On this episode James talks to world-renown statesman and writer Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the history of false flag terror and how orchestrated events like the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston bombing undermine the integrity of America’s most fundamental institutions, particularly the press and higher education. The two also discuss Dr. Pieczenik’s wide-pieczenik-daggerranging experience as a crisis manager and how news coverage of foreign affairs has transformed over the past several decades.

Dr. Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New York Times best-selling “Tom Clancy’s Op-Center” and “Net Force” book series. Those highly popular works are rooted in his twenty years experience in international relations under five U.S. presidents.

Dr. Pieczenik received his B.A. from Cornell University, trained in Psychiatry at Harvard and holds an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and a Ph.D. in International Relations from M.I.T. He was the first psychiatrist ever to receive the doctor of philosophy with a focus on international relations, and remains the only psychiatrist to have served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.




Dr. Pieczenik worked directly with Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker, as well as the respective presidential administrations. He was also Senior Policy Planner under President Ronald Reagan.

His latest books are Steve Pieczenik Talks, Volume II and Teodoroa: A Voyage of Survival, Living and Love. Additional information, including info on all of his writings, is available at stevepieczenik.com.

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  1. Dr. P. came on the scene five years ago and many on the alternative media sites have thoroughly discussed this person. Here’s a sample from five years ago.

    Excerpt from
    Joel Skousen’s May 13, 2011 World Affairs Brief newsletter



    “Meanwhile on our own side of the search for what really happened, Alex Jones came up with several blockbuster interviews with one Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, touted as a former Deputy Secretary of State and the greatest insider expert on psychological operations and military intelligence. Frankly, I’m skeptical that this guy is really on our side.

    First of all he claims a bit too much and exaggerates his background. He wasn’t a Deputy Secretary of State, but rather a “senior official” at State—a catch all term that can be used by anyone whose has had some executive status at State for over 10 years. He hinted to Alex Jones that he was very instrumental in the creation of the US Delta Force. Not true, though he may have had some input into their hostage negotiation techniques, which seems to be his only really legitimate use at State. … ” SNIP

      1. Once CIA, always CIA.

        Don’t doubt he conveys much “truthful” information.

        Don’t doubt almost none of it can be verified.

        Higher quality “Disinfo / controlled opposition / self promotion” is probably how I would file this one.

        Matthew 7: 15 – 20
        15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
        16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?
        17 So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.
        18 A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
        19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
        20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.

      2. I have not yet listened to the interview, but just this guy’s Wiki page makes him sound like a Grade A spook. Look at his early years and his education. I didn’t realize Harlem public schools were churning out geniuses in the 50s and 60s. A full ride to Cornell at 16, and then obtaining a Harvard MD in psychiatry while getting his PhD from MIT in International Relations…at the same time? And he was a musical prodigy, too. That’s pretty amazing, and hard to believe.

        Harlem public schools must have had some mighty fine resources back in the day to get this kid from (ostensibly) non-English-speaking to Cornell-ready in just a few short years. Who had the contact at Cornell, I wonder, for them to even be aware of this immigrant kid from Harlem?

        I call BS, at least on the backstory, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

        1. Spooks always require a “legend”: a background story for the cover story that serves as the foundational pillar for….a DISINFO OP. We come back full circle; Sibel Edmonds, now him. We should create a game…” Pick The DISINFO agent “.

        2. That one it too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. The more challenging game is; “Pick who ISN’T a disinfo agent”

          Controlled opposition is a critical tactic in keeping people from the Truth, and controlled.

          I keep ALL ‘former’ intelligence persons at arms length. You know, consume with ‘a grain of salt’. Actually make that a Tablespoon of salt.

        3. Hey Recynd77.. Don’t be so quick to discredit the “immigrant kid from Harlem” being recruited for Cornell,or any Ivy League school. Harlem was a hotbed for MKUltra experiments via Columbia University during the 50 & 60s .

          Who do you think the Agency gets most of their spooks from ? Inner city public schools , missionary school, historical nergo colleges and foreign schools.

          And they love their prodigy.. Perfect minds for brainwashing. Just research Brigham Young and Howard university spook connection.

        4. You’re clearly correct, Ted. Look at for instance, SDS on Columbia University & it’s operative that infiltrated another op startup group(The Young Lords) by the name of….JUAN GONZALES of the NY Daily News & DEMOCRACY NOW! on Pacifica Radio(itself having major intelligence connections.

        5. Yeah, but those are colleges, Ted…Pie was a KID, 16. How does that work, I wonder?

          I’m sadly aware of the BYU/Intel connection; I’m a Mormon. I think it’s horrible and gross. Our kids are programmed to be obedient, patriotic, and deterrent to authority, both religious and civil. It’s sickening, actually, and I don’t understand it, what with the history of Mormon persecution.

        6. Ted, Brigham Young is pretty high on the pyramid. It was created by the Russell Trust and (Roessel) formerly of Germany created the mormons along with the seventh day adventists. We get the same horror stories out of all of them, satanic sacrifice in the basement etc., turning their daughters over to the elite higher ups for advancement.

          They are all controlled top down and tow the party line. With mormonism in many areas of the west are limited if you are not a mormon. If the application for a job is between you and a mormon, guess who gets hired? Been there, seen it and done that.

          I have cousin who converted to it, and you can hardly converse with him any more. He has the air of superiority and it is humorous as he is not the smartest guy I have ever met.

        7. Dub, does the phrase, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” mean anything to you? You seem to have a whole lot to say on a vast array of topics, but much of it is gossip, hearsay, or just plain wrong.

        8. “Yeah, Dub ! Those LDS boys are a joke & a half. Maybe its that “magick underwear” that give him that air of superiority.”

          Is that really necessary? Recynd is LDS, and she’s our friend. She’s one of the few of the long-time good guys remaining around here.

