As one social theorist famously observed, mass media don’t instruct the public on what to think–only what to think about. Yet today we can safely argue that such mass media in fact provide an freeformentire reality for the spectator, and the less a critical observer one is the more susceptible they are to the former dynamic of being conditioned on what to think.

The readers and commenters at Memory Hole surely fall in to the latter camp. They also regularly bring other subject matter to the fore, even questioning the agendas behind the dominant “alternative” media’s reportage and commentary.

That’s one of the major things that makes the now-traditional MHB Free Form Fridays such a provocative forum. Thanks again to all of you for making this site a refuge for those who question the many taken-for-granted realities developed by the Western powers’ spinmeisters and their willing corporate presstitutes.

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  1. It is amazing to me that most people think red light camera’s are making money for there town, most towns get average of $8.00 to $15.00 per ticket. The rest of the money goes to the investor/owner of the camera’s.
    Most are owned by banks like JP Morgan.
    There is also a quota some town’s have to guarantee the investor a minimum amount of monthly tickets. If the quota is not met the town has to pay the investor the difference. Always follow the money!

  2. James Tracy… you bring up interesting questions by your statement about MHB commenters.

    Would you say you have learned some things you didn’t know before from your commenters?

    Have your commenters ever altered your perspective on different issues?

    Have you explored new and different subjects because of your commenters?

    How would you compare or contrast your commenters versus your students?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

    1. James Tracy responds:

      Yes to all of the above questions. As the ‘Free Form Friday’ forums typically suggest, the blog has a wide array of intelligent and resourceful commenters whose remarks are worth following up on. In fact, just reading the comments is a main reason why many people stop by MHB.

      As far as comparing commenters to students, perhaps it’s not a fair comparison–something along the lines of apples and oranges. This is because commenters are frequently making queries and observations critical of the system and taken-for-granted assumptions, which K-12 and higher education institutions all-too-frequently act to reinforce.

  3. Wow..Martinez linked a story, but all in all…I’m impressed.

    We haven’t had the “Juice” did it comment so far.

    I don’t write large Rants, but this whole gig is so misguided to me.

    Yep, there is Bad People who claim ??? So many things

    I just wonder how many really know “Who” these people are that some claim “Run” the world.

    It Certainly is All “Juices”. Says the them.

    It’s so much bigger than that…

    I don’t know what else to say but if you think “They did it” you haven’t studied anything.

    The Democrat’s say whatever the Party tells them too. Your just repeating an Old Mantra.
    C’mon..Hate on Me.

        1. I observe basic respect for grammar and syntax.

          But if I recall correctly, it’s probably my basic respect for science that triggered you, as you’ve plainly stated your total lack thereof.

        2. Sue…cool, I have a great respect for science too, and having derived “science” from the Latin word “scientia” which means to have knowledge, THE book of science is the Bible. The Bible explains all we need to know about life, like where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.

          Science must be distinguished from theory, oh, say…like the theory of evolution, now taught in all public schools as though it were not still a faith-based theory.

          The “scientific” community has also exposed itself to deriding in denying instant humanity at the point of conception, choosing rather to foster the satanic fairy tale of viability in determining when one mysteriously becomes a human being.

          The deafening silence regarding abortion within the household of science, with all of the tools they will ever need in their tool bag, and they cant figure out that we are humans the moment the sperm and the egg make nice?

          As the great Irv Homer used to say here on Philly talk radio (before propaganda radio took over), CUT ME A BREAK!

    1. I can post whatever I want. Comments Subject to Moderation means the site’s owner/manager can not run what they want. We have no Democratic party in Canada. Where did I blame the jooz for anything? The Green Party is holding a small lobby group accountable and good on them! Other than those talking points, I have no idea what you are trying to say, so “hating on you” is not an option. “Says the them” – seriously. I am ESL and hope you are too, because your incoherence would only be excusable if that were the case. Cheers!

      1. Hey, I apologize for the misguided rant.

        I wasn’t trying to single anybody out and yes, I was little “Lit” and had no business blogging anything for that matter.

        1. Dub,
          I checked Florida Law.

          Duck’s can’t be charged with Rape. Until Hillary becomes Pres.

