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  • Definition: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
  • Synonyms: oddity, inconsistency, incongruity, aberration.

Below are some anomalies — the pieces that don’t fit — in the official narrative of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, which left 49 dead and 53 wounded.

1. Eyewitnesses Report Multiple Suspects

We are told there was only one shooter, 29-year-old Omar Mateen who, according to his ex-wife, turns out to be a homosexual himself who frequented gay bars and had a gay hookup app, Grindr.

The problem is at least three eyewitnesses who were in the Pulse nightclub at the time of the shooting, all said there was more than one suspect.

Eyewitness #1: In an audio interview (below), after an eyewitness said, “There was a guy there that was trying to…prevent the door, like hold the door closed so that we couldn’t exit,” he was abruptly cut off.

Eyewitness #2: Another eyewitness said the shooting lasted “like eight minutes.” Beginning at the 0:29 mark in video below, when asked by the reporter if there was “somebody else,” the eyewitness said: “I’m pretty sure it was more than one person. Like I said, I heard two guns going at the same time.

Later, at the 1:41 mark, as he described how he and some 50 other patrons were trying to flee the club, jammed in a narrow pathway, he also said there was a second suspect — “a guy kind of holding door,” preventing them from exiting.

Eyewitness #3: A victim of the shooting who played dead for several hours during the attack as a way to stay alive, told an ABC reporter after he was discharged from a local hospital that he had overheard a phone conversation made by the shooter, in which the shooter said he was the “fourth shooter” and that there were “three others” — “snipers” and a “female suicide bomber”. (Source: Intellihub)

Below are screenshots of tweets to ABC News asking why ABC News had deleted an earlier tweet that there were other shooters, and a survivor’s account of two other killers.

Tweets to ABC News2. The Laughing Policeman

Remember Sandy Hook’s laughing chief medical examiner Wayne Carver and the smiling police officer standing behind him? The Orlando shooting has one too!

In the video below beginning at the 0:21 mark, as a spokesman talks to the press about the Orlando shooting casualties, a policeman with spectacles, grey hair and moustache stands behind him, grinning and laughing. Who knew a shooting massacre can be funny?

3. Crisis Actor

A man named Luis Burbano claims to be an eyewitness in the club and was interviewed by several media outlets, including ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

It turns out eyewitness Luis Burbano is a professional actor. He has a profile on IMDb . Below are side-by-side comparison of Luis Burbano in the ABC interview (left) and Luis Burbano on IMDb. It’s the same man.

Luis Burbano (2)You would think that in the media interviews about the Orlando shooting, Burbano would take the opportunity to give his career a boost by identifying himself as a professional actor, but he didn’t.

IMDb lists 5 acting credits under Burbano’s “Filmography,” the most recent one being his role as a “club patron” in a 2015 video called “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up”. You can’t make this up!

Here’s a screenshot I took from IMDb:

Luis Burbano

IMDb describes “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up” as a 5-minute music video, dated September 25, 2015, in which Burbano stars as a “club patron,” with other actors playing the parts of the boss and employees of PharmaCorp Inc. LLC.

4. Pre-Dated Tweets and News Reports

As in Sandy Hook, there are tweets and news articles about the Orlando shooting which are dated June 11, 2016, a day BEFORE the shooting.

5. Shooting Victims Carried Toward Pulse Nightclub

Here’s a video about shooting victims being carried TOWARD, not away from, Pulse nightclub — which makes no sense whatsoever, unless those images were all staged, i.e., theatrics.

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112 thought on “Orlando Gay-Club Shooting: The pieces that don’t fit”
    1. I agree. No one, in all likelihood — is being killed in any of these. (They have no qualms about killing thousands of people, to me either or. And the latter.) The gun issue is a ruse. It’s hiring more cops and “security”, this is perhaps the biggest business there is. And “mental health checks”. Gun laws have always been relatively stringent in this F-ed up system of ours; if I drove to my next door state, my fire-arm would be “illegal”. Three gun shows have had music bands here of late, …. And the woman is not old, but I swear I’ve seen her in something before and I never watch movies or tv.

