aquinasJames is joined by educator and author Thaddeus J. Kozinski for the hour. Kosinski holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, specializes in the thought of Plato, Aristotle, and St. Thomas Aquinas, and is presently a professor of philosophy and humanities at a Christian college in the United States. Dr. Kosinski is especially interested in the relationship of culture and politics to religious, theological, and philosophical belief systems. He is a student of the thought of Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, and Rene Girard.

In a wide-ranging discussion Kozinski and Tracy discuss the spiritual emptiness haunting liberalism and the modern condition generally, the moral bankruptcy of the “war on terror” and its architects, the problematic approaches in many contemporary educational settings, and the difficult questions facing academic philosophers.



Dr. Kozinski is the author The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism: And Why Philosophers Can’t Solve It (Lexington 2010). Kozinksi has also applied philosophical insights to the phenomenon of geopolitics and false flag terror, most recently with an especially remarkable chapter in Kevin Barrett’s book, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, called, “Charlie Hebdo, 9/11 and the Satanic Sacred.” He is working on a forthcoming chapter in a book on Catholic social teaching on Rene Girard, modernity, and the apocalypse, as well as a volume of essays on modernity, to be released this summer by Angelico Press.

Kozinski is a also contributor to The Imaginative Conservative, where his most recent article is titled, “Alasdair MacIntyre: From Socratic Subverter to Supporter of the State.”

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52 thought on “On Modernity, Morality and the Satanic Sacred”
  1. Dr. Thaddeus J. Kozinski:
    We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11

    “When a narrative emerges whose explanation for a massively violent event and the meaning of the concomitant crisis becomes official, unquestionable, and authoritative; when it includes, and without empirical evidence or investigative inquiry, the assignation of innocence and exceptionalism to the victims, and utter depravity and terrifying power to the designated criminals; when dissent from this narrative is socially forbidden, even to the extent of legal harassment and prosecution; when it spawns behavior in contradiction with itself, such as the committing of acts of terror in the name of eradicating terrorism, or restricting and punishing free speech in the name of expanding and protecting it; when the narrative is immediately supported, echoed, and policed by the vast majority of the ruling classes, including both the mainstream and “alternative” (gate-keeping) left and right; when it successfully unites and synthesizes otherwise opposed factions of the [population]—liberals with neoconservatives, libertarians with statists, humanists with Nietzscheans, theists with atheists; when rational scrutiny and frank discussion of obvious explanatory holes in the narrative are forbidden; and when the ritualistic, annual remembrance of an event and recitation of its hallowed story, particularly the harrowing portrayal of the demonic villains to which it assigns all blame for both the increasing domestic strife among citizens and the perpetual Manichean war against the newest “enemy,” instills and evokes primordial fear and religious awe in the [population]; when the narrative of an event or series of connected events possesses all of these attributes, or even just a few of them, we know we are dealing with no chance and ordinary phenomenon.”

  2. Great job, Dr. Tracy! I stayed up overnight watching We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook and also The Life of Adam for the first time. Sorry for some of my banal questions on here.

    Just want to let you know that your fluent integrity means a lot to me. Profound thanks for your intellectual contributions of good faith and the high standard of scholarship by which you abide. Each day the fates of your detractors grow more pathetic while your classy approach buries them along with their mediocre intellects.


  3. Only a jughead or an agent would admit to being the man in the hat – and he sold it – without first speaking to his lawyer. The authorities also claim to have his DNA in a safe house. When the event happened in Brussels a day later one of the actor’s laptops was found thrown out right near his apartment. He couldn’t even be bothered to walk a few blocks away and hide it in someone else’s trash. This plot is so idiotic that I wonder how any news service can keep from laughing while reporting it.

    “Abrini, a 31-year-old Belgian of Moroccan origin, confessed that he was the “man in the hat” after being confronted with the evidence, the federal prosecutor said in a statement. He said that he threw away his jacket in a rubbish bin and sold his hat [????????] after the attack,” the statement added.

  4. Good interview. The ‘Deep State’ has been implanted between most people’s ears without most realizing it. The abomination of desolation is upon us. Without the true unbloody Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, there will be unrestrained bloody sacrifice.

  5. In 1978, Philip K Dick wrote: “…today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups…So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms…it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.”