        2. Ric, I have blogged many times after a couple glasses of cabsav. I wouldn’t say I was “lit” but let’s just say I was relaxed. I think it’s very commonplace, and if no one has claimed it yet, may I submit into contemporary lexicon “internet muscles” to describe this alcohol-social media phenomenon?

          It’s funny, after a couple glasses of wine I have the desire to either pick up my guitar and write a song, or check the latest MHB to possibly comment.

          It’s flattery, James.

    1. Hmmm i was relishing the chapter on the Clintons,
      the author however treats the Clinton Crime Family like unwitting dupes that got caught up in mind control,
      sorry I don’t buy it,
      these people are front and center part of the Party Bosses of the NWO from the beginning

    2. Apparently that post was krytonite.

      Yesterday I tried to reprogram on of my imacs with a yosemite cd I bought off ebay. It said must be connected to the internet to use. I found this highly unusual but I connected up anyway. The first thing I got was a frozen screen which indicated I have the deadly zeus virus. (Call this number). Naturallly it turned out to be a bunch from what sounded like Pakistan. I keep them entertained long enough to show me how to make the browser half way usable by holding the shift key and turning on the computer. They usually want 150 dollars I am told to fix it. Amazingly I was able to call Kaspersky and get an email to down load the anti virus again. That is the only way I could get it off. If I had not had kaspersky it would have been a take it to the repair man type deal.

      I noticed in the browser many of the links about kaspersky were kaspersky etc etc and linked back to, the con artist. They had been calling two or three times in the last 3 weeks. A guy calls and says we have noticed people are down loading viruses on your windows. I said that is interesting because I don’t use MS buddy. Don’t call here again or I am going to call the cops.

      Now that I have kaspersky loaded up I am tempted to stick that cd back in there and see if says you must be internet connected to use it. I paid good money for it.

      Funny this all started after I posted the pdf link to “Thanks For The Memories”, Brice Taylor.

      Clicks are way down today on the other blog, there is usually 5 to 6 hundred by this time of day, sometimes by search engine alone. It appears google is doing a little scrubbing. I can no longer see avatars on the blog either. They disappeared.

      I don’t see avatars on this blog either.

    3. Some things in the Kathy O’Brien book are suspicious. For instance the way things fell together with “X CIA guy” Mark Phillips. It sounded almost too well planned. He ended up spending about a year with Brice Taylor spending her money and then told her nothing happened.

      Of course I don’t doubt must of that happened to Kathy O’Brien, he however may have become just another handler to smooth things out.

      This however sounds a little scripted. The way he smiles is strange also, at times doesn’t look sincere.

  4. I would like to submit for the consideration of readers a concept which was foreign to me until tonight: applied memetics.

    You can find a Wikipedia article called Memetic engineering. I think it is certainly germane to the thought we have all put into the immensely-problematic Sandy Hook event (particularly the news “coverage” of the event and the narrative which was crammed down the public’s throat like a piece of pork barrel legislation).

    Notably, Applied Memetics is a firm headquartered in Arlington, Virginia (yeah…). Perhaps not as troubling as an Alexandria address, but I digress…

    Furthermore, a cursory search of this company revealed a reference to the Ted Cruz/Ben Carson dropped out of the race (when he hadn’t) incident. The Cruz PR guy apparently founded the aforementioned company. Guy in question appears to be Daniel Gabriel: former CIA counterterrorism officer. He was, incidentally, a founding partner.

    As a bonus I would like to ask a rather left-field question: Is the minor flat Earth craze of recent times (rapper B.o.B. vs. astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson) mimetic engineering at work? Seems to me that the flat Earth theory has gained inordinate traction recently. The flat Earth conspiracy theory seems a rather perfect way to discredit Sandy Hook doubters, 9/11 doubters, etc. Introducing such a meme (though it has been around a long time in its present form…Flat Earth Society, etc.) to impressionable, undereducated people poses a viral threat to scientific questioning of Sandy Hook, 9/11, etc. At least a portion of the flat Earth activists cite the Bible as an authoritative source regarding the shape of the Earth.

    Call me crazy, but I believe the Earth is sperical and orbiting the Sun.

    I urge everyone to read the Memetic engineering page on Wikipedia. It is poorly edited, but there are some very interesting hyperlinks on it which should be preserved by researchers interested in stopping the propagandistic madness to which we have been subjected.

