p. 280)

          Is the author hurting your feelings?

          Now this is either true or it is not. Your modus operandi seems to be, it is just some link, nobody knows if it is true with no substantiation, just hysterical fits of temper and calling it bashing, in line with major media outlets I might add who use the same approach if it is rarely brought up at all.

          I have no idea who I am supposed to have “brought over”. I assume that is any poster you do not agree with. I am surprised however by your latest hysterical charade and allegations of bashing. Most times you seem pretty coherent. . I won’t be going anywhere until the owner of the blog suggests I do so. And that is not you, Patrick, Folker or the last couple of new names popping up as if from a software program, who can’t live without your daily dose of spin.

          You seem to be a jesuit adjuvare. It proves my my point, the vatican and ADL are joined at the hip rather like you and Paddy as he seems to be in charge of the Israel uber alles faction.

          I suggest a new approach, this you hurt my feelings with your facts, I am leaving routine is wearing thin. We have seen it with Paddy except he was lying as usual.

          Neither of you intimidate me in the least.

          Are none of the links below factual? If not why not?


        10. Mick, it doesn’t matter what you think is true about catholicism, and it doesn’t matter if you have a list of true horror stories that can be assigned to the Catholic Church. Just as it didn’t matter what you think of Mormonism, and the details you can assemble about its falsity, when the target of your bullying was Recynd.

          The point is that you are Scut Farcus, a bully, who delights in driving your bigoted position home, pounding the faces of those you think are your inferiors–and you have decided to do it here. You seem positively proud of driving away the best people. You and Grover will apparently delight when no one who made this place so much fun remains. Because that’s what Scut and Grover are all about.

          You might not have noticed, but I spent a month or so not commenting here, because you have made this place so disgusting, but then lophatt reappeared, and made the conversation once again worth joining. You and Grover certainly teamed up to make him go away again, this time for ever, seemingly. I will monitor the comments for a while more, just to watch the corpse you have made of MHB decay. It’s kind of like watching a slow motion train wreck.

          James, if he is serious about moderating this site, should not have allowed you to get away with what you have done here. There is no excuse for your relentless, bigoted, attacks on the religious beliefs of fellow commenters, attempting to “prove” that you are right and they need to face their abject idiocy for not agreeing with you.

          I am not a Catholic, and I am not a Mormon. Recynd and lophatt are not nondenominational evangelicals (that’s me). None of this ever made any difference in the conversations we held here over the years–because we were polite to each other. But you, in a matter of a few months, have managed to destroy that congenial colloquy. You are obviously proud of yourself for it too, which makes it even more despicable. You don’t seem to be able to even detect the wreckage you have wrought.

          I don’t think anyone around here cares if you believe your fantasy histories, or if you really do worship any of the thousands of pagan gods of the Hindus, as you claim to do. It is your bullying, your arrogance, your swaggering about it, and most of all your cruelty that is insufferable.

  5. Love the audience questioner…

    “I think it was a group effort.”

    SHE THINKS? and it’s HER FILM? The moderator already understands his role as useful idiot. Sheesh. Time to start sending “We need to talk…” out to festivals!

  6. These girls are Notre Dame students, which means they had to go to a priest for confession after making their deceptive film and now they need to go again for lying to the audience. It’s good to remember that young people in college are not necessarily idealistic. After all Zuck stole the idea at Harvard for face book from the Winklevoss brothers’ ConnectU, whom he later had to pay over a million in a lawsuit – not nearly enough.

    1. Isn’t Zuckerberg really Jacob Greenberg, the grandson of David Rockefeller? Is it true that CIA jump started Facebook with a cool half bil in cold cash? Is it also true FB has direct links to NSA via regurgitation of FB cooperation with the agency? What does this make Zuckerberg?

      1. All these Social Media “start ups” are all CIA/DARPA money.

        Who would invest millions in these?

        Google is an admitted DARPA startup.

        This how/where “Silicon Valley ” gets its bucks. The Taxpayer!

        Zuckerbuggers is a Paid Employee.

        1. Another fraud. All the Ivy League and, New England private high, and post high learning institutes have a “Skull”, or ” Cap & Gown” like Yale & Princeton respectively; where the Existentialist, Jesuit, and Zionist “Globalist Cabals” glean for Oxford & Cambridge sabbatical candidates. They seek out the “drama queens” that possess the perfect XY Chromosome “combination mixture” that’s required for Tavistock Institute duty, and viola. It’s SOP for the Oligarch basterds to be selected for the “cream tours” like “dictator, prime minister, president, intel – operator / director, or just your average, everyday, “run of the mill” multi – multi – billionaire dot – com founder.

  7. Striking another discordant note…Assuming this article is essentially true and these two young lady producers made a hit piece against Halbig, Halbig may share some of the blame. He should know by now that any request for interview may be a trap and accordingly prepare himself. Had he made a record of all his interaction with the film crew–perhaps with his own videographer–he could produce his own movie, that would unambiguously show how the “documentary” systematically misrepresents SH and his work.

