By ‘Mark Radziwon’
(MHB Commenter)

I have been following this event very closely, and am pretty up-to-date on all the videos and ideas that have emerged. First, I believe that the timing of this event – happening precisely the weekend that major US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off as candidates – adds suspicion to its origin.

Second, when you go over the google maps of the Pulse club and the hospital they were taken to, you can literally walk out of the front of the Pulse, look down the street and see the large emergency room of Orlando hospital, a level one trauma center. It is measured at 1200 feet feet from the door of the Pulse to the door of a level one trauma center.


If you were tasked with setting up a ‘false flag’ event like this, you would want to do it at 2am, when there would be the fewest number of outside witnesses, and you would want the smallest possible corridor from your shooting scene to the medical treatment facility – if you wanted to control all aspects of the false flag. 1200 feet from the pulse to a level me trauma center. 1200 feet. 

1200 feet.

Even if you make the assumption that many gay bars will be in the vicinity of downtown populated areas – say Christopher Street in NYC- how many gay clubs are located within 1200 feet of a level one trauma center? There cannot be that many.

Really, if you move the shooting 1200 feet, you are in the emergency room bay of a level one trauma center.

1200 feet.

The only argument for not taking a hundred casualties to multiple hospitals – which is the standard practice – why would you swamp a single hospital with a hundred casualties : the only possible excuse would be if that hospital is within sight of the crime scene. So this is just perfect for a scenario where you needed total control of the scene.

Now, most of the hoax community has done a great job of showing the probable use of crisis actors, in what appears to be an entirely manufactured scene – what I think hadn’t been focused on, and what can be studied by folks with audio and visual tech skills in the two videos below, which show footage from what appears to be the 5 am entry of a SWAT team into the club.

This is a different way of digging into it : this is audio and video of when they entered the club. If someone has the skills to decipher exactly what was said, and also try to augment the visual – this is the Zapruder film of the event. It needs to be dissected for every piece of info.

I think there is clearly a helicopter overhead, filming. So where is that info? It sounds like they are yelling drop the bomb – which is their concussion grenade, I think. Did they drill a hole in the bathroom wall and fire it in? Can this bomb, dropping into a closed bathroom, kill whatever it lands on?

There is an incredible volley of automatic gunfire – hundreds of bullets.

There is screaming of orders- what is being said? There is a minute or so of not firing, then yelling, then a single gun shot. What was that single gunshot? At the end, there is a mechanical pounding sound, like a machine is breaking in the wall.

What was the sequence of events here? There are later pictures of the wall where they busted thru, and there are some bullet holes in the wall, but not nearly as many as were fired. The firing sounds appear to be loud enough that the automatic volleys sound like they are from outside the club, not inside it.

In the videos, there are photos that appear to be taken from a helicopter. They do actually show the only photos I have seen so far that show realistic people – two, on gurneys. One is covered with a sheet – this is the only photo that looks real to me. That scene needs to be careful dissected. There appears to be medical personnel off to the side. Who are these people? They appear to be docs in white coats, but not at the hospital.

Are there traffic cams between the pulse and the ER? Can anyone hack footage from these?

I was trying to think how could you tell if these casualties actually came to this hospital, and were treated for these injuries? Well, you have a huge hospital system, with thousands of people who log in.

There should be hundreds of pages of documents showing treatment, and specific injuries.
More specifically, if they actually treated a hundred casualties that Sunday morning, there would be a vast record of blood bank use. The blood bank at that hospital should have vast documentation of all the units of blood used. If those documents are there- then maybe this occurred as it has been presented. But if there is not a vast record of blood bank use then there is a problem.

Again, as I said, the two videos I listed above have a lot of data about what transpired at 5am. This may be equal to the Zapruder film. What does it reveal, on microscopic examination.? I think I can make out, towards the end, that the film actually shows people exiting thru the hole in the wall. With contemporary forensic software – I think all this can be seen. Maybe there are clues therein.

So far, there is no rational explanation for why most people did not escape thru the exits. There is no rational explanation for why there is a three hour delay between the initial shooting at 2 AM, and the SWAT team entering at 5 am. It is totally insane to have left all those people to bleed to death over three hours. It would not happen in any normal situation. Not happen. Not happen.

Someone needs to explain why one of the worst massacres in US history took place 1200 feet from a level one trauma center, at 2 in the morning, on a weekend days after Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate, and needs a Big Bang start to the summer.
In a gay nightclub, when LGBT is the hot topic issue.

Paul Craig Roberts offered 25,000 reward if anyone could offer video footage that actually shows real casualties, and any evidence that there was real shooting and injured bodies.

[Note: MHB cannot find evidence that Dr. Roberts offered a $25K reward for such footage. However, the Huffington Post Bloggers Club has in fact offered the equivalent amount “for information leading to [confirmation of] a false flag at Orlando.”-Ed.]

The above two videos are the best evidence that SOMETHING happened, and the shot taken from the helicopter shows, in my experience, an ACTUAL severely wounded, and probably one dead – victim. This is the place to start. This is the Zapruder film. What was the exact sequence of events here? What can be heard? What can be seen? What is that lone single final gunshot?

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  1. The eight docs who spoke at the press conference for the hospital could never have treated all he so called victims. I just visited an emergency room and when a difficult case comes in all the docs on duty and some of the nurses pile into one room to administer emergency relief. Here’s a funeral oration complete with a really large poster of the alleged deceased, which I’ve never seen at a funeral before – but it looks great on TV. Son of Mccool is hysterical at the podium but he shows no real tears despite wiping his eyes. As to the above “Zapruder” film, it’s so dark that it’s impossible to tell where it was shot and when.

