Submitted by Dr. Winfield J. Abbe
[The letter below was sent to FAU President John Kelly on December 16, 2015.-Ed.]

Dr. John W. Kelly
Office of the President
Florida Atlantic University
Administration Bldg., Room 339
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

tel: 561.297.3450
fax: 561.297.2777

Dear Dr. Kelly:

Professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D., a tenured associate professor in the School of Communication and Multi Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University, is evidently a very courageous minority of one at the school where you were recently appointed the new President about a year ago, who has the courage, guts and gumption and intense desire to find the truth, to question the official dogma and evident massive government lies about the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut 3 years ago next Monday December 14, 2012. Since FAU has about 1000 faculty members this amounts to a tiny fraction of 0.1% of your “esteemed” faculty willing to hold views, justified by evidence and Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.11.54 PMfacts, which conflict with massive media hype and brainwashing of the gullible public and possibly the remainder of the other 999 or so of your faculty members as well, many of whom hold the highest research degree.

Professor Kelly, it takes a special person to go against the crowd. About 4 centuries ago when the powerful Catholic Church told everyone the Earth was the center of our universe, it took a very courageous and intelligent physicist by the name of Galileo Galilei to speak truth to them. But instead of convincing the ignorant fools in the Catholic Church at the time, they nearly burned him at the stake for holding views contrary to their unjustified ignorant opinions, not based on any experiments or facts as were his beliefs. It took the Catholic Church nearly 350 years to admit they were wrong and the world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei was right after all.

Galileo Galilei, the genius level physicist from Italy is considered the Father of the Scientific Method where what we mean by “truth” is what different observers agree upon at different places and different times in the Universe, not religious superstition or mythology or astrology or “feelings” or other unverifiable claims. True science demands experimental facts which can be reproduced by others. At the bottom of this effort is common honesty and openness and integrity. In law these concepts are embodied in the well known phrase, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Taken together, along with other concepts, these form the basis of what we call the Scientific Method today. Lying, cheating , secrecy, prejudice, bias, preconceived ideas, dishonesty, …are all antitheses to the goals of reaching the truth as defined by the Scientific Method elucidated by Galileo Galilei and which has produced the many benefits, as well as evil, to our modern civilization.

Professor Tracy has been improperly ridiculed, bullied, threatened, attacked and more for simply holding and discussing his reasons for believing that the official narrative of the Sandy Hook Hoax is false, while he justifies his claims with evidence and facts just as Galileo Galilei did some 4 centuries ago. Evidently we have not come very far as a civilized society in the past 400 years except we no longer burn dissidents at the stake in public. But humiliation is still humiliation isn’t it?

Dr. Kelly, you are obviously a busy man. But how long would it take you to read the free book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook of which professor Tracy is one of the authors? If you log on to the site, you can download a free copy of this 426 page book. But it will be more difficult reading than a fiction novel. One must exercise brain function to read it. I urge you Dr. Kelly to read this book personally before making a judgment about what is right or wrong about Sandy Hook. Just pretend you have never watched a single television propaganda program about this incident. Try to clear your brain of all that garbage the media told you was true, when, in fact, it was all lies. Ask yourself these questions: How do I know anyone died at Sandy Hook? What forensic and physical evidence proves anyone died there? How do I even know the school was a functioning sandy-hook-demolitionschool that day or even for the preceding four years? How do I know any of these kids are really who we were told by the media they were? How do we know Adam Lanza was even a real person? Why was the crime scene kept a carefully guarded secret, with the full military force and power of government, with even the wrecking crew sworn to secrecy with criminal sanctions? Could it be that there were no bullet holes in those inside walls of that school building? Could it be that there was not blood splattered all over in this alleged crime scene as there was in the former crime scene of say OJ Simpson fame? Where are the true death certificates Dr. Kelly? Where are the 27 200+ page autopsy reports for each alleged victim Dr. Kelly? What do you think is in those 27 caskets from the closed casket hidden funerals? Why are not the names of the alleged dead victims in the death index Dr. Kelly?…. This is not conspiracy theory Dr. Kelly, this is what true science is all about. As an expert in Horticulture, a very fascinating subject, you must also be familiar with science and its rules.

