[Journalist and free speech advocate Tom Slater is this coming week’s guest on Real Politik. His new book is titled, Unsafe Spaces: The Crisis of Free Speech on Campus.-Ed.]

Tom Slater
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The National Union of Students conference is over. But we’ll still have the memories – the jazz hands, the whingeing and the casual anti-Semitism. For this was the year when this tyranny of crybabies, this politburo of plonkers, truly outdid itself. Not only did delegates eraser_mouthcall for social-media apps to be banned (people are saying nasty things on them) and for Holocaust Memorial Day to be scrapped (apparently it’s not ‘inclusive’) — they also elected as the new NUS president Malia Bouattia, someone who thinks condemning ISIS might ‘send the wrong message’ and is wont to wax lyrical about the ‘Zionist-led media’.

This year’s shitshow has led to students around the country calling for their unions to disaffiliate from the NUS. About time. The NUS is a censorious, anti-democratic husk, propped up by right-on middle-class cliques. Though it claims to fight for students’ rights, it doesn’t have much truck with their right to speak freely, their right to conduct their sexual lives as they see fit, or even their right to party. In 2013, the NUS signed up to minimum pricing: this is a students’ union that thinks beer is too cheap.

It’s time to smash the NUS and start anew. Students need a union that truly looks out for them, that allows them to make common cause on the issues that matter. But, above all, they need a union that treats them as morally autonomous adults, that takes them seriously, that believes students can change the world rather than just be triggered by it. Here are my ideas for some core principles that the new union of students should abide by:


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  1. I certainly appreciate this.

    When the gratuitously vicious Jew-haters took over the comment section of MHB, I increasingly felt the need to shower after reading the filth. I went away–although I continued to observe–wondering why James was allowing the place to degenerate so horribly, as if the world needs another sickening gut-cruncher like “indisinfo.” Around the same time my disgust reached the cracking point, the comments–and my favorite commenters–sort of evaporated. Obviously, the Jew-haters still haunt the place, like cockroaches, but the fun is all gone.

    Perhaps this post indicates something. Maybe James is sending a message. Trying to restore the tone and tenor of the great thing it only recently was. I dearly hope so.

    1. I don’t know who or what you are, but if the truth seems like “filth” to you, then perhaps you are so corrupted by lies and propaganda that the “filth” is within you.

      Your use of strong, emotionally charged words shows that you are seeking to paint the commenters who see and say the truth as “cockroaches”, and “haters”. And yet not one hateful statement has been made on this blog or in the comments statement.

      If you look at the surnames of the criminals involved in the Sandy Hoax Event, you must notice that most of them belong to that tribe of people. Likewise, if you look at the criminals at the top of the Federal Reserve, International Banks, Monsanto Corporation, all of the media, and a host of other criminal organizations, all belong to that same tribe. This is undeniable. These are the people doing the most harm worldwide. Open your eyes and look.

    2. You are expressing your opinion and that is comparable to the rights expressed by others whatever those rights might engender. Hey, when we read stuff , we have all sorts of avenues available to us, from condemnation to laudatory excess to everything in between. We often labor during the seemingly undending screeds you make plastering us with ecclesiastical overloads yet we don’t attack you by calling you a pedantic poltroon, say. There’s a necessary way to deal with things one might not agree with or like. It’s called tuning out, it’s called leaving the premises, it’s called hitting the streets. We are all able and capable of knowing when we’ve had enough. Reach a breaking point that is onerous and it’s time to leave, bye bye, sayonara. I know how you feel about this but I also know there’s lots of dirty work to be done and somebody has to do it. The country is infused with white hot emotion at this time, people are finally catching on to the centuries long rape we’ve experienced. So, these people who have finally gotten it are ejecting their feelings which may or may not upset others. Having a fire fight is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows people are involved, focusing their true feelings, and are finally announcing their involvement in the fight of our lives. We all have to do what we have to do and if we step on some toes, well you know the drill. I’m rather glad I’m seeing lots and lots of angry Americans. Watching them and hearing them finally admit they “get it” is worth far more than money. I don’t love the smell of napalm in the morning but I do so love the anger that swells in the hearts of Americans who have seen America ripped from their cold, clammy hands and who hate it. Anger precludes action. If greed is good, anger is better. Until anger ramifies throughout this nation, we stand no chance of turning the tide against tyranny. Make your best decision, Patrick. Then live with it…..

