On this episode the always insightful investigative journalist and political analyst Jon Rappoport joins James to break down the corporate media coverage of the Zika virus and the powerful forces behind the campaign. Rappoport is a foremost authority on dubious epidemics foisted on the public, and his essential research on the relationship between alleged plagues and the medico-rappoportpharmaceutical complex makes his most recent analyses and insights essential reading. Rappoport also discusses the unusual circumstances surrounding the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Jon Rappoport is one of the most thoughtful and prolific investigative reporters of our time. He has written articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon ran as a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California, and has also delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences throughout the world.



Mr. Rappoport is the author of three multimedia collections spanning his life’s work, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, in addition to several books. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power.

website: jonrappoport.wordpress.com/

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11 thought on “Trust Us. We’re Experts.”
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    The non-threat of Zika virus and the lame media creating hysteria where there is nothing there. Rappaport states that Zika has been around for thousands of years…that would mean that we mostly have immunity to it. And he also states that the virus is mild…one hardly knows they have it. The biggest part of the story is the failure by the health authorities to link it to small head development. As Rappaport states, it is more likely the result of a) aggressive vaccination programs; b) the dumping of huge amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers into the soil, and water, and toxins in the air that have direct correlation to the infants’ small head. But you won’t hear about that from the media…

  2. What seems to me the oddest part of the Zika story is how it can become detached from the mosquito transmission itself and then become human-human, as through sexual contact. This would be like the bubonic plague which first had the lice vector and then was transmitted between humans. But is it true? And perhaps indeed microcephaly was caused by the virus, but how? You know they figured out the mechanism of thalidomide caused stunted growth of extremities in the fetus (an iatrogenic deformity caused by a pharmaceutical), and found it could be used to treat leprosy because it affected those same parts of the body I suppose.

    But anything of this complicated mechanism usually is not instantly understood – it takes time – and the whole Zika thing seems to be too fast and without a lot of scientific studies. Have means of understanding diseases accelerated so much or is the bull flying thick and fast through the media’s tendency merely to echo sensational stories?

  3. Microcephaly is defined in America as the lower 1% of head size in infants born in America. The American definition of “normal” head size is used throughout the world, including Brazil, even though smaller people are found in some of these countries than would be found in America. Therefore, by the very definition of microcephaly, Brazil is bound to find more cases of microcephaly, simply because parents of children there have smaller heads than average Americans.

    I don’t know if Rappoport is aware or not, but viruses do not and cannot cause disease, unless it is injected into the body. A virus is a dead piece of protein, with no means of motility, respiration, reproduction, or any other signs of life. In order to be an “infective” organism, Koch’s postulates must be fulfilled, and they are not where viruses are blamed for causing disease.

    These are Koch’s postulates:

    The series of conditions that must be met in order to establish a microorganism as the causative agent of a disease, namely: it must be present in all cases of the disease; inoculations of its pure cultures must produce the disease in susceptible animals; and from these it must again be isolated and propagated in pure cultures.

    NONE of these conditions have ever been met by ANY so-called viral disease. For example, many people with so-called “AIDS” have no trace of HIV virus, many people with colds have no trace of Rhinovirus, many people with “flu” have no trace of any flu virus. On the other hand, people can be purposefully inoculated with viruses and do not become ill or contract the supposed disease they are purported to cause, including colds, flu, HIV, HPV and you-name-it. The “Germ Theory” of disease is another of the worst hoaxes imposed on mankind.

    Chief among its fraudsters was that despicable man, Pasteur, a fraud, a liar, a plagiarist, politically appointed by Napoleon, but with no scientific talent whatsoever. His notes, after all these decades of being hidden, finally show how he falsified data in his “experiments” (if he bothered to conduct an experiment at all) in order to push his agenda.

    1. And your expertise in these matters is what?

      The reason that very often some virus cannot be isolated is that it is small and that it must infect a cell in order to survive. It has no independent existence. It is speculated that viruses began as bacteria, and then lost most of their cellular structure, occupying only a host and moving from one to another.

      Pasteur began as someone trying to understand why wine turned to vinegar and trying to support the French wine industry. I do not consider someone despicable who created conditions under which milk would be rendered free of the tuberculin bacillus. If later people took pasteurization too far and became confused about the way cheese made with unpasteurized milk is safe to consume, well that is too bad.

      When you say “Napoleon appointed him” which Napoleon are you talking about? Clearly not the short one who invaded Russia. He was dead by the time Pasteur made his discoveries. France has a centralized form of government and they like to think they have smart people running their various departments. Even if something is a political appointment, it often surprisingly has to be based on merit.

      But if you insist on trashing science, then I wish you many glasses of spoiled vinegar wine, but not TB infected milk, because that would be too cruel to someone so ignorant, and it might spread too.

  4. To add more ammunition to the arsenal against dubious expertise, please be advised of Orson Welles’ final film “F for Fake” which should be a powerful tool for all activists seeking to crumble the monstrous façades of propaganda that surround us in every direction. I remember Mr. Rappoport’s coverage of the Ebola outbreak having been particularly cutting-edge. Keep up the good work, gents! –Paul

  5. I was fed up with the fake flu and the BSE epidemic, when West Nile virus came along. Now, as if stings are not enough to make people buy mosquito spray, the canisters sport boasts that it protects from a virus.
    I suppose the herbal enthusiasts will not change, but the people who would have dabbed on DEET will dowse themselves instead, and increase sales.
    Next contestant, Zika. In 2017 the virus will start with the letter A.

    Hey, how about a little game? Try to predict the name of the next virus.

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