  6. “Spiritual emptiness haunting liberalism”? Do any of the smart people on this blog comment section even self identify as a “liberal” or “conservative” any more? The banks that Jefferson told us were more dangerous than standing armies work very hard and pay a lot of people to divide and conquer us along any self identification lines they can.
    Hating “liberals” or “republicans” because you are a “conservative” or a “democrat” plays right in to their hands (the hands that were just reading Sun Tzu).
    We mustn’t allow the real enemy that Jefferson clearly informed us about to separate us, to lead us to believe “government” is the enemy.
    Banks and corporations, beholden to no one, injecting poisons in our children, our air and our water tables, they are the enemy. The constitution that so many swore to protect and defend; and gave their lives for, that is our only hope against the growing mercenary armies and financial weaponry of the “Megas.” The lynchpin is taking away the phony voting machines and getting our democracy back, they are showing those stripes in these primaries pretty clearly.
    So they have currently captured most of the emforcement mechanism, they don’t have it all yet. If a psychopath steals your car and runs over your children, do you join him in then calling for the abolition of cars?
    I love imagining that any one of you brilliant commenters might read and think about what I have to say. It gives me hope.

    1. Sarah,I agree with you in your overall thesis,as long as you agree with me that Government is the enforcement arm of all these overlords of earth…the Supreme Overlord of Earth being Lucifer.

      1. Government is simply the machinery of society,
        it is he who controls the reigns of power that decides whether it is used for good or evil,
        which is why it is pointless to rail against government-we must go to the source

  7. Thank you James and Prof Kozinski for a very thought provoking interview and discussion. In particular it is so great to hear a Prof of Philosophy talking about the Transcendent and validating it as a part of the mystical, the spiritual and the states of the soul.

    I can tell you from experience that the Transcendent is a very real truth of life and is more than likely the spiritual yearning of any soul, ready to pass through the process of the experiential and gaining in direct knowledge from what I could only call Wisdom, deeply hidden in the Universe or quite rightly God.

    Transcendence is a process passed through which causes the purging of your lower nature (consciousness conditioned in.) The consequence of the purging causes extreme bouts of anxiety and panic which is how one experiences the release of suppressed emotions especially fears which have been conditioned in. Facing these released fears and emotions is a level of internal suffering where one must consciously take part in the formation of one’s own character and one’s own conscience.

    This beginning stage of Transcendence was daunting for me because I had no knowledge of the ancient Mystery School’s initiation rites at the time, but I entered the process innocently just as a part of my life experience and found that I had tremendous perseverance and inner strength to draw from throughout the experience.

    This beginning stage is also pertinent to modern day psychology if they mistakenly think an experiencer is psychologically deranged when in fact the person is being psychologically rearranged and heading for psychological maturation. It is also pertinent to modern day psychiatry if they mistakenly label the experience as mental illness and introduce narcoleptic drugs which interfere with the process and stop/stall an experience which is meant to be so natural to us. I fortunately passed through this experience in isolation and with no outside professional interference.

    The other stages of the process of Transcendence are deeply spiritual/metaphysical/supernatural experiences such as OBEs (out of body experiences) where higher vibrations are felt/experienced and knowledge is received and realized that you are not your body, but are just in your body. Also NDEs (near death experiences) are undertaken where the fear of death is lost.

    The presence of spiritual beings is experienced in your reality and presence. Higher visionary experiences alter normal perception and non-physical more spiritually advanced beings which are intuited as benevolent can and do interfere with your consciousness and can manipulate the boundaries between the physical and the ethereal. Deep mysteries are exposed and miracles are experienced.

    There is no way I could have come out of this experience and process in any state of moral bankruptcy. The experience is the evolving to a higher inner sense of morality/ethics based on God’s Laws not those made by man. Self-awareness and the knowledge that one’s own actions can hurt others is realized and understood. One takes on self-responsibility, absolute respect/dignity and accountability for all life and your inner being fills with compassion, empathy and peace. The integration of consciousness with the heart is complete and whole.

    Transcendence is an experience that is an intimately personal relationship between spirit/soul and Creator. I can only tell you in the aftermath that the Creator whatever that may be must be merciful and is giving us precious time to right our wrongs, mend our ways and turn ourselves away from the modern preoccupation with war, killing and destruction of life which is a precious gift.

    Most importantly it is pertinent to understand that the experience with the spiritual in the Transcendent is not about such superficial things as self-importance, superiority or personal power. It is and always will be about the states of the soul and the consciousness it lives in and with.

