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Every day, there are a whopping 5,500 tonnes ($212 billion) of gold traded in London, making it the largest wholesale and over-the-counter (OTC) market for gold in the world.

paper-goldTo put that in perspective, more gold is traded in London each day than what is stored at Fort Knox (4,176 tonnes). On a higher volume day, amounts closer to total U.S. gold reserves (8,133.5 tonnes) can change hands.

How is this possible?

The infographic below tells the story about gold’s foremost trading hub, as well as the paper gold market in London, England:

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London is dominant in global price discovery for gold.

In 2015, it accounted for roughly 88% of gold trade – most of which occurs between banks on behalf of their clients. Further, 90% of London trade is spot trading, which further emphasizes London’s importance in price discovery for gold markets.

While the high-level details of the market are visible, the individual mechanisms behind the London gold trade are less clear. There is very little detailed information provided on physical shipments, outstanding gold deposits or loans, allocated or unallocated gold, or clientele types. Trade reporting also breaks down at a more granular level, and datasets on the GOFO (Gold Forward Offered Rate) were also discontinued in January, 2015.

Almost all gold (95%) traded in London is unallocated and without legal title. This makes it easier to trade, but it also raises concerns about a market that is opaque to begin with. There are 5,500 tonnes of paper gold exchanging hands on paper each day, but there are only 300 tonnes of gold vaulted in London outside of the reserves for ETFs or the Bank of England.

What would happen if there was ever even a small rush to get the physical asset behind the paper? Is there a system in place for such an event, and how does it work?

Orignal Graphic: Bullion Star

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  2. There is widespread belief among some experts that the gold, silver and other precious metals markets are rigged.Today, and the last time Yellen spoke, leveraged inverse gold etf’s like DUST shot up (10% and 20 % respectively). I think that gold is undervalued and the dollar way overvalued. NUGT was trading at 20 a few months ago and has come down from highs of around 125 to about 70. There is speculation that if a market correction or inflationary event took place gold could easily breach 1400 and NUGT could see 2000 (its valuation just several years ago).

    1. It’s called the London Fix Price for a reason.

      AS to speculation about gold breaching 1400 etc., I’ve been hearing how gold is ‘going to fly’ for 10 years now. The only thing that is flying is the horse manure. Gold is fixed by the big families. They aren’t letting gold go anywhere into the stratosphere. The next big con game is carbon, not gold.

      1. I think that oil is headed for a manufactured spike due to unprecedented CAPEX cuts. I think Lukoil, Gazprom, and Petrobras will be fairly valued at 3 to 5 times where they are now when this happens (think huge reserves) by early 2018. In my opinion, you will see gold slip below 1200 this week, and, given that the same anticipated Fed rate hike that brought it down about 12%, with a stronger dollar, will surly swing it back within months because longer term higher rates will help to inflate commodities. I think that within the next couple of months NUGT will be trading at maybe $40 to $50, and by the end of the year it will surpass its 52 week high of $123

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  4. This is a fascinating topic. My guess is that the nature of such trading is poorly understood in most conspiracy circles. Therefore, I appreciate the lucid structure of this pithy article.

    Thank you,


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