    The article particularly (but daftly) talks about the meme of “shooting” as in school shootings.

    Lots of stuff there for researchers into which to sink their teeth.


    1. Thanks for sharing this interesting concept to all, Paul. And it’s not foreign to me due to my military and atheist background. I do know of this company and there are many others in my neck of the woods in good ole “NOVA”. There has always been a battle for the mind and consciousness of us Americans with our belief in God and free will.

      I was a paying member of Richard Dawkin organization (personally met him at a conference in DC) and I even had the scarlet “A” bumper sticker logo attached to my vehicle for years when I was active duty. But that all changed when two good buddies of mine got killed in combat and the other killed himself , is when I found God again.

      Please take the time out to review the links below and comment or ask questions if you like, with an expired TS clearance there is vast amount of information that most American civilians have no clue about and are too afraid to question.

      To answer you question of the “flat earth debate” ? It is truly mimetic engineering and rapper BoB and Astrophysicist Neil Tyson are just social engineering pawns.

      The question I pose to you is why the used of African-American or black individuals to promote this false narrative ? That answer my friend you may find in the below research paper by the Pew Research Center. ( I don’t agree with all of their research)

      "You are well familiar with the existential challenges of global climate change and unsustainable population growth facing mankind and the planet. Of all the forces opposing an evidence-based response, religion is the most active — and it is especially strong in America."

      Above is a quote from Richard Dawkins on his What We Do website page.

      My late father use to say constantly to me, that we are in a war for our sanity, and there is a battle for our common sense everyday.


      1. Thank you for such a cogent, thoughtful, and heartfelt response, Ted. And might I add: very informative!

        I will have to check out the link. Interesting that you mention God. I believe in God as well. My quick perusal of Dr. Tyson’s video titles leads me to believe he might be in part of the movement to discredit religion. I understand the pragmatics of that, but I would agree that it is unethical. As Webster Tarpley might say, it is cynical (like a self-inflicted attack).

        I admire science. I am woefully undereducated in regards to the “hard” sciences (actually, all of the science…unless you consider music or cinema to be sciences).

        You have pointed out something essential. With B.o.B. and Dr. Tyson: two black gentlemen. Perhaps (as you seem to intimate) this is not by accident. I must admit that I am not overly familiar with the CV other either.

        I suppose that military minds might see mimetic engineering as a more humane form of warfare. Non-lethal (ostensibly). Information warfare. Psychological.

        For better or worse, it is mind control. And, as always, the irony is that Americans pay for their own propaganda in this case.

        Your mention of TS caught my eye. I was just glancing at Dr. Pieczenik’s blog the other day and found an interesting anecdote. He was relating that he had refused higher security clearances so that he could (I assume) do his job as a hostage negotiator better in hostile countries.

        It was an interesting admission on his part. I suppose he picked up knowledge by nontraditional channels (in addition to or absence of high-level security clearance). Actually, it makes his claim about having seen Bin Ladin’s medical file a bit strange. Would that not have been classified fairly high?

        I don’t know. I’m just a citizen. I appreciate your service to our country. I don’t envy the internal conflicts of our troops and intel community.

        Most of all, I admire your courage to speak out. I think that’s all any of us are doing (including the esteemed Dr. Tracy).

        Perhaps my contributions are small, but I feel compelled to do the right think. That doesn’t mean I’m without error.

        I perceive that you are an honest person. I think the blowback will be huge if the American populace ever fully comes to grasp how much they are being targeted (as enemies) by their own government.

        Military chain of command mandates an extensive amount of deference. But, of course, orders which violate international law are not (indeed, must not) be followed.

        All of which is to say, our veterans (like yourself) are invaluable because of their experience and freedom as civilians. Each is compelled to act in his or her own way.

        America is a great country, but it’s only a few chess moves away from disaster. I happen to believe that people (not abstract corporations) are what is to be defended by the DoD. Most honest military men and women probably feel the same.

        Fighting wars on behalf of the rich (to only enrich them further) is not a good reason for any service person to die. That’s one level of insanity. To turn the weapons of technology inward upon the American public and treat them as the enemy is even greater lunacy. Every modernized country is facing the same dilemma.

        Finally, I am just barely familiar with Dawkins from the Mimetic engineering article (Wikipedia). I have a friend to thank for having dropped the applied memetics term once in my presence.