    I leave you as always with great respect for Prof Tracy’s integrity and pleasant kudos to Prof Kozinski for taking up the gauntlet in all attempts to knock away the bits and pieces of our ignorance in relation to such important matters. Love and peace to both of you!

    1. Greatly appreciated and relevant commentary in response to Professors Tracy and Kosinski’s excellent discussion. The lies, scandals, problems and unnecessary difficulties (wars 0f aggression, profound wealth inequality, global/massive tax evasion, man’s inhumanity to man, etc.) experienced by humanity have become revealed and discussed, the crimes and criminals identified, so the evolutionary path forward has no option but to include philosophical, spiritual, consciousness, and/or metaphysical aspects of life on Earth for producing positive change. The human evolutionary path forward is all about attaining greater heights through applied spiritual power – impossible to measure with any machine, but the greatest power of all.

    2. “Transcendence is a process passed through which causes the purging of your lower nature (consciousness conditioned in.) The consequence of the purging causes extreme bouts of anxiety and panic which is how one experiences the release of suppressed emotions especially fears which have been conditioned in. Facing these released fears and emotions is a level of internal suffering where one must consciously take part in the formation of one’s own character and one’s own conscience.”

      I reject your “reality” and substitute my own. Consciously taking part in the formation of one’s own character and conscience is a painless lifelong process akin to nothing more than changing one’s mind. Nothing more.

      Sorry you have been convinced it must be painful and a struggle. 🙁

      1. ​Clarity of vision is constantly obscured by a never-ending stream of conceptual thought, ready-made pre-conceptions, false illusions of self, etc which is seeing through the lens of acquired culture and sometimes faulty socialization. This lens is not the open eye of direct perception.

        I’m sorry but the internal shattering of illusions and all other cultural ready-made preconceptions takes considerable moral effort and is experienced as internally painful as your egocentric existence begins to die. True character building can only grow from self-knowledge and self-awareness which can only come from the inner forces of evolution unleashed in the Transcendent experiential.

        I’m sure you must have heard about ‘the Dark Night of the Soul.’ I was simply trying to articulate that in as simple way as possible in relation to what I experienced and exactly what was happening in my consciousness and very own subjective reality.

        Apologies THX… if I confused you, I was more so relating to the Philosophy professor who must have a much greater grasp of these matters in relation to culture.

        Thanks to Jerry Peacemaker, he seems to have grasped

        what I was trying to relate here.

    3. I wasn’t in the least bit confused, and I’ve encountered your type of thinking enough times in my life to comprehend what you are saying. And I still reject your reality and substitute my own.

      ” …the internal shattering of illusions and all other cultural ready-made preconceptions takes considerable moral effort and is experienced as internally painful as your egocentric existence begins to die. True character building can only grow from self-knowledge and self-awareness which can only come from the inner forces of evolution unleashed in the Transcendent experiential.”

      You can say that about yourself, but extending it beyond to “any soul” is impertinent and wrong.

      For me, once I realized that literally everything taught is a lie, I would sum up my reaction as “well, I’ll be damned, who knew?”, and I proceeded to change my thinking. Simple, easy peasy. No “moral effort” (whatever that is.) Nothing died, nothing “shattered”, nothing was “unleashed”, and yet I am still the “true character” I always was, still self-aware, but not as a result of any “inner forces of evolution unleashed” via any particular philosophy beyond my own unique self. I simply changed my mind. I threw out the TV, I began seeking further and further confirmation of my new awareness from non-mainstream sources, I research and study continuously in many areas of knowledge to further discover and see the extent of this illusory landscape, and its underpinnings. I have discovered a great number of brilliant people, whose ideas have been ignored, ridiculed or killed (sometimes by actually killing the person), and their ideas bring a new perception of the world and universe into sharp focus.

      So, relate your own particular experiences if you wish, but generalizing them to anyone but yourself is simply wrong. Telling people that “transcendence” is painful does a disservice to those who can change their mind or otherwise perceive truth, with only a limited effort, without pain or angst of any kind. Many people may never have bought into the illusions completely, if at all, in the first place.

      1. Thank you T for reply. I have no desire on this end to be confrontational with anyone. My original post was not meant to be offensive, just a part of discussion.

