Americans today have an almost identical recollection of World War Two as the “good war”, fought by their forebears against cartoonisly evil “Nazis” and “Japs”. Yet how much do we really know about that crucial event and the decades of complex European history preceding it? Why, and for whom, were the twentieth century’s worldwide wars actually waged?

badwarM.S. “Mike” King joins James to discuss his 2015 book The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2. Mike is a private investigative journalist, researcher, and political analyst based in the New York City area. A 1987 graduate of Rutgers University, he spent 30 years in marketing and advertising–areas of expertise that have equipped him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how “public opinion” on decisive issues and events has been scientifically manufactured for at least a century. 

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In addition to The Bad War, King is the author of several other richly illustrated and information-packed books challenging the conclusions of establishment historians and linking the historical record to today’s geopolitical phenomena. These titles include Planet Rothschild: The Forbidden History of the New World Order (two vols.), The REAL Roosevelts: What PBS and Ken Burns Didn’t Tell You, and The War Against Putin: What the Government-Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia.

Mike King’s current commentaries and analyses are accessible at his website

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  1. Yes, reading Kings take on WW2 sure does make sense out of a lot. And months before that conflagration began, some dirt bag named Kaufman published a book called “Germany Must Perish !”. In it that slime ball called for the forced sterilization of all people with German blood. Many of the major publications applauded that as the greatest idea since sliced bread. How did that work out for you, Kaufman ?

    1. Kaufman, and all your like minded tribe mates, I hope you are roasting in the hottest corner of hell right now. My 100% German mother was 17 in 1941, and she had 8 siblings. No doubt the part of you that makes people human ran down your fathers leg. It’s an insult to dirtbags to call you one.

  2. The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic Boycott of 1933. M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D.

    “Few people know the facts about the singular event that helped spark what ultimately became known as World War II – the international Jewish declaration of war on Germany shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power and well before any official German government sanctions or reprisals against Jews were carried out. The March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London (shown above) described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime. It was only then that Germany struck back in response. Thus, if truth be told, it was the worldwide Jewish leadership – not the Third Reich – that effectively fired the first shot in the Second World War. Prominent New York attorney Samuel Untermyer (above right) was one of the leading agitators in the war against Germany, describing the Jewish campaign as nothing less than a “holy war.””

    1. Which was exactly why among other things, The Frankfurt School was chased out & had to set up at Columbia University & its sister school, The NEW SCHOOL in NYC. Interesting stuff.

  3. Berlin was a liberal hotbed of homosexuality until the Nazis came to power, Gay Berlin reveals | Daily Mail Online

    “Berlin was a liberal hotbed of homosexuality and a mecca for cross dressers and transsexuals where the first male-to-female surgery was performed – until the Nazis came to power, new book reveals”

    “Think Liza Minnelli and Joel Gray in Carberet. Think West Hollywood, Greenwich Village and Provincetown and the Castro, known as hotbeds of homosexuality.

    But they are nothing like the uninhibited urban gay sexual scene and vast homosexual subculture that flourished in Berliin under Germany’s Weimar Republic.

    Sexual experimentation between the same sexes and medical advances of helping genders ‘trapped within the wrong body’ in Germany more than one hundred years ago shaped our understanding of gay identity today.

    The city’s liberal years – before the rise of Hitler – are detailed in a new book, Gay Berlin.

    The science of ‘transsexuality’ was founded in Berlin at the Institute of Sexual Science where the first male-to-female surgery was performed. The words ‘homosexual’ or ‘transvestite’ were German innovations. Think Liza Minnelli and Joel Gray in Carberet. Think West Hollywood, Greenwich Village and Provincetown and the Castro, known as hotbeds of homosexuality.

    But they are nothing like the uninhibited urban gay sexual scene and vast homosexual subculture that flourished in Berliin under Germany’s Weimar Republic.

    Sexual experimentation between the same sexes and medical advances of helping genders ‘trapped within the wrong body’ in Germany more than one hundred years ago shaped our understanding of gay identity today.

    The city’s liberal years – before the rise of Hitler – are detailed in a new book, Gay Berlin.

    The science of ‘transsexuality’ was founded in Berlin at the Institute of Sexual Science where the first male-to-female surgery was performed. The words ‘homosexual’ or ‘transvestite’ were German innovations. ”

    Sound familiar?

    1. Eustace Mullins made a clear distinction between recreational sex and homosexuality used as a weapon to destroy a society,
      many a researcher has concluded that is what the LGBT movement is all about, it is not a natural development but a fully funded and political spearhead financed by the NWO oligarchs

      1. And Eustace Mullins(who I’ve also read) was absolutely correct, and one should look no further than The Eugenics Movement, itself. Its most recent iteration: The Jaffe Memo, which was a memo from Planned Parenthood(Margaret Sanger, who had multiple sex partners including HG Wells…Mr. NWO himself, William Gates, Sr) to the Rockefeller created & financed Population Council(same folks who blueprinted China’s ONE CHILD POLICY) specifically mentions homosexuality as a means of depopulation.

  4. What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939. Friedrich Stieve.

    “Germany’s enemies maintain today that Adolf Hitler is the greatest disturber of peace known to history, that he threatens every nation with sudden attack and oppression, that he has created a terrible war machine in order to cause trouble and devastation all around him. At the same time they intentionally conceal an all-important fact: they themselves drove the Leader of the German people finally to draw the sword. They themselves compelled him to seek to obtain at last by the use of force that which he had been striving to gain by persuasion from the beginning: the security of his country. They did this not only by declaring war on him on September 3, 1939, but also by blocking step for step for seven years the path to any peaceful discussion.

    The attempts repeatedly made by Adolf Hitler to induce the governments of other states to collaborate with him in a reconstruction of Europe resemble an ever-recurring pattern in his conduct since the commencement of his labors for the German Reich. But these attempts were wrecked every time by reason of the fact that nowhere was there any willingness to give them due consideration, because the evil spirit of the Great War still prevailed everywhere, because in London and Paris and in the capitals of the Western Powers’ vassal states there was only one fixed intention: to perpetuate the power of Versailles.”

    Japan also sued for peace over and over, and each entreaty for peace was either ignored or rejected.

  5. From MHB Reader/Commenter “Peace Frog”:

    Excellent interview this week with M.S. King.

    Having also grown up in NYC, the city with the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, and, additionally sharing Mr. King’s intellectual proclivities into historical revisionism, I would wager with confidence that both Mr. King’s college experience and work experience were colored by his beliefs (and not to his favor).

