Gov. Scott: ‘We Will Devote Every Resource Available to Assist with Orlando Shooting’


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement on this morning’s shooting in Orlando.

Governor Scott said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and all those affected by this horrific tragedy. We are a strong and resilient state and we will devote every resource available to assist with the shooting in Orlando. Our state emergency operations center is also monitoring this tragic incident. I have been in constant communication with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and state and local law enforcement this morning. I would like to also thank all the first responders who quickly came to assist and help those in need.”

Governor Scott is traveling to Orlando now to meet with law enforcement and local officials. An updated schedule will be released shortly.

John Torres and John Bacon
USA Today

ORLANDO — A heavily armed assailant opened fire in a packed nightclub early Sunday, killing 50 people in the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history, authorities said.

Mayor Buddy Dyer said 53 people were wounded at Pulse Orlando, a gay club just south of downtown. Authorities said the massacre was being investigated as possible terrorism.

A federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY the suspect has been identified as Omar Seddique Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Fla. The suspect’s father, Mir Seddique, told NBC News on Sunday that he was “in shock,” but that his son had recently expressed anti-gay sentiments.

Mulitple media are reporting that Mateen is Muslim, but his father said the attack “had nothing to do with religion.”

Police Chief John Mina said the tragedy began at 2:02 a.m., when three police officers engaged the suspect in a gun battle outside the club. A hostage situation then took place inside, and a SWAT team was called in, Mina said. Police received updates from patrons trapped in the club, and decided to storm the club at about 5 a.m.

“Our biggest concern was further loss of life,” Mina said. “We exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and he was dead at the scene.”


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188 thought on “Open Thread – Orlando 6/12/16 – ‘Worst Mass Shooting in US History’”
  1. Too early to call it, however it deserves a close look. This one checks a lot of progressive boxes, and the timing is rather key in influencing the rhetoric of the election. We have Gay victims/assault rifle/ a Muslim shooter/record number of dead and wounded//Newtown back in the news/ Shooter Connected to ISIS/Perp’s name is close to San Barandino shooter’s (most of these events are crafted to associate each one to previous events,) President gives statement calling is an act of terror and act of hate. FBI is on the scene and leading the investigation. President calls nightclub a place of solidarity and consoles gay, lesbian and transgender.

    This from the Yahoo report:

    According to ABC News, he was “previously known to law enforcement but not under investigation.”

    CNN reports that Mateen was a professional security officer and had a license to carry a firearm.”

    It is reported that at 11:00am on Sunday, the victims are still in the nightclub.

    This is reported to have started as a gunfight with law enforcement.

    1. “This is reported to have started as a gunfight with law enforcement.”

      Same ol script, like the domestic terrorism biker incident in which police were “almost targeted” in Waco.

  2. And I was just considering a trip to Disney World mid July. I don’t dig huge police presence (much less a “state of emergency” scenario).

    Any other suggestions for a family of three (including an 11 year old)?

  3. Crisis Actors strike again! Argh! “Worst Mass Shooting In US History”? I think the decedents of The Mountain Meadows Massacre (120 dead) on 9/11/1857 and The Wounded Knee Massacre (150 dead) on 12/29/1890, would disagree.

  4. In my humble opinion………the worst case of terrorism each day is congress assembles, the oval office is “occupied” and the American public is considered the enemy.

    1. You wonder…about that “live feed” that ALWAYS seems to be shown ONLY during these types of events. And it’s always RT & CNN & BBC. Coincidence, we’re sure.

  5. No surprise another gun man shot dead on the scene. So we don’t really know what actually happened.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter wasn’t prescribed various psychiatric drugs and had seen a psychiatrist or some mental health “professional” who had connections to the CIA’s various mind control initiatives.

  6. You can not extricate this from gang stalking. The public audience is preconditioned and the role players are at work. It’s all about the agenda, especially the federal gun grab agenda.

    1. LOL

      I knew that even while the bodies still bled, some nut case would claim that this never happened.

      Whatever creditability you may think you have gets less every time you react in your typical knee jerk way.

      Keep it up!

        1. But of course our “trollish” friend isn’t knee-jerk reacting…right? Of course not. And neither are the politicians & the fake media who say this is the worst shooting since the biblical floods?.

  7. Professor,
    Here we go again. Link back to pbs town hall with obama being questioned by gun shop owner, listen to video.
    Then go to zero hedge today read article isis letter detailing 600 to be killed in Florida. And a gay pride shooter was stopped in w. Hollywood, Ca.
    Zero Hedge has several good articles to day on this ”Obvious False Flag”.
    And, to think Trump was labeled racist because of ”un-vetted foreigners” .
    At least the good news now this is being unwound faster than I can be called intolerant.
    I see blow back on many levels here.
    They wagged the dog too many times. with too many tails(tales).


    1. Gotta love it how the tagline is always “common sense” out of all of their UNIFORM mouths in unison TO YOUR EARS. That’s the giveaway, folks?.

