Kevin Scott King

Since Obama has been in office numerous mass shooting events have occurred. Particular ones of note:

  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 1 – Nov 2009
  • Gabbie Giffords, Tuscon, AZ – Jan, 2011
  • Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO – July 2012
  • Sandy Hook Shooting, Newtown, CT – Dec 2012
  • Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, D.C – Sept 2013
  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 2 – Apr 2014
  • Charleston Church, Charleston, SC – June 2015
  • Umpqua College Shooting, Roseburg, OR – Oct 2015
  • San Bernardino Shooting, San Bernardino, CA – Dec 2015

Most have substantial and significant evidence of false-flag events, with the primary goal of pushing the Gun-Control agenda. But so far this has not been working. If anything it is backfiring. Every time one of these events occurs there is a spike in gun sales. So instead of making people afraid of guns, it’s making people afraid not to own one. The gun-control propaganda is not working as intended. I attribute this to several factors.

First, Americans entertain themselves with a tremendous amount of gun violence. TV, movies, video games. And what does this exposure teach us? That those who have guns have power, and those who don’t are nothing but victims. Second, and in conjunction with the first, pro-gun propaganda. Really, it is more accurate to call it pro-war propaganda. Because it’s darn hard to be pro-war without being pro-gun. The classic image of the modern soldier is always with their rifle. Third, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Forth, over saturation of false-flag events. I recently heard someone claim that false-flags are a modern phenomenon. I strongly disagree. People using deception (false-flags) for their own gain is not a modern phenomenon, it is ancient. However, what is a modern phenomenon is the systemic nature of current false-flags and the massive volume of false-flags that are occurring now. This over-saturation, plus just the shear amount of noise in our mass media, causes each successive event to have less impact.

This leaves the Obama administration in a dilemma. For his 2nd term objective is to enact serious gun control legislation. Obama succeeded in his first term objective, the Affordable Care Act. The piece of legislation written by the Insurance Companies in which Nancy Pelosi proudly announced “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”. I’m sure she did not read it, that was part of the bribe(s) condition. This illegal tax has done nothing but decrease quality of care, decrease choice of health care providers, increase Rx drug costs, and increase the cost of insurance.

It will also be used as the vehicle to force vaccinations. No vaccinations, no ObamaCare for you! It was also because of this ‘success’ that Obama won the next election, not that that was hard to do against Romney, and yet his margin of victory was only 4% points. Obama was re-elected on Nov 6, 2012, the Sandy Hook Capstone Event occurred on Dec 14, 2012. Plus, as already listed, a series of other false-flag events designed to push or ‘nudge’ for a serious gun-control law. And by serious I mean the same kind of legislation that the Port Authur, Australia false-flag event in 1996 was used for to ban most semi-auto rifles and  semi-auto shotguns in Australia, restrict handguns to 9mm or smaller, 10 round magazines, and only for Shooting Club use, and require license and permission to own any firearm.

However, it is my opinion, that there is simply way too much resistance to pull this off. That is why they have been pushing/selling this concessionary stance, that San Bernardino seems to have kicked off. The stance of banning firearm sales to those on the ‘No Fly’ list, which on the surface seems reasonable right? Except this is extremely dangerous. Why? Because we have no idea how one get’s on the No Fly list, and it is very difficult to get off of it if one should ‘accidentally’ get on it. The government claims the No Fly list is to stop terrorism. But we don’t have a domestic terrorism problem in the USA. Well, other than those events created or encouraged by the FBI. But we do know our Federal Government is corrupt. Certainly the people know. The #1 fear of Americans is… ‘Government Corruption‘, this was the top fear for just under 60% of the population.

And who are the enemies of a corrupt government? Well they have many. But I mean real enemies, not the manufactured type; Muslim Extremists, Russian, Chinese. The chance of any of these ‘supposed’ enemies threatening our shores with ‘boots on the ground’ is non-existent. The real enemies of corrupt government are it’s own population. Those it victimizes. Those it controls. Those it robs. Those who recognize the gross criminality of the officials who benefit from the Government’s corruption. These are the real enemies. Which it appears at this point is the vast majority of the US population. We are all the enemy. But in particular we have the groups and people’s who have taken a stand, spoken out, and armed themselves against tyranny. They go by different names; patriots, volunteer militia, freemen, Oathkeepers, preppers, anarchists, non-conformists, libertarians, activists, truthers, homeschoolers, survivalists, tax-protesters, Constitutionalists, free speech advocates, homesteaders, conspiracy theorists, freedom lovers, precious metals owners, gun owners… individualists. I’m not endorsing any of these per-se. But technically I belong to at least 10 of them. But if you are like me, you’ve had to overcome negative connotations associated with some of these, which were purposely created by the Government friendly mass media designed to discourage you from actually resisting our corrupt Government.

The Government has a different name for the groups above…. ‘domestic terrorist’. It appears any group who opposes and actively resists the US Government is labeled as such. I fully expect to be labeled as such, and probably in the not-to-distant future, if I’m not already. The secret World Government introduced ‘The Strong Cities Network’ at the United Nations (UN) on 9/29/15. The purpose to counter ‘violent extremism’. Which targets in particular people with ‘anti-government views’. The more corrupt a Government becomes, the more people will have anti-government views, the more violent they’ll become. And this is why the ‘No Fly’ list gun ban is so dangerous. Because the obvious objective is to disarm those who actually will use their firearms to defend themselves from Government tyranny. And really this was the objective all along. Better to disarm everyone. But certainly a crucial step would be disarming those who will stand their ground.

So if Obama is to be successful in his 2nd term then he needs gun-control legislation with teeth. And that means he needs a problem-reaction-solution. And that means they must create a false-flag event. A BIG event. Mass casualties. Real casualties. Shock and Awe.

But I say no. If we are to defeat the globalist then we must stop constantly spending our time ‘reacting’ to what they do. We will never overcome their machinations if all we do is react to their actions.

“ “The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” ”

Ron Suskind, Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush, The New York Times Magazine (October 17, 2004) Quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove).

They are controlling us in part, by controlling (limiting) our reaction. If all we do is expose what has happened, then we’ll always be at least one step behind. We must be pro-active. We must implement our own plans. We must stop them before they act. We must interfere. We must be a wrench in the works. A fly in the ointment. A thorn in their side. And this is what this article is about. Pro-Action.

Since I am convinced that the Obama administration has got one more BIG event in the works then I’m going to get out in front of it. My purpose is not to predict the event, but to prevent it. At the very least to expose it ‘pre’ event to such a degree that they will have to modify it and hence limit its effectiveness or use this article as PROOF when it does occur that it is a planned false-flag event. So this is my calling out of the plans and intentions of the criminals in charge of the US Govt.

So I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is, well more precisely where my writing is. I will use the ‘Event Plan’ outline from my Anatomy of False-Flag Events article to construct this false-flag before it happens.

The False-Flag Event Plan by sections:

  • Objective
  • Focus
  • Event Type
  • Main Event
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Participants
  • Perpetrator
  • Victim(s)
  • Event Execution
  • Back-up plans
  • Official Narrative
  • Cover-up

I initially am constructing this using the following assumptions; A BIG event is needed. 100+ deaths. Shock value is very important. Therefor, unlike so many of the recent events, I believe real deaths are going to be needed.

Objective – the primary objective, or ‘solution’, is gun legislation similar to the Australian semi-auto ban. This is proving difficult in gun friendly USA. So they have adjusted their plans and will be pushing to implement the ‘No Fly List’ gun ban.

Focus – in order to generate maximum impact the focus will be on the victims, and the victims families. The purpose to create sympathy, anger, grief. They want to create the “something needs to be done” mentality. This is what the media will be pushing. This is the intended ‘reaction’. And if we have real victims, then we will have real grieving parents. And, unfortunately, we at least will see what real grief, anguish, shock, and anger look like. Instead of loved ones of alleged victims who can’t keep from smiling, can’t generate tears, or can’t stop from flirting with Anderson Cooper.

Event Type – no decision here, has to be a mass shooting. Will need to include semi-auto rifles, with the now ubiquitous AR, and semi-auto handguns. Which manufacturer or caliber is unimportant. Just needs to be black and semi-auto. Would not be surprised if they used one of those high capacity (50-100 round) magazines as well. Probably throw in a semi-auto shotgun in the trunk just to cover all the bases.

Main Event – the question I keep mulling on is will this be within a ‘Drill’? It seems foolish at this point to use one, but don’t underestimate the US Govt. The other reason not to use a drill is real casualties. Hmm… so let’s think this out. We know ABSOLUTELY that many of these false-flag events have some kind of Emergency Response drills happening at the same time, location, or close by, or within days/weeks of the event. The drill is used as cover to set-up and execute the false-flag event. But these drills are not producing real casualties. Real people, real crisis actors, but no real deaths or injuries. People sign up to do a drill, and also sign a non-disclosure agreement, and when the drill goes ‘live’, those unknowing are stuck. They have to play along. However, no one actually died. My point here is if they need ‘real deaths’, they’re not going to kill volunteer drill participants. At least it appears they have not yet. Hence if real deaths are needed then this means NO drill.

