Terrorist Army Has Thrived Under US-NATO Foreign Policy and Sponsorship

Submitted by Nauman Sadiq

For the sake of argument, let me concede at the outset that it is a plausible fact that the US does not directly supports the Syrian militants, it only sets the broad policy framework and lets its client states in the region, like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey, do the actual financing, training and arming of the Syrian militants. For instance, islamic-state-flagalthough the US openly provides the American-made antitank (TOW) weapons to the Syrian rebels but it has strictly forbidden the aforementioned clients from providing anti-aircraft weapons (MANPADS) to the militants, because Israel frequently flies surveillance aircrafts and drones and occasionally carries out airstrikes in Syria and Lebanon and had such weapons fallen into the wrong hands, it could have become a long term threat to the Israeli Air Force. Lately, some anti-aircraft weapons from Gaddafi’s looted arsenal in Libya have made their way into the hands of the Syrian militants but during the initial years of the civil war there was an absolute prohibition on providing such weapons to the insurgents.

More to the point, the declassified Defense Intelligence Agency’s report [1] of 2012 that presaged the imminent rise of a Salafist principality in north-eastern Syria was not overlooked it was deliberately suppressed, not just the report but that view in general that a civil war in Syria will give birth to the radical Islamists, was forcefully stifled in the Western policy making circles under pressure from the Zionist lobbies. The Western powers were fully aware of the consequences of their actions in Syria but they kept pursuing the policy of financing, training, arming and internationally legitimizing the so-called “Syrian opposition” to weaken the Syrian regime and to neutralize the threat that its Lebanon-based proxy, Hezbollah, had posed to Israel’s regional security; a fact which the Israeli defense community realized for the first time during the 2006 Lebanon war during the course of which Hezbollah fired hundreds of rockets into northern Israel. Those were only unguided rockets but it was a wakeup call for the Israeli military strategists that what will happen if Iran passed the guided missile technology to Hezbollah whose area of operations lies very close to the northern borders of Israel? The Western interest in the Syrian civil war is primarily about ensuring Israel’s regional security.

Sectarianism and the rise of Islamic State

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in August 2011 to April 2013, Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front were a single organization that chose the banner of “Jabhat al Nusra.” Although, the current Al-Nusra Front is led by Abu Mohammad al Julani but he was appointed as the Emir of Al-Nusra Front by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State, in January 2012. The current Al-Nusra Front is only a splinter group of Islamic State which split away from its parent organization in April 2013 over a dispute between the leaders of two organizations. Al Qaeda Central’s leader, Ayman al Zawahiri, tried to mediate the dispute between Baghdadi and Julani but eventually, in October 2013, he endorsed Al-Nusra Front as the official franchise of Al Qaeda Central in Syria. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, however, defied the nominal authority of Al Qaeda Central and declared himself as the Caliph of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. I have discussed this topic in detail in one of my write-ups for Asia Times: “How Syrian Jihad spawned Islamic State?” [2]

Moreover, unlike al Qaeda, which is a terrorist organization that generally employs anticolonial and anti-West rhetoric to draw funds and followers, Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front, both, are basically anti-Shi’a sectarian outfits. By the designation “terrorism” it is generally implied and understood that an organization which has the intentions and capability of carrying out acts of terrorism on the Western soil. Though, Islamic State has carried out a few acts of terrorism against the Western countries, such as the high profile November 2015 Paris attacks, but if we look at the pattern of its sabotage activities, especially in the Middle East, it generally targets the Shi’a Muslims in Syria and Iraq. A few acts of terrorism that it has carried out in the Gulf Arab states were also directed against the Shi’a Muslims in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia and Shi’a mosques in Yemen and Kuwait. Moreover, al Qaeda Central is only a small band of Arab individuals whose strength is numbered in a few hundreds, while Islamic State is a mass insurgency whose strength is numbered in tens of thousands, especially in Syria and Iraq.

Furthermore, Syria’s pro-Assad militias are comprised of local militiamen as well as Shi’a foreign fighters from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and even the Hazara Shi’as from Afghanistan. And Sunni Jihadists from all over the region have also been flocking to the Syrian battlefield of jihad for the past five years. A full-scale Sunni-Shi’a war has been going on in Syria, Iraq and Yemen which will obviously have its repercussions all over the Middle East region where Sunni and Shi’a Muslims have coexisted peacefully for centuries. But the neocolonial powers will conveniently deny all responsibility by simply asserting that: “It isn’t our fault, the Muslims are killing each other,” an absurd claim made by the Bush Administration during the occupation years in Iraq. However, had the US not invaded Iraq in 2003 for its 140 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, would things have reached such a point of crisis? And the victim-blaming neoliberals will point fingers at Islam as a religion and some of its decontextualized Jihadist verses for all the violence and bloodshed without understanding anything about the underlying politics behind the Sunni-Shi’a conflict in the region.