          If your intent is to attempt to convert her to another religion, that’s not the way to do it. If you want to insult her, you’re doing it perfectly.

          Me, I won’t haunt this place much longer.

        9. Thank you, Pat. I can argue issues, but I can’t (and won’t) argue against stupidity.

          I probably won’t be around too much longer myself. Pity. We had a good run.

        10. Ok. Patrick, since I started this commentary I`m going to finish it .

          First of all, let drop the “good guy Vs bad guy ” concept ? And Recynd did admit to the sordid history of the LDS.

          And my attempt was not to convert anyone, but to provide comical relief to truthful reality.

          Her comment about the “poor immigrant kid from Harlem” was it judgemental about that neighborhood or a really bad polish joke ?

          Who know or who cares.. Patrick. If there`s writers to this blogsite that are super-sensitive or crave to censorship, then leave and go elsewhere. Funny !! I had this seem conversation with FolkTruther last month or so..

          What`s up with this censorship push ?
          “Fear is cancer to the soul, Death is an old friend and Truth is a wart on your nose”

        11. I’m going to make this final comment and then I’m done here. Too bad; this forum used to be filled with lots of well-informed, reasonably open minded people who would share civil discourse. Many of us actually LIKED each other. Now, three or four big-mouths with far too much time on their hands have monopolized EVERY conversation. Way to go. I bet you’re a hit at parties.

          Nice way to totally twist and misrepresent what I said in a previous comment. For the record, I did NOT “admit to the sordid history of the LDS”. I complained that the kids today are indoctrinated. That indoctrination comes as much from the state as it does the church, and it has more to do with the socialization of the kids’ families than it does the Church proper. I also acknowledged the role of LDS Church members in previous recent events; I made NO statement or comment about the Church itself having any involvement. To my knowledge, there is ZERO evidence of such. We Mormons DO act independently on occasion, you know. (That’s meant facetiously, in case you didn’t catch it.)

          My comment about “the poor immigrant kid from Harlem” was neither a harsh judgment nor a crack at the Polish; it was an observation culled from information obtained on Wikipedia.

          Finally, for whatever nitwit made the comment about Ted Cruz (or was it Marco Rubio?) being a Mormon: he’s not. Ted Cruz is Southern Baptist, and Rubio is Roman Catholic. So neither of them wear “magic underwear”, you dumbass. I wear them, however, if it’s any of your business at all, and I wear them well. I ROCK them. But there was no “blood oath” involved. (SMDH: that’s “shaking my damn head”, so there’s no mistake. Seems everything has to be spelled out real simple-like for you.)

          You all discuss things you have no knowledge of as though you actually know something. Yet, in some cases, the sole source of information is Fritz Springmeier! Why on earth do you take HIS word and HIS conclusions as gospel? But whatever. Let me know how THAT works out for you in the end.

          On second thought, don’t.

          Enjoy the circle-jerk, lonely boys.

        12. Recynd77

          Give it up you are so obvious. You need more training at Salt Lake City.


          RITUAL SITES.
          C.T. RUSSELL’S STORY
          The Illuminati’s SECURITY SYSTEM Wackenhuts
          PART 1.
          PRESIDENT CLINTON Al Gore Armand Hammer
          PART 2. sealing rituals

        13. Patrick I thought you handled most of the religious conversion around here since you sound like a back woods preacher.

          “Yeah, Dub ! Those LDS boys are a joke & a half. Maybe its that “magick underwear” that give him that air of superiority.”

          Is that really necessary? Recynd is LDS, and she’s our friend. She’s one of the few of the long-time good guys remaining around here.

          If your intent is to attempt to convert her to another religion, that’s not the way to do it. If you want to insult her, you’re doing it perfectly.

          Me, I won’t haunt this place much longer.”

          If you are leaving, hey you will be sorely missed. One needs the dark to shine a light on. And before you go, may I say you are one of the most boring ill informed automatons I have ever encountered.

        14. @Recyndz77

          And I appreciate the fact you can see I am not one dimensional! Yes this idea of education extends well beyond the four years of college. One must become a student all of their lives to approach this mantle we refer to as being educated.

          Patrick this I am going to pick up my marbles and go elsewhere seems to be a standard mantra of yours.

          The “good guys” are leaving? I take that to mean your fellow contract posters have realized stone age propaganda does’nt fly well here.

          Please don’t let the door hit you in the posterior on the way out. Just change your login and come back with a new program.

        15. “Ok. Patrick, since I started this commentary I`m going to finish it .

          “First of all, let drop the “good guy Vs bad guy ” concept ? And Recynd did admit to the sordid history of the LDS.

          “And my attempt was not to convert anyone, but to provide comical relief to truthful reality.”

          Rudeness has not been a feature of this site, Ted. Attacking the religious beliefs–mocking them–of our friends here is a new development. And it disgusts me.

          Recynd is deserving of respect. The highest respect. You may think her beliefs are misguided. But no one around here would even think of making fun of them, until recently.

          “Her comment about the “poor immigrant kid from Harlem” was it judgemental about that neighborhood or a really bad polish joke ?”

          She might not know that Thomas Sowell came from those schools around that time, but those schools sure don’t produce the likes of Thomas Sowell anymore–and everyone knows it. It’s not about race. It’s about the nightmare black people have been subjected to by the Left, and the sclerotic teachers’ unions that largely run the Left. Black people suffer because black people believe the lies the Left peddles. If black people suddenly decided to refuse to support the Leftists who promise them, decade after decade, the same false promises, Detroit and Baltimore and Chicago and Newark and Camden and Philadelphia–and Harlem–might have a chance of producing the likes of Walter William and Tom Sowell again. But not until.

          “Who know or who cares.. Patrick. If there`s writers to this blogsite that are super-sensitive or crave to censorship, then leave and go elsewhere. Funny !! I had this seem conversation with FolkTruther last month or so..”

