[Thomas Potter, AKA “Amanda Reckonwith” and “Emmanuel Goldstein,” is a notorious online troll and associate of the well-known Dr. Judy Wood. For close to 20 years Potter has made it his life’s work to harass independent researchers, including 9/11 victims’ family members, for their important efforts to interrogate fraudulent “official” narratives of controversial events.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.31.24 PM

Potter’s actions have even placed him on the radar of local law enforcement in Olmsted Falls, Ohio where he resides. Potter’s tactics include attempts to frame and entrap individuals. These maneuvers in particular are akin to the online stalking and harassment employed by Lenny Pozner and his “HONR Network.” Major corporate media that facilitated James Tracy’s January 2016 termination from Florida Atlantic University may be seen as acting in concert with such forces.

Most recently Potter has taken aim at Tracy and Jim Fetzer via a series of online commentary and emails. The post below from is reproduced below in the hope that more citizen researchers will take action against such unlawful activity.-Ed.]  

How to Counter Fraudulent DMCA Violation Claims

One of Mr. Potter’s favorite tactics of harassment is through filing fraudulent take-down notifications claiming abuse of copyrighted materials.



Here are step-by-step directions for how to properly counter such fraudulent claims, and don’t worry about the legal warnings1 No one to date has actually been sued under DMCA Copyright Law, and this mentally disturbed loser certainly doesn’t have any money to pursue a case in court…
(Warning: Filing a Counter-Notification WILL give Mr. Thomas Potter access to your personal and legal information)

So if you do decide to go through with a Counter-Claim Please REPORT that Mr. Potter has said information to his local Police Dept. as well to ensure he doesn’t use the information to further harass you.

Olmsted Falls Police Department, Phone:(440) 235-3145 (Non Emergency Number)

Here is an Extremely useful Step-by-step Guide to fighting Fraudulent DMCA Violations

Requirments of a valid Counter-Claim

1. Go to YouTube’s counter-notice webform, which you can reach by going to your Video Manager page or your Copyright Notices page and clicking on the link next to the video that was taken down. Or just email the complaint to:

2. Fill in all the required information. This includes your YouTube screen name, your true legal name and true residential address (note: this information will be sent to the copyright claimant!), the email address associated with your YouTube account, the URL of the removed video, and the required statements swearing that your counter-notice is not fraudulent and consenting to the jurisdiction of your local federal district court.

3. Make sure to provide a justification for why you believe your video is fair use in the “message to YouTube” box. If you do not provide YouTube with a justification stating why you are filing the counter-notice, YouTube will reject your counter-notice without even forwarding it to the copyright holder. This message must be specific to your video. A generic statement describing fair use in general will not suffice. You have to describe why YOUR VIDEO is fair use, or else YouTube will reject your counter-notice. A good basic fair use rationale could be something like, “This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is (1) non-commercial, (2) transformative in nature, (3) uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video’s purpose, and (4) does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on its market.”

4. Though not required, it is a good idea to include this same statement in the “message to the party that made the copyright claim” box, so they know your reasons for filing a counter-notice as well.

5. Type your first and last name at the end as your electronic signature and send it off to youtube.

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72 thought on “Exposing Thomas Potter, Disinfo Artist and Internet Troll”
  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    I have seen more and more videos removed on youtube that are important for an informed discussion of important issues, especially ones on the environment and shedding light on misrepresentations. I have read several accounts of youtube removing videos for dubious reasons. If you don’t fight for the First Amendment, we’re done.

    1. Incredible!
      Just how funny do they think it is to die?!! Why is it that I never saw this till just now 14 1/2 years later! I certainly saw claims that it was government planned. But no claims till now that people didn’t die or their families aren’t grieving for a member not dead. Sandy Hook? Three years.

    2. Crazed Cat Mommy,

      That Vid was Great. I loved the part “I trust them”.

      We should trust them on SHES Too.

      She is a total fraud like all of them. I guess this NWO Death Cult gets happy when People Die….or Not.

      What a Joke…

        1. I must say I really can’t see any difference between the Koran and the Talmud.

          They both got Hi-Jacked by False Prophets. Literally just as Christendom has been Hi-Jacked by the “Super” Preachers telling you to “Touch” your TV Screen or Buy” the Water I got from the Sea of Galilee…. It;s WATER People. See The 10 Commandments..

