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BOSTON, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) — Boston Police and federal agents will use crisis actors to crisis-actorssimulate a realistic scenario that depicts a terror attack at Fenway Park on Sunday, to serve as a training session encase the real deal were to really happen.

The ballpark, which is over 100-years-old, will be the proving grounds for the simulated “active shooter” drill, that law enforcement officials say has nothing to do with a current threat or any known future threat.

Additionally law enforcement officials have put out a casting call in an effort to attract actual Red Sox fans to participate.

A spokesman for the simulation said that “the Red Sox would be reaching out to the public over the course of the week to alert people to the simulation, using media announcements and directly notifying neighborhood associations and other groups of the explosions and activity they can expect on Sunday,” according to a local report.


“The last thing we would want is to alarm people in the neighborhood passing by, unaware of what was going on.”

It was also reported that an $85,000 federal grant will foot a majority of the bill.

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29 thought on “Casting call: Actors needed Sunday for simulated terror attack on Boston’s Fenway Park stadium”
  1. Conveniently, the Bosox will be in Minnesota for the Twins game; time 110p central time. This is scheduled like all the rest to both mock those who know, to recruit those who don’t, and to prepare & engineer all of us for this Greek drama play completely fabricated reality, while also exposing the inner workings of these drills as HOLLYWOOD Productions with extras; telling you to your face(for those who understand the language) that $85,000 is the production cost for this traveling troop of government actors & agents. In other words: PSYOPS.

  2. Another mass “motiveless” killing in Kalamazoo, MI (in case the world forgot the Uber shooter):

    IMO, the handful of bicyclists calling themselves the “Chain Gang” were likely gang stalkers who messed with the wrong dude who had nothing to lose-

    “Kalamazoo had a total population of 74,262. Kalamazoo is the major city of the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 335,340 as of 2015.[6]”,_Michigan

  3. Cool…
    When the Drill goes “Live” we’ll have something to talk about.

    You know every ‘Drill” eventually turns into an exact re-enactment of the Drill but with “Real” shooters within a year or so.

    LAX drill turned “Live” 2 weeks after the drill ended.

    Just Sayin’

    1. Are they looking for some elderly guy to play a doddering old fool who doesn’t remember anything but just wants to tell the press why Ted Wiliams refused to tip his cap when trottingto home plate after hitting a home run? I’m just the guy.

  4. “Active shooter drill” with explosions??? Ooh, fancy! Or fanciful. Perhaps the purpose is to fuse what some have claimed were both completely staged: Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.

    I have little doubt Sandy Hook was a total sham. Boston Marathon bombing stinks as well (from the scant research I’ve done), but I’m not well enough informed to say anything about it (though that usually doesn’t stop me from opening my trap).

    I will say this: it seems the liberal northeast is really the avant-garde of these simulations (passed off as real events). This makes sense when considering the historical recruiting grounds for the CIA: Yale, Harvard, etc.

    What I want to know is what kind of role is FEMA carving out for itself in this spookfest? Let us not forget the Tripod-II drill which conveniently placed FEMA in NYC on Sep. 10, 2001 [sic]. When Giuliani’s mayoral emergency bunker came down with the rest of WTC7, he relocated to the headquarters FEMA had waiting for him at Pier 92.


    1. Well, then instead of just “opening your trap”, why not actually do the research so you will know?

      Instead of treating this forum as a source of entertainment, this is your real chance at contributing the results of your independent investigation, a job that thousands of mainstream reporters have shirked, and must be picked up by ordinary people who have decided to take some responsibility, and abandon dependence on the established, mainstream system.

      You could start here: And Nobody Died In Boston, either book – Moon Rock Books

      … and here: Nobody Died At Sandy Hook Book – Moon Rock Books

  5. Speaking of simulated scenarios. The German police are now actors as well –
    Two photogenic policemen were sent to politely threaten Dan for simply covering Bilderberg. What is so funny is that they are using a prop – an actual paper dossier that’s very slim supposedly on Dan. Not once do they look in this file and in the age of the internet, the file is quite useless and wouldn’t even be updated. The German police are just trying to remind us that yes, they have tradition of keeping files on everyone from WWII. And, yes, the attendees are going to discuss the mess that they made in so many areas. Time to get rid of them and Brussels at the same time, not to mention the utterly useless morbid drills in the US like the upcoming Fenway drama. – Patty

  6. In other false-flag news, I would just like to put this out there…

    I live in Rome, Italy. After Brussels, we were hearing “Rome is next!” from the US FBI, which provided no details. In response, the Italian govt declared publicly that there was absolutely NO evidence of a plot here in Italy. But the FBI was loudly insisting anyway.

    Hmmm, what to think? Logically, it would seem like there are a couple of different possibilities here:
    1) Assuming all these attacks are real, the FBI might have better intelligence than the Italians have.
    2) Assuming that these attacks are false flags, the FBI might be making it up (or telling us what they’re planning to do next), and the Italian govt might be right about there not being any real evidence.

    Which possibility sounds more credible to you?

    1. Who would know more about terrorism than than the FBI, Murder Inc. as far as Ii am concerned, there is going to be a citizen’s tribunal for all the treachery that has gone on under the color of law by FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. criminal syndicates working under the color of law

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