        In relation to the Transcendental, when a person states the experience is ‘intimately personal’ as I did, that is personalizing experience, not generalizing to all souls. The experience is what it is, unfolds under the sway of the spiritual and the effects are what they are. The effects were personal and private to my individual psyche and it seems that would be pertinent to my soul needs only, not others.

        No offence taken, have yourself a great day.

        1. I would have to agree with you,
          evolution of the mind and spirit doesn’t happen without struggle,
          in its many forms, unlearning the trash we have been taught and relearning news ways of thinking feeling and living is painful,
          the journey is a common story of deprivation, suffering and discipline among sages, prophets, leaders and the everyday man who struggles in his own quiet desperation
          to each his own views

    1. I agree. Preston James is almost all that remains of decent writing on VT(maybe that Joachim guy), which btw is an admitted disinfo operation.

    2. It is an interesting article,
      it explains how the hierarchy could work,
      however one can’t read anything from VT without becoming suspect,
      first of all this org resides in Switzerland, which seems to be the center of this world banking control,
      why would the voice of truth come out of Switzerland? Not to mention Duff, who thinks the staged event of LaVoy Finicum was an act of suicide by cop (and this is the best this information specialist can do??? The whole shooting was faked),
      Then there is the fact that PJ is always mixing his theology with his research, which otherwise makes a lot of sense,
      he refers to the VATT as LUCIFER-huh? The only people I see referring to this telescope as LUCIFER are the drones of christian websites, that are always trying to force the facts to fit their theology, and I see nothing less with PJ, he makes scores of statements that are nothing more than christian jingoism,
      It is a fact that many prominent writers suggest the entire ET ideology may just be the most sophisticated False Flag event in the history of humans, it is all based on
      1. Government top secret documents
      2. the testimonies of people in the media, many of them ex government, ex CIA, etc.
      Frankly, 99.999% of people have had NO ET experience of any kind,
      the fact that this “reality” has been drilled into everyone’s head all of their natural lives in TV, advertising, books, comics etc. might have something to do with our acceptance of this “reality” even though it is not a part of our perception

      1. Fact-checking is not really that difficult…

        What the devil? Scientists tap power of ‘Lucifer’

        WND contacted German astronomers at the Center for Astronomy of Heidelberg University who gave LUCIFER its diabolical name.

        Professor and astronomer Andreas Quirrenbach, who also identified himself as a Catholic, told WND there’s a common misconception about the term “Lucifer.”

        “The origin of the name is Latin, meaning ‘bearer of light,’” Quirrenbach said. “Whereas today most people may associate the name with a mythical fallen angel, who is also frequently identified with the devil, this is by no means the only and also not the original use of the name.

        “In fact the designation ‘Lucifer’ was used in antiquity to designate the ‘morning star,’ i.e., the planet Venus when it is visible in the morning sky. This is the first use of the name, and so its occurrence in astronomy precedes any religious connotations.”

        Quirrenbach also told WND, “[T]he only biblical connotation of ‘Lucifer’ is the astronomical reference to the morning star, which in turn is used to symbolize the Babylonian rulers (probably because the Babylonians identified constellations with gods). The downfall of the morning star is then a powerful picture for the end of Babylonian rule over Israel, as prophesied by Isaiah. Several authors have linked the name ‘Lucifer’ in the Bible to the devil, but this is due mostly to a misreading of the relevant biblical verses. However, these misreadings have propagated into folklore.”

        1. Those are the thoughts of an astronomer who called the telescope Lucifer, the Vatican did not so name it nor do they refer to it by that name, all one has to do is simply read the link you posted

    3. There is a story with this Gustav Vigeland sculpture park,
      this art evokes chilling themes of deity sacrice, animal/ET? rape, beastiality, child torture, family sexual depravity, bondage, etc., yet NO ONE TALKS about it, all the reviews are generic, artistic ramblings without touching the subject, the museum literature talks about it like just another fun day with the kiddies in stride, yet the whole project was funded by the community leaders, at what must be an astounding cost,
      this facility has the feel and appearance of a temple

    4. I don’t know,Dub. Those boys at VT is a racket without a socket. I use to be avid reader, back in the days and did some deep intel before Prof.Fetzer left them. Too many non-profit funding for my taste and full of disinfo like a pot-o-potty.