  8. Professor,
    This story starts at the obama town hall on pbs when the gun store owner. Watch vid listen to obama.
    Letter last week from ”isis” claiming they were going to kill 600 in Florida.
    Possible shooter, w. Hollywood Ca. stopped going to gay pride parade.
    Zero Hedge has many articles up now on this ”Tail Wagging, The Dog Event” . All worth Perusing.
    Even Obamas remarks before the investigation is even concluded.
    And, Trump will be vindicated by this. His ”Unvetted immigrants”.
    Four agendas here Guns, Gays, Terrorism and Diversity. Maybe more still investigating.

  9. Watching RT video………There it is…….its about gun control….taking away guns, how thew NRA is controlling congress and blah blah blah. What a coincidence……and they are haggling over th e UN small arms treaty………..this should do it. Oh! and its handy that this happens after the EO saying transgender can use which bathrooms…..yup….all a co-winky dink/

  10. If someone exchanged gunfire with police and then enters a club, why wait 3 hours before pursuing? What happened between the skirmish with police at 2 a.m. and police entering the club at 5 a.m.?

    Allegedly, he had time to shoot over 100 people.

    If he began shooting club goers immediately, wouldn’t police pursue immediately?

    If a legitimate hostage situation developed, wouldn’t police enter as soon as it was clear that he was killing people?

    Doesn’t add up.

      1. I tend to examine the facts as reported and look for what rings true and what rings false.

        I find it interesting that the FBI is quickly acknowledging that they investigated this gentleman in 2013, and interviewed him twice in 2014. Maybe highlighting that even suspected terrorists on the Fed’s radar can easily and legally purchase guns? Laws aren’t tough enough, clearly.

        1. I understand where you’re going with this, but the trouble is, once you’ve accepted the premises, you’ve bought the narrative. If you wish, check into the premises & narratives for all of these “terror/active shooter attacks”, see if there’s patterns that emerge, actions that “seemingly” aren’t taken…again & again & again & again! Like, how these individuals tend to get “allegedly” interviewed by internal Security Services(Woolrich, UK, Paris, FR (2x), Boston, Ottawa, Montreal, the list goes on) or have been “monitored” by them up until the last second then somehow “disappeared”, “lost track of” until “THE DAY OF RECKONING”. And always a scenario they’ve been drilling or incessantly training for but NEVER SEEM TO BE ABLE TO PREVENT(like every terror event since at least 9/11 has involved direct involvement by @ least the FBI). This IMO is what Ted really meant: once you figure out the telltale signs, overthinking is a waste of time. MHB has published plenty of articles on this subject, so search away.

        2. And you actually believe what the FBI is stating ? It`s all smoke & mirror my friend.
          As an old federal marshal friend once told me,”anyone can legally purchase a gun”it all depends on your definition of legal.

  11. Hmmmm….

    Sources tell CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegeus that Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. During the 911 call, Mateen referenced Boston marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Pegues reports.

    Mateen gave his full name to 911 dispatchers, Pegues reports.

    A U.S. intelligence source told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that Islamic terrorism is being investigated as a possible motive in the shooting because of several indicators, including the style of the attack, which had similarities to the attacks in Paris in November 2015 and Brussels in March.

    1. And now we’ve the evidence for why this “shooting” & the Boston Fenway Park drill happened the same day…and oh, “praise to The Tsarnaev brothers”. So predictable, so mocking of these sadistic bastards to always link 1 false flag hoax to one of previous hoaxes these government PLAYWRIGHTS performed. The “Virginia newscaster fake shooting” of last year: oh he was so upset by what took place in the “Charleston church fake shooting”. And employed by a government contractor? We’re sure that they ONLY guard government sites; no way they’d ever also secure &/or participate in DHS drills… that’s just CRAZY TALK(CRAFT INDUSTRIES)?.

      1. Yes, it seems de rigueur that these falsehoods be linked in commentary by the various crisis actors like Mateen. So reifying of our faith in the idea that we are under attack (attacks which oddly are never “anticipated” and come out of the lone (loan) wolf blue (screen).

  12. This is far simpler than even trying to figure out the inconsistencies inherent in all false flag fake hoax shootings like this: wasn’t BOSOX Fenway Park drill happening today/right now? Let’s just leave it here, ’cause we know its BS.

    1. Fenway Park was well-publicized in Boston. But another series of events happened around the time of the Pulse pageant too – lots of gay pride parades (Boston, a few other places) – I think the day after. Then of course the Tony Awards got to mention Orlando lots, and everyone wore a gray ribbon. Even Barbra Streisand (!) weighed in at the Tony’s (moderately – with a call for art as the cure – I guess the cure for bad art as these damned pageants are is more art and lots of it – show them bureaucrats what real art is).

  13. Let’s see:

    Assault Rifle..Check

    We are only missing the White dude with his Guns and Bible.

    This covers all issues. Gays, Immigration/Borders, Guns and Latinos.

    I’m sure there’s much more.

    1. Ric: What? No ” written Manifesto”? I feel cheated. Also,where are all the selfless “heroes” throwing themselves in harms way to protect their”beloved ones”? Damned scriptwriters.

      1. It’s coming Ray.
        Sometimes they find it in his back Pocket during the Autopsy…..

        I’m thinking, it looks like a duck, walks like a duck

        Hey, wait a minute..