          Nothing on this Planet can be used as a “God”. He created it all.

          Laughable. There Nothing you can Construct here on Earth to Represent to or Depict God.

        2. Sun, Relax. There are actually some good people in this world. Do you think you are Good? I’m sure his intentions are good.

          He made an effort and his message is outlawed in Israel.

          This whole everyone is bad or suspect and trolls is working for the NWO as it divides even the People who claim they are the sane ones.

          In the Alt__Media. I think they do the best in the conquer and Divide Meme.

        3. Dub, You’re really well versed in all the religions.
          I have tried to be but I refuse to be a “Scripture Lawyer”. I know the word well.
          And I understand the “other” ones who don’t fit the Jew,Islam, Christian mold. That’s all “they” care about in this Box they have created.

          Bottom line is we are all in this together.

          I don’t write PDF’s, I keep it simple.

          If someone doesn’t know by now, they will either fall under the protective stupor or will be deceived.

          What can I say?

        4. This is absolutely fantastic, Ric. Reasoning from the scriptures.

          Jesus, on the Road to Emmaus, showed his companions all of this. The Gospel, and the truth of Christianity, is contained in the Old Testament, as this young man persuasively demonstrates to these Israelis who are willing to look, their own little Emma’s walk.

          I have long been convinced that if Jews stuck to the Bible, and renounced their traditions, that is, the Talmud and the commentaries on it, they MUST accept Jesus. That is exactly the problem He had with the Pharisees–their “traditions,” their faith in the words of men. Jesus told them that because of that false faith they are of their father, the Devil.

          Paul tells us in Romans that God hardened their hearts after they refused to repent of that false religion, and they are hard-hearted to this day because of it. But He has regathered them in their ancestral homeland in these last days, just as the Bible predicted, and He will return to that country very soon–and they will, as Zechariah quotes Him, “look upon Me whom they pierced.” This can only happen when they ASK Him to return (Hosea 5:15-6:2), which is why I always say that these people are holding the world hostage by their stubbornness.

        5. @paddy
          Yeah they seem to be carrying on still.

          If you followed out the link by the PH.D. Irene Caesar it is pretty interesting. Some good quotes from the Rebbe on how Russians are not a people who bend but can still be destroyed. Their numbers must first be reduced before eliminating them.

          She is pretty sure the same program will go into high gear in America.

          According to the Rebbe, Ukraine is to be the new Israel.

          Tell me paddy, do you agree with the noahide laws that Bush signed into effect? You know the ones where you can lose your head due to heresy?

        6. “Tell me paddy, do you agree with the noahide laws that Bush signed into effect?”

          No, Mick. That’s a remarkable assertion. I know what “the noahide laws” refers to, but I had no idea the United States Congress had passed a law that superseded the Constitution of the United States, implementing them, and that one of the Bush presidents signed it (which Bush was it?). I imagine, if this strange thing is not just another of your weird, imagined, fake historical stories, it will find its way to the Supreme Court. It will be a fun case to watch. How such a thing could be upheld is hard to imagine, but stranger things have happened.

          Which Chamber did the legislation originate in, and what was the bill’s number? (Please just give me the legislation’s title, and its date, and not a link to one of your hilarious, endless, articles; I won’t wade through it if you do.)

          The title number is in the format HBxxx, or SBxxx. House Bill number/Senate Bill number.

          Thanks. Once you give me the specific title of the legislation, I will look it up.

        7. Paddy Paddy there seem so many things you just don’t know about! And no they are not from my weird imagination.

          “Public Law 102-14 is an American federal law passed in 1991. It can be found in the American Library of Congress. It was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush. The law asserts that congress recognizes the “Seven Noahide Laws” as the “historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great nation was founded”.

          It is all true also paddy, as the nation was founded by masons who sold the bank out to the British Crown which Rome claims to own. They burned people at the stake before the marvelous invention of the guillotine. Do your favorite people cut our heads off now?

        8. Mick, that is the most unusual legislative language I have ever encountered. In fact, it’s not legislative language at all. “The law asserts that congress recognizes” is hearsay, not law.

