conspiracy-theory-rockCensored Video from 1998 Saturday Night Live

The 1998 Robert Smigel animated short film “Conspiracy Theory Rock”, part of a March 1998 Saturday Night Live “TV Funhouse” segment, has been removed from all subsequent airings of the SNL episode where it originally appeared.

SNL producer Lorne Michaels claimed the edit was done because it “wasn’t funny”. The film is a scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including NBC’s ownership by General Electric/Westinghouse.

We are reminded of Tim Robbins’ prophetic 1992 political mockumentary Bob Roberts, in which Michels’/NBC’s censorial practices were uncannily dramatized years before the axing of “Conspiracy Theory Rock.”

The consolidation of media ownership illustrated in Smigel’s animation was of course well-underway by the late 1990s. The dangers of such concentrated power are now routinely on display. For example, this media monopoly acted in concert on its reportage of the events of September 11, 2001, and now coordinates in its wide scale public relations-style “coverage” of certain terror and mass shooting events.

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  1. This entire article and the two videos is more Brotherhood of Darkness deception and dishonesty.

    Don’t point at General Electric or Westinghouse or Comcast or the “Corporations or the “Corporate Elites” or the “Corporatocracy” and it is a lie to imply that “conspiracy theories” lie, pun intended, within corporations. That is all controlled cover. That is not the true ownership of all media but you are forbidden to identify the true owners by name.

    1. Many are not adept at ‘root excavation’, dachseilady. It took me until now to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, but, I would say that my time was not lost or wasted because one needs to read the Sitchin books in order to understand to whom they sacrifice their foreskin, and, why they wage war against the ‘gentiles’. Chilling ideology.
      Did they not state, in one of their 24 protocols, that they would turn the goyim against the Corporatocracy? I think so.

      1. Here is a searchable pdf file of the full text of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

        While you will not find the word “corporation” in the document, but in Protocol XX Financial Programme, page 74, you will find reference to “huge capitals” and “capitalists” that we may take as referring to what we hide with the cover word “corporate” in most controlled discussions.

        Here are a couple of important parts of “their” financial program for we the people.

        “We shall so hedge about our system of accounting that neither the ruler nor the most insignificant public servant will be in a position to divert even the smallest sum from its destination without detection or to direct it in another direction except that which will be once fixed in a definite plan of action. ”

        Dachsie translation:

        This is why the “Internal Revenue Service,” , a private corporation, takes, collects, our “payments” of the “Income Taxes” and then this private corporation takes those payments and directly deposits them in the Federal Reserve Bank, NOT the U.S. Treasury.

        This is typical dishonest Protocols Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures


        “Economic crises have been produced by us for the GOYIM by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals …. The concentration of industry in the hands of capitalists out of the hands of small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples and with them also the States ….”

        Dachsie translation: This refers to the purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank corporation.

        Hope this passes moderation in this century.

        1. It certainly does, and couldn’t be any clearer. It dovetails with statements from Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr regarding the Federal Reserve System making recessions and depressions “scientifically inevitable”, which was why he ended up being pushed out of Congress and his critique of The 1st World War ” Why is Your Country at War and What Happens To You After The War(1917)” destroyed by fiat of Woodrow Wilson(reprints do exist now). People always say “but someone would’ve talked by now”. Then someone does, and they’re dealt with(persecuted or disappeared) and/or those same people call them “quacks” & “conspiracy theorists”, or worst of all: TRAITORS.

        2. I did not think my post we pass censorship either. Glad that both of ours did as much. 🙂

          Thank you for the link as well, DL.

        3. Just left that link and am fairly astonished at how many “Warning” disclaimers there were. One for each page.
          Somehow I find that a bit telling as to the veracity of the content of these protocols.
          Why so many disclaimers, unless, of course, one would want to ‘drive’ the point all the way ‘home’ to the memory banks for safe keeping?

      2. That’s an interesting turn,
        I am familiar with Sitchen but I hadn’t heard that twist,
        please expound on who these gods are, perhaps you are referring to Annunaki? Now this is an interesting story:)

        1. Yes, the Annunaki.

          If memory serves me right ( and, it does not at this moment ) it was Enlil who instructed the Hebrews to remove the foreskin ( according to the Sumerians the Annunaki males did not possess one ) of all male newborns so that they could be identified as the ‘chosen peoples’ of Enlil’s clan.

          I recommend that everyone read these series of books as well as the ‘Protocols of Zion’.

          Personally, I believe all humans to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually unbalanced while under the influence of toxic, religious ideologies. Certifiably insane.

        2. Uh, no, it was God who instructed Abraham with regards to circumcision, as a sign of His covenant with Abraham (Gen 17: 9-14), which was to be an everlasting covenant.

          The Sumerian Annunaki were Nephilim, (fallen angel-human offspring), considered as gods because of their size and strength, and Zechariah Sitchen believes and has taught/teaches the doctrines of demons. Disregard ANYTHING he says or has said.

          It would appear from your comment here that you have managed to escape the unbalancing inherent in religious ideologies.

          So, whose voice do you hear?

        3. My My How Far we Error.

          The Annunaki are the True Gods ? They are Rebels.

          Wow, the extent people will go to discredit God. I know it’s cool to seem to be “smarter” and worship some weird entity but you still believe in some form of a God.

          I just don’t know what to say if you believe this at this late hour.

  2. Anyone who believes that the government does not lean on producers like Lorne Michaels should consider the situation of reality TV star felony indictments-they are exponentially higher than that of the public in general. The government is watching and they definitely have an agenda.

