University’s Policies and Actions Threaten Faculty Due Process and Free Speech Throughout the United States

““Tenure, free speech, due process and academic freedom are under attack. Without judicial intervention, employees and faculty at Florida Atlantic University and other universities around the United States, will continue to be censored, deterred or chilled from sharing unpopular information or opinions for fear that they will be disciplined on a pretext.”-Attorney Louis Leo IV

April 25, 2016, West Palm Beach, Florida – Former Florida Atlantic University (“FAU”) Professor James Tracy, who was fired from his tenured faculty position in January, has filed a civil rights suit against the University, several top school officials, and his faculty union constitutionrepresentatives, alleging that the firing violated his First Amendment right to free speech and other constitutional rights, including his right to due process, in addition to the University’s long-standing principles of academic freedom.

Dr. James Tracy, filed the lawsuit Monday in a U.S. federal court in the Southern District of Florida, in Palm Beach County, represented by the Florida Civil Rights Coalition and Medgebow Law.

The suit challenges Florida Atlantic University’s vague and confusing “Conflict of Interest/Outside Activities” policy on constitutional grounds and also alleges that the manner in which Professor Tracy was fired by FAU officials—including the President, University trustees, and several senior administrative officials—alleging they violated Tracy’s constitutional rights to free speech and due process of law, as well as the University’s own principles of academic freedom, and Tracy’s contractual rights.

The suit also names as defendants the United Faculty of Florida (“UFF”) and Florida Education Association (“FEA”), and two faculty union representatives and officials who conspired with and aided the University’s administrators in violating Tracy’s constitutional and contractual rights.

Dr. Tracy, an award-winning American academic with expertise in communications, media and conspiracy studies, was awarded lifetime tenure by Florida Atlantic University in 2008. He holds a Ph.D. in mass communications from The University of Iowa and taught courses at FAU in Communications, including a course entitled “Culture of Conspiracy”.

After a defamatory local and national media attack concerning Tracy’s online postings in early 2013 (e.g. here and here), officials at FAU threatened Tracy with disciplinary action.  The University’s Administration withdrew its first threat following intervention by Tracy’s UFF and FEA representatives. However, in late 2015 and early 2016, when school officials at FAU attempted to change the University’s vague and confusing “Conflict of Interest/Outside Activities” policy and to discipline and terminate Tracy’s tenured appointment for questioning it, Tracy’s faculty union betrayed him.

Despite repeated assurances from FAU faculty union representatives and officials at UFF and FEA that a response and grievance would be filed to contest the University’s unconstitutional disciplinary action, his representatives failed to file a grievance or respond to FAU’s Notice of Discipline on Tracy’s behalf, as required, which resulted in Tracy’s automatic termination by Florida Atlantic University on January 6, 2016.

The lawsuit seeks Tracy’s reinstatement and monetary relief, including compensation for economic and reputational damage suffered.

“Both Florida Atlantic University administrators and the University’s faculty union claim they are committed to protecting constitutional rights and principles of academic freedom, but their actions speak loud and clear…” said Louis Leo IV of the Florida Civil Rights Coalition and Medgebow Law.

“Tenure, free speech, due process and academic freedom are under attack. Without judicial intervention, employees and faculty at Florida Atlantic University and other universities around the United States, will continue to be censored, deterred or chilled from sharing unpopular information or opinions for fear that they will be disciplined on a pretext.”

Inquiries may be directed to

Read the entire Tracy v. FAU et al complaint here. The Tracy v. FAU w/Exhibits is downloadable here.

Those who wish to support James Tracy’s fight against Florida Atlantic’s unconstitutional actions can find out more by visiting the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund.

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  1. Here’s to drawing a judge that knows the Constitution better than the president and his former attorney general. Best of luck Dr. Tracy. God knows if this nation wasn’t gone completely mad, you would not need it.

    1. James Tracy: Poster boy for free speech! Get his name out there. Acquaint the nation that the First Amendment will disappear if the Wicked Witch is elected.
      Trace, this wonderful website will stand tall as a beacon of freedom.

      Your courage has been a building block for, hopefully, a new America.

  2. As Bush Sr. said it was a bold plan, knowing that in a global one world legal system, the constitution would have to be phased out.