      1. Great commentary(not to ad hominem attack Patrick). My own commentary expresses this very notion that we shouldn’t be afraid to offend because that’s the ingredient for self-censorship. Would we rather have a world where people say they hate others, or a world where NO ONE CAN EVERY HATE? Suppressing hate is the same as suppressing LOVE…like Romeo & Juliet. How’d that turn out?

      2. Western Civilization, which came to an end with the 9/11 event, is Jewish in origin. The hatred of the West, expressed so eloquently in Angela Merkel’s invitation for a renewed invasion by the West’s most deadly historic enemy, Islam, is perfectly captured by your remarks, Gil.

        The article starts with these words: “The National Union of Students conference is over. But we’ll still have the memories – the jazz hands, the whingeing and the casual anti-Semitism. For this was the year when this tyranny of crybabies, this politburo of plonkers, truly outdid itself.” How has Jew-hatred become so casual, a sensible person, naturally, asks? How has it come to seem so easily accepted in a world where we have to say “the N-word”, of all ridiculous things?

        I’ll tell you.

        Western Civilization, I contend, came to an end at the time of the 9/11 event. The West is Jewish, in the sense that it is Biblical. The Jews are God’s agency to rescue the world from its troubles. And Christianity was the result. Christianity is the supernatural outgrowth of Judaism. Christianity defined the West. Now that the West is gone, it is not only necessary for the New Civilization that is replacing the West to destroy Christian culture, it is imperative to crush Judaism, the roots of Christianity. Jews must be hated, because God expressed Himself through them, and in the Last Days, God has to be pressed out of the picture, at all costs. The common man must be made to reject God’s hand in history.

        I am disgusted by Jew-hatred, because I am disgusted by those who delight in the end of Western Civilization. Those who do not know the Old Testament are fools who hold the key to wisdom in their hands, yet refuse to use it. And those who work to get people to reject that Key are anathema to me.

        Mat 18:6
        But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

        I have written here a great deal about these matters. For a long time, this seemed a forum where wisdom and thought prevailed. Today, Jew-hatred seems an acceptable default position here, as if the West never had been, as if the Old Testament were not always known to be true in our culture. This is very sad to me. For a while, MHB was an island, a place the West remained in memory.


        I hope, as I say, James can rescue it before it sinks. But it will require an effort to once again distinguish itself from the likes of nodisinfo and the rest of the vile hate-sites. As for the enthusiastic haters, well, he has to devise a way to not let them change his brand, as they seem to be doing. Perhaps he can start by forcing a strict definition of the word “zionism” to be adhered to; that would shake a lot of snakes out of the tree.

        I did not intend to comment here any more, but was heartened by this post. I hope my hope was worth the hope.

        1. A member of Germany’s Pegida party stated on facebook.

          “Maybe you are hearing this news for the first time. But the majority of the population is already aware that Merkel had communist Juice parents and that this woman’s parents weren’t quite right in the head.”

          Confirmation Merkel is Juice came out of her own mouth when addressing the Israeli parliament the Knesset in Hebrew. In her opening words in German before the speech she thanked the Knesset for allowing her to speak quote “in her mother tongue” which in that speech is not German but Hebrew, the language Jews alone speak to one another.

          So that is where we are at Patrick. You whine about Merkel letting in Islamists but you don’t realize she herself is that “not allowed word here” per you and Folker.

          You also don’t seem to realize that Barbara Lerner of Sweden has already state the juice will have trouble because people know we are behind the immigration wave, that Europe must learn to be multi cultural.

          Also Sarkozy of France who is also juice stated there must be more integration with muslims or the state must step in.

          That is why you are held up to such scorn and ridicule. You don’t know what you are talking about but yet hold yourself up as some self appointed censor.

          We can help you here but you need to get things the first time around, we can’t afford to keep repeating ourselves.

