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In a somewhat stunning decision, SkyNews reports that a US judge has ruled that the families of victims in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School can sue the maker of the weapon used in the attack, arguing the Bushmaster rifle is a military weapon that should not have been sold to civilians.


As SkyNews reports,

Gun companies had sought to reject the negligence and wrongful death lawsuit filed two years after the attack by nine victims’ relatives and a survivor.

But Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said a 2005 federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not shield the companies from legal action in this case.

She ruled that lawyers for the victims’ families can still argue the semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.

The legal action names Remington Arms, maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, model XM15-E2S, as well as the distributor and seller.

A lawyer for the families, Josh Koskoff, welcomed Thursday’s news that the lawsuit can proceed.

“We are thrilled that the gun companies’ motion to dismiss was denied,” he said.

“The families look forward to continuing their fight in court.”

Gunman Adam Lanza used the Bushmaster to kill 20 children and six adults at the school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

Earlier this week a judge ruled that state police do not have to release to media some of Lanza’s writings, including his spreadsheet ranking mass murders.

Media were also seeking publication of 20-year-old Lanza’s notebook titled The Big Book of Granny.

It contains a story he wrote in fifth grade featuring a character who likes hurting people, especially children.


So an otherwise totally normal kid driven to massacre by the ‘availability’ of a weapon? yep makes perfect sense.

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74 thought on “US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military-Style” Gun-Maker”
  1. I don’t think the Sandy Hook ‘victims’ want to get into a courtroom – could backfire – subpoenas, under oath? I dunno – doing this stuff under the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act is one thing. Lying under oath, quite another. Surely those gun makers attorneys will have looked at some of the Sandy Hook evidence? Then again, the cover-up may go much deeper, the insurance cos. and the courts were in on the 9/11 cover-up, they may be in on this fake, too.

    1. Ah, but “if” the trial were to proceed in less than official digs, like maybe one of those simulated courtrooms used by the legal profession for practice it might not be illegal. I know. It sounds ridiculous considering that were the outcome to be allowed to set legal precedent, that would certainly be criminal. But I get the feeling the authorities involved in this “operation” are making only a minimal effort to cover their asses.

      1. Yeah, remember Dylan Storm Roof’s “hearing?” It was as legal as a Perry Mason episode. All the “victims” getting to tell the seemingly already guilty perp how much they forgive him.
        Mind my words, when they are busted they are going to show us that hearing and other things and say, “what kind of idiots could have thought this was real? It’s not like we really tried to fool anyone with a brain…” and all the stupid sheeple will fall all over themselves saying, “well of course I never believed it… I’m not stupid!”

    2. This will NEVER get in a Court room or EVER have a real trial with “Discovery”.

      This is a Sham, Scam as said up there early.

      Remington has the power right now to see ALL the Evidence to Prove it was even their Gun and Blow this whole thing out of the water.

      1 Problem..Chairman O runs the DOJ. Never Gonna Happen…

      Whatever Remington/Bushmaster settles for (and they will settle) will be reimbursed to them via the Guberment or ?

    3. I have a feeling it won’t go that far marvinsannes… I agree with the worry of lying under oath.. and if they do look at evidence and it does go further… it must run deeper..It will be interesting how this will pan out..

    4. Victims could petition to have Judge Alvin Hellerstein on the bench. Al would never disappoint them. Lots of cronyism in Connecticut, what are friends for?

    1. Should be mandatory exhumation of “victims”. Then, and only then, will we be satisfied. Of course, mandatory DNA tests will be performed, too. The massive coverup has to be overridden by sensible jurisprudence and investigation. That said, I smell a rat.

  2. These lawsuits are playing out just as the script is written. They have an ultimate purpose, regardless of whether cases are lost along the way. The script always wins in the end.

    I look at legal protections in the courts for “the families of victims” or “the family members of the perpetrator” as in the Courant suit to obtain Adam’s Granny book as all being part of the main script. The overall goals of destroying Constitutional law and civil liberties will be reached.

    All of these so-called “families of victims” and families of the perpetrator, Adam, are completely controlled playing pieces and have absolutely nothing to do with rights or awards that belong to real people filing lawsuits to protect their own interests.

    I always am galled to see “massacre” anywhere proximate to “Sandy Hook.” Reminds me of hundreds of 9-11 newspaper stories referencing “hijackers” and “Islamic.”)