  2. Ok. So I’m going to present a hypothesis to see if it fits. Feel free to attack and dissect:

    I used to work in professional theatre and have been engaged in Stage Managing lots of different performance types. I have a good angle on how something like this would be staged were it given to the mindset of somebody with similar experience to my own. That is to say, if I were asked how I might perpetrate something like this then how would I go about it ?

    OK…Lets start with 10 people. 1 lead actor, 2 supporting actors and 7 cast members. These people spend from 6 to 12 months inserting themselves into the club and its clientele. They befriend them, get the layout and get seen in and around the community.

    Security at the venue has to be compromised in order to create the desired performance and therefore we can assume that club ownership is compromised. Perhaps financial difficulty or some other insentive.

    On the night in question our lead actor (Omar) enters the venue alongside his two handlers and 7 cast members. Omar has a blank firing AR15, the two handlers carry simple glocks. The 7 cast members have their wounds and blood bags at the ready (think Boston).

    Omar begins his “Allah Akbar” gun spraying whilst the 7 cast members begin to drop to the ground, spill the red corn syrup, reveal their latex monster make-up, all the time shouting to regular club goers to get out, he’s got a gun etc….

    Clubbers head for the door but the security on the other side blocks it because he needs everyone to remain in place to bear witness to the carnage.

    The two handlers expertly provide lower limb shots to a variety of real clubbers to mark them out as real witnesses in preparation for the realism of the media “after-show”

    And that’s about it. Witnesses will describe the dead as their friends and parade their wounds for the cameras et…..

    Is this merely just a troupe of promenade performers putting on a spectacle; a horror show for the consumption of the patrons ?

    It seems to have the hallmarks of 21st century performance tropes: the promenade realism of Punchdrunk Theatre Company and the hit and run thrill of the flash mob:

    I dunno, just typing out loud.

    1. I agree.

      This is how you get “Real” people involved that become your “useful Idiots” including LE..

      The video of all the FBI walking down the street trying to find ??? makes great video. I’ll be not One of them were allowed to enter the Club. Now they have become part of Circus.

    2. This is my guess also. I think it’s possible that there were some wounded innocent bystanders, but that’s about it and the rest was an act to convince everyone that people were dying. All of the witnesses we see on TV are part of the act, though.

  3. “The above two videos are the best evidence that SOMETHING happened, and the shot taken from the helicopter shows, in my experience, an ACTUAL severely wounded, and probably one dead – victim. This is the place to start. ”

    ” photos that appear to be taken from a helicopter. They do actually show the only photos I have seen so far that show realistic people – two, on gurneys. One is covered with a sheet ”

    There is No One on either of those Gurneys. 1 is empty with a white sheet, the other one he covers up is loaded with something (supplies?)
    It is Not a Human Body.

    Am I missing something? I certainly did Not see any bodies.

    1. There is a little trick at work here. Remember what I’ve said about whether anyone dying, etc., not being the definer of reality? Whether they stage the whole thing, save all actors to play another day, or gun down the lot of ’em like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, is not the quality of “real”. Or said another way, “something happened”.

      If one believes that these things are happening as advertised, complete with all the anomalies clearly in evidence, it is a waste of time to bother trying to convince them. These are simply another phase of the New World Odor’s preliminary work necessary to ushering in their reign.

      We would all do better to simply shout “B.S” and laugh in their faces. I too get interested in some of the details, simply because they are so implausible. I know people who are far more frightened of the facts than the fiction.

      I sort of see these as “World Wide Wrestling Goes 3D”. The scripts are suitable for “Swamp People” or “Pawn Stars”. All of this is framed by that pod of chattering bipedal primates on “News TV”. The day I begin to have faith in the population is the day I see these mutts chased down the street.

  4. Don’t think for a second that multiple ambulances from various hospitals wouldn’t be there for bodies. There is big money to be made in organ donation these days.

  5. Personally I have already placed this event in the psyop category along with many others from recent years. The many incisive questions and unexplained anomalies take this event out of the realm of what this would have looked like had it been a real massacre but does fit well as a facilitating operation for political agenda on a myriad of issues: guns and the 2nd Amendment, terrorism – meaning Islamic terrorism, never the west’s terrorist activities, surveillance and security agency self importance, division of the people on a “hot” topic button issues, just off the top of my head.

    Unfortunately the rapid speed with which the public has laid bare this operation as a fake, even if some deaths and injuries did take place, does not bode well for what these types of operations may look like in the future. This fact will not be lost on those who orchestrate such events which may induce the conspirators to make “real” events with much blood and death in coming attacks as per the Gladio operations that were seen in Italy and Europe, with the many bombing deaths and injuries directed against the innocent public for political expedience.

  6. The Zapruder film has been proven to be altered using high resolution scans AND over 50 Witnesses in Dealy Plaza including some Motorcade policeman have testified that the limo came to a momentary stop just before the final head shot on JFK which the Zapruder film does not show…..

    The above video I suspect is fake too as it could have been taken anywhere at anytime…..we are only being told that it is a video showing the entry of the Swat team into the club.

    Please find the link below to the aftermath of the Eaton Mall shooting in Toronto in 2012. Please note the hundreds of bystanders taking cell phone video of the ambulance transporting the fatally wounded gunmen to the hospital….this is what we should see in Orlando only multiplied by 100……

    1. Sorry, but the Eaton Center shooting was just another fake. They simply allow more witness participation in Canada. One “witness” to the Eaton shooting, Jessica Ghawi, was later “killed” at Aurora. even texted a friend about seeing some guy dressed in a batman suit at the Eaton mall before the shooting! Then there is the Baumanesque recovery of 13 year old Connor Stevenson:

      1. Please find the security video from the Eaton Mall shooting…..the aftermath video I have already posted….. I believe these videos need no ” decifering” as you can clearly see the the mall, food court, time stamp on the videos and the panic that ensues along with the fatally wounded gunmen… I believe we should be seeing something similiar to this in Orlando and all the other hoax shootings although I recognize the Orlando shooting was at night…
        Yes the Ghawis Jordan and Jessica were total fakes…..but I believe the Eaton Centre shooting to be real….