    1. Lean on producers, Peacefrog? How about Lorne Michaels “possibly” being an asset of the “Intel” complex, as demonstrated in Operation Mockingbird(The CIA and The Media, thanks Carl Bernstein). Everyone whose anyone in the media who wasn’t CIA was instead also CIA & OSS(anywhere from Julia Child to John Steinbeck) or Army PSYOPS(Henry Luce, TIME/LIFE, C.D. Jackson, William F. Buckley, even Stan Lee of Marvel Comics). Its SOP. Media and News are really forms of Entertainment that use current events as a cover story(its really imposing a monoculture which is the true objective). What we call Americanism or American Idealism is really Hollywood, the fake history reinforced through Looney Tunes cartoon shorts. A complete fantasy.

        1. Yep…and Frances Stoner Saunders wrote the book on it. Admittedly I suspect Yoko Ono might’ve been brought in & promoted under such a program since she was a promoted abstract expressionist artist being “handled” by the same forces(Tavistock) that introduced her to John Lennon. But, that’s neither here nor there?. Maybe someone of dublinsmick’s caliber can further elaborate.

  3. Interesting points, but missing the much bigger picture. The corporate consolidation of the U.S. mass media would hardly harm the public if it was not part of some much larger consolidation. As the censorship of the televised controlled demolition of the Twin Towers demonstrates, the consolidation of the media has been worldwide, including in places supposedly controlled by potentates at odds with the USA, and has also affected most small internet media.

    Accordingly, activists who–correctly–worry about institutionalize disinformation ought to dismiss a quixotic fight to force large media conglomerates to become objective. Instead they may want to pressure a few of the much more vulnerable alternative media.


  4. I think some of you will enjoy this piece about a young media newsman who grew disenchanted and left America. His break down of the media is hilarious.

    It is spiced by several tales of media workers who committed suicide.

    After college, my first job was in banking and I can certainly sympathize with him. Most people in banking would cut their own mother’s throat for a $20 bill.

    1. Hey Dub, I do agree with some of his ranting, but he also drank the “down with the white male kool-aid” that has been the meme since the election of Barry Soetoro the CIA/NWO creation.

          "Additionally, while this will never be admitted, one need do nothing more than turn on the television to hear evil white male propaganda being disseminated on a daily basis. But that is only the outward reflection of an industry that now actively looks to hire and promote anyone except white males. It is well known, even if it is only whispered, that people are regularly hired and promoted based on nothing more than the ability of managers to check off a box on an affirmative action form. Of course, I was persona non grata because of this". 

      The multi-cultural/affirmative action garbage was introduced way back in the 1900 by the Phelp-Stoke Fund and our corporate propaganda master Edward Bernays took it further by telling women to get off their lazy backsides and work and smoke. (like being a mother or wife wasn’t good enough).

      There is no war against White males,but there is a constant battle against all men and their role in society and the original family structure. When all men in western civilization wake up and realize that the jokes on them, a revolution will occur.

      1. Good post but I would have to say that white males are most definitely the victims of social engineering,
        only when people wake up, again take pride in who they are, where they came from and who their ancestors were will we start to unravel all this social engineering

      2. Caucasian males are just beginning to feel the burn. This is why they scream now, all the while other hideous human offenses have been perpetrated by some of them and on their ‘watch’. I feel no pity for ‘white males’. The opportunities afforded them were limitless yet they squandered their precious time and resources for a life of self adulation.. Stupefying.
        I did not see many men…white men…. whining while their ‘cup overfloweth’.

        1. “Only a certain type of “white male” has been the recipient of the “overflowing” cup.”

          “And this type doesn’t even proclaim to be white.”

          So True.

          And no one says a word in their controlled MSM.

          So True.

          It’s very clear who these People are how they came to be.

          Sorry, but God told us but I know thats not Popular.

        2. Only a certain type of “white male” has been the recipient of the “overflowing” cup. And this type doesn’t even proclaim to be white. They have been very successful in however instilling the belief you just outlined. They would love to see the last white male hanging from a lamp post.

          Oh there have been a some successful ones who have sold their soul in a faustian masonic bargain. I however see many working the fry pits, digging ditches, driving trucks etc like many others.

        3. I disagree heartily, Mick. I am speaking from a female perspective and that means my observations and experiences, while personal, are objective. I have no ” horse in this race”.
          Having worked for and with a plethora of American born males I can attest that the majority that I have had the displeasure of knowing have been amoral pigs. Having married multiple times, different nationalities, I can attest that, while men in European countries tend to be less materialist and vacuous, a common vein runs through the entire social body of males; misogyny.
          Really….you would have to be a female and have experienced domestic violence to grasp the worldwide social acceptance of male entitlement. While there are female abusers we all know that number is infinitesimal compared to the scores of male abusers across every culture and race.
          Have you seen this world, Mick? Run by males for males. I think men do not want to take responsibility for the condition this world is in so constantly project onto other cultures the overt hubris.
          How many women have you heard of that walk into Restaurants or Malls and shoot their estranged wife and children? How many women are registered child sex offenders? Of the majority of the pedo’s, how many are ‘white’ and how many are ‘ethnic’? We are speaking of America, right?

          And, if my memory serves me right, the tee vee supported this misogyny with characters like Archie Bunker who caused riotous laughter every time he insulted his wife Edith.. How is that funny?
          Let us not forget the Jackie Gleason Character of Ralph Kramden. Deplorable role model for young minds.
          I am sure there are other male tee vee characters that portray men as I have asserted. But, tee vee land pales in comparison to the real world. Truly.

          In my small circle of female friends and acquaintances the majority are ‘white’ and have been sexually abused at the hands of ‘white’ males. The majority. These ‘white’ males were grandfathers, step fathers, fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers and everything in between.
          I have many harrowing life stories of ‘white’ female abuse at the hands of ‘white’ males. Too many.

          In the 1980’s a research paper was published on East Asian child trafficking, and, guess what? What these researchers found was that Western, white males, predominantly professionals, were the majority of sex offenders. They were buying six year old babies for sex. Filthy beasts.

