Tom Slater of Spiked UK joins James on this week’s Real Politik to discuss the war against free expression being waged on college campuses across the West by today’s self-appointed emissaries of political correctness. In stark contrast from the 1960s, when college students at UC Berkeley and elsewhere forged paths toward intellectual and personal autonomy while vigorously defending all forms of speech, many faculty and students today seek to be shielded from virtually anything they deem threatening or hurtful.slater

Stemming from the backdropof now common anti-Enlightenment precepts that characterize much of the humanities, the crusade for political correctness reaches from scholarly publications and the seminar room to government-mandated efforts policing behavior and intimate relations.

For example, in what Tom refers to as “mood-breaking” legislation, recently-passed laws in New York and California require college students to obtain the “affirmative consent” of their partner before partaking in any sexual act.



Tom is deputy editor at Spiked UK and heads up the organization’s free-speech campaigns Down with Campus Censorship! and the Free Speech University Rankings, the UK’s first university-based platform advocating free speech. He has written on politics, popular culture and free speech for the Spectator, the Telegraph, Times Higher Education, The Times and Independent.

Tom’s new book is titled, Unsafe Space: The Crisis of Free Speech on Campus (Palgrave MacMillan 2016), and features contributions from eight journalists, academics and legal minds.

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17 thought on “From Berkeley ’64 to PC Orthodoxy: Creating ‘Unsafe Spaces’”
  1. Affirmative consent for sex???? That has to be the most ludicrous thing I have heard in some time. If I don’t black your eye, or try to beat you to death with a bat or simply say …no, I dont care to……….I think you would have my “affirmative” consent” without me saying a word. These people need to get a job and do something productive with their time.

    1. The notion that any woman who is passed out or heavily drugged has to say ‘no’ is ludicrous. The notion that it is incumbent on a woman to establish that a man doesn’t have the right to her body is ludicrous.

      Mostly America’s attitude towards sex and women is ludicrous.

        1. No, I most definitely don’t. Why would you think that America is only made up of men?!

    1. I couldn’t find those hit pieces but did find utter nonsense about the Paris and Brussels attacks. This student free speech site is nothing but an excuse for controlled state propaganda with a so called more liberal agenda.

  2. I know we have the “I don’t Vote” Crowd here. We lost, the Govt./Corporations run everything and there’s nothing you can do but complain….

    I’ve said a millions times here that “they” can only win in a fabricated close race where fraudulent Votes are easy to Fake.

    It’s True…

    They argue: “No No No Votes Don’t Count it’s Rigged…”

    You are witnessing the Most Exciting Presidential Race Since Reagan in 1980!!

    Please be a Part unlike 2012 when nobody voted on our side..

    OK. Let the “Ric, your an ignorant, voting is all rigged, ..Bla Bla begin.

    If Hillary Wins.. It’s because you didn’t participate…

    I Don’t what to hear ONE Complaint as they roll you up, take your defenses and humiliate you for everything you every thought was “Right” as you have believed your entire life. PC

    “Dude, they were gonna do that anyway..whats your point man?

    Puff Puff

    Someone Must agree with Me here…

    1. Rick there isn’t one candidate that isn’t owned by the Global Mafia (as Petrov refers to it),
      Sanders is here to give the win to Hillary,
      Trump is either a fool, a plant or an attempt to debase the Republicans and give the vote to Clinton,
      the vote might mean something if it was truly a landslide,
      but people are too divided and too unsophisticated politically right now to come together

      1. Thanks Sun,
        I think you get what I’m trying to say.

        Trumps could be considered the Fool and He may win just because it’s a Landslide and “they” can’t deny it.

        That’s what I’ve been saying.

        Now, if we get there, there is NO way “they” will let him become President. That’s why I said “it’s going to get very interesting this summer.

        They could “Pull a Bush” and shoot him 6-months after he takes office? ( Reagan was supposed to die that day) Who knows…

        That’s why I said get some popcorn and watch this TV Show….

        If Trump did win, the exact same meeting Obama had when all 3 former Presidents paid a little “visit” and told him “How it really is going to work” would occur except this time Obama would included in the mix telling Trump “How it is”.

        Get some Bon Bons too..

  3. They touched on the real issue here. Arrested development. Keeping the individual as a dependent. Both mentally and physically. If mommy and daddy aren’t around to help, then please protect me University. Please protect me… Government. I’m a victim, someone else is responsible for my problems.

    And why is so much effort being expended to create this type of mentality? Because an individual is unlikely to revolt against that which it is dependent upon.

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