    I read Mein Kampf twice, once in High School and again at City College of N.Y. (an institution that exemplified Hitler’s concept of a “Jewified University” system). I would have to interject a little fair critique of Mr. King’s interview presentation. Firstly, Hitler made no secret of his hatred of Jews, this was a foundational principle of National Socialism, and should never be denied.

    Secondly, there was a latent tendency in Germany toward strong nationalism, mixed with anti-Semitism, going back many generations before Hitler (e.g., the Thule Society). In fact, in his government employment, a young Hitler found a predecessor group of the National Socialist Party. Germany is no stranger to narcissistic love of race (Blut Und Boden). In fact, Nietzsche recognized this in Germans and compared it to its Jewish counterpart in The Birth of Tragedy, noting Germans and Jews akin to Brothers and sisters.

    Based on my own personal experience and research, I have found that there is a conspiracy among militant Jews and organized crime to derail entire families systematically by seeking out and destroying Amalek. This is basically a refined and larger counterpart to a mafia-style vendetta. This has been going on for generations, and has extensive entanglements with international intelligence agencies. Boston College, a Jesuit institution, has published some research on this issue as a limited hangout for the CIA. This criminality finds clear support in both the Old Testament and the Talmud as a “mitzvah” (i.e., it is a Jewish analogue to Jihad).. Outside of intelligence circles, few have a bird’s eye view of this phenomenon (although many Jews from all denominations, as well as their gentile co-conspirators, have a worm’s eye view).

    If Mr. King and/or Dr. Tracy are up to the task of exposing this modern, ongoing criminal saga, please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Keith S. Labella, J.D.

      1. Interestingly, Prof. Carroll Quigley(Tragedy & Hope, Anglo-American Establishment, Bill Clinton’s “mentor”, CFR Historian) taught at Georgetown School of Foreign Service(speaking of recruitment), and was also I believe a Jesuit Catholic.

        1. Yes he was, Rico. Billy Boy was groomed from the beginning. As Labella stated earlier that if the rest of the world had a bird’s eye view of how these degenerates operate, the movie the Purge would look like a cartoon.

    1. The German Bankers worked hand in hand for the defeat of Germany in WWI, having used their influence with World Organized Jewry to get the USA to back England in this war, in exchange for the Balfour Agreement, establishing the criminal beach-head that invaded the Middle East and has been such a scourge on the world ever since,
      not to mention the Jews having taken advantage of German society during this period of crushing debt and reparations, who like in America today sat at the chokepoints of power and influence in the Media, the Arts, Politics, Finance-is there any reason why German society would not despise their Jewish element in their midst?
      When the American people as a whole really wake up and realize we just invaded, conquered, and destroyed (men women and children) an entire sovereign nation-Iraq solely for the purpose of Israeli interests BECAUSE of the Jewish coup over our State Department there is going to be a LOT of similar feelings here,
      I don’t call that Anti-Semitism, I would call it justice and inevitable

    2. MHB Administrator
      As usual the British masterminds manage to get unmentioned. The Thule society came after the Vril and Golden dawn societies. Vril was based on Bulwer Lyttons work. It also inspired Wagner so the german-jewish tensions were not just there, they were consciously amplified by the British, including in a high degree the fostering of occultism. The Round Table using H S Chamberlain apparently managed to transform the genuine nationalism into an extreme variant resulting in a braindrain from Europe of otherwise assimilated Jewish scientists to the Usa, and urged the Nazis to exterminate the Jews. The tacit purpose in collaboration with Britains nearly total nonacceptance of jewish immigration was to force the erection of a jewish state or death.
      Jesuits, Jews and Germans conspire while the British lecture us about freedom I suppose.

  6. The best way to keep German reparations payments headed south to Israel is to continue with the Hitler was a hero routine. There were never any real nazis or communists. Hitler and Stalin were simply the front for wealthy industrialists to loot both Germany and Russia.

    Goebbels step children today are large stock holders in BMW.

    Hitler was a jesuit as were Himmler, Goebbels and most nazi hierchy. In fact Stalin was a jesuit priest trained in Georgia and was never defrocked nor repudiated for being married.

  7. Konrad Heiden and the Nazi Epithet by SS-Standartenfuhrer on DeviantArt

    “It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet, and to show you where it came from, who invented it, and why.

    The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.

    The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”. So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.

    It should immediately become apparent that, if there is no such thing as a “Nazi”, except in the propaganda which was invented and spewed by this man, then it follows logically, that there is also NO such thing as a “Neo-Nazi” either. Those who would describe themselves as such are as ignorant as those who say they hate “Nazis” and they are equally decieved. Indeed, I highly suspect that some of those who promote “Neo-Nazism” are really agents whose job it is to keep the spectre of evil “Nazis” alive, and to effect the demonization of all those who would dare question the whole history about Hitler, the NS and WWII that we have all been sold.

    What we must also know about Mr. Heiden, however, is that he was not just any other political opponent in the days of the Weimar Republic. He, himself was a “Jew”, and his father was a trade unionist, and that the trade unions were teaming with subversive, violent, Marxist-Bolsheviks. And NO, that is not a “racist” statement, nor is it intended to promote hatred. Merely to state the facts.”

    Do we see the intention to mislead the world at large?

    Regarding the camps, Heiden gives no mention to the fact those people being interned in labor camps were subversives. Nor to the fact that these people could be, and were often released back to their communities. Also ignored is the fact that such camps were far more common and horrific in the Soviet Union, with little or no hope of getting out. And of course, such camps had been invented and used very cruelly by the Brits, and also the American hypocrites too.

    Any objective observer who has done his or her own research, and who is at all familiar with the realities of the Weimar Republic, and with the true, publicly stated objectives of the National Socialists should immediately see that there was a huge conflict of interest there and bias on Heidens part. And that bias and his special interests would not only cause him to engage in childish name calling and insults such as “Nazi!”, but far more serious and injurious behaviors, such as Lying his ass off to foment another World War, that would eventually cost nearly 60,000,000 million lives, incalculable misery world wide, and a bogus legacy that still haunts us all today.

    Mr. Heiden was certainly NOT an objective “journalist”, he was a “propagandist” and an “opportunist”! For if he was really concerned with “human rights” then where and when did he criticize the bloody red Bolsheviks and the brutal genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians and the starvation of the 7 million Ukrainians? Much less the plight of the starving, unemployed, destitute and desperate Germans who were being held as slaves in their own country by the dictates of the Versailles Treaty and the dealings of self-described “Jewish” bankers and financial barons of Wall Street, London and Paris, while at the same time, being primed for Bolshevism by the Comintern and the trade unions. The bloody Russian Revolution was brought about by those very same Ueber-Kapitalist scoundrels, who also fomented World War I. Hitler had been openly discussing these things and fighting the[m] from the beginning! Do you think just maybe they may have had a little something against him and the National Socialists???