  7. The video footage (top video) doesn’t seem to show anything. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t see anything significant throughout its entirety. However, the audio might be far more revealing.

    Doesn’t seem to me to be shot from a helicopter, but perhaps it is. Seems more like a high vantage point such as the roof of a building.

    However, the argument about the trauma center is very compelling.

    Honestly, I have been avoiding news coverage of this event because I don’t trust a bit of it. The best news source of which I know is MHB.

    Thank you for your idea contributions. I wish I could enhance the video and make something of it, but I wasn’t able to distinguish anything due to the extremely low light.


  8. There is a company called Crisis Cast, I believe, that has an official website outlining what they do. High definition, realistic, crisis situations used for training purposes…they have a production crew, psychoanalyst, a handler, and a huge team of actors set up for any circumstance you could need them for. What strikes me as odd is when you click on the affiliates section, the company “G4S” pops up right in the middle…correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the same company Omar worked for? More craziness…the pulse nightclub, even on a Saturday had always had the same schedule. At 1:50a.m. they starry turning on the lights to let people know they’re closing…AT 2a.m.! Why were all those people still in there? Why was it still so dark? There are so many inconsistencies with this it’s almost too easy to dissect and disprove.

  9. This NOT the Zapruder film of the event. The Zapruder film, although altered, records an event in which someone actually died. The dark video supposedly showing the SWAT team entering the Pulse “records” an event with NO proven deaths.

    Aside from this, NONE of the footage released by the media, NONE of the alleged witnesses, NONE of the doctors, etc., can be assumed to be real or truthful, as the entire event was an elaborately (albeit poorly) scripted performance. This has been shown now many times over.

    At this point, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go back and re-read the articles and comments at this site and elsewhere.

  10. Okay. My comment was made into a guest post. I am fine with that but it was made as an informal comment, and not written as something that is a freestanding “Post”.
    Anyway, let me clear up something, before people get off on it. I did mistakenly state that I thought there were injured and dead on the gurneys. I had looked at it very quickly, and froze framed it, and the side gurney on the right looked like it was blood stained – but, watching it again, I see it isnt. I am not sure what is going on on that left gurney. It appears that a sheet is stuffed with something, and tied off on the top. Supplies? Dont know.
    What I want to communicate- and especially now that it is undergoing the scrutiny of being a post – is that I think that segment is taken from a helicopter- and it is different than other footage we see. But the MAIN thing I wanted, was for someone with forensic softwarie skills to look at the video I posted of the SWAT entry, and also the two videos I posted of the first gun battle, at just after twoAM – with the idea that these films can be sharpened and lightened and zoomed in on. Making the claim that this may be the Zapruder film is a little grandiose – but there is also a chance that you can make out what happened as the SWAT team entered thru the West Wall. They seem to be saying that Mateen stepped out thru this hole, and was killed in that barrage of automatic fire. If that is the case, then that may be seeable on this video,
    I saw an interview with the guy who took the swat entry footage, and I will get that source up here later – but my memory is that he said he was on second floor, across the street, taking the video. I have looked at google earth of the pulse area, and there is a two or three story private residence that has a fairly good view of the west wall where they were breaking thru. The only other two story near there is on the north side of the building. I need to take some time to figure out – based on the street lamps, and any other clues- which direction this vid was filmed from. I am also going to ifnd buy and download some forensic digital software – to see what I can find. I dont know if anything can be seen – but there is only one way to find out. I guess I will do it this myself.

    So, please don’t think that my mistakes are any disinformation plot – I was just rapidly putting out ideas and video links. Just to get them out there, to see if other people had any good ideas. I think if you read my posts, you may see that I am off my meds – but I am actually trying to figure this out.

    1. Thank you Mark for your efforts. We know this event did not go down the way it is being reported, so we are all trying to sort through the lies.

      Keep up the excellent work, brother.

  11. And another thing 🙂 No, really… A good place to start might be Wikipedia. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. As James alluded to in his most recent article (if I remember correctly), Wikipedia is taking on a sort of aura of finality akin to the traditional role of The New York Times.

    Why focus on Wikipedia article? Because it is the quintessential crystallization of the propaganda so far. Perhaps employing linguistic deconstruction à la Jacques Derrida would be a fruitful methodology to understand in exactly what dimensions we are meant to be duped by the conspirators.

    First is the “official” title (or entry): 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. Not very imaginative. No overt propaganda yet.

    But then comes the problematic introduction or summary in which no (zero) sources are cited. Not that we’d believe mainstream sources anyway, but no one has bothered to even attempt connecting the narrative to the cachet of various publications.

    Getting into the meat of the article, we are met with one implausibility after another. Not much of it seems to make sense as having been a real event in any way whatsoever.

    Significantly, the article asks no questions. There are very few gray areas. A mere nine days after the attack all of the pieces are in place. The narrative is set in stone.

    Notice for instance the disproportionate attention (amount of text) given to such tertiary areas as “Aftermath” and “Reaction” when compared to the most essential “facts” (which should be in “Attack”).

    Also notice the out-of-order nature of the logic flow. “Investigation” comes considerably after “Perpetrator”.