    What is really frightening is the organized stalking from private offensive groups to the DOJ, IRS and the rest of the federal acronym agencies. Expecting constitutional due process is for free men and not for corporate persons of the bankrupt USA Inc. It’s all uphill in admiralty and first amendment rights are suspended, rationalized by economic justification when the progressive judges and educational systems can show damages.

    Dr. Tracy is a strawman and they have all the wiggle and maneuvers to kill the academic freedom side. Due process and other failings by FAU may win, but they have an endless league of seen and unseen funding to make this a tough road for James. And then if victorius, they can then start the gangstalking and digging through FBI, IRS, etc. and look for opportunities to harass knowing their is no smoking gun.

    A bit off topic, we watched Lois Lerner’s fifth and email fraud exonerated while they targeted conservative, libertarian independents and now look at what they are doing to Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty. For daring to stand up to unconstitutional and illegal demands to turn over personal information on select donors, the IRS is using full powers to take it down. There is a clear distinction between constitutional rights and federal power, with no chance for a small government commander in the future.

    1. Are you sure Lois Lerner’s was exonerated? First of all, she was in no courtroom, she was questioned in a House chamber by Gowdy et al.

      Exoneration would signify that her innocence was genuine. A judge would have signified that there was “no proof indicating Lerner’s guilt”.

      But, thanks to the mighty 5th Amendment, she essentially failed to answer questions asked of her. How is one adjudicated as “innocent’ when no cross examination was performed? No court proceedings, no lawsuits, etc.

      In kind, the committee could not prove she was “guilty” of certain crimes, either. They could not ask key questions based in their investigatory findings which would thrust the burden of guilt and perjury on Lerner.

      Is Lerner innnocent? Innocent until proven guilty? I would not think a House hearing could pronounce a guilt label without a suit by DOJ, say. There was no impetus to proceed to court hearings, hence Lerner walked free.

      Then again, perhaps I’ve oversimplified this incident.

      1. True that, but then again, Lois the Liar has NOT been tried in a court of law “yet”, so the day may come when that will transpire. It just “depends” on WHO our next president is!

  3. the number of reasons sandy hook could have never happened are legion, beginning in the parking lot w/ no blue (a.d.a.) markings to rear areas of this contaminated school w/ filthy high water marks on the walls. then there is the .223 rifle making “gaping holes’ in the bodies (coroner?). physically speaking, a clumsy, sickly 112 lb. (coroner’s report wt.) gamer carried 3 weapons through a shot out window w/ enough ammo to start a small war, not to mention the other gear he was supposedly wearing, and still fired like a seasoned pro? he and 16 police supposedly went through that window and yet the furniture was still in place in the few pix we get to see. no unaltered pix of the 500+ k-4 students and staff evacuating the school 1/4 mile down an open road to the fire house? I watched from above all morning (news chopper from about 9:45 to 12:00) and never saw a child. no medevac? cops declared everybody dead w/in 1st few min’s? nobody had a camera to record evac.? I watched a cop dash cam where a local cop couldn’t find the local grammar school. barney much? no pix of the shooting areas. tore the school down and destroyed every bit of it. demo const. workers req’d to sign nondisclosure agreements. catch and release of some (off duty cops from another district?) guys running through the woods just as cops start to arrive? in camo? out for a morning jog? yeah. right. no mention of this in the official doc’s? researchers started looking hard at the lanza house anomalies and they tore that down too. its really unbelievable anyone would not question this so called mass murder scene.

    there are just a few of the problems w/ this f.e.m.a drill gone active.

    1. Add to all your accurate info, the fact that the 6 yr-old Noah Posner, who “supposedly” died at Sandy Hook, “died again” 2 yrs. later- -during a school shooting in Pakistan?? Right and I do believe “in the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting”, but Sandy Hook does not quite make the grade.

    2. The first 911 call was made at approximately 9.36am. Less than 10 minutes later you claim to be watching it all ‘from above’ (a full 90 mins before the news chopper arrived). Did you use your supersonic telepathic hoax busting powers to do that?

  4. Former Pakastani Foreign Minister Hina R. Khar stated on BBC Hard Talk last night that the U.S. was run by the military and “deep state” with the President basically ineffectual in creating Foreign Policy to the same degree as Pakistan. Host Stephen Sackur was unable to bully her away from this statement after trying several times. Everyone should download the interview at and watch it.