    All things being equal, Heiden should NEVER have been given much (if any) credibility for his claims, as he and his interests (ie the status quo) were under the threat by the NSDAP. It was entirely in his interest, and that of his father, his family, his associates, etc to smear the National Socialists, both at home and abroad, to preserve their own interests, at the expense of everyone else. Not only that, but also with a major interest in perpetuating his lies after the war too, in order to continually justify it.

    Heiden was not alone in his efforts either. As soon as Hitler came to power, many of the most influential Jews bailed out and headed straight to America, to literally “raise hell”. That, of course, takes us back to what I had stated in my earlier post “World War II started in 1933!” (which detailed the world wide Jewish initiated boycotts). And for the Germans, that war has never ended. Nor will it, until people really begin to grasp the level of deception that has gone on, and is still being used to manipulate the world today.

    Again, if people are truly seeking truth, justice, and peace on this planet, then it is high time they begin to learn and to research these things for themselves, stop trusting the media, and many in the alternative media, and stop perpetuating their lies, and stop using their jargon, not only for the sake of the honor of the Germans, but because it is self-defeating. All humanity has suffered from this injustice, and shall continue to do so until we all take personal responsibility, by researching and learning the truth, and speaking the truth, and for holding the real liars, haters and war mongers accountable!

    The word “Nazi” should be wiped out of existence.

    1. So, you think that by Hitler’s agreeing to a peaceful and equitable way for Jews to leave Germany, that this made him a Zionist? You are certainly reaching in your interpretation. The Trust and Transfer Office Haavara Ltd., was established in Tel Aviv by the Jews. Did you know that Madagascar was also considered as a place to put the Jews?

      Hitler did everything he could do to provide ways for the Jews to peacefully leave Germany. For those subversive Jews who would not leave, he provided work camps, where he took good care of them with hospitals, swimming pools, theaters, good food, and even a brothel! They were even paid for their work in a special scrip, with which they could buy goods of their choosing.

      Hitler did everything he could to take the Jews out of German society, where they were doing immeasurable harm, without invoking any criminal action on the part of the Germans, against them. Hitler was an honorable man, and a supreme humanitarian. Take off the propaganda glasses that have been provided to you by today’s society.

      1. I don’t need to take any glasses off. It is those raised on a litany of TV, seven eleven magazines and other pap who need to take off the glasses.

        My father was disabled coming back from world war II when the ship was caught in a hurricane and threw him against the wall injuring several vertebrae, his brother was killed in Germany.

        My father in law lost his arm with Rommel in north Africa and my mother in law died with shrapnel in her legs. My wife was raised on powdered milk the first two years of her life in Germany.,

        When I talk of WWII in Germany I make damn sure I know what I know what I am talking about.

        MY research on the matter is self explanatory for anybody who can read and comprehend.

        Pope Pacelli-Ordained Saint Funnels 1000 Gold Bars To The Nazi Party-Stalin-Hitler-Himmler-Castro All Jesuits

      2. I don’t need to take any glasses off. It is those raised on a litany of TV, seven eleven magazines and other pap who need to take off the glasses.

        My father was disabled coming back from world war II when the ship was caught in a hurricane and threw him against the wall injuring several vertebrae, his brother was killed in Germany.

        My father in law lost his arm with Rommel in north Africa and my mother in law died with shrapnel in her legs. My wife was raised on powdered milk the first two years of her life in Germany.,

        When I talk of WWII in Germany I make damn sure I know what I know what I am talking about.

        MY research on the matter is self explanatory for anybody who can read and comprehend.

  8. The goal was no relationship between Russia and Germany which would be a major road block on the way to the NWO. Stalin and Hitler were both tools of the Tavistock Institute and designed to destroy both Germany and Russia with as little damage as possible to Rome and London. It worked very well. Now the goal is the same, Germany with their technology cannot befriend Russia with their military and vast resources. So we have mass immigration to Germany. No German technology to Russia, in fact no Germans, no problem. The Germans are to be bred out of existence through mass immigration and a European super state created with a population that knows no national identity. Yes Hitler was a Rothschild and Stalin was a jesuit priest. The goal is the same, the technique and methodology only change. Some of this may sound familiar.

    Now Germany under a guilt complex due to the supposed savior Herr Hitler is to allow mass migration and be bred out of existence for the benefit of the vatican sponsored EUSSA, which incidentally has now on the verge of once again instituting the death penalty for enemies of the state. It will be back to the good old days of the guillotine, witch burning and hanging of heretics.

    In fact the pope has been toe sucking with the muslims in Rome talking about his new religion, Chrislam, a combining of Christianity and Islam as ISIS is the militant wing of the vatican.

    1. Hitler was a Jew? A Rothschild?? Really ??? | Justice for Germans

      “The rumor that Adolf Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild seems to have been hatched in the mind of a crypto-Jewish propagandist working in the United States’ first unified intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Not long after, a former high Nazi official, waiting for his execution, “confessed” to discovering a “Jewish grandfather” in Hitler’s background. These fabrications have been thoroughly debunked, and the true story of Hitler’s family background is told below. ”

      Despite the frivolous claims of foolhardy patriotards and assorted Jew defenders who often masquerade as “anti-Zionists,” the Nazis were not — in any way — covertly funded by, or in cahoots with, Rothschild bankers. On the contrary, the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild were effectively dissolved and extirpated by Hitler. Quite a bizarre and counterproductive action of a “Rothschild agent” wouldn’t you say?

      Sydney Morning Herald, NSW, Saturday 23 September 1939

      LONDON, Sept. 22. (A.A.P.)

      The fortune of Mr. Julius Rothschild, a member of the well-known ‘ Jewish banking house, has been confiscated by the German Government, states a message from Berlin.

      The Daily News, Perth, Friday, 8 April, 1938, page-2

      VIENNA, Thursday.

      Whether ex-King Ed ward of England, the Duke of Windsor, had anything to do with it is not announced, but his Jewish friend, Austrian banker, Baron Louis Rothschild, was released today by the Nazis.

      But the Rothschild Bank is confiscated.

      The Duke made a personal plea to Hitler for the release of Rothschild and others three weeks ago.