          It’s not a matter of censorship. It’s about respect. Our folkie friend and I have engaged in many lively debates over the years. We are in fundamental disagreement in many ways, but I consider him a friend. He is a whacko-Leftist Israel-hating Jew, which I find impossible to comprehend. But in all our conversations here, even when I tell him I think he is not very bright, he knows full well that I don’t really think that. The point is, we’ve has subtlety going on here, lo these many years. Great interactions, even when in fundamental disagreement.

          What’s changed is that a group of vicious, cheerful, Jew-haters have colonized this place of late, and gleefully dump garbage on the front lawn, turning it into a slum. Kind of what happened to Harlem between the 40s and the 70s, only a whole lot faster.

          But you wouldn’t even dream of apologizing to Recynd for your heartless “joke.” It has driven many people away. MHB is not the same, because of it.

          Nor would the belligerent blowhard you were tag-teaming with dream of stopping his foul strutting about.

          Nor would any of the rest of the Jew-haters who think this is a great place to share their viciousness with brio and bonhomie; they have no idea how they have debased this place. Our folkie friend used to accuse MHB of reveling in Anti-Semitism, and we used to laugh at him, because it was so obviously untrue. And Tracy can’t be accused of it even now. But if I were a Jew, like the folkster, I certainly wouldn’t read the comments here anymore.

        16. Ok, Daddy’s got to step in here.

          Dubmaster….Stop. You need a “Time Out” and NO Sugary Drinks for you…..


        17. I’ve not paid much attention to all this chatter…who are the ‘jewhaters?’ Why can’t people agree to disagree? Why are critics of judaism branded ‘haters’ while critics of, say, Islam or europeans aren’t? How do the jews earn such immunity from criticism?

          I remember when this blog was just started. It seemed like a light turned on. But the darkness just seems to eclipse whatever light we shine more and more.

          Sad to see you guys go.

  2. Dr. Pieczenik suggests CIA links to successive presidencies of George W.Bush, Clinton and Obama.

    The late Christopher Story, well known in international intelligence circles, was campaigning against Britain’s membership in the E.U. on the basis that its contributions violated British organized crime and money laundering laws. Story even had an audience with the House of Lords on the issue shortly before dying after brief illness. Story specifically points out the presence of Anthony J. Hilder, well known in American intelligence circles, present at one of Stories speeches in England:


    In New Underworld Order, Story states that all three Presidents mentioned above were put through the MKULTRA Program, and, that as a result none of them had the ability to concentrate for a period of more than 45 minutes or an hour.

    I would be interested in Dr. Pieczenik’s opinion regarding Story’s belief that these President’s were MKULTRA subjects?

    1. Regarding Obama specifically: Wayne Madsen blew that one out of the water some years ago, especially regarding intelligence front group “Business International Corporation” & Obama’s “internship”.

    2. I haven’t listened to the entire video, but @ minute 17 it gets rather interesting when Christopher Story mentions the America’s Department of the Cuban Communist Party and the “Russian” Mafiya based in NY running the drug money laundering operation— given that ‘all is now forgiven’ between Cuba and the U.S., which is similar to the 1989 wall simply ‘falling’ between East and West Germany. So we’re all supposed to believe it was all a big mistake for the last 50 years between Cuba and the USA just as the Berlin wall was simply a big mistake which Gorbachev thought better of. It’s all good; move along because this is all too complicated for you to comprehend.
      Christopher Story interviewed by William McIlhany regarding the strategies and substrategies of the ‘Soviet’ hegemony, which isn’t soviet at all.

      1. Story wrote in New Underworld Order that the CIA is increasingly relying on the Russian mafia for contract killings it used to use the Italian mafia for. This led to the arrests of many geriatric mobsters from the Outfit. The Russian-American mafia is dominated by Russian Jews many of them from Brooklyn.

      1. The document you linked looks very very good thank. you. Have vision problems but will try to read it.

        I notice it mentions the importance of Communist Antonio Gramsci’s strategy of very gradual takeover of a nation as opposed to the former brutal and violent takeover strategies of the Leninists.

        “…’the Gramsci dimension
        ‘ is of such importance in its own right
        that, God willing, it will form the subject of a se
        parate work Many people are dismayed at
        the shameless, seemingly open-ended deluge of filth
        which is corrupting public discourse,
        education, religion, television, the cinema, and al
        most all aspects of our lives. With the use
        of documentation, the Author will show, in the inte
        nded separate study, how these great
        evils stem from the same global revolutionary sourc
        e as those discussed in this work. …”

        Here is a good video that gives important historical information about Gramsci as well as other major counter-revolutionary movements in history.


        Catholic Counter-Revolution Part 2
        Sensus Fidelium

        Published on May 12, 2015

        “Continuation of the call to the counter revolution. The infiltration of the culture and the Catholic Church. Quotes from Archbishop Chaput (of Philadelphia) on the state of the Church. The “Oath Against Modernism” (Pope St. Pius X). The example of St. Edmond Campion — “In condemning us, you condemn all your ancestors, all the ancient bishop, priests, and kings.” The blood of martyrs; the blood of counter revolutionaries is the seed of future Christians. Vendee and Christero examples”

        (The video’s historical information alone makes it worthwhile for all, even non-Christians and non-Catholics. The video sermon is spoken by a Traditional Roman Catholic priest who is no longer in “communion with Rome” because of betrayals of the Church since Vatican II. )

  3. When this man directly threatened Obama’s life (I don’t remember why or over what) during an Alex Jones interview that I heard approximately 5 years ago, and he didn’t have the secret service and/or a swat team show up at his residence to arrest him, I knew he is full of manure — and so is Jones. I skimmed the Skousen link provided by Dachsielady. Much of it makes sense. To my mind, Skousen has his own issues being a Mormon. Joe Smith took Masonic rituals and called them Mormonism. It would seem that is why he was assassinated. I stopped subscribing to Skousen’s newsletter years ago too.

