By Vivian Lee

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.02.38 PM
Scene from the Orlando “shooting,” one of many showing no evidence to support the story. Image: CNN

The “worst mass shooting in U.S. history” is reported to have occurred between 2 am and 5 am on Sunday morning, June 12, at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The “act of terror” is said to have produced 49 dead and 53 injured. A 50th death was that of the “shooter,” identified as Omar Seddique Mateen, who was employed as a security guard since 2007 by the giant multinational security company G4S. The circumstances of the Orlando “massacre” are suspicious to say the least, with many details fitting into the existing playbook for staged shootings occurring across the U.S.

G4S, the world’s largest security company by revenue, has its US headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, but operates in “more than 100 countries,” with “more than 50,000 employees in the United States.” G4S “has the international reach and resources to meet the security needs of the global age.”[1] The company has expressed its condolences over the tragic event and is cooperating “fully” with the FBI and other agencies who are investigating the “unspeakable tragedy.”

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According to Judicial Watch, G4S is involved in a DHS operation to move illegal immigrants (“other than Mexicans”) north across the Mexican border into Arizona, releasing them without proper processing.[2] Perhaps this is the reason that Mateen, reportedly interviewed by the FBI in 2013 and 2014, was able to keep his security clearance and gun permits although he was supposedly under investigation for possible terrorist ties.[3]

But who was Mateen, and did he actually perpetrate “the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11”? In light of the many questions and anomalies associated with the event, it seems doubtful that the Orlando “shooting” occurred as presented by the media. Glaring problems include the following:

– By Sunday evening, the “dead” were still supposedly inside the night club – just like the kids reportedly left inside the Sandy Hook school. Did they not take them to the hospital? Where’s the emergency protocol? (CNN)

– News reports claimed that by Sunday evening only a few of the dead had been identified. But doesn’t everyone who frequents a bar carry an ID? By 8 pm Monday the names were in – read tearfully on the air by Anderson Cooper (CNN) and listed in full on Wikipedia.[4]

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.03.07 PM
A “victim” being carried away by non-professionals. Image: CNN

– News footage shows no dead people, or even visibly injured people, no ambulances rushing to the scene, no colored triage tarps, no EMTs swarming the site, or anything else that might prove the “massacre” actually occurred as reported. A few “injured victims” are shown casually walked or carried away from the club, with one dumped into the back of a pickup for transport to the hospital. Such scenes were played over and over on television. As with the Sandy Hook “shooting,” we are supposed to believe the reports, despite the clear lack of evidence. (CNN)

– To make up for this lack, we have a parade of witnesses, sobbing without tears and giving unconvincing performances, as seen with many recent false flag events. These include Luis Burbano, who gave interviews to several media outlets soon after the Orlando “shooting.” Like Carlos Arredondo of Boston Marathon fame, Burbano became the face of courage under duress, reportedly removing his shirt to wrap it around a man’s arm and tying another piece of his clothing to a man’s leg.[5]

In his CNN interview, he said he put a “syringe” on the man’s arm – but then corrected this to say it was a tourniquet.[6] Like Arredondo, Burbano is an actor, with several films to his credit.[7]

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.03.17 PM
Professional head shot of actor Luis Burbano, one of many available. Image:

– Interviews by assorted officials also sound scripted and strange. These include State Senator Geraldine Thompson, who tells us she is the senator for the district that includes the Pulse night club “in Tallahassee” – although Pulse is actually in Orlando. (CNN)

– Drills were involved, as with many false flag events (more on this subject is sure to come). Oddly, the June 13 online edition of the Orlando Sentinel highlighted an article originally published in 2015, regarding a drill to prepare nurses for mass casualties.[8]

– Almost immediately, fund-raising efforts were underway on behalf of the “victims,” as is familiar from other staged events. Patty Sheehan, Orlando City Commissioner, assures us that there are already people out there raising money. In less than 24 hours, a fundraising page set up for the “victims” had raised $1.3 million, and surely more will roll in.[9]

– Also familiar are the online posts that precede the event, documented in Yahoo listings for articles about the Orlando “shooting” that are dated June 11, one day earlier.[10] This was the case for other false flag events, notably the Sandy Hook “shooting.”