          Entitlement is rampant among all nations and cultures but especially so with males in general.

          I have four sons so am not a “man hater” or any such nonsense. I love my sons and I love my husband. What I detest is the mindset of entitled men…white, black, brown, yellow, pink or blue….the color is insignificant.

          The entitled, ‘frat boy’ mentality has to leave this planet.

          Time for males to mature.

        4. “certain type of white male” yeah JEWS
          who are not white, who are only 2% of the population but who make up 30% of the ivy league student body and nearly 100% of the media and hollywood

        5. Hey JJSanto.I`m of the belief that all “MEN” & Women are created equal in the sight of God.

          And I do feel pity for the classified “white,caucasian ,anglo-saxon or whatever label he want to put on himself man. And the reason is the European man in America or the world has to learn humility, thru painful experiences. I do not wish these upon him but the hideous human offenses that you talk about have being perpetrated by all men upon each other for centuries and when we get into this paradigm of “they deserve it” we fall into that trap of victimhood, and as you can clearly see that those individuals are running the country and the world .

          I have very dear friends of mine that are Navajo and live in Southern Utah, and the history of their brutal experiences in this country is not an easy pill to swallow, but the humility,kindness and forgiveness of these people are highly admirably.

          We could all learn a valuable lesson from my native friends, life is short and forgiveness is long.

        6. I am not much one to play the victim role but having said that, being Irish and probably one eighth Seminole indian, it seems like I am being blamed for a lot of things I didn’t do. My candle looks as if it is burning on both ends. The royal khazar family managed to kill off 5 million Irish in the famine and there was a bounty on their ears. We also know some 50 million native Americans vanished.

          No offense Jamie but when the guy in the story talks about getting away from American women, he is probably speaking of the mindset you just displayed. What I mean by that is one conditioned to blame an entire block of people for what happened to them personally, a mind conditioned by the MSN, a MSN by the way that is not run by white males.

          When he mentioned he cringes on a Caribbean beach when he hears the cackling of American women, he no doubt envisions them on a war hunt for the American male.

          My dad’s mother was partially Seminole Indian, genetically related to Chief Osceola, the one who had his head cut off in St. Augustine after he surrendered under the white flag for “peace talks”.

          I am not oblivious to what Jamie is saying however, I found out my daughter’s ex husband had started hitting her. The moron even had her mixed up in the catholic cult, the whore of Babylon. I have pretty much fixed that at this point.

          The best friends I have ever had on this earth are native Americans. Their world view is most times profound. In fact the son of one of them just found out his daughter had been slapped in the face and her car scratched because she told him to get out of her life. He is a hispanic white man.

          You might want to google which nation and ethnic group leads the world in the white slave trade, organ harvesting trade, pushes abortion, makes up the crown heads of Europe, was behind the starvation of 5 million east indian Bengalis, is pushing vaccines, led the Bolshevik revolution that managed to snuff 90 million Russians and 30 million Germans. Both Stalin and Hitler were members of that group. In fact Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels and Castro are members of that group.

          If you don’t like the way things are going, maybe it is time to complain to the management.

        7. “No offense Jamie but when the guy in the story talks about getting away from American women, he is probably speaking of the mindset you just displayed. What I mean by that is one conditioned to blame an entire block of people for what happened to them personally, a mind conditioned by the MSN, a MSN by the way that is not run by white males.”

          Mindset? My personal history of “white man” comes not from the idiot box or some talking head but from “personal” experience. There is quite a difference in the two positions.

          This means that no one was in the middle of my personal experiences. No one was orchestrating them either.
          My “mindset” is never set. It constantly changes when new information is introduced in a closed circuit system so that was an erroneous statement that you just made if not a knee jerk reaction to my distaste for the American male mindset=entitlement.

          You have taken great latitude in assuming my motives for asserting my position, namely, that I am “conditioned” to ‘believe’. Nothing could be further from the truth, Mick. Have you been reading my posts here on MHB? They appear to inflame the majority because my mind does not operate as a trap. I am capable of entertaining not so popular subjects. 🙂

          What I state about the condition of males ( White American males in particular ) is a reality and no amount of deflecting can make the stats untrue.
          I do not hate or detest men at all. I detest their brutish, slavish and arrogant behaviors.

          If you do not fall into this category then you should not take offense as you so astutely pointed out the “American screeching female”. 😉 I took no offense to that depiction of American females at all.

        8. Dear Ted, your “beliefs” are not relevant in this instance. What you or I believe is not what is a reality at this current epoch. Men do not treat women as their equal. This is a blatant falsehood and I suspect the reason why we cannot get to the root of all mental and spiritual illness on Earth.
          It appears that no one wants to take blame for the ideologies supported in the underpinnings of all social structures.

          There are real victims in this world ( possibly all humans are victims to the ‘high priests’ ) but I consider a true victim to be someone who has no capacity to defend themselves against physical might. Those of us who succumb to the seductions of an immoral and self absorbed life are not what I would consider “victims”.

          I do agree that non-Caucasian peoples in the Americas have been abused to the Nth degree but no more or less than women and children of any culture, class or color. It is what it is.
          This is a complex issue that demands much honest discourse but I doubt that will ever take place because too much self interest is involved.

          I pity no one, myself included, who chooses a life of self interest and slavish obedience to that self interest.

        9. I completely agree with that, Ted. Furthermore, I’ll submit that most people who profess to seek equality, don’t actually want it. What they actually want is privilege, which is why they inevitably seek legislation to ameliorate their grievances. And, to you “feminists”out there, there’s no reason you should ever want to be treated either the same as a man or like a man; that’s ridiculous. Treated with respect provided you earn it: yes, certainly. I would never treat my father the same as my mother and I sure as hell won’t treat my woman the way I treat my male friend(s).