    An essential element (method) is that the veracity of the attack is being confirmed by tangentially-related events. Because U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power went to the Stonewall Inn gay club in NYC to show solidarity for the reputed dead, that means the attack happened.

    This is also an example of Guy Debord’s spectacle theory. A key idea of his was that (to paraphrase), “that which is good appears, and that which appears is good”. He makes clear that the opposite is true (in the twisted “society of the spectacle”).

    Because our questioning views of this event don’t appear in the major news outlets, our views are not good. The story which has appeared (in almost identical form over a vast array of different media) is good (correct) simply because it has appeared.

    I will say this. Even the venal, craven Google has been hesitant to disappear the second most popular Orlando search term (after simply “Orlando shooting”): Orlando shooting hoax.

    There’s hope yet! All of this is a process…of being scared to speak out, and then speaking out again, and drawing back with fear, and finding courage once more.


    1. I have gone over the video of the SWAT entry. As far as I can make out, most of it is shot from one place, but near the end, it breaks, and switches to a different, ground level view.

      If I am correct – and this is just a first quess – if you take where the trees appear to be, and that it is from a second or third story view point- and I think I can see part of the pulse sign, and what appears to be street lamps: if you line all this up, I am thnking this is being filmed from roof of 25 Kaley Street – just North of the pulse.
      At about 20 seconds into the video, the camera swings for an instant to the left – very quickly – but I think it shows the edge of the building he is shooting from, and this looks like front of 25 Kaley street.
      IF this is where it is from, it would offer a view of the West side of the building. When you watch the video, there are figures seen moving about in the area where you would guess they were going thru the wall.
      This is kinda fun. To me – it is feeling like looking from a third floor book depository window, down onto a crime scene. Cant say this going anywhere at all – but it is exciting (for me). The audio alone is so packed with sounds and gunfire and commands.

      1. A good question might be to ask who had access to the roof of 25 Kaley St. and why (or, rather, how). What is that building? Residential of commercial? How many stories tall?

        Your perception must be better than mine because I couldn’t make anything of the video visually whatsoever. I didn’t notice the break in vantage point (of which you speak).


        1. 25 Kaley Street looks like an office building. I don’t know if it was shot from roof or third floor.
          You can go to google earth and put the address in and it will show you the view from there.
          As far as perception goes- you need ahi def pc monitor.
          The vid shakes around so much it is like riding a bronco. Once you figure out where you need to look, you will see what I described clear as day. Once you see it, you are amazed you didn’t see it before.
          I am hoping a good number of people take the time to see what I have found.

      2. Also, it might be beneficial to enlist the services of someone conversant in battlefield damage assessment (BDA). Thierry Meyssan leveraged this specialty to great effect in his excellent book Pentagate. There are, I believe, other specialties within photo interpretation. I’m sorry I can’t help you in enhancing the video.

        It reminds me most of all of the unwatchable documentary which was given to Banksy before he decided to remake the whole thing himself as Exit Through the Giftshop. Which is to say, unwatchable.

        As an audio document, it might be very revealing indeed. There’s certainly some potentially audible (interpretable) sonic information there. I haven’t revisited it with headphones.


  12. One of the main reasons that these staged shootings take place inside buildings is that the crime scene is easily controlled. The Sandy Hook school, the Pulse nightclub, the church basement in Charleston, the conference room at San Bernardino, the classrooms at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, and the Broad Arrow Cafe in Port Arthur Australia are all familiar examples. This is done so that unauthorized people are not able to witness or photograph the event. However, this creates a logistical problem for the narrative when large quantities of ammunition are said to have been used by the perpetrator. High powered rifle ammunition makes a lot of smoke. Hundreds of rounds of 5.56mm rifle ammo fired in an enclosed space will inevitably set off smoke detectors, resulting in the dispatch of the local fire department within minutes. This may be something that the planners of such events cannot easily control and thus seek to avoid. In fact, all indoor shooting ranges are equipped with elaborate air handling systems to cope with the smoke problem. Watch this video of one system being tested: Why didn’t the smoke alarms go off at the Pulse nightclub? No fire alarms are audible in the few videos that the public has been shown.

    1. Exactly, it’s all done indoors. And we also have that Orlando Craigslist ad for security guards that ran just days before the event, and I believe it even said it was an “urgent need”. They probably have these rent-a-cops there to make sure that no “outsiders” get near the event’s location.

        1. Yes, somewhere, but I will need to find it on my desktop…where I can actually see what I’m looking at. ?

      1. The nurses in training to simulate wounds in a training event in late 2015 is dead giveaway. No doubt you vet nurses who would be willing to be a part of something like these. Most likely those in favor of gun control. You explain to them they are being patriots, they are going to make America safer etc etc etc.

        Why else do you train nurses to simulate mass casualty wounds?

  13. I don’t have the necessary forensic skills for video, however I did download the video in question, enhanced the brightness and played with the gamma setting in VLC, and watched it again. The problem is, you can brighten black all you want and all you get is a sort of grey. This revealed a few more murky details (like you can see a car sitting in the background), but nothing of substance. I think the purpose of this video was strictly for the audio, and not to reveal anything visual at all. It may as well have been created by Orson Welles at the Mercury Theater in 1938, because it certainly has the same purpose, to hoax the public and create fear.

    Humorously, I was thinking after that last single gunshot, I expected to hear someone say “Oops, my bad!“. Because you certainly don’t hear what you would expect from a cop shooting a single gunshot, like “Clear! The actor is down!“.

    I do have the Zapruder film, broken down into its 486 individual frames. There is ample evidence of extensive tampering, and I would not call the video good evidence at all.

    Bookbiter’s hypothesis is as good as any other, and no doubt contains bits of how it actually went down.