      But he was given a rebuff.

      Hitler replied, ‘regretting his inability to com ply with the request.’

      NOTE: Baron Louis Rothschild was held in prison for 14 months in connection with the affairs of the Bank of Vienna, of which the Baron was president at the time of it’s collapse in 1931.

      So, who wants you to believe this “Hitler was a Jew” or that “Hitler was Rothschild” rubbish, and why?

      Whose agenda does it really serve? The Rothschild’s and their NWO agenda! Time for the so-called “Truth Movement” to wake up, to turn your lying “gurus” off, do some research on your own, and figure out who really fought the NWO agenda, and who had devised the perfect model that would defeat it, if [he] had been permitted to continue.

    2. Hitler was a Jew? A Rothschild?? Really ??? | Justice for Germans

      “Now, let’s let the accused speak for himself. Below are quotes from Hitler in 1922 and 1933. Does this really sound like a ”Jew” speaking? A “Rothschild”? An “agent of the “International Bankster Gangsters”? A secret member of the “Illuminati” a or some other evil “secret society” ? How about a “Satanist” or “occult practitioner”?

      Adolf Hitler: “Christian capitalism’ is already as good as destroyed, the international Jewish Stock Exchange capital gains in proportion as the other loses ground. It is only the international Stock Exchange and loan-capital, the so-called ‘supra-state capital,’ which has profited from the collapse of our economic life, the capital which receives its character from the single supra-state nation which is itself national to the core, which fancies itself to be above all other nations, which places itself above other nations and which already rules over them.

      The international Stock Exchange capital would be unthinkable, it would never have come, without its founders the supra-national, because intensely national, Jews..

      The Jew has not grown poorer: he gradually gets bloated, and, if you don’t believe me, I would ask you to go to one of our health-resorts; there you will find two sorts of visitors: the German who goes there, perhaps for the first time for a long while, to breathe a little fresh air and to recover his health, and the Jew who goes there to lose his fat. And if you go out to our mountains, whom do you find there in fine brand-new yellow boots with splendid rucksacks in which there is generally nothing that would really be of any use? And why are they there? They go up to the hotel, usually no further than the train can take them: where the train stops, they stop too. And then they sit about somewhere within a mile from the hotel, like blow-flies round a corpse.

      These are not, you may be sure, our working classes: neither those working with the mind, nor with the body. With their worn clothes they leave the hotel on one side and go on climbing: they would not feel comfortable coming into this perfumed atmosphere in suits which date from 1913 or 1914. No, assuredly the Jew has suffered no privations!


      “And finally we were also the first to point the people on any large scale to a danger which insinuated itself into our midst – a danger which millions failed to realize and which will nonetheless lead us all into ruin – the Jewish danger. And today people are saying yet again that we were ‘agitators.’ I would like here to appeal to a greater than I, Count Lerchenfeld. He said in the last session of the Landtag that his feeling ‘as a man and a Christian’ prevented him from being an anti-Semite.

      I SAY: MY FEELING AS A CHRISTIAN POINTS ME TO MY LORD AND SAVIOUR AS A FIGHTER. IT POINTS ME TO THE MAN WHO ONCE IN LONELINESS, SURROUNDED ONLY BY A FEW FOLLOWERS, RECOGNIZED THESE JEWS FOR WHAT THEY WERE AND SUMMONED MEN TO THE FIGHT AGAINST THEM AND WHO, GOD’S TRUTH! WAS GREATEST NOT AS SUFFERER BUT AS FIGHTER. In boundless love AS A CHRISTIAN and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and of adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before – the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. AS A CHRISTIAN I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I HAVE A DUTY TO BE A FIGHTER FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE. And as a man I have the duty to see to it that human society does not suffer the same catastrophic collapse as did the civilization of the ancient world some two thousand years ago – a civilization which was driven to its ruin through this same Jewish people.”


      “… For AS A CHRISTIAN I have also a duty to my own people. And when I look on my people I see it work and work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week it has only for its wage wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people is plundered and exploited.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Munich, April 12, 1922

      Full Speech:

      “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….” Adolf Hitler. Berlin Proclamation, Feb. 1st, 1933

      Full Speech:

      Thank you Mr. Hitler!

      Case dismissed”

      1. Was it also Hitler’s “Christian duty” to claim abstract art was “degenerate” and drive from his country some of the best artists in the world? Who, btw, had to leave their art, films and livelihood behind them. Who had to constantly check the publications of the Ministry of Propaganda to see if their art was “forbidden”, meaning either halting their art or leaving the country…

        Lastly, referring to Jews as a group as “blow-flies round a corpse” is anti-semetic.

        1. World Organized Jewry has used “anti-semitism” (even though they are not Semites) as a front fro their crimes for centuries-BALDERDASH

      2. Hmmmmmmm where did my comment go about the “degenerate” art that was simply abstract or “romantic”, which the Nazis forbid…

        Germany’s best artists were forced to flee Germany – NOT thanks to any Christianity-related beliefs, but outright tyranny…

  9. I would point out that the term “historical revisionist” is somewhat pejorative by establishment talking heads,
    we have been taught a great deal of Zionist propaganda masquerading as history, especially the last century,
    when a writer comes along and presents a balanced factual analysis they are labeled as “revisionist,” when the “revision” occurred long ago at the hands of scribes and pharisees
    subverting our society through organized crime networks that have infiltrated all walks of society, media, politics, Intelligence networks, finance, education

  10. This is an excellent and revealing parody of the central banking system by M.S. King:

    At the end of the day, the Fed must be subject to external audits as stated by Ron Paul. The price paid by the real and financial economy (Main Street and Wall Street) for “Fed Independence” is much too high: continual cycles of boom/bust, recessions, market crashes, bank runs, etc.

    Having earned a degree in Finance, and, having been a stockbroker for a number of years before entering law school, I do not believe that a gold or commodity backed system of money is flexible enough for large, diversified economies-so I reject the Austrian School “gold bugs”. This is similar, in terms of practicality, to green energy only being useful for a small part of the energy mix in large, capital-intensive economies.

    Nevertheless, the Fed should be either nationalized, or, subject to regular, independent government audits.