      1. hey Stephanie, I was being wise guy calling her old lady etc. … The White Pages says she’s 58 and lived 23 miles north of Detroit in some other city (something “Heights”), though she said she lived in Detroit on her Wheel of Fortune screen test. I live in Seattle; if someone lived in Everett they wouldn’t say they lived in Seattle. Stuff like that trips them up. Also she began to call Christopher her “grandson” and caught herself. That’s not normal. Good post, BTW!

    1. Omar Mateen: The Actor
      Wow. CIA asset.

      Good Catch. All these players have trails all over the place.

      The reason no one do anything on any level is because DHS has consolidated All power to itself and dictates it’s will on every agency.

      No one is allowed to do their job from Border Patrol to the FBI even if they are Patriots.

        1. Well Ric looks like you were actually right after all-Omar is a CIA asset, with family ties to intelligence/government

        1. I think we have a “Central” Govt. they just haven’t told us yet.

          When every facet of your Govt. answers to only One Entity it’s pretty much over and almost impossible to regain control.
          DHS only answers to King’O.

  1. Obviously, there are many more anomalies than those posted in this article, as can be seen by the additional posts by diligent commenters. Is it possible that this post could be continuously updated, adding all of the discovered anomalies, to become a master document of anomalies? Or perhaps someone could do it on their own blog/website…

  2. Today Tim Murphy’s bill was unanimously voted for in committee and will now be scheduled for a House vote:

    It’s unclear whether Murphy’s more controversial passages were included, but what is certain is that Congress is now arming the Stasi State with tax base funding from Medicare and Medicaid and whichever other government programs they can raid.

    When bureaucracy is allowed to emerge with zero transparency, that invests the state with opaque powers and funding, tyranny ensues.

  3. Since the whole thing is a lie, it doesn’t matter which of the lies is “true.” The contradictions are there to involve and distract you.

    Another motive for San Bernardino & Orlando is to use these incidents to hide security drills to protect the infrastructure & assets of the oligarchs, in coming civil unrest or other event they are planning. Please see .

    Perhaps also We know at once that we missed almost everything, and we are now in the hands of a pro. There are about 14 very short videos in the series. I learned a lot, and so will you. Just watch a couple.

    In the case of Orlando, it’s probably significant that “shooter’s” house was in Port Lucie, on a strategic East-West waterway permitting ships to go thru Florida instead of down around the tip.

    Like San Bernardino & they are conducting a security drill for the protection of the Okeechobee Waterway and associated infrastructure, big warehouses, etc., etc. See the San Bernardino link.

    They must have evacuated people, done a lockdown or something they couldn’t do w/o the shooting hoax in Orlando. They “waited about 4 hours for arrial of the search warrant: before doing Port Lucie home. Yeah, sure. What sort of drill were they really running while some officers waited outside the home? Same thing they were doing in San B for the 3-4 hours between the “shooting” and the “chase”? Did they lockdown the area, evacuate people, what?

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages 5 locks and dams along the Okeechobee Waterway. interactive map

    Tampa Bay Port is Florida’s largest container port & of course associated with the warehouses which now house much of what used to be in stores. Just like in San Bernardino they are rehearsing how to keep infrastructure of highway and rail secure in the face of uprising or attack. Also the oligarchs’ assets. Look how Tampa Bay Port describes itself:

    “Florida is 3d most populous state w 20 mil+. The Tampa Bay/Orlando I-4 corridor has the 10th largest economy in the U.S. with a GDP of more than $300 billion. Major industry clusters include food and beverage, citrus and juice products, furniture, general department store merchandise, steel, fertilizer, animal feed and agricultural products. Florida is the leading state for merchandise exports to Latin America and the Caribbean, responsible for 36% of all U.S. exports to the region. Asia is the top source of Florida’s merchandise imports.”

    Downtown Tampa had an active shooter drill in February and Tampa Bay Port had something far more extensive w a conference attached. Haven’t been able to find out much Yet.