  5. A well presented case citing case law in the filing. However as we saw in the Boston firecracker trial which was held in federal court and Jahar’s lawyer Judy Clarke offered no solid defense and there was plenty of evidence to exonerate him which turned the trial into a sham. Let us hope that Dr. Tracy’s lawyers aren’t compromised and justice prevails.
    It’s a shame that the Sun Sentinel and L. Osner couldn’t have been included in the case as defendants . Two different issues but it was those two that brought pressure on FAU to terminate Dr. Tracy to begin with.
    I wish James all the best and we see justice is served .

  6. Why did I know deep down that there was more to the story? That supposed defenders of academic freedom had sold out for…ziodollars?

    What a tragic and pathetic reflection on the racket academia has become.

    1. Both medicine and academia have become very vicious rackets. Big Pharma should be renamed “Big Phony”. Big medicine should be called “Pills for All”.
      Hopey changey. Yeah, that’s really been the ticket, eh?

    1. I say we let the homeless camp out on golf courses.

      We can build them treehouses. If homeless folk lived in the trees, it would keep them off the sidewalks.

    1. I thought his supposed psychiatrist had run off to New Zealand or Australia after having his license stripped (supposedly). In other words, I assumed he was virtual just like Adam.

  7. So proud of you, James! I wish I had the strength you do. That’s my prayer: to make as much of a positive difference in American culture as you have this year.

    Thank you for your good faith effort to give the rest of us a fighting chance out of this hellhole America we face.

    No amount of thanks is sufficient for your actions.


    1. The Hartford Courant has an article published this morning written by a Florida writer. It details the case in some detail. It’s highly gratifying to me to see James fighting back. I smelled the stench of Connecticut’s complicity in this event during those early press conferences with Governor Malloy, the Ct. State Police et al. Like many of you, I’ve tried to keep alive this event in the hopes people would start to see the farce and folly of this shot fired across the bow of the law here in Connecticut. I live in a very corrupt state, Malloy may well get a job in the Clinton administration, should she win the presidency. His allegiance to Clinton is sickening, welcome to America in 2016.
      Let’s hope fervently for justice to be served in America.

      James, you’re an inspiration to us all. You deserve an Addendum in “Profiles of Courage”.

      1. All of the researchers keeping this alive have a ton of courage. It’s very humbling to see people take such risks to try and right our collective ship.

        What is also very special about Dr. Tracy is his erudition. I have not encountered another person pulled in by the maelstrom of continuous conspiracies who has both stood up and simultaneously voiced his case with such lucid logic and artful verbiage.

        Kudos to you as well for your resistance! I don’t know what frightens me more: living in military city USA (San Antonio) or just down the road from Poppy Bush (Houston). Both pretty harrowing when deciding to be a vocal opponent of false flags.

        Solidarity is important, but I suppose we must all progress through stages of weakness to arrive in more ethical states of being.

        Everything I’ve seen and read about 9/11 and Sandy Hook leads me to believe that both were staged events with corresponding fictitious mass media narratives.

        Interesting how Dr. Tracy was a communications professor. This it was entirely within his purview to critically examine the media aspect of Sandy Hook. He would have undercut his own credibility if he had zipped his lip concerning the incredibly odd media spectacle surrounding Sandy Hook.

        Unfortunately, America is so dumb as to “rebel” against science altogether (including academia). Dr. Tracy is exactly the kind of expert to which we should be bending an especially attentive ear at a time like Sandy Hook.

        It seems the system (I prefer to think of it in Guy Debord’s terminology…”the spectacle”) cannot tolerate the voice of Dr. Tracy. Thus, a communications professor (ostensibly an expert in that field) is the most dangerous voice questioning the unquestionable mass communications apparatus of the United States. Makes perfect sense only if the system (spectacle) is rigged and there is no longer any debate or discourse. Rather, only a one-way dissemination of propaganda masquerading as journalism.


    1. The author exposes the real and supposed reason for the firing, and that neither is legitimate. But he also parrots the emotional harassment line and I can’t believe that’s due to ignorance of what the actual crux of the interaction with Pozner (copyright) was.

      So it makes me wonder what his real motive is, defense of free speech or very sophisticated disinfo.

    1. Thanks for posting this. I like what I read so far. I guess a jury trial might be better than a paid-for judge. Clearly Tracy was not given due process as is required. I see Tracy winning this lawsuit.

      God, I really dislike Gary Perry. FAU really did it on this one.

      From one professor to another, I wish you luck, Dr. Tracy.