    As far as I’m concerned, once any single element is falsified as a hoax in one of these “events”, then the entire operation is falsified as a hoax. A known liar’s testimony must always be considered irretrievably tainted. When so many elements of the “event” are so falsified and tainted, then I would rest easy after sending these people to the gallows, and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

    1. Thanks for doing that THX. I will try the forensic software sometime today. I agree about that single late gunshot – sounds like someone accidentally fired.
      I agree that everything is tainted is you know there is a hoax. But, still, isnt it worth pursuing whatever clues we have?

      I mean, however it went down – things happened there that night. It wasnt just a normal closing, and locked the place up – and all the stuff is fabricated. Events did take place there – very possibly staged events, but even if this were the case, it seems like an opportunity to catch them in a lie. If I drink like five espressos, cut with redbull, maybe I could try to do a transcript of what the audio reveals.

    2. “As far as I’m concerned, once any single element is falsified as a hoax in one of these “events”, then the entire operation is falsified as a hoax.”

      Thank you for saying that, it is my sentiments as well. We have seen these liars do what they do best time and again ~ LIE. I wouldn’t believe a word they said if they had their tongues notarized! If a witness is caught lying in court, the judge can and should disregard every other statement that liar makes. I think one of the hallmarks of these events is to confuse, frustrate, and infuriate people to the point that there will be some kind of uprising; I am convinced that those in power in this country are salivating for a civil war. And they will most likely get one. The American people are not the enemy of each other, the enemy is the crooked government. I have also found that it is crucial to be cognizant of what is going on outside the public’s view during the times when these “events” are being carried out. When the magician is trying to make you look at his right hand, you had better be watching what his left hand is up to.

      1. Absolutely! And we know just what that “left” hand was recently up to: Gun Control legislation”they” attempted to ram through Congress(just failed in the Senate) oh so soon after this “mass murder of all times”, “the worst mass shooting in American history”, “the grrrreatest show on earth”. If it sounds like a summer blockbuster, it’s because IT IS! And that’s what the Orlando shooting was: a summer blockbuster complete with C & D list crisis actors! On the bright side, we didn’t have to reserve tickets for this cheap ride.

      2. That is sound logic,
        however what we really get is a high degree of certainty it is false,
        we have reached the threshold where we have made a sound decision, but we rarely get %100 evidence from our vantage point, at least for some time, usually,
        which is why we continue to expose all inconsistencies-
        not because we have serious doubt, but we are looking for the smoking gun to depose all the players

  14. The post has created some good discussion here, which we’re thankful for. We don’t agree with every published post. At the same time, the writer mixes interesting observations with red herrings, such as the following:

    The above two videos are the best evidence that SOMETHING happened, and the shot taken from the helicopter shows, in my experience, an ACTUAL severely wounded, and probably one dead – victim.

    No doubt something indeed did happen (a mass casualty drill, perhaps?) but whether it’s anything close to what major media have reported is another matter entirely, as some commenters have pointed out.

    This is characteristic of the so-called ‘alternative’ media today that draw attention to irrelevant element of such complex events, thereby prompting an otherwise critical-minded demographic to unwittingly accept the staging and mediated re-presentation of official storylines.

    The techniques are multi-faceted. For example, one need look no further than certain ‘alternative’ reportage of the Boston Marathon bombing and its focus on apparent mercenaries at the scene, or even reruns of animated prime time television programs, as maneuvers to emphasize the ‘bombing’s’ alleged authenticity to those ‘liberty-loving’ masses …

    even though the entire affair was an elaborate motion picture-style production.

    An argument can certainly be made that the author is seeking a similar response from MHB readers/commenters.

    The Zapruder analogy is also very problematic for a number of reasons, some of which have been elaborated below.

    1. I have spent more time watching the SWAT entry video. Here is a video I made explaining what I think is the vantage point at which it was taken from. I am certainly not an expert on this, but I think there are enough things seen in video to be able to orient the video.
      here is my video explaining:

      If this is right, and other viewers can confirm this – I think the video and audio are looking almost directly over the face of the west wall- where the SWAT team entered, and reportedly where Mateen came out and was shot (or someone came out). The trees obscure some of what is happening. The audio sounds so loud and clear that my guess is that it is happening right in front of this guys cellphone- across the street.
      The way the cameraman seems to refexively react – by swinging the camera – to each sound, makes me think he is close to action.

      I think I have gone some way to establish that this audio and video are shot from a roof top at 25 West Kaley St, and has a view, obstructed by a line of trees – a view of the SWAT entry at 5AM.

      That is as far as I can take this. If ayone has forensic video skills that allow one to focus in on an area, I think there is a great deal of activity visible in the lower right quadrant of the screen. I also think you can see, as the automatic guns are fired – you can see glinty reflections in this area.
      That’s all I have. Good luck with it.

      1. No, sunaj, Tracy did not vet this guy. The truth is, he will publish anyone, and I do mean anyone. He even published me, a couple of times.

        Seriously though, the point is that it’s the reader who should vet the article, if not the author of the article. Don’t rely on Tracy to do it for you. It’s not his job. He’s notorious for throwing out red herrings. The reader is supposed to catch them. That’s your job.

        Still, he does give advice if you’re paying attention. Think about what he wrote earlier today in the comment to which you now reply with your question:

        “This is characteristic of the big-time ‘alternative’ media today that draw attention to irrelevant element of such complex events, thereby prompting an otherwise critical-minded demographic to unwittingly accept official narratives.”

        Your question also prompts me to repeat the comment I just made to you in another thread:

        “Developing ideas is the work of the individual, and must be accomplished individually, without compromise, if one wishes to know the world uninfluenced by external authority.”