          Yes, it’s another of your fantastic fantasy-histories, apparently. Unless you can give me something specific. Maybe it has something to do with a Hindu fellow who sailed the seas to America, who REALLY wrote the Constitution, and left a Golden Plate hidden at he bottom of the Potomac River that “Bush” found and handed to (which Chamber of Congress was it again, Mick, that originated the legislation?) a politician to push through, so we can lose our Constitutional rights. I think I could write for you, Mick. The phantasmagorical comes east to me.

        9. I just responded but I’m being water boarded by WP who licks the boots of the the NSA. They are all corrupt and in on it.

          We even have Foreign Countries so emboldened to tell us Who to Vote For..Think about it.

      1. “she needs to be fired as a crisis actor and return her money to the Obama Administration” Hahahaha

        She would have to Split it between the Bush and O’King..hahaha

        I hope my wife and Kids aren’t that Happy when I die…..

      2. I couldn’t watch that whole “duping delight” video, either, but I watched enough to get the gist of it. I don’t know if I would call what Alice Hoaglan (Hoaglund?) was displaying could be called “duping delight”…I thought DD pertained to micro-expressions. What Alice was showing was PURE delight, and that’s just plain bizarre in the face of an adult child’s untimely and unexpected death. I think her role was to support the system. She mentioned John McCain and the President’s wonderful responses. Gotta keep us looking in the right direction!

  2. Hey where is everyone hanging out these days? American everyman is a good place if you are disenchanted with the current state of affairs with elite ran sites. Anyone have a trustworthy place? I like the saker – he seems earnest enough but he is Russian so it could be anything… Just miss the old timers…

  3. Sirs:

    Until this posting of yours, I had no knowledge of a Mr. Thomas Potter. However, I do know of Dr. Judy Wood and her work.

    In this “story” purportedly exposing Mr. Thomas Potter, you write: “… is a notorious online troll and associate of the well- known Dr. Judy Wood.” Such verbiage clearly infers disrepute upon Dr. Wood. What evidence have you to substantiate besmirching Dr. Wood.

    Since I deal in facts, facts are what I ask you to provide about Dr. Judy Wood. I have no interest in opinion of hearsay. My only interest is in knowing what is True and conforming to it.

    Thank you.

    Leonard R. Schmidt

    1. So, you stand for truth, eh? How about you send me some truth, COD?
      Your comments hit my laugh meter pretty hard, broke some of the springs in it.
      Looking forward to more of your truth, wonder where we can all get some truth serum. So touching to see you defend Judy Wood, that was rich.
      Thanking you in advance, four square behind the truth.

      Go truth!

    2. JAMES FETZER: Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

      “Judy Wood and her groupies clearly satisfy the requirements that define a cult: (a) core dogmas, (b) mystic leaders, (c) intolerance of criticism, (d) disposition to attack those who question the faith, and (e) devotion to the group even when confronted with well-founded criticism. They display their loyalty to the group by excessive zeal in attacking anyone they perceive to threaten it, no matter whether that perception is well-founded or not.”

  4. Not sure what you are getting at here..Confused…Why do you think Dr Judy Wood has not put out facts.. is it because she has got too near the truth.. I weigh up every ones words, think things through.Every one has an opinion, but this latest blog has me scratching my head..Some people here are trying to muddle the path.. I think I know what is happening here, . Mr Fetzer seems to have a personal problem with her and that has overtaken his veiws..and to link her with Potter.. Has any one heard of him? just too many contradictions for my liking…every one else seems to want to fly off in all directions, Well that’s the name of the game I suppose,..Crazy

    1. So, you have a problem with Fetzer because he has a problem with Judy Wood. But, somehow you value your opinion more than a guy who has written over 30 books, has mega-academic credentials and who tackles very difficult conspiracies like JFK and Oklahoma City whereas you criticize him because “he has a problem with Judy Wood”.
      You can’t apparently accept the reality of this man’s overt and accepted/respected reputation in high powered circles.
      It’s like criticizing Einstein because he failed to dot an “i”…….
      We’ve all got to keep a sense of proportion to our smug self assurances….

      1. Gil, I have an opinion..I have no problem with Fetzer, and sometimes people without credentails can have opinions, the remark about being in ‘high powered circles’ doesn’t impress.. I am watching and listening.. that’s all.. Chill out… You have high regard for him.. I can see that… and that is your opinion.. .you actually mis quoted me.. I said..’ He seems to have a personal problem with her..’ the operative word here is …. ‘seems’… That is what comes over to me… maybe I am wrong.. but that is my opinion..