I think it is fascinating that a perfectly normal looking ear of corn can contain no, zero, iodine, thereby leading to the disease we call goiter, or inflammation of the thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency, in those humans who consume such iodine deficient corn, a problem solved about a century ago by a very smart medical doctor in Cleveland, Ohio who proposed the magnificently simple solution of adding small amounts of iodine to common table salt. Otherwise we would all be enriching the corrupt pharmaceutical companies by likely being forced by the corrupt FDA to purchase iodine supplements today to avoid this “disease”.

President Kelly, the amazing thing about all this is not that professor Tracy had the gumption and courage to go against the mob of “flat earth believers”, but the deafening silence of virtually all the rest of the intimidated gutless cowards on your faculty. Dr. Tracy is in the image of the great scientists like two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ph.D. who had the guts to speak up about the dangers of the nuclear arms race and atomic bomb testing. He even became persona non grata at his own institution Cal Tech because they feared the bad publicity might affect their selfish interest in government dinero at the expense of the truth. Dr. Tracy is in the image of the top physical chemist professor Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., who as a graduate student in 1943 under Glen Seaborg at UC Berkeley produced the first plutonium for the first atomic bomb, but had to go up against his own supervisor in blowing the whistle on the government lies about the safety and promise of nuclear power for “unlimited”, “safe” energy supply “forever”. Professor Dr. John Gofman became a world authority on radiation and public health. Other courageous individuals could be listed like Marie Curie, one of a very few, especially women, who was awarded two Nobel prizes, one in physics the other in chemistry. Yet the prejudiced French Academy of Sciences refused her admission to that “elitist mutual admiration society”. It takes about 6 pages of small print to list all her medals and decorations from around the world. No Polish jokes allowed for this genius level scientist from Poland whose discoveries changed the world.

Dr. Kelly, only when the faculty of Florida Atlantic University and its administration up to and including your office and your supervisors on the Board of Trustees publicly admit professor Dr. Tracy was right and you all were wrong after all, about the Sandy Hook Hoax, will anyone believe FAU is truly a great university of the world. Until that day, FAU is little more than an institution of lower indoctrination and brainwashing, not in the search for knowledge, truth and understanding, as the few remaining institutions of “higher” learning left in the world today. Professor Dr. Tracy should be awarded The President’s Distinguished Service Medallion for outstanding courageous service to the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Winfield J. Abbe
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607

Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939

Raised at Sierra Madre, California 1943-1966, citizen of Athens, Georgia almost 50 years.

Graduated Pasadena High School 1956

A.A., Pasadena City College, Pasadena California, 1958

A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961

M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962 under professor Dr. Earl D. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966 under professor Dr. Peter E. Kaus, Ph.D.

Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan Ann Arbor under professor Dr. Marc Ross, Ph.D., 1966-1967.

Early research expertise: Experimental low temperature solid state physics; Theoretical high energy elementary particle physics. Ph.D. Dissertation: “A Possible Reggeized Bootstrap Theory” published in about six papers in the Physical Review and other journals.

Assistant-Associate Professor of Physics, University of Georgia, 1966-1978; voluntarily resigned a lifetime tenured position due to, among other things, lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads, all of whom had Ph.D. degrees, to the tenured faculty for over 5 years. One Dean the late John Stephens had a Ph.D. degree in English, while the other the late Jack Payne had a Ph.D. degree in microbiology. Both were deans of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia almost 40 years ago when these horrible events occurred.

Awards for superior or outstanding achievement in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

First prize in contest for the best scientific explanation of how the “Dunking Bird” works, presented and awarded by Dr. Harper W. Frantz, Ph.D., Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Chairman, Physical Sciences Division, Pasadena City College, described in an article in the Pasadena Star News, 1959, the newspaper I delivered on my bike as a boy growing up there.

Highest score on 18 hour qualifying examination, at the doctoral level, given in 6 three hour parts for a week.

Last 15 years studying the failed war on cancer.

Book self published because virtually the only books an orthodox publisher will publish on cancer are sympathy scam books: “An Unsuccessful Effort to Deny Use of State of Georgia Facilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., May, 2000 with copies placed at the University of Georgia Library and local Athens, Georgia public library, about 100 pages.

Recent invited presentation: “Unethical to Criminal Conduct some Failures of Self-Regulation from UGA to MIT” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., a presentation to the Conference on Academic Freedom held at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, Saturday April 26, 2014., sponsored by professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D. and Stephen Francis.
Copy of this presentation enclosed.