Notwithstanding, after the Russian involvement in Syria, when Russia claims that it will fight the Islamic State, the assertion at least makes sense. But how can US claim to fight a force that was an obvious by-product of its own policy in the region in the first place? Let’s settle on one issue first: there were two parties to the Syrian civil war initially, the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition; which party did the US support since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011 to June 2014 when Islamic State overran Mosul in Iraq? Obviously, the US supported the Syrian opposition, and what was the composition of that so-called “Syrian opposition?” A small fraction of it was comprised of defected Syrian soldiers who go by the name of Free Syria Army, but the vast majority had been comprised of Islamic jihadists who were generously funded, trained, armed and internationally legitimized by the NATO-GCC alliance.

Islamic State is nothing more than one of the numerous Syrian jihadist outfits, others being: al Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, al-Tawhid brigade, Jaysh al Islam etc. The reason why the US has turned against Islamic State is that all other jihadist outfits only have local ambitions that are limited to fighting the Assad regime in Syria, even al Nusra’s Emir, Abu Mohammad al Julani, has taken a public pledge [3] on al Jazeera on the behest of his Gulf-based patrons that his organization does not intends to strike targets in the Western countries, after which the Western mainstream media has become cozy to it and included al Qaeda Central’s official franchise in Syria in its list of so-called “moderate Islamists.”

All the Sunni jihadist groups that are operating in Syria are just as brutal as Islamic State, only thing that differentiates Islamic State from the rest is that it is more ideological and independent-minded, and it also includes hundreds of Western citizens in its ranks who can later become a national security risk to the Western countries, this fact explains the ambivalent policy of the US towards a monster that it had nurtured in Syria from August 2011 to June 2014 until it threatened the US’ strategic interests in the oil-rich, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) controlled Northern Iraq. Thus the US-led “war against Islamic State” since August 2014 has less to do with finding an expeditious solution to the Syrian crisis or the threat that Islamic State poses to Iraq and Syria and it is more about the threat that Islamic State poses to the Western countries in the long run, a fact that has now become obvious after the November 2015 Paris attacks.

According to a September 2015 NY Times report: “Thousands enter Syria to join Islamic State despite global efforts” [4], there are more than 30,000 foreign fighters in Syria from over 100 countries that are fighting alongside the Sunni jihadist groups to topple the Syrian regime; 4500 of those foreign jihadists are from the Western countries and France is the single largest European contributor of foreign jihadists with 1800 fighters, Britain is a distant second with 750, and the number of American jihadists fighting in Syria is relatively small, approximately 250. Although the report claims that most foreign jihadists fight for the Islamic State but corporate media, being a mouthpiece of the Western political establishments, has a vested interest in selectively singling out the Islamic State and giving a carte blanche to all the other Sunni jihadist groups, in line with the stated Western policy and objective of toppling the Assad regime in Syria.

The reason why Syria and Iran have been more willing to form an alliance with Russia against the Sunni jihadists is that the US-led “war against Islamic State” is limited only to Islamic State while all other Sunni jihadist groups are enjoying complete impunity, and the coalition against Islamic State also includes the main patrons of Sunni jihadists like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan. But the Russian-led offensive in coalition with the aforementioned Shi’a regimes has been more comprehensive against all the isis-captivesSunni jihadist outfits which are just as much of a threat to the Shi’a regimes as Islamic State.

Moreover, the Western corporate media is trumpeting these days that the Syrian regime has been unwilling to fight Islamic State. I don’t know what kind of spin-doctors come up with preposterous and counterfactual stories such as these, but it’s a fact that the military resources of the Syrian regime were stretched thin before the Russian intervention, therefore, its first priority were to defend itself around the densely-populated urban areas from Damascus and Homs to Hamah, Idlib and Aleppo and around the coastal Latakia. However, does anyone remembers the Hasakah Offensive of August 2015 in which the Syrian military successfully defended Hasakah and then routed Islamic State in alliance with the Syrian Kurds? The corporate media will never tell you about the previous alliance that existed between the Syrian Kurds and the Syrian regime against the Sunni Arab jihadists.

Kurdish factor in the Syrian civil war

In order to understand the Kurdish factor in the Syria-Iraq equation, we should bear in mind that there are four distinct types of Kurds: 1) the KDP Kurds of Iraq that are led by Masoud Barzani; 2) the PUK Kurds of Iraq led by Jalal Talabani; 3) the PKK Kurds of Turkey; and 4) the PYD/YPG Kurds of Syria. The first of these, i.e. the Barzani-led KDP Kurds of Iraq have traditionally been imperialist collaborators who have formed a strategic alliance with the US and Israel since the ‘90s, i.e. the First Gulf war. All other Kurds, however, have traditionally been in the anticolonial socialist camp and that’s the reason why PKK has been designated as a terrorist organization by NATO because Turkey has the second largest army in the NATO and the separatist PKK Kurds are the traditional foes of the Turkish establishment.

