Steven D. Kelley and Stephen Lendman Comment on Potential Coordinated Efforts to “#SHUTITDOWN”

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[See also Jon Rappoport’s recent post, “Vampire Technocrats Fly to Jekyll Island to Stop Trump“.-Ed.]

‘Soros seeks to destroy Trump’s challenge to New World Order’

Press TV 

An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order.

Steven D Kelley, a former CIA/NSA contractor, made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Saturday when asked to comment on the recent protests against Republican front-runner Trump.


On Friday night, a large number of protesters — many of them African Americans and Latinos angered by Trump’s anti-immigrant stance — clashed with Trump’s supporters in Chicago, Illinois, forcing the billionaire to cancel a rally there.

The cancellation, which came amid large demonstrations both inside and outside the event at the University of Illinois at Chicago, follows heightened concerns about violence in general at Trump’s rallies across the United States.

Trump, who has never held elected office, is leading the race, and has already won contests in 15 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont.

“The ability of international power brokers to control and influence marginalized or simple minds continues to be used to defeat democratic processes and human rights,” Kelley said.

“We saw the destruction of the Ukraine when the money of demons like George Soros was used to fund fascist mobs. We see the same tactics being used in the American presidential election with George Soros once again funding violent opposition mobs to disrupt the legal free speech of a candidate who is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order (NWO),” he added.


Are Agent Provocateurs Disrupting Trump Rallies?

Stephen Lendman

Disrupting popular movements in America (and elsewhere) using agent provocateurs is longstanding practice.

The FBI notoriously targets groups out of step with accepted establishment practices – infiltrating, disrupting, sabotaging and destroying their activism for ethnic justice, racial emancipation, as well as economic, social and political equality across gender and color lines.

Occupy Wall Street protests were systematically disrupted nationwide, undermining the campaign altogether. Efforts to re-jump-start it never gained traction.

Former Louisiana Governor Huey Long outspokenly proposed wealth distribution to curb poverty and homelessness. His advocacy and planned 1936 presidential run cost him his life.

A month after announcing his candidacy, he was fatally shot at the Louisiana State Capitol. Jack Kennedy’s transformation from warrior to peacemaker got him assassinated.

Donald Trump is no Kennedy or Huey Long. He’s a boastful, demagogic, super-rich, racist, predatory capitalist con man, coming off in campaign speeches as anti-establishment, a figure party bosses aren’t sure they can control.

All sorts of dirty tricks are being used to undermine his run for the White House – perhaps including paid provocateurs to disrupt his political rallies.

Late last year, protesters disrupted a Virginia rally – clashing with supporters, chanting “Dump Trump.” Campaign events in Miami, Dallas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Alabama and elsewhere were turbulent.

Chicago was the latest venue for disruption. A planned Friday event was cancelled shortly before Trump was scheduled to speak at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion.

Thousands of supporters awaited his arrival inside. Crowds outside protested his appearance. Disruption caused the rally to be cancelled, an announcement, saying:

“Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed until another date. Thank you very much for you attendance and please go in peace.”


Protesters cheered. Supporters chanted “We want Trump!” Scuffles were reported inside and outside the pavilion.

Were paid provocateurs involved? Interviewed on Friday, Trump said he doesn’t incite or condone violence.

Illinois is one of five states holding key March 15 primaries. Their results could be decisive in deciding who’ll be the Republican presidential nominee.

Party bosses are going all out for anyone but Trump – even strongly supporting native born Canadian/naturalized US citizen Ted Cruz’s illegitimate candidacy.

Despite everything done so far to undermine him, Trump looks unstoppable. Supporters thinking he’ll change things for the better if elected in November are hopelessly out of touch with reality.

He’s like all the rest – in his case, old wine in new bottles, supporting the longstanding system too corrupted to fix.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III

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57 thought on “Are Agent Provocateurs Disrupting Trump Rallies?”
  1. It is no great revelation that “agent provocateurs” abound. They are bused in to even local rallies on various issues for decades. In my more activist days of ten or so years ago when protesting on the streets or out in front of the state capitol, we referred to these people as “rent-a-mob”.

    I believe even in the early days back in the sixties and seventies of cointelpro, the government hired agent provateurs were the key element.

    I remember reading a book by Judge John Sirica about Nixon and the Watergate matter (To Set the Record Straight).It was related that when Nixon was running for office out in California that Nixon hired a bunch of dirty looking hippies to march IN FAVOR OF Nixon’s opponent. I was totally dumbfounded by that dirty political trick but apparently that sort of trick is very very old.