    Just like San Bernardino a major hub of the oligarchs’ import/export.

    Venezuela is starving because they reduced growing their own food in order to grow soy, etc for export credits. Which means they were dependent on importing food, but their oligarchs had control of their warehouses. They hoarded for highest price and to destabilize the govt.

    Been lots of rumors that in case of US resistance to govt’s plans food control will be practiced. Gardening is a nice hobby. Chickens and/or caged rabbits are easy. But really nothing will suffice except to remove the oligarchs from power.

    1. Your comments are most interesting. I never contemplated that assets of oligarchs being safeguarded would be a legitimate, even likely possibility. Obviously, when the fecal bolus hits the fan, DHS et al. obviously expect hell to break loose. These anticipated events will arise, apparently, when the government turns us over to the paddy wagons of the NWO. When the currency collapses, when food is controlled, yes, riots are a very distinct possibility. Indeed, count on it.

    2. There is one thing that would be an extreme positive. That is, should the government take over all functions including food, fuel, etc,, there will then be NO more doubts as to government’s intentions. The jig will be up, everybody will know how mendacious our politicians and public officials have been in keeping this coterie of filthy lies from the American public. Up to now, it’s all sweetness and light, sort of. On the other hand, imagine the vindictiveness when the Obama/Clinton voters realize their hero and heroine always meant to knife them in the ribs. I want to be there when the Obama and Clinton voters realize they’ve been had bigtime.

      1. I believe they will lead us to war come early next year,
        in fact I hate to admit it, but looking at society in general, which is basically controlled organized crime, which has everyone locked down, with a 21st century kill team (CIA) ready to kill serious dissenters and whistelblowers, congressmen and judges that want to do the right thing-I am beginning to think the only way to right this is a war of some kind. that will unseat the major players in this International Organized Mafia that is dominating the world,
        and allow us to take back our country, whether that be a civil war, militia against this Crime Syndicate/civil war or ? I can’t say, but these secret societies are not going to give up their power easily, and will probably destroy a lot of mankind before they are conquered

  4. I’m beginning to see that you’re right! 9/11 was perpetrated to create the DHS, which is comprised of the same Military Industrial Machine personnel that eliminated JFK.
    They are now totally in control of the Federal Government.

    1. Very Cool ABS,

      I listened to guy way high in the secret Govt. who said this.

      Their hands are tied under DHS which was the plan along.

      We are in heap of hurt and Congress ain’t gonna help anyone of us.

      DHS needs to broken up and Fast.

      1. Sun.
        With all due respect, it’s way bigger than the Juice did it.

        There are many in this mix that even fight amongst themselves,

        Many Secret Societies competing. They aren’t as organized as you think.

        This False Flag was not from the O Camp.


        1. Ric,
          there is no way anyone at the level of Congressman and above does not know these are staged events, they all have access to intelligence/information and even if they don’t buck the system they know what’s going on (you know what’s going on!)
          I happen to be of the belief tha World Organized Jewry is at the top of the heap and pretty much controls everything, including the Vatican, City of London, the Jesuits, etc., they ARE the Federal Reserve,
          while a number of other secret societies, families etc work under that umbrella of organized crime

        2. The false flag at Orlando might not have been from the Obama camp, true, but Zero has no alternative available to him but to support whatever DHS does. He’s totally controlled and obnoxious, he plays the part well. As do the totally controlled limp wrists in the Congress….as bizarre as these people are acting, it pays to remember they are under orders from the higher ups who are not always visible. The US is headed for the shoals….

        3. Very true Ric, it is very big. There are masonic societies all over vying for power and a final say so. You have masonic countries like Israel and Japan, Saudi Arabia etc. Notice neither of them allow any immigration. It is always the western countries mostly that are to be dissolved.

          But yes the trinity of power is the 13 banking families. that control DC, the vatican and the City of London. The US is the military arm, London is the banking arm and the vatican handles religious propaganda.

