Independent artist, author and journalist Bernie Suarez joins the program to discuss the history and modern dynamics of mass media and propaganda as they relate to government intrigue. James and Bernie also consider how corporate news media berniesuarezfunction as essentially public relations conduits to present unusual occurrences such as 9/11 and many recent mass shooting events absent any real journalistic

In addition to being a musician, Bernie Suarez is the creator of the Truth and Art TV project, an exciting site combining multimedia with research and analysis of deep issues and events, including geoengineering and the United Nations’ Agenda 21. He is a former US Marine and holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a doctorate in medicine. 

Suarez is also the author of a new book, The Art of Overcoming the New World Order.



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5 thought on “Truth and Art of Illusion”
  1. One of the distinctives of this website is the diversity of voices, often new to many. Would be easy with such a profile and pull, to chose those more familiar. My reckoning is our best strategy is to expand any broadcasting, writing and – where, like here – graphics-base. More connections. More doing it ourself-ers. No matter how less practised, developed – comparable, to those recognised as… making some, made-it grade. Might do (you) numerical favours, attracting those likely to bring a crowd but surely fresh expressions and introductions are what’s needed? New bands, new sounds. Some and some perhaps, but introducing a less-known Bernie’s and like are certainly, increasingly, who I’m trying to hear most. Another never-heard-before, another one we need out-putting. Another encouragement. Duplication isn’t the issue, and not even the case, look how Bernie brought lots-new. Interesting as they come. Apart from anything else, another one, doing the job at hand. My concern is the relative lack of stand-alone groundswell. Those like yourself giving air-time, enable some resolve. Now I know about Truth and Art TV. Brill. With respect… which/what/who next? Bookmark Bernie, take a look back here and there, add a subscribe/follow – what have you. Heard once. Did good. That’s the biz. And so this my wee plea, for what it’s worth, looking forward to your next, less-likely, a-well-known guest.

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