    So, I’m not even bothering to listen to this interview with Pieczenik. He’s a fast talker who doesn’t want the general public to catch on to the double mind he’s trying to sell.

    And I’m starting to really have doubts not only about MH but all ‘alternative’ media that gets any traction.

  4. The Weapons of Mass Migration referred to in the interview can not be blamed on Putin or Assad. America’s misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan created both ISIS and subsequent waves of migration. Can Assad or King Abdullah be blamed for their respective countries refugee crisis? Russia came late to the game and played a much smarter game than Washington had played, better than any use of force since Gulf War 1.

    1. Pieczenik worked directly with James Baker????? As in Carlyle Group and other selected short subjects???

      In fact, ALL of the Secretaries of State he worked with were, ugh, ummm, ugh, oooh, hmmm……get the picture? Like a neocon’s Hall of Fame……money for influence, that sort of stuff.

      Pie is a man for all seasons, I think I’ll pass on dessert, thank you.

    2. It sharpens one’s discernment. The normal controlled opposition agent will always sprinkle in some truth, they have to. It is interesting to see just what it is they are trying to block. They will tell you what most already know that is true. The idea is to block however and keep the pool of information as limited as possible. Those who begin moving past the core zone of information get the old conspiracy theory wrong link dude type of thing.

      I noticed this most glaringly when I began looking into the little corporal. Even the FBI gave a report he escaped the bunker and most likely went to Argentina. One rabbi Marvin Antelman is on record as stating he was jewish. His relatives in Ireland say he was. Their DNA is also E1B1B! from the area of Khazaria.

      Stalin in fact admitted he was a jesuit priest to a mason, Ludwig Cohen. Yet we see the standard mantra that Hitler was some kind of great savior of Germany even though, it was divided, bombed to the stone age, place under basically UN or Nato control which it is still under and still paying reparations.

      Yet we still have the goose steppers and field marshals out there writing books about how he performed miracles on the barter system, built some roads and put a chicken in every pot. No he and Stalin destroyed Russia and Germany and that is what it is all about. No German technology combining with Russian resources and military process. That would be a big obstacle to the NWO. And it is still the point today with sanctions on Russia, threats from the Ukraine and now mass immigration to destroy Germany and it’s culture forever. No Germans, no problem. The vatican and it’s franchise the City of London can rule Europe with little problem.

    3. Pie’s interview tells us, in so many words, just how massively dangerous this world has become. Like, survival is getting more and more dicey. Pretty clear what the cabal wants to do……how do you spell “sayonara”?

    1. Yeah, it’s chic for an establishment kook, I mean spook, to sound authoritative about how another spook like King could create an absolutely garbage plot like SH and get away with fooling Anderson Cooper. None of these people have the talent for creating a great plot and a convincing fictional/real character like Charles Cholmondeley and Ewen Montagu did in Operation Mincemeat.

    1. I completely agree, and Bonnie Faulkner has consistently gotten a hard time by the Pacifica Foundation for some of her exposés. Give me until 2moro, I’ll point you to some sources.

    2. Here are some sources to get you started, which’ll lead to more sources I assure you: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=11834614527&searchurl=tn%3Dletters%2520of%2520aldous%2520huxley(for Aldous Huxley & his relationship with icons of the “counterculture”), http://www.gnosticmedia.com/dr-hans-utter-interview-secret-history-fm-radio-part-2-context-networks-radical-left-negative-intelligence-245/(plenty of sources within the podcast are listed on the webpage).

      Warning: this will not be a walk in the park; it’ll take some time to make the connections. One revelation that may surprise you is that founder of PACIFICA FOUNDATION Lewis Hill was NOT merely a “conscientious objector” during WWII…that was a “cover story”. He was actually an attorney with the ACLU. So, just on that basis alone we see PACIFICA as being a LEFT-WING PSYOP DISINFO ORGANIZATION.

    3. Also, read this http://www.gnosticmedia.com/manufacturing-the-deadhead-a-product-of-social-engineering-by-joe-atwill-and-jan-irvin/ and you’ll see Pacifica’s role in the promotion of the counterculture, which itself was a PSYOP(David McGowan in his Laurel Canyon book tackled that…another recommended read). Also take a look at “Revolutions From Above” by Kerry Bolton. That’s about all I can give you for now as an introduction into the complex that leads to Pacifica, the players behind it, and the connections to intelligence(CIA & MI6 most strikingly).

  5. I want to listen before I speak to the specifics of this guy and can’t today, but will state unequivocally once again that all psychiatrists are psychopaths. ‘Medical doctors’ issuing diagnoses without one shred of medical science are con artist quacks. Worse, they’re true delusionals who believe in their product, suffering from severe personality disorders. One doesn’t install him or herself in such a position by chance. It was through my study of these ‘doctors’ that I came to understand that the upper middle class served as a type of vanguard for the owning one, and that psychiatry existed entirely to justify and rationalize the violations of those two upper classes of the lower ones. I also noted in this period that no femsle psychiatrists, of my majority ethnic group, were ever even mildly goodlooking (probably ditto for men). They’re all plain. This is not a coincidence.

      1. I’m coming around to thinking that many (most) people who are labeled with mental health issues and specifically institutionalized fall into one of two groups.

        Those whose ‘programming’ has caused some kind of mental break, think multiple personality disorder (MPD). Or are struggling, fighting against their programming.

        Those who are a threat, who then are institutionalized to ensure their minds are turned to mush.