        Doesn’t someone on this blog Live in FLA and Have Ducks?


        1. Oh,yeh…along with those fireproof passports,driver’s licenses,and social security cards…Quack!

  14. NYT pick comment: “Leaders, please lead. Nothing happened after Newtown, please, please, please get gun control laws in place. My heart breaks for these people and their loved ones. As a mom, I feel terrified to raise a child in a society where this can happen. We repealed Prohibition. Revise the 2nd Amendment, please. People’s lives are at stake. People are dying every day. This is insane. Please, please lead us into a better place.”

    Problem, reaction, solution. Gag.

    I am also wondering if the LGBQT angle was planned to coincide with Obama’s transgender bathroom policy. In recent weeks there has been more outrage and more outspokenness against this community by those who feel it’s a direct hit to their own rights. Orlando will help us rally around and protect this community, while stamping out anything that looks like “hate speech” or “hateful thinking”.

  15. OOPS! FBI INTERVIEWED SUSPECT IN 2013 and 2014 — Guardian / THAT GOT OUT QUICKLY ENUF, DIDN’T IT? Must be a slow day at the fbi?

    Ron Hopper, FBI special agent, takes the microphone. The FBI is the lead investigative agency.

    “The individual believed to be responsible for the has been identified as Omar Amir Siddiq Mateen, aged 29, an American citizen born in New York.”

    “The FBI first became aware of Mateen in 2013 as he made inflammatory comments to coworkers, alleging possible terrorist ties. The FBI thoroughly investigated the matter including interviews of witnesses, physical surveillance and records checks.”

    “In the course of the investigation, Mateen was interviewed twice,” he says. “Ultimately we were unable to verify the substance of his comments, and the investigation was closed.”

    In 2014 Mateen again came to the attention to the FBI,” Hopper continues. Agents interviewd him again, after he suggested he had a relationship with an American suicide bomber, Moner Abusalha. “We determined that contact was minimal and didn’t to constitute a substantive relationship or threat at that that time.”

    Then Hopper talks about the reported 911 calls, in which Mateen allegedly pledged allegiance to the leader of the terror group Islamic State.

    “There were 911 calls in which there was conversation between the subject and 911 operators,” he says. “It was general to the Islamic State.”

    He says the FBI is looking at any terror ties, domestic or international. He won’t comment on interviews with Mateen’s family, saying “multiple interviews are being conducted as we speak.”

    Finally, a representative of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says that Mateen legally purchased two weapons in the last week.

    “He is not a prohibitive person so he can legally walk into a gun dealership,” he says. “He did so within the last week or so.”


    “It just hit me that I could have lost my sister Maria Torres My BF Alfredo Chavarria, Daisy Ivy Carballo, Dana Weigle Cole and Joey Kijo.. We were sitting in the VIP section right by the entrance.. We decided to get up and leave … Not even a few seconds later is when it all started.. People where screaming and running looking for their loved ones along with seeing injured people sitting on the floor .. It was so surreal .. it seemed fake… This had to be planned…We were lucky to walk away from this, but My condolences to the friends and family who lost their loved ones tonight and for everyone that has been injured tonight; i’m praying for you all..”

    1. Oh dear – that’s just terrible how close you were! Now tell me, isn’t it true that people who normally patronize the joint would have left when they stopped pouring drinks at 1 AM? Those who would have been there from 2 PM — was it an AA meeting or something? I seem to recall a post which stated that Orlando bars stopped serving at 1 AM. You are either a troll or very much mistaken about your odds of being shot. The “private party” which took over — looking like just another pageant.

  17. At 4:30 pm, the “dead” are still apparently inside the night club – just like the kids reportedly left inside the Sandy Hook school. What – they didn’t take them to the hospital? Just like they didn’t take Prince to the hospital? Where’s the emergency protocol?

    So what do we have here, in “the deadliest/worst mass shooting in US history” (as repeated over and over on the news) and “the deadliest/worst terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11” (snatching the title unceremoniously from San Bernardino)??

    We have:

    -“Omar Saddiqui Mateen,” Florida resident, born New York, parents from Afghanistan; reportedly anti-gay (so say his “parents”).

    -Had an assault rifle and a handgun.

    -Killed 50 people and injured 53 (as of now).

    -Worked since 2007 as a security guard for G4S Security Solutions, which protects government buildings; had security clearance and was able to buy guns.

    -Found to have bought a Glock handgun and long gun within the last few days, legally.

    -Was on the FBI’s radar for his supposed ISIS sympathies, but … they didn’t connect the dots!

    -Called 911 at 20 minutes into the attack and pledged allegiance to ISIS (over the phone) and also mentioned the “Boston bombers” as inspiration.

    -Judged to have been “self radicalized” and a lone-wolf, home-grown terrorist.

    -Fake-sounding witnesses, including one Luis Burbano, who said he put a “syringe” on someone – then corrected this to say he put a tourniquet on the victim.