  8. Congratulations to Jim. I hope he wins. But he and everyone who supports him must face the “David and Goliath ” match this will become if it ever even reaches a public courtroom. These Universities are already run by corrupt lying cheating lawyers in secret behind the scenes anyway. In a high profile case like this, they will seek the top law firm, possibly out of state, regardless of cost. Everything is on the line for them. If they lose it will mean bad publicity to FAU, which they rightly deserve, for decades to come. It could even result in closing this cesspool of lower learning and faculty and administrative cowards. They will fight tooth and nail on this one. And even if Professor Tracy should happen to win at the first round, they will appeal and appeal until they cannot appeal any more or until they win. They may try to settle for peanuts or even a modest amount of money at first. But do not be deceived by these lying scoundrel lawyers. They will not give in easily to this. They will muddy up the waters and seek to prevent almost any argument from being considered before the court. They will be down and dirty. Do not expect one word about the Sandy Hook Hoax to be permitted to be uttered in any public courtroom.
    If you require proof that the federal courts are corrupt, read the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992. The author of this 354 page book, Earl Carey, had a lawyer at first. He was an engineer. As his case moved on, he decided to be his own lawyer pro se. In doing so, he was able to penetrate the veil of mystique and secrecy which surrounds the activities of the federal courts. He was not just good, but very very good. He dotted every i and crossed every t. All he wanted was a simple jury trial on the issues of his dispute with the computer giant in Arizona. What he got was an explosion into federal courts from Anchorage to Phoenix, from Pasadena to St. Paul. He tried every legal means to redress his grievances and every means failed. He even tried to have federal judges arrested by the FBI. In the book he lists 42 federal judges by name and location who patently violated the very rules they took a meaningless oath to follow. This effort by Carey took four years of his life. He paid his dues but he left this remarkable documented horror story of our corrupt federal courts in America which are a shameful disgrace as is much of our government. Earl Carey should be awarded the Medal of Freedom. But unfortunately that seems to be reserved for the Hollywood Perverts. I am sorry to be so pessimistic, but this is what a lowly professor is up against with these monsters called “universities” today. “THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” couldn’t be further from their interests or minds. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. In my estimation, the most perennially disturbing bunch of losers are the cowards known as American citizens. Too busy to bother, too lazy to move a muscle, too ignorant to know the meaning and scope of the Sandy Hook brouhaha. Connecticut leads the nation in losers. Nutmeggers prefer to laze around the pool and watch somebody else delve into conspiracy theory. This state had Malloy and the rest of the complicits in a headlock but failed to take the advantage presented to them. As it stands, the Conn. government “thinks” it pulled the wool over the eyes of residents, but the festering sore of duplicity is only too blatant and obvious to see here.
      Connecticut rank and file will either make the difference here on the second go-round following the lead of James Tracy’s foray into judicial blitzkrieg or we will go down in eternal shame. The lawsuit blazes the trail and sets the agenda, it’s the nidus of a renewed fight against the tyranny thrown at Connecticut and the country that started some years ago.
      However, differing from Winfield J. Abbe, BS, MS, PhD, Physics, I believe once Tracy’s lawyers call for suitable and complete disclosure regarding this case, we’ll separate wheat from chaff. Disclosure can set us free and those who hide behind the lies inherent in the state’s defense of their actions will find themselves up a tree without a paddle. The perps cannot simply refuse to provide disclosure. The facts behind Sandy Hook are extremely damaging to the complicits and I believe the state and Feds are behind the 8Ball on this issue, not Tracy or his lawyers.

      1. There is no way our corrupt courts are going to allow evidence to come out that will topple the government, the Judicial branch is just as corrupt as the Executive and Congressional branches,
        but there is always a chance they can’t control the release of this information

        1. “There is no way our corrupt courts are going to allow evidence to come out that will topple the government”..

          Sad but True.

          It’s going to get interesting here in about 3 months when these rigged Primaries are over.

          If per chance the Neo/Rinos back down and Trump prevails as the GOP nominee all is on the Table.

          The Real Govt.(the Progressive One Party System) will work together, Obama Admin. and GOP will have only One Shot to stop him and Crown the NWO Approved Clinton, Cruz or Kasich. Ha Ha

          It will be Interesting to watch this Clown Show Go Down.

          The Only way to Win in a Rigged Election is in a Landslide.


          PS: I know No One Cares but sometimes to gotta say..WTF..