      1. Oh I agree Ted, and I posted up a disclaimer before I posted that one. I used to laugh at GPD’s wife who posted there also. She is a nurse and was pumping vaccies for veterans. Yeah that is the ticket alright. She told me I was doing harm by trashing vaccines.

        My fav was Jimmah Dean. He told me if I didn’t stop posting links I would have to be banned, they distracted from the “flow of the conversation”. LOL In other words it interferred with the propaganda.

        I don’t doubt Rome has a blue beam scenario cooked up. I always wondered what would happen if they were in the middle of it and the real aliens showed up! 🙂

        1. Great question Gill. I do that by not assuming that everything written or printed is the truth. And thru analyzing and synthesizing the source material, I come to a conclusion whether it’s factual or not.

          I realized years ago that most writers of “Alternative News” tend in write in a Argumentation-Persuasion style and as elementary as that may seem it works for the comprehension level of most individuals. Now let’s make it more intriguing by throwing in advance psychology and algorithms.

          And yes I do have that “special information source” you ask about. It`s having an expired security clearance, a large library and old research papers and being an old veteran, we have that nose for BullCrap and VT shovels it by backhoe.

          Back in 2007 when the Walter Reed Medical Center debacle was coming to light certain editorial staff knew about it and said nothing. Most intel folks active and inactive thinks of their website as a farce and most veterans I know in the NOVA area won`t recommend their suppose advocacy .
          I hope this answered your questions.

  8. One challenging think-along. Being able to question what needs. I’m half-way through but gotta stop. Will return and might comment again, but ‘amen’ for making-me think. The background is often beyond my limited educ. Feels brave, not only having on a proper hard to follow Philosopher, but one who thinks seriously about God (and a traditional ‘one’ at that). Diversity, one way we can keep the life of free-speech alive, is expansive on Memory Hole.

    I’d like to hear him/you (perhaps you do), talk a little bit about Christian theology, and how this shaped/s wider shores. His passing comment about ‘original sin’ is one often looked-upon assumption (is ‘in’ the Bible), an example, that needs re-thinking. Yet, what ginormous influence this had. More and on.

    Overturning whatever can. This is what I got so far. Like getting air in the soil. Will listen to the rest, probably won’t re-comment but want to say thanks, now.

      1. Haha…..I’m here…I really do “get” it and all the mysticism that surrounds us. I just keep my feet on the ground best I can and have ventured many a Rabbit Hole in my quest for truth. Haha


  9. James and Co.
    Why don’t you do an article on how it’s all coming to light how this 2 party phony system is coming un-done.

    If the Left are waking up something is happening.

    And now after the fake hanging “Chads” we were sold computer controlled Diebold Electronic Voting….What a Scam.

    TPTB are going to make a play to try to save this illusion.

    What form it comes in is anyone guess……

  10. History Lies | – The memory of an ancient life on Earth | Welcome to Planet Amnesia

    Napoleon wrote, “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” This truism is becoming more and more apparent to our modern sensibilities as many of us recognize that much of history has been purposely manufactured. More easily understood is Churchill’s saying, “History is written by the victors.” Combine the two sayings and we begin to understand that we are on a very slippery slope when it comes to interpreting both the recent and ancient past.

  11. Crime Syndicate Ramps Up For April 19-20 Feast Of Moloch Blood Sacrifice | Winter Watch

    The 13-day period that begins on April 19 culminates with the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1. Known as “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast,” a fire sacrifice to Baal or Moloch, also known as the Roman god Saturn (Satan/Devil), is required on April 19. The fire sacrifice emphasizes children.

    Previous events during such periods include:

    April 19, 1993, Waco massacre: An FBI assault leads to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
    April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people.
    April 20, 1999, Columbine High School massacre in which 13 people were murdered, 21 injured.

    Unlike the typical hoax agit-props, this one could be the real deal with real blood shed. Predictive programming clues come from several sources. Morocco’s counter terror boss Abdelhak Khiame warns of growing chemical weapons threats. The terrorists were planning mustard gas attacks on four different European cities.

    Also released in the U.S. for the Feast of Moloch is miniseries “The Night Manager” involving the uses of migrants as moles for a terrorist attack. The list of weapons included once again are chemical but also missiles.

    In the “nothing to see here, move along” category are 3-D temples to Baal (Moloch) going up on April 19 in New York’s Time Square and London’s Trafalgar Square. This is a symbolic New Babylon reconstruction of the destruction of the Temple in Palmyra, Syria — at the hands of (you guessed it) ISIS.