          A member of the AFD party Petry also has stated that she thinks Merkel will flee to south America like her dad Adolf Hitler. Sure enough now they are saying Merkel has bought some property in Paraguay near the Bush family. Yeah the Bushes who helped finance Hitler along with gold given to him by the jesuits.

    3. I totally agree with you, and wondered why James never used the Civility Code to weed out posters who were obviously Jew-haters. I also have been reading some of the posters who respond to what I write and believe that many of their remarks are goofy and disingenuous. Perhaps the so called Jew-haters are just tarting up this site on purpose to drag down the serious content about Sandy Hook and other obnoxious government drill expenditures. Usually their remarks are illogical and often infantile so I have my doubts about who wrote them and why.

    4. Here we go with the “Jew hating” monologue,
      the poor Israelis, too many hospitals, not enough bombs,
      3 billion plus of taxpayer money extorted from the American people every year (actually a much higher $$ figure for the true theft of American taxpayer money) to pay for the murder Israel is carrying out on their neighbors,
      excuse my while I hurl, as the Zionists blame their victims for their crimes

    5. Glad you asked, Ray.

      Jews are the descendants of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Jesus’ kinfolk.

      In America, we have lots of them all around us.

      Zionism is the idea, launched in 1879, that the Jews should return to their ancestral homeland. Seven decades later, the Zionists who took up that cause declared the creation of a new country, modern Israel.

      For the most part, Jews outside of Israel no longer hold to the cause of Zionism. They have become completely acculturated to American life. The most prominent Jew in the comment section of MHB, the folkster, for instance, is not a Zionist. Most American Jews, in fact, like the folkie, are Leftists, and the Left in recent decades, having turned against Israel, it can safely be said that most American Jews are no longer Zionists. As if they are like American Chinamen, who have no emotional connection with China. Being Americans, they have no existential fear, so they can safely separate themselves mentally from the Zionist enterprise.

      Take Bernie Sanders, for instance. As a youth, he spent a summer at a kibbutz, a typical thing for a young Jew of his time, back when the creation of Israel was still a thrilling thing to the diaspora, for anyone who read Mein Kampf or had their whole family exterminated by the Germans. He is a once youthful Zionist who in his dotage has come to hate Israel. Still a proud Jew, but also an anti-Zionist. Bernie’s life is a capsule summary of the story.

      On the other hand, there is a strange new use of the term “zionism,” which the conspiracy-oriented world seems to have glommed onto as a catch-all for the people who are plotting the structure of the New World Order. Lots of Jews are behind that agenda, of course. But an intensity of enthusiasm in this new effusion of Jew-hatred cannot go unremarked. This site, MHB has attracted that element, of late.

      Of course, almost all the Jews one meets are fine people, who have no idea about the scheme to take over the world. Bernie Sanders does not know anything about the financial system, based upon his incompetence on the subject in interviews. He could easily be Larry David playing himself. None of the people we see in shows like Seinfeld care one whit about Israel, and when we meet them in real life and (I’ve known them all my life), the idea that they have a plan to take over the world is simply ridiculous. Almost none of them attend a synagogue. They are Jews who may or may not be Zionists, but it is unlikely that Zionism ever informs their thoughts. Sure, Israel is important to them, for the most part, in that the Arabs should be kept from driving all the Jews into the Sea–which is what the Arabs are dedicated to do. But in general they are Jews in the same way I am Irish, and American Poles are Polish.

      I am writing this comment almost unwillingly, as a favor, because hate has taken over MHB’s comment section, and I really don’t want to be associated with this place any more. Some people have written that they miss me, and miss some of the others who made this place so much fun for a long while–and I do miss that community. But the filth the place has become is not something I wish to be associated with.

      Still, the question you ask is one worth answering. But I doubt I’ll be making an appearance again, unless James eradicates the cockroaches. A cleansing is required. I hope he can see that.

      What once was a terrific forum for great minds to congregate, an Agora, has become a sewer. Just look at who now populates it, if you can stomach it. James has banished good people in the past, wrongly, in my opinion. Why he does not banish these toxic elements is a mystery.