    Here is a story about George Soros and the Baltimore riots of recent history.

    “A lot remains to be done, but we now consider the Baltimore experiment so successful that we wanted to replicate it nationwide,” Soros said in a phone interview from his native Budapest, Hungary.”

    The whole political campaign and candidates show is just another manipulation.

    I read a book edited by Michael Collins Piper about Huey P. Long and his ideas about “redistributing” the wealth of millionaires and billionaires sounded very good to me. Long was not a “socialist” and he believed in the sovereignty of the USA and this was back in the early 1930s. I think Long was a true patriot. Long was a very quotable fellow. Here is one of my favorites.

    “You give me a couple of elections commissioners and I’ll make those lever machines sing Home Sweet Home.”

    1. Dachsie, in the very early 20th century, when the Federal Reserve Act was being considered, in order to garner favor FOR it, a U.S. senator (name escapes me) took to the road and spoke out AGAINST the adoption of the Federal Reserve System. Why? Because he (and obviously, those creatures from Jekyll Island) knew that all people have an inherent distrust towards government, so when a U.S. senator preaches against turning over the coining and regulating of currency to a private organization, the people did a war dance and shouted, “Bring on the good guys! The Federal Reserve!”

      If you check Wikipedia’s bio of G. Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, they may as well have photo shopped a tin foil hat on his picture.

      I don’t like reality shows, so any attention I am paying to this years “election” process is from the extreme periphery.

      Don’t be surprised if some extreme event takes place, the mother of all false flags you might say (a staged alien invasion? Don’t laugh), which may call for continuity within the oval office.

      Four more years of B.O., anyone?

      1. “a U.S. senator (name escapes me) ”

        Not sure who that could have been. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge spoke out against it but not sure he traveled around the country campaigning against it.

        Later, during depressions years, Congressmen Louis McFadden and Charles Lindbergh Sr. spoke strongly against the evils the F R Act had wrought.

  2. Reblogged this on happytailswag and commented:

    because he is NOT PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER – ABSOLUTELY “The one candidate that is not a career politician, who does not pledge allegiance to Zionism, who will actually stop our suicidal plummet into world war with Russia, is also the one that every other bought and paid for puppet of Israel is attacking,” he continued.

    “All of the racial tension being used to upset this one candidate, is contrived, and stoked by the very same corrosive elements that created the problems that were intended to divide, polarize, and destroy our community. These enemies of our country depend on division in order to distract us from their criminal activity,” the analyst stated.

    1. We are acquiring more and more shills on this discussion group are are doing so quite rapidly. Trump is clearly the nidus that attracts these venomous operatives. At least they are in the open and easily identified.

  3. Soros is NOT an agent of Israeli imperialism; he is an agent of American imperialism. His horrific destruction campaign in Ukraine was serving the neocon interests of the Obama administration, in conjunction with the CIA. It was part of an attack on Russia, which Israel is friendly with.

    Israel supports the rise of the Nazi influence in Ukraine in order to frighten Jews into emigrating to Israel, as about a million Russians did, many of them non-Jews. Many of the oligarchs in both Russia and Ukraine are Jews, supported by the Bush snr and Clinton administrations when the state corporations were given to them at a fraction of their value. Some of the worst, like Kolmoinosky, hold mult-citizenships, including Israel.

    It is likely that the genuine racism of Trump is used to induce unwitting demonstrators to disrupt his rallies, but by the US oligarchy, not the Isareli oligarchy, some elements of which Trump is friendly with. The US oligarchy is afraid that Trump will destroy the military-economic war of the War on Terror, which serves US imperialism.

    The blaming of African American and Latino demonstrators and Israel is part of the pandering to racism and anti-Semitism which has been a main feature of many of the conspiracy blogs. Including this one.

    1. “…pandering to racism and anti-Semitism…”

      I was more ready to consider your comments until you threw that into the mix. First, race is a very real thing and only in the past century has it become the most effective weapon used by the world’s worst criminals against the western nations.

      To say this blog (and whichever others you were referring to) promotes antisemitism necessitates the belief that it’s a real thing, which I don’t have. What you might have been referring to is the strong opposition to Israeli politics and human rights abuses combined with confusion and suspicion over Jewish supremacy in western culture. I have those issues on my mind and then some. I also consider our government’s willingness to allow citizens of Israel to hold office a very big problem. Then again, I also see it as a BIG problem that the very people sitting on our government’s security council can’t be investigated by Congress. Richard Clarke is still seen as one of the good guys, somehow.