    1. I think the idea of fiat currency is insane,
      while we may decide gold/silver is not functional with such a large world economy (and I am not agreeing with this)
      this does not mean our money should not have a basis in real worth, not the word of organized crime/government

      1. I disagree. The problem is not with fiat currency. The dollar is worth its buying power, implicitly backed by U.S. total assets. That’s over a quarter of the wealth of the entire world.Bretton Woods established floating monetary rates, nothing phony there. The problem is when private central banks, like the Fed and ECB act without transparency, and manipulate for corporate interests. The Central Bank of Russia is a state institution per Russia’s Constitution. It acts more transparently and is not as vulnerable to private/market manipulation. Andrew Jackson tried to nationalize a Federal bank, but lost to the corporate elite of his day.

        1. When you have gold/silver in your pocket, you have real wealth,
          not the kind that government/Banks can take away, alter or manipulate endlessly,
          the paper money in your pocket is soon going to be declared worthless, that doesn’t happen with gold silver

        2. There is another problem with gold/silver backed currency. Most currencies are either fiat or pegged to a major currency like the dollar. Countries economies do better when they are devalued because they can export more. China has been in the news for multiple currency devaluations this year. Unless most major currencies adopted a gold/silver standard, the currency that did adopt it alone would find their currency skyrocket. This sounds good, but, in reality, could lead to dire results. Everything in economics is a balancing act.

        3. Correct Peace.

          People will “Need” an assurance and American Paper will be the most recognized note that will have value.

          It will take a few months to work out if/when Silver or even Gold will be Tangible as a Currency.

          Who measures it? Where do you get your Metal ? What is it really worth? To Whom?

          At First Green Backs will be the most Valuable..IMHO

        4. @PeaceFrog

          The assassination attempt on Jackson failed because both guns failed to fire. Then Jackson’s VP shoots Rothschild’s son in law Alexander Hamilton.

          Jackson ordered that “I killed the bank`” be inscribed upon his tombstone.

        5. As a plantation owning Southerner, Jackson rebelled against a “private” Bank of the U.S. He saw this for what it was, a clear tool for Northern industrialists to manipulate the money supply at the expense of the South. It is interesting that this, the true reason for the civil war (i.e., private Northern financial interests attempt to colonize and subjugate the South through economic strangulation so they could rape it for cheap resources).

  11. Here are the facts

    Hitler played chess with Stalin in Austria at a Jewish Mason house in 1909.

    Hitler lived right next to the Tavistock institute from 1912 to 1913.

    Hitler didn’t arrest all the Jew bankers. He never bombed their homes and even took aid from Jewish front businesses in America.

    Hitler let 350,000 English troops go at Dunkirk which had he simply captured, would have ended the war in the west.

    Hitler screwed Rommel at eery turn, opposed everything he did because Rommel, while given light armor and infantry with NO air cover, was actually about to capture Palestine which would have won the war against the Zionist Jews, if they actually opposed them. It would have opened up a southern flank into Russia, splitting the world in two, also enabling them to link up with the Japanese.

    Hitler replaced Rommel with a bozo who refused to allow the French to defend from the high ground during operation torch which so demoralized the French, they did put up a fight and quit allowing the Americans to walk into Africa. Hitler refused to walk in and take Moscow, which would have ended the war in the west, when it had no resistance, opting instead to wait until the next summer which allowed the Soviets to regroup and defend the city. Hitler refused to allow the ME 262 with a kill ratio of 500 to 1 to be used against the allied Bombers. He refused to covert these jet fighters to bombers. Only at the very end of the war and because German pilots mass revolted did Hitler relent but it was too late. Hitler refused to use the French Navy which was big enough to check the Americans and British. Hitler refused to take Gibraltar which for hundreds of years was used to bottleneck the Mediterranean. This would have stopped any allied surface fleets from entering. Hitler refused to allow the gestapo to investigate his inner circle where radio transmissions giving the Soviets, Nazis war plans, were traced to. Hitler declared war against America when he didn’t have to. America had only declared war against Japan and America firsters were not going to let Rosenfeld use America to fight in Europe. Hitler put and end to that. Hitler stopped bombing military targets in UK to go after the population when the RAF was a week from a complete knockout and all of Germany’s high command knew it. Instead, he went after civilian targets which allowed the British RAF to be saved.

    Hitler didn’t die in the bunker. He lived in Argentina and was protected by OSS and other international intelligence agencies as proven by recently released FBI files. You can see it yourself at their site. Now, I could name a whole bunch of other things like all those German Nationalists who tried to assassinate him but were foiled, over and over due to OSS leaking details to German intelligence but what is the point? I mean, how stupid of anyone to see the obvious when it was HITLER who transferred the first Jews (60,000) to Israel, the site he KNEW they planned a World Government while he also loaned them hundreds of millions of dollars and built their early infrastructure. How clueless can we be when it was Hitler who rounded up the Bolshevik type Jews and allowed Jewish Zionists to indoctrinate them in the camps, flying the star of david flag and this for later mass transfer to Palestine.

      1. Yes Mike has swallowed a lot of bull. But this type of revisionist history is somewhat in line with what the Us/Nato wish to peddle so Mike constitutes controlled opposition free of charge.

      2. @elfmom55

        It is called a limited hangout. Some of the research is good, however it leads one to wonder why a “Michael King from New York” is so thrilled with Hitler? Was his assignment the making sure reparations keep flowing to Israel? Keeping this fictitious tale alive is best way to do it. We don’t want the masses to ever come to the realization of just what a dog and pony show they have swallowed for 70 years now do we?

    1. I hope everybody caught this part.

      “New documents found at the Security Services Headquarters now reveal Hitler was a ‘British’ agent. The documents include the testimony of retired intelligence agents which alone offers persuasive evidence. ”

      The testimony of “RETIRED INTELLIGENCE AGENTS” goes a bit further with me than tomato bubbles and justice 4 Germans. That can probably be translated into more reparations from Germans.

      1. Pity he forgot to mention any source. The page is typical disinfo. Hitler was indeed an artificial coached figure but he was duped to overestimate his importance. By claiming he was an outright agent the actual contacts between Hitlers german helpers and people like the exiled Edward VIII and Samuel Hoare in Spain(?) need not be brought up. Edwards exile was probably an additional way to dupe the nazis that there would be hope for a pronazi takeover in Britain. Every move Hitler made being counter to military logic may be explained as a consequence of Hitler being duped by promises which were never intended to be held.