        1. Toni you need to seriously get laid,
          My question is perfectly valid and I along with many commenters have already demonstrated our ability and practice of researching the information-asking Dr. Tracy relevant questions is part of that process,
          and if you have such misgivings about Dr. Tracy’s blog and his veracity I’m not sure why you are here
          furthermore it is a matter of record I answered your question,
          apparently it wasn’t the answer you wanted-so solly

        2. Ok, sunaj. Simmer down. You totally misread my comment. For the record, I have no misgivings about Tracy or the blog.

          I guess you’re just a terrible reader who can’t understand what you’re reading. I was just hoping to help you with that, but never mind. No more friendly advice from me then.

          Carry on with your numerous, mindless comments.

        3. Sunaj57, are you a man or a women?

          This road we don’t cross here, Common Decency.

          “Toni you need to seriously get laid”….Really?

          Yes, Chivalry can sometimes be a good thing.

        4. Lets agree it wasn’t clearly stated,
          re: the rest of your last two posts-you def need to get-
          That’s cute you liking Ric’s post:)
          Ric its not like you to be so preachy, live and learn:)
          Moving right along….

        5. sun: Ric isn’t the only one concerned with your choice of words. “Restraint of pen and tongue” is a virtue.(one I certainly struggle with,too.)

        6. Ray says:
          “Restraint of pen and tongue” is a virtue.(one I certainly struggle with,too.)”

          Me, too, Ray. Thanks.

    2. I certainly agree. This is a case in point. This is supposedly two gun shop guys, one in a cold dead hands tee shirt, the other in a black rifles matter shirt.

      Strangely they appear to accept people died at this so called club. In my opinion this youtube does two things. It reinforces to black people that maybe gun control is good idea. On the other it may be a subtle attempt to reinforce the idea the shooting was real to gun enthusiasts.

      1. These two strike me as typical conservative gun crowd,
        I don’t see any mysterious messages from their shirts, the “From my cold dead hands” is a battle cry for gun rights/Charleton Heston NRA leader, and lots of people use various slogans with the “Lives Matter” (“Black labs matter”) as a gentle ribbing of the whole concept behind the slogan “Black Lives matter,” this is pretty common across our culture,
        they seem to know their guns, as good country boys do, but need a lot of schooling on politics, which is a very common malady for gun toting conservatives, hell these guys elected Bush and some of them still think they are honest politicians
        they are caught up in the PsyOp, they are unwittingly embracing and broadcasting by assuming this is a real event, hence the video is a FAIL

    3. I suppose you’re implying that the Family Guy episode was “predictive programming.” But I only see common tropes that can be taken from American life at anytime: cell-phone bomb detonation, violence to fans and competitors by racecars, an up-coming sports event. To mash-up a car race with a running race and make it violent is characteristic of McFarland’s humor. He’s not my favorite.

      Still, as related by the videomaker, it’s the vociferous protest afterward from youtube, McFarland, et el, that is problematic and compels the viewer to question the official narrative and it’s vigorous defenders.

  15. The video of the shooting was pretty worthless,
    the second video the subject of delayed police response was useful but otherwise not a particularly good film, certainly not enough to get this excited about a so called “Zapruder film”

  16. This post which I found on one of Dr. Eowyn’s article is worth repeating:
    “Kevin J Lankford | June 21, 2016 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    To believe this; to believe that this james wesley howell claim is for real, then one would have to believe there were real casualties in Orlando”

  17. Orlando Omar & Yoga Satora, Gay Bars on the Wayback Machine.

    The pulse online 10 years after they opened.The oldest gay clubs in Orlando started 2 years ago after opening 30 years ago.
    Downtown has a late night problem.Disney is trying to reign in the gays as Obama supports it.Shooting in Feb.,2 died 10 injured.Too much Sex,Drugs and Dance.
    Omar’s wife Satora is probably a follower of Yoga and not Islam.Her name is from the Japanese “Satori” from enlightenment,sometimes instant.

    1. Disney is trying to reign in the gays-huh? They ar prime movers in the conspiracy to promote the LGBT/pedophile agenda across this country to subvert and break down the bonds of society as part of the Protocols of Zion

      1. The point was specifically in reference to the gay population of Orlando’s downtown revelers.I was not referring to their company politics.If the drug induced all night partying effects the businesses and
        Disney World will the local issue take precedence.

  18. Picky perhaps, but “There is an incredible volley of automatic gunfire – hundreds of bullets.”

    Incorrect on the type of fire. What you’re hearing are a large number of semi-automatic weapons firing at a high rate, and this seems to be an totally undisciplined response especially with the presence of “civilians.”

    The audio strongly suggests that all this firing was occurring outside the building; however, that’s quite difficult to nail down with 100% certainty.

    After the lull, I could clearly hear one saying “Reloading!” which indicates that at least one of them fired a complete 20/30 rounds during the barrage.

    With regard to the delayed SWAT action, the gentleman is precisely correct that the protocol of immediate assault is undertaken at the first indication of loss of life at the hands of the hostage taker. However, the audible evidence of completely undisciplined weapons engagement strongly suggests an extreme lack of proper tactical training for this type of scenario in a civilian environment.