    -Fake-sounding officials, who seem like they are rattling off a script (they are), one of whom is State Senator Geraldine Thompson, who tells us she is the senator for the district that includes the Pulse night club “in Tallahassee” – Tallahassee? I thought it was in Orlando…

    -Patty Sheehan, Orlando City Commissioner, telling us that there are already people raising money for the victims…

    -Marco Rubio telling us that the “Islamic terrorists” will not win; and that homegrown terrorism is the biggest threat our country faces – his fear is that “we’re gonna see more of this”…

    -Ridiculous footage that doesn’t show any dead people, any injured people, no EMTs, no ambulances, no triage tarps, and with the same two scenes of alleged victims being casually helped away from the scene (and, yes, one dumped into the back of a pick-up truck), played over and over again on the news.

    -President Obama in another heart-wrenching statement to the press, proclaiming this to be “an act of terror and an act of hate”; directing flags on government buildings and ships (around the world) to be flown at half staff until the night of June 16.

    -And, of course, the shooter conveniently killed by the police, with only one officer sustaining a hit – but luckily the bullet was deflected by his kevlar helmet…

    That’s right. A staged attack. Fake. With a multi-purpose agenda. Just like all the others.

    1. Vivian, you point out that this guy worked as a security guard since 2007 for G4S security. Notice if you scroll down the crisis cast web site you see that one of the companies that provides crisis actor’s is G4S. Its there in black and white

  18. Ok.. here is my one cent on the Orlando Majic event. A gay-hating Muslim walks up to a gay night club with a AK-47 and ask to come in.
    Hell no !! say the moon-lighting police officer and states; you have to leave your weapon in the car.

    BLAH …Blah..Muslim shoots at cop and his helmet stops the round. Muslim nows runs in gay night club and take hostages, pissed off police officer who just lost a perfectly good helmet, radioed to other cops, let’s get this SOB !! and they have doughnuts and coffee and decide to storm the night club.
    They open fire on everyone and blame muslim and kills him. End of story.

    Now which story is more believable mine or theirs ? And to add my useless rationality to this beautiful story. Below is what a AK 47round can do to a wall. (Excuse the profanity)

    Happy Sunday Y’all..

      1. The alleged gunman was allegedly firing an AR15, which uses a .223 round, which may or may not penetrate a kevlar helmet. If it is a 62 grain, ballistic tip .223 round, then yes, absolutely it will penetrate a kevlar helmet, and most body armor to boot. A 150 grain .308 AK47 round may or may not penetrate a kevlar helmet, BUT it would definitely leave at least a 4 inch dent in the helmet…..and the person’s skull whom is wearing the helmet, which would result in much more than just a minor eye injury.

        1. Thanks for the ballistic info, John. But I was alluding to my sarcasm attributes.
          I’ve fired both weapons and the .308 AK47 round would definitely leave more than a 4′ dent in a kevlar helmet ,especially at close range which based on the scripted narrative was the case. But hey were not debating military ballistics here, but whether this narrative is fiction or non.
          m betting on fiction. Let’s add some observational statistic, shall we.

          100 plus gay & lesbian individuals celebrating pride month in a nightclub and not a single cell/smart phone footage of this carnage.

        2. Yes, it was obvious to me that it was 100% fiction when I saw the first special report on Sunday at 8:00am when they reported 20 dead just like in Sandy Hoax, lol! Of course, they quickly upped that number to 50 killed and 53 wounded just an hour later to further convince me it was more than just a Hoax. The crisis actors in this one are even worse than in Sandy Hoax.

          1) The laughing policeman
          2) The tearless mom who doesn’t know the whereabouts of her gay son.
          3) Even Gov Rick Scott is cracking a huge smile in this psyop.
          4) The gay actor in the brawny flannel shirt wearing a straw hat….that one has to take the cake in this play!

        3. Where is the security surveillance of the shooter entering the nightclub??? Did they use the same security company as Chalk Hill Elementary School?

        4. I’ve never heard of a gay and lesbian bar. Almost all ‘gay’ bars are for one sex or the other.

        5. John Luv,

          We are still waiting for the Video from OKC, 911, Colorado, SHE, BMB, Oregon, San Bern. too a long a list for me.

          Cameras don’t work when the AFT is there………

        6. Oh.. they are very exclusive ! trust me.

          Ted, is there something you need to tell us?

          Haha, Just kiding

        7. Although an AK47 round(7.62X39) is .308 in diameter, it should not be confused with the .308 Winchester.(7.62X51). The Winchester round is commonly used with the 150-180 grain bullet, whereas the AK round is most commonly loaded with a bullet of or around 123 grains to make up for its lighter powder charge. Powerful, but nowhere near the power of a .308.

        8. I surely would not trust my life with a kevlar helmet, from any centerfire cartridge, period, maybe with the exception of a .25 acp, lol!

    1. I too am beginning to loose faith in the theory of coincidence. What are the odds? He worked for a company whose website lists their expertise in active shooter and workplace violence training. And who is up for the first eyewitness testimonial on CNN? You got it! A professional actor with a resume of extremely minor roles.

      The silly-face photo of Omar Mateen taking a selfie is in reality a photo of him taking a selfie. The angle is impossible for it to be self-taken.

      This one just may end up even more ridiculous than the Cassidy Stay or Alison Parker productions.