        Warmest wishes to you and thank you for helping battle for truth and justice even after your military career.


        1. I`m most grateful for your eloquence and kind words regarding me, but my experiences has humble me and made me realise that to speak the truth takes a spine and nerves of steel.

          And it has to be elementary in nature, especially now in these days of extreme deceit.

          I’ll start with Dr. Pieczenik mention of him supposedly seeing Tim Osman medical records and refusing TSC.He`s a former ex-spook so anything he says may be “doublespeak”. Moving on .. The Pew link was a puzzle piece to how show how eugenics was always a part of the attempt to discredit the belief of African-American/Black and how all it took was education to change that “backward way” of thinking.

          It is the Phelps-Stokes Fund concept all over again, there is nothing new under the sun.

          Do take your time to read thru the info it is DOD methodolgy and and yes the same SOPs are being used against American citizens on a daily basis and Im very happy that you pointed that out ! So many veterans and citizens haven’t figured that out.

          On your remarks that African-Americans are the heart and soul of your neighborhood ,they and Native Americans are the heart and soul of this country (A word I hate to use) First Nation is what I prefer to call them. And I dont say this in a derogatory manner , but throughout the revealed history of this great nation these two group of people have always push the boundary of how people should live and treat each other.

        2. Thank you, Ted. I will try to revisit the SOC you mentioned. I’m glad you brought up the name Tim Osman. That name has stuck with me ever since I read Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon. I suppose a spook who can’t lie is like a bird that can’t fly 🙂

          Anyway, thanks for all you’ve contributed to this discussion. I have much to learn and appreciate your educating takes.


      2. The link reminded me of Rumsfeld. It’s way over my head, but schmucks like me would never have known about full-spectrum dominance had the 9/11 false flag not been pulled off. Which is to say, anyone in the military establishment at that time which agreed with and allowed to happen the synthetic attack made a grave error of judgement regarding the public response.

        I haven’t trusted a word emanating from the government since 9/11. It was a gradual process, but the same spectacular terroristic shock (which was intended to cause fealty) caused me to be hyperinquisitive.

        Thanks for sharing that, Ted! It would take me weeks to parse the complexity of it 🙂


      3. About the Pew link, I’ll tell you this: African-Americans are the heart and soul of my neighborhood.

        I respect the religion of all people. I believe in God. Strongly. But I’m not of any religion.

        All the expressions of religion I see in my neighborhood are loving, peaceful expressions.

        I think one think which is misunderstood about the War “on” Terror is that it is a war to crush Islam. Seen from a big picture vantage point, this is one of the principle objectives.

        What Christians should realize is this: Christianity is next.

        Some answers regarding the cynical geostrategic policy decisions can be found in Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington. Clash of Clans (video game) is likely another bit of memetic engineering.

        Of course, the big elephant in the room in th “climate change” issue. I’m not smart enough to understand the science of that. But I do know that the carbon tax scheme is poised to give the UN and other supranational bodies the mandate they so desperately want to justify global governance.

        So global warming makes me suspicious.

        But I don’t see anything that religion is hindering in America.

        I suppose what the Pew research illustrates is that African-Americans are ripe for manipulation because of a relative lack of access to quality education. The link seems to be correlating religion and lack of education.

        Unfortunately, such research just tells the more heartless leaders where to direct propaganda efforts.

        I don’t think such wastes of money will be effective. Internet learning is making manipulation harder to predict. Not to mention, a government has no business tricking its own people.

        Thanks for the link, Ted! –Paul

      4. The Reason Rally links are perhaps the most amazing. Thank you for educating me on this bit of current events! I had no idea.

        I have no problem with people being atheists. If that’s their conviction, I’m fine with that.

        It is interesting to note that the CNN article elaborates on the movement in a significant way. To wit, the movements aims are LGBT equality, “reproductive rights”, and climate change. In other words, the movement is not really a movement.

        An organic, focused movement would expand upon itself. For a fledgling movement to be married to (no pun intended) these three other movements is significant.

        I don’t doubt the sincerity of the participants, but I wonder about the tentacles which might have slithered into its coffers. Granted, their fund balance (on their website) is only at $26k.