– As for “the shooter,” Omar Seddique Mateen (alternately Omar Saddiqui Mateen) was a Florida resident, born in New York, with parents from Afghanistan, who was reportedly anti-gay (according to his father). His family is more than suspicious, with his father, Seddique Mateen, supposedly running for the presidency of Afghanistan, and well acquainted with U.S. Congressmen and officials in the State Department.[11]

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.03.31 PM
Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, visiting the U.S. Department of State. Image:

– Omar Mateen was supposedly on the FBI’s radar, as already mentioned, but somehow the feds didn’t connect the dots. This is a common trope with all U.S. false flag events, beginning with 9/11. We are supposed to believe that the intelligence behemoth just doesn’t have the capabilities to recognize a terrorist threat, despite more than $50 billion allocated per year to the 16 intel agencies.[12] As with Boston Marathon “bomber,” Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Mateen was known to the authorities, who let him proceed unfettered.

– Mateen wreaked havoc with “at least two guns,” a Sig Sauer AR-15 style assault rifle and a Glock handgun. This fits the weapons profile of other alleged perpetrators of “mass shooting” events, including Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik (San Bernardino) and Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook).[13]

– Most of these “mass killers” have bought their guns legally, obtaining licenses and passing background checks. According to the New York Times article cited above, “at least eight gunmen had criminal histories or documented mental health problems that did not prevent them from obtaining their weapons.” Mateen is no exception, fitting the profile perfectly, exhibiting “mental health problems,” according to his ex-wife, who supposedly had to be rescued from the marriage by her parents.[14]

– Mateen has been judged “self radicalized” and a lone-wolf, home-grown terrorist – by all news sources. This was the case with other “terrorist” actors, including the San Bernardino “shooters.” Marco Rubio went on record to say that homegrown terrorism is the biggest threat our country faces – his fear is that “we’re gonna see more of this.” (CNN) And no doubt we will.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.03.46 PM
Omar Seddique Mateen, who was inordinately fond of taking selfies. Image:

– All sources have reported that Mateen called 911 at 20 minutes into the attack and pledged allegiance to ISIS (over the phone) and also mentioned the “Boston bombers” as inspiration. (The tape has not been released.) This is patently ridiculous: did no one in the club think to jump the “killer” as he took time out to make this call? This kind of exhibitionism – serving to identify the perpetrator and associate him/her with the terrorist organization of choice – was seen in the Paris Charlie Hebdo caper, with Amedy Coulibaly calling BFMTV from the kosher Hyper Cacher Supermarket to tell them his name and announce his connection to the Islamic extremist Kouachi brothers .[15]

– Finally, Mateen was conveniently killed by the police (or was he?), with only one officer sustaining a hit – but luckily the bullet was deflected by his Kevlar helmet. This has occurred with virtually all other false flag rampages, a notable exception being the Boston Marathon “bombing,” with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reported captured and in prison – unless he was actually killed while hiding in the boat.

One can find many other correspondences between the various staged events, with the Orlando “shooting” fitting comfortably into the paradigm. In each case, a saddened President Obama makes a heart-wrenching statement to the press, in some instances seeming to weep. In his words, Orlando was “an act of terror and an act of hate.”[16] But love will prevail – as we are reminded again and again.

Here, as always, the agenda is multi-purpose: gun control, mental health supervision, increased surveillance of the populace, bolstering of the intelligence services, militarization of local law enforcement, further commitment to the “War on Terror” whether abroad or at home, and, in this case, the LGBT program – in a strategy devised by the elites and programmed by the media, with the people used as dupes.


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Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.

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133 thought on “Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Questions and Anomalies Surround ‘Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History’”
  1. Exquisite research and commentary! The mention of Jupiter, FL brought to mind some suspicious connections to the ultra-rich of Jupiter Island, FL. Wikipedia lists only one of the residents of this odd place: H.W. Bush’s mother (W.’s grandmother).

    Another resident (Dr. Richard Lerner) received a peculiar array of honorary degrees (from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, FAU, and Oxford).

    This article traces a secret government nexus at Jupiter Island
    Including residents Prescott Bush and Robert Lovett. And, notably, Gordon Gray of “Psychological Strategy Board”.

    Webster Tarpley’s research on Jupiter Island, a place he calls “possibly the most secretive private place in America”, in unparalleled. It emerged as part of his unauthorized biography of H.W. The riveting details can be found in this chapter:

    I guess where i’m going with all this is here: is the G4S headquarters’ proximity to this island (from whence Tarpley claims Averell Harriman took over the U.S. national security apparatus) significant? In other words, could some of our conspirators by living (or meeting) on this island which has sensors beneath the road to alert the police of stopped cars (1-2 minute response time) and forbids the presence of journalists?

    Tarpley’s rather shocking (in light of Orlando operation) quote : “Averell Harriman made Jupiter Island a staging ground for his 1940s takeover of the U.S. national security apparatus.”

    Also seems to be some suspicious medical doctor deaths associated with the island in the past few years (Google “Jupiter Island conspiracy”).