    1. 50 dead, 50 wounded. One out of every 2 shot is dead. Seems like an unrealistically high kill ratio:

      Also Law Enforcement Officers miss between 70 – 80 percent of shots fired during a shooting incident. Assuming 50 dead and 50 wounded means 100 hits, then let’s say only 30% of the shots fired hit a person, then the shooter would have had to fire at least 333 shots or empty eleven or more 30 round AR magazines…

      Also assume your targets are moving away from you. Head shots would be even more difficult. The human body is remarkably resilient if hit just about anywhere else.

      Conclusion: False Flag with no real casualties. If actual casualties, there would have had to have been multiple shooters with lots of ammo and with expertise and military training….

      1. According to Reuters, 53-year-old Javer Antonetti was also at Pulse and told The Orlando Sentinel, “There were so many (shots), at least 40… I saw two guys and it was constant, like ‘pow, pow, pow’.”

    1. No Real Video, No Real Pictures with over a 100 patrons with phone cameras.

      I only saw a Chick with “something ” all over her and a Guy with a tourniquet on his leg. That’s about it

      Shooting at 2:00am, Swat Team at 5:00am.

      They know who his Father is and who said his son is a Homo-phob before the Cops even get there.

      This Guys Kill rate makes Adam Lanza look like a amateur.

      They are saying “anyone ” can buy an Automatic Machine Gun at any 7-11 and Must be outlawed.

      This part is true. The ISIS dudes who run my local 7-11 do sell Automatic Machine Guns by the Rolling Hotdog Machine in between the Chili and Cheese Squirt Pumps….

      I think this did happen to Fool all the unsuspecting Patrons like the Aurora Theater Shootings and LAX to have Real people who think they Really saw something but it was really a Psyop.

      This is how they Mix reality and Fantasy and create a Real Story that no one can deny that “something” happened.

      If they have shoot someone to accomplish their goals they will. Don’t think for a minute they are trying not to really hurt anyone and just want to fake all of this. People do really hurt sometimes.

    2. Well, as far as government crisis actors go, she wasn’t completely terrible. I’ve seen worse. But still, she could not even muster up ONE real tear for her missing son throughout that entire rambling “interview.”

      Not to worry though, she made sure to put her grief aside momentarily to get in her political point about banning assault weapons.

      I think the sunglasses serve a dual purpose: to hide the lack of tears and also to allow her to read the cue cards / TelePrompter without most people noticing.

  19. Obama made a pretty little speech. No word from his husband Michael, though. Guess he doesn’t want to blow his cover and have his secret identity known.
    I’m working on Donald Trumps speech right at the moment. This is what I have so far:
    “You see? I was right. Wasn’t I right? Yeah, I was right. Haven’t I been sayin it? I been sayin it. We gotta stop these Muslim terrorists from entering our country cause, you know, the faggots just can’t protect themselves. The faggots have absolutely zero protection against Muslim terrorists. And we really need to help protect our faggots, folks. No more Muslims in our country!”
    It’s just a rough draft so far.
    At this point I’m inclined to just say the hell with it and start a campaign to have Omar Mateen elected President of the United States. I’d rather vote for a (supposed) dead guy than vote for the other two choices.
    I’m going to go make some signs.

    1. Man, you are weird. You can’t have things both ways. Either you are for protecting the rights of homosexuals, OR you are for protecting Muslim rights. THE TWO ARE NOT COMPATIBLE!

      That’s all there is to be said.

      1. Homosexual rights? Muslim rights? Exactly which rights are these? Can you define these mysterious rights? Are they written down someplace so I can read them?
        I know what my rights are. They are defined in the original 10 Articles of the Bill of Rights. And you know something? I don’t think the homo’s or the Muslims give a rats behind about my rights. I know the Government doesn’t.
        Psssst. I’ll let you in on a little secret. This is just between you and me so don’t tell anyone else.
        Your either a free living person in full possession of your rights as defined by the Bill of Rights or your a slave. There is no gray area. The gray area? That’s where the slavery starts.

  20. Mateen worked at a global security corp. while under years of FBI investigation (Remember, they were watching the Tsarenaev brothers years before BMB event).

    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”
    Don Corleone in The Godfather

    Shooter’s father was also investigated by FBI for terrorist leanings:

    Counterintelligence is a deadly game.

  21. Had he ever been a wackenhut (they work for intel) security guard at disney, center of mind control experiments

    …Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right direction…Most of the Disney films are used for programming purposes. Some of them are specifically designed for mind-control. – Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

  22. Well after watching the official news and gov reps speak it Is more than apparent this is staged State Sponsored terrorism, bringing ISIS into the picture tells us this is true, because everyone in the know understands ISIS is a US Intelligence mercenary army (s),
    they are also developing the idea of lone gun nuts in such a way that I can see them developing a new scheme for targeting certain “types” of Americans as an excuse to harass arrest or detain based on the whims of Law Enforcement,
    they are also bringing in the idea that people who oppose LGBT policies are dangerous individuals who may have terrorist tendencies, etc. So now you see what the gay agenda is leading to

    1. They will of course ignore that aspect that this was Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan that did the fake shooting, and therefore we needn’t worry about securing our borders, or protecting ourselves from radical Islamists. They are hoping that you will forget about this also.

