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The mainstream media propaganda machine struck with a forceful blow at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on April 5 for opposing lawsuits brought by Sandy Hook families against weapons manufacturers in response to the December 14, 2012 massacre event (e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). See the size of the letters in the New York Daily News front cover attack. The size of the letters and the headline alone tells a powerful story of the depth and the over-the-top application of the State propaganda we live in today.


So not only is no one allowed to question Sandy Hook despite the fact that no part of the event contains any 3-dimensional reality to it and is instead delivered by the words coming out of the mouths of the participants, but even the notion of slowing down the flow of post-Sandy Hook cash flow or questioning the gun control agenda is being attacked as “shameful” by the New York Daily News and the rest of the treasonous CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) driven mainstream media. Yes they do this all the time. The target this time was presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, who like all the candidates endorses the artificial reality version of the Sandy Hook “story”, didn’t even question the 2-dimensional version of the story. He only stated that the supposed victims families should not be able to freely sue the gun manufacturers, which they shouldn’t. Of course we all know this strikes a direct blow to the post Sandy Hook gun control agenda prompting the gatekeeper mainstream media to go on the attack.

In summary, the establishment jumped all over Sanders for not going along with both the Sandy Hook “story” AND going along with the post Sandy Hook crisis actor cash flow and subsequent gun control agenda. Apparently supporting just one portion of the Sandy Hook lies is not enough, you must support all phases of the Sandy Hook event or you deserve “shame”.

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I’m sure most readers are not fooled by these tactics. The controllers are not one to miss an opportunity to reinforce their “official stories”, especially during a presidential election campaign. And this is exactly what they did as Sanders’ supporter and former Ohio Senator, Nina Turner, is grilled afterwards by MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about the comments.

This should remind us that deep behind the curtain of the presidential election campaign is the deep state who ordered the Sandy Hook story to begin with. Like many other truly fraudulent and staged capstone events, Sandy Hook is protected by the mass media state propaganda machine as they are doing here.

Everyone should see and feel the large bold letters used by the New York Daily News headline, see it with your minds eye and notice the over-the-top intentional propaganda and ask yourself, is this the world you want to live in? Do you really want to live in a world where this outside artificial force spewing out lies and propaganda ctually controls what you think? I don’t and I want to call attention to the attack and hope that everyone sees it for what it is. It’s State sponsored propaganda and the mainstream media talking heads are the traitors pushing the State propaganda and lies. Not sure of the context? Read history and see for yourself how dictators of the past have controlled the media and the messages sent to their sheep. We are all in the exact same situation only we are to arrogant and too ignorant to acknowledge this.

Breaking free from the matrix of lies

The New York Daily News over-the-top headline demands that you either accept their propaganda or see it for what it is. You must do one or the other. Once you see the size of their letters and see the agenda in play let this be a wake up call. Once you recognize their lies you’ll never see this story or any of their “stories” the same again. As already mentioned I call on truth seekers to quickly categorize this story as State propaganda but then it’s important to flush it out of your mind.

Above and beyond recognizing State propaganda pushed by their CFR approved mainstream media lies however, it is important to mentally live in the new world we (truth seekers and freedom lovers) are creating for ourselves. This is a world I’ve spoken about before. It’s the world where we should imagine that everyone on the planet is awakened. In other words it’s time to in a sense tune out the lies and dump out those who are deceived from your worries by imagining they don’t exist. I don’t mean to ignore the lies all together, we want to acknowledge the delivery of the lie like I’m doing here but intellectually and consciously otherwise ignore the ignorance we are surrounded by as we move forward with our lives.

Those who are ignorant are a major resistance force to truth and by keeping them in your mind you are generating an unnecessary self-resistance to the truth in your own life.

In our minds we need to live in that world of truth and freedom that in a sense ignores this resistant force and we should not boggle ourselves down with every lie that is told and believed. For example, if you personally know that one plus one is equal to two, then all the chatter around you saying that one plus one is three shouldn’t even phase you. Your mind should be effectively working and focusing on other things not on the stupidity and distraction around you right? Many people are able to grasp the concept when you frame it this way.
Sandy Hook Truth website was recently shut down by its ISP 

In this case, we’ll continue exposing the Sandy Hook State sponsored and coordinated event of December 14, 2012. An event they can’t prove happened no matter how many law suites they file and how many headlines they weaponize against truth seekers. Everyone should also be aware that the parody Sandy Hook truth website “” dedicated as a counter attack site to the Lenny Pozner run “” is apparently under attack for frivolous claims of “copyright infringement” which we all know is just a Pozner tactic to stop the truth about Sandy Hook from getting out. This is the much bigger news which serves to remind us that those behind Sandy Hook are criminals desperate to maintain the illusion at any cost.