      1. I am writing this comment almost unwillingly, as a favor, because hate has taken over MHB’s comment section, and I really don’t want to be associated with this place any more. Some people have written that they miss me, and miss some of the others who made this place so much fun for a long while–and I do miss that community. But the filth the place has become is not something I wish to be associated with.

        MHB commenter and contributor patrickchatsamiably argues that “hate has taken over MHB’s comments section.” What is suggested by this remark is that the comments section be policed and censored along certain lines. What lines in particular? Those foregrounding free speech/expression and debate? Perhaps Patrick should explain and provide parameters for how we are to proceed with operationalization of our newly-designed Civility Code he proposes. Should those commenters who are hostile toward Islam have their comments censored, or be banned outright? Those critical of Israel and Zionism? Christianity? Which “hate” should be banished? Please let us know Patrick. We want to clean up the “filth” and keep you from picking up your marbles and going home.

        1. Thanks for writing this, and explicating the issue of monitoring speech in the forum.

          Patrick’s reactivity to what he perceives to be “anti-semitism” has always seemed hypocritical to me, and hateful, especially when exhibited alongside his loathing of Islam. Beyond the bigotry, which is bad enough, it’s an example of a binary thinking that insists upon an all-or-nothing allegiance. As in, “Nothing Kevin Barrett has to say is worthwhile – he’s a Mohammedan!”

          Not very subtle thinking.

        2. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the extent of this same conflict as an overt issue in the Labour Party. It’s rampant. Charges of anti-semitism are used to demand the suppression of speech, and even the expulsion of the speaker.

          I guess we’ve seen this kind of thing before.

          It reminds me of Stanley Fish. The approved speech can only be kept safe if guarded by the excision of any counter-narrative.

          In the hue and cry that goes up against “hate speech,” intolerance is epitomized.

        3. First, James’ link. With the exception of the misguided remarks of Sir Gerald Kaufman, introduced with the depiction of Israel as “one horrid state,” this is a pretty good analysis of the rise of Jew-hatred in Britain. One wonders why Israel, which I have been to and can attest is anything but horrid, but in fact very congenial, is singled out, in a world simply awash in nightmarish hellhole states.

          Now, I am no fan of Jeremy Corbyn’s, and certainly not of “Red” Ken Livingstone, the clips presented in the link are sadly lacking in one fundamental thing. In my opinion, it’s good that the (true) statement that Hitler’s regime was favorable to the movement of Jews (of a certain variety) to their historic homeland has served to flush out the endemic Jew-hatred in Britain’s Labour Party. Maybe when British Lefties accurately describe Hitler’s regime’s machinations in this regard they ARE doing it because they hate Jews. I wouldn’t be surprised.

          But everyone should know about the Transfer Agreement. Barry Chamish has written a lot about it. Here’s a link where you can his seminal work, SHABTAI TZVI, LABOR ZIONISM AND THE HOLOCAUST: http://vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres8/CHAMISCHsabatai.pdf. The foundation of modern Israel is an ugly thing, as has its politics since the beginning up to today. Barry is a proud Jew and Zionist who is willing to face the truth, and tell it–which is why anti-Semites hijack his work to justify Jew-hatred so often.

          The point is, these British big-shots need to face the truth about the deals European Jewish leaders cut with Hitler.

          Now, to Toni.

          I loathe Islam in the same way I loathe communism, and for the same reason. It is not a religion. It is a poisonous political ideology, which bears absolutely no relation to Jewishness. It was, as I mention in my first reply to James, created expressly to counter, and eventually destroy, the West. In the centuries after Christ’s resurrection, and the banishment of the Jews from the region by the Romans after the Bar Kokhba revolt, when Rome obliterated Jerusalem, the known world rapidly became Christian. Most of what we today think of as the Moslem world was stolen from Christendom by Mohammed’s hoards, by the most vicious slaughter ever seen by man. Repeatedly, Islam attempted to conquer Europe, and took over large chunks of it. The Mediterranean was swarming with Moslem ships which stole millions of Christians to be made slaves on every coastline in Europe.

          Islam is a nightmare the West forgot.