Also enclosed “Secrecy is the Antithesis of the Truth”, by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., book review of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, now banned by Jeff Bezos, E.E., CEO of Amazon.Com, and “top” Princeton University graduate of Princeton University electrical engineering 1986 some 24 years after another top Princeton University graduate professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. (philosophy) (1962) another author of the above seminal book exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax with evidence and facts which can be verified by anyone. This is NOT conspiracy theory, this is true SCIENCE. There is not one iota of physical or forensic proof that a single person died in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre December 14, 2012.

If this message is sent electronically, a hard surface mail copy will be sent along with enclosures.
Copies to:
Professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D.,
Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.,
Lynn Laurenti, Special Assistant to the President:; Please forward above message to President Kelly.
Rita Gelin, Executive Secretary,; Please forward above message to President Kelly.
Howard Saltz, Editor, South Florida Sun-Sentinel,

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29 thought on “An Open Letter to FAU President John Kelly PhD”
  1. Sorry, but the fact is that universities now have interdepartmental nondisclosure agreements – the only logical explanation I can think of for the weird lack of comment from students and colleagues of doctor Tracy is that this website, his “termination” and the whole controversy about the SHE mass shooting are part o an experiment in “perception management”.

    Otherwise, at least a few students would’ve commented here by now. No, if no one but a retiree is willing to touch this thing with a ten foot pole, there is definitely something hokey about it… Somebody somewhere is looking at us exactly the same way an entomologist looks at a jar full of bugs.

    1. Astute comments, thanks. What young person, say, a student at FAU, doesn’t think about his own position in college and how it could be smeared or messed up by poking one’s head into defense of Tracy? If intelligent adults are devoid of the facts in a case such as this one, where do we really expect young students to be situated? Young people often have mediocre abilities in English and writing. I interfaced with scads of young people over a 35 year career and was amazed at how limited their vocabularies were and how poorly they put thoughts and words together. Young students are going through psychosocial growth, they are often clumsy when it comes to explanations.
      Arguably, SH was a trial of sorts, it was a training ground meant to see how far people could be pushed before they got suspicious. Clearly, the vast majority of Americans are perfectly OK with the establishment explanations for the various false flags. I have no facile answers, but I do feel it’s a composite rationale that describes their lack of interest. These future leaders have been brainwashed, what do we expect them to be like?

      The US is being taken over by the evil forces of the NWO and SH is just another training ground to see how far people can be pushed before they put their 12 ouncers down and get involved with the reasons they are alive. Not all Americans are braindead. Those that aren’t unfortunately don’t want to mix it up in the ring, either.

      We’ve got to understand the forces that enveloped Tracy and develop a strategy to get him some elbow room and bargaining power. Most likely, he’s doing just that as we speak…..

  2. Fantastic letter! Excellent reference to historical people who changed the world by refusing to be silent at great personal cost! Those type of people are the worlds TRUE heros!
    We have heros now, you can easily spot them, they are the ones most viciously attacked. They are also those who are less known if at all by the public at large. They tend to live their lives more alone than most, with fewer “friends” and are rejected by society. Yet they still stand strong and refuse to be silenced or shamed into submission. If you know someone like that, give them a kind word, a smile, a hug.

  3. Do you remember Dave Chappelle’s first show, the one with the Black White supremacist?

    Remember when Clayton Bigsby removed his hood, and the crowd all saw that he was Black, and one guy’s head exploded?

    That is what this letter probably did to President Kelly.

  4. Great job by Winfield, bravo!
    As somebody who has taken some unpopular but just and justified positions on a number of tough issues over the many years of my life, I’ve ruminated on the subject of “getting through to other people” on nettlesome issues.

    First and foremost, one must know what weaponry his/her opponent is packing. Intellectually, that is. It’s not easy to bulldoze people who are knowledgeable and prepared for battle.

    Trump is going to face this obstacle hard and fast in the near future, most likely, as he faces severe headwinds in the personage of Hillary Clinton. But, how does one plan to counterattack a plethora of lies, obfuscations, and other obstacles to the tete a tete that will be set up before the American public? Is there anybody on MHB that doesn’t see how the Dems will try to spring Hillary from her current position? So, the Dems push for a postponed judgment until she’s president where she can pardon herself, or should she not accede to the throne, have Obama pardon her before he leaves office. What is easier, slicker, and more disgusting that this?