        I dig LGBT people, but the recent PR push for this movement is over the top. It’s only going to incite resentment. LGBT isn’t a deodorant. Contrary to cynical marketers, people can’t be branded in the same way as products (nor in the same way as cattle). The Marxists have a word for that: reification.

        “Reproductive rights” is the UN population control euphemism for pro-abortion. I’m pro-life, but I’m not gonna go tell brainwashed anti-lifers that they’re wrong. They’re gonna have to find that out the hard way. Once their too old to have children. That will be punishment enough.

        It’s beyond me that climate change is being treated as an eminent threat. It’s really surreal to hear our military leaders proclaim as much.

        Maybe it is. I don’t know. But the climate change thing has all the hallmarks of another global scam. I’m a lifelong learner.

        I don’t see incompatibility between religion and science. God gave us brains. We should use them 🙂


    2. The fact that the FET is EMBEDDED in just about every Youtube video on the subject of NASA fraud is telling, it appears to be synthetic and engineered, and after looking at this the last month I am firmly convinced the FET is a psyop that associates this ridiculous theory with actually valid investigations, such as the NASA Space Hoax, 9/11, etc.
      When I introduced this subject a few weeks ago for discussion it caused a good bit of dissension and disarray in this forum-I believe it is intended to do just that

      1. Thank you for confirming what I feared to be true. It is a confluence of ideas which grabs people’s imagination. From my observations, the FET movement seems to be projecting their religious mistrust onto what they feel is their true enemy: science.

        The confluence of ideas includes the moon landing conspiracy theory. I’m no Einstein. I think faking the moon landing would have been possible in 1969. But I do not have a strong feeling that it was faked. Faking the shape of the Earth (on the other hand) seems to my mind to be an impossibility. I have researched Ancient Greek astronomy. Everything tells me that the Earth is an oblate spheroid orbiting the Sun.

        The moon landing would have had a cui bono (had it been faked). The FET conspiracy doesn’t really have a cui bono. I know that is overly simplistic, but when I first heard about the FET movement I asked the old question I learned from Mike Ruppert and Jim Marrs: cui bono?


        1. Pauligonnadie
          The booster rocket was going much slower than according to official data. posts good material.That means they could never have lifted the necessary payload. Otherwise I agree that it isnt obvious that whatever faked photos they have distributed would preclude there were genuine landings. But the booster problems are fatal. Knowing that the remaining doubts obviously become significantly strengthened. And there are many suspicious details.

    3. “Do you not know? Have you not heard?Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood since the earth was founded? He sits enthroned above the CIRCLE of the earth, and it’s people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” (Isaiah 40:21,22)

      Yes, the earth is spherical. I don’t know what Scripture the flat earth crowd has referenced, but as we would say in south Philly, “it aint dis one.”

      1. The word for circle was NOT usually translated sphere. And how do you explain Job 37:18? 1 Chronicles 16:30?search for the scriptures that discuss the earth, stars, Sun, heavens…and tell me which model of the earth matches more closely. It’s not the ball spiralling through space around and with the sun.

        1. The Better Question is:

          If the world is Flat, What the hell’s Underneath Us. (Atlas).Hahaha

          The world is round trust your common sense.

          Round/Spheres are Natural. Squares/Pyramids are Not.

          I said here before and I will say it again. I think this is a Pysop designed by the Alphabet Boys to test the “Sanity” of the “Truther’s”.

          It is quite a complex Rabbit Hole journey. I did it and survived. Some don’t.

          With all due respect. I disagree with FET.

        2. Sue
          As someone who studied ancient languages and history (many moons ago) i do not believe you can extrapolate these kinds of distinctions from Biblical literature,
          the collection of books over 2,000 years of collation known as the Bible is not written as a work of science, but of religion, doctrine, history, genealogies and frankly whatever sections of redaction various authors and scribes inserted/modified,
          these literary works were written to cultures milineum before modern science as we know it was formulated (at least by conventional thinking/history),
          it makes for interesting discussions
          but I believe this line of reasoning detracts from theists and their arguments

  5. I share this comment as one who greatly appreciates Dr. Tracy’s work and the existence of this site.

    Tonight I saw ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’ in a Florida theater. (

    WOW. This is a shocking, horrifying, artful, fact-based, nuanced, edifying, eye-opening film. Please, inquisitive MHB readers, who see through the increasingly Orwellian facade of our ‘mediated’ world: see this film! Even if you have to drive an hour to see it.