Unlike the Barzani-led Kurds of Iraq, however, the PYD/YPG Kurds of Syria, who are ideologically akin to the socialist PKK Kurds of Turkey, had initially formed an alliance with the pro-Russia Assad regime against the Sunni jihadists in return for limited autonomy – the aforementioned alliance, however, was not just against the Islamic State but against all the Sunni Arab jihadist groups that are operating in Syria, some of which have been supported by NATO and Gulf Arab countries. It was only in August 2014, after the US’ declaration of war against Islamic State, that the Syrian Kurds switched sides and now they are the centerpiece of the US policy for defeating Islamic State in the region.

One can’t really blame the Kurds for this perfidy because they are fighting for their right of self-determination, but once again the Western powers have executed their tried-and-tested, divide-and-rule policy to perfection in Syria and Iraq to gain leverage and to turn the tide despite the dismal failure of their undisguised regime-change policy for the initial three years of the Syrian civil war, i.e. from August 2011 to August 2014.

Until August 2014 the evident US policy in Syria was regime change and the Syrian Kurds had formed a defensive alliance with the Syrian regime against the Sunni Arab jihadists in order to defend the semi-autonomous Kurdish majority areas in the Syrian Rojava, that equation changed, however, when Islamic State captured Mosul in June 2014 and also threatened the US’ most steadfast ally in the region – Masoud Barzani and his capital Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan, which is also the hub of Big Oil’s Northern Iraq operations.

After that development, the US made a volte-face on its regime-change policy in Syria and now the declared objective became “the war against Islamic State.” That policy change in turn led to a reconfiguration of alliances among the regional actors and the Syrian Kurds broke off their previous arrangement with Assad regime and formed a new alliance with NATO against the Islamic State. Unlike their previous defensive alliance with the Syrian regime, however, whose objective was to protect and defend the Kurdish majority areas in Syria from the onslaught of the Sunni Arab jihadists, this new Kurdish alliance with NATO is more aggressive and expansionist, and its outcome is obvious from an October 2015 Amnesty International report [5] on the forced displacement of Arabs and demographic change by the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds.

Moreover, after the US’ initiative of training and arming the so-called “moderate Syrian rebels” in Turkey and Jordan to battle the Islamic State fell flat on its face, it is now trying desperately to put all of its eggs in the Kurdish basket in order to resuscitate its failed Syria policy. The so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” is nothing more than the Kurdish YPG militias with a tinkering of a few hundred parochial Syrian Arab tribesmen in order to make it appear more inclusive and representative in the eyes of the international audience. However, this face-saving effort, too, is falling apart after the Russian involvement in the Syrian theater.

As I have already mentioned that the PKK-allied, PYD/YPG Kurds of Syria have historically been in the pro-Russia camp just like the Syrian regime; therefore, the reports are now surfacing that the Syrian Kurds might actually be more willing to join forces with Russia and the Syrian regime against the Sunni Arab jihadists who are supported by the Western powers, Turkey and the Gulf Arab states. For instance: a January 2016 Fox news’ report [6] mentions that the Russians are surveying to expand a regime-held airfield in the Kurdish-controlled Qamishli in northeastern Syria along the Turkish border.

Recently, a lot of backchannel diplomacy has been going on between the Russians and the Syrian Kurds; the only fierce opponent of this natural alliance based on ideological and strategic footing between the Syrian regime and the Syrian Kurds against the Sunni Arab jihadists, including the Islamic State, is none other than the lackey of the US and Israel, Masoud Barzani, who has been exerting his utmost political influence in order to keep the Syrian Kurds in the Western-led Sunni Arab camp.

Organizational structure of Islamic State

The only difference between the Afghan Jihad back in the ‘80s, that spawned the Islamic jihadists like the Taliban and al Qaeda for the first time in history, and the Libyan and Syrian Jihads 2011-onward, is that the Afghan Jihad was an overt Jihad – back then the Western political establishments and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media, used to openly brag that CIA provides all those AK-47s, RPGs and stingers to the Pakistani ISI which then forwards such weapons to the Afghan Mujahideen (freedom fighters) to combat the erstwhile Soviet Union. After the 9/11 tragedy, however, the Western political establishments and corporate media have become a lot more circumspect, therefore, this time around they have waged covert jihads against the hostile Gaddafi regime in Libya and the anti-Zionist Assad regime in Syria, in which the Islamic jihadists (aka terrorists) have been sold as “moderate rebels” with secular and nationalist ambitions to the Western audience.