          Kevin Barrett and his ilk are what Vladimir Lennon called “useful idiots.” He’s not mentally deficient, any more than the PhD Marxists trained by the likes of Herbert Marcuse are of low intellect. This makes them particularly dangerous. Barrett holds academic degrees in Islamic studies, so he certainly knows the truth about what Islam is, the full horror-show it has been since its inception. Yet he sells it as a warm, cuddly puppy-dog. Why would he do that?

          Why would a Marxist professor indoctrinate my daughter in the joyful life of the happy people of Cuba, under the wonderful, loving, Castro regime?

          Why, indeed.

          If my thinking in these matters lacks subtlety, well, let the reader be the judge.

          Jew-hatred is a canary in the coal mine. It indicates a hardness of heart that will lead to real savagery by otherwise civilized people. when it becomes uncontroversial, terrible times await.

          I think MHB should not be a go-to place to revel in it.

          I DO think MHB should be a place where the West’s deadliest enemy, Islam, should be relentlessly exposed.

          I don’t always get what I want, though.

        4. Oh, my.

          First, free speech. I am a free speech absolutist. Anyone, in my opinion, can say anything they want. The question is, WHERE? What do people have the right to speak HERE? That’s your choice, James. In other words, no one has any rights of free speech here, at all. It’s your house; you can arbitrarily set the rules. People can say anything they want, somewhere, but not anywhere.

          The question is, what should you choose to allow to be said here? What do you want this Agora to look like?

          When you sarcastically ask “Which “hate” should be banished? Please let us know Patrick. We want to clean up the “filth” and keep you from picking up your marbles and going home,” I am reminded of the Supreme Court justice’s definition of pornography: I know it when I see it.

          It is true that in the past plenty of expressions of anti-Semitism graced these pages, but it never dominated the comment section here, the way it has come to do. One can’t avoid Jew-hatred when examining conspiracies, because Jews have always conspired, and have been prominent in the construction of the New World Order. That some people become unhinged on the subject is to be expected; it comes with the territory. But do you want wild-eyed loons setting the tone of your house, James? Because that’s what you are doing, whether you have noticed or not.

          It is never a good sign when a society gives itself over to Jew-hatred, losing the ability to notice the it is impolite. Jeff Jacoby wrote these words on the subject, just the other day, on the subject of Holocaust Remembrance:

          “The unexampled virulence of antisemitism, a hatred older than and different from any other in human history, is at the heart of what the Holocaust is about — that, and the role of the Jews as the canary in the mine of civilization. When a society fills with toxic moral fumes, Jews become the target of bigotry and terror. But rarely does it end with them. Hitler set out to incinerate the Jews; in the end, all of Europe was in flames.”

          You say “What is suggested by this remark is that the comments section be policed and censored along certain lines,” as if that’s crazy talk. Well, what if I used what we now have to call “the N-word”, and said that those “N-word” people are vile reprobates, and then I jazzed it up with what our folkie friend would call “gutter” language? I’m betting I can find a line you would draw, not to be crossed. Easy. But it seems anyone can say anything they want around here about Jews, and it doesn’t seem to bother you.

          I am actually amused by the challenge you make. Certainly, James, you are aware of the severe drop off in the conversation at MHB. Maybe the open, enthusiastic, anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, anti-Mormonism, and all-around anti-Biblicalism has something to do with it. Just guessing. You have attracted three or four very unpleasant fellows of late. They’ve moved right in, filling the ashtrays and leaving empty beer bottles on every available surface, pushing the furniture out of place and making it into an all-around wreck. If you like them hanging around, that’s your business–but I’d advise you top get rid of them.

          What do you want to be the tenor and tone of your site, James? Do you want to attract good people back? Do you like these carbuncles?

          You told Marilyn to go away, for a paltry reason. She obeyed you, and we are the poorer for it. I can list more people you have told to go away, that you should’t have. But these, you allow to stay, and drive out people like me. This recent batch of scumbags drove away Recynd, to your terrible loss. You should have stepped in and apologized to her for what these wretches did to her.