    1. Excellent analysis as always Paul. I spent my childhood visiting many parts of Florida and during pre-military career I had an office in Fort Lauderdale right on A1A, downtown.

      Florida has always had a deep, dark elusive history and and my late father distrust of government and organizations ,would lead him to say that it was the retirement home state of con-men,spooks,perverts and snowbirds.

      The highlight of my family road trips would be stopping at a Seminole food & gift shack for supplies. Which few now remains.
      Anyway my point is that Florida has always been a key state for government deception i.e. “NASA, Disney,Fluorides production and institutionalized eugenics. (Seminoles and the Rosewood Massacre)

      By the way, the first time civilians were classified as having PTSD was the descendants of Rosewood. The Fluorides Deception by Christopher Bryson is an excellent read on why the US has fluoridated water in it cities and a segue to the Manhattan Project.

  2. Thank you for an insightful article as most people think of G4S as just some type of Security Guard company when it is actually the 3rd largest employer of people in the private sector!
    They employ mercenaries that are quite capable of committing the type of massacre that is alleged to have occurred in Orlando!
    I judge these events not only by what is seen, but, of course, by what remains unseen. No ambulances, blood, terrified witnesses, or evidence of injury is a clear indicator of a staged event. The idea that the bodies would be left inside for hours unattended to is preposterous!
    That being said, there appears to be a lot of witness talk of multiple shooters, and the storyline may need to be adjusted.
    I have inside information that states that THREE men in full tactical gear entered the club, divided people into groups, allowed one group to leave, and assassinated others. The Club had been raided on previous occasions and patrons, at first, thought this was just another raid.
    This witness also claims that some of the people that have been declared as dead are actually on Military deployment in Iraq! Something to look in to.
    Could this be just another fringe story to substantiate the claim of death and injury? Perhaps.
    Remember all of the side stories associated with Sandy Hook- the fleeing Nuns, the apprehension of the “man in the woods”, the altercation at the school on the day prior, Christopher Rodia, and all of the other rabbit holes inserted to confuse and yet somehow lend credibility to the idea that people were murdered!
    Until we see actual grief, blood, interviews with the injured, cell phone video, or some other indisputable evidence, I am inclined to believe that this is just another Psy-Op intended to promote gun control and instill temperament regarding homosexuals. Of course, the ISIS menace is included and politically touted as the “War on Terror” must be continued forever.
    As with Sandy Hook, multiple agendas have emerged as we must let “No Good Crisis Go To Waste!”

  3. This is not the worst mass shooting in USA history. Perhaps the worst in this century, but not in our history. The worst happened at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1890 when almost 300 people were gunned down by troops, including some of their own! There have been other massacres, too, including Tulsa.

  4. There was an article in yesterday printed Financial Times that I have not been able to link here due to subscription issue. The title is “Savage attack on US gay community after joy of Supreme Court victory.”

    What I found very interesting is there is a mention of a online Isis sympathisers group called “Online Dawah Operations that celebrated on Telegram (encrypted phone app) ” US Crying for 20 homos who got killed. Lol. was one posting according to the NYT, and the channel encouraged it supporters to attack a Facebook group that was posting updates on the atrocity…

    If you’re not laughing or puking about this garbage, you are definitely brainwashed. So now we go from the celebrating Israelis during 911 to the dancing Muslims (according to Trump) to the taunting online Muslims.

    Hmmm.. can we say Mohammed Atta !

  5. If we were to believe this story as told, can anyone explain why the injured people were being carried in the direction of Pulse?? A look at google maps was all it took to see they were heading in the direction of what we are told was the scene of this “mass shooting”.

  6. Good article, here is the list I put together, they match up quite nicely.

    False-Flag Commonalities – Orlando

    1) Multiple shooters become one: but it appears they have been unable to keep a lid on this w/ Orlando.

    2) Alleged ‘perpetrator’ dead: either suicide or death by LEO, so can’t defend themselves or claim what they were about.

    3) Communication during event: somehow the lone shooter finds time to text, call, communicate whilst in the midst of their shooting spree. In case of Orlando the shooter called 911 (always good remind people of that trauma mind control event) to blame ISIS.

    4) Crazy lone white gunman or dark Muslim extremist: and in this case ISIS! (wait, is that the same ISIS created by Western Intelligence Services to overthrow Assad?).

    5) Emergency Services Drill: in this case it was 6 months prior.

    6) Absolute ZERO video/pics of event while it’s happening: In the age where everyone has a Smartphone, but somehow no pics or vids… hmmm. I wonder why the perps never take selfies? Or pictures of their victims, or hostages? But ALWAYS manage pics of walking wounded (but never severely wounded) post event.