  5. This is the “Left” talking.

    There is a change coming. We moved too hard to the left.

    A “Correction” if you will that’s unstoppable if not inevitable as nature corrects it’s abundances. 8 years of the Far Left is fading.

    Monday, May 23, 2016 03:00 AM PST
    Donald Trump is going to win: This is why Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what Trump represents
    People are rising up against neoliberal globalization. Trump represents capital, but also understands this reality
    Anis Shivani

    1. The “Dam just broke”

      Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them

      Must read. Saudi
      Arabia Fights Back on 28 pages and Law to allow to Sue..

      September 11 is one of winning cards in the American archives, because all the wise people in the world who are experts on American policy and who analyze the images and the videos [of 9/11] agree unanimously that what happened in the [Twin] Towers was a purely American action, planned and carried out within the U.S. Proof of this is the sequence of continuous explosions that dramatically ripped through both buildings… Expert structural engineers demolished them with explosives, while the planes crashing [into them] only gave the green light for the detonation – they were not the reason for the collapse. But the U.S. still spreads blame in all directions. [This policy] can be dubbed ‘victory by means of archives.’

      “On September 11, the U.S. attained several victories at the same time, that [even] the hawks [who were at that time] in the White House could not have imagined. Some of them can be enumerated as follows:

      “1. The U.S. created, in public opinion, an obscure enemy – terrorism – which became what American presidents blamed for all their mistakes, and also became the sole motivation for any dirty operation that American politicians and military figures desire to carry out in any country. [The] terrorism [label] was applied to Muslims, and specifically to Saudi Arabia.

      1. The Saudis are involved in 9/11 although it is ridiculous to state they were directly involved in the actual bombing of the Twin Towers,
        this whole thing looks like something the Israelis would do-bomb a hospital and blame the victims however, the intelligence services of the US colluded with Saudi, Mi5 NATO

        1. Yes, this whole “missing 28 pages” story does indeed look like something the Israelis would do.

          I guess I will not get in to my thinking here but Sunaj57 and others here do have a deeper insight into what characterizes Israeli actions.

          I was very disappointed to briefly see a show intro of Dr. Fetzer and his guests on his last show apparently apparently speaking about the Saudi involvement in 9-11 issue and relate it somehow as being a fortuitous political gift usable for the election of Trump. They appeared to take the 28 pages thing at face value and good for 9-11 truth. I did not watch the show.

          The Congressional Joint Commission report containing the 28 pages was a good report that was swept under the rug right after it came out. Then came the big campaign and fake fight over whether to have a 9-11 Commission and Report. Then silence on that good report for all these years. Now, at the height of political season, we get a hint of “secrets” to be revealed from that report that is the real deal. How enticing. What a great hook for the truthers.

          If Chucky Schumer is touting how wonderful it would be for 9-11 truth and justice for the “families of the victims” to have the chance to sue the Saudis, you can bet, surely and right there, that this is a hoax of the main perps of 9-11, the gift that keeps on giving.

          If you have been reading any articles on alternative media for the last ten years, you like I have undoubtedly read many articles about the friendliness between the Saudis and the Israelis. Now all of a sudden, we are supposed to press the Delete button on that information and believe again in the deep distance and enmity between Israel and the Saudi Kingdom.

          Cass Sunsteinism is alive and well.

        2. Dach,

          I get your logic on the 28 pages. If Chucky White Shoe Boy buys it there must be something wrong.

          Chairman O said if the “28 pages” were released, the Redaction’s would amount to 28 pages of pure black….Move On

          Transparency…you know, everything will on the internet for all Americans to see and comment…..

        3. You forgot Pakistan.

          They were neck deep in 911. They even wired $100K to the “High-Jackers” yep, they were “High”..haha

          There was NO Hijackers…..

        4. I Alan Sabrosky is still alive Dub.

          Telling the Truth either gets you demoted, your career cooked or you ” shot yourself in the back of the head at 500 yards, dragged your body to the lake, slit your own throat, then jumped in the Lake.

          In Memory of Vincent Foster and Ron Brown who died in a Plane Crash with a Bullet in His Head……………………………………..You Know

      1. Sun,
        Your missing the Point.

        Salon is a far left wing Rag, For them to even suggest or post this to their MK Ultra followers was mind boggling to me.

        That’s why I posted it and said “this is the far “left” talking.

  6. Ah Well !!! The boys at Palantir are at it again, three paragraph of my rant just disappear from reply to Dub..

    Little boys playing with their genetically attached toys, and thinking they control free speech !

    1. Well did you criticise a certain group of people without permission to write a purposefully bad logic comment? Because the only criticism has to be based in lunacy. Alas, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see what people like Toni, the admin, Patrick and mark are really doing with their incessant veiled promotions for jft’s handlers. Hazbora ? Something like that. Capitalism is a bitch.

        1. Also, I understand that most of JFT’s handlers are still of minority age, and have not yet accrued the wider power wielded by “hazbara.”

      1. Randal,
        Your Right,,,You “Out Smarted Us”.

        We all work for the NWO (Lizard People) and you Caught us Fair and Square.

        You just Forgot my other Lizard Friends here.

        Dub, Sun, Lophatt, Anne, you get it….

        Do You have those “They Live” Sunglasses?

        Inquiring minds and Alphabet Agencies Want to Know..

        Good Luck

        1. Or maybe he does realize the inestimable opportunity Tracy provides at MHB and the values he stands for, and thus the trollery.

          We shouldn’t miscalculate the desperation of those who are intent on silencing Tracy. Their lies, and even their lives (at least as they know them), are at stake.

          This is why casting suspicion on Tracy is so laughable to me. He’s the hero here.