          So you let these recent interlopers poison the conversation, and you challenge ME to justify my frustration with what you are allowing this place to become. Do you actually LIKE the stuff these wankers say? Review their horrible recent contributions. Re-read the archives. Compare.

          Western Civilization was a thing of precious value, and what remains of it must be cherished. As people who have read my words know, my opinion is that it has been ended–but those of us who remember it must, in my view, cling to its principles. We must stand on the deck, sword in hand, even as the ship is sinking,

          You ask, rhetorically, “Should those commenters who are hostile toward Islam have their comments censored, or be banned outright?” Why would anyone advocate such a thing? Islam is violence. It was created to destroy the West. It is slavery. That we were mercifully unaware of it for most of American history is perhaps not a blessing, because our overall ignorance of it has enabled it to trick gullible Westerners into thinking it is a religion, and not the most pernicious political ideology ever devised. It is like a spider that hypnotizes the fly caught in its web. It should be revealed for what it is at every available opportunity.

          On the other hand, its direct victims, individual Moslems, should not be spoken of hatefully, any more than Jews or Mormons should. Islam is a cancer, and Moslems are individuals who have the misfortune to have been victimized by it. Telling the truth about Islam is the only hope to cure them–but it must be done graciously. Love the cancer patient, but hate the cancer.

          “Perhaps Patrick should explain and provide parameters for how we are to proceed with operationalization of our newly-designed Civility Code he proposes.”

          I think I have just done that. Although, in reality, it is simply a matter of returning to the status quo ante that I propose. Things were pretty good around here when everyone self-policed, and respected each other. Getting rid of the toxic newcomers, of course, would be necessary.

        5. Yes, Patrick, we are familiar with your views. You have repeated them at length and ad nauseum. I, for one, could write your comments for you at this point.

          Awhile back, Tracy posted a quote to you that said in effect, you cannot know an issue until you are able to articulate the most cogent arguments on all sides of the subject. You didn’t seem to get then, and you still don’t. Your dogmatism remains obdurate.

          Though I don’t really expect you to embrace this, perhaps C.S. Lewis can persuade you from the other direction:

          “There is always the danger that those who think alike should gravitate together into ‘coteries’ where they will henceforth encounter opposition only in the emasculated form of rumor that the outsiders say thus and thus. The absent are easily refuted, complacent dogmatism thrives, and differences of opinion are embittered by group hostility. Each group hears not the best, but the worst, that the other groups can say.”
          ― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics

          To which I add this Kantian postscript:

          “The death of dogma is the birth of morality.”

        6. Toni, I agreed with Tracy when he provided that quote, and I agree with it now. Of COURSE I understood it at the time. Obviously. Indeed, I have held to it for 40 years; it is a central principle of my reasoning.

          I rarely argue against ideas I do not thoroughly understand. When I am shown to be in error, I immediately admit it, and change my position. An example is when I wrote to applaud James’ embedding Big Rock Candy Mountain, interpreting it as libertarian anthem, and you pointed out the ugly truth about Hobos, and advised me to watch a Clint Eastwood movie I had neglected to view when it came out–which I did watch, and greatly appreciate.

          So there’s that. But there’s also something else: absolute, unassailable truth. It exists. It cannot be bent to a compromise position. If you put a drop of black paint in a bucket of white paint, the black wins and the white loses. The white ceases to exist. This is not compromise. It is surrender. Absolute truth cannot be compromised, or it ceases to exist.

          Truth remains truth even when people abandon it for the sake of compromise. One can understand completely the untruth position, but it can’t be said that by refusing to allow the black paint to be dribbled into the truth, the white paint, one is demonstrating the lack of knowledge of the untruth position. It is only a refusal to compromise with evil.

          Take the murder of unborn children, for example. It is an unmitigated evil. There can be no compromise with the murder of the unassailably innocent. The black paint can’t be allowed into the white. Murder can’t be graded on a sliding scale.

          Absolute truth must be defended, even as we learn completely the arguments of evil theorists. The moment we agree to accept the drops of black paint, we no longer can be said to hold to the truth. Abandoning the truth is not a virtue.