          The vatican is set to dissolve Italy at present, they care little for the make up of the citizenry, it is all about power and now the pope is talking about Chrislam, the merger of Christianity and Islam. That is why he is running around rome tow sucking on African immigrants.

          All three city states however DC, Vatica and City of London are controlled by our usual suspects. Islam now merging into ISIS is the militant wing of the jesuits. And remember they are all over also.

          Rabbi Rabinowitz in 1952 was quite specific about what he termed as white people being the most hated enemy of the chosen ones and went on to say the last generation of white children are being born now. He urged bringing about WWIII as soon as possible.

          Coudenhove Kalergi the founder of the EU had similar things to say. He wanted a non european slave class as his opinion they were easier to manage with their banking tricks.

          Remember the 3rd Reich was never disbanded it was transferred to the Netherlands and then later to the EU. The EU is the fourth reich. It was never about saving the German race, it was about corporate fascism. nazis and communists were only fronts for wealthy industrialists to loot nations.

    2. 9/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception – every American MUST watch this – PLEASE SHARE , these buildings where taken down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION , there is no other conclusion after watching this or else you need a lobatomy . this will open your eyes to all the rest of the decepton s & puzzles – get ready to start your trip down the rabbit hole of the establishment government = the UN = the counselon foreign relations / new world order/ agenda 21 – they OWN & CONTROL EVERYTHING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WATCH ON TV = ALL MEDIA OUTLETS

  5. Are there actually victims in the two hospitals with gunshot wounds? That is a key point that needs to be verified. If not, then this whole thing was staged.

    1. This is a really important point,
      how are they covering this deception at the hospital? How could they claim over 100 gunshot victims and the nursing staff at the hospital go along with this? This is one key we have not opened yet-anyone who feels they understand this let’s hear it

      1. I concur. It seems in the future what needs to be done is when another mass casualty event occurs that skeptics rush to the hospitals ASAP in the immediate vicinity of the alleged event to see if there are actually any ‘legitimate’ victims. They can’t keep the public out of the hospital emergency room, unlike the purported crime scene. This is a neutral location. If need be fake an injury. The emergency room should be chaotic.

        A hundred plus victims would pack several local emergency rooms. Also by doing so, we can verify if ‘victims’ photographed at the alleged event actually show up at a hospital.

        1. Kevin if we can solve this part of the mystery this would solidify the case for fraud,
          there must be people who know the nursing staff at the nearby hospitals in Orlando,
          if they know of any fraud now is the time to speak up,
          if these victims were real then there would have been a live emergency event at the hospitals, in which case the whole city structure goes into emergency support mode, all kinds of backup arrives at a hospital in a mass casualty event, nurses are called into work, people work overtime, local police are all on standby,
          this should be easy to verify one way or the other from the medical staff that work in these areas,
          they MUST post on media anything they can add to this investigation-it is their Constitutional duty if they know anything,
          and would be of the greatest service to the people of the United States

        2. Have the residents of the Orlando area been propagandized in such a fashion that they would buy into this intrigue? The exact same question emanates from Sandy Hook. How does a town of 30k keep mum on such an explosive issue? Has anybody answered that question? What were the inducements/threats used to insure silence at Sandy Hook? Fetzer must have written about that issue, too.

        3. I have heard from a good friend (locally who is from Miami) that he knows personally of a person who was shot. I suspect that some people were intentionally wounded by some kind of special ops team but deliberately not killed. I don’t think that anyone died as of yet.

          Just my opinion! It would make the whole thing more believable to those who were there for there and the local hospitals to be a few wounded people. BUT I don’t think those are actually the people doing interviews.

      2. There were certainly doctors and staff at Danbury Hospital that “aided” in the subterfuge at Sandy Hook. Then again, “I’m not a doctor but I play one in false flags”.