Date/Time – this event has to happen before the Nov elections. And there also needs to be time to write/introduce/vote/pass the legislation, again before the election. So this puts the time window in the early summer, June/July. For maximum exposure it will probably fall midweek, Tue-Thu and need to happen early in the day, between 9-12 AM, for full coverage.

Location – first which state. It seems logical if not necessary to have this in a Democratically controlled state, you know like CT (Sandy Hook), or CA (San Bernardino). This is a big event, so they need cooperation at all levels. However, there is one reason why I am reluctant to definitively declare this. I am convinced they must have real casualties this time… and lot’s of them. It’s one thing to agree to an event with ‘fake’ casualties, quite another with real ones. The possibility of using a Democratically controlled city within a Republican State comes to mind. Like say, Austin, TX. If they choose a Republican state then an isolated location would be preferred to make it easier to control the operation, with quick access to multiple highways. I’ll address specific location types in following sections.

Participants – if real casualties are needed, and a high body count. Then they cannot rely on the patsy to get it done, even a MKUltra one. They will need professional killers to get the body count they desire. The less knowing participants the better. Most participants therefor will be unknowing-unwilling real victims. Participants will be the actual shooters. There will be more than one, but the official narrative will be one. The real shooters will probably not be natives of the USA. Other personnel will include whatever other necessary persons needed to control the scene until extraction of the shooters. Also will have the patsy and his/her handlers.

Perpetrator – will they roll out the young, white, loner again? That meme is so worn out. Do they throw in a racial element to make it a twofer? Even today, what justification have they given that makes any logical sense as to why Adam Lanza supposedly gunned down young children? Because… why? I understand completely why that group was chosen as the intended victims from the gun control lobby. But there is no logical reason to target young children. High School, revenge on bullies, at least that makes some sense. Based on my conclusion in the next section I’m going to say it will be a white male, mid 20’s to mid 40’s. He will have direct ties to alleged anti-government groups, like a patriot group or militia. This will tie back into maligning said groups such as those involved with the Hammond/Bundy shenanigans. His firearms therefor will be legitimately purchased. He will die by ‘self’ inflicted gun wound. That will be the official story, but in reality he’ll be murdered as well.

Victims – first, there must be real ones. This element really changes the entire event. Especially where it will occur. Obama needs maximum impact, and the only way to achieve that is real victims. And, as much as I hate to write this out, the younger the better. They are not going to target a Retirement Home. Not going to get the required sympathy element with older victims. And if younger is better, and they need vulnerable victims, and an easy target. And since Sandy Hook did not achieve the required reaction. Then would a preschool fit the bill? Young, innocent, defenseless, unsecured locations, no security. That is some dark conjecture to be sure. How desperate is Obama and the anti-gun group? It seems prudent to remind everyone that the 1st Iraq war was sold using what testimony? Does “dead babies on the cold floor” ring a bell?

“I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital with twelve other women who wanted to help as well. I was the youngest volunteer. The other women were from twenty to thirty years old. While I was there I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. [crying] It was horrifying.”

This testimony was 100% false. And the Bush Administration milked it ’till the cow dried up. The girl who gave the testimony, Nayirah, turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. She was coached by the Public Relations (Propaganda) firm Hill & Knowlton.

At least that testimony was BS, like Sandy Hook, no dead children after all. Unfortunately maximum effect is needed, therefor real deaths. Multiple locations? I thought about a preschool(s) with predominantly ethnic minorities, racial motivations. But that would not garner the necessary sympathies with the population at large, sad to say. I had another idea. Frankly, I’m getting a bit uncomfortable imagining possibilities. Summer camp? Lot’s of young victims. Isolated. Possible attack on Religion (Church Camp). How about a YMCA? Remember it will be summer. Summer Camp really fits the bill. Young victims, isolated and therefor much easier to control the event, can use the attack on Religion angle, smartphones at most camps not allowed. Not sure how common security cameras are at Summer Camps, but leaning towards rare. My point is an actual legitimate reason for no raw video footage.

Event Execution – time, time, time. Speed is of the essence. Fast in, fast out. Need time to execute the murders, get the real shooters out, and plant (and kill) the patsy.

Back-up Plans – when formulating back-up plans have to consider what could go wrong. Have to be certain that no local Law Enforcement will show up before/during. Best plan would then to have some kind of ‘distraction’ to ensure slow response. Isn’t Law Enforcement involved in these false-flag attacks? Yes, but killing opponents and threats like JFK/MLK/RFK is very different than killing innocent children. Participating in a drill where no one actually dies is very different than the killing of real children.

Official Narrative – the Press will be selling the anti-government narrative, and in particular pushing for the No-Fly List gun ban. So they’ll use words like ‘extremist’, ‘domestic terrorist’, ‘anti-government’. Possibly also label a prepper. Loner, volatile, unstable. There should be some tie-in to why this guy should have been on the No Fly list.

Cover-up – other than whatever ‘story’ is cooked up to frame and malign the alleged shooter.. ie the patsy. Cover-up actions will occur as needed.

So as stated, my premise is built on real casualties. Many parameters above change if they go with fake casualties. I highly encourage all to engage in the thought exercise of using the Event Plan to predict potential future events or study pasts ones. It really makes you think them about it in a different and critical way. It has made it crystal clear for me why they use the ‘drill’ as cover for many events. Even if they do go with fake casualties, the summer camp is still an excellent location. They could literally create one from scratch. Hence, have total control of the scene.

So there is my ‘prediction’. I hope I’m right and putting this out there prevents it or radically changes it. Or better yet I’d love to be completely wrong, no event occurs at all. The worse case is I’m right and they do it anyway. But if the Alt/Truth community makes enough noise about it BEFORE it happens I believe we can possibly stop it, or blunt it to ineffectiveness.

One other consideration to keep in mind. And another reason to do this in an isolated location. It is my opinion that the San Bernardino event was a gun-control event that got hi-jacked by the pro-war proponents. Which means they have had to re-think how to do their next operations. This could also be why we’ve not seen another minor gun-control false-flag since SB.

This has been a very disturbing article to write. But people are literally doing this. People are creating these false-flag events, and executing them, and selling them as factual. So someone is dreaming up this garbage. Someone is… “making this stuff up!”. The past few months I’ve heard that mantra frequently in Alt/Truth news. The truth is so bizarre sometimes those reporting it, out of incredulity, utter… “you can’t make this stuff up”. But that’s an oxymoron. Because that is EXACTLY what is occurring. People are ‘making it up’, people are creating these false realities. People are regularly telling one bold face lie after another after another after another.

I’ve struggled with whether I should post this article or not. At the worst that I might actually be giving these bastards ideas. But perversity seems to be their forte so I doubt I scratched the surface of what they’ve imagined. But the pertinent question is what will they do? How low will they go? Regardless we must fight back. We are in a war. And the frontline of this war is the battlefield for our minds. I’ve had enough of these psychopaths forcing their perverse notions of society down our throats. It is time to take our lives back. Our spirits back. Our cultures and communities back.

This is personal for me. If people are going to stick their #*%^! noses in my business then at the very least I am going to defend myself. So this article is me striking back. I am utterly sick of these false-flag events. Enough of this bullshit. If we know what their objective is; gun control, and we know what vehicle they’ve been using to push it; false-flag mass shooting events, then we can mess up the works. We must call out their BS beforehand.

We must defend ourselves, we must push back, we must fight back. This is not easy for me personally. In part because of simply who I am. I mean no harm to any person. I have no desire to be, or fantasize about, inflicting violence. I am not naturally aggressive. But we are in a WAR. And basic human instinct, regardless of rights, is to defend oneself from harm. Defending yourself is normal and healthy. We, but especially males in 1st world nations, have been conditioned and programmed to be non-aggressive. In an unhealthy way. I refer to this as the ‘neutered male’. In the same vein we have the modern ‘man-child’. Which has been regularly programmed through mass media for decades now, with Will Farrell being the current poster child.

I grew up watching Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo. Bless the men on those shows but I would not want any of them with me in a real fight. I have respect for the true pacifist. But I also believe they are deeply misguided. Confusing self defense with violent tendencies. The best defense against the bully is to fight back. Let him/her know that at the least if they mess with you they risk injury. And that is what we have today in the USA. A preponderance of bullying.

And it’s individuals using the Government to bully the people of the nation. Or worse, to bully other nations. It’s this bullying at the top that has permeated throughout our culture. Bullying is a real issue at most schools. What is more alarming is how frequently the victim gets in trouble when they finally physically defend themselves. Thus promoting this culture of bullying.

That is what the USA has become, a bully nation. I hate to say it. But really since WWII, the USA has been nothing but a bully to the rest of the world. Financially, culturally, militarily. A very deadly bully for some nations.

So gun-control fanatics, globalists, bullies, and of course the Obama administration. Here is some return fire for ya. I sincerely hope it hits the bullseye!