          I appreciate that you think you have mastered my reasoning, and find it wanting, but if you don’t understand this core element of it, you have not really mastered it after all.

          Of course, it is possible that you do not agree that absolute truth exists, or that no one can apprehend it.

          Alternatively, you may believe there is an absolute truth and it can be apprehended, but that the one I represent is not the real one. Hell, you might believe Mohammed’s rapes and murders represent the pure truth and that pirate is indeed the greatest exemplar of humanity just like Moslems are taught, and the God of the Bible gets it exactly wrong.

          That’s not important to me, though. You are not required to be persuaded by me; my only job is to attempt to persuade people of the true truth, and not waver. When Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons, come to my door, I invite them in and keep them here as long as possible, reasoning from the scriptures with them, giving them an answer for the hope that is within me with gentleness and respect. They are wrong, and I want them to see the truth. I know their false system as well or better than they do. But there can be no compromise with them. Only one or the other position can be true; the difference can’t be divided.

          You are certainly entitled to refuse to acknowledge that I do indeed endeavor to truly understand the other side of the argument, perhaps simply because you don’t acknowledge that there are things that cannot be compromised on. Maybe that’s it. But you sound silly when you assert that I didn’t understand Tracy’s point.

          As I often say, either the Bible is true, or it’s not. Part true isn’t true. I hold that it’s true. And people need to know that. I’ll keep saying so, not because I’m ignorant of the arguments to the contrary, but because it’s what the ignorant need to hear. But I’m heartened that, based on your memory, I have been remarkably consistent in my presentation. So thanks for that.

          People read me here, and maybe some have been persuaded by my reasoning. I know that some who already knew the truth have enjoyed my presence and don’t like the idea that I will stop participating here, but the overflowing ashtrays and the empty beep bottles on every available surface are a bridge too far.

          Recynd, thou art avenged!

        7. Me Dubster.

          Can you just chill Mate. We want Pat and Recynd back.

          You and Pat made great material here,

          I like Pat, am a Christian and agree with a lot of his points. I’m not your “store Bought” one. I study like you do.

          Is he Zealous? Yes, but so are you in your beliefs.

          He ain’t Heavy, He’s our Brother as is Recynd….

          All Good.

          As Daniel says: Peace

        8. It appears that 007 has stomped on me again. It wasn’t that important just wanted to register my disdain at gratuitously vicious truth censors manifesting and infesting this post.

          pro truther llives matter 🙂

      1. Pie has always struck me as a tweener. Think about it. If you worked under some extremely powerful Secretary’s of State, very controlling Zionists, say, would you think you could get away from them just because you declared your independence from them? If you started exposing some rather secretive things about them, would they like it? Would they allow you to keep doing it? Or, would you end up horizontal in God’s earth? Pie reminds me of some very questionable types whose names I will not mention, for obvious reasons. Some of today’s so-called whistleblowers are plants. Once in the brotherhood, never out of the brotherhood. The kumquat never falls far from the tree.

  2. What the students need is to impeach the communism, the politburo mentality & understand that when no one can offend anyone, everyone is offended.

  3. Haven’t been here in a long time. Like Patrick I left because of the hatefulness I found. I came here today because Dr. Tracy’s case made it to the NYT and it isn’t terribly negative. They even included a link to this place. Wait until the New Yorkers get a load of the comments.

    1. I hear you and this “Patrick” character complaining about the hatefulness” on this blog,
      I don’t see that at all, people are talking about issues that are off limits in our absurd politically correct society (which is another way of saying the rulers have put a muzzle on free speech), specifically when citizens are calling Zionists, politicians, the news media, etc., on their crimes,
      while the conversations are sometimes cutting edge we are moderated, Dr. Tracy has demonstrated great patience and toleration for the kind of debate that goes on in here, this is not a free for all, and characterizing this blog as such is ludicrous,
      Frankly some of the turkeys that come into the blog to attempt to vilify free speech are often paid schills trying to take down this information outlet-
      and what Patrick has been doing along with some others who seek to close down open discussion in here is a CRIME, furthermore spreading lies, and attempting to repress the truth about whats going on in politics,
      I have one salutation for these types of infiltrators-don’t let the door hit you on the A* on your way out….