    Hopefully, this movie will help to crystallize sufficient outrage (in a nation in which 1 in 68 kids are now described as being on the Autism Spectrum) to demand answers and genuine vaccination policy reform. Kudos to the filmmakers and to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield may have made a few missteps in years past, but he is absolutely NOT the fraudster that the governing media complex has made him out to be for many years now. No, the fraudsters reside in the CDC. And so far, they have suffered no repercussions.

    Please see also:
    Why the Documentary Vaxxed is so Controversial and Important to Support

    1. No information on this woman,
      I didn’t find her credible,
      her ramblings didn’t seem coherent
      (hmmm, maybe that’s why they call it rambling…)
      she didn’t say how she got into this lifestyle,
      struck me as a high class party girl gone wild

    1. Ric,
      Personal Alert
      I just ran across a Cathy O’Brien vid where she says herb stops mind control-I knew you would want to hear the good news:)

      1. Thanks Sun, I’m eating and smoking “Herbs” and the CIA has left me alone so Far……Cool….

        We need to tell other people how easy it is to escape Project Monarch..HeHe

        1. Toni, I can”t believe Marley said that unless he meant the Opposite.

          I told you all My story years gone.

          This is my song 1st. And after that I’m into the psychedelic moody music that moves my heart which includes pop and any other Music that calls at me heart. Pop, Rock, Blues, if you you move me, I listen.

        2. Also, pretty sure Marley did mean it.

          I don’t think he ever contradicted himself on the subject of herb.

  6. When I got to thinking about the illegal things that Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes have done while in office, while secret service and law enforcement officers clearly witnessed them doing, and also helping them commit such crimes, arranging it, whether it was doing drugs, using MK Ultra sex slaves, covering up crime scenes etc.-none of these things could happen unless the cadre of officers around them did not report or, worse yet are accomplices-
    its not just political figures, it is the whole setup

  7. elfmom says:
    “Toni, did you know about this Kratom enhancer? I subbed to this site a few weeks ago when you 1st shared this product with us. Very informative.

    Hey, elfmom
    I wasn’t able to reply to your post in the other forum (which is now closed for comments), as I have been sick with a really bad cold, making it impossible for me to read or write.

    I was aware of kratom’s potentiates. I eat walnuts everyday, which have a lot of magnesium which is another potentiator. I’ve wondered if that is what allows me to feel full effects on a low kratom dosage. When you hear about people using multiple grams for a dose, they usually are heroin addicts, poor souls.

    Another cool article at the site you posted is about custom blending different strains to achieve different effects, for instance prolonging the stimulation of the white strains, or the opposite effect of taking the edge off the stimulating varieties. I haven’t really experimented with this but want to.

    Very interesting, elfmom; thanks for directing me to the site.

    1. Anyone have opinions on the different forms of magnesium? I ask because taking extra has helped me tremendously. The newest is threonate and it’s supposedly more bioavailable or something, yet the lactate form is said to be best for digestive issues (which I have) and then for mitochondrial, otonorate or something…

      One problem with the new threonate type is it’s expensive

      Yet it’s working very well for me.

      Just wondered if anyone has experimented with any of these.

      1. Just in general we use Mg supplements also,
        literature suggests Mg has many positive effects in a world where
        our food and ecosystem is so out of balance

  8. There are few whom I hold in greater contempt than today’s crop of politicians. Who could be so loathsome and detestable?

    How about Alan Thicke?

    Thicke has now two major claims to fame. His first was playing the father on the 70’s sitcom “Growing Pains.” In comparison to his most recent gig, THAT role was Shakespearean.

    Mr. Thicke is now the lead spokesman for Optima Tax relief, a “private” de facto collection agency for the IRS. I cannot turn on ANY radio station in the Philadelphia market without hearing his nauseating spots.

    According to Wikipedia, Alan Thicke has established a somewhat formiddable footprint within the entertainment industry. I however will always remember him as an extension of that grotesque and lethal Frankenstein of our federal government.

    1. Joe,
      I hate to a Be-atch (pronounced Bit$h) but Alan Thick?. The wimpy-est guy on the planet?

      I like him . don’t get me wrong.