  7. You gotta admit, sometimes the devil is the most honest in the room. When Lorne Michaels gave the reason/excuse for cutting/editing/censoring out the above mentioned skit that it “wasn’t funny”, he was being completely honest. And after watching it(and remembering it as I was a fan of SNL when I still watched TV), I agree it wasn’t “funny” at all. It wasn’t a “laughing matter”; it was THE TRUTH, which is the point of satire, which was precisely why it was cut. The devil might be honest(boastful), but he is also deceitful & can’t afford having his/her tricks revealed.

    1. I can’t believe this video would not have become a classic among more astute viewers unless there was top down meddling,, they really do scrub this kind of “whistle-blower” art

  8. Dylann Roof back in the news with the same bowl misfit haircut and scowl on his face for the press. Loretta Lynch says the death penalty is okay for this actor. He did look very mild after his arrest and lunch with police at burger king so the the severe look now shows the depth of his skills. I haven’t heard of sentencing this severe for crisis actors before for a bad performance but there’s always a first time. Oh wait I’m forgetting the fact that Dzokhar may have actually already been slyly removed somewhere so he wouldn’t talk and Timothy also probably went to live on a country club/golf course.

  9. For those here at MHB (you know who you are; its on your drivers license) who have been convinced that Israel/Jewishness is a/the root of all evil – WHAT IS YOUR PLAN? What do you propose be done by us – humanity?

    How will this scourge be ended?

    Do you have any PRACTICAL suggestions? A NATO led invasion of Israel? Interment camps for Jews? Raid corporate offices and arrest all Steins and Bergs? Deportation? Build a wall around Israel?

    Or is it more safe and comfortable to just poke and jab at them when articles like this are produced?

    Are you contending that if Jews didn’t exist, corporate and media diversity would be flourishing? You REALLY THINK they are at the top of the food chain?

    And for those who ably and promptly sniffed the Sandy Hook subterfuge from across the land…I am left scratching my head.

    Yeah, there ARE Jews pushing buttons in the shadows. And there are Germans, and Italians, and Chinese, and Indians, and Egyptians. From among every tongue, tribe and nation under the Sun the devil has called on these to serve his purposes.

    Satan’s lone offer to rule the kingdoms of the world to anyone Jewish ended a little over two thousand years ago.

    There should be zero doubt that nations and states are about as significant as they are on a board game of Risk, but can anyone truly determine the actual number of individuals which constitute the shadow people, or the Illuminati, or the Cabal…..?

    To believe they are all Jews is like believing Nancy Cox and Barbara Halstead hid in a closet for four hours.

    You would have to have been “Stepford Wived” by the ubiquitous propaganda.

    The Jews had the “misfortune” of passing onto the world the Words of God. For this they have always been despised.

    And the world will never let them forget.

        1. Well if they are different entities, they certainly have the same favored logical fallacies — straw man especially.

          I recommend a good discussion of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Nowhere, nohow, are “ALL Jews” accused or suspected and that caveat is made clear over and over again throughout the interview. But there are always those ready to pounce with the “anti-semite” weapon.

          Hugh Akins Protocols Learned Elders of Zion
          Part 1


          Part 2

          Synagogue Rising
          By Hugh Akins
          Protocols Learned Elders of Zion

          AveMaria phrase may not make it through moderation.

      1. Dub,
        Joseph Charles has been around for years here on MHB, so no it’s not Pat.

        But I got to admit, that was hilarious……

        “I told you they would get you a new handle.”…..haha

    1. Very simple-arrest the dual citizens (Mossas agents) and all the politicians involved in whole-heartily selling out the American people to a foreign power,
      do the same for the Military,
      that’s a start

      1. The biggest sell-outs are those who will sell us into NWO serfdom and we have ’em by the dozen in this country. They are called politicians and they feel they will have permanent jobs as camp kapos. They are already displaying their Stockholm syndrome and feeling mighty puffy.

  10. Couldn’t comment below the Hamamoto interview so i’ll do it here:

    As a student of Ohio University who deeply resonates with both Prof. Tracy and Hamamoto’s work, yet finds my own university experience to be sorely lacking in such areas, I’m very envious of their past/current students. I hope they appreciate it and truly realize how rare Tracy/Hamamoto are. The closest thing I’ve ever received at university to something even remotely resembling what you two have to offer is a Prof. closing the classroom door and whispering to me, “Listen, I think 9-11 might have been an inside job.” Pitiful, really…and I’m not being judgmental- just observant. Any remaining weak pulse of free-thought is being snuffed out by self-censorship amongst student and faculty alike. That’s why I have had to take up the leadership role and speak up. That’s fine, I’m enjoying it and learning from it- being consciously rebellious I mean. I speak my mind everyday to snickers, eye-rolls, and rare silent agreements. And I salute both of you for fighting the good fight as well. You embody what true teachers should be. THANK YOU.

  11. There is nothing in sitchin’s interpretations that suggest that. Just more we are special hoopla.


    “The baby, Adamu [One Who’s Like Earth’s Clay], looked like a dark red blood-colored, black-haired Nibiru child in every way except his penis. “They looked at its malehood; odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surrounded, unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it was. ’Let the Earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished.’ So was Enki saying.” [Sitchin, op. cit. page 139]”

    It is possible to take from this the controversy over circumcision as apparently the anunnaki did not have foreskins and the earthlings were created with them. It still seems today the controversy continues and Jews seem to believe they will be more like the Gods without a foreskin. In the Mahabharata of India which is thousands of years older than the bible, their Adam was called Manu and he also saved them from a flood.

    1. Oh dear lord dublinsmick are you purposefully destroying credibility or are you really going to believe everything on the net? Instead of spamming the comments with reptilian satanic UFO’s, how bout a weeks worth of skepticism? It would do you good.

    1. @sunaj57

      I have no idea, it takes my comments O>K. for now.