    Dr. Abbe faces the same problem as he confronts the FAU president. He must be aware that Kelly has reasons to act rashly toward Dr. Tracy, good or bad. I’d say somebody made Kelly an offer he couldn’t refuse. Any and sundry inducements could be made so easily to Kelly. You want state and federal grants?, do it the way you must in order to keep up the financial stream. Tracy could easily find himself at the wrong end of an anti-semitism crusade by Pozner, somebody we consider a person of interest. Perhaps letters of support for Tracy written to Kelly are not the treatment of choice, at least the way they are being written as of the present.

    It’s clear there will be no fairness during these attempts to support Dr. Tracy. In that sense, and it is only my opinion, Dr. Abbe will not impress Kelly one iota by quoting his own personal list of academic accomplishments, curriculum vitae, his academic degrees and those of other mentioned doctorate level people or members of the professoriate. None whatsoever, this is just my opinion but it is not an opinion suddenly arrived at without much personal angst over the years of my professional immersion.

    Kelly is somebody’s linch pin, he’s been put in the unique position of “do it or else”. He’s perhaps an unwilling action agent, I can think of a number of potential controllers that hold sway over him. And, most likely, so do you. This is not Babel, this is not hieroglyphics, this is not abstruse. Tracy is wedged into this drama unwillingly. I can’t see Kelly as having any degrees of freedom to wiggle in. For whatever reasons, he took the bait and now he’s hooked.

    Kelly has been given a certain amount of “power”, until we and others acquire some power, too, our bleating entreaties will fall on deaf ears. And, this is no slam on any effort made to bring light onto Tracy’s situation. Fighting any establishment is difficult per se, fighting establishments that make up their own rules, now that’s positively Sisyphean. Only until we know the intricacies behind this Tracy-FAU brouhaha will we start to understand and learn how to deal with it. In a previous comment, I used a term and I paraphrase it here, “in some cases, the truth is not nearly enough”. Here is one of those situations. Until we unravel the Gordian knot, our feeble efforts to gain eye to eye power relations with the establishment will be denied.
    We’ve got to learn the power dynamic in Tracy’s enigma, then and only then can we hope to use our own simple machines to fight more effectively. Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

    1. It seems to me that you are making excuses for the cowards so often in positions of power now-a-days. They were “forced, threatened” etc is the common theme in some way or another. Excuses all!
      I hold people to much higher standards. If more people would dare to stand up for ethical behavior, truth, and have some integrity, the world would soon be better. It is the wimpy ass people who cave into doing things they know are wrong that keep us in these type situations.
      Yes, he could risk loosing his job. However, that is simply no excuse. People like the head of a university are not without talents that they can monetize. But at the end of each day, when you cave in, over and over, when you do not stand up to be counted, all you have is staring you in the face. No money can change that, can give you back any self respect. And to be sure, any family you have, have seen you failing to live with honor. How truly pathetic.
      In my life, I have spoken up and paid the price. I can hold my head up and face I am not suggesting anyone do what I would not (and have) done. Interestingly, more often than not, when I have stood my ground, told the truth and refused to do wrong to another, those I stood up to have apologized and backed down.
      All I am saying is it is time to hold people to account. No matter who they think they are. No master above, no slave below. It is time to CLAIM your power, not wait for anyone to give it to you.

  5. I, too, am sorry, Robert. But if you think his colleagues have not commented you haven’t been following this long enough. They have humiliated him publicly, accused him of being a “tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist”, etc. Lack of comment by his students ? Ever hear of intimidation or veiled threats ? Whistle blowers are having “accidents” left & right. My disgust is that they could do this to a tenured professor who only presents evidence, doesn’t tell you what to believe. He states right on his blog disassociation with the university as this is his personal blog. “Freedom of speech” ? Another right out the window !!

  6. My opinion is that, unfortunately, there are only very few individuals that have the cojones to stand up to the status quo. Dr. Kelly, the faculty of Florida Atlantic University and its administration, Kelly’s office and his supervisors on the Board of Trustees represent the majority: selfish, spineless cowards that may never change.