    7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control.

    8) Alleged Perps (Patsy) links to Intelligence: and usually it’s FBI, and in this case it is AND father former longtime CIA asset.

    9) Weapons: Black ‘Assault’ Rifles! (AR15 or AK47) and black semi-auto handguns.

    10) Internet Time Stamps before event: In this case Twitter comments made several hours before alleged event took place.

    11) No actual evidence of any deaths: a body covered by a white sheet is NOT evidence of a death. And as stated above; In this age of Smartphones, where is the pic/vid evidence?

    12) No surveillance camera vids: In the age of video, no video evidence = nothing happened or what happened is different than the official narrative.

    13) Witness or family member of alleged victim (who gets media coverage; interview) is an actor: hello Luis Burbano (who was also a participant).

    14) Gun Free Zone: Pulse Nightclub, establishments where the primary income source is alcohol prevent concealed carry by law.

    It is these ‘commonalities’ that prove that these false-flag events are staged by the same group/organizations.

    So this was a Left side event. With a four-fold agenda; Gun control, LGBT sympathies, anti-Muslim sentiments, pro-war against ISIS. Actually this a Right and Left event… interesting. And as always using FEAR to manipulate the masses. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t squeeze in a Russian angle in the event somehow.

    1. To think so many Americans feel this intrigue was just another sequel to a lousy soap opera! My coffee klatch today insisted this was real, as real as Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. Now, how does this set of realities hit the news media so a considerable number of people can see, read, and digest the truth behind this pile of lies? That has been our penultimate problem, we can’t distribute the truth to adequate numbers of people. As such, we languish, pregnant with truths that can’t see the light of day.
      Makes one detest the parroting media talking heads who repeat the same drivel on all channels.

        1. It’s not almost like… this is precisely what is happening. The ‘alien rays’ come from the TV/Movie/Video. The dumbing down is achieved primarily through the Education System. Social Engineering is the technical term, thought control is the term I prefer, the intentionally loaded term is mind control.

          “Under the relentless thrust of accelerating overpopulation and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms — elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest — will remain.

          The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial — but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.”

          Source (Brave New World Revisited, 1958)

  7. Remember when the reporters broke into the alleged shooters home from San Bernardino?? Here we go again. Univision reporters inside home,… and what’s this on the countertop? Why an expired firearms license… imagine that.

    I guess police allowing reporters inside the alleged shooters home, which by definition is a crime scene, is the new trend.

    Also Univision = One Vision. Which is exactly want the Globalists are trying to create. One mind controlled vision for the entire world’s population. Brave New World indeed.

    1. HS can you believe these turkeys are going to pull this stunt again??? If ANYONE had a question whether this was a False-Flag this should make it very clear this i a deception at the highest levels-you don’t do this to a crime scene (unless its all FAKE),
      Why aren’t the lawyers across the country screaming Holly H* over this one again?
      Thank you for that-If I had ANY question about Orlando this SETTLES it for me

  8. Along with the Wackenhut crew G4, Xe, Acedemi etc. remember the longtime partnership between La Raza, ACORN, CAIR is nothing compared to the Southern Poverty Law Center (aka Oklahoma City and other false flags against Christian groups and freemen) This has the fingerprints of all of them in my opinion.

    Judicial Watch (La Raza, ACORN, CAIR, SPLC)

    Cut ties? Not likely but they have gone rogue no doubt. I spent thirty years in Florida and a dozen in Jupiter. The Island North is fort knox for the elites. An army cannot get in. G4 runs security there. Tiger Woods nor Donald Trump could move in to the north island.

    This staging had all the benefits of moving Agenda 21 forward and impacts all the major issues of the 2016 Bilderberg Selection for our next puppet regime.

  9. My only thought in reading this story and the news is this…. how is it that no one jumped the gunman? It’s seems like the bar is relatively small and for one person to get in and shoot in a crowd (while possible)- one would think SOMEONE could have bum rushed the guy from behind (or any way)

    1. Weren’t there any beer bottles around? Why did no one think of throwing some bottles at the guy? Also, at one point or another there had to be people behind him – either by the front door or coming from the bathrooms – and yet no one thought of throwing a chair or something else? Sounds fishy.

      1. Those people are most likely graduates from the Robbie Parker School for Sh!tty Crisis Actors.
        Director: “Dammit! When I yell action you have to keep going. Nobody said cut! Did you here me say cut? Oh well….that’s breakfast everybody.”