      The bottom line is that, it’s the individual acts of politicians and well-known power brokers that make up the obvious agendas at play. If looked at in this way, it’s clearly the group that some would label Jewish, or Communist, or Bolshevik, or Collectivist or by other terms that are the most actively using race in their political and social projects. I, for one will not be easily confused or misdirected while the problem continues to worsen.

      At what point do we stop suggesting that their agenda is merely to create a peaceful world of tolerant communities without borders and admit to ourselves that they are vicious monsters who won’t stop until all non-Jews and non-Satanists are in their world prisons?

        1. I’ll have to take issue with you on that,
          this blog first of all is moderated and comments are filtered,
          some of the best information and analysis can be found on this blog,
          however the culture here does not practise censorship and pandering to what is politically correct, and kudos to Dr. Tracy who has created a blog where users are allowed to speak freely and openly, as a public discussion should, whether the subject is the crimes of the Zionist, the Vatican or the City of London,
          throwing around attacks like racism and nazism rings hollow and the intelligent people here are not taking that bait
          Sun out.

        2. I rarely agree with you, folk. According to you, pig iron is composed of 50% iron ore and 50% racism. Not!

          Moreover, prove that racism is the worst stuff in the world. I hear your insistences but I don’t hear your rationale. It’s a cop-out to decry racism while hundreds more emotions and positions have zero to do with your feeling that racism is the worst stuff in the world. You’ve been spoiled with all the lies about Nazi Germany and you desperately want to believe that Hitler was far worse than Stalin or the murderer Eisenhower. Why does hatred have anything to do with racism, anyway?

          MHB is as far from “racism” as can be. It’s just a tool of convenience to use this alibi over and over.

    2. khazar ukraine

      Ukraine is Israel’s last great hope. They haven’t given up. khodorkovsky, berezovsky didn’t work for the US. They worked to sell stocks of vital Russian industry to Rothschild. He doesn’t live in the US either he lives in the City of London.

      Ukrainians are set to be the next Palestinians, stripped of their land and driven out for the sake of zion. They are going to need a new landing place as DU in the mideast has made many of them sterile from all the bombing.

      Radical Zionist sect Chabad seeks to to move to 
Ukraine from the USA that the sect has already milked dry.

      They want to build in Ukraine a “City on the 
Hill”, preventively destroying the local population just in case…

      On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov announced a sensation – the project 
”Jewish Kiev”:

      Everything is all set for the eternal victims.

      We keep hearing about how tough it is in the Ukraine but not in Dnipropetrovsk, where the champagne corks are popping. Look out Ukraine here comes the judge. The eternal victims are about to make the Tundra bloom. Of course a certain amount of Ukrainians will have to leave to make their dreams come true, (The EU) where they will become dish washers in Poland or Germany if the right sector doesn’t kill them first. If they are not careful they may get stuck with some reparations payments on the way out. Israel can always use a new submarine.

      Kolomoisky co-funded the building of the city’s Jewish community center, said to be either Europe’s or the world’s biggest. It’s built in the shape of—and named for—the menorah, the seven-branched synagogue candelabra. Inside the $70 million building, completed in 2012, are offices, restaurants, a hotel and youth hostel, luxury apartments, an Israeli consulate, a cultural center, and a museum. At its feet is the historic “Golden Rose” synagogue.

    3. You are saying Israel would not gain from takeover of Ukraine, only the US and NATO would? Is the government not jew in makeup, essentiallly, in Ukraine?

  4. This country fought communists in two countries Korea and Vietnam when we should have been fighting it in our own backyard!!!!
    Now we have idiots running around like bolsheviks that have not idea that they are tools for the communists.
    nam era

  5. Lendman’s article is less of a speculative rant than Press TV’s. However, I think Lendman failed to spot a key issue. When Obama ran his support for the status quo was in question by many in the media. In fact, Obama was re-elected on the promise of changing the status quo, and, he was such a good salesman that he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in hopes that he would bring “peace”. Since then he has been accurately described as to a Rockefeller Republican in black face.
    What I assume is going on with Trump, I assume by deduction. No other Presidential candidate, either in their Primary run or their General election run, has been met with dirty tricks/COINTELPRO tactics like rent a mob (something the CIA has done in Iraq and other targeted nations that we invaded). Whether or not Trump is old wine in a new cantor as Lendman believes, he is an unknown. I believe that Trump is the only post WW2 candidate that the intelligence agencies have failed to agree on a psychological profile of. In other words, if they can’t agree on a profile, they can’t predict if his decisions will burn them. Of course, when a President or aspiring Presidential candidate is known or expected to work against the interests of Mil/Intel they resort to other means (e.g., JFK, RFK). If Trump is assassinated after he formally wins the Republican nomination then he failed to pass their psychological profile, and is perceived as a threat to Mil/Intel who actually run this country.