      Haha I kid you……The Kid has got to go..Robin..

  9. If anybody knows where I can get one of these
    Pls let me know, I’m still laughing and it’s Old.

    The Dude kicking it is classic…A$$ Kick’en right around the corner Guaranteed..I Want This Goat!!!

      1. Nobody knows a Crazy Goat?

        I’ll come get it…….HeHerHoHo.

        I’m installing one of “Blowers” they put in peoples cars on my Keyboard.

        It will be “a good think” for me blinkin’ friends.

        1. Oh my Gawd..That was pathetic

          Everything was a Typo.

          Peace, as someone says here…..

          I’m mad at me self

          Whatever. The Sun cometh mañana

          I had a hard day today and survived.

  10. I am hereby outing Junglesurfer on Youtube,
    he has put out some interesting videos on NASA fraud,
    but lo and behold i came across this video where is claiming the late Traficanti and Michael Collins Piper arefrauds and part of the NWO, which is insane, Traficanti was destroyed by the Zionist for talking about them openly, and Piper has put out some of the best info available on the Zionists,
    its too bad because this is almost as damaging to the NASA investigations as FET

      1. Brice Taylor does name Traficante as a mind control slave handler in “Thanks for the Memories.”

        The Michael Collins Piper (MCP) quote above didn’t concern Sandy Hook, but MCP has been taking a lot of criticism lately because he doesn’t believe the Sandy Hook incident was a staged event, or a hoax.

        In my opinion, anyone who’s been working in Washington, DC, doing research and writing about conspiracies, for over thirty years, and since they were twenty years old, was most likely compromised long ago, and is untrustworthy.

        This is especially true, in my opinion, when we realize what a shady outfit American Free Press is…

      2. “For the past five years I have been subjected to an incredible amount of slander and defamation. Oddly, most of the defamation comes from two people with whom I was formerly associated, namely Eric Hufschmid and Michael Piper. Both of them lie about me with impunity with orders to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. They have both clearly been given orders to attack my credibility and kill me with ignominy.”

        Piper believes Sandy Hook was real. What else do you need?

      1. Thanks for screwing up my world again Mick,
        this bears further study, I’ll get back to you
        I will say however that the present way things work is every truther has trash written about them, its part of the psyop program to discredit their work,
        the powers that be (PTB) go to great links to cause strife and turn people against each other, its also part of the nature of this beast, nobody knows who to trust, and there are many deep cover agents that get outed from time to time, at which point this adds to the loss of hope and belief among the population,
        I couldn’t believe it when a story was posted here by a writer who based on FBI files claimed Eustace Mullins was a closet homo and part of a secret fascist group, etc. which is patent blarney, as the FBI is nothing more than organized crime today and regularly uses these tactics to gangstalk (or worse) victims,
        Michael Collins Piper has laid a solid foundation of works exposing the Zionists crimes and machinations, he died at a young age due to his health problems and he died broke,
        he was supported by some of the mainstays of Alternate News, I own many of his books and they are priceless now, you can bet they will be disappearing, hard to find and you will hear all kinds of reports about his character etc, just like Mullins,
        the word of a mind altered witness (who may be still acting under suggestions) is not enough to destroy a persons credibility, and I am sure Traficanti in one sense was prob just another corrupt politician in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that all the politicians that have a job are traitors to the US, or support the NWO, or don’t make important contributions, etc, and say what you want about Traficanti he stood up and charged the Zionists for their crimes and paid the price for it-that’s a hell of a lot more than anybody else I have seen in politics, except perhaps the honorable former Congresswoman from Georgia Cynthia McKinney
        when you judge a truther you need to look at their whole life, and ask who are these people and what has their life demonstrated?
        Sometimes they are even wrong on some subjects, and have made the same kinds of errors in assessing this very confusing topic, and then personality enters in, I appreciate Jim Fetzer and his work but he frankly doesn’t work well with people and is often disagreeable to work with, this doesn’t take away from his good work but people are still people regardless

      2. I’m looking at the Bollyn site and his accusations of Piper, Smith, are somewhat incredulous, except his reports don’t really explain what really started the hubub, other than to say these two started attacking him, and Bollyn claims they are deep cover opposition, I don’t see him making the case from what I read on his website but this bears a lot more research,
        I don’t know Bollyn well enough to judge though he has put out some seemingly great research,
        would be interested in opinions from others on the site re: Bollyn and how you view his credibility

        1. I don’t know, Piper could have just missed the mark on Sandy Hook or never really examined it before he died, he has done too much good work to simply dismiss him that quickly, his other works do not suggest in any way he is controlled opposition, I’ll be pondering this for a while…
          remember, one of the greatest successes the Criminal Syndicate can accomplish is turning people away from honest research

        2. @sunaj57
          This is not my first rodeo. I can save you a lot of dead ends but you have to “trust me.”