Bernie Suarez is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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43 thought on “Bernie Sanders Assailed By Corporate Media For Opposing Sandy Hook Gun Grab”
  1. Once the Sandy Hook Hoax gets traction its all over for this government, its going to open up all the crimes going on by this government, that is is why they must go to extremes to tamp it down

    1. It was/is rather amazing how the Conn. state government buried the facts behind Sandy Hook. It was not choreographed on a STAT basis, it was most likely long in gestation before the event.
      Just stewing over this mess in my mind recently, I asked “why were there not exhumations of at least ONE body alleged to be a Sandy Hook “victim”? Just imagine what this would do to cripple the lies emanating from this state government and it’s titular potentate governor. Bodies, under dire conditions such as SH, are exhumed and DNA tested. Why not in this state?
      There exists a device invented by and patented by the US government that is used to substantiate the presence of a body in a grave. I struck up a nice tete a tete with the 2 inventors, thought I had established a bit of a bond with them until I asked “would you be willing to use your device in graves alleging to hold the bodies of the so-called victims of this putatively heinous “crime”? I was treated to a fine version of a deathly silence from these scientists. Is there any reason why this happened? It’s called the fear of death syndrome.
      Come to Connecticut and you, too, can smell some rats, just as I’ve done since the day of the “crime”. This state is in lockdown mode now, our governor is said to be virtually assured of a high ranking job with the new Clinton administration. Our FOIA court made a ruling recently favoring opening up of some fact depot but another high placed judge shot it down…’s how we do things in the Nutmeg state, you see. It’s as smelly as a long-ago landed mackerel….

  2. The literate of the 21st century will be those few who can perceive myth. The media does nothing but myth. Sandy Hook is the mother of the last several years of myths, propaganda for political gain. Creating myth is a science and we are, basically, defenseless.

    1. A swell picture of our distinguished attorney general here in Connecticut, George Jepsen, with the no-less swell Al Gore extoling the virtues of rekindling the global warming drivel incited my desire to email the AG and ask why he failed to jump aboard the noxious Chemtrails bandwagon. Of course, I received no reply to my email and George will get another one from me soon. See, global warming, lacking any rectitude whatsoever, is worthy of gittin’ yer pitcher took with Gore, while the far more noxious Chemtrails is not even talked about in the official circles. Obviously, the AG had a momentary lapse of memory that resulted in his amnesia. We’ll see if the Hartford Courant is willing to incorporate this little vignette in their hallowed pages some time soon. I”m sure they will be delighted to talk about Chemtrails, just as they were delighted to talk openly, fully, and truthfully about Sandy Hook. Yeah, when donkeys fly……

  3. I’ve communicated with several Connecticut editors on this issue and many are aware of the real truths behind Sandy Hook, but all know their disclosure will be followed by job loss, excoriation, incrimination, and probably gang stalking. Such is the nature of the clenched fist that threatens harm to those who seek and deliver the truth. Until we find a way to get en masse citizen involvement to defend the truth, we have no chance and serfdom is just around the corner. We are tasked with this discovery and truth delivery process and if we fail, whom can we blame but ourselves?

  4. Well-said! Nothing boils my blood more than the aftermath of these contrived events. I look around and most of my fellow Americans are in a trance, or (as Guy Debord wrote) “in thrall” to the spectacle.

    Thierry Meyssan made very clear in 9/11: L’Effroyable imposture and Pentagate that the spectacular nature of terror is necessary for all terrorists (but especially so for states which attack their own citizens à la 1984).

    I suppose the headline in question would qualify as “above the fold” (unless the fold is on the side).

    Keep up the good work!


    1. It’s a sad realization to note that despite the acumen of many commenters on this website, WE have failed rather miserably in extending our reach to fellow citizens not wont to study these pages and our comments. Call it waht we may, it’s still failure. We try to make sense and present this to people and we bomb….why?