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82 thought on “Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag… Before it Happens”
  1. Good article! According to those researchers who interpret the ‘special’ number and word codes in various data used by the psycho NWO magicians- the “clues” are pointing to March 23- March 26. Perhaps raising the consciousness of more people can possibly change things— just sayin’.

      1. Feb. 25 St. Walpurgis Day blood communion of blood and dismemberment any age
        Mar. 1 St. Eichatadt blood drinking of human blood for strength and homage to the demons any age (male or female)
        Mar. 15,17 Eides
        Mar. 20
        date varies Spring Equinox
        (Sabbat Festival)
        (Major fertility Sabbat) orgies oral, anal, vaginal any age (male or female, human or animal)
        Shrovetide – three days before Ash Wednesday
        (which is a Witch Sabbat)
        date varies Good Friday
        Day of Passion
        (death of Christ) blood human sacrifice male only
        date varies Easter Eve Day blood human sacrifice male or female (adult)
        Apr 21-26 Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim

  2. wow… you hit the nail on the head. this needs to go viral! EVERYONE who cares about our country needs to read this- and memorize it! and watch for ANY suspicious behaviour from any of our “trusted government officials”.

    thank you for all the deep thought, and the actual writing of this….

    now if we can only spread it far and wide….

  3. There is a risk of triggering a civil war in this country if they decide to actually murder 100+ people. I believe this is why they have gone with fictional narratives. Current small arms ownership exceeds one per person in the US.

    Although they claim to be prepared for this situation, they would prefer not to have things go this way. It’s a plan B at the moment.

    The goal has always been a decent into third-world status. Whether orderly and controlled or violent, they get what they want.

    Iceland avoided this calamity by clearly recognizing and going after the true men behind the plan, the guys behind the sacrificial, public front men. I believe this to be a better approach than just suggesting their next false-flag event.

    1. Very well thought out. I’d add a few things, if I may. A real “leader” would be a humble uniter. She or he would be emphasizing our commonality, not pitting identifiable groups against each other and pronouncing their desired outcome.

      While it is true that what passes for leaders are merely employees, they are still sitting in those positions, reading their scripts and must take credit for doing so.

      Even with all of their minions assembled, they do not constitute a sufficient force to control all of us. For that they need to use the eaters themselves. It won’t be the stray Stasi who scoops you up, it’ll be your neighbor who turns you in for improper thoughts.

      The introduction of “illegals” and “immigrant refugees” into the mix is to create more chaos and smaller target groups. Conflicts between target groups will be used to justify more Stasi and repression.

      We’re already seeing that daily. Now we have “homegrown extremists”, and “anti-government extremists”. The “emergency” measures put into place to “fight terrorism” are now being rebranded to repress domestic discord.

      What Iceland did was a thing of beauty. We do not enjoy a government that contains anyone willing to do something like that. We are being “right-sized” and boxed in our zones. They don’t care if we want this or not. They fully expect resistance.

      All I can say is that, if we don’t want to be treated like cows we need to stop acting like cattle.

  4. I’ve been pondering this same subject and agree the next event will be May through September.

    I also agree an 80% chance a state with democrat Governor.

    I will rule out California because it has very strict gun laws and its a “sanctuary state” and they what this as White as possible with no images of illegal aliens or border issues.

    So, it has to be a state that has vast rural areas close to a big city. (Rural Areas have large gun ownership)

    The Attackers must be white wanna be militia types with legally obtained weapons. (this is important for the message)

    The narrative will be crazy white, militia type , bible thumping, anti Obama racists are “Taking America Back”.

    Every Gun used in the crime MUST be a legally registered weapon. (Message: registering is not enough)

    The Event will take place in the said Big City that sits in the middle of this vast rural setting.

    The Perpetrators will be like San Bernadino Types. ( Mercenaries,ATF Types, Big Corn Feed Boys)

    Thats all so far. Something like this.

    1. I’ll try again:

      I’ve been pondering this same subject and agree the next event will be May through September.

      I also agree an 80% chance a state with democrat Governor.

      I will rule out California because it has very strict gun laws and its a “sanctuary state” and they what this as White as possible with no images of illegal aliens or border issues.

      So, it has to be a state that has vast rural areas close to a big city. (Rural Areas have large gun ownership)

      The Attackers must be white wanna be militia types with legally obtained weapons. (this is important for the message)

      The narrative will be crazy white, militia type , bible thumping, anti Obama racists are “Taking America Back”.

      Every Gun used in the crime MUST be a legally registered weapon. (Message: registering is not enough)

      The Event will take place in the said Big City that sits in the middle of this vast rural setting.

      The Perpetrators will be like San Bernadino Types. ( Mercenaries,ATF Types, Big Corn Feed Boys)

      Thats all so far. Something like this.

        1. Haha, I got their Ticket ! Me, Super Smart…

          Unfortunately I can’t “Pat” myself on the Back…

          Any 4 year old worth his weight could figure this Crap out..Haha

  5. Thanks for that, I enjoyed the proactive stance your article took. I saw a meme yesterday, from a site called weird Hollywood. It showed actors from 70’s TV shows buried up to their shoulders in sand with grimaces on their faces, and said “When I was growing up I thought that quick sand was going to be a way bigger problem.”

    I never really imagined the problems we are facing today, but face them we must, and what we must do is a lot more complicated then holding still and waiting for someone to throw us a rope.

    These things are always connected to drills so far. We need a reverse see something say something meme. Keep an eye on what is being role played. In our berg, on of the medical centers is role playing a bio-terrorism event, in which there is a need to get “the right people” the vaccine antidote. People are losing faith in the vaccine program as the autism rates rise, and they are more likely to personally know a child who is vaccine injured. So I think if a big false flag is planned it will involve the CDC as savior, in order to reorient people’s opinions of that organization and it’s fondness for vaccines. Perhaps this could involve gun confiscations from “crazy” individuals who refuse these lifesaving medications? I have heard so much crazy and irresponsible rhetoric against people who are questioning vaccines, in the last couple years.

    That said, I also must say that fighting against this with guns is not the way in my opinion. We win by changing the narrative. We win by actually caring about our neighbors. We win by reading and studying, and speaking out. We win by upholding the rule of law. My ideal future does not include out-gunning anyone, or enriching myself with fat government contracts. We win by being different. We win by reversing the cremation of care. I am interested in seeing what kind of monster WordPress makes me as I am way to lazy to sign up for an account. But eventually I will have to, as it keeps me from liking all the insightful comments, I find along with the insightful articles on this site. Thanks again, although I am hoping you are wrong.

    1. I am in no way suggesting the casual use or employment of firearms for societal problems under normal conditions,
      but we were talking about major political and societal upheavals,
      collapse of the system, door to door arrests, confiscation of firearms, food, foreign troops on US soil, etc.-this is a very different environment than most people can imagine

  6. “Since Obama has been in office numerous mass shooting events have occurred. Particular ones of note:

    Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 1 – Nov 2009
    Gabbie Giffords, Tuscon, AZ – Jan, 2011
    Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO – July 2012
    Sandy Hook Shooting, Newtown, CT – Dec 2012
    Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, D.C – Sept 2013"

    Because Boston was not a “mass shooting event” you omit it from your list, and I guess because it does not apply with your thesis about gun control. I just see leaving it out in a discussion of “false flag” events arbitrary and not helpful. (Are not pressure cooker bombs considered arms?)

    I do not like loose use of term “false flag” as the classical definition implies falsely accusing another country of an act-of-war kind of action thereby justifying going to war against that other country. In other words, false flags engineered by the USA have been for the purpose of getting us into war with another country, war that is desired by USA leaders.

    Again I will state that the purpose of gun control in these false events is somehow being understood in just the way the perpetrators of the false events want us to react. I see that THEY have it all under control to their advantage no matter what we do, including no matter how good we get at preventing another false event.

    I am strongly in favor of the people’s right to keep and bear arms but my logic tells me that THEY have so so many strong controls of various kinds, including pervasive corruption from top to bottom and sophisticated deception techinques, on each of us that my personal armaments may give me a feeling of some degree of personal security but are really pitiful and weak in terms of THEIR power.

    The real goal of all these false events is the enactment of a one world death and slavery system for all, and perpetrating these false events in the USA will speed up that prospect. These USA events are for the purpose of speeding up foreign wars and consolidations of foreign countries as well as turning USA into third-world country that requires a police state. (The Boston Tsarvaev brothers, Kyrgyzstani-Americans, worked for facilitating more wars with Muslims. The Muslim-to-USA immigration bomb will work nicely too and that is not considered a “false flag.”)

    Gun control in US is just one step toward US police state but there are several ways this can play out. Without much thought at all about all the ways this may play out I can come up with some likelihoods. THEY may want to make people think “we are winning” against our government bad guys and let everybody buy and possess many firearms. This we’re-winning-against-the-bad-guys meme is what many alternative radios shows and other groups are selling. THEY will let legal open-carry become much more widespread. Then they may have all that backfire on us in some major way such as having some open carrying college student blow away a bunch of students, faculty and staff.