  6. IF over 100 injured and dead – …ready….WHY AREN’T THEIR CARS IN THE LOT??? Fake as traitors. So sloppy- the government is inept at everything

      1. Anyone Surprised?

        The New “Normal” is no death certs or public info/police reports anymore on all Govt. sponsored shootings/bombings/massacres..ect

    After thinking about all that has happened with these False-Flag attacks by this criminal syndicate running our government,
    it is apparent that most of us are now deemed as criminals in our own country,
    we must not comply with un-Constitutional laws and actions, we must resist and refuse any United Nations troops on our soil, any illegal searches of our homes or confiscation of our possessions,
    if you haven’t done so already please make sure you have food and supplies guns and ammo stored up preferably for at least 6 months (2 years if you can afford it),
    all the supplies also you normally buy, clothes, tools, tires, parts, etc,
    try to have gold and cash in your possession for when the banks close,
    we must END THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM and replace/convict these traitors and dual foreign spies serving in our highest office,
    it is time for you to organize as UNORGANIZED MILITIA MEMBERS,
    it is your right to come together and meet, share this information, inform your fellow citizens, get people BACK to their Constitutional base and fight this terror which is upon us-and make no mistake-THIS CANNOT BE IGNORED ANY LONGER,
    for your loved one’s sakes, for your children’s sake-take action today

  8. If you have that weird Gig where you like to Puke check this out.

    Orlando terrorist’s chilling Facebook posts from inside club revealed

    He made 16 phone calls..haha.

    I told you about the guy playing dead who said he was on the phone and said he was the “4th” shooter (from ATF)..haha

    16 Phone Calls Now..

    And he shot all these people faster than Lanza and with the regulated 10 Clip Capacity mandated by those things called Demon Rats,

    This Must be Real. it’s from Megan Kelly at FOX

  9. Here is another piece that does not fit.

    Look at that SMILE!!!! 🙂 The smile of someone who just lost there son… right?

    When I was compiling my own list of ‘anomalies’ that I posted in the prior article I wrote this;
    7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control.

    I initially wrote a snide remark about flirting with Anderson Cooper but struck it, trying to not devolve into the madness.

    And yet the madness struck anyway!

    I’m speechless and yet completely un-surprised.

    1. This crisis actor didn’t even know for sure her son was killed at the Pulse, she has been babbling on about this, but unless she announced it today she has never even proven her boy was at the Pulse,
      but here she is, 4 days later, after allegedly being involved in a massacre, smiling, loving God, feeling the love, loving homosexual CIA brainwashing agent Anderson Cooper, as they perform this play in front of the whole world,
      which is sappy, appealing to our emotions-does a reporter carry on like this? This is like early reality TV (oh what is that miscreant that did that seedy daytime reality show where he exploited simple people, yet acted like he was performing a valuable human service to the public? Oh yeah, that was the vermin Phil Donahue)
      This reporter is committing a RICO crime and all his co-conspirators, along with these crisis actors,
      I look forward to a Constitutional Tribunal when all these traitors will answer for their crimes

      1. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut filibustered the Senate for 15 hours before the GOP caved in and agreed to consider 2 gun control measures. Just imagine, here we have a highly dubious “event”, many sites claim nothing happened at Orlando, no blood, etc, but legislation is going to be made subsequent to such a falsehood??? The game is rigged, the game is on. Our nation is now lawless and the lawmakers are in thick with the perpetrators of these travesties. How long can this nation last?

        1. It shows the level of corruption for this official to jump on ANOTHER bandwagon of lies and fraud, I would say it was truly
          frightening except we must all calm ourselves and face this evil
          with courage

    2. That interview was just awkward and bizarre in a Robbie Parker kind of way. Yes, of course we all grieve differently, but she seems positively joyful just a few days after losing her son in the “worst shooting in US history.”

      These events are not very professional. The crisis acting is poor and the script is full of holes while too conveniently incorporating all tptb agendas in play. It’s beyond nauseating and infuriating to watch these people get away with terrorizing and manipulating the public this way.

      And yet, the vast majority of people still cannot see through these obviously manufactured events. This is the most frustrating part for me.

  10. G`morning Friends, this will be my last post before going on holiday. Yes ! folks we do need to leave our digital world behind now & then.