      Most likely we expect Joe Sixpack and his ilk to have the requisite intelligence and judgment to be able to hear and interpret alternate media information. Wrong! Joe doesn’t have a clue and there’s lots of Joes. Collectively, the electorate gets precisely what it wants. Jury rigged elections that are shrugged off by the MSM are par for the course. When lies and misdirection form the basis of the efforts to sell the disinfo, it’s pretty easy to sell swampland to these people who really don’t have the time or interest in their nation’s ongoing collapse. “Hey, man, I’m cool with the government version of the event and “what me, worry?” Our schools are turning out mental midgets at outrageous cost to taxpayers and we, the alleged knowledgeables, fail to cut to the chase and head these ideas off at the pass.

      It sounds demeaning and derogatory, but we’re part of the failure ethic in the US. 15 years since 911 and the public, by and large, still feels Mo Atta is behind all the sturm und drange at the WTC. We’ve had plenty of time to spit in Connecticut’s eye, but Malloy and his cronies are still seen as infallibly steady on the tiller. Why are we so failure-prone?

      1. Mo Atta and “sturm und drang” 🙂 wow! Great comment!

        To answer your question, I was thinking about this last night. It took almost 30 years for Hollywood to collectively reach critical mass and back the film JFK. Almost 30 years from the event… And as powerful as that film is, many people just didn’t “get it”.

        But let’s look at it optimistically for a second. A film like JFK serves notice: “we know what you’re doing”. Continuing internal hypothetical monologue: “we may not be able to stop you right now, but we’re spreading the word”.

        The conspirators you mention count on the density (dumb) of the populace. They reason, “I’ll be long dead and gone before this conundrum is unraveled.”

        But there is the information war which Hillary Clinton admitted “they” are losing. As a spokesperson for government, that was her admission. It might be the only time she’s ever told the truth. And whether she was shilling for more surveillance dollars is irrelevant: they are losing.

        So when you see someone like like Dr. Tracy take a stand–someone with a giant’s heart and mind, that is cause for celebration.

        It’s one domino fallen. This IMS group making excellent films about Sandy Hook: another domino fallen.

        Right now the dominos are falling pretty slow. The national security state has the unenviable task of trying to stop the inevitable. So between the newest domino and the next sacred cow are Ivy League nulls playing James Bond. Wow, how glamorous: damage control!

        The growing consensus regarding these staged events is still underground. Pollsters are not asking the right questions. On purpose! Remember Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison…burning the midnight oil reading the Warren Commission report. “Ask the question. Ask the question!”

        Any good lawyer knows this. The wheels of logic turn. Our internal devil’s advocate looks for the holes in the case…the laziness (or gross negligence) or process.

        By now we know that we are not facing negligence. We are facing conspirators. Judging by government actions to cover up and exploit these quasi-tragedies, we are likely to find some (if not all) of our culprits in our civil servant bureaucracy. They work for us.

        We’re trying to fire them. Permanently. Not an easy task. These weasels want to keep their jobs. They think we’re the servants.

        Our job? Keep striking the stone until it cracks. The more people swinging the hammer the better.


      2. I don’t think it is “our” failure, most truthers get it on the kisser so often they turn away at some point,
        the problem is we are being attacked on many levels with technologies that never existed before (or of late anyways),
        PsOps performed on society is so sophisticated it is almost impossible for the average citizen to understand, cope with or otherwise deal with it,
        not sure what the answer but I believe as the case usually goes, our people will have to suffer terribly before they get motivated to defeat the Oligarchy that enslaves us

  5. Gun Owners of America refuse to defend Bernie, which says a lot for their blind support of Republican politicians and upholding the SH narrative. Also, not one investigative journalist including Alex is attacking Hillary for Bill’s foibles, Mena, and their body count. If someone questions Cruz’s citizenship, which is mild, then surely it’s fair to question Hillary’s past. As to Cruz, he definitely isn’t qualified to run, according to the framers of the Constitution, as he’s only a naturalized citizen. The framers wanted to eliminate any foreign influence, which is a joke now.

  6. Please excuse the off-topic. I am trying to find out the extent of the area over which aircraft are spraying aerosols. I live in cntral coast CA and they spray here so that the sky is never its normal deep blue except after rain. Then they come & emit white thin lines to spread out & make the sky overcast within 20-30 minutes. “Geoengineering Watch site says that this is going on everywhere, but I have no confidence in them: Dane Wigington seems to be the principal there and he is one of the CO2 phobia/ global warming hoax. A lot of people are innocently unaware that this is a hoax, cover for the powers to be to complete the dismantlement of our industry by progressively reducing the most basic industry– energy.
    If you cd tell me if your sky is deep blue perhaps with normal clouds, or if its a pale white-powdered blue with almost no clouds it wd help me to get a picture. I’m trying to judge among several purposes. Thank you for your help. Please tell me the region. Thanks.