Since the regime change objective in those hapless countries went against the established mainstream narrative of “the war on terror,” therefore, the Western political establishments and the mainstream media are now trying to muddle the reality by offering color-coded schemes to identify myriads of militant and terrorist outfits that are operating in those countries – like the red militants of Islamic State which the Western powers want to eliminate; the yellow militants of Jaysh al-Fateh (the Army of Conquest,) that includes al-Qaeda allied al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham, with whom NATO can collaborate under desperate circumstances; and the green militants of Free Syria Army (FSA) and a few other inconsequential outfits which together comprise the so-called “moderate Syrian opposition.”

It’s an incontrovertible fact that more than 90% of militants that are operating in Syria are either the Islamic jihadists or the armed tribesmen, and less than 10% are those who have defected from the Syrian army or otherwise have secular and nationalist goals. As far as the infinitesimally small secular and liberal elite of the developing countries is concerned, such privileged classes can’t even cook breakfasts for themselves if their servants are on a holiday and the corporate media had us believing that the majority of the Syrian militants are “moderate rebels” who constitute the vanguard of the Syrian opposition against the Syrian regime in a brutal civil war and who believe in the principles of democracy, rule of law and liberal values as their cherished goals?

Notwithstanding, it is a fact that morale and ideology plays an important role in the battle; moreover, we also know that the Takfiri brand of most jihadists these days has been directly inspired by the Wahhabi-Salafi ideology of Saudi Arabia, but ideology alone is never sufficient to succeed in the battle. Looking at the Islamic State’s spectacular gains in Syria and Iraq in the last couple of years, one wonders that where does its recruits get all the training and sophisticated weapons that are imperative not only for the hit-and-run guerrilla warfare but also for capturing and holding vast swathes of territory? Even the Afghan National Army, that has been trained and armed by NATO’s military instructors, is finding itself in trouble these days to hold territory in Afghanistan in the face of the unrelenting Taliban insurgency.

Apart from the training and arms that are provided to the Islamic jihadists in the training camps located on the Turkish and Jordanian border regions adjacent to Syria by the CIA in collaboration with the Turkish, Jordanian and Saudi intelligence agencies, another factor that has contributed to the spectacular success of Islamic State is that its top cadres are comprised of the former Baathist military and intelligence officers of the Saddam regime. According to a highly informative August 2015 Associated Press report by Dawn [7], hundreds of ex-Baathists constitute the top-tier command structure of Islamic State who plan all the operations and direct its military strategy.

Moreover, the US’ State department appears to be quite “worried” these days that where does Islamic State’s jihadists get all the sophisticated weapons and especially those fancy, white Toyota pick-up trucks mounted with machine guns at the back, colloquially known as “The Technicals” among the jihadists? I think that I have found the answer to this riddle in an unusual December 2013 report: “Syrian rebels get arms and advice through secret command center in Amman,” [8] from a website affiliated with the UAE government which is highly biased in favor of the Syrian opposition: it is clearly mentioned that along with AK-47s, RPGs and other military gear the Saudi government also provides machine gun-mounted Toyota pick-up trucks to every batch of five jihadists who have completed their training either in the border regions of Jordan or Saudi Arabia. Once those jihadists cross over to Daraa and Quneitra in Syria from the Jordan-Syria border then those Toyota pick-up trucks can easily travel all the way to Raqaa and Deir ez-Zor and thence to Mosul and Anbar in Iraq.

While we are on the subject of Islamic State’s weaponry, it is generally claimed in the mainstream media that Islamic State came into possession of those sophisticated weapons when it overran Mosul in June 2014 and seized huge caches of weapons that were provided to the Iraqi armed forces by the Americans during the occupation years. On empirical grounds, however, is it not a bit paradoxical that Islamic State conquered large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq before it overran Mosul, when supposedly it did not had those sophisticated weapons, and after allegedly coming into possession of those weapons it is continuously losing ground? Only conclusion that can be drawn from this fact is that Islamic State had those cutting-edge weapons, or equally lethal weapons, before it overran Mosul and that those weapons were provided to all the Sunni jihadist groups in Syria, including the Islamic State, by the intelligence agencies of the Western powers, Turkey and the Gulf Arab states.

Maintaining credibility through charades

In order to create a semblance of objectivity and fairness, the American policy-makers and analysts are always willing to accept the blame for the mistakes of the distant past that have no bearing on the present and the future, however, any fact that impinges on their present policy is conveniently brushed aside. In the case of the formation of Islamic State, for instance, the US’ policy analysts are willing to concede that invading Iraq back in 2003 was a mistake that radicalized the Iraqi society, exacerbated the sectarian divisions and gave birth to a Sunni insurgency against the heavy handed and discriminatory policies of the Shi’a-dominated Iraqi government; similarly, the “war on terror” era political commentators also “generously” accept that the Cold War era policy of nurturing the al Qaeda, Taliban and myriads of other Afghan so-called “freedom fighters” against the erstwhile Soviet Union was a mistake, because all those fait accompli have no bearing on their present policy.

