“A Jew–Not a Zionist”


In the US, Orthodox Jewish and pro-Palestinian activists stage a protest in front of the White House against the Israeli regime. The protesters called for the immediate termination of the Israeli regime and the return of the occupied territories to Palestinians. There was another rally in Washington DC. Activists gathered outside a building where the annual conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, was being held. The attendees of the conference had to stay in the building due to the massive rally outside. The demonstrators were outraged over America’s financial support for Israel. They also called for an end to Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.


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19 thought on “Activists Protest AIPAC, Stage Anti-Zionist Rallies in Washington DC”
  1. Controlled opposition, pure and simple. Here are a handful of those-who-would-be-called-jews calling out what everybody knows is happening in Palestine (but not in the rest of the world, such as international banking and fake money). Utter and complete horsesh*t.

    These are a people who beLIEve that they cannot live without a central controlling AUTHORITY (Rabbi) telling them what they can and cannot do, to the most minute detail of living. That is the heart of Communism, by the way.

    So here we have a handful of those-who-would-be-called-jews, getting international news attention, and telling us nothing more than we all know (even those asleep.)

    Where are the rest of the “moral” or “ethical” jews, you know, those jews who also should be outraged by what is going on in the world? Nowhere to be seen.

    Truth About the Talmud

    “Therefore, to avoid a rebellion by the goyim, devious exceptions to the rabbinic law are made in public for the sake of pacifying (mipnei darkhei shalom) gullible goyim. It is to these cosmetic exceptions, formulated for dissemination to inquisitive goyim who inquire about the nature of Judaism, that reference is made when Judaism attempts to defend itself from documented charges by objective scholars, regarding racism and bigotry toward non-Judaics in the religion of Judaism’s recondite rabbinic texts.

    Where Judaic supremacy reigns supreme however (“Where ‘ Israel’ is mighty”), such as in the Israeli state, no such diplomatic niceties need be observed, and the full force of Talmudic/rabbinic halacha, with its institutionalized contempt for, and discrimination toward non-Judaics, can be fully exerted.

    — Michael Hoffman, St. Patrick’s Day, 2015

  2. Where are all the other “Outraged Juice”? You know, the ones in charge of ALL the media, the universities, the White House “czars”, the church “advisers”, the ones who formulate “scientific” cosmology, the mathemagicians, the bankers, the “economists”, where are all THESE Juice? Not a peep.

    1. Can ignorant people be shocked into reality? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe this is the experiment which will determine the answer to that question. Maybe not.

    2. Aw gee, did I forget to mention the “sociologists”, the “psychologists”, the ” psychiatrists”, the “medical professionals”, “doctors”, and how about “corporations”, which are “persons” under our Judaic “law”?

    3. And then there are the “peer reviewers” (gate keepers) of scientific information. This industry has been dominated by a corporation, owned by the Juice, called “Elsevier” for centuries. If you discover a new idea of how the Universe and Life works, which does not adhere to the rabbinical “theories” held, and yes, I mean “HELD” by “science”, then you simply will not be published. And the professor’s creed “publish or perish”, the self-fulfilling “prophesy” of this comes true, because if you hold ideas that do not comply with the so-called consensus, you WILL NOT be published. If somehow you do get information to the public, i.e. through self-publication or through the internet, you are labeled “heretic” (their word, not mine) and demonized, vilified or ignored. The public has NO IDEA this battle for real information is going on.

  3. It is all a ruse, they trot out a few who are supposed to be outraged every once in awhile for public show. Why protest as a juice? Why not protest as an American?

    Most people don’t go out and protest as a hindu, a buddhist, a CEO, a teacher etc etc etc, they just go out and protest. This was carried by press TV by the way which is part of the Adamus group.

    Too little too late.

  4. Why not stick to something more important than supporting the Palestinian rapists, wife beaters, genital manipulators and mercy killers. The figure is about the same as Egypt – 74%. All of it is legal according to their religious law. No one is currently championing Palestinian women seeking freedom from brutal Palestinian men. Superficial intellects at work – any protest against Israel should include a protest against Palestinian men.