        1. Poppy, you’ve summarized my sentiments almost exactly. I have said many times that I am not a groupie. I try to give credit where I think it’s due.

          Some seem to approach this like sports fans. They pick “their team”, and any criticism is intolerable. Their team is either completely “right”, or above reproach.

          As an example, I give Dr. Woods credit for a wonderful job of assembling and presenting physical evidence. While she claims not to have a theory, it is quite obvious that she does. I am not a fan of her theory. Further, even with credit for the evidence, her logic is imperfect.

          I am not impressed by “credentials”. They may, or may not, have a bearing on a given subject. In fact, often someone who has all of the “right” credentials has less of an excuse for faulty logic then someone who is “untrained”. Besides, most agree that the official version of events is bogus, despite the “expert” assurances to the contrary.

          The cure for this is to weigh what people say based on what they say and the circumstances. Agree or disagree. Following a figure regardless of credentials, merely because they have a certain reputation, is not productive.

    1. Are you saying this “victim of anti-semitism” is really just a Palestinian, a real Semite?? Has it not been shown that Ashkenazim are NOT semites?

  5. Ok, in the photo provided this “Emmanuel Goldstein” looks like Osama Bin Laden, minus the head cloth and about 6 inches of beard hair. Is this purposeful?

    I understand why people do not attach their real names to what they publish online. They are afraid of…something. 99% of you here on MHB use a “handle” of some sort. A “handle” for those of you too young to remember the good ole days of the 60’s and 70’s, was what citizen band radio users would have in lieu of using their real names.

    Whenever and wherever I post an online comment I use my real name because I DO NOT fear anyone knowing the originator of the comment(s). This is not haughty nor false bravado, but a simple trust in my Savior.

    I raise this point for a reason. I don’t know who Thomas Potter is, nor do I know who Amanda Reckonwith is, or Emmanuel Goldstein or Judy Wood. It is just too easy to hide behind a nom de plume. These personalities can discourse and rant without any accountability.

    I guess I am old school. I respect someone who is out there, known to all. I may intensely disagree with them, but I will at the very least have a modicum of respect for them.

    It is difficult for me, a man of 55, to navigate and traverse the seductive highways of the internet whilst disregarding an innate skepticism of what may or may not be substantive, reliable information.

    May I offer a motto?

    If you believe it, back it with your name. Assume a persona at your own risk.

    Now, I understand that there are exceptions to EVERY rule. I have become very familiar with frequent MHB commenters who use a handle. Lophatt, Musings, Recyndd 77, and Dachsielady are four that immediately come to mind. While I have no clue as to their true identity, and I am not always in agreement with them, I have seen enough from them here to know they are legitimate, genuine thinkers. I respect their thoughts and opinions.

    The era of the “troll” is alive and thriving. They can sow discord quickly and effectively, anywhere, at any time. They can destroy a good and vibrant group of individuals whose sole desire is to discuss issues and ideas. And what is tragic is that they can do so in complete anonymity.

    I fully acknowledge that this is debatable. After all, it is a messenger and message issue, right? The content of ones argument is above their identity, I suppose.

    I just cant get past the anonymity thing.

    Did I mention I was 55?

    Grace and peace to all.

    1. Joseph, your post made me think. You are clearly a man of integrity, and (somewhat surprisingly) you’re not alone here. The fact that you use your real name adds to it, but it’s only the icing on the cake, so to speak.

      At my church, we are counseled against using pseudonyms; like a mask, they hide our identity and can make the user feel free to say and do things they wouldn’t ordinarily say or do. This is good counsel…that I don’t heed. However, I make it a point to remember it, and I think I do a good job of not saying anything using my moniker “Recynd” that I wouldn’t say using my real name, or to a person’s face. I also try to remember that I’m talking to a PERSON or people, not a screen name.

      I’m no spring chicken myself. I’m near to the end of my 40s, and have little to lose. My husband, however, does, and he guards his name and his privacy closely. He doesn’t participate in online forums under any name, he doesn’t have any socia media accounts, and he plans on keeping it that way. He has done what he can to keep his personal and professional lives from converging. He has enough trouble at work as it is (he teaches at a local college, and there is far more political wrangling and treachery than I’d ever thought possible). It would be terrible if some stupid thing I said online were to create difficulties for him…and Lord knows, I’ve said some terribly stupid things!