      Good luck with this game plan, NWO.

    1. According to Reuters, 53-year-old Javer Antonetti was also at Pulse and told The Orlando Sentinel, “There were so many (shots), at least 40… I saw two guys and it was constant, like ‘pow, pow, pow’.”

    2. If they are so concerned about people getting killed by guns, then why don’t they do something about the 2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammo that “Homeland Security” recently purchased? Hollow-point ammo is useless for target practice, but great for killing people.

  23. Eyewitnesses reported seeing two shooters. Social media photos of the shooter show him wearing NYPD t-shirts, and is known to have worked for the G4S global security firm. He allegedly called 9-1-1 to proclaim “ISIS” was behind the attack at the time of the shootings..

    Another typical false flag psyop using a patsy and coordinated media saturation in order to manipulate the masses into supporting the elite’s agenda, in this instance to further support the “war on terror” while our CIA and allies (Saudis and Mossad) back the very terror groups they claim to be fighting against, with the ultimate goal of furthering the decades-long regime change agenda in the region currently targeting Syria, as was done in Libya and Iraq before it, and to further root out and de-populate any undesirables in the region, along with another example to give fuel to the left’s push to further erode the 2nd Amendment under the guise of public safety (e.g. “gun control” or what it actually is: citizen disarmament).

    Either way, the hawks on the right will be happy to use this for their pro-war and pro-Zionist (e.g. Islamaphobic) propaganda, while the left will be just as eager to use this to push for stricter “gun control” measures. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call the left-right paradigm, a divide and conquer strategy used to keep the masses deceived into believing the other half of the country (or opposing party) is the cause of these problems and thus will deflect blame from those ultimately responsible, when in reality the leadership of both parties are serving the global elite and are equally complicit, equally willing to take away your rights and destroy your country, albeit in different ways.

  24. Fox News coverage (bane of my existence) spouting same mutually-verifying pseudo-journalism in interview format. Continuous repetition of still photographs which neither look credible (as in aftermath of real event) nor poignant. As if propaganda hydra is reaching. How can false-flag terror have full-spectrum dominance of news media and yet have such mundane photographs?

    Banality of evil? I’m not buying it. No doubt a staged event. Confluence of multiple strands (to strengthen long-running and emerging narratives): Muslims are bad (not true), gays are good (not any better than anyone else), and guns need to be taken from the hoi polloi (I disagree…see 2nd [right after 1st] amendment).

    The gay aspect is both a ruse and an essential element. Now the gay community has their event–“proof” that they are hated. Likely ramifications: free speech is further curtailed. Anything even approaching criticism of the LBGT community (a community I support) will be taken as “hate speech”. I don’t support the curtailment of speech. I don’t support the curtailment of thought.

    As I said, the LBGT movement will likely now have a more militant tone about it (supported by a cynical liberal administration). Ultimate ends: LBGT being used by supranational organizations (U.N, etc.) as backdoor (no pun intended) to population control.

    Muslim element is strange. Have the liberal and conservative Gladios joined forces? Probably so. As much as it pains the Obama administration (and me), they had to have a Muslim killer here. It’s marginally good news for the “domestic terrorist” meme. Domestic terrorists never gained the credibility which the government intended them to have post-OKC. Closest equivalent are white school shooters (young, ostensibly medicated individuals [no disrespect intended to V Tech shooter {Asian}]).

    Liberal Gladio (Sandy Hook) seems to have been wedded to neocon Gladio (San Bernardino) in Orlando: the Magic Kingdom. Remember Daniel Hopsicker’s exposé of the clown school (Florida, 9/11). Funny thing about Hollywood (CA and FL). Industrial lights AND MAGIC.

    To wit: to what degree was Orlando a real event? Real terrorist narrative? Not a chance. Real shooter? Maybe, but it was likely a pro who got away unscathed. The $64,000 question: real deaths? On basis of last answer, also maybe. Real identities? Maybe not. Remember the “carefully prepared aliases” line from Operation Northwoods documents (courtesy of CJCS LLL: Lyman L. Lemnitzer).

    Which brings up Florida again. Northwoods would seem coincidental or only logical (because of the geographic proximity of Cuba and the mission of Operation Mongoose). Only problem is that the other options (besides the remote control aircraft false flag over Cuba [decades before Global Hawk system was made public]) included ATTACKS (“real or simulated”) ON AMERICANS IN FLORIDA. Viz. the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy (who refused the Northwoods plan) approved and signed off on the killing of American CIVILIANS (in the guise of a terror attack) as justifiable means towards the end of deposing Fidel Castro (which is to say, strategy).

    Florida is lousy with CIA (historically). I’m reminded of the old Dr. Drew exercise: Germany or Florida. I like q good creative idea (in the spirit of “Wild Bill” Donovan) as much as the next bloke, but whacking 50 of one’s own citizens is nuts.

    It is, however, child’s play compared to 9/11. And so perhaps we really are confronted with Hannah Arendt: the banality of evil. The most spectacular emanation of Northwoods was 9/11. Orlando would seem to be the same (inside government) conspirators at a loss for ideas. They were activating one of the less spectacular clauses of Northwoods.