The corporate media’s spin-doctors conveniently forget, however, that the formation of Islamic State and myriads of other Sunni Arab jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq has as much to do with the unilateral invasion of Iraq back in 2003 under the previous Bush Administration as it has to do with the present policy of Obama Administration in Syria of funding, arming, training and internationally legitimizing the Sunni militants against the Syrian regime since 2011-onward in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa region, in fact, the proximate cause behind the rise of Islamic State, al Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and numerous other Sunni jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq has been Obama Administration’s policy of intervention through proxies in Syria.

If the Obama Administration decides today to stop providing money, arms and training to the so-called “moderate rebels” and declares them terrorists (Islamic jihadists,) the insurgency in Syria will fizzle out within months, at least, in the densely-populated urban Syria from Damascus and Homs to Hamah, Idlib and Aleppo and the coastal Latakia. The northern Syria under the control of Kurds and the central and eastern Syria from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor which is dominated by the Islamic State, however, is a whole different ball game now and it will take years to subdue the insurgency in those rural-tribal areas of Syria, if at all.

Leaving the funding, training and arming aspects of the insurgencies aside, but especially pertaining to conferring international legitimacy to an armed insurgency, like the Afghan so-called “freedom struggle” of the Cold War, or the supposedly “moderate and democratic” Libyan and Syrian insurgencies of today, it is simply beyond the power of minor regional players and their nascent media that has a geographically and linguistically limited audience to cast such heavily armed and brutal insurrections in a positive light in order to internationally legitimize them; only the Western mainstream media, that has a global audience and which serves as the mouthpiece of the Western political establishments, has perfected this game of legitimizing the absurd and selling the satans as saviors.

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Nauman Sadiq is an Islamabad-based attorney, columnist and geopolitics’ analyst who has a particular interest in the politics of Af-Pak and MENA regions, energy politics and Petroimperialism.

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  1. The jury is still out on the Paris Bataclan event. There is much evidence that it was an inside job and possibly even verging on a hoax. Lots of suspicious photos distributed through the same organizations responsible for broadcasting other hoax events like Sandy Hook.

    The West blames Islamic factions for all their false flags that are staged to justify further loss of liberties, increased surveillance, and provide a distraction while legislators deprive all of us of a livelihood. These islamic organizations exist, but their purpose is highly suspect. It’s not always about Syria.

  2. Absolutely brilliant, detailed, and lucid explanation of the mess our sickening political quagmire has created in the Middle East. Every American needs to read how our cesspool of a government and its neocon pilot fish have gone about their disgusting business. This is where money that should be socially directed in this country mending our battered economy should be shunted away from the chronic war efforts that are only meant to enrich the few insatiably hungry warmongers.
    Just imagine, a vote for Hillary would be a vote to continue this insane policy. The fight to install Trump into the White House will continue with a greater and greater shrillness until the government can understand the idiocy of our current dictator and his attendant harpies. Make no mistake about it, should Trump become President, he will attract not only sincere helpers, but the most dire seekers of war and power lust the world has ever seen. We stand on the abyss needing to undo the horrors of our last 20 years and failure to do so will guarantee our demise. It’s now or never.

  3. A very lengthy, detailed piece for those among us uninitiated. However, IMO it misses the point: even if the western power structure isn’t DIRECTLY funding, supplying, trafficking human recruits(they are: see http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/alleged-spy-arrested-in-turkey-for-helping-girls-join-islamic-state-was-working-for-canadian-embassy-in-jordan-reports , http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-britain-schoolgirls-idUSKBN0M81O120150312,) the fact that they’re releasing precise(?) numbers of ISIS recruits originating from western countries shows their complete awareness of the very situation that somehow…can’t be preemptively stopped? Bullsh&t!!!!

    This is being masterminded like a play, a stage production…because it is. The “INTELLIGENCE” Services…more accurately, the SECRET SOCIETIES(which is what they are, publicly) main business is CULTURE CREATION or SOCIAL ENGINEERING(see Dave McGowan’s analysis on Laurel Canyon RIP). That’s what the drills are about, the movies(latest one “London Has Fallen”), media theatrics, all to keep the spell going, the PSYWAR continuing since all wars are on the mind FOR THE MIND.

    To illustrate my point: https://publicintelligence.net/us-foreign-fighters/ , https://publicintelligence.net/fbi-suicide-vests-europe/ . We should remember that ALL TERRORISM IS STAGED, whether or not people actually die; the point of TERROR is to make us TERRIFIED, and therefore more amenable to the agendas of this societies magicians, wizards, sorcerers. It doesn’t matter to those orchestrating these whether or not it’s real, it’s like special effects…and that’s what terror truly is: the oldest form of special effects.

  4. Mormon Missionary’s third terrorist event:


    The chances of an American being a terrorism victim is less than 1 in a million.