    Of course, THEY can let other freedoms appear to win for a while such as First Amendment free speech so that you can now, for example, have open carrying radical entities all over out there. What a super brew !

    1. Dachsielady I wish to take issue on one statement-
      people often dismiss personal firearms as a defense against tyranny,
      however most people do not envision how revolution works;
      we are already in a revolution against a tyrannical banking elite that have taken control of our country, from the inside-make no mistake about this, anyone in this room is under threat of arrest RIGHT NOW for speaking out against this, what does that tell you?
      Back to firearms,
      citizens must decide at some point whether they are going to resist, and at one point; Americans have always resisted at some point, when they start mass jailing people and killing people then Americans will resist,
      when that happens all the people employed at DHS, local police, military, etc. who the government is using to enforce this, are now going to have to make a decision-shall I kill my fellow American, and commit treason and murder, to push an agenda that will only lead our country to slavery? Or will I stop and desist?
      Many of them WILL stop and desist, and there will be chaos, no one will know who to trust in either camp, citizens will form groups and resist, and at this point the 2nd Amendment is going to teach a lot of lessons on this day,
      that the only way a people are conquered is with troops on the ground,
      there are many, many more of us,
      and many of THEM will continue to join our ranks,
      and weaken the opposition,
      they will be a split (as they have been doing to us for some time)
      and weaken and we will take back this country,
      there has always been the power of the treasury, and the power of the gun,
      citizens have the RIGHT to the power of the gun so that there is the power to resist,
      We are all going to be making a very important decision this year,
      if Obama starts conducting door to door seizure of guns,
      Why is it so important for the Obama Administration to deprive citizens of guns? Because he cannot take full control of the country until he has deprived us of our ability to resist-
      now if these think tanks understand this, shouldn’t you?

      1. “Why is it so important for the Obama Administration to deprive citizens of guns? Because he cannot take full control of the country until he has deprived us of our ability to resist-
        now if these think tanks understand this, shouldn’t you?

        They have the ability of reducing the masses to animal-like behavior and they can do this in various ways. They can do this by flooding the country with personal firearm ownership or they can do this, but less likely, with gradual withdrawal of ability to own firearms.

        I do not see ultimate victory for a non-animal-like remnant caring about “the Constitution”, “tyranny”, “saving the republic,” or “taking the country back.”

        I see that in the second Chapter of St. Paul’s second epistle to the Thessalonians, he told us clearly what we will experience in “the last days” and I believe that is where we are right now.

        As Dr. Stan always used to say…

        ‘Between man’s plan in time and God’s plan in eternity there is an infinite quality of difference.”

    2. A very nice compilation of factors is included in your piece. Excellent and thanks!
      In reality, it is not massively difficult to assemble the motives and machinations of the government’s intentions.

      “We have plans for your children”, so sayeth our masters. In a nutshell, look for slavery, persecution, and ingress of penury when it hits the fan. It’s like filling out a crossword puzzle, tricks they are playing on us are becoming more and more visible to us. It’s usually a matter of minutes after an event that sentient people notice and decry, “hey, another false flag thingie”.
      People will die in defense of liberty, no doubt about it.

  7. Maybe 1% of 1% of .00001% know these things are fake, but do you think vaguely laying out a scenario ala WAG THE DOG wakes anyone up? The suckers will fall for whatever the MSM Jew controlled press pipes into their big screens. Been following this forever, the sheep can’t even make eye contact when I walk my dog. They are frightened and lobotomized. It’s over.

  8. If people can actually predict when these events will happen, it goes a long way to pointing out how false these flags actually are. Predictability infers the synthetic nature of the events. Now that’s proactive!

  9. Good article. Yes, it IS a war against us. That’s why it is imperative that people wake up. I’m not very optimistic, unfortunately, because of my own personal experience of having attempted to wake up friends and family over 12+ years now and achieved very little results. Well, I actually have achieved results — doors figuratively slammed in my face. But I press on, with fewer friends.

    Here’s what I see as a distinct possibility of what’s coming, generally speaking. First of all, the economic collapse is a given and the controllers know this — they created this mother of all ponzi schemes, so they ought to know. So they need scapegoats and ways to profit off of the collapse. That’s what they do. Chaos is their favorite modus operandi.

    Many of the shooting hoaxes have had a racial component. Add to that the increasing racial tension that they’ve created in fake incidents in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and elsewhere, and you have an obvious ploy to build up that tension towards a tipping point. But this has been going on for a very long time, because it’s quite likely that the vast majority of big race-related stories we’ve been told about were government psy-ops for this purpose. Perhaps it’s just to keep us divided and conquered, but I’m wondering if they might be planning on a trigger event. One distinct possibility would be an assassination of Obama (quite likely a hoax, like so many previous “assassinations” have likely been). There’s numerology and gematria that support this thesis, but also common sense and reading between the lines.

    Here’s an example of something I find questionable. When VP Biden’s son died at 47 from cancer, I thought that the story could be fabricated. Why? Because surely the elites have a cure for cancer — they just don’t want us to have it. Cancer is such a big money maker. But why would they fake Beau Biden’s death? Perhaps to soften the public’s view of VP Biden so that when he takes over after Obama’s “assassination” people will accept him better (having endured human suffering just like us, right?).

    I know it’s totally speculative, but when things don’t make sense, I start trying to figure out what the possibilities might be.

    This kind of speculative thinking is completely discouraged, oftentimes even in the truth community. The thinking is that if we suggest ANYTHING that cannot be proven, especially predictions of future events, that we’ll get egg on our faces and discredit the truth movement. But I think that’s a trap, given that we’re going to be discredited REGARDLESS of what we do or say. In my view, we need to get over that way of thinking, because it severely limits our ability to intercept future false flags and hoaxes and psy-ops. Sure, we could be wrong a whole lot, but so what? I think it’s worth sticking our necks out for the times we could be right.

    One last wild speculation: What if the shooting hoaxes were designed NOT for gun control, but for the exact thing that has happened — gun sales? What if the plan is to create civil war between races, religions, sexes, and they want us literally shooting at one another in order to achieve their order-out-of-chaos goals?

    1. I think sometimes the problem is that too many assumptions go into something. Let’s take the cancer one for instance. We only know these leaders, for the most part, as the image that has been created of them. So we assume they are integral to some ruling elite. But another way to look at them is as spokesmen for an elite which we mostly never see. Therefore, they themselves are not sacrosanct, and may perish like ordinary mortals always do. Also – although cancer is pretty common, and it kills a lot of people, it is not ubiquitous, there are some forms which aren’t as likely to kill, and people get it treated in time. So the people who actually die of it are either old (a third of us, it is said, will one day die of it, but most of us will be well past sixty when that happens). The leading cause of cancer death in women in the 19th and early 20th I have read was cervical cancer. Breast cancer that kills is fairly well publicized, but a lot of the deadly kind that kills young women and makes the most tragic stories, is actually hereditary. If you never thought you were ever get that kind, you might not want to help pay for the research to find a cure for those less genetically fortunate. So some of cancer’s scariness, is a form of publicity to get us to be interested in research. Do “the elites have a cure”? I really don’t think the disease itself is that simple, and I don’t think there is any advantage to keeping cures secret.

      So Biden’s son is merely the son of a guy who is a spokesman, a salesman. His disease was a cruel accident. He died. That’s how I see it, until there is a scintilla of actual evidence that this was faked. But we do know that a lot of other things have been faked, big, policy-changing things. Helping Biden’s image by arousing pity for him – really? I cannot think it was that effective, as most people have already forgotten.

      Yes, it is important to keep a skeptic attitude, and if you still think something is false, then by all means reject it. But know how far out on a limb you want to go with it. I feel if there are too many assumptions going out on it, it is too shaky to support an argument that it is a hoax.

    2. “What if the plan is to create civil war between races, religions, sexes, and they want us literally shooting at one another in order to achieve their order-out-of-chaos goals?”

      An excellent “alt-thought”. Numerous recent administrations have been driving wedges between various population demographs continually. Do “they” need to kill us if we kill ourselves for them? Divided we fall and we are more divided than ever.

      Think about this as well… (from the article)

      “We must defend ourselves, we must push back, we must fight back. ”

      Indeed should a force show up at my home attempting to confiscate my weapons of self defense I will do my best to make it as difficult as possible for them to do so. So should everyone. There are not enough of “them” if we push back. However, methinks this overt type of effort will not be necessary. Consider how our controlled education system has warped the minds of our nations youth to favor new world order type problem/solution situations. In one or two more generations I believe that Americans will have mostly given up their firearms willingly. We will simply be instructed to fear and despise them enough that we will not want them. Our grandchildren will voluntarily turn in the record number of weapons we (old, outdated, uneducated technophobes) have purchased.

      While there is still time…

      1 Tim 2:1-4… “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”

      …pray for those in authority to be saved by realizing their sinful fallen condition and knowing that Jesus Christ died the death they deserved to die, and was raised again for their justification. That they come unto the knowledge of Gods truth for man that we may all lead quite, peaceable, long and enjoyable lives.