    We should not rail against or react in any way to this B movie.

  3. Clearly the judge knows little about federal law, and less about guns. Unless she simply wants to let this be heard, thrown out, and put to bed.

    Federal law protects manufacturers against just such lawsuits for damages incurred by the intentional criminal use of their products, which are use of said product by downstream purchasers. Nobody buys a gun from the manufacturer except for re-sellers (AKA ‘dealers’). And if a dealer sells a gun, the buyer has been cleared by the FBI in the background check.

    At Sandy Hook, you had a legally cleared woman, who kept the gun locked up, and whose son KILLED HER to get the gun and use it to kill others. I don’t see how this can stand up in any court as the manufacturer’s fault or failure.

    As to the gun issue, a semi-auto AR-15 isn’t a military weapon. It’s a legal copy of the STYLE of the military version, but the military weapon is FULLY automatic and the civilian version is SEMI-automatic. I don’t see how this will stand in court either. Nobody tries to hold the manufacturer responsible for accidents caused by a Hummer driver, but it was copied directly from a military vehicle, minus the armor.

    1. The use of the term “military weapon” is subjective and purely political,
      we need semi auto with large capacity mags for civil defense because THAT IS THE WEAPON OF THE DAY just like muskets were the weapons of their day,
      this is about milita, not squirrel hunting, it is also our 2nd Amendment imperative, the oligarchs have the power of the purse, citizens have the power of the gun,
      once you lose that you are slaves
      this is a sham, a gun banning agenda under the false pretense of “safety” (man that is a tired dead dog), and extortion on many levels here

      1. The police are being armed with FULL AUTO weapons. Apparently Class III restrictions somehow do not apply in their case. Yet they are still “civilians”. Kalishnikov USA recently boasted about producing full auto weapons but weren’t clear about who the target market was. LAPD is running around with MP5s. Why do cops need AA-12 full auto shotguns? I’m sure there are others.

        So just what is the weapon of the day at this point?

        1. Not sure Todd. I just today saw an ad for a $750 clone of the HK-91. Or one of those semi-auto shotguns that use banana mags and drums interchangeably.

          Given the militarization of police and gov’t agencies like the USDA and IRS, I’d say those are a good choice for a citizen – especially since now anybody can go online and order body armor and vests, jackets, etc. labeled with “Police” or “SWAT” or DEA or ATF, or, or, etc. You can’t know who is busting in, and you can’t take a chance that they are legit LEOs – so you need firepower.

        2. @sunaj57 Yeah. They’re real quiet about it while heaping guilt on the public for owning an AK/AR.

          http://www.lapdonline.org/lapd_equipment for starters

          Look for “submachine mp5”

          There’s even a pic of a female motorcycle cop directing traffic with one. Can’t miss it with google.

          I also heard full auto fire in the Dorner videos. Came from both sides. Another event in TX. Middle of the night near an (embassy?). Full auto on the cell phone video.

          @revdave I take it back on the AA-12. Was confusing it with a crowd control weapon in an iconic photo.

        3. There is legislation pending in Cal to make an array of weapons people bought 50 years ago illegal to own,
          when they start coming door to door its going to be civil war

    2. Surely they would have to have ‘proof of purchase’.. and an investigation of permit.. not sure about the laws in US.. but this does sound like a Hoax, within a Hoax.,as said in another post….. This latest latest news report is just to keep the event ongoing, to keep the masses believing. that this actually happened..

  4. James: Let me get this right….they are preparing to sue a company who manufactures a gun that was never carried into Sandy Hook Elementary, was never fired at anyone inside Sandy Hook Elementary, never injured anyone at Sandy Hook Elementary, and was found in the trunk of a car parked at Sandy Hook Elementary late on the night of Dec 14, 2012 with no identifying DNA recoverable on the weapon.


    This is not a court case. This is a vendetta.

    I think I may take this topic on with my public speaking students for Spring term.

    Any thoughts?

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    1. I believe the was ostensibly in the school: claimed to be the main murder weapon. It sounds like you’re thinking of the shotgun found in the trunk.

      There are, however, endlessly ridiculous anomalies concerning this case. Check out We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook and (conversely) The Life of Adam ( both available on YouTube).


  5. Yes, there will need to be proof that any “victim” died of wounds that were created by the caliber purported to come from the Bushmaster rifle. Full autopsies will need to be revealed in order to verify such claims.