    Anyway, here is my one cent…

    I have never met or known any active-duty personnel ,EMT or police officer that have experienced an armed conflict or weapon engagement that individuals died and within 48 hours do an interview and then write a poem about it and read it on national TV. Just saying….

    Don’t get me started on the super Marine that saved 70 people. Maybe the Dept. of the Navy need to do an investigation on his claims like they’re doing on my old buddy Chris Kyle medals.

    Happy Weekend Y`all

    1. Obviously “Mateen” is a good looking guy too. Wonder who played him? From Latin America and elsewhere there would be plenty of anonymous folks to choose from. However clubbing is not unknown to actors – but as the author said, Bubano never identified himself as an actor in his interview, which might have boosted his recognition and career (such as it is).

      1. I’m reminded of the two excellent Sandy Hook documentaries: We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook and The Life Of Adam.

        The connection is that the Sandy Hook parents seemed to come disproportionately from various fields of entertainment (including, notably, acting).


    2. And Burn Notice is about a CIA agent who is ‘burned’… – which is done to discredit and which the agent is hung out to dry. The show also goes from being anti CIA, to pro CIA over the 7 seasons.

      But did ya’ll see that the alleged shooter is also an actor! Omar has his own IMDB page!

      A documentary about the BP oil spill called… wait for it… ‘The Big Fix’, playing himself as a security guard. And an anti-violence anti-war feel good movie. I guess ‘Orlando Pulse’ was his swan song?!?

      Because you CAN make this sh*t up!

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Joseph Goebbels (Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany)

      1. Wow! Excellent commentary!!

        I vaguely knew what “burn notice” meant, but I wasn’t aware of the show’s trajectory. Good to know!

        The IMDB page for Mateen is really a rich detail.

        This might be a bit off topic (my specialty), but it was news to me to learn not long ago that IMDB is owned by, Inc. So is the preeminent (?) Internet site-ranking site Alexa. And then, of course, Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.

        Also, as I’m sure many of us bitterly remember, Amazon banned Nobody Died At Sandy Hook.


  11. I’d like to add the pulse (no pun intended) I’m getting from a smattering of news sites.

    Wayne Madsen’s pithy comments section has him saying CIA and FBI have “fingerprints” all over Orlando attack. I take him to mean that it was a quasi LIHOP attack. I suppose that’s possible. What’s interesting is that Madsen rarely even comments on these domestic mass casualty events (which always perplexed me).

    Steve Pieczenik has been posting way more than normally on his blog. His theory seems to be that the attack succeeded because of intel agencies incompetence. I’m not buying that.

    Webster Tarpley (this is the doozy) is suggesting that Orlando was pro-Trump false flag. Anything is possible, but that seems least likely of all to me.

    Global Research (Canada) also seems concerned that Orlando event increases Trump’s chance of election. Perhaps it does, but that is not really the most pressing issue (to me).

    Alex Jones is sticking with pro-Trump stuff. Not many questions being asked there.

    Drudge is almost indistinguishable from network news.

    Which is to say, Memory Hole is (once again) leading the charge.

    I would like to pose this theory:

    America is now oversaturated with false flag terror. This poses a dangerous problem for citizens being targeted by their own national security state.

    The spectacular terror effect is declining. Now we have seen a new casualty high. Unfortunately, the conspirators may now be forced to enter new, more ghastly areas of creative destruction.

    I will say this: concocting “carefully prepared aliases” (as per Northwoods) would become more laborious the more fake deaths are needed. 50 dead might be pushing the limits of doing a thorough job of tying up loose ends.

    Considering this event took place under the cover of darkness (more or less), the escape of trained assassins (not phony Muslims) would have been made easier.

    As I’ve said before, Mateen could have been whacked early on in the operation (and left for dead).

    I must admit, however, that there are several strands which point to this being a Sandy Hook / Boston Marathon zero-casualty event.