  10. absent from your list of notable false flags is the boston hoaxathon. while not employed widely as part of the gun grab agenda, it serves the essential purpose of inuring us to the idea of region-wide lock-down / martial law.

  11. Impeccable article! In the years after 9/11 Michael Ruppert tried to get out in front of events in the way you are suggesting. He was, of course, very keyed in on the presence of drills as markers for possible future government activity against the people. I may be wrong, but it seems like Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones also did an admirable job by getting out in front of events in a similar manner.

    That said, your article is both unique and timely. Thank you for standing up and articulately voicing these concerns. You are doing the job our FBI should be doing, but as you said: they have been found to be the cynical perps in key cases. The 1993 WTC incident is a perfect case in point.

    You are also doing what are CIA should be doing: analysis based on intelligence gathered. But God knows what they’re doing in its stead…

    It really is hard to fathom the levels of utilitarian coldness necessary for the current American version of statecraft. I’m sure liberals in the know congratulate themselves that nobody died at Sandy Hook…as if such a twist on Bush-era government terror somehow makes them more humane or clever.

    But you are absolutely right: the game they are playing requires “real blood and real tears” (to invoke my hero Jean-Luc Godard). No doubt the liberals are cold enough to deliver just that, but your first point rings the most true.

    To wit, these events have lost their power. Ron Suskind needs to go back to playing with his G.I. Joes and let the rest of us experience some non-spectacular reality (to invoke another favorite, Guy Debord).

    Psychologically speaking, the game is up. The false-flag parade has lost all of its power. The panopticon is now 7 billion eyes watching every move of the watcher. We communicate. The guard has nothing behind which to hide. The edifice of the guard tower is insufficient.


  12. Case in point: the Uber driver in Kalamazoo entitled (at CNN): “This is your worst nightmare.” Notice, he does not actually kill passengers, but random people between pick-ups. So here is an unregulated “Taxi Driver” playing out the scenario, I guess, of the film (which admittedly I never could bear to watch – it always loses me a few minutes in). Hey wasn’t that movie already used to explain the hit on Ronald Reagan? Anyway, it’s BAAACK.

    Do I think the Kalamazoo story is unbelievable. Yeah, so far. It’s a little too meaningless and fantastical.

  13. I finally opened the email notifying me of this article. Now I know why I was hesitant. I was afraid my response would be lengthy – an it is. It has to be to accurately address the myriad issues, premises and scenarios Kevin put forth.

    My hope is to clarify – yes, correct, too – the thinking within the article. I also hope my comments move us forward.

    Let’s begin with the buying of guns premise. For years now people have equated a surge in gun sales with “awareness,” how Americans finally realize the goal is to make us all gunless serfs – and unlike previous GOP presidents, Obama is doing his level best to take our guns away from us. Let’s see what a couple of GOP world leaders said on the topic:

    George W. Bush, 2004: “My view is clear. I do think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban…I believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere.” Bush even attempts to portray himself as the “sensible” person in the room who supports more gun restrictions while others in both parties refused to support Bush’s call for more restrictions.

    Ronald Reagan supported national background checks and in 1991 wrote a column in The New York Times calling for sweeping changes in federal law on handguns that would greatly restrict access. Remembering the assassination attempt against him, Reagan wrote:

    “This nightmare might never have happened if legislation that is before Congress now — the Brady bill — had been law back in 1981.”

    Named for Jim Brady, this legislation would establish a national seven-day waiting period before a handgun purchaser could take delivery. It would allow local law enforcement officials to do background checks for criminal records or known histories of mental disturbances. Those with such records would be prohibited from buying the handguns. Also, previous to his national stance, Reagan pushed through the most restrictive gun laws in California history.

    All in all, Obama actually can be seen as THE best, “president as gun salesman,” in U.S. history. Let’s keep those corporate profits rising – right? After all, it’s corporations that are responsible for any real and measurable rise in employment and NOT an influx of small business owners or a dramatic rise in independent from corporations technological advances… right?

    On the 2012 election: 62.3% of eligible voters voted in 2008, a modern-day record. Four years later. 57.5% voted. Obama won in 2008 by seven precent of the popular vote; in 2012 four —- which is a wider margin than that by which Bush won in 2004 – three percent… allegedly. But Bush won by a “mandate,” right? At least according to the GOP-friendly media he did. And remember, this is just two years after 9/11. Bush didn’t declare war on Iraq until March 19, 2003.

    On Fear: Right up until Bush’s last year in office, the number one fear of Americans was terrorism. Suddenly though, despite the largest boost in government since FDR, in 2009 the big fear was —- “Big Government.”

    With terrorism being Americans number one fear, why that wasn’t the case in 2004 when Bush had to steal the election to win? That is a question each of you will have to answer on your own.

    On participants: Question – if drill participants sign an NDA what keeps them from being killed??? Answer, nothing. Signing an NDA and being killed are mutually exclusive to being killed; they have no bearing on each other. Participants are “stuck” whether the drill goes live or not.

    Additionally, why not shooters from the U.S.? The fear is supposed to create an internal response. Shooters foreign to the U.S. must leave a trail and in today’s alleged hyper, vigilant to “radical Muslim” terrorists environment, foreign shooters equate to an intelligence gaffe which can be blamed on Obama – which, because of the fallout also defeats the purpose of having foreign shooters. By the way, “MK Search” was the last active mind control program known in the U.S. – let’s really inform readers by using this term rather than the extremely dated, “MK Ultra” so people can, at least, appear aware.

    On the Perpetrator: You wrote: “Based on my conclusion in the next section I’m going to say it will be a white male, mid 20’s to mid 40’s. He will have direct ties to alleged anti-government groups, like a patriot group or militia.”

    Wait. You just wrote that the perp was going to be foreign.

    On Victims: Kids… again? How about working adults on the streets with a variety of ages, or how about fans exiting a sporting event. wouldn’t THAT generate more fear and be more impactful than “kids?” If innocent adults leaving work or, especially leaving a sporting event, are gunned down, THAT results in a chilling incident. It’s like seeing yourself die. Sure, children have that knee-jerk, “Oh the kids,” effect. But there is nothing more chilling than seeing everyday people like you die in front of your eyes — or television set.

    As far as what locale, wouldn’t the real false flag event be better situated in a GOP-run state? After all, it’s the GOP (and yes, Tea Party legislators run under the elephant) congress and senate people who have to be swayed to enact stifling gun laws banning semi-automatic weapons, not the vast majority of democrats.

    On Execution: You want something visible – VISIBLE assailants for max exposure, NOT the other way around.

    In ending: We’re not dealing with bullies, we’re dealing with psychopaths. They don’t give a damn about how you and I respond as long as their ends are achieved. Bullies we can deal with. Once they get smacked in the mouth and realize they can bleed and realize their lips swell immediately, they tend to get hesitant – and that’s when they’re prone to getting their asses beat. Psychopaths, on the other hand, don’t care about the state of their mouth. They only care about achieving their goal – which is attaining and maintaining power over others. Those are the people we’re dealing with… people with such disregard for life that the “Mutual Destruction” scenario of the early 1960s between the U.S. and the, then, Soviet Union, was a very real, and positively considered result to what would have been a global nuclear holocaust.

    America has always been the country of, “might is right.” America wins wars because of superior military strength. We rule the world through that military advantage AND superior economic strength; more is better; more means we run this place.

    As citizens, we will NEVER possess a superior military or economy relative to the psychopath power elite where the top 62 of them possess more wealth than the bottom 3.5 BILLION world citizens.

    What we must do is establish a battleground that is advantageous to us. To do so, we must first respect them and their power. Only through respect can we clearly see their strengths, come to understand their weaknesses, and find that ground that swings the fight in our favor.

    Right now, we’re still doing what Karl Rove said we are doing —- studying their moves and reacting. We need to tip the scales so that WE create our reality, forcing THEM to react to us.

    1. Dwill,you have made some astute observations…however,in fairness,maybe you confused the writer’s intent in discerning between “the white patsy,in his 20’s to 40’s” and in the actual shooters,who would be “foreigners”;they would be hustled out of the scene before anyone could ID them. Also,I don’t think anyone on this forum would disagree that the Bushes are up to their NWO eyeballs in all this false flag gun grab along with their attempt to declare us all a bunch of psychos badly in need of “help”,which of course,the Feds are more than willing to rush to our “rescue”. Otherwise,very well done…Thank you.

  14. It appears that the summer camp ploy was looked at in 2013. The Scout Jamboree had been moved to a property owned by Bechtel and intelligence was warning people about this particular camp. David Lorie Vanderbeek issued the warning, stating he had been informed by a person in intelligence and one in the military about a potential “event” happening at the Jamboree. At the time, I thought it might be a biohazard or germ experiment, but a real shooting might have been in the plans.