  7. First of all, I don’t expect anyone to accept that I’m just some anonymous guy who noticed a series of “criminal acts” in California, are in reality “security theater”, and only wants to spread the word. It’s the truth, but none of you have any way of verifying it – I might be a G-man in some fusion center or a demented activist/infiltrator, or worse.

    That being said, I am skeptical of everyone and every thing, including Dr. Tracy. He doesn’t owe me anything. And I don’t expect him to account to for anything, but I don’t understand why he seems to have zero interest in a story about the only US Coast Guard boarding officer allegedly murdered in the line of duty since 1927. The fact that the case was never reported nationally, is impossible to explain away considering the circumstances and the fact the government wouldn’t normally pass up a chance to make such a person into a “national hero”.

    I contacted Dr. Tracy 2 times, and for all I know, he never saw the second email, so I never said anything about it. Then, I tried to “give” my “secret story” to Kevin Scott King, at TruthShock – again, Mr. King doesn’t owe me any explanation or anything like that, it’s just really hard for me to see what the problem is. I told him I meant no offense, and I think I made it pretty clear that he can always say no, so what’s the problem?

    Now do you see what I mean?

    1. Robert says:

      “but I don’t understand why he (James Tracy) seems to have zero interest in a story about the only US Coast Guard boarding officer allegedly murdered in the line of duty since 1927.”

      I don’t..

      “I contacted Dr. Tracy 2 times, and for all I know, he never saw the second email,(HE DID) so I never said anything about it. Then, I tried to “give” my “secret story” to Kevin Scott King, at TruthShock”

      Haha Toni told you to spill the beans 5 days ago..

      .I’m Dying now

      “Mr. King doesn’t owe me any explanation or anything like that, it’s just really hard for me to see what the problem is.”

      Hahaha. Stalking is a Crime in the USA.

      I’m Sorry Robert, but I couldn’t let this one go,,Forgive me, I’m only Sleeping.

      Bobert says :”Now do you see what I mean?”


      Me Bad

      Bob,I’m kidding.

      1. “Haha Toni told you to spill the beans 5 days ago..”

        Who is “Toni”? And why should I care about what Toni “told” me to do? Unless this Toni person is an alias used by James Tracy, I don’t really have permission to post my story here, and I certainly don’t consider what Toni “told” me to be an order.

        And I don’t know if you’re kidding or not, but this is exactly the sort of thing that makes this “forum” highly suspect – instead of having an honest conversation, you want to act like a clown? This is what I expected to happen, now I’m “Bobert”, and posting 2 comments addressed to KSK here, and 2 comments over at his blog = “stalking”? Yeah, right.

        As for sending my “big scoop” to James Tracy, that really shouldn’t be necessary, because in this case, google is his friend – all he needs to do is type ‘only us coast guard boarding officer murdered in line of duty since 1927’, and just like magic, he’ll discover that this ain’t no secret – it was a big story in California, just like these panga boats that have been allegedly been smuggling Mexican marijuana into California since 2011 – the last Panga “incident” that I know of occurred near Santa Barbara on 2/1/16. Here’s a nice article:

        The phony smuggling operation and the equally phony murder would’ve been all over the network TV news a long time ago if they were anything but hoaxes, but were never reported anywhere outside of California.

    2. Robert, Dr. Tracy isn’t here to be all things to all people. IMO, he can tackle whichever story he deems worthy. Right now he’s kinda tied up in his defense from being (wrongfully) fired from FAU. Give him some slack.

  8. Perhaps the president of FAU should watch the 2015 film “Trumbo,” which dramatizes the HUAC hearings via the life of Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. “Trumbo” does have discrepancies in facts – it is, after all, a fictionalized account based on a true story – and also it does a disservice to Edward G. Robinson, according to reports, but overall it is a far better film to watch than say, “Spotlight.” To watch “Trumbo” is to understand that we never left the late 1940s/early 1950s mind-set of the Red Scare.

    Today, the same type of “scare” is going on and it’s called the “Conspiracy Theory Scare.” Dr. Tracy and others have fallen victim to this current “scare.” And what’s even scarier, is not many are noticing that we’re right back where we were nearly 70 years ago – name-calling, lost jobs/income, shunning, ridicule, it’s all right here, right now, and very real if you dare express an opinion about events that do not align with (any) Official Story.