    I’m not a statistician but one American being in three terrorist events would be odds of a million x million x million. This is 10 to the 18th power or there are only 7.5 times this amount of grains of sand in the world. Can Dr. Kissner weigh in here??

  5. Mormon Missionary’s third terrorist event:


    The chances of an American being a terrorism victim is less than 1 in a million.


    I’m not a statistician but one American being in three terrorist events would be odds of a million x million x million or 1 quintillion. The world GDP is 77 trillion (10 to the 12th power). So this is 130 times the dollars of world GDP, or in seconds, 32 billion years (18 billion before the universe was created). Are we this stupid? Are we supposed to accept this coincidence at face value like the MSM?

    1. This missionary never commented on the fact that Boston had no one injured which he must have seen if his mother crossed the finish line. He would have also seen that no one was injured in Paris. Now we’re told that he received shrapnel injuries in Brussels, so if he’s part of this false flag with bombs this time, he was certainly told where to go to not be injured. Let’s see if he has any scars or scabs on his limbs and face. The actor I met playing an injured Jeff Bauman had none. As to the Brussels event – how do authorities know who was detonated if all they had are faint images on security cameras – and yet they knew their names almost instantly just like 9/11? I thought the vests were supposed to pulverize the perpetrators and leave no traces, so no clues as to who they were. The two brothers with one glove each, aping Michael Jackson, although perhaps with detonators, are also very poor images on the cameras. So, these thugs were all well known and were tracked. An historian in the UK informed me that someone he knows experienced explosions and saw military police in Brussels the weekend before this event, so practice was going on. Just as I was thinking, it’s a let it happen false flag with real bombs this time, and linked up to the Paris drill which never had one open casket funeral, etc, and Pierre Carli announcing as a drill before it happened. The public is easily led.

      The aim – to militarize the airports, now in the reception areas, and make martial law in the EU more acceptable, since they brought it on among themselves anyway.


      1. “The aim – to militarize the airports, now in the reception areas, and make martial law in the EU more acceptable, since they brought it on among themselves anyway.” You got it, Marzi. Here’s the thing about Terrorism: when you add the months & years of training, drilling, psychological indoctrination of the Security Services, the Security Services are themselves VICTIMS OF TERROR…& their employers are doing the terrorising, under cover of preparing response to something they NEVER SEEM TO STOP NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY PREPARE!!
        It’s the revolution where they go around in circles. “It’s futile” is the message they’re supposed to take from this, and this TERROR is in fact a softening up for consolidation of Law Enforcement & Security Services into a Supranational Militarised Police State/World State structure, using what we call THE HEGELIAN DIALECTIC.

        This is also why in the aftermath of all this, its always bandied about that “we don’t have enough coordination, enough intelligence sharing, networks aren’t compatible”, which results in things like: FUSION CENTERS, military contracts to build the infrastructures that will inevitably fail next time because…the Intel services(mainly those at the very top of these open secret societies) know exactly WHAT TO COMPROMISE, since ultimately they’re the ones charged with putting the new infrastructures in place. See how this game goes?

        This isn’t to say I necessarily identify with members of these ” Security Services”, since they’re used as pawns to attack ordinary people & take more of their tax money. Its an acknowledgement that they are used that way as psywar pawns in an age-old divide & conquer strategy that unfortunately, is very effective.

        1. This also has a deeply psychological as well as a religious component to it, this terror. Ask ourselves why are the Security Services preparing to RESPOND TO a terror event, rather than preparing to PREVENT THE EVENT FROM OCCURING? Has anyone ever tried to interrogate that?

          The psychological component is one of “behaviourism”: responding to an outside stimulus without thinking(Pavlovian), on autopilot like say, a snap of the fingers, a loud sound, a bell, music, or…a TERROR EVENT. This is achieved, like training an animal through EXERCISES, DRILLS using ACTORS following SCRIPTS to SCENARIOS. Therefore, when a drill “GOES LIVE”, the EVENT is in your mind “REAL” as you are in a “trance”, or ” STIMULUS/RESPONSE MODE.

          The religious aspect is akin to the belief in the “end times”, a certain EVANGELISM or CULTISM to it. Clearly, the end times is WRITTEN, can’t be changed, therefore why bother to change it since it’s INEVITABLE. Therefore, preparing for the end times is NOT preparing to counter it, its PREPARING FOR IT’S INEVITABILITY. That necessarily amounts to: dedicating your life to the end of life & lives being ENDED. Or, the worship of the very thing humans CANNOT truly prevent: DEATH, itself.

          These GLOBALISTS are changing humanity into a ONE-WORLD CULT that worships THE TERROR OF DEATH. As I’m writing this, I still have to out the significance of what I’m writing as I’m writing it, so feel free to respond MHB commenters.