    1. I would differ from your analysis regarding our winning of wars. Pick your war during the 20th century and the last 15 years, which wars did we “win”? Were we justified in the wars we fought? Were we moral, fair, did we avoid the deaths of citizens? Remember that when we go back to the Great War and count down the subsequent wars including WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya, the percentages of murdered, innocent civilians grew and grew and grew, up to nearly 90% in the latest wars of our disgusting imperialism. Win wars? Ya gotta be kidding on this…..

      Mention of Karl Rove cannot be anything but repulsive, where does he fit into this discussion?

      Regarding conception of a new false flag, followed by its actualization, judging from the horrendous non-reaction by Americans tells me that Academy Award winning chaos actors need not be used. Americans have been gullibilized and propagandized. They are jaundiced, hackneyed, more concerned with attending the proverbial soccer games of their children. If the false flag reminds them of their favorite TV show, yes, they will buy it, hook, line, and sinker. Will a lallapalooza of a false flag knock them over like wobbly bowling pins more so than a superbly acted event? If you’re down on Americans like I am, the best answer is “naw”. Dumbed down dimwits are true to their miniscule IQ’s. If a 6pm talking head says “it happened”, it did. It’s good enough for these dullards, they’ve got other fish to fry.
      Can we head off a false flag? Do we have the bully pulpits of America? Do we have credibility? I think we’re ripe for the plucking.

      We need to make massive amounts of noise, we need to show our “representatives” we are aware of their plans and wishes. They are part of the ruse, every last one of them. They need to be confronted and not by mere websites that purport to be effective. Major state newspapers need to be contacted, editors need to be forewarned. Anything less, forget about it. It has to be synchronized coast to coast. It might work if publicity can be generated. We either show our incisors or we pack up and head for the hills, beaten.

  15. The distractions are designed to keep us from noticing the destruction of our country. The doj has openly sued cities for not educating non English speaking illegals properly and not policing correctly while they allow illegal criminals to flood the country. We can well imagine the deals made in secret and participation in the propaganda movie productions pays very well.

    The epa and their ilk rubber stamp trashing our enviroment, there are dozens of states with life threatening water issues. Our leader declared on the campaign trail years ago, the cost of energy will necessarily have to skyrocket. Some blue states have implemented cap and tax climate change penalties even though the law failed to pass the senate and utilities rates are skyrocketing.

    We are witness to the criminal takeover of our judicial system in many corrupted cesspools. Our leader just complained the congress refuses to appoint his nominations and there is a dangerous shortage of judges. [He hasn’t bothered to tell us as he knows we do not care and are too busy just getting by!] How many have been murdered or quietly buried without investigation?

    Martial law will be easier to implement in big cities and making all gun owners criminals will take care of most of the truth seekers. Recall the Olympics were supposed to be in the US this year? Would not be surprised if the event is used to instigate the big shebang.

    2016 Rio De Jainero, Brazil Olympics 8/5-8/21, Paralympics 9/7-9/18. The event will go on despite out of control pollution, the untreated sewer flow will be capped on the parts of the river the athletes will be exposed to. That nasty zeka virus spreading worldwide has nothing to do with pollution and you are a conspiracy kook if you imply it might.

    Dick Heller, police officer in the District of Columbia, had to sue all the way to the Supreme Court that declared DC gun laws unconstitutional.

    Justice Scalia – “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.” 6/26/2006.

    NY Governor Cuomo Admin Unveils Plan to Save Some Nuclear Power Plants except for that pesky one near NYC. As soon as they figure out where the 2000 megawatts of power will come from, he will keep his campaign promise of shutting it down.

    1/25/16 – “States are also under pressure to reduce air pollution from power sources under the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. …energy goals of powering half of the electrical grid with wind, solar and other sources by 2030.” Yippee Nuclear is now green! Cancel all those protests!

    2/9/2016 – Supreme Court rules EPAs clean power act unconstitutional. A coalition of 29 states led by West Virginia wins a stay on the impossible climate change rules.

    2/12/16 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead.

    Cannot believe a lot of folks are shocked it will not be a bush/hill election. When all the Bernie supporters realize their votes do not count, they might just rise up. The more the establishment hates Trump, the more I like him. Seems he is the only hope we have of making America great again.

    1. Conjecture is centered around the question regarding Trump’s ability to serve the nation. It’s so hilarious to watch the establishments of both parties bleat and whine that “Trump will destroy the nation”. It’s a testament to the abject ignorance of the propagandized American public. Let’s face it, Americans have had upwards of a full century to become accustomed to being bamboozled. Now, it’s second nature, they love the feeling that allows them to disregard searching for truth. As long as their needs are met, as long as the Kardashians are around to meet their prurient interests, hey, life is good.
      A president needs to be flexible and willing to accept help from sincere individuals with capability. In may ways, Trump’s learning curve is long but if he chooses a coterie of capable people, certainly the majority of Americans will back him if he can hit their sensibility spots.
      Yes, going from a total freak to a neophyte is a big jump, but Trump has confidence in his abilities and if he’s fooling us, he’s damn good at it. But, do you really think he’s even trying to fool us? It was always clear when the WH Impostor was running in ’08 that subterfuge was his greatest attribute and he has not let us down.
      I am not willing to believe that Trump will be just another sold out Zionist puppet. Are you? Likewise, I fully believe Cruz and Rubio are just your run of the mill Zio stooges, bought and paid for.

      Most important election in my not so young life is approaching. How about you?

        1. Tedster, begging your pardon, but somehow you KNOW what was said at the meeting with Adelson, right? How do you make this assumption, anyway? You are already calling Trump a sell-out, how do you do that? What is your proof? Remember the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”??? I’m not going to chide you on this matter but you are not talking from a position of strength here.
          Moreover, look at ALL the rest of the would-be presidential whores. Does any of them, any of them, look like presidential timber? Can you name ONE member of Congress who is better suited, you’ve got over 500 chances to pick a winner in the Presidential Derby and I would wager you cannot do so.

          Ted, ol’ bud, aim before you shoot, would you please?

        2. Oh Gil, I’m aiming straight, I don’t know what was said at the meeting and frankly, I don’t care.
          Remember the old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”
          I`ve being around the block Gil, and your dearest Donald is an opportunist like his father, remember the FHA & the postwar housing for veterans in NYC. Just do some research on the Beach Haven building and the 1954 Senate Committee hearing. The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

          Let’s not forgot that the banking boys, have bailed him out on numerous occasions.

          Gil, my friend, your archaic belief that this “free market” huckster is going to ride in like John Wayne and save the town is Hollyweird patriotic at best, but not the reality of our existence in America.

      1. Gil

        Yes this is the most important election in my lifetime, love hearing about record turnout on the R side and voters declaring they have never voted in their lives but will now.

        We were slammed daily with junk mail praising Bush and trashing Rubio and Cruz in SC. They are in shock their boy did not win and did not have enough time to get the printing presses running against their real enemy.

        Years ago, we vacationed in Atlantic City for the ocean and the boardwalk. it was a ghetto otherwise. The casinos saved them, too bad the neighboring states figured out what a tax cow they are.

        You are sounding like one of them, we do not know why Trump may of visited the other billionaire. Perhaps he was warned to back off or maybe a simple game of poker!

        Trump is not afraid to call the lying media out. How is it possible all of the election day exit polls did not speak to a single person who voted for the landslide winner?

        They are in panic mode.

        1. If I have learned anything at all from this place, is nothing is at it seems and if they are putting on a circus for the gullible public we must remind ourselves, don’t take the bait. They are trying to distract us from something even more important and since Judge Scalia just died, I would guess it has something to do with our constitution and any upcoming controversial cases, something probably that will also create chaos and divide between the races.

        2. We are living in glorious times, elections are part of the show, we can always switch the channel to any other entertainment that floats our boat. But we must beyond all else vote, especially in this big, big, big 2016 contest on SOCIALISM yes or NOOOOOO!

          Can we please stop hearing rants from non citizens on opinions with US elections? You sound like the socialists and the shrieking noise is too loud to hear a word of it.

          San Bernardino was co opted by the other side. Illegal muslim immigrants mass murdering at a Christmas party and multitudes of monty python skits by the ‘responsible’ agencies are good indicators the good guys are working on the inside.

          This worked perfectly into the Donald Trump’s hand and of course the dept of bs cant screen the really bad guys’ coming in, facebook, gov phone, illegal gun, bank, and holy APPLE! We all need that fbi unbreakable phone!

          The dancing on the rooftops was reported in the news after 911, Donald was simply repeating what was reported, oh that’s right – you cannot believe anything on the news today.

          There is another recurring theme in the latest news cycles, police officers are good guys and stop the bad guys with illegal guns. Let’s take comfort in the knowledge that nobody really dies in movie productions!

          Here’s a good site that reports the actual number of voters and one reason the old guard is nervous about the protest votes.