    Now here’s the Sandy Hook news –

    The parents from hell are back in the news blasting Bernie for supporting the 2nd amendment. Notice there’s a copyright on the so called family photo of their nonexistent kid in a retro shirt from 20 years ago – no present day t shirts on Sandy Hook kids at all. If you press the Bardens they will not be able to provide proof that Daniel is their son – this already occurred with Professor James Tracy asking about Noah Pozner and that copyrighted photo.

    Also, as mentioned before, the AR15 weighs 8 pounds without the magazine -so there’s no way Adam the 90 pound weakling could have held and fired it accurately. A Disney fantasy.

  5. So.. Billary is now on live TV, addressing AIPAC, and I quote “Israel security is non negotiable” and so far Iran has been mentioned about 25 times since I`ve listening.

    She then mentioned Robert Levinson release and the death of Taylor Force (West Point Grad). How hilarious is this farce. Read link below on the Levinson story.

    And now she’s is comparing herself to Golda Meir (Meyerson) and stated what`s taking America so long…. Lmao !!!

    And on to the Jesuit boy in charge, visiting Cuba and how his fellow fraternal brothers Fidel and Raul has blown him off to smoke a cigar and enjoy a glass of Havana Club with coke of course..

    And all is well in the world.

    1. What the world was never allowed to know was that Castro and Raul were from a wealthy jewish family, jesuit schooled and actually friends with Batista. The jesuit general in a ceremony said that Fidel was a man of destiny with a mission and he will fulfill it.

      And so he did, the bay of pigs was all a ruse, the 007 network could have taken him out in five minutes with him being off the coast of Florida.

      “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom…” – Cicero

      All the world’s a stage,

      And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

      William Shakespeare’


      “You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.” Jay Sebring

      “Live not by lies!”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by the sign that the dunces are all in a conspiracy against him.” – Jonathan Swift

      1. As always DM, enlightening words of truth.
        I got one for you, as you know I live in NOVA.

        So anytime I hear someone eloquently speak of G.Washington ,I ask them what’s the story of the adolescent Moorish boy, that’s featured in most of his group paintings ?

        And accompanied him on his numerous trips to Barbados to visit his brother.
        Yes !!! I love to poke fun at Northern Virginian love of that president, the look of vile on their face is priceless.

  6. Very troubling that Trump spoke at AIPAC. According to Yahoo News, reading from a Tele-promp-ter.

    So all of a sudden bigmouth can be tamed… Hmmm…

    I caught (visually, sound off) a couple of one liners pasted by Fox News as headlines during the speech. They

    The bond between the U.S. and Israel is unbreakable. [Try telling that to the American military aboard the U.S.S. Liberty. I suppose LBJ knew the bond was unbreakable. That’s why wanted the massacre covered up. It’s a strange power that would make big macho men like Trump and LBJ all of a sudden walk the line. So I suppose Trump was conceding that the U.S. will always be an Israeli colony…and we will always be beholden to our Jewish masters. I can only hope that the Tele-promp-ter indicated Trump’s extreme discomfort with such a message. His campaign coordinator must have been mortified at the thought of any ad lib slip ups at such a high-stakes influence casino.]
    Israel is and always will be a Jewish state. [Again, one can hope that Trump is crossing his fingers and conveying a specific semantic message with these words other than the obvious. Otherwise, as with the first statement: Trump has finally found some butts to kiss.]

    Which brings up a very important point. Wayne Madsen has picked up a story out of Brazil of what he calls “Soros and CIA” protests which are using as their symbol a duck (as in a rubber ducky). These massive symbols have appeared in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. It is, of course, frighteningly similar to the “threat ducks” which has been visited upon Sandy Hook activists. Keep in mind, these huge Brazilian duck have Xs over their eyes: dead ducks.

    Furthermore we have the strange existence of Lenny Pozner. We have Florida. The question: what are the religious dynamics surrounding Dr. Tracy’s firing?

    I’m just curious.

    What is the kosher nostra connection to 9/11? To Sandy Hook?

    I will say this. I’m not buying the “Jews are responsible for everything” line. That said, there are some constructs of power–some overlays on the global economy which have Judaism as their unifying element.