  10. People need to see christine leinonen’s interview with abc news. She is clearly reading a script and is the worst crisis actor I have ever seen.

  11. They’re constantly saying this is the “largest mass shooting in US history”. They conveniently fail to take into account other larger mass murders such as Waco, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, or for that matter, Antietam. But I guess massacres sanctioned by the government get a free pass.

  12. There are no real shootings……sometimes they leak a story about a second or multiple shooters as they feel it it somehow legitimizes the shooting…when in reality it was fake.

    In a real shooting or in real life you would have grieving and VERY angry family members who would demand answers and search for the truth……

    If this were real you would have hundreds of cell phone videos of the aftermath and many videos of the crowded club and chaos that ensued….not to mention the surveillance camera video from the club itself……yet all we see are the same few clips from CNN repeated over and over…

    In a real shooting the elite would run the risk of it spiraling out of control……by faking it…they control every aspect of it… even donation sites set up afterward to bank donation money to pay for the next hoax…

    1. If we look at the way this event was handled and the ensuing media blitz that was synchronized with all the major media pressitutes, the obvious conclusion is that all the various components of this scam were in sync and the “authorities” knew that the alternate sleuths would tear this one apart with gleeful desire. The perps will keep repeating the basic rubbish, and while doing that, will add as they go little tidbits meant to try and neutralize the declarations of the alternate sleuths as the case is ripped to shreds and motives are established for those that would betray us. It’s Sandy Hook redux, laden with many of the same stupid and obvious flaws we’ve seen many times before. I’m surprised Robbie Parker didn’t make a cameo appearance. The trump card, no pun intended, is that the perps know most Americans treat these episodic stupidities as real life soap operas. They know the majority of people are numbed and dumbed and while they know now that we are laughing at their sorry scams, keep up the farce to try and get what they are ultimately seeking, gun control, etc. We’ve been sold out by our so-called representative government. DC is a total cesspool of lies and corruption.

      1. Speaking of media blitz, has anyone noticed that this event occurred right smack dab in the middle of nationwide Gay Pride parades scheduled all over the place?

        Not to speak of the Tony’s!

        1. Here We Go.

          Now Oboomer is going to use DHS for Gun Control.
          “We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security,” Johnson said

          Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security. Really? Says Who.

          Johnson said that President Obama is “frustrated” with the lack of action on preventing gun violence, but he’s still “determined.”
          “I thought frankly after Sandy Hook where you have schoolchildren murdered in a classroom that maybe finally this will be the tipping point and we were not able to move the needle in Congress, unfortunately,” Johnson said.


          “I thought frankly after WE STAGED Sandy Hook where WE FAKED schoolchildren murdered in a classroom that maybe finally this will be the tipping point BUT we were not able to CONFISCATE THE GUNS or move the needle in Congress, unfortunately, BECAUSE NOBODY BOUGHT OUR BULLSH$T” Johnson said.

          Expect many more FF’s the Next 6-months.

        2. King’O and Jeh Johnson at DHS are planing something Big.

          Almost 8 years of UN-vetted immigration from the Mid East and the open borders so weapons can be brought in can’t just be Compassion.

          Judicial Watch has broken a number of stories in the last few years about Mexican drug traffickers smuggling Islamic terrorists into the United States through the porous southern border.

          “Islamic Refugee” With Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested in New Mexico Border County. Wow.

      2. They repeat the same Mistakes they made in all of the Previous False Flags to try to convince us is “normal” to leave dead bodies lying around and people don’t bleed when shoot 10 times.

        Just keep repeating the lie until it becomes the Truth or Norm.

  13. The official narrative is falling apart from the very start as the alternative investigators have sharpened their skills and are tearing at this “mass casualty producing event” with their questions and observations.

    My small contribution on questioning one part of the MSM repeating is on a cell phone video supposedly taken inside the club as the supposed shooting begins. We hear the shots as a back ground noise, “rack rack rack rack”. Now maybe this is how a cell phone would record the shots but there is no look of shock on the women’s face to what would be to the human ear a massive sound of shots many magnitudes louder than any other noise within this confined space. An AR 15 type rifle has very very loud muzzle blast that would immediately grab anyone’s attention if suddenly fired without their knowing firing was to happen. This is called “flinch” and is why firearm users use hearing protection when at the firing range. The other odd thing is how this cell phone video has become accessible to the public so quickly and does not reside with the authorities for investigative purposes, especially as the women recording is said to be among the dead. Who took her phone and released the video to the MSM? The video begins at the 0:15 second mark…..

    1. It’s obvious that someone is recording her snapchat story (where you put pictures/videos for your friends to see for 24 hours) while it is playing. It’s like taking a picture of something in a computer screen. Look at the quality ?