      The white devil is at it again! You know I think some of this is pure cowardice, ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room and pick out soft targets. Europeans don’t have a sterling record in the new world, going along with the empire. However today they have little or no voice in what is taking place.

      I am not taking the blame for any this however.

    2. This is blacked out by all Euro news and American news at present.

      Speaking of “conspiracy” there are massive muslim riots now in Paris, police completely overwhelmed. Rioters using improvised explosive devices against the police, burning cop cars, breaking store windows and beating pedestrians with baseball bats.

      Turkey comes to Paris.

      I stick by an old post of my about Bulgarian prophet Vanga predicting ISIS will turn Europe into a wasteland.

    3. sunaj, wordpress just doesn’t show the reply button after several reply comments have been made.

      One way to always reply to the comment you want is to receive emails for the comments in a thread. In the email, there’s a reply button that will go to that specific comment.

      1. Toni, that’s disingenuous at best. You know exactly what they mean regarding replying. This blog is ran in accordance with one specific race and they run the media. You can’t say a damn thing about them without going to moderation. So please, cut it with the apologesia.

        1. What Toni said …

          “One way to always reply to the comment you want is to receive emails for the comments in a thread. In the email, there’s a reply button that will go to that specific comment.”

          Is absolutely correct. That IS how you can be sure to post a reply to a specific posting even when there is no Reply button with that posting. I discovered that a long time ago.

          None of know for sure what some postings don’t have the reply button. It could be what Toni suggested or it could be what Randal Garret suggested, and I must admit that I am leaning more toward the latter.

          As I recall I originally posted a complaint about this entire piece focusing only on large conglomerate media CORPORATTION NAMES, rather than the the names of people who have controlling ownership in those large corporations, hiding the names behind corporate veil. Sorry, could not resist.

          Another way to hide this issue about the NAMES of the PEOPLE who own controlling interest in the major conglomerate corporations and that is to only focus on the fact that there are only 6 major media corporations. That again, is NOT THE REAL ISSUE.

          The real issue always being danced around is that…
          those very few controlling owner people are joined together in worldview and philosophy and agenda for the future of the world and that there is no real competition at all among the six companies, which are probably in reality only one company.

        2. Dachsie,
          I think monitoring posts for commentary about Jews is a defensive measure for Tracy. Just look at the makeup of the forces arrayed against him.

          Also, some comments automatically go to spam or the trash, and I don’t think he bothers much with those.

          That being said, I think Tracy is remarkably tolerant of the entire spectrum of opinion. I think you are a good example of this, as most of your comments appear as you wrote them, even when they contain the implication that he has some ulterior Jew-promoting agenda.

          It’s because he believes you are sincere in your opinions, as do I.

        3. “That being said, I think Tracy is remarkably tolerant of the entire spectrum of opinion. I think you are a good example of this, as most of your comments appear as you wrote them, even when they contain the implication that he has some ulterior Jew-promoting agenda.”

          As I just posted and that is awaiting moderation, I do not in any way imply that “he has some ulterior Jew-promoting agenda.” or you either.

          I believe there is some kind of “Rothschild Zionism” agenda and it is pervasive an almost omnipotent multi-century reality. I am still learning about this and it is its very nature not to be understood and is deliberately seeded with chaos and confusion.

          I think there can be frustrated people like Randal who seem to be trolls or ignorant as you suggest, but in fact can just be trying to tell the truth as best they can and they are tired of having to avoid this one subject. Some may say some rash things but this does not confine them to your two options — ignorant or troll. Still, rash accusations need to be held to a minimum and not given much attention.

          The idea for me is to help our frustration and anger with analysis, discussion and truth.

          I think Dr. Tracy is doing the best he can but I do think that WordPress and none of the blogosphere is free of “their” control.

          (I have had one comment “poofed.” I have had one comment say in moderation over two days and I wrote a brief cryptic comment about my disgust with that and it did then post. I have never had any comment go to spam or trash, or maybe trash is what poofing is.)

        4. Toni, Don’t take that Bull$hill sitting down

          ” This blog is ran in accordance with one specific race and they run the media”,,

          Not True my Friend.

          You have drank the Koolaid to start the “Infighting” .

          ” You can’t say a damn thing about “them” without going to moderation”.

          That’s not true either…

          It’s Late……

        5. Ric, I replied to the Randall Garrett impersonator, and to Dachsie, but both comments are in mod.

        6. First of all, apologesia is not a word, bigshot.

          Second, the reply button disappears at the same number of responses every time, whether you’re talking about Jews or hamburgers. Therefore, it does not provide the flexibility needed to effectively silence any one kind of speech, or any one speaker.

          Third, this blog is “run” without concern for any one race in particular, and specifically defies most media on a daily basis. It’s kind of the point. I guess you didn’t notice.

          “Jew-haters” is a phrase thankfully not heard around here lately. You seem to be trying to incite trouble from the opposite direction, accusing the blog, and me, of being under Judaic control.

          Either you’re really not paying attention, or you are a troll. I think it’s the latter.

        7. “You seem to be trying to incite trouble from the opposite direction, accusing the blog, and me, of being under Judaic control.”

          Just want to say out of the gate that I do not think Toni or Dr. Tracy are “under Judaic control” but I have no idea about any of that and I have often been likewise accused over the years. I am just a person who thinks the quickest way to reach truth and a possible effective course of action is to explore the whole reality.

          I do observe that this blog no longer has much analysis and true helpful discussion in its comments and replies to comments. I suspect Dr. T. has to be very careful these days but that does not explain all of it. The MHB is supposed to be about free speech, however, I have a different definition of “free speech” than most here. We cannot say just anything we feel like saying. That causes much trouble and that Is why I like objective intelligent questioning and commenting and analysis, but we also cannot be forced to avoid obvious factors that need the light of good honest discussion.