    1. Thank you very much for that insight.
      Maybe you can add some details that I am still confused about.
      The official story is that they somehow made a hole in the wall and then threw a concussion grenade into one of the bathrooms. They say that then Mateen came out thru that hole, and they shot him: presumably outside.
      That incredible volley of sustained gunfire, then, should be them all firing at Mateen.
      Why he would have come out thru the wall also makes little sense.
      My question is – what formation would the swat team be in? Would they be in a V, each responsible for an arc of fire? They obviously don’t want to shoot each other- so they aren’t likely spread out.
      In the later pictures of the wall – you don’t see that many bullet marks. I didn’t count them but maybe thirty bullet marks- with maybe two hundred rounds fired. Besides bullets hitting the wall, and hitting the shooter- the rest went where? Maybe thru the hole?
      I haven’t been keeping up with news today, but I haven’t heard anyone say that any swat guys were inside the building, approaching from a second direction.
      Anyway, since you have a trained eye, and I think you watched the video carefully- can you see the multiple figures moving around by the west wall – after the shooting? Maybe you can recognize something I can’t see. At one point, after the volley- and I think right after that single shot- someone lights a flashlight and you suddenly are able to see more activity.
      I think there may be information in this tape because I think it is a view of the west wall area, and you have excellent audio. The more I stare at the video, the more I get oriented to what I am seeing. I think I can see the edges of the dumpsters on the south west edge of the building.
      I need to figure out precisely where the holes in the wall should be, and focus on that area, and see what may be flickering by.

      1. If you go to 2:27 in the video – it is immediately after that single gunshot, and the cameraman very suddenly zooms into a lit up area. I just clicked, frame by frame, from 2:27 on a few seconds, and I am pretty sure that you are seeing the hole in the wall – the shape is right, and you can see the thickness of the wall the same as the after photos- and you see figures going in and out of the hole.

        I need to get more confirmation that this is what am looking at. Then, if we know where the hole in the wall IS in the video, need to focus on that area when the gun volley happens. see if anything can be seen.

  19. I dont know if anyone is still looking at this thread – but I think I have found something that requires a good looking at.

    I started out saying that this was the Zapruder film of the Orlando shooting – really just to inspire someone to look careefully at that video of the SWAT team entry at 5AM. I wanted it looked at, and, if nothing was found – that would be the end of this avenue of digging.

    Well, I have found something that I think – quite shockingly – is a man can be seen to be taken down and then shot in the head. I am not kidding. Not at all. I made a video that leads you to the point where this can be seen- and I need someone with police/military experience to take some time to follow me. If you see what I point out – I think you will agree.

    Please have patience.
    First, you have to look carefully at the SWAT video (above, in main post). You have to orient to the pulse sign, street lamps, roof edges.
    Once you get used to the video, you will see, off to the center right- below the two sttreet lamps- there is a parked cop car with its lights siren lights running in a side to side pattern. Once you can see that cop car light, just below it, is the action on the west wall, as they are entering. At about 1:24 seconds in, in this area under the police car lights, a small area suddenly appears lit, and you can watch this area as a movie within a movie. As you watch, you can see the shape of a man apparently being taken from a standing position, down to the ground, then you see him – behind someones legs- he raises his head and there is a very quick bright flash and his head drops. That is all you see. It is after the main shooting, and there is no sound to accompany the sudden flash and his head dropping. If you watch it several times, you get the distinct impression that it is an execution, I can see no other reasonable explanation for that sudden flash, and his head instantly drops, If this is real- and I think it is – we have evidence of an execution. This is very significant. The man is down, raising his head, and is shot.

    Please look carefully at that segment. I have made a video that slows down this segment. On this video, the gunshot to the head comes at 33 sec on that video.

    Frankly – this is one of the most amzing things I have ever seen.

    so please orient to what I am talking about on the original video, then look at my video:

    1. Also, didnt see this until now – at 2:27 on the SWAT video – you suddenly see about six guys rush in and it looks like they are chasing someone. There is action in this vid if you take the time to look at it.

      1. Oh, SHIIITE! I didnt watch the video with sound – at 2:27 – you can see them rush in, and it looks like they are chasing someone- and THAT is when that single gunshot happened. Freaking AMAZING!!!
        go to 2:27, with audio – they rush in after someone and BAM, that lone gunshot. It is all there!!!!

        1. OH – you need to watch this video on a big high def PC Monitor. You see much more than on a small mobile device.

        2. Thinking about this more: I think it is significant that we have been told that Mateen was shot, presumably outside the building in that long volley of gunshots. If that were the case, who was shot in the head on the ground? And, after Mateen is apparently dead- you see them rush in, looking like they are chasing someone, and then a single shot is fired.
          If we never get to see the security cam footage – this video at least raises possible evidence for multiple shooters- and there story unravels.
          If this video can be enhanced I think it raises real questions and we can demand answers.
          Who were they chasing- and what was that gunshot? Mateen was already dead.

        3. The sequence goes like this: SWAT member yells I got him, I got him, I got him. Another SWAT says Raise your hands
          Another SWAT says turn on the lights. Then they turn on the lights and you can make out a guys head, maybe in a kneeling position, then you see the guys head nearer the ground, and he rasises it up, and there is a quick flash. When you watch this on the original video – instantly after this flash – his head and shoulders drop and there is a little impact bounce when his head hits the ground. This is consisitent with how the body would react to a gun shot to head. It is an instantaneous – simultaneous with flash – instantaneius downward movement, and bounce showing the force at which the head took the force from the bullet.

  20. The gun contrlol agenda is global, and we can not be sure if this is aimed at banning guns in the US or elsewhere. This story is used by politicians in the EU as well as in the US (and elsewhere) to further their gun control agendas. Support the European gun owners if you can:

  21. is this the “latest” theatre shooting(Germany), or is the shooting “theatre”? No “live feeds” yet, so I assume it isn’t THAT BIG a “summer blockbuster” GLADIO “strategy of tension” – like event(unlike the “fake” Congress sit-in movement for GUN CONTROL), but I’ll let you MHB commenters be the judge on this one.