    1. As we have learned over and over, the mere truth is very often not nearly enough. This government has obliterated and re-interpreted laws and will continue to do so. De-arm, then put people in serfdom. I have to believe that’s the plan.

      1. I’m glad, the more citizens who own guns the better, all the leftist gun grabbers who supported miscreant orgs like Brady are going to be S* out of luck when civil strife breaks out, and it will be too late then

        1. Should the Mad Witch reach the White House, the Gestapo will be out collecting guns the day after….

      2. Agreed, Kevin. But Steven Feinberg lost a few pennies with his DOD contracts.
        So did Remington really profited?

        This may all be a financial scheme to off-load the company and other gun manufacturing companies.Since they’re all under one umbrella corporation. Maybe this Princeton boy,may not be imbedded as he seems, but I highly doubt it.

    1. This is de ja vu all over again.

      Yes, the owners of Bushmaster at this time, whoever that is, know that they are just one of the playing pieces in this little subplot.

      lophatt commented on Sandy Hook Documentary Isn’t About Sandy Hook: The Fortress and What’s Inside.
      in response to Anne B.:

      Some SH families filed lawsuit today: http://touch.courant.com/#section/2224/article/p2p-82291538/ “In addition to Bushmaster, the lawsuit names Camfour, a firearms distributor and Riverview Gun Sales where Nancy Lanza, the shooter’s mother, purchased the Bushmaster in 2010.”

      Anne, obviously a lawsuit could not be allowed to move to trial. In order for them to allow a suit they must have it all sewn up. Maybe they made the manufacturer an offer they can’t refuse.
      The defense is obvious. This is a publicity stunt. A counter suit would be fun. Just think of all that discovery.
      For all we know they may have used some of that poppy money to give to the manufacturer to “settle”. This whole thing reeks.
      Reply Comments

      December 10, 2014
      Sandy Hook Documentary Isn’t About Sandy Hook: The Fortress and What’s Inside 3


      I made a comment on that MHB article but cannot find it now posted…

      ” This lawsuit against Bushmaster is not something that was meant to be a real lawsuit to be adjudicated in a court of law. It is a deception for control of the public mind. Another hoax within the hoax.

      The Ct. state attorney, Stephen Sedensky, official report on Sandy Hook showed no causal nexus between a 223 Bushmaster gun and ANY of the deaths. There would be no proof against a Bushmaster gun even if there were sincere intent of the lawsuit plaintiffs. ”

      And regarding


      “The company that owns Bushmaster, maker of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people in Newtown, will sell the gunmaker in the wake of the massacre.
      A secretive Manhattan financier whose private equity firm owns the gunmaking Goliath that produces Bushmaster rifles put the armsmaker on the block Tuesday after the tragedy in Newtown struck too close to home.”


      The photo home of Martin Feinberg, father of Cerberus founder pictured in this NY Daily News article has that same Lanza home fakey Potemkin house look. I would say Feinberg is a playing piece also and its secret ownership of Bushmaster was part of the script that goes back at least to 2006.

      It would be interesting to know who owns Remington / Bushmaster NOW,

      This is important because all the major investment funds, including huge investment funds of state and state university retirement investment funds may also have divested of their ownership of U.S. arms manufacturers after Sandy Hook.

        1. I do not know where they are but they are both very intelligent and perceptive people and I miss their insightful postings.

        2. Yes, they definitely are…not to mention their irresistible sense of humor 🙂

          Come back you guys…at least say a few syllables!

      1. From the searching I did it appears that Cerberus still owns Remington, and in fact have not sold off any of the assets from their Freedom Group holding company that includes numerous small arms manufacturers and companies who make accessories for small arms.

        So then the question becomes who owns Cerberus? As always, Qui Bono? Who benefits?

        I agree that this lawsuit is just theater. Just continuing the SHS PsyOp.

        1. Question:

          “So then the question becomes who owns Cerberus?”


          A secretive Manhattan financier private equity firm.

        2. Cerberus employs people that used to be in high executive branch positions such as John Snow, former treasury secretary. The founder’s father has (or had) a house in Newtown, CT.

          So this is a corporation that would obviously be friendly to government agendas. Their Freedom Group subsidiary is a conglomeration of several major US gun manufacturers, including Remington and Bushmaster, that they aggressively bought out prior to the SH event.

