Hundreds of emergency workers from four countries took part in Europe’s largest disaster drill that came weeks before the recent terror attack.

Seven Tube carriages have been partially buried under thousands of tonnes of rubble that poured into a station when a building collapsed.

Hundreds of ‘dead’ bodies were today strewn across the horrifying scene of carnage, the victims of this major disaster.

These are the traumatic sights that scores of emergency service were faced with as they took part in the first day of Europe’s largest-ever disaster response training exercise.

The scenario involves a tower block collapsing on to the bustling Waterloo Tube station, which has been partially built in a disused power station in Kent.

Over the next four days, some 2,000 blood-covered volunteers will act as ‘victims’, with fake sliced limbs and open wounds recreating the blood and gore of such a large scale incident.


Large scale drill: This photograph reveals the workings behind the mutli-agency exercise, which has taken more than a year to plan. The scenario, which involves a tower block collapsing on to the bustling Waterloo Tube station, has been built in a disused power station


Casualties in the carriage: Actors with stage make up lie slumped in the Tube carriage as they wait for rescue workers


On the ground: Police officers attend the scene of the fictional attack, helping those outside one of the Tube carriages


Wounded: Actors have lifelike injuries, including burns like the one pictured, painted on to their bodies to make the scenario more realistic



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36 thought on “Photos of Drill before Recent Terror Attack”
  1. Waterloo Station… reminds me of that Kinks’ song:

    “Millions of people swarming like flies ’round Waterloo underground
    But Terry and Julie cross over the river where they feel safe and sound
    And they don’t need no friends
    As long as they gaze on Waterloo Sunset, they are in paradise
    Waterloo sunset’s fine.”

    More “grisly” photos at the Daily Mail showing the drill, here:

      1. British New Wave – not my favorite, although great actors came out of it, including Stamp.

        Ray Davies denies his “Terry and Julie” are Stamp and Christie. He says the song evolved out of his admiration for the Northern “Merseybeat” sound. It started out as “Liverpool Sunset.” Davies is from London but thought he could be an “adopted Scouser.”

        For me, the self-involved people on Waterloo Bridge are dreamy figures in a landscape from which they are insulated; they are “half-awake in a fake empire.” They are much like crisis actors who don’t connect the drill to the “live” event:

        “As long as they gaze on Waterloo Sunset, they are in paradise”

        More Fun Facts:

        Many place names were changed to Waterloo after the defeat of Napoleon there in 1815, including a neighborhood in Liverpool on the banks of the Mersey River.

        The Battle of Waterloo itself, of course, was fought near Brussels.

        1. Love the Mersey song.

          Remember, all these great British musicians are only over “there” because their ancestors couldn’t escape to America after 1776….

          Ok, Brits. Give it to me…….haha

        2. Ric, quit trying to start something with the Brits!

          Just leave them alone and let them start up their bands. They have a good track record so far.

        3. I love this music, although I am too young to remember the 60s. I mean really, I am only 29 now, so I couldn’t possibly remember them! 🙂

          In all seriousness, I can’t help but wonder what young people listen to today that could compare to the love songs of the 70s…and even a few from the early 80s. What do they listen to that could be called “date songs”? My daughter is 23, and amazingly she likes the music my husband and I like. I listen mostly to 70s stuff, like Bread, Seals & Croft, America, Jim Croce, and all the soft rock one-hit-wonders that came along. It all still sounds so good, and the songs back then told stories. They make me very sentimental for those days. Just don’t try to sneak any of that disco stuff in with it.

        4. Say it ain’t so!

          An English friend, who was there at the scene, told me this Rolling Stones lyric is about Jimi Hendrix:

          I went down to the Chelsea drugstore
          To get your prescription filled
          I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy
          And man, did he look pretty ill
          We decided that we would have a soda
          My favorite flavor, cherry red
          I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy

          Please, Toni, don’t tell me it ain’t so, too!

        5. It ain’t so. I think your friend is right. I always thought it was Mr. Jimi.

          I’m always reminded of that verse whenever I hear the Dylan song, “Standing in the Doorway”

          “The light in this place is so bad
          Making me sick in the head
          All the laughter is just making me sad
          The stars have turned cherry red”

          And then, of course, Elvis Costello wrote off the swinging London scene of the Rolling Stones in his song “I don’t want to go to Chelsea,” and references Brit cinema when he adds “even though I’ve seen the movie.”

        6. Toni says: “British New Wave – not my favorite”.

          You should be ashamed of yourself.

          And you call yourself an American….Haha

  2. OK well we don’t have definitive proof yet but the BS threshold has been reached, I’m confident this is an engineered event
    I wonder if crisis actors realize that despite whatever piece of paper they signed, thinking they are free and clear, that this is treason, and when citizens find out who you are God help you because no one else will

    1. Fantastic catch, sunaj57–you’re right, that’s absolutely NOT a live baby, and why would a grown man be carrying a doll in a genuine emergency situation?

    1. It’s bad enough that they are frauds and traitors who participate in this fakery.

      But what I really hate is when they have the nerve to bring God into it, and talk about how it was a “miracle” that they were saved from the attack, blah blah. It takes a “special” kind of person to be able to participate in something like this and then drag God into their deceit.

  3. The full face bandage is really great, just almost so believable. Ok so we have a school, marathon, college campus, Paris bombing and a train. Did I forget any?
    What could be next?

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