    The gay angle is a ruse in that the gun control agenda is allowed to creep ahead with less scrutiny.

    As far as false flag alchemy, it is absolutely diabolical.


  25. My thoughts on this:

    -I think real mass shootings occur when individuals have been relentlessly bullied. Here, there is no clear motive. “Not liking gays” is not a motive. There would have to be something much more personal for this to believable.
    -The narrative is perfect to unite everyone. Conservatives can blame Muslims. Liberals can support gays.
    -There is a different “feel” to the staged events. I think what is missing is a sense of chaos, confusion, and unpredictable reactions. In real events, the police and first responders make mistakes. Victims and their families are sometimes sad, but also withdrawn (staring off into space), and angry (cursing at reporters and first responders). There is little criticism of the police response (rightly or wrongly), just praise for the great job these “heros” did. People do cowardly things to save themselves in real events (why didn’t people get trampled in front of the door?, for example).

    1. The armed White Dude in Los Angeles is such a Joke but..

      The only thing we were missing is this was the Crazy White Due clinging on to Bible and Pocket Constitution.

      Well, They Found Him…Checkmate.

  26. I considered writing a comment in the last FF Friday that the last major mass shooting event was San Bernardino and we were overdue for another… I know it’s easy to make this claim post event. But here we are.

    Let’s see. Gun control – check. LGBT – check. Muslim Terrorist – check. ISIS – check. I guess Bilderberg was getting too much attention? I’m surprised some SJW’s were massacred, and some EBT card holders, and Hitlery supporters…

    But wait! Worked for a Global Security Firm? Contact with FBI? So either just doing his job or a MK Ultra victim… or both?

    Just like the past few False Flag events no video or audio recordings of the actual event? In an age where EVERYONE has a Smartphone (well, except for me), hmmm…

    As with Boston, Sandy Hook, Paris 13th, Brussels… show us the PROOF of the dead!

    I just did 1000 push-ups in a row!! What you don’t believe me? I swear it is true. Wait, I have video of me doing 10… you can extrapolate the rest… 😉

    Note: I’m beginning to now believe that the FBI plays on the Liberal/Democratic/Socialist side, versus the CIA which plays on the Neocon/Republican/Capitalist side. And both sides are played by the Globalists… who rule the world.

    1. Kevin,
      Your right. There is 2 different factions at work here.

      San Bernardino and this new one are fighting Against Obama.

      This makes Obama look so bad on many levels.

  27. So, on 20/20 tonight eyewitness who claims he was playing Dead, said the guy was on the phone to many different people.(Orders/Direction/Updates?)

    He said he was “the 4th shooter and there was “snipers” waiting to shoot arriving Police.

    That’s 4 shooters.

    ATF is my guess as all of these shootings are.

    There is so many anomalies that mirror aspects of all the shootings in the past such as dead bodies left in building like SHE. The gunman questioned his victims before shooting them..Oregon Shooting.

    The lists goes on and on.

    This same shooter , #4, called 911 and said stop killing ISIS in Syria…Really?

    This is where we should all jump off this boat.

    They are watching how everyone reacts and how much Bull$hit they will eat.

    1. Are you sure that is 20/20? I’m trying to get that information, can’t locate any clips from the show
      I would ask everyone posting to please leave a link if you have it,
      we should all be recording relevant info that invariably gets scrubbed

        1. Thanks for post,
          I cannot believe that 20/20 is neck deep in this lie and ruse of this False Flag, the level of treason is astounding

        2. First, Thanks Cindy for the Video.

          Sun, if this is the one I saw, the witness dude (who never looks at the camera) also said ” He told somebody on the phone he had plenty of ammo”???

          He also said he was the “4TH” Shooter and snipers were waiting for the Cops to show.


          Save this Video.

    Well I have been searching the web on this event all night,
    and this best describes the scene of the crime, and the “Pulse” of the event (pardon the pun),
    and what I saw in this event was the typical tags suggesting a DRILL,
    first of all lights, lots of emergency flashing lights…ok I tell my brain to cancel out that message temporarily so I can stop all the effects that adrenal causes from watching flashing red lights,
    then lots of policemen walking, walking around, milling around,
    but not frantic like a gun battle, with over 50 killed and 50 more wounded,
    fire trucks driving around quickly but calmly, ambulances the same, guys get out of an empty ambulance, mill around,
    and on the footage we see the same characters being video taped over, and over, you see the same scene of a clip of say 5-15 seconds repeated over and over,
    but no blood, can you imagine how much blood 100 people with gun shot wounds would bleed?
    There are about 5 scenes of injured people being carried (in the most primitive manner, when there are ambulances and gurneys everywhere) , but not nearly enough visible signs of injury are apparent, the streets are clean,
    all in all a rather blase boring event, like this video, which should be truly a monumental terrorist event-
    this has all the air of another drill
    Sun out

    1. Even the footage sun: can we say for sure the live feed was really “live”? Are we even sure it was even that day? What proof do we really have, especially when the live feeds from all the channels(who participated in the drill) are all the same? And therein lies the PSYOP: reality becomes fiction, while fiction is in fact REALITY.