          Originally good blogs seem to descend into just popping one news story at us after another. We are supposed to be properly outraged and give our knee-jerk reaction, call them all insane, and then just move on to commenting on the next outrage du jour story.
          Very sad, but that is the record I perceive.

          on to specifics about your comment…

          “the reply button disappears at the same number of responses every time,”
          OK, if that is true, will you please state what that same number is. That is definitely a strong argument in what I perceive your position to be.

          “whether you’re talking about Jews or hamburgers.”

          Now, for that part of your argument I would need to see several instances of proof and that would involve a good random sample and that would be difficult if not impossible to obtain. If that is one part of the WordPress algorithm and it works consistently as you claim, I would at least comment that it is meant to discourage too much discussion of any subject in that they do not tell us clearly how we must go about replying to a comment that does not have the reply button. I would say that the writers of the program know what subjects seem to consistently garner “too much discussion.”

          “Therefore, it does not provide the flexibility needed to effectively silence any one kind of speech, or any one speaker.”
          There are other parts of program that may kick in as soon as the offending comments reach that “same number” and those parts of the program may well be designed to silence certain kinds of speech. They don’t call it Word PRESS for nothing.
          Toni said:
          “Third, this blog is “run” …”

          How much of this blog is “run” by WordPress computer program, and the people who write those programs, and how much by JT and how much by JT’s moderator(s). At times, I have had the strong feeling that the person or persons who post as the MHB moderator also post comments under another screen name and pretend to be just another one of us blog readers.

          ““Jew-haters” is a phrase thankfully not heard around here lately.”
          I do, however, notice a precipitous drop in the use of the Hate word since Patrick ostensibly no longer participates.

        8. “Since Patrick ostensibly no longer participates.” “Ostensibly.” That’s cute. “Ostensibly.” You crack me up.

          I have used the phrase Jew-hatred here because one of the colonists who have ruined this place’s decorum, “Sunaj,” has repeatedly insisted that the English language word for it—”Anti-semitism”—shouldn’t be used because it can be construed as an arcane reference to linguistics, and thus Arabs, who speak a semitic language, must be included in our thoughts when the word is heard. Which is the stupidest rubbish imaginable; no one, in history, has ever been called and Anti-semite for hating Arabs—because everyone knows what Anti-semitism is. Arabs ain’t it. If you called a hater of Arabs and Anti-semite, no one would know what you are talking about. They’d ask themselves if the fool was taking about secret Jews.

          But notice. When I say “Jew-hater,” none of the Anti-semites complain that it’s a made-up term self-serving Jews hoodwink everyone with because they are “perpetually aggrieved” or some such nonsense. It’s just another term for the same thing, but they really DO hate Jews, so they can’t wiggle free from it. They hate Jews, so the words stick to them. They hate being stuck with that more than they hate Jews. They want an intellectual, even a theological, dispensation for their hate. It should be clinical, to their minds.

          I call them out.

          What I find odd is that a few people have mentioned in recent days a sense of relief that I have not been here recently, complaining about the Jew-hatred so boisterously celebrated. What a relief, these haters express.

          Note though, that they have not complained about the enthusiastic Jew-hatred I find so distasteful. It’s my calling it out that seems to be the spot of bother.

          Mark/folktruther for years accused MHB of being Anti-semitic, and we laughed at him because it was so transparently untrue. Now, sadly, it has become almost as disgusting as nodisinfo or VT in that respect. I never thought I would miss him, but I do. He is, of course, a Jew, and one can’t blame him for leaving. As for me, I continue to observe this formerly pristine waterway that has become a sewer (for how much longer I shall continue, I can’t say). But I won’t swim in it. As long as I continue to observe, when my name is mentioned, I shall notice, and if necessary, reply.

          Dachie’s fevered imaginings are a source of amusement to me, but I can assure her that I have never had any role in moderating this site. I have written articles for it, with happy gratitude for the opportunity. And when the tone and tenor of the place was still lovely, I contributed quite a lot to the conversation. What fun we had! People hated Jews, but maintained a standard of civilized manners.

          Now, I only write to correct misinformation. Most of my friends are gone anyway. I communicate with some via email; all are deeply saddened by what these colonists have done to this virtual continent. James Tracy caught lightening in a bottle, and it lasted a long time. He might call himself a “moderator,” but he sure let the place fall to ruin. I can’t see how it amounts to “moderation.”

          In my book How the West Was Lost I posit that Western Civilization came to an end with the 9/11 event. What was “The West”? It was the outworking of the Old Testament, through the New Testament. It is Christianity. And Christians are a people, from all the nations, who are grafted onto the roots of the vine/olive tree that is Judaism—the race that God created for that purpose. Hatred of the Jews is hatred of ourselves.

          Why is it so effortless for conspiracy observers to hate the Jews, and assign to them all the ills that befall everyone else? Because the West is no more. We can easily blame the Jews for the same reason an infant victim of divorce can develop an attitude of disdain for the institution of the nuclear family. The Jews are our parents, culturally speaking. Do children of bad parents hate those parents? Should they?

          A while back, Dachsie posted a silly “proof” from the Old Testament that some of us noticed, but unaccountably vanished. Much complaining ensued. That subject being my bailiwick (one of them), I was slightly astonished at its weakness of reasoning. It was a cut-and-paste of an article, as I recall, purporting to prove that since God’s promises to Abraham were fulfilled, Israel is no longer of Biblical value. Something like that. Of course, any such effort is an exercise in futility. The Prophets are replete with end-times promises of the role of the ethnic descendants of Abraham in the events soon to unfold. Jerusalem WILL be a “cup of trembling” for all the world. The last chapters of Zechariah WILL come true. We should be preparing ourselves for that reality, and be on the right side (with God) of that equation. This web site should be a place for sober-minded analysts of current events to work out the elements of that unfolding to gather—not a hate-fest of ignorant yahoos to spout asinine, knee-jerk, Jew-hate.