    Thank God there are people like Rabbi Dov Weiss (not to be confused with PNAC neocon Dov Zakheim [also a rabbi].

    The YouTube video of Weiss ripping the philosophy of Zionism is a thing of beauty. Mostly because the guy has humility.

    So I guess Trump isn’t down with the BDS movement. I wonder if David Duke took back his endorsement?

    There is at least one more possibility (the which I prayed would apply to the first Obama term in office). Trump may be merely getting into office to then kick out the jams concerning 9/11 (and some other stuff). Get the guy in there and he just might give the people what they want. Trump fought pretty hard on the Obama birth certificate (admirably). Hopefully where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


  7. “…there are some constructs of power-some overlays on the global economy that have Judaism as their unifying element.”

    What are those “overlays on the global economy,” Paul, that have Judaism as a unifying element? Keep in mind that the global economy affects over 7 billion people and is led by Western capitalism now being challenged by Chinese and Asian power. And that Christian Zionism, exampled by Patrick on this blog, is a major factor in support for Israel, which Israel promotes.

    Since this blog has increasingly emphasized an anti-Semitiic spewing of racist filth, the current interpretation of Freedom of Expression, I wonder if any evidenced reason can support it.

    1. I am not a Christian Zionist, folkie, in the “official” sense. Christian Zionists typically are apologists for Israel’s leadership, ignoring the utter depths of evil in them. They wish to meet with them, call them friends. They do not wish to know the truth about Shimon Peres, and of the most evil men alive today, truth that would turn any decent person’s stomach.

      What we have in common is merely a recognition of the Biblical evidence. The Prophets said that Israel would be reborn, and provided many specific details. Jesus did the same. As did Paul, though more obliquely.

      The difference between us is that they think that because the Bible foretold these events so precisely, that the rebirth of Israel must be God’s doing–and therefore that Modern Israel ipso facto must be GOOD.

      This is a logical fallacy, in my opinion. All it means is that God saw the future, and wanted us to know about it; it does not mean that He foreordained it, or predestined it. This is a very important distinction. He knew it would happen, just as He knows that a serial killer is going to develop out of a certain insanely dysfunctional home–but it doesn’t mean that He made the boy commit murder. He gave us free will. We are not machines. But God can use any event for good, treating human decisions as raw material to produce a result He desires. He will use Modern Israel to bring history to a climax.

      My analysis of the evidence points to the fact that God told us in advance that Israel will be reborn because He wants us to be spiritually prepared when the nightmare truly is upon us. Indeed, it’s clear to me that the Bible indicates that Israel’s leadership will be precisely as evil as it is, because it says that it will be complicit in elevating Antichrist to power over the One World Government. Isaiah called it a “covenant with death.”

      It is true that millions of Jews have migrated to their ancestral homeland because they felt called by God to do so, as indeed the Bible tells us He would at the end of the age. This is not a contradiction in my reasoning, although to explain exactly how is beyond the scope of a brief comment. The important point is that most of the Jews of Israel are innocent of the crimes of their leadership–just as most Americans are innocent of the crimes of Washington.

      I used to hold my tongue almost completely on this topic, because it is not germane to the work MHB is designed for, and it requires too much back-knowledge to be discussed reasonably. For instance, Barry Chamish has exposed the crimes of Israel’s leadership while defending the essential goodness of most Jews–but the Shabbatains attempted to assassinate him twice, and drove him out of Israel. One of his very finest presentations of the nature of the evil in view here is his book SHABTAI TZVI, LABOR ZIONISM AND THE HOLOCAUST. (You can read the whole thing here: I bring up Barry because his honest reporting is routinely used by Jew-hating web sites, implying that he himself hates the Jews. No matter how carefully he explains the complexities, even people who read and appreciate his work get it wrong. It just takes too much background knowledge to have a decent conversation about this material.