  14. I would bring up a few further points about Florida. As per G4S HQ in Jupiter, FL, this town was the setting for popular TV show American Horror Story’s fourth season. Times of India (in coded language?) calling Orlando an “American horror story”.

    I believe it was Times of India which got the scoop on the head of Pakistani ISI wiring money to one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers in the days or weeks leading up to that event. The timing would be interesting in that Mahmoud Ahmed of ISI was in D.C. on 9/11 meeting with Porter Goss and another legislator (if I remember correctly) during the attacks.

    More importantly, does the Orlando attack exhibit an emerging trend of false flags by happening at night? We know the Paris attacks (Le Bataclan, etc.) happened at night. Maybe previous attacks happened in broad daylight. Did the cover of darkness allow for inflated casualty numbers?

    G4S is really headquartered in London, UK, but they do have this North American HQ in Jupiter, FL. Why was this patsy hanging around headquarters? Don’t they operate nationwide? This could be another case of someone thinking he’s participating in a drill. Then drill gets flipped live, he gets whacked and left at crime scene, and a couple of pro assassins mow down some homosexuals.

    Could also be Sandy Hook with the benefit of night.

    Same lame pictures are in high rotation…from Fox News to ABC. If I was trying to convince credulous people that this event was fake, I would tailor my coverage in exactly the way I’ve seen (with the extremely few (all uninteresting) pictures).

    People start saying: “Hey, I’ve seen that photo before. And that one. Don’t they have any other photos? And if not, why not.” There are plenty of things to photograph in a real event. It doesn’t have to be gory stuff. Plenty of items and arrangements which should be disturbed by the mayhem.

    Maybe only one photographer got to the scene in time to capture anything marginally relevant. This could be another reason for a night attack. Control the images. Block off the streets. Control the perimeter early on. One anointed photographer takes a baby’s handful of photos of a couple of bloodied passerbys.

    Full-circle: Jupiter, FL is about 10 miles from Jupiter Island, Florida.


  15. I’m awaiting the findings of the medical examiner but do not see anything made public – also 20 “bodies” were already shipped to funeral homes who plan to donate their non services. Let’s see if there are open casket funerals. San Bernardino had none and neither did Sandy Hook. Just a bunch of memorial services with go fund me extortion.

    “The Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office was expected to finish all autopsies by the end of the day Tuesday, according to Carrie Proudfit, an Orange County Public Safety spokeswoman. Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System and the Sarasota County medical examiner also helped, she said. The remains of 20 people have been transported to funeral homes, Proudfit said.”

    1. even if they have open caskets , its hard to tell ,, i have a friend whos family runs a funeral home and he says he could take a mannequin and do his makeup work on it and you wouldnt know the difference

  16. I’m sure “Adam Lanza” is heartbroken over his kill ratio record being broken.

    There is a video from Snapchat, supposedly taken in the club and it is supposed to be a woman’s reaction to the gunfire behind her.
    First off, she barley has a reaction. In fact the stupid video looks like something from that movie…The Blair Witch Project.

    Second, they tell us this gunfire is that of an AR-15 in a rather small and enclosed space.
    Seriously, people believe this.
    Look at her reaction.

    Funny how none of the “survivors” mention ringing in their ears and are able to give interviews. When if we take the official story into account (number of rounds unloaded by said weapon in that enclosed space) at least some of these people should have temporary hearing loss and be disoriented.

    I won’t even get into the behavior of people who supposedly witnessed “unspeakable carnage” and victim’s families smiling away like they haven’t a care in the world.
    My sooon was in there, my only child. not a red eye or single tear ban guns! smile and hold Anderson Coopers hand END SCENE

    Oh, and if you dare question the events around the largest massacre in US (guess it don’t count when the government murders people) history…you’re homophobic!
    That’s a little something in learned yesterday.

  17. Every false flag trope under the sun here – troubled lone wolf, self-radicalization, already on the FBI’s radar, AR15s and Glocks, security-stripping, bad witness acting, no substantive evidence, contradictions galore… – and a few more that promote the Shadow Agenda du jour – sympathy for LGBT community, repeal of the Second Amendment, Radical Islamic Terrorism and ISIS connections.

    To the commentator citing the unholy alliance between the political right and left: there IS NO DISTINCTION between right or left in American politics. Politics is all about control of the population from the Shadows.

    Do me a favor. Who still believes these blatant propaganda exercises?