    Incidentally, in these times, it makes sense for respectable schools of journalism to teach the production of hit pieces. As more independent analysts–commonly disparaged under the unflattering label of conspiracy theorists–surge and educate the public on the worldwide implementation Plato’s cave, they become ever more needed.


  8. It’s a shame Newtown didn’t break out their own #keepdancinorlando with their Sharpies. Think of how much more money they could’ve made.

  9. The “impression” that I got from watching was that, basically, Lenny found another way to get someone to fund another propaganda piece. Neither of those girls seemed knowledgable enough to be credible “researchers”. They are more like “front women” for a university-funded hit piece.

    As the one questioner tried to ask, just why was THEIR film selected over all the others and afforded such largesse. I didn’t hear anything remotely associated with research other than Lenny having a disproportionate influence and interviewing Halbig. They even commented on what we all know about Wolfgang.

    Note that they didn’t seek any other, more credible researcher’s information. If I were a betting man I’d bet that the school was approached by someone who funded this “under the table”. Picking a Catholic school is ideal for them as it helps to cover the true nature of the operation.

    Also, as someone else here stated, it is a mistake to assume that all college students are either informed or interested. Notre Dame is a very “conservative” school. It is not a hotbed of avant-garde thought.

    We know that these mutts are drowning in unlimited cash. We know that they select victims and pull out all stops to get them. We know that school administrations are pathetic, cowardly operations. The one certainty about school administrations is that they NEVER turn down cash.

    At any rate, neither of the girls seemed to know enough about “their” film, or how they produced it. That was suspicious enough.

    1. I note you put the word ‘conservative’ in quotes as relates to Notre Dame. They had Obama as a commencement speaker a few years ago. They’ve been a hot bed of neo-liberalism for 60 plus years. They’re CINO.
      It would appear these 2 ‘filmmakers’ were used–perhaps happily so.

    1. Eureka!! Was this what the DALLAS/ORLANDO/SAN BERNARDINO/SANDY HOOK PSYOPS were all about?!! Egads! Gun Control, Mental Health, ratcheting up of the Darth Vader/RoboCop Operation GARDERPLOT, REX84 NWO AGENDA 21 state? Well, call him a CONSPIRACY THEORIST honey, I think he’s right!!

  10. Wow… Yet another strange tale of gatekeeping. Wolfgang Halbig has been a hero for me ever since I heard of his questioning. I knew something was off about Sandy Hook on that very first day (for, as I’ve mentioned before, it happened on my birthday).

    I remember writing Wolfgang’s name in the inside cover of a book of mine because I had no paper. I didn’t want to forget this guy’s name because I was so proud that someone would stand up and ask the same questions I had.

    Wolfgang has brought his expertise to the Sandy Hook faux tragedy. He and Dr. Tracy have given me such hope that the integrity of America is not dead.


  11. See McKay vs state of New York and the NY safe act. Ms. McKay checked into a hospital suffering panic attacks and voluntarily asked to be admitted to a psychiatric ward. She was then placed on the crazy list and deemed mentally unstable and her firearms were confiscated. The state of New York was forced by judicial order to return her weapons due to the fact she asked voluntarily to be committed and not involuntarily.

  12. Ah, the millenials and younger. brought up with little understanding of personal integrity, to either themselves foremost or without any idea of what is good for them morally is also good for society at large. They are so easily led astray by the most obvious of intent by those who know how to subvert those without any moral fiber whatsoever.”When you believe in things you don’t understand then you’ll suffer” – S. Wonder.

  13. Dr. Tracy is the victim of a grievous harm, who will be involved in a very high profile court case with far reaching consequences. This entails the sanctity of academic freedom and tenure for college professors nationwide. Very large settlements could result.

    So it is no surprise this site would be highly targeted by interlopers who wish him harm, to do all possible to lower the dialogue, discredit him and drive away potential viewers.

    Yes it is to his advantage to offer as much freedom of speech as possible. His patience in regard to trolls and shills is herculean in my opinion. Some here are so obvious. However it should not be a surprise his site is targeted by various factions who take advantage of this. Watching them operate is an education in itself.

    Lately we have seen a clique coalesce which threaten to leave if their modus operandi does not become holy writ. Paradoxically they condemn zionism almost to a man, advocate extermination of islam, (I am not a big fan of it either just for the record) and promote the churchianity version of the words of Jesus. These same people combine religious opinion in every other post and then astoundingly when another view is offered resort to hysterical tirades that some how it is “bashing”. They are going to run home to momma if so and so doesn’t scale it back or leave entirely., i want my momma!

    In a free society (as the government likes to use the term) all options are on the table and that includes religion. Let the chips fall where they may.

    They are pretty lacking in restraint when it comes Islam, zionism, the Vedic scriptures, Native American core belief, Odinism, Buddhism etc however when it comes to the City of the Dead in Rome, alternative views result in panic city, hysterical temper tantrums and threats of grabbing a bug out bag, followed by comments from new users who feel crushed if if said fountain of truth leaves the blog in a state of decay.

    Let the games continue.

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