      But I have of late noticed with growing disgust a collection of open, cheerfully enthusiastic Jew-haters that have found their way to MHB, and feel utterly shameless about transforming it into a forum where they can congratulate each other about their loathsome “insights.” As they have no true knowledge of the history of modern Israel, or its current dilemma, they simply parrot the lies that saturate the media about Israel, and endorse a boycott of it. They know nothing of Zionism, only the Shabbatain plot to bring in the New World Order, which is also called “zionism,” completely misleadingly. I have endeavored to only venture out of my silence to correct glaring falsehoods and slanders. But it’s like trying to hold back the tide. They never acknowledge the accuracy of my corrective comments on these matters. They revel in their hate, and do not wish to diminish it. Increasingly, this (to use one of your terms) gutter conversation is rendering MHB less and less congenial for me. Shame.

      That’s all.

      1. less congenial for me too, I like to try out ideas against critics, and I think the segregation of the religious tradition from the secular tradition is one of the reasons that both in the Western tradition are so ideologically primitive. But ideas are being replaced here by hate filled power delusions that are so childish that they are only of academic interest. And commenters of all types are being denigrated with stigmatizing cartoons.

        OK, I accept your distinction that you are not an “official’ Christian Zionist, and I will accept the notion of an ‘unofficial’ Christian Zionist which distinguishes you from the others.

        1. Glad you see my point. But I’d add one nuance to my explanation. From my perspective it is neither a good thing nor a bad thing that the Zionist enterprise was launched in 1879, and that Israel declared independence half a century later. It is simply a fact of history.

          Zionists have a value judgement about that fact of history: they think it’s a terrific thing, and encourage it. I regard myself as an objective observer. Since it happened, just like the settling of America happened, we must accept that the people who are born there now belong there. Should it have happened? That is the kind of question a child asks. The Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” publish maps that do not include Israel, and have a motto: from the River to the Sea. In the war the Arabs launched when Israel declared independence, the leaders of the invading armies encouraged the Arabs to flee, so as not to be driven into the sea with the Zionists, and die. These are the so-called “refugees”–the descendants of the Arabs who heeded that foolish advice. Still, the desire to ethnically cleanse Israel remains.

          The emergence of Zionism in the pages of history is of particular interest to me, of course, because the Bible set out in so many places predictions that it would happen, and that it would lead to the culmination of history–which is a situation that will be exceedingly unpleasant. But, Jesus told us in more than one place to keep an eye on “the signs of the times.” Good advice. The creation of Israel is of seminal importance.

          Your focus on race, and the use of racism by the Power Elite to drive the sheep into whole hearted embrace of the New World Order, is apt in this regard. The One World Government the Bible tells us will characterize the culmination of history can only be engineered by manipulating the fears of emotionally-driven (that’s almost all) people.

          Christian Zionists are over-simplifying a subtle set of evidence because they, too, are emotionally driven. I am more of an anthropologist.

        2. My focus is not on race, it is on power, and US power historically has been highly racist. I think it is not a question of increasing the wealth of the general population, but empowering the people culturally, spiritually, and physically as well.

          Religion is a power ideology, perverted by power historically to make us easier to rule. But a spiritual-esthetic ideology of some kind can be evolved from a people’s perspective rather than from a ruling power perspective. This would require a truth revolution, partially like the spiritual revolution in the 16th century, and the scientific revolutions that followed.

        3. This is a simple, yet utterly profound, biblical explanation of why Israel was established nationally on 5-14-48.

          It was not, that Jews would rule and control the world. The devil himself has propagated this lie to engender hatred of Jewish peoples.

          In order for Jesus Christ to fulfill the “Davidic Covenant” of 2 Samuel 7:16 (Jews here believed, unknowingly, that David, as a result of this Scripture, would never see death) Israel would need to be a reality; a physical nation.

          Historically, there has never been a king who has not been seated upon a throne where there has not existed a PHYSICAL kingdom to rule over.

          In the first coming of Christ, the messianic kingdom was offered to the Sanhedrin (and as a result, by proxy, to the people of Israel); this is the gospel of the kingdom (John 12: 12-16), but was rejected (Mt. 23:37-39).

          Jesus will return to restore the kingdom to Israel (Acts 1: 6-12) as He will set his feet once again upon the Mount of Olives (Ezekiel 39:25-29).

          He is coming again, to rule the nations.

          You can continue to be immersed in satanic deception, or you can hear what the Spirit has to say.

          Despite what Calvinists say, it really is your choice.

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