          Qui bono? The self-proclaimed architects of civilizations and makers of human history. The people that claim “a divine right to rule”.

          If the Tsarnaev trial took place without a hitch, no questions asked, then….

        3. This article


          shows a photo of the father of the Cerberus founder and about which I commented that it looked very Potemkin.

          Cerberus took over Bushmaster and combined it with Remington company in 2006.

          We discussed to some extent in the past the possibility that Newtown was set up as a Potemkin village way back in early 2000 for the purpose of staging the Sandy Hook event and all its aftermath actions.

          This “Feinman” family’s role in all of this seems to fit in perfectly with a Potemkin village scenario.

        4. That’s the article I saw. Although the photo is of the founder himself, and not his father.

          I remember when Cerberus came from nowhere and started buying out companies left and right. Makes me wonder where all that money came from. There’s a historical back story somewhere that I read years ago. There’s a lot more to them than just their freedom group. It really caught my attention when they consolidated a lot of the small arms market, though. Monopolies are never good for the public. Product quality is the first thing to nosedive. Artificial scarcity can be induced as well.

          “Public-private partnership” is just a PC term for fascism.

          If Cerberus had been successful in selling off the freedom group after SH, then it would have further obfuscated complicity in a disarmament agenda. Instead, Bushmaster became a toxic company subject to possible lawsuit. It took years to grease the skids for this particular lawsuit to be considered. But, like the Tsarnaev trial, all this will do is cause a portion of the population to lose even more faith in the current judicial system, the last check and balance of the federal government.

          I don’t think that any of these observations will make it into a courtroom.

  6. I predict Bushmaster will settle and there will be no court case for the public to view the hollow show. If there is a public hearing, it’s good to keep in mind that studying history gives us an edge. Example, when Hitler rose to power, his hit squads murdered the opposition every day, and the court cases when they got that far were handled with kid gloves by the judges. So no prosecutions. The only opposition came from the reporters of The Munich Post – called the Poison Kitchen. They ranted and raved in a way that NO reporters are doing today against the flunky main stream presidential candidates, some with nefarious backgrounds, or official undercover US death squads here and in other countries. Finally, Hitler ordered the reporters arrested and destroyed the press. It’s all in Ron Rosenbaum’s Explaining Hitler. Nowadays such cases don’t come up at all and are suppressed.

    1. I’m afraid you’re right. They’ll settle, though not guilty, because they’ll be coerced (or get a “call in the night” to settle or “something will happen that you won’t like”

    2. We had this discussion awhile back.

      This whole lawsuit is a scam to put another crack in the “Dam”.

      This lawsuit can Never be Won legally or on merit so to give the illusion the Gun Grabbers Won, Remington/Bushmaster will pretend to Settle out of Court for 1 Billion $$$ and the corrupt Chairman O’s Administration will “slip” the 1 Billion and Courts costs into Remington’s Bank Account.

      New precedent toward rounding up all the Guns.

      A territory of the US (can’t remember) just voted to put a $1,000 tax on ANY Gun after they lost a court case trying to ban all Guns. This is also a “Test” to do the same here.

      1. The REAL owner of Bushmaster is probably backing anti-gun legislation. Why? It may well be that government money is behind this lawsuit fakery and having a complicit owner completes the power structure to make it look like poor, poor Bushmaster is being illegally accused. The Feds have plenty of black op money to run scams like Sandy Hook and this suit against Bushmaster, whomever they are, is really a movement against guns, period. As Kevin Barrett said recently, there were 78 false flags in one week! Bushmaster is there to be aimed at and shot down, even though it would take one of the better travesties to pull off this lawsuit farce. But, the American people are ignoramuses en masse and pulling this off is really quite easy. The AR-15 is not a weapon used in the military, it’s semi-automatic, not fully automatic as a military weapon would be. But, truth is another issue and Connecticut is not interested in truth, just Malloy’s likely new job in Clinton’s Administration should she be elected by crooked voting machines. Take equal parts of voter ignorance and add one part of assorted lies and corruption, mix well, and you’ve got yourself another tyrant’s regime in the WH. As in full blown communism…..

        1. “this suit against Bushmaster, whomever they are, is really a movement against guns, period.”

          Yes, it is important to THEM to disarm the people, but I think scams like Sandy Hook and all its spin-off plays like this phony lawsuit threat, are multi-purpose. What they really want is to get people discussing this possible lawsuit and getting all embroiled in the “two sides” of the matter. What that accomplishes is that people accept as true certain basic facts of the case under consideration. How the threat of a case plays out is of secondary importance. The goal was to get people to arguing and discussing on a whole new level where the premises of all discussion are false.