        1. The fact is that most people institutionalized are simply the poor and downtrodden. A relatively small percentage of these people actually suffer from schizophrenia or manic depression. The rest are simply chewed up and spit out by the class system. They are drug addicts, minority groups, but almost all are poor or lower middle class and the majority of this not actually biologically diseased group are the scapegoats of addictive family systems. During the 1970’s the Twelve Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous addressed these issues of ‘mental illness’ in a sociological way; it was commonly acknowledged that addictive family systems almost all involved the scapegoating of what is more often the one non-addict. Usually that person is the child and not a parent. One of the reasons Tim Murphy seeks to suspend HIPAA for ‘the mentally ill’ in his Stasi State bill is so that both the attention/power addicts called psychiatrists and psychologists and their counterparts in abusive/addictive families can ally to assert their power over these scapegoated individuals. That and he wants to allow the police to be involved in arresting and imprisoning citizens without any due process being observed.

          You are right, though, that there exists a small group of institutionalized anathematized individuals who pose a very direct threat to the status quo, but so far I think these types are rare. Mostly what I’ve encountered are people whose situations reflect a very uncomfortable truth about the class system both concretely and symbolically. Consider that the lower classes absorb more violence and abuse as a very class than the higher ones, and often will act those abuses out on family members.

          The rich and the relatively poor are institutionalized at far higher rates than the middle class, and economists will tell you their spending mindsets are very similar. The state kidnaps the poor while the rich sometimes opt to sequester themselves in voluntary situations. The rates of actual disease versus developmental problems are about the same.

    1. I agree it is a new science, and it is politicized in many cases which is a criminal act, however it seems extreme to suggest there is NO scientific basis for psychiatry,
      I would appreciate a little clarity on these 2 middle class groups you are talking about Sue,

      1. To say it’s politicized in many cases assumes it’s not in some. Name that case. That is, name the or any scientific basis for its diagnoses and prescriptions and treatments.

        You can’t, because there isn’t any. The ‘science’ amounts to mere claims made by people who purport to practice science without any – such people’s claims (of symptoms) need to be recognized as so inherently suspect that they would normally have little to no weight in any court of law. A field that’s based on a lie only yields lies (or mostly). These ‘doctors’ are rich controlling egomaniacs/delusionals. They make no money to maintain their upper class perch without lying about a field that doesn’t exist in nature. Schizophrenia and manic depression actually exist in nature and are genetic, but extremely rare. So the psychopaths need to lie and distort constantly to sustain this ‘field of medicine.’ We can map not only the human but also the neanderthal genome. The very discreet gene(s) for these two very real diseases (as opposed to ‘illnesses’) are purposely being hidden from the public either by blocking research into them or worse. Once the genes are found the whole racket collapses.

        The two lower classes would be the middle one and the poorest.

        1. …Would you allow a doctor to cut open your brain, or any other part of your body, without any proof or scientific medical evidence of the disease or problem being treated?

          I’ll assume the answer is no. So why should the public accept the ‘diagnoses’ and ‘medical treatments’ of ‘doctors’ who can’t scientifically identify the biological cause of the supposed disease?

        2. An extremely fair statement. Jon Rappoport harps on this often: there’s NO mental illness which can be established through a lab test(which is the basis for “the Scientific Method”). In other words: it is only through pathologizing behaviours already diagnosed through pathology & consensus(see Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders for further details) that DIAGNOSIS is achieved(if it sounds like circular reasoning…).

      2. Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist and academic, is one of the most well-known critics of the medicalisation of mental illness. In particular, he has been an outspoken critic of scientism and has targeted the profession of psychiatry as a pseudo-science. In his influential The Myth of Mental Illness (1960, 1961), originally published as a journal article and then expanded upon in a book of the same title, he argues that mental illness is a social construct and that what psychiatrists label ‘mental illness’ is in fact what society has labelled ‘deviant’. He argues that, in the absence of objectively observable biological pathology, mental illness (such as schizophrenia) should be labelled illness. For Szasz, mental illness is a social artefact, and has no scientific basis. For example, in some cultures the experience of hallucinations is highly valued, while in Western societies it symbolises a mental disorder (Dammann 1997). Many behaviours that have previously been regarded as deviant no longer are—for example, homosexuality, hysteria, and nymphomania (in the past, sexually active non-married women could be considered ‘nymphomaniacs’ and forced to undergo sterilisation ‘for their own good’) (Szasz 2003). Szasz highlights psychiatry’s sordid past as a supporter of lobotomy as a treatment for schizophrenia and draws parallels between the persecution of minority groups and the treatment of ‘mentally deviant’ people.

        Szasz argues that schizophrenia is not, in fact, a disease, because it cannot be identified through an autopsy and cannot be pathologically defined or measured. His point is that psychiatry has invented illness, as there is a lack of evidence of biological disease. To this day, the vast majority of mental illnesses contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders have no known pathological disease—as Szasz notes, we’ve been waiting a long time for the underlying diseases to be discovered. (In fact, the irony is that if biological diseases were found for mental illnesses, such conditions would cease to be mental illnesses and would instead be ‘brain diseases’ and would become the province of other medical specialities such as neurology: Dammann 1997.)

        Szasz contends that psychiatry is not a real science and not a genuine branch of medicine. In a secular society, he argues, psychiatrists help humankind deal with life’s big questions. Essentially, psychiatry, under the guise of being a science, acts as an agent of social control. Szasz opposes use of the insanity defence in legal proceedings and the involuntary treatment and hospitalisation of patients labelled as mentally ill.


        1. I don’t agree you can dismiss mental illness, I have worked with a number of people that definitely don’t compute, I freely admit and recognize that the early stages of psychiatry was quackery, but the same could be said of obstetrics, check out the life of J. Marion Sims, who experimented on black slaves without anesthesia,;
          mental illness has and IS used as a political tool, q.v., Ezra Pound, but this attitude toward mental health doesn’t hold water,
          it is a relatively new modern science but like all new disciplines it evolves and improves with knowledge

        2. Are you trying to tell us something Sun?

          I’m kidding.