        1. You are hurt and strike back in desperation. The amazing record you speak of is in your imagination only. I take no pleasure in insulting you but you are the one who doesnt check the facts so for your own development you ought to be more careful if you are not simply a disinfo-troll. If I was your foe I wouldnt say that. And of course Hitler played a role. Every politician does that. And like many politicians he was duped. Do you have a difficulty holding two ideas in your mind on the same time? And his being duped was crucial not just him playing a role. The British had an amazing way of duping the whole world so Hitler was not alone in being duped. Their elite ideologues had a capacity for doublethink and more. They ban books exposing them but other countries publish some of it anyway. So the info is out there if you change your priorities and skip relying on second rate sources. When you do you will see to what extent they created naziism, among other things, to braindrain Germany. Nuclear physics moved from Britain to the Manhattan project, but staffed with german refugee scientists. Not decisive but still interesting is the following:When Rutherford is known to have denounced the potential of radioactivity to be a useful energy source calling it moonshine, H G Wells simultaneously speculated about making atomic bombs and Szilard who at least officially discovered the key concepts for building a workable nuclear reactor and bomb, said he was influenced by Wells book from 1914, written earler. The rush to put Hitler in power despite him loosing 4% of the votes in the last free election happened simultaneously with Szilards breakthrough if the chronology in webarticles is reliable.

  12. They are back

    Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?

    The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family. It all goes back to Disraeli who called for the unification of the German and Khazar elite to rule the world as mentioned in other places in this post.

    Nobody wants to talk about Jose! 🙂

    Dr. José Simões-Ferreira, Jr. (1910–1989) father of Teresa Heinz Kerry

    We do know this, in Namibia for instance skulls were sent back to Germany for scientific research and are still in the Medical History Museum of the Charite Hospital and at Freiburg University. A leading doctor in Namibia who worked on German genetic doctrine was a doctor Fisher, Who trained doctor Mengele. The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family.

    1. Yes Elfmon, Germans can’t catch a break. Their unforgiveable sin was stopping the roman legions at their border. They have been since treated to an array of masonic leaders such as the Bismarks all tools of Rome to lead them into one war after another.

      The biggest nightmare of the global trinity of fascism, City of London, DC and the vatican is they throw off the scum and take a life line from Russia. German business, technology and industry combined with Russian resources (gas, timber) and military technology cause the usual suspects to lose sleep.

      It is do or die for them right now as they are not being invaded by Russia but by ISIS the militant wing of the vatican. The final solution is at hand, to rape and breed them out of existence.

      The Hitler is a hero fairy tale is to keep the guilt complex going and keep the money flowing to Israel and to the holocaust museums.

      It is part of the Coudehove Kaligeri plan.

        1. @That is the plan. We can all see what so called political rallies turn into in California. They turn into fist fights. This country is being pushed toward savagery and the elite are clapping. Clowns carrying mexican flags at political rallies in California.



          They hate Trump and he is a zionist himself. The mob doesn’t care the only politics they understand is that government should favor their own people. Most of them couldn’t explain what zionism actually is.

        2. Mick I’m convinced they want to start a war between the police and citizens so they can justify the buildup of the Police State

    1. This sounds like post WWII where German women were forced into prostitution by allied forces, absolutely despicable behavior, of which we all should be whistleblowers to the world

    1. Mick I would like to propose that you write an in depth article that puts all the pieces together as you understand it, for publication on Memoryholeblog, you understand the big picture as well or better than all the writers I have seen here, this isn’t an idle request, if you decide to publish it in some format let me be the first to sign up, I’m sure most of the members here support you

    2. The part about IKE having starved millions of German soldiers was originally a hypothesis by a french revisionist but it has been refuted I think convincingly. The soldiers were sent home and death rate was said to be 50 thousand by some researcher but Niall Fergusson came to a much smaller figure. After WW1 however Austria and Germany were punished with a food blockade to deliberately starve them.
      Although I havent studied the part about the deliberate prolonging of the war in Europe, it is in agreement with what happened in the Pacific. They never needed to conquer those small islands other than for prolonging the war, at least according to Eustace Mullins.

        1. No it has been refuted. Have you ever seen it confirmed by German officialdom? Do you think they would just ignore it when they are constantly reminded of the nazi crimes? Most of the captive german militaries in the west were allowed to go home. I dont know how long time they were prisoners.
          Mick doesnt check sources, he uses too large mesh and catches everything. I wonder why. I mean it doesnt take much time to google it.

        2. When I posted the comment I carelessly assumed starvation meant starvation to death. But that wasnt the case when I bothered to read the linked text. The question is, did you even notice that yourself? Your remark about Niall Fergusson, whose view roughly corroborates the info in your link, indicates that you didnt otherwise there was no reason to belittle Fergusson. Normally I consider him to be a court historian and would never rely on his selection of facts but expect him to leave out important aspects to protect the empire. But I trust him to be able to do good research when he really wants it and in the current case he would.
          There is never any intentional obfuscation on my part. Never. Get that! But what about you? What is your game? Greg Hallet who you trust doesnt give any source for his theory about Hitler according to reviews.
          I dont know if his secrets on the royal family are any better but he might need to make a fool of himself for his safety. To conjure up sensationalist material without proof has such an effect. Expect the Hitlerstuff to be of that nature.
          And googling your theme about Stalin and Hitlers chess session at Tavistock in 1909 I found a similar version but with Lenin and also its refutation. Sounds like different versions of the same conjured myth are circulating. Do you ever seek critical views of the material you post?

        3. Eustace Mullins confirmed it, there is a good work The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry,
          Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 Thomas Goodrich
          et. al.
          Anyone questioning this should read these works!

        4. I too respect Mullins and Bacque was probably sincere although not very realistic. Mullins didnt see later refutations. And do note the important distinction between millions of starved vs starved to death.
          I repeat that millions of needlessly starved to death german military in the west instead of them coming back to their families after having a rough yet limited time but mostly survivable makes one helluva difference. Germany would not swallow that one without protesting for the whole world. That would not have been forgiven and could not be silenced.
          Every time the holocaust was brought up there would be a counter argument. Nothing like that has been reported from the germans.

        5. Note that the source from Mick doesnt agree with what you say. By starved is there not meant starved to death but a much smaller figure is given. I first assumed you were quoting its information and until last year I used to believe the same as you. It was people like Morgentau and others who contemplated to deindustrialize and even castrate the german population. But saner voices prevailed. Were the prisoners deliberately allowed to suffer? Maybe, it would seem like a way to condition the conquered population into submission but it was more like thousands than millions. The angloamerican empire has never had high standards of humane concerns other than in their propaganda.
          In the same era Britain allowed millions to starve to death in India.
          While some refute that being deliberate facts seem to contradict them.

        6. As for Hallett a former M16 agent is on record as saying the man who wrote this book was genius. That should impress you coming from one of your own.

          Truth is always in the eye of the beholder.

          Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood.

        7. You’re priceless Mick. A suspected disinformer is praised by a former intel agent whose agency would be a probable interested party in the spread of the particular rumour. And I ought to be impressed. Yeah right.

        8. dublinsmick,

          Again, you have plagiarized in this forum. I guess I’m the only one whom this offends.

          If you can’t defend yourself with your own words, at least have the intellectual honesty to attribute your borrowed quotes to their rightful authors. This time “your” quote was written by Manly P. Hall:

          “Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood.”

          And you don’t just do it here and at your own site. You do this all over the web. In yet another blog, I see you have quoted this same passage of Hall’s, again without attribution, in the comments to an article by John Kaminski, way back in 2013:

          What did John say about you in those comments? “Too bad about Dublin Mick. He once seemed so promising. Now his brain is full of snakes.”

          Though I tire of you continually spamming links to your site, I don’t care what nonsense you credulously espouse, or even that you think you’re some kind of “Master” whose special knowledge earns you “the persecution of the unthinking multitude.”

          I just can’t abide your plagiarism.

        9. @Toni

          Lunacy from Toni what a surprise. Sunaj5 was right. You seem frustrated.

          If it twists your knickers why don’t you stop readying my posts. Do you have a scroll bar?

          Some people walk in the rain others just get wet.

          “Again, you have plagiarized in this forum. I guess I’m the only one whom this offends”

          Well maybe you are.

          Kaminsky there again thinks Hitler is some kind of hero, who cares what he thinks. Even darkly grew tired of this nazi and banned him.

          Quit whinging you obnoxious blow hard.

          I don’t which is worse your whining or the outdated boring youtube music you are prone to throw up in the middle of adult discussions.

        10. dublinsmick,

          I’m amused that you think that pasting borrowed text and posting links to more links constitutes having an adult discussion.

          You’ve made it clear that your conscience is not troubled by plagiarism. You think fraud doesn’t matter. But the truth is, when you steal intellectual property, you’re robbing somebody who did work you haven’t done. Moreover, you’re blind to the fact that you are short-changing your own mind.

          It could be argued that the main theme here at MHB is intellectual honesty. We’re lucky to see it demonstrated every day in the example of James Tracy, and others. It’s what most people here are striving to achieve. When you plagiarize in the MHB forum, you’re exhibiting the most profound disrespect for this idea, and by extension all the readers here.

        11. dublinsmick says:
          “Some people walk in the rain others just get wet (sic).”

          It shouldn’t come as a surprise that dublinsmick cribbed this quote from someone else, this time country singer and songwriter, Roger Miller:

          “Miller’s wit is deeply philosophical in the same way. It’s the second thought that counts, just as it did with Will Rogers. One line on the ABC late-night special exemplifies this type of humor-based-on-tragic-truth: “Some people feel the rain; others just get wet.”

        12. I made this up myself….No plagiarism….

          I am enlightened.

          He who go to bed with itchy Butt…

          Wakes up with….Finger you can fill in the Blanks enlightened ones.

          Another one I make up myself…..

          When is the temple Not White Weed Hopper?

          White is White and Not White is Not White….

          But in the Meantime……….

        13. I think we need a separate thread here 24/7 more consistent that Free Fridays that we will call:

          The Juice Did it/No they didn’t Blog until you guys figure out the “Juice” isn’t even from the Tribe of Judea.

          They Bad..Yep. The real problem who they really are reminds me of that DR. Pepper commercial…The most misunderstood Drink.

        14. Toni,
          You need to crank that song to 10!

          Forget about words or meanings just listen how Great the Music/Production is.

          As a musician first thats what I do.

          Then sometimes I decide I don’t the words or meaning but first I listen to the melody.

          I’m Crazy, Just haven’t got caught yet…..

        15. Ok, Ric, so I took it up to 11.

          I can see from the video and the lyrics you posted, why you like this song. I think I know what you mean by production, although it’s not what I look for first, that’s for sure.

          I don’t know if production values are enough to carry a song. Of course they’re great and everything, but I don’t even know if they are necessary. Haven’t you ever had a peak listening experience in less than optimal conditions, like on an old record or in a car with lousy speakers, for instance?

          One time I was waiting in a broke down car, and it was hot like 140 degrees, and ok I was a little high maybe. And that old Rolling Stones song “It’s All Over Now” came on the radio, and I swear, for some reason, it was best thing I ever heard. It was like I’d never heard the Rolling Stones before, or rock and roll even. I was sitting there too hot to move and it was like hearing it for the first time. I was rapt.

          It’s not even their best song. Sometimes conditions conspire to make these extraordinary listening experiences; you can’t create them or will them to happen. I think these conditions, both internal and external, can have more influence on the listener than production values.

          So, is that what you mean by production?

        16. ps Also…
          Ric says, “Forget about words or meanings just listen…”

          Is this a talent peculiar to musicians?

          As long as there are words, your advice is impossible for me to follow. Even with no words, I find meaning is still inextricable from the music.

        17. Good Words:

          And in the end we shall achieve in time, the thing we call divine
          When all the stars will smile for me
          Then all is well and well is all for all, and forever after
          Maybe in the meantime wait and see . . .


          We love the all, the all of you
          Our lands are green, and sky is blue
          When all in all, were just like you
          We love the all you

          And when I cry for me I cry for you, with tears of holy joy
          For all the days youve still to come
          And did I ever say Id never play, or fly towards the sun
          Maybe in the meantime somethings missing


          Well thats sounds fine, so well see ya sometime,
          And give my love to the future of humankind, OK, OK, its not OK
          And while its on my mind theres a girl to fit the crime
          For a future love dream that weve still to find, but in the meantime


      1. Bacqe is the one whose claims were refuted by other researchers. Among others Fergusson. And Micks earlier link concurs if you get yourself together and read it!
        I used to believe it too. But in retrospect it is absurd to think that german autorities would just ignore it if they were in the millions. When they were in the thousands however the germans wouldnt have a strong case.

  13. In fact Hitler and his boys stole the swastika. It didn’t even belong to them. This is a little unknown bit of history and will blow your mind.


    Tsar Nicolas displaying his swastika.

    1. Perhaps you’ll notice that the Tsar’s symbol (and that’s all it is, a symbol), which has been used and re-used for thousands of years, is backward, it is not the same as the Swastika used by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. One cannot “steal” a symbol.

        1. The swastika is from the Hindu’s (as far as we know) and has been a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and knowledge and Power from way before Hitler was ever a dream in his Father eye.