    1. Hi Penelope, I live in the Seattle area, and the chem-trails are bad here, depending on the day. I can’t really figure out the pattern, but it’s often several days in a row, and then a few days off. Strangely enough, they seem to be very focused on the sun, and they usually go directly through the sun – at least from my perspective on the ground. I even see them behind the clouds somedays when it’s overcast.

      1. We also have the chem-trails..regular in the UK.. Ive writting to my local MP about them and had a letter from Houses of Parliament in Westminster, but they still deny any wrong doing.. ‘just vapour trails..’ We will have a lovely blue sky in the morning.. then the planes come over.. really high.. cris crossing and joining up the trails then spread and form clouds until the whole blue sky is wiped out.. They are not passenger planes..They are definatlley spraying something. We should never give up asking questions about them.

    2. So far Dane seems right on the mark, they are having routine meetings in Shasta County Board of Supervisors over the heavy metal particulate matter that is causing illness, Alzheimers, etc, that is clearly cataloged among health community,
      I don’t see Dane as an infiltrator

      On another note it is interesting that Lloyd Pie who bases his works on ZECHARIA SITCHIN stated the Annunaki also performed aerial spraying, which I thought was interesting

  7. At the risk of writing like a conspiracy theorist, I’ll affirm that the article does not go far enough. Sanders’ apparent rant against SH-induced “gun grabs” and his apparent subsequent demonization have probably been choreographed. Sanders knows very well who his Masters are, otherwise he would have dedicated a little bit of his message to the resemblance between the motion of the destruction of a certain NYC skyscraper and of a controlled demolition. This means that he is willing to even be demonized if this will please his Masters.

    This brings back the observation that if the liberal borg had properly identified 9/11 when it happened, we would now be living de facto in he Social Democratic States of America and Sanders would be a moderate right-winger. The counter-truth is that the Master 9/11 conspirators obtained, at the inception of the 9/11 project, a commitment to censor 9/11 from the same liberal borg.

    Plato’s cave is easy to see, but so big that even people who understand 9/11’s essence as a false flag experience terrible difficulties comprehending it. Once they do, though, humanity may enter a very favorable paradigm shift. But this is another story.


    1. How do conspiracy theorists write, Dan? Do they lie? Do they hyperbolize? What is a conspiracy theorist, anyway? You make it sound like you are looking down your nose at those who report on various events, why is this so?
      Who are Sanders’ masters? Can you list them by name? Or, is this just some sort of hunch you have and are willing to share your fictions with us? See, you write like a conspiracy theorist when you report on the other conspiracy theorists. A cat chasing his own tail….

      1. “You make it sound like you are looking down your nose at those who report on various events.” I’ll clarify that I hold much respect for Bernie Suarez, because he holds one of the extremely few pulpits that affirm 9/11 for the false flag that it is. I also try to respect others who understand 9/11 as such. There are too few of us and the 9/11 censorship’s stakes are too high to seed and nurture quarrels among us.

        I intend my criticism of this article to be constructive. If it can be demonstrated otherwise, I’ll gladly apologize and correct it.

        The answers to your other questions and evaluations are beyond the scope of these comments. Suffice to write that they stem from


    2. Daniel, I agree with you, it’s all choreographed and staged for consumption by the American people. Not sure what Gil’s rant is all about.

      Every one of these politicians, no matter what color jersey they may wear, are all on the same team. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and nobody with the power to stop them ever will do so. I keep hearing “conservatives” fawning over something Donald Trump or Ted Cruz says that convinces them they should be the next president. But both of these men, along with many more just like them, are bosom buddies with Jeffrey Epstein, that filthy pedophile extraordinaire “billionaire financier”.

  8. The subject of Sandy Hook will be dropped very quickly – the media does not want that topic opened. When they get a lie into history, the last thing to do is bring it up. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that NY paper’s headline writers got a call from their keepers. I think that’s why Jeb Bush was ordered to “stand down”. That loud mouth, Trump, was generating some buzz about 9/11 and the keepers had to get that shut down quickly and quietly – notice how quickly and quietly it went away? hahahahaha I think critical mass has been reached – 50 yr friend of mine, who called me a nutcase 2 yrs. ago, called and ask if he could look at one of those videos I tried to give him – I think it’s happening all over America – all over the world. Could peace break out, Chaney drop dead, Bremer, Chertoff, Zakheim, Rummy, Perle, and Wolfowitz in jail? Maybe. Bush and Obama would be pardoned for the sanctity of the office – kind of a sick joke.