          I agree. Just being a bunghole..Haha

        3. You’ve got your history right, Sun. “Medical Apartheid” by Harriet A. Washington exposes that quite thoroughly regarding J. Marion Sims(Rockefeller flunky who’s statue is in the north side of NY’s Central Park). With that said: it’s a RED HERRING to suggest that people don’t have problems of the mind; what we call the mind hasn’t properly & scientifically established & distinguished The Mind & The Brain. Which is where Thomas Szas comes in. Scientific & Medical formulae for determination of these “illnesses” is UNSCIENTIFIC & seriously institutionally flawed. That’s the basic premise.

        4. You don’t seem to be ‘computing’ that science and medicine require science. Hello? Anyone home in there? Did you forget to take your medication?

          You evade the question: where is one iota of science to psychiatry?

          Schizophrenia and manic depression are genetic diseases. Your ‘scientists’ don’t seem to want true scientists to locate the exact genes, however, since doing so would end the pseudo field of psychiatry.

          There are so few true manic depressives or schizophrenics in the human population there just would not only cease to be a ‘field’ to ‘treat’ them.

    2. Sue,while your eval of many psychiatrists may be true of many,I happen to have been related to two (my aunt and uncle,both deceased) who most certainly were not only quite attractive,but were not psychopaths/delusionals. However,I don’t disagree with your general thesis…the so called profession has been used as an ever increasing method of control over our minds.

  6. Tracy and Pieczenik: two of my biggest heroes! I’m glad that the two of you could have this interview.

    I find some of the most insightful social analysis on Memory Hole Blog. Likewise, every time Pieczenik speaks I glean something absolutely essential and priceless.

    Keep up the great work, gentlemen!


    1. It’s quite possible that those who consider Pieczenek a “genius” also consider the neocon Col. Ralph Peters another genius, too. Ever listen to Peters? Mr. Paranoia, the old ruse “if we don’t kill ’em all NOW, they will kills us all by noon tomorrow. So, let’s triple the “defense budget” and get us some weapons of mass (budget) destruction and go get ’em”. Karen Hudes is another. I love it when deep state operatives get hit by the Jesus stick and become jen-you-wine revealers of the sacred secrets. Does anybody believe that former CIA operatives can leave the Company and blab about all the secrets and get away with it??? I would expect a shrink like Pieczenek to be superb at creating a totally phony character who preys on the gullibility of the American public with his nouveau sincerity.

      1. What you are saying is, of course, completely possible. The main lesson of intelligence is that you may be seeing/hearing the opposite of the truth. Snowden’s persona would be a great cover (if indeed it was a cover). Do I think Snowden is the genuine article? Yes. Do I think Pieczenik is the genuine article? Yes.

        Pieczenik’ diatribe in his Real Politik interview is thoroughly critical of neocons. Did you miss the bit about Albert Wohlstetter? And Quill & Dagger (at Cornell)?

        Furthermore, Pieczenik precisely describes how “Bush Jr.” embraced the neocons (at his own peril) in an effort to make a name for himself and draw a distinction between his and his father’s presidencies.

        I find Pieczenik’s story convincing. That doesn’t mean I’m correct.

        Most notably, Pieczenik is drawing a purposeful distinction between the CIA and Department of Defense.

        Listen closely. His argument is that the Pentagon was overrun by CIA operatives in the years and months leading up to 9/11.

        Pieczenik is a the voice of the military and intelligence professionals who are fed up. In a previous interview (on the Alex Jones radio show) he singled out Michael Flynn as someone for whom he has great respect. Flynn was the head of DIA.

        CIA and DIA: there’s a difference. Why do you think the DoD has established its own clandestine service? Because they don’t trust the CIA. Of course this feud goes back to the birth of the CIA.

        Furthermore, genius can be unequivocal. No mind is pure. No government is perfect. I find Pieczenik’s grasp on geopolitics more convincing than that of Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbig is as thinly-veiled as he is craven.

        Pieczenik talks fast. ASD/SOLIC. Listen closely. Perhaps, in the words of Putin, “there’s no such thing as a former KGB agent,” but Pieczenik just might be about as pure as it gets. Another intel pro I highly respect is Ray McGovern.

        These people do have lives. They are free to take the same chances with free speech that you and I do. There’s always the danger of ending up like Colby or Forrestal.

        Once you’ve seen death, you can stand up to bullies. The common courtesy within the shadow government would be a couple of slugs to the heart. In other words, it doesn’t get much worse than death…among professionals.

        I see Pieczenik laughing in the face of that. I love it! –Paul

  7. First ten minutes of this interview absolutely shreds the pseudojournalism so prevalent in the world today. One genius (Pieczenik) talking to another genius (Tracy): two moral giants hitting it out of the park!


  8. Simply stunning feast of information! Sixty most important minutes of verbiage I’ve heard in a long time.

    In addition to making a Spotify playlist some months ago in honor of Dr. Tracy (James Tracy: American Hero) I also made a playlist in honor of Dr. Pieczenik (simply called “pieczenik”) a while back.

    In any case, I’m reblogging this video ASAP.

    Thank you to Messrs. Tracy and Pieczenik for adding such an articulate discourse to the universe.


  9. Reblogged this on paulydeathwish and commented:

    Only the second time I’ve ever reblogged something. And first time was an interview with perhaps my favorite human of all time (Jean-Luc Godard), the most erudite creator of art I’ve ever known to exist, last year in a quiet interview during Cannes. The antiretinal video (to quote Marcel Duchamp) which is contained in this Memory Hole Blog post (a radio interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik by Dr. James Tracy) is perhaps the most important dissemination of information on geopolitical event, both foreign and domestic, that I have heard in a long, long time.