        2. Dub,
          Being you were a Border Patrol Dude before you retired you still must have some connections.

          Can can tell the Pentagon some Guy named Ric has the solution to ISIS/ISIL and all the offshoots that would save the US so much money we might even be able to help our own…

          Instead of these Bombs that cost about 10k a pound and these Planes to deliver them and all the costs involved…

          How about we send massive C-130’s that Churn out 100’s of lbs of Ground Pork a minute and cover the Cities until they surrender…..

          They Told us us how to defeat them..Just Saying..

  9. I hope those involved in this suit can raise the real issue of Sandy Hook and its coverup: the majority of children killed in the shootings could have survived. They bled out, from survivable wounds, due to delay in treatment and transport. The reason for the delay was an officer-involved shooting inside the school. Not one, single NPD officer informed dispatch of the discovery of dozens of additional patients; for 30, solid minutes, Newtown dispatch operated on the first and only patient count transmitted: “Two down.” By the time ambulances came, victims had been bleeding for one hour; it truly was too late.

      1. The “nobody died” meme is just a PR firm trick to force the public into a false dilemma (Official story vs. “hoax.”) The reality (as always) is a third option, kept neatly out of sight in the din of battle over options 1 and 2. This is a plain old liability case, albeit a colossal one. The State of CT was reeling from the Charla Nash case, but had won (Nash was prevented from suing by–you guessed it–Paul Vance’s son, the Claims Commissioner). Now out of the blue comes no one wrongful injury suit, but 27 potential wrongful death suits. Though Newtown PD failed to summon ambulances in a timely fashion, it was state PD who blocked the only ambulance route. Enough liability to go around, and a guaranteed protracted, incredible series of individual and collective suits. The office of Claims Commissioner would very likely have been vaporized. At least one police officer would be in jail. Instead, the Danbury State’s Attorney chose to risk that jail time by tampering with evidence (not to mention with witnesses). As if all that weren’t enough, while Major Crime was busy falsifying the shooting report, the feds were conducting an investigation into a drug ring being operated out of–wait for it–Newtown Police Headquarters, courtesy of Sgt. Santucci. The Onion would have hard time trumping the reality (??) that is Connecticut.

        1. Do you believe that 27 people died as a result of the Sandy Hook follies?

          Do you believe that exhumation of the bodies will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 27 people died?

          Exhumation is a very, very, very reasonable suggestion in this case, YET it was not done. Why?

          Most likely because nobody died at Sandy Hook.

          Hey, prove me wrong and I’ll be glad to accept your proof. Pontification is no substitute for the truth, however.

        2. There’s no need for proof of any particular hearsay aspect of the case; what we have in hand is proof that police, lawyers and witnesses are not telling the truth, or rather that their sworn statements contradict one another. As for the medical response, we have proof in hand that no NPD officer alerted dispatch to the leap in patient numbers, combined with the sworn statements that 20 children were deceased and 0 were injured. Because that statistic is unprecedented, and because NPD clearly neglected the most basic responsibility of the response, there is more than enough leverage to reopen the case, call for an independent review, etc. We also have proof, within the report itself, that State’s Atty Stephen Sedensky tampered with evidence and lied to a judge. His own ‘audio expert’ gives the original length and content of key 911 calls, but the versions Sedensky released to the public have been altered, shortened, and redacted of gunshots. As if that weren’t enough, the police dashcams are redacted in the same spots as the 911 calls, showing that there was originally audio in the dashcam in which a gunshot could be heard; that micro-slice of time was briefly redacted (a redaction much too short to have been for a visual element). The redactors eventually decided to remove the entire audio track from the dashcam altogether–but the bozos forgot to unredact the video itself. So now they’ve gone and shown BOTH tamperings: that they attempted to redact a gunshot, and that they eventually disappeared the audio altogether. There will be a legal reckoning; it will just take time and patience.

  10. I read the whole complaint, and it’s clear that the union wasn’t doing James any favors. The repeated constitutionally protected free speech and SH only had allegedly happened were high points. The fact that the union reps made written memos of their bad advice to James means that they and FAU probably thought he would resign without a whimper.
    As to James’s public statement about no evidence of 469 kids present at Sandy Hook – shouldn’t Anderson Cooper have tried to contact the non-existent students for interviews? The reason why only a handful of child crisis actors were used is that even with a small group, being children, they had trouble staying on message. During a TV interview, one SH child had to be poked to prevent the true story from coming out. So, imagine 469 kids roaming around the stage set. It would have been impossible to prevent them from laughing, along with the state coroner perhaps, who did lose control. They wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face to the wormy press who did show up.