        2. I agree with both of your responses. A forgotten letter to the editor of USA Today from an American (or United, can’t remember exactly) airlines pilot said that Rome airport was militarized all over on the morning before 9/11 happened. A letter that led to zero followup by the paper or anywhere else.
          In addition to airport militarization, Hillary and others have announced they want encryption removed, but anyone can hack anything so it’s only a talking point, and the perpetrators were well known and tracked anyway in Brussels.
          I tried this joke out that a friend made up on the National Guard in Grand Central Station, and they stared at me blankly because their training, as you point out, has destroyed their ability to reason and comprehend –

          “Why is it impossible for the terrorists to win? Because it’s hard to find an experienced suicide bomber.”

        3. My sister and her family flew to John Wayne Airport in Orange County from Denver on the morning of the Brussels bombing. Though her children were screened carefully(?), she said there was no greater security than normal, either in Denver or in OC. Strange?

        4. I agree! BeLIEfs were planted long ago into the human psyche, and the master manipulators know how to pluck those strings to elicit a very predictable response from the majority of the population. My response, when I began realizing this was simply to stop beLIEving. I see things much more clearly now.

        5. For those who responded: I think this link really ties all of our perspectives together. Not particularly long, but very informative: http://www.purposeofschool.com/philosophical/ . Regarding the specific point Marzi made: we think of AI(artificial intelligence) as that automated, robotic thing of machines replacing humanity. It’s much deeper than that: it’s the embedding of ARTIFICIAL INTELLECT as a substitute for the more organic forms of human emotional, mental, spiritual, experiential development which lead to…WISDOM.

          Plenty of intellects, like Scientists, Doctors who somehow can’t see through the ruse of the complex they serve…which if we think clearly makes sense. Rulers, Slave Masters, Feudal Lords LOVE intellect; it allows society to function autonomously with little incident. We need mechanics, electricians, academics, masons, etc. But, tell me what happens should any of these individuals figure out the big picture of the system they serve, and their role in it. What happens then? Clearly, that level of realization CAN’T BE TAUGHT!!

          And so, we have ANIMAL FARM as an illusion of freedom called DEMOCRACY. But, true freedom is Wisdom to know the difference. That’s why organizations LOVE to recruit the youth: they truly know nothing important in life…none of us really did.

  6. Very informative article! However, is the timing of this post meant to reinforce the narrative that “ISIS” somehow pulled off a terrorist attack in Brussels?

    There is an aspect of ISIS I’ve seen discussed nowhere else. To wit, The Isis (river) flows through Oxford, England before joining the River Thame [sic] to then become the Thames.

    Is has seemed obvious to me for a long time that ISIS as a brand is meant for Western consumption. It is certainly the work of marketing professionals in some capacity.

    However, The Isis connection begs the question: is MI6 the lead agency in this operation? No self-respecting Islamic terrorist organization would ever name themselves after an Egyptian pagan goddess. So the whole thing is a joke to show how dumb the masses are. But this bit about The Isis might just be the clue that the obvious, overarching joke also contains an inside, wink-wink, Cecil Rhodes in excelsis joke.

    Furthermore, the specificity of the geopolitics of this article seem to cloud some rather obvious truths at issue. For one, the U.S. has never been attacking ISIS. Why? Because Toyota pickup trucks stand absolutely no chance against F/A-18 Super Hornets, etc.


    1. Even better Paul: when people understand that “Sectarian”, like ” Tribalism”, like Wahabism, like The Saudi “Kingdom”, like Muslim Brotherhood, like Jewish Terrorism…like TERRORISM itself, was all created by British Intelligence(T E Lawrence), which by definition means British Masonry…well, that’s a deep rabbit hole to go down. All true BTW just like Zionism, itself. Even The Mossad(which existed before Israel to front the Jewish terrorists in Palestine) is a spinoff of The Brits.

      1. I read Christopher Bollyn’s (sp?) book on Israeli culpability for 9/11. I’m not buying it whole cloth (that explanation). His logic is not very strong. I admit: neither is mine. But he puts an inordinate amount of weight into the “dancing Israelis” story (which, in Trump’s campaign, seemed to strangely be changed to dancing Muslims). Alex Jones was quick to back up Trump about dancing Muslims. I’m not sure if they’re all referring to the same incident.

        Bollyn’s foundational story (no doubt true) is the one which was only reported in the Bergen County Record. I admit: it’s suspicious as hell. But it’s not enough to deduce that Israel was solely behind 9/11.

        That said, Bolleyn does a nice job of fleshing out his story.

        However, I think Paul Craig Roberts’ chorus about the U.S. intelligence community is correct. All of these (12?) agencies and the world’s one superpower brought to its knees by the beardy box-cutter gang. Which meshes with Tarpley’s hypothesis that there were many high-level moles within the U.S. government which (at the very least) facilitated the attacks.