          “Bushmaster is there to be aimed at and shot down,”

          Well said,

          The “government” is not separate from the “Real owners” of Bushmaster, and the international oligarchical socialists (communists, NAZIs etc.) are the “real owners” of all Western countries, and possibly of Russia and China too.

      2. On Drudge Today as I brought up…

        WASHINGTON, D.C. – A $1,000 per gun tax should serve as a “role model” for states, according to the governor of the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, which imposed the $1,000 gun tax earlier this month. An idea first endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 1993, steep gun taxes have now taken hold in Cook County, Ill. the city of Seattle, and now a U.S. territory.


    3. Citing Ron Rosenbaum as your source for information on WWII Germany made me laugh. You might as well have cited Moe, Larry and Curly, as they too were WWII propagandists. There were no “hit squads” murdering anybody.

      Maybe you should broaden your education regarding the history of Germany, especially during this time period.

      1. You can read the microfilms yourself regarding the hit squads in The Munich Post in German or look at the list Rosenbaum provides that he specifically used. They were printed daily in the paper.


      2. Not sure what the context is exactly of your post but there most certainly were assassination squads in post WWII Germany,after the Allies took over special Zionists kill teams went all over Germany and cold bloodedly murdered high ranking German officers in their homes, on the street etc., it caused a lot of protests, Patton included but still went on

        1. Incorrect, the Russians did the killing with the list of Catholic anti-Hitler families, many wealthy, provided by Kim Philby. See Ben Macintyre’s A Spy Among Friends, an excellent book on this. So many dopey inaccurate posters here. Read your history and stop acting like a bunch of hillbillies.

    4. It now Appears the NRA and self-defense advocacy support groups Are on the Side of Obama Gun-Grabbers as they refuse to use their millions in profits to expose Sandy Hook as a False event.

  7. I am certain that the participants and perpetrators of this ridiculous hoax know they have nothing to worry about. Everyone involved has been bought and paid for. There will be no evidence presented or even requested and there will be no real lawsuit.

    This sentence says all that is necessary: “Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis”. Connecticut, as we all know, is corrupt from top to bottom. This is just another faux issue trotted out by the Sandy Hoax skanks to keep the lie going, squash anyone that dares to utter a word against them, and last but not least, keep that Sandy Hoax cash register ringing.


  9. the “parents” might well get some kind of settlement, perhaps out of court. Why? Because the Sandy Hook event/hoax was a state authorized and the ludicrous story desperately needs backing up, and who better to back up the state’s story line than George Soros, the owner of Remington. Then again if it goes to trial and succeeds it could set some kind of precedent, but then who says we rule of law?

    1. “An old rumor has once again resurfaced alleging that Cerberus–the private equity firm that owns Freedom group, a holding company that in turn owns a number of firearms manufacturers, including Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS–is in some way tied to George Soros.

      This rumor is completely false and baseless.

      Following is a statement from Freedom Group, Inc., addressing the rumor:

      Despite rumors to the contrary, Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., the firm which owns Freedom Group. Inc. (FGI), the holding company for such firearms manufacturers as Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS, is in NO WAY affiliated with anti-gun activist George Soros.”


      Steve Feinberg, however, is another story.

      1. Let me see if I have this right.

        We know that the rumor that George Soros is in no way associated with the ownership of Freedom Group which is owned by Cerberus, a highly secretive private equity firm, completely false and baseless because the head of Freedom Group, who was in the past for many years at the top of Cerberus, tells us so.

        Gee, it is so great to have this high degree of certainly and sincerity to extinguish rumors.

        I think a “rumor” or “conspiracy theory” worth exploring is that Steven Feinberg and George Soros and a few other billionaires have a vested interest in promoting arms sales, albeit very surreptitiously in many cases. These individuals thrive on fomentation of wars and weapons of destruction are one of their main sources of income.

        I think one would be able to find, with perhaps some degree of professional searching, that Soros has ownership interest in several large arms manufacturers. Feinberg and Soros want there to be fewer and fewer arms manufacturers so they are buying them up and consolidating companies in to fewer legal entities.