        3. All are actors playing they part. All theater, there are no heroes, so just stop, your being silly

        4. I might also add, Ted, that despite the possible coronation of Trump, your reference to Marion Morrison notwithstanding, Trump will find it durn near impossible to administer his role as Presidente’ because the R party hates him with a passion and will join hands with the Dems and other detritic subspecies to make his time in office a nightmare, a total nightmare. I am under no illusions that election of Trump marks the beginning of Trumpian Nirvana. Forces are being assembled as we speak dedicated to blocking his way any further down the Appian Way to the Elysian fields of presidential bliss. I assure you, Ted, you grandee of acute vision, that Trump will not have a honeymoon in his new job. There will be no rose petals scattered on his nascent Imperium, he will find Sisyphean labors littering his way. You’ve chosen to call him ambitious, you’ve chosen to say he cavorts with some stumblebums, and others have said he is not qualified as a manager because he has failed at business before. Who, Ted, has never failed? Is it not possible to learn from failure?You are treating the readership at MHB to some of your finest dramatizations and I can only conclude that you feel one of the other sold-out pimps is clearly the path to our successful future. You read much of the same verbiage that we read, you undoubtedly know that these other me-too’s are bought and sold as examples of Khazarian wherewithal.Cruz has his Ashkenazic sugar daddy, Rubio has Paul Singer, and Romney, he of the Boston division of the Opiate Shippers, is well known for his prowess as money launderer and all around nice guy. Are these the types of fellaz you want to see in office or are you content to just rile the water?, all in good sport, of course.
          Trump has already unveiled some pretty ugly predispostions in his political grab bag, I’ll grant you this. But, as in all real life situations, we’ve got to work with the tools we’ve been supplied with. Trump may not be the Holy Redeemer, but we either take some risks with him and his unknown tendencies, or we end up with candidates who will probably direct the Presidency from Tel Aviv where the weather is usually better.
          I think we all share deep concerns over the future of this nation and if Trump is the worst of our problems, perhaps we can ride out this storm.

      2. As soon as Trump said he saw Muslims celebrating in Jersey during 9/11 I knew he sold out. Hes trying to cover up the “dancing Israelis”. Have you heard about Urban Moving System? Also, his first campaign video focused on the San Bernardino shooters. We all know that was a false flag. Ethier hes really blinded from the truth or hes working with the Zionist. Ethier way he’s just a dumb puppet.

        1. “As soon as Trump said he saw Muslims celebrating in Jersey during 9/11 I knew he sold out. Hes trying to cover up the “dancing Israelis”. Have you heard about Urban Moving System? Also, his first campaign video focused on the San Bernardino shooters. We all know that was a false flag. ”

          I tend very much to totally ignore political speech these days, but whenever I hear that one of them takes for granted some aspect of the official narrative of one of these false events, that is a slam-dunk dead give-away that they are not on the side of the American people who want truth and justice and preservation of the sovereignty of our nation.

          I must express my thoughts, and remember all I post here is just my opinion, regarding the “dancing Israelis”, Urban Moving System, the White van or truck with the mural on it, Liberty Park incident with Israelis dressed up as Muslims. I opine that that whole “sub-event” set of events looks constructed, scripted and contrived on purpose by the plotters of 9-11. It is just TOO TOO blatant as thought THEY want to make sure we do not miss this ploy and that we bite the bait. I guess this is sort of akin to the idea of “triple agents.” There are deceptive subplots within deceptive subplots all orchestrated by the same conductors.

          I know there are many, including Dr. Fetzer, who would castigate me for expressing this idea, but are we about considering all alternatives or not? I find it rather amazing that Dr. Fetzer accepts the “dancing Israelis” scenario at face value and has never even hinted at exploring my take on this, which seems like a very obvious perspective to explore, now that we see how deep the rabbit hole goes, how layer upon layer of deception can be perpetrated to totally confuse and bewilder us.

          I have seen more and more little stories that seem to deliberately point the “truthers” at the Israelis and the “Zionists” and the “Jews” as being on the main perp team. Regardless of the real data points that substantiate that idea, it is an idea the real perpetrators can capitalize upon, used and foster. This “dancing Israelis” scene could have been engineered in to the official plan for the event itself beforehand as well as in to the cover-up phase that is still ongoing.

    1. No. Just another Manchurian candidate event, and that special phone call he got, was his tigger word.

      In a phone interview, Mackenzie Waite said that Mellen, her fiance, was picked up by an Uber car — a silver Chevrolet Equinox driven by Dalton — about 4:30 p.m. for what was supposed to be a short ride. Halfway through the trip, the driver picked up a phone call on his Bluetooth. Mellen couldn’t hear what was said, but the driver began acting strangely.

      “He blew through a stop sign, sideswiped a car, starting driving in [and] out of the other lane of traffic,” Waite said. “My fiance was just pleading with him to stop.”

      1. I wonder why, in this case, the fiancee is not speaking for himself about his experience with the Uber driver. Does it not strike you as odd that it should be second-hand information? Can you say that Mellen was a victim of a crime? He does not seem to be a credible witness to a crime either, due to the ambiguous nature of the phone call. Or are people who are passengers in cars driven recklessly subject to gag orders? That would be just about everyone at one time or another.

        1. Agreed, Musing. And again we see how quickly the media outlets picked up this “story/script” and ran with it.

          And if anyone died in this event, then I`m sticking to original idea, the sociopaths that run this country are getting desperate and here comes more background checks for the regular Joe/Jane.

          They’re pushing that biometrics agenda on everyone, where is your papers ? is a punchline of the past.

        2. It could be one of those “news items” that are designed to “leave and impression”. Right after 9-11 there were several of those. They were little stories with a theme. They only lasted a couple of days and then they were gone.

          What you’re supposed to register is a dim recollection of something. It could be the biometrics things that Ted refers to, or it could be the “even cops can trip offline and shoot people” thing.

          Either way, its a scary world out there and we need their “protection”.


    I don’t have certainty on Kalamazoo, other than that it fits perfectly into the developing narrative. Cornyn needs to be foiled, so voila, we have a crazedgunman who exhibited no signs of ‘mental illness.’ Imposing due process on the suspension of Second Amendment rights is dangerous since only the commissars can divine the true ‘health’ of a citizen.

    This is of course totally irrational, but I get the sense a lot of americans long for some authority to step in and simply take control. Since the system invests psychiatrists with some ultimate power, the average citizen assumes that they must have it. People don’t force themselves to see through the con job. Fake crises create trauma and desperation that only fake authorities can solve.

    Another possibility is that since the Democrats introduced another mental health bill to combat Tim Murphy’s, the agenda has been shifted to divorce ‘mental health’ from gun violence. Congresswoman Matsui and some other Democratic congresspeople are pushing a bill featuring a voluntary outpatient version of AOT, and a far less tyrannical vision generally for ‘reform.’ Do the price tag and developing challenges to Tim Murphy’s bill call for a strategy change? Will americans ever part with their Second Amendment?

    I doubt it, and Obama’s comments of this morning regarding opiate addictions indicate that discrediting Cornyn is probably the goal. Remember also that since Trump will likely become the next president, there is a limited amount of time left to pass Murphy’s bill. Trump might try to back Cornyn and pose an obstacle to faking shootings. This morning Obama challenged governors’ attempts to limit opiate prescriptions in favor of ‘confronting the larger problem of mental illness.’

    Prepare for a constant onslaught of these incidents and a final showdown in Congress by the summer. Kruschev predicted that America would go down from within without a single bullet being fired, and gloated at how gullible americans are…

  17. you say Obama was re-elected by “only” a 4% margin. I don’t remember the exact figures but he was re-elected by the largest margin ever in recent history, larger than Reagan’s margin. It was a landslide sorry but that is afact and I am NOT an Obama supporter I LOVE Bernie who supports US. His views are supported by the VAST MAJORITY as proven by the study “building a better America” a few years ago showing Americans want a system like Sweden. This is a must-read or re-read for you professor and most who comment here.
    YES indeed Americans WANT socialism!
    I am assuming this will be censored.
    When I post on Alex Jones site my comments are removed within minutes

    1. Your comment won’t be erased here (or if it is, it won’t be Dr. Tracy that removes it).

      You need to watch Larken Rose. Here’s a short, 4 minute video called “The Dot”:

      Here is another short one called “Ya Gotta Vote”:

      And, finally, here’s the man himself, in the 20 minute “If Not for Government”:

      Please, please watch them. There are better alternatives to meet your goals than stealing other people’s money or forcing people to do things they don’t want to do.

      Stick around, Chris; don’t just post and run. You might actually find some friends here.

      1. I’m not going to argue with anyone on this subject of voting.

        I stated how it works on I think Free Form yesterday.

        The message to the “Right” whether your in the middle, right leaning, Libertarian is:
        Your all intellects and know voting means nothing so just stay on home, “They” will pick who they want. (there’s a little in truth to that but it’s not entirely correct)

        The message to the Left:

        Get out and vote! We will even drive you all there in Buses. We will even vote for you if you just register. That’s why they are fighting ID laws so some can cast your vote for you. Yep, it’s criminal. But Dem’s spend a lot of time,energy,money and even possible criminal conviction.