    So we’re not so smart of a nation as we think we are. We’ve not grown one iota since last century; we’re still mired in fear of each other, and of ideas, and of questions. Now, instead of one Joe McCarthy, we have many little Joes willfully spewing their hate 24/7 upon anyone with a different opinion – or a different question.

    Hopefully, we will snap out of our fear at some point and regret the harm done to those who dared to speak truth to power. Maybe some day there will be a film called “Tracy” and it will tell us of what he, and others, endured in the early 21st Century by simply asking the question, “What if…”

    1. I tried to post this’ on another thread, but it didn’t work. Here’s what real tenure is like:

      “The president of ultra-liberal Oberlin College is standing by the professor who has been posting a slew of anti-Semitic rants and bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theories on social media.

      The prestigious Ohio college — alma mater of Lena Dunham — released a letter from president Marvin Krislov defending associate professor Joy Karega’s freedom of speech, The Chronicle-Telegram reported Wednesday.

      “I believe, as the American Association of University Professors says, that academic freedom is ‘the indispensable quality of institutions of higher education’ because it encourages free inquiry, promotes the expansion of knowledge, and creates an environment in which learning and research can flourish,” Krislov writes.

      “Cultivating academic freedom can be difficult and at times painful for any college community. The principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech are not just principles to which we turn to face these challenges, but also the very practices that ensure we can develop meaningful responses to prejudice,” he added.

      The college — which charges $49,928 for tuition — last week released a brief statement saying that Karega’s views do not represent those of the college, located outside of Cleveland.

      Krislov said he’s since received many messages about Karega, an associate professor who teaches rhetoric and composition, that “range from demands for [her] immediate dismissal to demands that her right to free expression be defended at all costs.”

      “I am a practicing Jew, grandson of an Orthodox rabbi. Members of our family were murdered in the Holocaust,” he wrote in the letter. “As someone who has studied history, I cannot comprehend how any person could or would question its existence, its horrors and the evil which caused it.”

  9. Kinda hope my longer post gets posted today in this thread. Still stymied by a.) posts that go into moderation and b.) that creepy one-eyed icon next to my name. Sheeeesh.

  10. Wow! Such an amazing letter, Dr. Abbe. This is what I’ve been thinking and saying for some time now regarding academia. What college professors don’t seem to realize is that the attempt to exert a chilling effect on academic free speech is much more than that. It is an attack on professors. Sadly, it is a soft bulletin which may not be fully appreciated by the vast majority of university professors.

    Dr. Abbe has put this issue in the proper perspective. Dr. Tracy is at least 1 in 1000 as per courage. When other universities are added to that count he becomes all the more rare. That is admirable. But it is also a sad state of affairs.

    I have made it a point in the past two weeks to alert one of my own professors about Dr. Tracy’s fate. I will not go into too much detail, but I am a straight-A graduate student. My most recent written assignment may very well be struck down as inappropriate for defending the authors of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, but in the long term I believe, Inc. made a grave mistake when they banned that book.

    Florida Atlantic is leading the way in only one realm: injustice. But the type is injustice is the worst kind for an institution of higher learning. When I think FAU now, I think Stalin. I think memory holes. How appropriate that Dr. Tracy keyed in on this aspect of Orwell in that he himself would be memory-holed by his own institution.

    But it’s not that easy. We are watching. We are listening. We are storing these facts away. And we are speaking out.

    FAU=Stalinist administration

    Tracy (and Abbe)=Linus Paulings

    This issue is not going away. FAU is digging a very deep hole for itself from which no amount of silver-tongued PR can rescue it.


  11. ‘Don’t Feed the Trolls’

    It’s beautiful in its simplicity.

    As for stalking. Laugh at them, pity them, but never fear them. The definition of ‘no life’ is spending ‘your’ life spying/harassing other people. So at this point I assume the stalker falls under one of these categories;
    Pervert – voyeurism run wild
    Deeply Deceived – they believe in the lies of the controllers and that they’re doing the right thing. Patriotism is often used as a hook.
    Compromised – person has been blackmailed and is serving their master
    Job – the organization they work for is in the business of surveillance; AT&T, TimeWarner Cable, Law Enforcement, Google Maps, etc.

    It helps to remind myself that most of our opponents are either deeply deceived or trapped. So keep speaking the Truth to those deceived, and keep reminding those enslaved that the Truth will set you free.

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