    1. Clearly, the perps behind Sandy Hook have Gov. Malloy clamped in a vise. He’s trapped, fighting for his life and dares not to come out with the truth on this nefarious farce called Sandy Hook. As utterly stoopid as he sounds at times regarding this farce, as ridiculous as the so-called FOIA hearings were regarding Wolfgang Halbig, we don’t know who all the perps were but I’d wager there were perps that played very large parts in this drama and have fooled the vast majority of us. Sandy Hook was meant to see how much the American public could take without a whimper. Obviously, when the next step in our demise comes along, SH will be seen as a seminal event that pre-programmed Americans to be lulled to sleep regarding the upcoming NWO invasion. It showed Americans are gullible to the max, lazy and ignorant, and ready for more oppression. Hillary Clinton, were she to be elected, would provide the final nail in our coffins. She must be fought tooth and nail, it’s a desperate fight, and if you’re not in this fight, well, we know what happens next.

  11. The best scams are those in which the victim(s) do not know they were fleeced or had. Examples have been illustrated in films like “The Sting”, 1974 and “Absence of Malice”, 1981 both starring Paul Newman. The sympathy scam is one of the best and oldest in the “book of scams”. The sympathy for the victims or alleged victims diverts attention from the contradictions of the fake event. The fact that most Americans are still, despite the mountain of evidence and facts to the contrary, convinced Sandy Hook was real, attests to its effectiveness. This is of course why it was chosen for this nefarious job of massive public deception. The fake parents use the sympathy for their fake dead kids to prevent investigation and questions about “unpleasant”, contradictory details. They intimidate any questions and rude questioners. Of course the corrupt justice department of the U.S. is aiding and abetting these crimes. The criminals in Connecticut government arrest anyone asking rude questions. Innocent victims on Go Fund Me have been scammed out of millions of dollars with zero investigation by corrupt authorities. Our government is now the criminal and outlaw in town. If these fake parents did these acts to real justice department investigators or police detectives investigating the crime honestly in the normal way, they would be arrested themselves. When I was a professor students even invoked the sympathy scam on me. They would say, “Dr. Abbe, I need to miss the final examination in order to attend my grandmother’s funeral.” Professors at virtually every college or university have heard this scam. At Berkeley, those professors had heard it so many times they took defensive action: If you missed a final examination at Berkeley when I was there many years ago, you either took the examination with the next professor’s course, or you took the course over; end of discussion. This prevented most students from missing final examinations. If you failed to do either of these things, you got an F for the class period. After all, no one enjoys taking a final examination do they? At Berkeley no dean would talk about changing a grade by a professor in a class either. This was posted at an article about all this on WND.

  12. Noah Feldman, a law professor at Harvard law school, has argued in Bloomberg that James Tracy shouldn’t be fired from his job for his outside views, although he is a Bad Person, and is certainly a Crank. It is difficult for an unprofessional truther to follow this argument. If Tracy is a Bad Person and a Crank, then he must be a Bad Thinker, and do we want our young being Educated by Bad Thinkers, corrupting the youth? Perhaps Feldman wants Tracy to win his law suit, and then be fired on Proper grounds, of being a Bad Thinker. That appears to be the logic of his position, at least from an unprofessional perspective.

    The whole problem occurs because of a terrible defect in empirical theories. The problem is that some of them are true, and some of them are not true. This defect has marred special classes of theories, such as conspiracy theories, some of which are true, some untrue. One can tell the difference between the two classes by evidence and reason. Or one can accept what authority has to say about them. But with Conspiracy Theories a third alternative has been the norm since 1967 when the CIA stigmatized them in media circulated paper.

    US power has MEDICALIZED DISSENT, according a paper by Basham and Dentith, and conceives the theorists, and theories, deranged, crankish, and paranoid, whether or not the theories are true. It follows from this approach, does it not, that Tracy is a Bad Thinker whether or not what he says is true. And there is no point investigating the truth if it is a crank truther, whatever the mere reality of the matter is. The mere fact that he states it indicates that he should be hospitalized for being a Conspiracy Theorist.