  12. Trashing any racial group based solely on their ethnicity is the true origin of racism (if that term has any meaning at all, as it has been used as a bludgeoning tool against whites),
    this ridiculous thread trashing white people is identical to trashing all Jews because of an extremist banking syndicate,
    or calling all Latinos gangsters because LA is a haven for Latino crime, or all Asians are bloodthirsy because of Nanking,
    we know that division among races is a social weapon that has been used for centuries to divide and conquer,
    I submit this thread which was started by a newcomer is not worthy of further discussion, at least personally

    1. If you are referring to me then you are in error. I have been on this blog almost from it’s inception. You are the “newcomer”. ( I see that you are a tad clannish there. Are you the resident ‘gate keeper/bouncer for James? )

      No one seems to get the most pernicious crime of all humanity is ‘entitlement’. Entitlement is a mindset or system of belief that one is superior to another for a myriad of reasons known only to the entitled.

      Entitled people enslave, bully, steal, kill and destroy anyone or thing that they feel is a threat to their ‘rights’. We are aware of many groups of people on this planet who engage in this behavior overtly and then there are those who secretly hold these valueless beliefs about themselves.

      The majority of entitled humans on Earth are predominantly male. Race or culture is irrelevant in this instance because we all know someone who was the victim of abuse at the hands of an entitled person.

      You missed the entire point….or are deflecting because it causes you personal discomfort, sunaj. I take no offense to anything said against females because I feel that “if the shoe fits, wear it.”….and, I have ‘worn’ that shoe in my life.
      I do not mind at all confronting my personal ‘demons’ and making the necessary adjustments so that others may benefit from this internal change.
      Men, as whole, are resistant to change. Just look at the world we currently have run by men for men. It is what it is.

      You have no defense other to solicit others to ‘boycott’ my contribution. Childish behavior, to say the least. At least it proves my point.

      1. White Male bashing-part of the psyops to break down society, the “majority of entitled persons, white males,” excuse me while I hurl at this propaganda-most entitled people are typically < 1% of any group,
        perhaps you can try again this time without the personal attacks

  13. This is of immense importance. All of these media companies are accessories to the most heinous of crimes. They think they’re just drawing a paycheck, but the damage is immense. Thank you and great coverage of their PR charades. Everywhere the stench of perception management is unbearable.

    MHB is the bleeding edge of media scrutiny. The potential for your blog is wonderfully disruptive.

    Thank you for your real work. I hope to emulate your integrity. I have a long way to go.


  14. Ran across this Sitchin debunker site,
    though i usually don’t read much of these sites I found this writer very articulate,
    and as a former Hebrew/Greek student I found his arguments very concise and well founded,
    Sitchin was not an expert in his field, and while he did some fascinating writing I think the author poses some valid questions on his work,
    however the astronaut theory is not based just on Sitchin’s hypothesis

    1. sunaj57

      There are only 200 people on the planet that speak ancient languages found on the cuneiform tablets. Sitchin is one of them. There has been very little criticism of his interpretations from the other 199.

      The most constant criticism against Sitchin is that he is jewish. Well so is Michael heiser. He thinks the tablets tell of the divine twin towers of judaism. Let your imagination run wild for a moment. Which one are going with?

  15. Couldn’t reply to the manifest Trojan Zionist sock-puppet’s post,
    but good GOD-you israelis can bomb a hospital, with a Dr, delivering a newborn, and blame your crimes on the victims-you are beyond pathetic and beyond redemption for your lies and impunity and most assuredly your continually droning lies and deception in the FACE of your torrid crimes against other peoples

    1. What a pleasure it is when an ignorant yahoo voluntarily agrees, publicly that he is an ignorant yahoo. Thanks, sunaj!

      For all observers, please know that I did not pay this ignorant yahoo to prove my point for me. He really IS an ignorant yahoo.

      1. Pat,
        Don’t let let it get to you .

        You have contributed a lot here and as I Wander through my venture of Truth you have made many good points and observations you’ve learned and have shared. Me Too.

        I say this to all here. Say what you think and feel and that is the Conversation.

        If you disagree, do it with respect and the conversation can continue.

        If you think your Right and that’s That…

        You closed the Door all by yourself.

        I will listen to Anybody’s POV,. 9 times out 10 I learn something.

        We can do this…..

      1. Yeah,
        Something one learns early on when participating in a public discussion:
        meaningful discussion from honest participants who display general intelligence and civility is welcome and fruitful,
        however once you have reached the point where another participant is 1.) dishonest 2.) obviously not here to learn or share but has a clear political agenda, especially when their behavior and personal info points them out to be professionals, e.g., sock-puppets, debunkers, JEWISH INTERNET DEFENSE FORCE (or without the bs propaganda title ZIONIST 5th column Terrorist org) 3.) is absolutely impervious to rational discussions, proofs, evidence etc. 3.) Instead of honest discussion they engage in rhetoric, long orations, colorful erudite language (“look at me, I have a Ph.D.! “)
        which is about persuasion, denial, obfuscation, denial, oh-and let’s not forget this one-“Bombing Hospitals And Blaming the Victims”
        4.) accuses their protractors of being “haters,” ‘terrorist inciting law breakers!” and similar vile expressions-
        In these cases these kind of characters deserve no quarter, you are wasting your time, and the whole point for them is to waste your time, and “muck up” the conversation,
        once you have clearly demonstrated your point and provided your evidence, to further engage these trolls is to allow their virus to enter your personal network, and to give fire to their flame,
        this has nothing to do with restricting free speech, you make your own decisions about these matters,
        it has everything to do with supporting free speech, sharing truth as we best comprehend it, and disseminating truth while slaying these evil trolls and traitors who are the problem, not the solution

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