        1. It is possible to have the same interests in a political agenda without having direct financial ties. I’m reminded of the Bloomberg tweet to the federales just as the SH reportage was breaking. Almost as if he had it all typed out and was waiting to hit the “enter” key. That’s what tipped me off to his “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” outfit. Come to find out, a lot of actual mayors throughout the US didn’t realize what they were signing on to! They had a difficult time getting their names removed from a list of supporting members.

          The problem I see with the Soros narrative is that it steers people away from considering the more zionist/neocon influence of this.

          Either way, monopolization of any industry leads to an enhanced stranglehold of that resource. This usually doesn’t benefit the people.

        2. Just because Soros is not involved does not absolve Cerberus.

          Here is a good article;
          yes I know InfoWars, but the source of the info is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Some quotes;

          “Jobs related to the manufacturing and sale of guns increased 73% since 2008 to a nationwide total of 287,986”

          “In fact, in 2015 the firearms and ammunition industry was responsible for as much as $49.29 billion in total economic activity in the country.”

          “He’s (Obama) been the world’s best gun salesman,” said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works. “Everything’s up compared to last year due to the threats of executive actions President Obama has made.”

          Fact: Cerberus announced soon after SHS it was to divest itself of it’s Freedom Group firearms companies. It has not done this. Cerberus has benefited from SHS and the gun control agenda the past 8 years.

          You have to ask yourself this question. If Obama has been the ‘world’s best gun salesman’ is this an unintended consequence or necessary evil in order to push the gun control agenda… or is this the purpose? And if it is the purpose then is it simply driven by profit(greed) or some other agenda? Who (or why) wants the American populace armed?

          Reverse psychology? Conflicting agendas? Profiting from the expected run up of firearms sales before the big gun grab? One plan of the eugenicists is the people kill off each other with personal firearms?

          If a sudden sell off of firearms companies occurs be certain the big gun grab is right around the corner.

        3. Kevin,
          We shouldn’t have to apologize for linking to or for mentioning AJ or Infowars here. It’s nothing more that Political Correctness here by the few.

          I have disagreed with many links to and/or people that others have posted here but have never suggested they are naive or misguided.

          There’s a lot of news out there.

        4. “Just because Soros is not involved does not absolve Cerberus.”

          How exactly do we KNOW Soros is not financially involved with Cerberus or Freedom Group?

          “Fact: Cerberus announced soon after SHS it was to divest itself of it’s Freedom Group firearms companies. It has not done this. Cerberus has benefited from SHS and the gun control agenda the past 8 years.”

          How exactly do we KNOW Cerberus has not divested of Freedom Group and still owns it and therefore has financially benefited from SHS and the gun control agenda?

          I put the owners of Cerberis, Steven Feinberg and others unnamed, in one big basket with..
          Those who want to control all sides of the gun issue, i.e. promote gun sales AND promote gun control. All of this activity is organized deception just like Sandy Hook and is of their father, Satan, the father of lies..

          Until I have a much deeper knowledge of the names of the people associated with Cerberus and a clear picture of all of their investment holdings, I would never think SHS was ONLY about gun control and I would not think that increased gun sales was ONLY for greed and profit. The eugenics agenda of companies like Cerberus is one example of the multi-purpose nature of their created false events.

          Just as eugenics can be carried out in various ways – soft kill, hard kill, so also can a big gun grab action be carried out. I would say that creating situations that “naturally” lead to civil unrest would be an excellent way to have us all begging to have our guns grabbed. In like manner, the civil unrest situation itself is multi-purpose and may only indirectly lead to us all using our guns to kill each other off.

          This is somewhat analogous to how the internationalist oligarchs financed both sides of the world wars. THEY win either way and come out with exponentially greater global control no matter who wins the war. As I understand it, all of the Walstreet brokers/ bankster scams work in the same way – on the one hand short the rotten stock you are selling and on the other hand promote the sales of the stock to gullible stock company sucker customers.

          And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God. Romans 12:2

        5. If you want to know the possible agenda, then look no further than the government’s behavior during Katrina in New Orleans. They purposefully denied food, water, and medical assistance to the population in order to foment riots. The problem was, it didn’t happen. People obediently sat there and died.

          Meanwhile, they went ahead with their plan to roll in military troops to conduct door-to-door gun confiscation and to relocate the population away from their homes. This was a zionist/neocon construction that either Cheney or Rumsfeld referred to, on national television, as an “exercise”.
          BTW, zionism is but one side of a much larger coin.