        Why are all these people voting in all these Caucuses?

        Did “They” pick Trump as the winner? I thought they hate him?

        This is what happened in 2012 with Romney. He would have won.

        Remember, it Must be a Landslide or the Dem’s can Cheat. That’s why the Dem’s don’t what YOU to vote but want every illegal alien the can dredge up.

    2. Chris,
      2008 was a Landslide, 2012 was almost a Tie.
      That’s how they(dems) won.

      Precincts were reporting 106% , one reported 145% voted for O’ you know.
      Impossible numbers? Yep.

    1. Skirt,
      This is Great Victory for America on Fast and Furious.
      Judicial Watch has won every battle Congress Loses.

      Not only did the Judge rule O’kings “Executive Privilege” is Bogus and ALL communications between the White House and the DOJ must be released (Holder was cited for Contempt for this) but on almost accident it turns out Eric Holder was using an alias Email Acct to defraud the American public in which O’king and Himself communicated secretly.

      Obama knew about this acct. Just Hillary, the head of the EPA (who resigned for this) and the head of DHH which used bogus email acct.’s to negotiate Obingo Care without oversight.

      They are ALL Criminals.

      1. We sure need a lot of house cleaning going on! Love hearing about the record turnouts for primary elections and blue states turning red for the first time in history!

        New York had to quietly repeal their ridiculous law requiring serial numbers on all bullets that passed in the middle of the night. It is virtually impossible and expensive to obtain a pistol permit there, you must purchase the gun and have the dealer hold it until you are approved and more than likely you will not be.

        Now they are trying to pass a law that requires a permit for bullet purchases, prohibit the sale of ‘assault’ bullets and limit purchases to no more than two rounds in 120 days. Perhaps the dims are tired of holding political office!

        1. New

          So just after Eagles of Death Metal alleged that Paris attack was an Inside Job, the cops in Belgium have a gun fight with Paris ‘mastermind’ or his minions. How timely! Just to ensure you ignore the INSIDE JOB allegations from the man whose band member died in the attack.
          Not to mention that the Bataclan owners (who owned it for over 40 years) conveniently sold it weeks before the attack…….funny that!…….Just like Larry Silverstein bought the wtc complex months before and insured it to specifically cover attacks using pl anes……………Oh and they were Jewish ( Anglo German Jews) in case people didn’t know.

          Available also…is THE Irish writer Gearoid O’Coleman, who gives his views on the situation in Paris, as being false flag propaganda involving a “White , cleanly shaven male shooter.”

          If that were not enough, a video:
          Juan Hernandez about the 3 athletic white shooters in the San Bernardino shooting

          Then if you Google images: SAN BERNADINO CRAFT, you can see the white mercenaries running to hide.

          So…when you wake up dead…you know who to blame. Unless you love lies..then blame some innocent person, and have the patsy take the fall. I feel so sorry for the people these white terrorists have murdered so far…it never ends with these cowards…Just look at NSA headquarters..two SS lightning bolts. Need one say more as to who is destroying this world? And they are here also..hiding behind the net..posting disinfo to influence public opinion.

  18. So you want to prevent “Obama’s” next false flag do you?

    I’m not going to go into specifics, but there is at least one false flag per month out here in California, and the rest of the country never hears one word about it because the TV networks have never reported a single one of these phony “threats” to our national security on a national news broadcast. Not even the alleged murder of one of the federal government’s “warriors” in the phony war on drugs was enough to get this thing reported nationally – which I think makes it highly relevant to anyone interested in knowing what actually disappears into California’s “memory hole”. I’ve spoken out about this locally for the last 5 years, and not surprisingly, no one will listen.

    I posted a comment here last September but didn’t go into specifics because I didn’t want this outed before someone else has a chance to document the evidence that will probably disappear the minute this thing comes out as a “conspiracy”. (I tried to document it on the Wayback Machine, and it wouldn’t accept the url that has the most damming evidence.)

    Doctor Tracy apparently thought I was talking about some run-of the-mill corruption case and invited me to submit a formal essay, but I don’t know how to write something like that and couldn’t risk having my name associated with this story anyway – even though I’m not personally connected in any way other being “awake” enough to notice what’s really going on, it would far too easy to make this story about me and my personal life, so I’m offering it to you. I posted more info as a comment over at Truth Shock a day ago, but if you’re not interested I’ll post it anonymously on the next Free Form Friday, if Dr. Tracy will allow it.

  19. It seems that Jason Brian Dalton, age 45, father of two, no history of mental illness, holding a gun purchased and registered legally, holder of a degree in law enforcement from some years back, shot a bunch of people he did not know, between Uber fares, and here’s the beauty part: no witnesses to any of the shootings except the victims themselves. How interesting.

    There are those who think the phone calls he took were a Manchurian candidate sort of thing. I doubt it. Not only is that post-hypnotic suggestion idea hard to believe, it is unnecessary in situations where you are trying to discredit ideas that Americans are trustworthy holders of guns. After all, without any warning, someone could just snap. You don’t want a mentally challenged person to play the part, to do your bidding. You want a crisis actor.

    Another fake? It’s looking that way.

  20. Interesting speculation, but alas based on a doubtful premise. These alleged false flags are not jobs by the anti-gun lobby. The gun rights movement plays a crucial role in them. Assuming that Sandy Hook and other hyped shootings are indeed acts of street theater, then the “defenders” of gun rights are missing in action: John Birch Society, Libertarian Party, OathKeepers, gun manufacturers, even the GOP.

    The idea that these organizations do not have the resources to investigate these false flags is ludicrous. Therefore it is probable that they knowingly promote the silly mantra that “insane people will misuse their guns to mass-kill people but this is a small price to pay for our right to bear arms.”

    With all due respect, the article’s prediction will be more credible if it takes into account the humongous size of the conspiracy to censor false flags by opinion-makers who would gain so much from doing so.


    1. “Assuming that Sandy Hook and other hyped shootings are indeed acts of street theater, then the “defenders” of gun rights are missing in action: John Birch Society, Libertarian Party, OathKeepers, gun manufacturers, even the GOP.”

      Wholeheartedly agree! Add to that list the NRA and Gun Owners of America GOA.

      I used to support GOA but never had anything to do with NRA. I gradually thought it quite odd that they would never say a word about these false events involving guns and gun control.

      Here is an old comment by …

      Charlotte NC Bill
      July 22, 2014 – 7:26 pm
      Great work Dr. Fetzer…I just hope the “respectable” print journalists at American Free Press continue to ignore all of this..(btw I’m still a subscriber) It’s so much more important to use this tragedy to push the NRA line, “This was a horrible tragedy but if only every teacher was issued, and trained to use, a .38 Smith and Wesson this would never have happened.”

      “Therefore it is probable that they knowingly promote the silly mantra that “insane people will misuse their guns to mass-kill people but this is a small price to pay for our right to bear arms.” ”

      Not sure I agree with that but it does convey some truth.

      Somehow good causes and the people who champion them, especially within groups that lobby in D.C., become lovers of self and get sold out to money and power. Their good message and cause becomes glaringly weaker and weaker.

      The more with learn about these false events, the sheer number of them and their common characteristics and their incredible number of anomalies and unanswered questions, the more glaring the silence of the gun lobby is.

      P.S. Slightly off topic but not really. Here is one of my very favorite article by Dr. James Fetzer about Sandy Hook among the over 30 articles he has written on the subject.

      The Sandy Hook “Smoking Gun”: Game, Set, Match!

      by Jim Fetzer (with Dan Cady )

      The URL to VT is no longer good and I cannot find that this article has been reposted on

      I hope it is not lost in action because it was a powerful article.


    Attention U.S. people…. Gov. appears to be utilizing loosely tied force of civilian commies…that stalk neighborhoods and collect intelligence ( see SNEAK AND PEEK ) Learn to patrol neighborhoods with notebook, camera, and binoculars. I have been covertly observing my own home. They started coming around when I voiced my opinion about 911, few years back. Suffice to say…they are your pastors, your neighbors, the homeless looking guy. Etc. They are in every neighborhood. Some are drug dealers. You read correctly. Police protect drug dealers. Drones are used to protect assets. Many agents are common criminals working with police. The racists you see on popular forums are agents sowing discord. Censorship abounds. See..PHANTOM CENSORING.

    I need not go into the entire tech. Ops thing. They are hacking it all. What amazes me is people do not seem to recognize the semi- stationary night surveillance drones. The are easy to identify in all urban areas…they look like stars. Aircraft deposit them in air while people are asleep…which…most are, even when walking about.

    You May copy this, save to notepad…and post strategically.

    Fellow freedom fighters…I SALUTE YOU.

    Please inform the good people in urban areas because THEY ARE SNEAKING INTO HOMES. I saw them attempt it at mine. No use telling police…they are in on it with NWO.

    All praise to Yeshua. Save to notepad…feel free to post EVERYWHERE…THEY CAN PULL A FAST ONE ON YOU SUDDENLY.

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