  10. An MKULTRA-style operation is totally unnecessary where any sort of doctor is is involved, since the medical school program is one of the earliest indoctrination programs which uses sleep-deprivation, psychological abuse, and acceptance of the deep immersion of the school philosophy required, or you are washed out.

    The term genius is a marketing term, and has no basis in reality. Nobody is or ever has been a “genius”. I think this “hero worship” mentality I see here in comments and elsewhere in life, serves absolutely no useful purpose in understanding.

    I am grateful for this guy providing all his pathological faults in his CV, saving me wasting my time to listen to him. I wasted enough of my time listening to psychopaths like him on Sunday morning talk shows.

    Remember Obummer was taken under the wing of Kissinger as well, and at a young age.

    In the interest of clarity I think it would be a good policy to state at the beginning of these interviews who contacted whom to set up the interview.

    1. That’s a fair statement. On the other side though: if “they” can gather intel on us, so can we on them. Not everyone figures these things out immediately.

  11. I am amazed at all the comments here.

    All the Arm Chair Experts.

    I may elaborate tomorrow.

    I’m surprised James nor Steve has commented.

    Fetzer certainly would have…….

        1. “And yes I do like the Beatles even though they were knights of the red queen”


          George wrote this After the Beatles and by the way…..He’s on your side.

          Hare Krishna.

          No Time, but good study why Christians can’t find enough and Look elsewhere.

          Same end

          The Beatles were 4 lucky guys with the most biggest machine ever behind them.. Haha

      1. DubsMick,My wife,a musician,turned me onto “Deep Breakfast” years ago,and yes,we have the CD in our travel van as well… great beta rhythm driving music.

    1. What makes you think it’s a “He”. Kidding.
      Your right, I have succumbed, “The J3Ws did it”.

      I was actually talking about the interview with Steve Pieczenik, but he’s probably a “Zionist too”. Right?

      No Problems, All Good.


    The Mormon president Ezra Taft Benson (considered a prophet by Mormons) was a fan of the John Birch Society. Most people who have not read my exposes on both the Mormon Church and the John Birch Society will not be able to protect themselves from the Illuminati. I don’t expose these organizations without a great deal of proof. I say this because I know from too many sources and too many angles that both organizations were initiated and have been run by the Illuminati. The Mormon church has long prophesied that they would defend the US. Constitution in the last days. They are moving to fulfil that with men like Bo Gritz, who sprinkles has talks with buzz words from Mormon prophecy.

    The John Birch Society was part of the process of the Hegelian dialectics of the cold war. They pretend to be the defenders of the people against the New World Order, but they are fake opposition. (I have met quite a few John Birchers, and so far although they claim to be against the New World Order, they want nothing to do with me, or to learn anything I might share with them. I can understand the leadership doing this to me, but somehow the rank and file have picked up on some of the attitudes of the leadership. I don’t know how the JBS has managed to do that, but the antagonistic attitudes that they have instilled in their people toward people like myself are amazing.)

    In my Be Wise As Serpents book I gave the genealogical evidence to show that the Mormon leadership connected to the 13th top Illuminati family, the Holy Blood line of what purports to be Jesus’ lineage. I’ve also showed numerous other connections between the Mormon leaders and the elite Illuminati bloodlines. Ezra Taft Benson’s genealogy helps tie together some of the various parts of the Illuminati beast. The Taft is Heusen’s name is because Ezra Taft Benson is a descendent of Alphonso Taft, who along with one of the Russell family (Russells are one of the top 13 families), William IL Russell, started the Order of the Skull and Bones (legally it has been known as Russell Trust). Remember, that George Bush was a Skull & Bones-man. George Bush also is a descendent of the 13th top Illuminati family -the family that ties in with British royalty and the Merovingian’s. The man who just beat George Bush in the Presidential race, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, is a descendent of some Russell’s.


  13. The “Brussels Hoax Gallery” by “special correspondent” Ketevan Kardava (the woman who took ALL of the pictures):



    Kardava and “Charlie Hebdo”: https://extracapsa.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/2016-03-25-1.png

    Kardava interviewing NATO spokesman on NATO-Georgia cooperatioon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1WPwRzzsRM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og21nYIiBwk

    Kardava Selfie with EU Commissioner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR-x7mGE_zI

  14. An intense not always easy listen but substance rich. Gracious man. Insider out. Only one-way; But insiders making better, best they can for good, is so important. Vital. Steve’s informed and bold voice must be a massive encouragement for those groaning away in their suits, behind their top-floor desks. Must be difficult interviewing his long answers but handled like a pro. I’m so glad this site takes the broader ground of opinions. Perhaps no-signs of dissent in comments, would demonstrate direction missed. Cor… ‘we’ don’t half expect a lot from people? For all Steve’s history, I don’t sense, this is at all about ‘him’ and us knowing. Surely, this is about a good man, being and doing, what he should?

  15. No Ric I don’t need a time out. What has been mentioned here about the mormon church is pretty well known by anybody who has done an ounce of research on it. Fritz Springmeier actually was railroaded to prison after writing the book, bloodlines of the iluminati.

    What needs some time out is the propaganda line of oh you have hurt my feelings, all the good guys left etc. Actually the hurt feelings result because the propaganda line is not accepted. The discussions are not shut down and people do not accept self censorship.

    Mormonisn is a bloodline religion. That is why initially they were run out of Illinois. I don’t care who is a mormon, my opinion of it still stands. It is part of the pyramid and if that hurts anybody’s feelings, well that is just too bad and that their problem not mine. Time to grow up and be a big guy.

    Anyone who is interested can look on the web and see the horror stories by former mormons. They parallel what we see with the vatican pretty closely because they are both run top down by the same people.