          Since then, the government has been arming themselves with millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition and creating SWAT teams for agencies that used to have no need for arms, such as the EPA. Google the stories about the armed EPA raids on mining camps in Alaska not long ago.

          SOP has always been to create such a problem that people scream for the government to do something about it. What the people tend to not realize is that “something” is what the government had planned all along.

          When gun sales picked up after 9/11, I saw videos on YouTube instructing people how to maintain and clean firearms. This tells me that, in general, people knew little about firearms needed to be prodded into purchasing guns.

          Civil war or armed violence has always been an option to the authorities to give themselves the excuse to roll tanks out onto the streets. What they didn’t expect was the incredible restraint the American public has shown even though they’re armed more than ever. And so we’re being shown daily the abuses of police power in order to manage the general atmospheric tension.

          Cerberus, IMO, is a government invention, a front company that has, or had Dan Quale and John Snow on the payroll. This is not really driven by profit. The rich and the government don’t need useless fiat paper. But it is driven by control over everything…events, people, resources. It was put there to allow government interests to thrive within private corporations. When “public” and “private” become fuzzy, then there is fascism.

          However, as long as the public can be shaped to the elite’s liking without violence, they will continue with the softer programs in place….for now.

        6. I have to believe that the FIX is in on this lawsuit. I knew the judge would rule in favor of Sandy Hook families.

          The families would normally be required to prove damages. Hence if Remington puts up a real defense and asks the Pozners to show a video of Michael Vabner and Noah together they will be unable to do so since Noah is most certainly a construct from Michael’s younger pictures and the same goes for the Richmans and Avielle since she was proven to be a construct victim by a forensic analyst from Lennie Urbina. Nicole Hockley said that she was notified by phone in her car then changed her story to say she was at a fitness class ? Melba Marquez-Green said she got a call and then said she got a text. Laura Phelps said that her son was at School and then said her son told her about the shooting when he saw it on TV- contradiction after contradiction after contradiction –

          And oh let’s not forget Kaitlin Roig’s magic act

          Newtown PD said Lanza was dead at 9:40 am – State Police said the shooter was seen running into room 10 blasting away while Newtown PD did NOTHING for 5 minutes ? Lanza is shot in the back of the head with Glock’s biggest gun and not a drop of blood on his hat ? Adam’s clothes are two sized too big for him ? Lanza was found cuffed but who cuffed him ?

          The dozens of contradictions can all be scrutinized and exposed if this were a real trial. Only one person that I could find claims to have ever seen the Lanza’s with an AR-15 and he has been completely invisible hasn’t he ?

          The reality is that nobody ever saw the Lanza’s with an AR-15 or Saiga 12 gage. I can’t believe more people can’t see through the lies. ATF found no records of the Lanzas at a shooting range in New Milford but guess what ? The state police went back and found some

          So there is no way these fraudsters can put themselves out there where they could be exposed – I don’t know the end game but you can bet that the liars will go on untouched.

  10. So sandy drill hoax ends up in court isnt that what we want any wayto get these liars in court, spot lights on, flash mob, turn uo thrthe heat, meet at da court house yo

  11. When Newtown police discovered there were dozens wounded, they never told dispatch. By emergency response protocol, the approximate number of wounded is to be transmitted to dispatchers BEFORE triage is even initiated. The reason is obvious: there’s no point in triaging patients for transport when that transport hasn’t been called in the first place. NPD saw the dozens of wounded in rooms 10 and 8 by 9:51 (officially) and by no later than 9:49 a.m. according to CSP Sgt. Bill Cario. Yet NPD said nothing to dispatcher Bob Nute. The last Nute had heard, at 9:45 a.m., was “two down.” Not until 10:02 a.m. would Nute hear, third-hand from an EMT who heard it from a CSP officer, that dispatch needed to “call for everything.” The pictures the public was shown of many ambulances at the firehouse is very, every misleading. Those ambulances eventually came, but came far too late to help. NOT because children didn’t need them, as was claimed, but because they hadn’t been called in time. And the reason they were not called in time is that the NPD officers responsible for alerting dispatch never told him there were more than “two down.” Why they never told him is another story, but for the purposes of demanding an after-action report, it is sufficient to point out the clear fact that NPD failed to make the most important radio transmission of December 14, 2012, and that that failure has gone utterly unaddressed.

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