          Forget about Symbols. “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

          ZERO Symbols! Crosses, Fishes, Swastikas ANYTHING!!!

          There is NO such thing as this.

          Blind Faith.

        2. I usually play the Good/nice guy here because it’s pointless to engage people set in their own ways and I’m no one to tell you how think.

          Read ALL the Books.

          The Bible KJV, don’t forget the “Forbidden” Apocrypha…

          The Talmud, Koran and the Book of Mormon and all related books….

          It’s a disaster….I don’t know what to say. Your own your own.

          All the Annunaki, Egyptians Easter Island, Stone Henge, South American Killers are ALL from the World That Was Before Here.

          If you think the Egyptians built the Pyramids and the Pyramids in South American were built by some dummies in Mexico good luck.

          It was BEFORE this Age.

          That’s what the “Elites” and the Smithsonian Institute have been hiding from the Public.

          It doesn’t fit their narrative. Your a Monkey and they are “Blue Bloods” from the “Gods”

        3. The Flood the Hindus and the Annunaki, describe are not what some think.
          I’s Not Noah’s Flood

          This Entire world was Flooded before, to start this World Age and thats where it all Starts again in “Our” World and “Time”.

          The past relics are still here for us to marvel.
          How many Do? How Many care?

          That’s the difference between who seek, know and find and who are just doing the same thing they were doing before.

          That’s the Mystery of this Age.

          A New World Age is coming. You will remember Everything from your long Past.

          You have been Alive Forever.

          Now, back to my jokes…..

        4. Ric says:
          “I usually play the Good/nice guy here…”

          You’re just playing, Ric? I totally fell for it, you bastard.


          Ric, tell us about the past relics you mentioned that are still here for us to marvel.

        5. Chinese Say Their Pyramids Were Of The Era When Sons Of The Sky Landed In Iron Dragons. The pyramids in South America also exhibit vedic symbols which are the same as those found in India which I think goes a long way in establishing the fact that vedic civilization was once world wide.

          We have Arkaim in siberia, a swastika city, an observatory which makes Stonehenge look like a play toy.

    2. John Ruskin and Rudyard Kipling also used the swastika.
      And presumably many others. Since Bulwer Lyttons writing fueled the Nazi cultism one might think it came from that direction. That is confirmed by H G Wells one of the Round Table ideologues who wrote that the feebleminded Hitler took the Table’s special symbol the swastika in his 1933 novel The Shape of things to come.

  14. Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun had JEWISH ancestors according to ground-breaking DNA tests

    Scientific analysis found a sequence in the DNA, passed down from mother to daughter, which is strongly associated with the Ashkenazi Jews ethnic division.

    An estimated 80% of the world’s Jewish population is Ashkenazi, descended from medieval Jews who lived in central Europe having first settled in the Rhineland.

      1. Yes I did. It’s a re-upload and I watched it before and read Miles Mathis report also. I need to watch it again.
        I grew up not too far from there. Talk about hitting close to home!
        What a world huh?

  15. Fascinating discussion in this thread. Enjoyed it. I am a child of the 70’s. I LOVED all the WWII propaganda I consumed. Of course I did not realize it was propaganda. Based on what I was exposed to as a child, the US won WWII. And oh yea, the Russian’s fought the Germans too. In reality the Eastern Front dwarfed the Mediterranean and Western fronts. It was the Russians who defeated Germany. And would have without D-Day.

    I’ve read 50+ books on WWII. Watched countless WWII docs. Played serious WWII strategy games for years. And yet, I consider myself a WWII novice.

    WWII is about the British manipulating the Germans, Americans, and Russians to fight each other. With the goal being that the Germans and Russian would destroy each other. But they woefully underestimated the Russians. In fact everyone did. And it would be wise to not underestimate the Russians today.

    The British are still manipulating today. The CFR is a branch of the British RIIA, a creation of Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholar (Bill Clinton), Rhodes Society). The same CFR that Hillary said while Secretary of State that is was convenient to have a Washington branch from which to receive ‘orders’. Keep that in mind when thinking about Brexit.

    Hitler was no hero. He was just another egotist ruler, who was enamored with themselves. And egotist (Trump) are easily manipulated. For all you do is play on their ego. Thus Hitler, just like today, was just the poster boy. The puppet. The focus should not be on Hitler, but on those who surrounded him. Those who played him; Himmler, Goebbels, Göring, Borman, etc. But even more important to consider is who financed the rise of the 3rd Reich.

    It’s not the Throne, it’s the power behind the throne.

    Cui Bono?

    1. The word is getting around.

      Hitler & Stalin, Germany & Russia: The NWO Plot That Won’t Quit … Until Now!

      TMR Editor’s Note:

      The following broad assessment of the ongoing NWO scheme to take over the world by stealth and strongmen presented by “Here Comes The Sun” is a very simple yet quite penetrating analysis of the last 100 years.

    2. Kevin
      I agree in large measure with your characterization. However I see reason to believe that Hitler and the Nazis held a genuine affection for the germanic people. They were not cynical traitors in their own minds.
      This becomes more evident when the close parallell between the British imperialist mindset and the nazi emulation of it is layed bare. That part the British try to hide by banning books like Sarkisyanz book Hitler’s’ British inspirers(that is the title of the Irish edition).(Indian edition is titled How Hitler’s India was to be Russia) The nazis were performers like you (and Mick) say but more important is that the nazis were duped. They believed there was a future alliance with their admired Britain, if only certain conditions were fulfilled. Like sacrificing many german lifes for the protection of the British ideals of racial supremacy. Hitler even offered to protect the British colonies with german soldiers and the USSR was to be Germany’s ‘India’.
      And it wasnt just the Nazis who were duped, but most everybody although differing manners. The British doubled their roles. One for the postwar period with Churchill appearing as Hitlers foe. Another internally where Churchill and still more the other round tablers were both enemy and collaborator with Hitler.
      Some interesting details may be found in a book commisioned by Lyndon Larouche: The New Dark Age Conspiracy, ch4 The truth about Hitler. Last time I looked there was an online copy at The title may sound like any old sensationalist whatnot but it’s sources are solid.

  16. Re: the story on Judge Napolitano-
    If Judge Napolitano thinks this shooting was real what does he really know? This was obviously a False-Flag deception, anything on Fox has to be questioned as to their motives for presenting ANYTHING that is supposed to be truth-
    is this the PsyOp, the Judge is ASSUMING the shooting is a real shooting, but by questioning the details the fix is in-readers assume this was a real event

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