    1. I hate to admit it. Recynd, I’m with you.

      But it’s not just LDS, it’s ALL of them so don’t be offended. I did the route as I said here.

      I was in the Priesthood as a teenager because my Dad married a Mormon woman. I wasn’t allowed to attend my big Sister’s wedding because I wasn’t “Good Enough” when I quit.

      Pls don’t take offense and really look at these creations of

      It’s just me and my Father, that’s all I need.

      I’ve said it before. There is lots of good information each one of these organizations have, but they don’t share it with each other and think they have some “special message” they only know.

      It’s true, the Mormons hierarchy are heavily involved in the alphabet agencies as the Catholics and Scientology crew.

      Hey, anyway you find your way to God is Good with me.

      1. I really feel I need to clarify.

        I’m not saying I know better than anyone else or preaching what is right or what is wrong.

        It’s a personal journey for each and everyone in their own way,

        Nobody is “right”.

        1. I agree with you Ric. A wise man once told me, there is no religion higher than the truth.

          You have probably noticed at times I fond of saying it took me a long time to find out I was a Hindu! I say that tongue in cheek as I have never been inside a Hindu temple but have been in numerous ashrams run by Mahatmas from India.

          The reason I say this as Hindu is defined as the search for truth. I am all on board with that one. As a Rishi once said, even an atheist can be considered a Hindu for he himself has already embarked upon his own search for truth.

          With the Hindus all subjects and opinions are considered, nobody is excommunicated or burned at the stake for heresy. The one guideline suggested is that theories stand up to the test of scientific analysis, not rest simply on belief. As I am also fond of saying, it is better to know than to believe.

  16. @ Patrick

    “Rudeness has not been a feature of this site, Ted. Attacking the religious beliefs–mocking them–of our friends here is a new development. And it disgusts me.”

    Discussing valid research when it comes to a religion is not mocking anything, it is exposes well hidden facts, which you seem to wish to remain well hidden. That is psycho babble. It is not mocking your electronic friend, it is stating plainly one does not buy the particular line being offered, there is a difference. You are trying to equate valid reasoning with mocking and that is pretty weak even for you.

    As for you, it seems you have been very fond in the past of throwing out names like idiot and moron when you find things said by some, me especially when they don’t fit your extremely narrow world view.

  17. Can we simply write off the warnings of one who has been a life long Mormon and was excommunicated? I say it bears looking into. And this person is not alone as there are hundreds with a similar story. We don’t need to close our eyes to such stories, we need to look further.

    Satanic Child Sacrificing Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City

    “A. True Ott, excommunicated by the Mormon Church for his controversial research, says he experienced death threats trying to get at the truth behind deep-seeded corruption in U.S. government and LDS hierarchy. Satanic influences abound and corruption must stop in order to avert World War III, claims Ott in his upcoming book ‘Free At Last.’

    True Ott, a former Mormon excommunicated from the LDS church, woke up one morning at his Cedar City, Utah, home to find a large red cross or X painted on his doorstep.

    And this evil sign, according to Ott, is the LDS’s symbolic equivalent to the KKK’s cross-burning tactics used against Southern Blacks.

    Although waking-up to a blood-red cross is terrifying, it was only the beginning of the church-led terror campaign he experienced once “crossing LDS leaders,” as his life was subsequently threatened on several other occasions for getting too close to LDS top secrets.”


  18. Steve and Tom Clancy co-produced a movie called Op Center. It’s a trite fairy tale for adults that shows some of the wicked ways of government and arms merchants, where good and evil seem to converge. What really emerges after watching this poorly acted film with cardboard dialog is that the pair have no ability to write anything great, or even heart thumping as they’re so concerned with sugar coating how awful the government really is and what the alternative might be to having less authority.


  19. In response to

    Sue says:
    April 9, 2016 at 10:14 PM

    Sue wrote…
    “..who are the ‘jewhaters?’ Why can’t people agree to disagree? Why are critics of judaism branded ‘haters’ while critics of, say, Islam or europeans aren’t? How do the jews earn such immunity from criticism?”

    Those good questions are the same questions that underlie the frustrations of many people who endeavor to have conversations in forums on the web such as this one. Unfortunately those frustrations sometimes get expressed as something close to “hate” but many just want open and fair and objective discussion. I will let you decide who is the poster who most frequently threw out the Hate word, and it was not one of these who would like fair and open diaglog about these issues about “them.” That poster was fond of employing the straw-man logical fallacy and called someone a hater and then knocked down that straw man, that hater. That is NOT honest dialog.

    Dr. E. Michael Jones, who endeavors to engage in discussions with top rabbis and Jewish intellectuals expresses the exact same frustrations. He seems to say that “they” have a double standard in intellectual discussion and are not fair and that “they” dominate the rules of discourse.


    is where you can find, though I cannot specify which audio recording right now, Dr. Jones expressing his frustration in trying to engage in objective, fair, intellectual discussion, almost but not quite like a formal debate, with Jewish intellectuals.

    Most of we ordinary commenters here are not intellectuals but we do have an innate understanding that if we say we are about “free speech” we had better not have any topics forbidden or squelched by anyone, provided the topic can follow the rules of MHB and be objective and fair and not full of ad hominems and calumnies.

    It is the ostensible suppression of certain discussion topics, topics that are directly related to the original posting by MHB for the thread, is what is turning out the light of MHB and is causing the encroaching darkness.

    I would like to state here for the record that all the contributing commenters here on MHB since the time I have been around have shed a lot of light, often with high-quality individual research, on many important subjects. I have tried to stick mainly to false event discussions but as we see so clearly now, those discussions inevitably lead to political and philosophical and yes, even religious discussions.

    But all in all MHB has been a goldmine of valuable information provided by commenters. I personally think that anything that leads us closer to truth, and the One Who is Truth, is extremely valuable to each of us.

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