    1. Suspicious Mind >>>This is directed to YOU>>And to ALL the Other Suspicious Minds who are Trying to GET THE TRUE Run- OFF Of this ” massacre” And Getting Nowhere > TOO Many Questions with no Answers That CAN Really be verified. BLOOD ? Who Cleaned Up THE Carnage ? HOW Was it that it Took Over two hours to “”GET The “Cops’ involved ? Where ARE All the Emergency crews, etc. that Should be operating AT This horrific ”Scene ?” Why WAS Obama SO Quick to Call for ”gun control ? ” ( Another False-flag staged For THAT Purpose..?.THE Boston Siege wasn`t big enough ? What ?? MORE Proof Has to Be Seen before Most Inquiring minds Like my own Will Be even close to Believing What IS being Swirled . Do Be Specific with some Proof that There Really WAS A “Hate- Crime” >>>HERE

        1. Go check it out.
          The information is readily available. As a matter of fact: it took them 3 hours because “they had to fit all the pieces together”.(This was on Fox News when they interviewed the doctors and survivors.)
          (What the pieces were, you can probably guess yourself.)

  18. I am very interested in the possibility of this being a false flag, but what about the injured? There are reportedy a good number of victims in 2 different hospitals with serious gunshot wounds. This could be verified. If the gunshot victims are not there, then this event is staged. Has somebody checked this out?

    1. I checked out the doctors working at Orlando regional Center who were giving interviews with some of the survivors. Some of the doctors really work there. At least they are listed online. Could they all be in on a scheme? Hard to believe. They also claimed that 9 of the originally 44 injured have died. That news has not been mentioned anywhere, as far as I am aware. The dead count is still 50. How can that be?

  19. Ms. “Lee” has it all right. Fake as usual. Has all the signs. It’s about “belief” now. Nobody even answers the questions. You are to “believe’ or be labeled. They don’t have to do anything now. They just announce them.

    1. What are taking about Lophatt?

      I only believe what the NEWS says and King O’.

      Are you one of those “Coincidence Theorists” CNN keeps warning me about?

      We have bridges for Sale here……

    2. I`m afraid THEY are going to have to do a LOT more than JUST “”Announce” anything. People in this Country are “Gullible, that Much I DO Agree On…But as For Being Trusting Like They Have Been too Many Times Before…They are NOT..NOW. WE have become a nation of Non-Believers <> Naivete’ is NOT In our Vocabulary ( Much less, Trust. ) There will Have to be MORE Proof than JUST WORDS..That Proves Out What IT Appears to BE>>> or REALLY IS> Where WERE the Ambulances. .Police cARS..ETC. that Should Have Been Present Within THE Sound of THE First Shots Fired !! WHAT ?? BUT what does THE Public GET>>Almost Immediately ? Obama Right AWAY CAlling for “”Gun Control !! He Knows A Lot more THAN HE Wants US TO Know..About THIS. IT Will ALL Come to Light. But Is Very Doubtful The Citizens Of this Country WIll EVER Give up OUR Means OF Protectionn…ESPECially And MORESO, now.

      1. There were many empty (at least 20) gurneys (rolling beds) standing ready, and just a few personnel standing by. Not in a hurry. Just waiting, like in a script. After all, the cops waited 3 hours until all the pieces fit together, they said so themselves when questioned why they waited so long: “we had to wait until all the pieces were in place.”
        And after those three hours wait we did not see anyone coming out of the hole that was hacked into the wall with a bulldozer.

  20. […] Laut einem Hinweis unter dem im Folgenden teil-übersetzten Artikel von wird darauf hingewiesen, dass der Name der Autorin Vivian Lee das Pseudonym einer Professorin an einer Universität an der Ostküste der Vereinigten Staaten ist. Die Autorin führt in ihrem Beitrag vom 14.06.2016 eine Liste von 15 Indizien dafür auf, dass mit der offiziellen Berichterstattung zum “Terroranschlag“ in Orlando am vergangenen Samstag womöglich irgendetwas nicht stimmt: […]

  21. I just happen to be awake at 3:00 am on Sunday. The first report from CNN was 4 dead and 15 injured. How did this suddenly grow to 47 killed and 50 something injured?!?! The initial Police response reported only four dead, were they “THAT” mistaken? The Press monitors the police bands, they got it from the Horses mouth. I think it’s just another attempt to remove guns from the American People. Just sayin!!

  22. Wow. I am dumbstruck, but inasmuch as our Country has been floundering since Obama took office I am seeing here, with certainty, that we have been so very taken advantage of.