  22. Correction in orientation that this video was taken from.

    It was taken from apartment 25a, second floor balcony, this is a building that is SOUTH west of the club. On West Esther Street. When you go to google earth, this gives a closer look at the scene, and is less obstructed by trees.
    I need to watch it with this new orientation in mind.

    Here is interview with the guy who took the video.

    David Ward describes seeing the Orlando shooting from his yard

    1. I have now spent time orienting to this video being shot from second floor balcony of apt 25A, W Esther Street. A few things become imptortant when realize view is from this angle. First, you can see, if you study it carefully, you now see that the Pulse sign is clearly seen from this Southern view – and you can also see the south face roof edge of the Pulse club. This is the side with the main entrance. A tree still somewhat obscures your view. Main new orienting feature is that you can see that large utility pole, with the two white canisters, and the two lights. You can see that this provides a way, seen from this apartemnt viewpoint, of marking more clearly what is South of this pole (appearing to the right of the pole in the video). What is strange, with this new orientation, is that most of the lit up activity in this video seems to be taking place in the Dunkin Donuts parlikng lot, which is right across street from main entrance, on south side of pulse.

      This also explains something I couldnt figure out early – one of the SWAT guys yells out, “Were at Dunkin Donuts” I thought that was strange, becasue I thought I was looking at the West Wall. Now it makes sense- THE ARE IN THE DUNKIN DONUTS PARKING LOT>

      It doesnt make sense that all this activity is taking place in the parking lot across the street – but it is what it is.

      Significantly, the voisces are saying, I am at Dunkin Donuts. and when the voice says “Light it up”, at about 1;27 seconds into video – it is this area of Dunkin Donuts that suddenly id lit by flash lights – so the action seems to correspond with the voice commands – we arent watching action in dunkin donuts, and hearing voices from another place.

      the key feature is at 1:36, the area gets lit up, the lit up area is just under the center of your screen. Once you see this lit up area, you need to look only at it. You need to look for a figure, with his head under bright flashlight, struggling at on knees position, then taken down to ground, then shot in the head. If you follow his white head you can see this. why it is happening in Dunkin Donuts parking lot I cant say. Then, there are clearly multiple figures hovering over this body.
      Then, and I have no idea why, everyone seems to say go and start running, and then that single gunshot. I have no idea what that is.

      I dont know what all this represents, but there is a great deal of activity in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot, seconds after that huge initial volley of gunfire. I cant see much acyivity over on the West Wall area and the guy shooting the video is not spending much time looking at the west wall. I dont understand what is goign on, but this is what can be seen and heard.

  23. I would like to complete this investigation into the video of the SWAT team entering Pulse at 5AM.
    I have done another video here:

    This is a video that focuses in on the area that I want to be seen, and at the right segment of time.

    The importance of this video – this segment of video – is that it establishes a possible execution by a shot to the head, but, minimally, establishes that SOMEONE was taken down in a period after Mateen had already been presumably shot. This is important. It isnt proof that there was a second shooter present, but it begins to allow questioing the official story with real, known data.

    Here is what I have learned. The video was shot from the second story balcony of 25A apt, Esther Street. This is almost directly across from the SW corner of the pulse club. The segment in this video is action taking place in the parking lot of the Dunkin Donuts, across the street from the South face(Main entrance) of the Pulse Club.

    This segment takes place about a minute after that two or three hundred volley of fire, where Mateen was reportedly killed. He is dead, presumably near the west wall. What I find interesting is you can HEAR this gunfire, but you cant see it- and I think you should be able to- so that needs explaining.
    In this video, you need to watch the center area- there will be some flickering, then at 10 seconds in, the camera is zoomed in and you now clearly see what is going on in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

    What you hear at this point is “Turn on the lights”, then I got him, I got, him, I got him.” Then we are at Dunkin Donuts. then “are there any bombs?”

    What you see – and you need to play and replay this segment to orient yourself. What you need to see and stay with is a guys head – it is white- becasue they are shining flashlight s on him. You can see several SWAT guys struggling with him, he is then on his knees. You then see him on the ground- his head then appears to the right of a guys legs. This establishes his head at ground level. He then raises his head and you see an instantaneous bright flash, and at that exact moment, his head drops rapidly back down, and you can see his head and shoulders area bounce on the ground from the impact of the bullet.

    Now that you are oriented to this action- go back to the original video and watch this segment carefully. After this headshot, his head remains at ground level, and there are several swat members who are all paying attention to him, kneeleing over his head.
    after this, and I dont know what this is – they all say Go Go, and they seem to all run away from the area, and then there is a single shot heard. I dont know what that all is. Presumably they are chasing another person.

    Again, to summarize: I think this is a place to start on questioining the official story. Mateen was said to be dead by the first minute of this video. They have now clearly taken down another person, and are asking if there are bombs? I think there is a very real question whether this person who was taken down a minute after the first gun volley – whether he was shot in the head. The sudden blast right next to his head, and the way his head goes down an bounces – needs to be further investigated.

    It is entirely possible that all this is is them taking down someone they thought was a threat, but was later found not to be. I dont know.
    I do not know of anyone else looking carefully at this film (outside of law enforcement). If there are any skilled journalists out there, I think this video needs to be submitted for forensic augmentation.

    1. The other thing that I had not noticed before is that on these split frame views, there certainly appears to be an arm extending with a pistol in the hand. The arm and pistol move to a point where the blast happens right next to his head.

      Certainly appears on this video that you clearly have a man on the ground who is raising his head and shoulders. At the same moment as he raises his head, it appears an arm with a pistol in the hand moves towards his head, and then there is a very rapid flash right next to his head- then his head and shoulders drop down suddenly and bounce from impact.
      Arm, hand with pistol, blast, head goes down.

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