    1. Oh no, how dare you make complete sense? Wanna be interviewed by the FBI? Then monitored? Then completely lost track of until six months before….you participate in a DHS drill involving the FBI? Pftt?!

    2. Don’t hold your breath, PokeTheTruth. There are 3000 CCTV cameras in LAX airport. THREE THOUSAND CAMERAS. Not a single one captured Paul Ciancia, who brought an AR 15 to the checkpoint along with his anti-government manifesto in his pocket.

  29. See, this is the kind of thing that happens when hateful, bigoted people don’t want to allow men in women’s bathrooms. Obozo’s push will now be allowing Muslim men in women’s bathrooms. Target will make sure their bathrooms are clearly marked as such by the end of the day. Next month, the push will be on to allow men with AK47s in women’s bathrooms.

  30. I don’t know much about the “Wayback” machine.
    But find it hard to believe that their snapshot of June 12, 2016 shows “events for March 2016”

    Also find it strange that killer would pick closing time to do this, versus their 12:30 am “show time”.

    And if this club was so popular – why have the “tips” stopped in 2014?

    It was also supposedly “Latin Night”. So besides the gay, and gun angles – they could also be pushing the Latino (immigration) heart strings.

  31. Of the many agendas served by this apparently staged event, one of the key goals here is to sensor the internet. Apparently, Homegrown Extremism is being trumpeted as the number one threat to this country. The President has this all figured out according to a recent news report which states:

    “He said Mateen was inspired by radical information over the internet, calling it another apparent example of “homegrown extremism.”

    This is where they beat the drum to censor the internet.

  32. It can’t be determined without seeing the helmet if it saved the cops life. At close range a Kevlar helmet wouldn’t stop a direct hit from a 5.56, 7.62×39 nor a 7.62 NATO. If it wasn’t a straight direct hit yeah it might… …..if it ever happened….. No ambulances, no blood trails, no real injured victims, no triage, no scene control, no quick response, bodies left in till next day, no medical examiner to determine death, no really distraught witnesses, no real tears from families, poor poor “witness” acting, NO existing scene protocol at all. This smells like Boston and Sandy Hoax… er… Hook.

  33. Ever Heard of The OIC at the UN?

    Encourage Responsible Islamic Voices: Give Diplomatic Status To Organization Of Islamic Cooperation

    The OIC was founded in 1969 and is made up of 57 states, most with majority Islamic populations.

    Remember when Obumer was campaigning and said “57 States” and everyone laughed at him? He slipped and mentioned the “OIC” which wants to be recognized in the US.

    The group is active in the United Nations and European Union. Only America has its own mission, but Washington does not officially recognize the OIC.

    Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief #1

  34. Have people heard the reports that Mateen was some self-loathing homosexual…four witnesses claim to have seen him at Pulse before and one claims to have exchanged texts with him for a year or so on a gay dating ap?

    It’s disinfo inside of disinfo. All the shooters who target outside their own domestic sphere who touch on axes of identity (the two usually go hand in hand) are failed men, either pubescents or self loathing homosexuals. This way, the anti-islamists are brought back down, and so are the gays who can’t be given too much power after all. The political really is just the internal ‘mental’ pathology.

  35. London’s NEW Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements.

    “Boy he didn’t waste anytime.Up next, sharia law for London.

    The feel good liberal vote. Not sure why the libs love the Muslims so much, they oppose pretty much everything the libs stand for – or act like they stand for.”

    “There was a petition with over 70,000 on opposing an advertisement with women in a bikini that asked “are you beach body ready?”

    The Left are working with Islam.

  36. Tomorrow Tim Murphy’s mental health bill goes for final committee vote. Insiders predicted the bill would never pass until the New Year, but now it looks as if Murphy will not just get a bill passed, he will get the one he originally introduced passed. His more extreme passages, regarding forced inpatient treatment for one example, are perfectly championed by the ‘hidden mental illness that even government experts couldn’t see’ narrative being spun out of Orlando’s opaqueness.

    So much for ‘Murphy’s luck.’

    1. Don’t be mean to him. His Name is Rick!

      If these People would put their Country, Integrity and their Oath to Us FIRST over Money and their Pension this would end tomorrow.

      This is how they Control them,

      Hey Stupid,

      When “they’ get the control and what they want, you’re Done.

      Useful Idiot(s) like all of the left.

      “It’s a Big Club, and you’re NOT part of it” Bozo(s)

  37. Here is a n interesting comment about the police scanner logs from 2400-0300 are DELETED!

    Cassandra Keller Burroughs • 14 hours ago

    To Cindy: This is from Facebook , searching for Orlando Police Scanners

    Sheila Martin

    June 12 at 1:22pm ·

    Wanted to post the Orlando police scanner
    audio from the shooting and wouldn’t you know it, the shooting started
    at 2 AM and the hours between 12 AM and 3 AM are MISSING from the
    archive. Unheard of. The day prior is shown as a comparison, where all
    archives were there as they should be.” this is posted on facebook


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