  9. I was listening to Patricia Finn, a New York Lawyer talk about a lawsuit she is working on against Merke. She said that most of the Pharma companies are doing business out of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. And to me it’s like a giant web, The Sandy Hook mental health offense, the Drugs prescribed to children, vaccines, the chemtrails. We must never stop talking about it, no matter how much they try to gaslight people who notice what’s wrong and try to do something about it. Today’s hero,
    Robert DeNiro spoke the truth about vaccines on the Today Show.

    1. DeNiro tells the Today “journalists,” “You guys are the ones who should be the investigating, DO the investigating.”

      Here’s a link to an article about the other vaccination documentary that DeNiro mentions called “Trace Amounts.” The link still contains the trailer, however, yesterday the entire doc was posted there, but has since been pulled from youtube.

      It’s interesting that DeNiro and his partner say that they bowed to the pressure of other documentary filmmakers who threatened to pull out of the festival if VAXXED wasn’t dropped.

      That means that the pressure put on the festival organizers to drop VAXXED was applied indirectly through low-level filmmakers who had not even seen the film and, till Tribeca, were used to wielding little power in the industry.

      What these other documentarians have demonstrated here is not their influence, but their total subservience to patronage for their projects and careers.

  10. I’m going to post this here, though it’s kind of off-topic.

    The headline:
    WATCH: NYPD Stuffs Hogtied Suspect into Body Bag, While NY Post Cheers

    A man in NYC was duct taped three times around his legs and zipped inside a new style “body bag” for easy transport by police. His crime? He didn’t pay a subway fare.

    This is apparently a response to the “can’t breathe” Eric Garner type of arrest, in which the arrestee struggles. The cops brag about the “ventilation” in the new body bag, even as it hoods the suspect.

    Not that resistance should justify the body bag, but in the video, this man never appears to struggle at all.

    The New York Post is all for this new police tactic. Their headline:
    Another reason not to mess with the NYPD

  11. I have never seen ‘3-dimension reality’ and ‘2-dimensional version’ used in a political context before. (I have degrees in Math and in Physics.) What is meant by these phrases as they are used in the article above?

    “… no part of the event contains any 3-dimensional reality to it …”

    “Sanders … didn’t even question the 2-dimensional version of the story.”

    1. I would venture that Suarez is using these terms in the pedestrian sense of being actual and non-actual, with “3 dimensional” meaning that Adam Lanza in reality went to the school and slaughtered people, and “2 dimensional” meaning a story was made-up and disseminated that he did so.

      But you probably knew that, right? You find the way these terms are used in the article to be frustrating because of the way you understand them intellectually, am I correct?

      I, too, stumble over the casual use of language that has the effect of dumbing down useful concepts in order to create an easy shortcut to a flatter definition.

      1. You are probably right, but what of the ‘reality’ that the Adam Lanza persona is fictional and the whole event was staged by hidden puppet-masters? Is that a 4-dimensional reading? It seems a deeper level of understanding.

        My comments are about the use of metaphor in writing, I guess. This one just does not work for me.

        1. I’m with you. Better to drop the metaphor of numbered dimensions altogether.

          The official Sandy Hook story is a straight narrative obstinately shoved into prominence to block out the view of the machinations involved in this despicable deception of the public, which was set in motion by what the writer calls the deep state. Suarez says, “Like many other truly fraudulent and staged capstone events, Sandy Hook is protected by the mass media state propaganda machine.”

    2. Manny,You might want to read “Unraveling Sandy Hook in the 2-3-4 and 5 Dimensions” by Dr. Sophia Smallstorm. It is a wealth of pertinent info. I think it is also on Youtube. I think it was also on this blog sometime back.

      1. Thanks for bringing this up, Ray. I forgot about Smallstorm. She better employs the metaphor of dimensions, for sure. Perhaps her work is what Suarez was referring to.

  12. In WaPo there is an article ” I am Adam’s mother ” about a mother raising an autistic kid and how violent her son could be at times. The mother extolled the virtues of psychotropic drugs in controlling her son. In the 300+ comments only 3-4 including me pointed out how the event never happened as reported by ” officials ” .Most were delusional in agreeing with the drug angle. Not one of the other 296+ comments showed any critical thinking.
    Pretty sad when taken as a whole readers of WaPo consider themselves as informed.

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