    Also tied into this is dangerous religious messiah hocus pocus as practiced by many nut-wing Christians and Jews. Duck and cover is my best advice.

  12. Bernie Sanders “Under Fire” For Opposing Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Fraudulent Lawsuits | TheSleuthJournal

    So not only is no one allowed to question Sandy Hook despite the fact that no part of the event contains any 3-dimensional reality to it and is instead delivered by the words coming out of the mouths of the participants, but even the notion of slowing down the flow of post-Sandy Hook cash flow or questioning the gun control agenda is being attacked as “shameful” by the New York Daily News and the rest of the treasonous CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) driven mainstream media. Yes they do this all the time. The target this time was presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Sanders, who like all the candidates endorses the artificial reality version of the Sandy Hook “story”, didn’t even question the 2-dimensional version of the story. He only stated that the supposed victims families should not be able to freely sue the gun manufacturers, which they shouldn’t. Of course we all know this strikes a direct blow to the post Sandy Hook gun control agenda prompting the gatekeeper mainstream media to go on the attack.

    In summary, the establishment jumped all over Sanders for not going along with both the Sandy Hook “story” AND going along with the post Sandy Hook crisis actor cash flow and subsequent gun control agenda. Apparently supporting just one portion of the Sandy Hook lies is not enough, you must support all phases of the Sandy Hook event or you deserve “shame”.

  13. Thanks James and Thaddeus for a stimulating discussion.

    I wanted to 2nd the book reccs. Anything by John Taylor Gatto, and Jacque Ellul’s ‘Propaganda’ is as important as Edward Bernays.

    Indeed we live in an amalgamation of 1984 and Brave New World. It’s all about ‘Thought Contro’l. We’re surrounding by thought control systems. We recognize the big ones; Education, military training, mainstream news, social media to name but a few. But they are everywhere; Mary Kay Cosmetics, Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy/Girl Scouts, Freemasonry, Scientology, Feminism, Veganism, Zionism. These are just representatives of the many different types and forms of though control systems that we are exposed to, engage in, and are affected by.

    In fact most are exposed to and engage in multiple thought controls systems everyday. Some in competition, conflict, and in direct opposition. A war of thought control, if you will. This creates confusion, stress, hopelessness, and apathy. And is a direct contributor to the tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance that exists today.

    I agree completely that the answer is spiritual in nature. But disagree as to the answer.

    What are the oldest thought control systems of all? What thought control systems are 1000s of years old. And have out lived nations, empires, and cultures? Religion. Religion is thought control. It is not about freedom… or Truth. Religion purports to feed the spirit when it actually starves and represses the spirit. How do we know this? The evidence is all around us. How many people regularly participate in some form of religion? How many go to temple, church, mosque regularly? And yet where are the hordes of spiritually rich peoples? I see morally corrupt, and spiritually bankrupt peoples. All this Religion and so little spiritual health… one can conclude only one of two possibilities; that Religion has utterly failed in it’s stated mission, or has been completely successful in it’s true purpose.

    It’s not easy to wrestle with the true nature of Religion. It’s at least as difficult as wrestling with the reality of JFK, 9/11, and Sandy Hook… if not more so. Religion is foundational to most peoples lives. It is easy to see how another religion is thought control, but quite another to see how one’s own is. Thus questioning it will be challenging.

    I have good news though. Just because religion is false, a creation of man, does not mean the Creator, or God if you will, does not exist. I believe the Creator does love us, does desire to commune with us, and created us to be free. Not to be enslaved to other people through thought control systems. The Creator wants our spirits to be free, not controlled by religion.

    Humankind is hurtling toward an epoch event. The question to be resolved is will humans finally throw off the chains that control their mind, bodies, and spirits?… true Freedom. Or will humanity become utterly and hopelessly enslaved, so much so that none will recognize that they are slaves?