      The other reason for my relative anonymity is trolls. I don’t think I say anything that is particularly provocative, but even so, I’ve had some really horrible bile spewed at me…I don’t want that poison any closer to me than necessary. And I surely don’t want the likes of P’Osner sniffing around me!

      The fact that Wolfgang puts his personal info out there certainly does lend to his credibility (which I have myself questioned). I also don’t give as much weight to arguments or research propounded by people who won’t use their real name, though I understand the reasons for not doing so.

      If you were to go back through my comments, you’d find that I have revealed my real identity (and nothing happened). I really am who I say I am, as you’d already suspected. So far, it hasn’t been too difficult to tell who’s real and who’s fake, and who’s just an a**hole. 😉

      Anyway, I didn’t want your thoughtful and thought-provoking comment to slip into the ol’ Memoryhole unacknowledged. Power, strength, peace, and protection to you, my friend.

  6. Osama Goldstein is a truly humorous composite. Given his amorphous disguise the writer could just as well have been Harold H. Wasp III. As to Fetzer and Wood, Fetzer’s first book on the WTC went to bat for Wood. This book was sold at the Cooper Union Forum on the WTC. Judy spoke and was then demolished, no pun intended, by Crockett Grabbe, whom James will not allow to post any articles here.

        1. Dub….Haha

          Please, we Know!!

          I”m trying to tell people.I have to erase things I want to say.

          Those people who do all the bad stuff and control almost everything are NOT part Of the 12 Tribes of Israel..

          I’m sure I’m in trouble now. They are Fakes!!

    1. That is quite a statement-that the Jesuits control everything, including the Zionists, that are just one of many criminal syndicates under their control,
      yet almost nothing substantial get discussed about the Jesuits here, or most other places, hmmm…..

        1. Wasn’t directing that that to you,
          just an observation that there seems to be very little “insider” information on the Jesuits,
          yet I have wondered about Jesuits ever since San Bernadino, watching Brown’s reaction, he seems to have embraced the BS War on Terror, the same Jerry Brown from the Oakland/Berkeley crowd (?), so he is either part of all this (met with Israeli PM and allowed the Mossad to infiltrate the business of commerce in Ca) or a complete idiot

        2. Interview with Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
          Very good article. The Rabbi say’s the SoS fake Jews took over the Catholic church from almost the beginning. A few other things he talks about such as their human sacrifices used for our consumption and McDoDo’s Hamburgers being one of their favorite customers. Probably the reason he was allowed to talk is it is so horrible who will believe it?

        1. Dub,
          If you want to have an Honest conversation with me forget the long drawn out links and Talk to me straight.

          What can say anymore?

  7. Don’t miss this part my children, Thomas Jefferson was the man. That is why they hate him.

    America’s Founding Fathers: Sycophants and Cowards

    Some of the so-called Founding Fathers were a group of sycophants who took orders either directly from Rome or its public face, the British Crown. True, there were some brave men and women (behind the scenes) among them who genuinely opposed Jesuit rule, and this is why they originally came to America from despotic countries, but few of them ever spoke out publicly against the Jesuits, only venturing the occasional glancing blow that had little effect on its intended target.

    Those who openly opposed the Jesuits were silenced, either by threats, assaults or outright murder of themselves and their family members. Many who wrote about Jesuit intrigues did so under pseudonyms, although one is hard pressed to find even one copy of their books in existence today, as the Jesuits were diligent about locating and destroying any book, pamphlet, newspaper or other printed material that openly opposed or criticized their rule or any of their actions. Foreign observers appeared to be the only successful dissenters, often publishing their research findings anonymously in books that were later smuggled into America to warn of the coming storm.

    thomas-jefferson-and-abigail-adams-took-totally-different-approaches-to-parentingThomas Jefferson knew from the beginning that the Jesuits were in full control of America, because it was their pet project, one carefully planned decades in advance by Rome. By design, America was built to extract the natural resources of its lands, using slave labor, which would be used to forge the most formidable power on the planet, a slow and methodical process that would take more than 200 years.

  8. Lophatt, what do you think dr. Wood’s theory is – I believe it appears at the end of the book , watched a video recently with helicopters being numbered and tracked , thought what one was seen doing might be the key .

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