    2. Jimbo I don’t recall you, but let us stroke your tender head and try desperately to undue some of the damage. You know this idea of “hatefulness” can be equated to the current propaganda of the New York, Tel Aviv, Hollywood axis.

      This site is seriously trolled and Professor Tracy does not deserve this. Does anyone see the irony here? A man who stood up for freedom of thought is subjected by anonymous entities who wish to …. restrict freedom of thought and direct he and all concerned as to what should be discussed, what is fun for them, pinning for their lost trolls and lamenting of past days of glory!

      It is all pretty outrageous but gloriously hilarious. Professor Tracy has endured so much that surely the angels are coming to his defense.


  4. Yawn!

    Perhaps you lay out say, the ten commandments of Patrick, concerning how Dr. Tracy should operate his blog.

    From reading your discussion and criticism of the Islamists, it is fair game, it is not “hate” as you say. On the other hand all discussion of your perceived allies should discouraged.

    There is another option, you Recynds, Folker and others of your coterie could get together and form your own blog. WordPress is easy to operate. There the lot of you could become echo chambers for your own ranting. The clicks would probably go through the roof. In fact I would suggest a name for it, echo chamber of the clueless.

    1. Your article was so well said Mick I had to post a comment,
      and I am dedicating this to the Zionist infiltrator on this blog ____(guess who is coming to dinner?)

      “Lets connect the dots here
      By: Amerikagulag

      The Rothschilds own all the central banks of the world including the Federal Reserve and thus the BIS. They control the money system called ‘dollar’.
      Israel is a CREATION of the Rothschilds. It was set up specifically at the behest of the Rothschilds.
      ALL wars are run by the central banks. They fund both sides and profit off the carnage.
      ALL countries with Rothschild central banks will not DARE criticize the Rothschilds favorite pet.
      Religion, particularly Christianity, assists with the perpetuation of the ‘chosen people’ hogwash and continues to imply that the ‘Jew’ of today is somehow connected with the people written about in that book of fables. It continues to prop up the “god said so” lie.
      The vast majority of Jews inhabiting Israel today are not Semitic people. They are north/north eastern European descent, formerly Khazar/Ashkenazi – a group of people who converted to Judaism back in the first millenium. The were never members of Jewish tribes and they didn’t ‘wander’ up there. They have no ancestral connection with the middle east.
      The Bolshevik revolution, which destroyed Russia and killed upwards of 60 million people was a distinctly Jewish concoction. Many of the Jews who began the revolution were from the east side of New York. Only 19 members of the several hundred people who began the Bolshevik revolution were Russian – the rest were Jewish.
      Today, the Rothschilds sit atop the financial pyramid of the world, dictating money policy and deciding on which countries should continue to exist and which countries should be destroyed. Challenge the Jew (Rothschild) and/or their pet “Israel” and your economy will be destroyed or you’ll be removed. Think Andrew Jackson, William McKinley, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and John Jr. Myriad groups of insurgents, mercenaries and ngo’s are created for the express purpose of destabilizing countries to give the appearance of ‘the people want change’. Revolutions are fomented and duly elected governments are ousted. Puppet governments subservient to the Rothschild and their financial hoodlumism are set up and the system continues unchallenged.
      The US government is largely controlled by the Rothschilds through their ownership of the financial system (scam) upon which the country depends. The IRS is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is the collection arm of the Rothschilds. Hollywood is owned by, the big banks are owned by, the media is owned by….the Jew. All news is formulated to benefit the jew or counter any challenge against it. The military industrial complex of the US is the tool of the Rothschild..
      All these points are integral to the condition of the world today. Each exists dependent upon and because of the other.
      Israel is being found out now, but it has been known for decades. It’s only the advent of the Internet which has made the information more readily available. Hence the need by the US govt (read Israel) to increase spying and surveillance upon its citizens. That system of total surveillance is being ramped up world wide, behind the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ since the israeli false flag of 911.
      George Patton knew what was going on with WWII. He tried to warn the world. He was poisoned.
      The media is controlled. ”

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