  23. […] Laut einem Hinweis unter dem im Folgenden teil-übersetzten Artikel von wird darauf hingewiesen, dass der Name der Autorin Vivian Lee das Pseudonym einer Professorin an einer Universität an der Ostküste der Vereinigten Staaten ist. Die Autorin führt in ihrem Beitrag vom 14.06.2016 eine Liste von 15 Indizien dafür auf, dass mit der offiziellen Berichterstattung zum “Terroranschlag“ in Orlando am vergangenen Samstag womöglich irgendetwas nicht stimmt: […]

    1. Joshua D. Stephany just got a promotion and a raise.

      “Although he had been filling in for about a year, Dr. Stephany was officially made Orange County’s chief medical examiner two days after the slaughter at Pulse. On his first real day on the job, his office completed 18 autopsies. He said he performed at least seven of the 49 autopsies. The exact number he is not certain of. He lost count.”

      Just like Wayne Carver, he lost count. I see. I guess they don’t keep records there in the chief medical examiner’s office. Little did we know that tattoos (which Stephany mentions three times in his NYT video) were more important in terms of identifying the deceased than drivers’ licenses and credit cards found on bodies.

      1. This is the first video I have seen of Joshua D. Stephany, the chief medical examiner of Orange County, who was placed in charge 2 days after the shooting,
        and my impression is he is LYING, more importantly is his speech-this is not a typical coroner’s report, this is a NWO narrative that we are seeing at these False-Flag shootings,
        like what the CIA stooge gay blade Anderson Cooper does, cajole, play on sentimentality, hug people, tell them how sorry they are, we are supporting you, we love you… WTF? when did reporters become psychotherapists and curmudgeons?
        his description of the event doesn’t sound like that of a professional-maybe a professional crisis manager,
        I’m sure as we check this guys background this is going to get interesting

        1. He has no idea what he is talking about. He blinks constantly, never talking about anything relevant. He is a fake and incompetent even to lie properly.

  24. If we could get the “left” to realize they have been had, sent in circles trying to figure out what Bathroom they should use( BHO, I gotta give this one to you)

    You just might figure out you’ve been Had. Useful Idiots.

    We need your help..Wake Up!

  25. Where’s the video? Every club patron had a smart phone and the club has it’s own security system. Where’s the video!?!?! Every time there’s a crime the police release ANY AND ALL VIDEO ASSOCIATED to find the perps. Where’s the VIDEO?!?!?! Why did ANYONE post ANY VIDEO PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING WHEN NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON?

  26. […] Laut einem Hinweis unter dem im Folgenden teil-übersetzten Artikel wird darauf hingewiesen, dass der Name der Autorin Vivian Lee das Pseudonym einer Professorin an einer Universität an der Ostküste der Vereinigten Staaten ist. Die Autorin führt in ihrem Beitrag vom 14.06.2016 eine Liste von 15 Indizien dafür auf, dass mit der offiziellen Berichterstattung zum “Terroranschlag“ in Orlando am vergangenen Samstag womöglich irgendetwas nicht stimmt: […]

  27. As time goes on you’d think more pictures and videos would be leaked… but nothing! So many inconsistencies in this story its not even funny. The very first thing I found odd is a victim that tweeted BEFORE the shootings began. He tweeted at 1:17 am ” shootings at pulse, hiding in bathroom can’t find my friends”. I don’t have the link handy but you can search pulse tweets and it should come up.

    I think scary times are ahead. Keep your eyes wide open!

  28. Paul Roberts thought it was odd that this article says <with Boston Marathon “bomber,” Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Mateen was known to the authorities, who let him proceed unfettered”>.

    I think Roberts is mistaken. Certainly there will be many shills writing articles. But not this one. Implicitly, the writer does not buy the official story so it means the writer does not buy details of the official story and therefore there is no need to scrupulously qualify everything the writer says.

    Richard Mullins

  29. The Orlando event is pure fiction, like the Elliot Rodger event. “Closeted gay shoots up gay club”. Where do they hire these script writers?

  30. Has anyone researched the victims’ obituaries? Almost all of them lack the information you would normally expect to find.

    Can anyone find obituaries for the Roseburg OR community college shooting victims?

  31. Jun 27, 2016 What Does G4S Know About the Orlando Nightclub Massacre?

    Much has been made in recent weeks of Omar Mateen’s background. The perpetrator of the Orlando, Fla., massacre was alternately a “radical Islamist,” a deeply closeted gay man, a wife abuser, a mental case, everybody’s best friend in high school and a loser. The list goes on. But what the mainstream media—and the government, for that matter—have not talked about is the fact that Mateen was employed at the time of his crime by G4S, a London-based company that is one of the largest mercenary firms in the world, with intelligence contractors deployed in war zones and hot spots around the globe.

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