  6. You seriously believe that Trump is not part of the crowd? Seriously?? Unreal. He has been getting coverage on all of the Military Industrial Complex TV stations…and you want to kid yourself that is because he is so popular and not part of “the gang”. Puhlease. Who bailed Trump out of his two bankruptcies? Banks. Nobody could become part of the one percent without selling his/her soul in this economic climate.

    1. I have no doubt that Trump identifies with, and will accommodate the needs of the wealthy and corporations. However, note that the type of press he is receiving is deriding and very different than other Republican candidates. Also, the Republican leaders closed ranks against him, and he is presented in a more threatening way than a self-described socialist. The question is whether or not he takes the position of President too seriously to have his policies shaped by the technocrats and political hacks that have dominated the Dempublican Presidencies. I have ZERO doubt that Trump will be pro-business because he will identify with his own economic class. However, there could be a titanic shift in military and foreign relations policy. I believe that Trump’s own business expertise could threaten the re-establishment of Russia and China in their traditional spheres of influence, and, could lead to an abandonment of Israel. I personally would love to see this as I believe this nation could be an exceptional republic if it choose to give up its military empire. Others interests would disagree, and those are the same interests that planned the assassinations of JFK, RFK, were behind 9/11 to create domestic and foreign political policy, transmitted AIDS to Arafat , etc., etc., etc.

      1. There is a mafia connection to any casino, so they would be left alone under Trump, but Trump is no criminal like Hillary, with a sordid past. Check out the New Clinton Chonicles on youtube.

      2. I would say Trump is part of the opposition to deny votes to Repubs in order to give the Klinton crime family the votes, he has already been annointed by the chief Zionist Jews who control the the whole circus and as I pointed out before his campaign manager is an employee of AIPAC, the Israel/Zionist spy agency working in plain site in DC

    2. Where has Trump most recently sold his soul to? Who is he beholden to? Who owns him?

      Prove your statements. I’m hearing opinions, but I’m not sure I’m hearing truths.

  7. The difficulty ‘we’ might be having with Trump is, we ‘don’t know’? Ok… I.. don’t. Listen to Roger Stone and watched some of Donald ‘live’ in Cleveland yesterday – and so was he, live, humanely so – but I can’t work it/him out? Appreciate ‘let’s not pretend/bubbles-blown’ commentary but want to believe, more and better. Can’t figure the motives and manner – and such a fraud. Accept, he could/sure-likely, blow with expedient, who knows what winds, in power – but yet on that, find it hard to imagine Prez. Don. His talk on torture? Diabolical and dumb – showing serious chinks… nasty holes, in claims by those close, he’s highly-intelligent. Am left thinking, “if…” he’d likely, utterly-collude, with the dominant, and (all-) pervasive wrong-uns? Wouldn’t choose anyone around him, distinctly different?

    Remain puzzled. In ambivalence. Oh, and the door of hope open, just a touch.

  8. Agents provocateurs disrupting Trump rallies? Why not? And so what? Trump is little more than another weapon of mass distraction, getting gullible voters to pay attention to an otherwise dull race, like Sanders. The agents provocateurs–or activists genuinely fed up by his blustery demagoguery and scapegoating–are just another bit of distraction.

    Besides, the idea that Trump is not part of the “Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order”–a needlessly sectarian and offensive way to refer to the global pathocratic project–is laughable. Since he has censored 9/11, he can be counted on to faithfully pursue the Bush/Obama policies: more war, more fear, more poverty.


  9. I did not trust John Rappoport when I subbed him due to the fact he is a regular on AJ but my suspicions are confirmed when he would not approve my link on Donald. I unsubbed him after c/p my comments.

    elfmom55 says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    March 11, 2016 at 6:56 pm   

    Why is my comment still in moderation re: Donald hanging out with convicted pedo Jeffry Epstein?elfmom55 says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    March 10, 2016 at 2:13 pm   

    Why does Donald hang out with a
    convicted Pedo Jeffery Epstein and what does he do on Jeff’s private island?