          Mark Lane escaped into the jungle aided by sympathizers just before the koolaide drinking at Jonestown. He is a jewish lawyer and used to own liberty lobby. That is the outfit that debated Fetzer as to Sandy Hook being real.

          Lane was involved in a lot of things, the MLK assassination, wounded knee etc.

          Take my advice turn the page on him and american free press and never look back. Not everyone who comes out with the opening line, hey the zionists are doing some bad things will be all truth once that is established. It is almost a marker one has to establish these days to get people to listen.

          It is the same with out boy the fuhrer. The mantra is hey he was saving Germany, he built us some roads, put a chicken in every pot.

          No he and his partner in crime managed to get 120 million Europeans murdered, Germany divided and Russia under bolshevism, Germany partitioned and paying reparations to Israel to this day, still under occupation and sending submarines to Israel. In fact Hitler sent 66 billion in German marks to the kitty to help create Israel. He should be considered the father of Israel.

  11. Awesome, My First “Moderation” on the New Free Friday..

    Somebody has a crush on Alan Thick………Haha

    1. Zapped again

      Newtown documentary gets 1st public Connecticut screening
      Mark Barden and David Wheeler share intimate details of their families’ struggles following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in “Newtown,” a documentary that gets its first public showing in Connecticut this weekend.
      Mark Barden and David Wheeler aka Fake FBI agent…what a Joke.

      They are delecting the comments. One guy went off on all the lies and was scrubbed.
      New Psyop to tell Public Opinion.

      1. So heart/gut wrenching! I probably should have held off on my salad…I just might lose it.
        It is showing NO comments. I’d love to know how many exposed this and got deleted.

      2. This is so typical of the cast of characters involved in this whole charade. Just disgusting and such a betrayal of misplaced public trust.

  12. I tried to post 2x’s today with a link but got holed.

    David Wheeler is the main star in a new Documentary know what. Not Sharon Hook but …….Hook.

    Google it.

  13. Hillary Clinton Walks FREE!!

    WH Denies Endorsement Will Intimidate FBI Investigators
    Obama meets privately with Loretta Lynch.

    Later this afternoon, according to the White House, Obama is meeting with the attorney general. The meeting is “closed press.”

    If I was James Comey, FBI Director. I would arrest her Today.

    1. Thanks so much for this Haley. I’ve only got to 3rd chapter and will read all of it as I can. We are repeatedly warned!

  14. I want to introduce a hero to you all,
    Piute County Utah Sheriff Marty Gleave

    Give him a call and tell him how much you appreciate him and his stand
    Phone: (435) 577-2893
    Fax: (435) 577-2894

    my friends we will not restore our country at the ballot box which is rigged,
    we will take it back legally by this method

  15. In the last couple of weeks, numerous articles questioning the impending Stasi State have appeared in far right and pro-white type sites, then suddenly, right as Murphy re-ignites the debate on the House floor over some of his more extreme measures, we have two ‘crazedwhitegunmen’ shooting people, a mediterranean female and I guess latino gays (?).

    It would seem hard to fake the murder of Christina Grimmie, but early reports of the Florida club shooting already sound suspicious to many.

    The people can never win against the media megalopoly.

    1. ETA the Pulse club shooter has been killed but not identified in the media as of yet, so his ethnicity/race is still unknown. It doesn’t really matter, however, for Murphy’s purposes.

      1. When I woke up this morning I read an article that said 20 shot dead (Daily Mail). I just looked again, and now it says 50 shot dead. Pretty large discrepancy.

    2. Hi, I read the article (21st February 2016 concerning ‘False Flags’ some months ago. I saved the article and re-read it today after the mass shooting in Orlando. You were right on many of your predictions.

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