        Such a nuanced organization doesn’t sit well will the “Jews are responsible for everything” crowd.

        There’s no doubt Israel benefitted immensely from 9/11. I think Michael Ruppert brought up some very good points about the oil/drugs nexus in Afghanistan.

        Geopolitically, Iran was surrounded for most of the War “on” Terror thus far.

        It seems the nefarious global movement which staged the initial 9/11 attack lost enough steam that invading Iran never (yet) materialized.

        Another key point which David Ray Griffin brought up was Marvin Bush’s involvement (on the board of directors, I believe) with the firm responsible for security at the WTC. I believe it was Stratesec (and later became Securacom) [or the other way around].

        No doubt the exit of the Zim American Company from the WTC (breaking their lease early, at great expense, to conveniently move out before 9/11) was suspicious as hell. If memory serves, that is half owned by the Israeli government.

        And Larry Silverstein…what a suspicious character. Almost exactly like the no-neck arch conspirator in David Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Dr.


        Israel is a cruel nation. The “logic” of the Jewish homeland is completely topsy-turvy. It’s like a bunch of people moving into an apartment that someone already lives in…and their excuse is, “We used to live here.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I know it’s more complex than that, but Israel has blood on its hands. Palestinians have been shafted.

        Only brainwashed Judeo-Christians can muster an excuse for the inexcusable actions of the Israelis.


    2. I’m almost positive before they renamed themselves MOSSAD they were called ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.

      I think there’s a couple “inside” jokes going here…..

        1. I think Obama is going to issue an executive order unilaterally withdrawing the U.S. from the Cuban-American Treaty of Relations of 1934, thus rescinding America’s right to operate a naval base at Guantanamo Bay and, by extension, forcing the closure of the facility and any of the detention camps housed there and by the time Congress gets done squabbling Cuba will seize it.

        2. Correct, Ric. Mossad technically was established officially on December 13, 1949. However, every one of those individuals that either established the ISRAELI(British Israeli) Secret Intel state were not only involved in Stern Gang & Ergun, but were the outfit that served as the seed of MOSSAD, just as OSS was to CIA, & CAMP X was to WILD BILL DONOVAN & The DULLES brothers while Donovan worked under Rockefellers in The British Empire Building at NYC ROCKEFELLER CENTER

  7. The major enemy of US power under the War on Terror is the American people. First the other countries are militarized, than the USA. Cruz argued that the Muslim neighborhoods in the USA should be patrolled and secured by the police. Trump publically thought it “a good idea.” Next comes African American neighborhoods, Hispanic neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods, and then Anglo neighborhoods.

    The racist idea of the US moneyed oligarchy is to divide and rule the population, by the police if in no other way. This is done under the usual ideological rhetoric of Defense and Protection of the population.

    A police state is what racism leads to, and why the conspiracy blogs are becoming increasingly racist.

  8. University of California Adopts Policy Linking Anti-Zionism to Anti-Semitism

    “The regents of the University of California unanimously adopted a new policy on discrimination on Wednesday that links anti-Semitism to opposition to Zionism, the ideology asserting that the Jewish people have a right to a nation-state in historic Palestine.

    At a meeting in San Francisco, the UC Board of Regents approved a working group’s recommendation for a set of “Principles Against Intolerance” that accepts the argument that “manifestations of anti-Semitism have changed” as a result of debates over Israel on college campuses and “expressions of anti-Semitism are more coded and difficult to identify.”

    “In particular,” the report stated, “opposition to Zionism often is expressed in ways that are not simply statements of disagreement over politics and policy, but also assertions of prejudice and intolerance toward Jewish people and culture.”

    To address the concerns of pro-Israel students and faculty, who claimed that supporters of Palestinian rights who disagreed with them were practicing a form of discrimination, in September the working group was formed to expand on a draft statement that had said, “Intolerance has no place at the University of California.” In January the working group proposed that the declaration should read: “Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California.””


    Film at eleven…

    1. wow. The 18 member board of regents is headed by Jerry Brown, the Dem governor of California and six other Cal political leaders. It was responsible for name Janet Napolitino , the ex head of Homeland Security as president of the U of Cal, a shocking expression of the intent to clamp down on the faculty and students. They are now equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, the position of apartheid Israel.
      Both Dem candidates, Clinton and Sanders support the decision.

      My daughter wen to the Santa Cruz campus a few years ago, and it was obvious they were gutting the college by not replacing their radical faculty. I had personal contact with a few of faculty, and they seemed actually dumb, a very different quality from previous years and decades.

      I would guess that this racist act would be an attack on the Palestinians by Napoli;tino, but supported by the entire Dem hierarchy. A party bookend to the racism of the Repub candidates.

      This action threatens violence and oppression against Muslims, and sets the stage for racist violence against other minorities. Allowing US power to divide and ruin the US population.

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