  10. I’m pretty sure most commenters at MHB understand that the MSM is controlled by the Oligarchy.

    And how much coverage is Trump getting on the MSM? It does not matter if it’s positive or negative. Have we so quickly forgotten Obama’s Hope & Change rhetoric from 2008? If you want to see how the Oligarchy treats a real threat then research how Ron Paul was treated in the ’08 and ’12 elections.

    I am dismayed but not surprised by how the supposed ‘Alternative’ media is kowtowing to Trump. It proves that the Alt media is mostly controlled opposition and/or how powerful the MSM is in influencing the masses. I would argue it’s proof of both.

    The MSM could shut down Trump immediately if they so desired. NOTHING happens by accident or chance in the national MSM.


    1. Kevin, I tend to agree here re Trump. What are two ways to draw the alternative crowd towards supporting, in some cases vociferously, Donald Trump? Suggest that 911 will be exposed to the light of truth under president Trump. And even more crafty, perhaps, is to have Newt Gingrich state that Trump is not beholden to any secret societies.

      This world is one big hall of mirrors, within one big funhouse. Wisdom is needed to know if the square is square, or the level is level.

      1. “This world is one big hall of mirrors, within one big funhouse. Wisdom is needed to know if the square is square, or the level is level.”

        Wisdom and discernment. Both of which emanate from the spirit not the mind. Logic and reason are critical… but can only take you so far, and are dependent on the quality of the input… is the data true or false?

        In order to dispel the darkness one must employ both logic and discernment. One must use both the heart and the mind to discover the Truth. For the human body requires that the mind (brain) and the spirit (heart) both be functional in order for life to exist.

        We’ve been taught to separate the two, in particular to ignore the spirit. But in order to have complete vision we must look from both the mind and spirit.

        1. “Both of which emanate from the spirit not the mind.”

          Spirit small s or Spirit, Kevin? If small, then it is human “wisdom” and “discernment.” Humanity has no answers for the vile conditions the devil has wrought.

          To keep looking for human answers to a spiritual condition is insanity Kevin. True wisdom and discernment can only come from Gods Spirit.

      2. It would be a good exercise to postulate just exactly what kind of candidate could/would succeed in this current environment sated with ugly crime figures and organizations. It’s easy for the naysayers to say Trump is dead meat, but they never seem to go one step further and give us some hope. Why is that?
        If the syndicates are so powerful and omnipresent, why are they considered to be shaking in their boots? Why, then, are they not licking their chops while waiting to crucify Trump in a dozen or more ways? People assume Trump is dead in the water, yet the mobs are fearful Trump will upset the apple cart? Is it as easy as machine gunning the candidate and doing away with him? It isn’t, but why?

    1. My take on these racially charged disruptions at Trump rallies is that they are indeed staged, and part of the ongoing agitprop campaign associated with the “black lives matter” psy-opp. The faked murders of Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Grey etc. by white police officers last summer were an attempt to set the stage for one of this election cycles’ main themes, the apparent (though irrational, see this: support of black and minority voters for Hillary Clinton. This lie provides cover for the vote theft which is occurring in minority urban areas where unverified electronic voting machines are prevalent. (see this: Notice a correlation with Hillary’s primary victories? Tomorrow we have the moment of truth in the democratic primary, where the winner take all states of Ohio and Florida use mostly unverified electronic voting. Hillary will edge out Bernie Sanders by winning in these areas. Even her victory in MA and her defeat in MI, both by slim margins, were fraudulent: She will then go on to oppose the straw man Donald Trump, who will lose massively in the general election. Meanwhile Trump gets all the attention, mostly negative, and the real story of this election, the surging popularity of Bernie Sanders, goes unnoticed.

      This process resembles the election fraud which occurred in the South Carolina senate race in 2010. There an unknown and unemployed democrat, Alvin Greene mysteriously beat the respected favorite Vic Rawl in the primary, and went on to face the unpopular and business friendly Rep. Jim Demint in the state senate race. Demint won handily. South Carolina has electronic voting without a paper trail.

      1. My apologies for my confusion about the winner take all primaries. Only the Republican primaries in Fl and OH are winner take all. Nevertheless, the issue of voter verification is a much bigger one than the msm is acknowledging. Do check out Richard Charnin’s blog. Also note the correlation between Hillary’s early victories in Nevada. South Carolina, and Louisiana, and the prevalence of unverified touch screen voting in those states. Is she really “stronger in the south” or is something else going on. Remember that operation gladio in Europe was engineered to push voters to the right. What is the purpose of the black lives matter agitprop in this election year?