    Most of all, I just wanna thank everyone (Vivian Lee, Dr. Eowyn, etc.) for being beacons of light in these dark times. I wanna thank all the commenters here who are progressing the search for knowledge and truth.

    I know we don’t all agree, but I’m really proud of all of you for putting your butts on the line. It’s a lot easier to say nothing. May God bless you all.


    1. Nice report and synopsis, Paul. Thank you.
      Blessings back at you, and I add my thanks to the folks here at Memory Hole. I have tons of courage, and the depth of this deception is finally wearing me down.
      I agree with Paul, beacons of light.

    2. The President, Congress, family members of ” victims” , mainstream media ALL called immediately for new gun legislation They are telling us exactly what it is about and what they want……..this Orlando shooting used the same exact playbook as all the other fake shootings

      1. Yeah, I have been limiting my exposure to the mainstream BS. You are right: the message is so transparent. It’s almost laughable that such evil psyops don’t have a better grasp on the nuances which must be manipulated to trick people. My guess is the CIA is employing Hollywood consultants in a cost accounting manner. In other words, directors are being recruited and their services being leveraged for these pseudo-real stage productions, but said directors have very little true grasp of their illusory medium. The blockbuster ilk are too daft for this kind of work (but just the sort of venal go-getters ready to sell out their countrymen).


  12. The “hold the door” comment could just as easily be a psyop, “prank” or mistake by the witness. We must assume that nobody was shot until the fact that somebody was shot is verified. — Also, we must assume there was a “delay” in live broadcasting in force in order to stop the interview from going out before a “hold the door” comment could make live broadcast.

  13. Lefty MP in England, early middle aged white woman, shot by a supposed English Nationalist shouting ‘Britain First’:

    Britain First is an activist group that’s protested the mass rape by muslims of english girls. Some think it’s controlled op. I couldn’t begin to say.

    But it sure seems coincidental that when a muslim ‘self radicalizes’ against 49 double ‘minorities,’ there suddenly appears a right-leaning white man shooting a left-leaning white woman.

    HIs gun is reported as looking handmade, and ‘mental illness’ also seems to be a factor

    Who could have predicted?

    1. Just goes to show you, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

      Locals on the scene also say he did not say “Britain First.”

      I was down in Orlando today sitting in an office. The TV was all news women with guns on the table asking how do suspected terrorists get weapons.

      Then there were scenes that bama and Biden had arrive in black sedans talking with with the “survivor families”. All a pathetic scene. Otherwise I would not have seen it as I don’t watch TV.

      The rainbow all love, Orlando Strong signs are also up in town. They don’t waste any time, and some crooked politician was on the tube talking about his 14 hour filibuster so they could vote on disarmament.

  14. Ten Jewish groups are among 81 joined in a letter to every member of Congress urging them not to roll back plans to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.

    “To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values,” said the letter sent Tuesday

    Unbelievable….Just as Israel is building a Giant Wall across the Gaza Strip they are telling US to take in 10k more of King ‘O’s Kin from Syria.


    1. Merkel is now telling Germany they are a nation of immigrants, say what?

      Well ever since it became an occupied nation it is. Does it all sound familiar. The masonic nations like Japan, Israel Saudis etc, accept no immigrants. Rabbi Rabbinowitz in 1952 and Coudenhove kaligeri the founder of the EU are on record calling for the extermination of the European. It is in black and white.

        1. Toni
          I wasn’t particularly concerned about the author of the article Mick posted, I was expressing my support of the information, which I think is pretty good,
          I don’t always agree with Mick and say so, no one here is higher than the truth, however Mick is a great source of info, I’m not formally a Christian (though many of tenets of the Bible draw on much older truths that I do support) so I don’t support the eschatological conclusions that many here do but his input here is appreciated,
          I have generally read yours with good report,
          not sure why you boys are feuding
          perhaps we should all stay on point?


        2. Sunaj,

          dublinsmick’s behavior in this instance is completely consistent with the pattern of plagiaristic behavior in which he has persisted for as long as I’ve been reading this blog. Your lack of concern about the authorship of the article is immaterial to my observations of this pattern, and therefore, I would argue, truly off-point.