    “It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. This is the, it seems to me, the ultimate in malevolent revolutions shall we say…”

    Aldous Huxley, ‘Ultimate Revolution’ speech @ UC Berkeley. (1962)

    1. Appreciated your good comment,
      what a release it is when one finds out that despite the man-made religions (which I believe they all are) that enslave, binds our intelligence, retards our growth-
      there IS a Vital Force,
      a spirit world that is so intense, so mysterious it is truly past our understanding,
      so beautiful…
      it is IN us and available,
      remove all worry from your thoughts

    2. I appreciate your rather Nietzschean perspective on religion, Kevin King, as all religions, except the one based upon Jesus Christ’s teachings and presence, have elements, more or less, of untruth in them, and therefore, in these false elements, are dangerous to the soul. Rene Girard has shown that all cultures except for those completely based upon, as much as humanly possible in a world of sin, the Gospel (we haven’t seen a successful one yet, but there have been attempts), have ritual murder and scapegoating as their foundation. The Catholic Church is not manmade, in its Divine Constitution, Infallible Teachings, and Grace-giving Sacraments, though it has human elements that are sinful and deceitful, and the devil has made havoc with these elements, particularly in the hierarchy. The Sacraments are real conduits of God’s presence. If you deny this, you are denying God to some extent, and are thus part of the problem.

      1. It is my humble opinion that one of the foundational elements of Jehoshua’s* teachings is that of Freedom. And one of the elements Jehoshua was trying to free his fellow Jews from was religion. How do we know this? Because his most vociferous opponents were the official Priests of Judaism. So much so that they conspired to have him captured and kill. This ‘conspiracy’ included an insider who sold out for a few pieces of silver. The Priests tried to pass off the responsibility of his death onto the Roman leadership of Pontius Pilate and Herod, but they would have none of it. And thus the Jewish Priests were wholly responsible for his murder.

        My research indicates that Jehoshua (and you sound out the ‘Je’ as Yuh) was his name. Why has the Truth of his real name been obscured? It’s not difficult to say Jehoshua. So someone changed his name Jehoshua, to a title, Jesus the Christ.

        So one must ask then a critical question. Why were the Priests of the official religion of the Jews so violently opposed to Jehoshua? Because his message of Truth and Freedom was a direct threat to their religious system of control. For Jehoshua had the temerity to speak such blasphemous words that the Jewish people did not need the Priests to access God, or pay for the privilege either.

        And what did we have but only a few hundred years ago in Europe? The ruling power of the land, that even above the King, the Roman Catholic Church. In which only the Priests had access to the sacred text we now call the New Testament. In which all people were required by law to attend mass. In which they only way to be absolved of your sins was to confess to a Church official. In which a % of your labor went to the Church… by law. And in fact the RCC at that time dominated the thoughts and lives of the peoples that fell under its control. Because that is what it was, and all Religions are, systems of control.

        It is also important to note that the creation of the RCC was a direct result of actions by multiple Roman Emperors. Emperors are not about Truth and Freedom, emperors are about absolute control. And thus why they took control of those pesky peoples who believed in Truth and Freedom and resisted Roman rule, by creating the official and authorized religion of Catholicism. Authorized not by God that is, but by the State of Rome.

        I may not have a Ph.D. (I did earn a MBA, which means I have a Degree in Greed) but I did spend 3 years making an honest and sincere effort to BE a Christian… not act like one, or claim to be one. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read the four Gospels in particular and the New Testament, and did a self study of the Old Testament.

        I would encourage all to read the four Gospels. Identify who Jehoshua’s enemies were, and consider why they opposed him. Identify the advice and instructions he gave on how one should live life. And identify how he lived his life. Then compare these to how people who identify as Christians live. Do they match up?

        I believe the Creator exists. I believe Jehoshua existed, thus I believe in the man and the authentic message he espoused. But I reject the creation of God/Yahweh/Allah by man, I reject the myth of Jesus Christ. It is up to you and you alone to define your relationship with the Creator. Let no man (Religion) come between you and the Creator.

        1. You’d like Kierkegaard’s “Philosophical Fragments.” Keep following the truth as you see it, but be ready to change your paradigm when reality calls you to. I will try do the same.

        2. Thanks for the book recc, I have read little of Philosophy, though based on how others define philosophers I seem to fall into that paradigm.

          I try to follow the Truth as it is… and wherever it leads. But this is easier said than done. Being neutral and unbiased takes effort. And I probably fail more than succeed in my effort to be so.

          We all see through a glass dimly. And each individual’s perspective is shaped by their life and that which they’ve consumed. But it is this unique perspective that makes the individual an individual, not an automaton, and is part of what makes life so rich and beautiful.

          Sincerely pursuing the Truth requires being open to change. I hope and intend to change when the next paradigm shift comes.


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