    And a dangerous one as well. The prime minster of Britain, David Cameron, stated in a speech to the UN that non-violent Extremists were just as dangerous as violent Muslims, especially those who questioned the truth about 9/11. His speech was later edited to conceal these comments, but consider, if his view prevailed, as it may well in present and future climes, is not the questioning of Sandy Hook of the same order of Non-Violent Extremism?

    After all, Obama put the US power system on the line by legitimating the official story in person, and did so a number of times. Although the opposition to Obama has largely been motivated by his skin color rather than his odious policies, does not Cameron’s view prevail in the Obama administration in the USA? Where the medical condition of the Conspiracy Theorist rather than the truth of the Conspiracy Theory is the ultimate concern of media, universities, and other truth institutions.

    So one need only be labeled a Bad Truther by professional authority, irrespective of whether or not the Bad Truth is true, to be victimized by authorized power.

      1. Why do anti-Semitic, racist, and Nazi-loving human garbage like you, Gil Favor, support the notion of staged homicidal operations, while leftist populists are against the theory of them. I don’t understand it. What does believing power conspiracies exist have to do with advocating racist violence. Why do the conspiracy blogs attract racists rather than an equal number of leftists and rightists. That would be necessary for an opposition political consensus to form that would have wide popular support.

        Your aim is to drive out commenters who don’t adhere to your racial hatred, and you are succeeding. But why are there not leftists attacking you and your ilk. Why do academics like Feldman attack the very notion of conspiracy theories. It’s part of the oligarchical consensus of course, but there is so psychological basis as well, that has not been made clear. And it won’t be while anti-racist comment is not featured in the conspiracy blogs with the racist comment.

        1. Could it be that the left has perpetrated a gigantic lie, folk? Wasn’t it the left that posited white europeans as oppressors when the vast majority had nothing to do with slavery? Wasn’t it the white middle and working class that was punished for crimes never committed, privilege never possessed or exercised?

          There’s your answer. The left is behind this campaign to annihilate the white middle class and the rights of the middle class generally. They don’t like ‘conspiracy realism’ because it exposes their lies and hoaxes.

        2. The left has been a supporter of the war on Terrorism, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky put out a video re: this with Amy Goodman, who is bankrolled by the ROCKEFELLERS

        3. “Anti-Semitic” is a false paradigm used by the Zionist Mafia to cover up their crimes and deflect attention and responsibility, intelligent readers should scorn the use of these terms which are truly part of the PsyOps being performed on our society

  13. This is the only way I know how to contact you.

    I really don’t mean to bother you with this stuff, but I just find in interesting, and you are someone who seems to see the truth.

    Do you follow the birther repot?

    There is a comment on there about a story that has been reported at the fellowship of the minds by one BARRY SOETORO ESQ.
    I would like to share it with you if you do not follow the website.

    Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director.

    “An in-person visit to 623 Main St. confirms that the building carries only a sign that says “River Bend Funeral Home”. No where is there any indication that the building also houses Hartford Trade Service.”

    “Kevin wasn’t there, but a male assistant was, who insisted that River Bend Funeral Home’s owner is Kevin Davidson, not Kevin Riley. Here’s Kevin Davidson’s business card, identifying him as the owner of Hartford Trade Service:”


    Any way Kevin Davidson is Dr. Conspiracy the guy that is constantly trying to debunk any evidence that the birth certificate is a pure forgery.

    Things that make you go mmmmmmmmmm.

  14. MHB attempted to “boost” a post on Facebook today for the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund. Yet after the promotion ran for just a few hours Facebook shut it down, claiming “unusual account activity,” and thereafter provided a very opaque and confusing process to allow us to clarify the payment method and pay for the “boost,” which was repeatedly unsuccessful.

    Please help us get the word out on Tracy Legal Defense #TracyvFAU in any way you can. Thank you for your support!


  15. I found the earlier article about Noah being created from pictures of Michael Vabner when he was younger to be quite compelling.

    This theory becomes even more plausible when you consider the remarks made by Danielle Vabner’s friend from college who stated that Danielle never said Noah had a twin but rather her twin sisters were named Sophia and Arielle.

    Hence if this postulate has any traction than it would be impossible, or nearly impossible, for anyone to produce video of Noah and Michael Vabner together. Virtually everyone I know with children have extensive video recordings of them, Yet with all the tribute videos out there for Noah I have only seen those with still picture images.