          Blurring the origins of ideas, or discounting their significance, will not help anyone in discerning anomalies in a false event like Orlando. Developing ideas is the work of the individual, and must be accomplished individually, without compromise, if one wishes to know the world uninfluenced by external authority.

        3. And you know what Toni you are seriously boring troll. You come out with the same tired schtick quite often. If you could read you would see at the top of the article mirrored, the link.

          Dr. Tracy did not write the article by Dr. Eowyn either but it is clearly linked at the top just like the article I mirrored is. What is so difficult for you to understand about how these things work?

          In fact State of the nation links many of some of my articles and I link theirs as a mirror.

          You are seriously pathetic or simply some high school kid.

        4. dublinsmick,
          From your clumsy collage of insults, I gather that you are trying to say I’m an inexperienced reader, not sophisticated enough to “get” the bold new cut-and-paste culture in which you imagine yourself to be thriving. It’s true I’m old-fashioned, depending as I do on a philosophy of intellectual property that stretches back thousands of years, a line of thinking you discount with your actions.

          Sunaj recommended “your” article twice and you did nothing to dispel the notion that it was yours, nor make an honest attribution to the rightful authors.

          After the first time you linked to the article in question, sunaj57 said: “Mick scores on this amazing analysis…”

          After the second time you linked to it at your own site, sunaj57 said: “I recommend everyone read Mick’s article-a fine synopsis indeed, clarifying what this war against the people is all aBOUT”

          After about a day, you still hadn’t clarified that it was not really “your” article, so I did.

          Sunaj may not have noticed it yet, but careful readers will recognize that it’s been a long habit of yours to elide actual author attribution. I think it’s a habit you practice in hopes that someone will mistake other people’s writing as your own. It’s a cheap trick, and pretty damn sad, actually.

          I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, if I wasn’t already familiar with the pattern of author obfuscation and downright plagiarism that you’ve exhibited here in the past, and at your site. In fact, I’ve exposed it over and over again in this forum in many months of open comments to you.

          Not that it’s done you any good.

          As for “mirroring,” dublinsmick, here at MHB, I don’t see anyone linking to your site but you.

  15. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, recommend the movie “Rasputin” starring Alan Rickman. It is now full length on youtube. It is the best movie I have ever seen and it is historically accurate. I have seen people as 50 to 70 dollars for this cd on ebay. It is hard to find.


  16. One weird synchronicity in the Spirit of Orlando – “Shooting Up” video is the guy she gives the letter to has a Alligator head and a large Hourglass on his desk. (These are not normal desk items).


    You see, now we’re all expected to choose a side, either violent Islam or homosexuality. Which side are you on, America?

    Since nobody likes mass killings, we’re all expected to be on the side of homosexuality. It’s much like the film “V for Vendetta,” where the viewer is supposed to sympathize either with homosexuality, or with a brutal police state. And who would want a brutal police state?

    Of course if you’re a Christian, you get caught in the middle on this one. See how that works?

  18. Thank you all for the insights. I am an ER nurse for more than 15 years. I have MAJOR problems with much of this; the BS accounts, the claims of injuries (“hi everybody, thanks for the love! …..four bullets in the back, went straight through……didn’t hit any major organs, so I’m fine…. ” [paraphrasing]), the nonexistent video documentation, the absurd claims that the shooter texted, Facebooked, called television stations, etc., while terrorizing hundreds of people……and the vomit-inducing statements from “actors” playing family members or friends of victims. The group of surgeons speaking to CBS was extremely troubling, as was the open casket of Candelario Padro. I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on either of those or similar points. Both of those elements have upped the ante in this case, addressing public perception problems that helped to blow the cover of other previous operations like this.

  19. “four bullets in the back, went straight through……didn’t hit any major organs”

    What Organs aren’t Major?

    So 4 bullets missed his Bones AND his Pianos. I mean Organs.

    Spock would say: Fascinating

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