      2. Treyvon I followed diligently, and it’s pretty clear that the event happened, and happened pretty much as concluded (George tracked him, treyvon came from behind while George was on cell and suckered him, got on top and was about to knock him out when George got his gun out and squeezed one off). The media made this a circus like I assume they do any death that fits a narrative. I find it hard to believe they stage deaths when it’s so much easier to run with real ones. Don’t report deaths that you can’t exploit. Simple equation there. Sometimes we need to reassess and apply occam’s razor.

        1. Elf- That is a good video on the fake identity of Trevon Martin, subbed from the youtube account of the now banned livingonplanetz. Here’s a subsequent video by him showing that Zimmerman’s lawyer, the blonde Lorna Truitt, is the same woman who is acting as James Holmes’ attorney, the dark haired Lisa Damiani. Looks like the same person to me. Why do all these people have aliases? Good evidence that the Aurora shooting is fake too. Also note that the lawyer for Michael Brown’s parents, Benjamin Crump, was representing Trevon Martin’s parents. Why involve more people than necessary in these hoaxes. Pay them once, and get double duty.

        2. Thanks Christo. LOPZ changed to “Vincent Moore”, then to “NowtheTruthTV1”, 2,3,4, etc. I think he/she is at 10 or 11. Every time there was a strike they just made a new channel. I am subbed to all and they do such an astounding job researching all these ghouls. At least all their research is still there.

    1. Steve Lendman can always be depended on to express his deep love for Zionism. He lays off the double citizens like the plague. A plant, all the way.

      1. That is why I am fond of saying Steve “London is Innocent” Lendman and Paul Craig “Washington’ Roberts. There meme is it Washington behind all of this like they never heard to the City of London printing the money or the Vatican bull which legally gives them ownership of London since 1231. Just because it is old does not imply it is not legally valid and the courts do not uphold it, they do.

        1. Yea, Lendman & Roberts may very well be ignorant of all that…certainly they probably haven’t read “Tragedy and Hope” &/or “The Anglo-American Establishment” which would’ve put those notions to rest. The greatest trick City of London pulled was to convince us The British Empire fell; it’s just rebranded as “The British Commonwealth”(which BTW encompasses 1/3 of all nations). The British, like the Venetians before have mastered the art of Leading From Behind.

  11. What I find interesting is how politics so pervasively enraptures everyone in it, as if the political process is somehow actually able to solve problems that…..politics itself creates? When will we grasp that the moment “politics” ever solved it’s own problems, POLITICS WOULD MAKE ITSELF OBSOLETE. Its the revolution that happens EVERY 4(2, 6 for Senate) YEARS that brings us to….the exact same place we were before. Trump attempts to go to Chicago, where “Hope & Change” current President hails from, & I’m sure that under this CURRENT LAME DUCK PRESIDENT things have gotten…so much better? Obviously, Trump supports torture because…Obama with his CIA black sites & redacted Senate Intelligence report on CIA torture…hasn’t tortured ENOUGH? Or that Trump wants a WALL because Obama has done such a terrible job of….detaining & deporting more illegal, undocumented, & or convicted felon immigrants with victimless drug charges than all US Presidents in history(just to let more in because globalist objectives demand flesh for the meat grinder)? Trump wants to bump off terrorists extrajudicially because Obama has done the most atrocious job of….TERROR TUESDAYS? My point is made; what a joke!!! We as people need to STOP EMOTIONALLY ATTACHING OURSELVES TO THIS NONSENSE, for like Yogi Berra once said: “Its de ja vu all over again”.

  12. “ shaking in their boots”

    “ mobs are fearful Trump will upset the apple cart”

    “they’re afraid of us now”

    “we have them on the run”

    “we know we’re over the target because we’re getting so much flak”

    Have heard such words many times and now see that this kind of rhetoric was often part of the script and worked as a way to keep “truth and justice seekers” corralled, believing, hoping that the system still works and that they make a difference.

    Any candidate who has been legally bankrupt four times and comes out on top as a New York City billionaire and makes it to the finals of the highest office in the land is already locked up in the apple cart.

  13. On Inforwars today (3/16) is an military article of a poll of military on the primaries. Of all the candidates, the two favorites are Trump, 27% and Sanders 22%. The least favorite are the neolibcons, Clinton, 11% and Rubio, 9%.

    It’s understandable. They have their asses on the line and they don’t want no more stinking war. They don’t care about the parties, they don’t want war policies of either party. Because they would have to fight it.

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