    Lenny attempts to give the image that he is making overtures to provide proof of Noah’s life and provided birth and death certificates right ? Well surely he could , and would, produce some video of Noah with his older brother right ?

    Notice only still pictures of Noah are in this video

  16. So, James, you need to interview this guy Richard Charnin, and cover the election fraud that is occurring in the Democratic primary.
    Here is a great youtuber I just discovered who calls herself “Debbie”, the sane progressive. Here she is interviewing Charnin on this very important issue of massive election fraud:

    1. James, thanks for posting this (of topic) interview with Richard Charnin. I am hoping that readers here have looked at this, but I am surprised that no one seems to have had anything to say about it. What we are seeing here is the slow motion theft of the Democratic primary by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Election fraud anomalies were apparent in NY MA IL AZ IA NV OH DE WY WI MI MO DE MI AL TN GA AR TX, 19 different states! Regardless of what you might think of him, Bernie Sanders should be the Democratic frontrunner. This is unquestionably an outrageous subversion of the democratic process. How can this be of so little concern to such a politically astute group of readers.

      1. Christo,
        I researched Richard Charnin before, when you suggested it. Exit polls are being “adjusted” to conform to the precinct vote counts. It’s appalling. Used to be everyone knew that exit polls gave an accurate reading. Too accurate for the powers that be, apparently. They’d like to kill that common knowledge.

        Hope Ric sees this. He’s the most involved with this election.

        1. Speaking of Elections:

          England votes in the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London…Haha. Good Bye

          LONDON (Reuters) – Labour candidate Sadiq Khan was set on Thursday to become the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London, loosening the ruling Conservatives’ hold on Britain’s financial center after a campaign marred by charges of anti-Semitism and extremism.

          Cameron accused Khan of sharing “a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean”.

          Khan says he has fought extremism all his life and that he “Regrets sharing a stage with speakers who held “abhorrent” views(Radical Muslims)”. Haha. Right. He’s so sorry now. Just Elect me…..

          Good Luck London!

          We elected our first Muslim President in 2008. Haven’t you guys been watching this train wreck or learnered Anything?

        2. It’s like a time warp has occurred here. I’m still Zapped and nothing has changed here today.

          I guess the Dilithium Cystals are failing and we are looking at a breach of the Containment field..

          Scotty..Do something!

          Captain, Shes gonna Blow…… Saucer Separation, our only solution.

          All hands on Deck: Red Alert!

          All Episodes..Haha.

          I’ve Never watched that show before……………………….

  17. In an empire of lies, truth becomes treason and mistrust and hostility towards intellectuals will follow. Professors of history would know this. Even most High School drop-outs have heard the expression, “history repeats.” So, where are the educators? Here’s what has happened to educators in the past…

    In China, the Cultural Revolution was a politically violent decade. China’s youth nationally organised into Red Guards, paramilitaries hunting the liberal bourgeois elements subverting the CCP and Chinese society. The Red Guards acted nationally, purging the country, the military, urban workers, and the leaders of the CCP, until there remained no one politically dangerous to Mao. The Red Guards were particularly brutal in attacking their teachers and professors, causing most schools and universities to be shut down.

    Anti-intellectualism is a common facet of totalitarian dictatorships to oppress political dissent. Perhaps its most extreme political form was during the 1970s in Cambodia under the rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, when people were killed for being academics or even for merely wearing eyeglasses (as it suggested literacy) in the Killing Fields.

    During the Spanish Civil War and the following dictatorship, General Francisco Franco’s civilian repression, the White Terror campaign, killed an estimated 200,000 civilians, heavily targeting writers, artists, teachers and professors. General Millán Astray exclaimed: ¡Muera la inteligencia! ¡Viva la Muerte! (“Death to intelligence! Long live death!”); the Fascists applauded.

    In the early stages of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, around 2,300 Armenian intellectuals were deported from Constantinople (Istanbul) and subsequently mostly murdered by the Ottoman government.

    The Bolshevik Jews who had engineered the Russian Revolution (1917) had managed to kill, in the process, some 66 million Russian Christians.

    Reflecting on the growing gap between America’s haves and have-nots, we’re in the midst of an aging revolution whose impacts will be felt for centuries to come. If we don’t stop this Khazarian Mafia, this NWO, there could be as many as 250 million dead Americans.

    Let us all stand united with Professor James Tracy.

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