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35 thought on “Hillary Clinton, Sandy Hook and Divine Double Jeopardy (Video)”
  1. I’ve commented previously that the termination of Prof. Tracy from FAU is deeper & much higher up than the university(though that agenda was satisfied), & that this goes up to & including the White House(& much higher than even that). But, “alleged” Sandy Hook parent, & US Senator Hillary Clinton…photographed together in 2006? Sandy Hook Elementary closed in 2007…the SAME YEAR the data collection company charged with collecting/storing Clinton emails (conveniently near NEWTOWN, CT) is formed? No Inspector General in State Department HER ENTIRE TERM while this operation(what else could it be) was going on?!!! My points are made, and heavily substantiated. Or, as the saying goes: “what did the President know, and when did he/she know it”?

      1. Thanks, Prof. I remember reading that article at the time, and had been making those Bloomberg anti-gun, technocratic connections for years prior to that piece, which helped to cement certain elements of it for me. Also, the insidious editorial board connections within major newspapers(especially NYC) reflecting THE EXACT SAME GUN-GRABBING PROPAGANDA reminiscent of Walter Lippmann’s definition of “objective journalism”, complete with ever-so-slight iterations between different(?) press publications(recent NY Times’ front-page editorial) to ultimately reinforce the premises, and there we have it: a vast Neo-Communist conspiracy carried out by the Media & Banksters to disarm Americans. I know, sounds farfetched….right?

    1. It’s hugely ironic that what we are seeing with all these false flags and other jetsam/flotsam is pure conspiracy one after another. Yet, we are told by the “good guys” that conspiracy theories are taboo and mendacious. Huh? As Rico says, the orders for disposition of the “Tracy case” come from higher up, much higher up than FAU. James, obviously, got too close to the truth and it was decided to clip his wings. Yet, if we were to prosecute any of these players, notably from Connecticut, we’d undoubtedly see Obama pardon them right before his term is up or we’d see Mr. Constitutional Law chuck ’em under the bus. I say fat money will go to those Connecticut higher-ups that go along with the SH event. Why? Because they know too much…..any number of them can turn state’s evidence. Only a financial inducement of some magnitude or a threat of the same order of magnitude can control what these officials and participants eventually decide to do with their knowledge of the event. When the CIA was aware that pilots like Barry Seal who hauled CIA coke from central and south America “knew too much”, Seal was outed. Others were incarcerated, people like Ollie North were in charge of those halcyon days of Iran Contra.
      Do we all realize how many people would go down were key personnel to sing???? Therein lies the rationale for omerta, how did the thousands of Newtown citizens keep from spilling the beans about SH, anyway? What are we overlooking?

      1. How is it that during the Iran Contra hearings the fact that the government was exposed as drug dealers to US inner cities
        seems to have been expunged from the collective memory of the country?

        1. It is very clear that the takeover of this country proceeds thanks to the complicity of many nefarious elements of society, but never underestimate the ignorance of Joe American. People watch TV and form their opinions. Hence, TV is extremely contributory to peoples’ attitudes and “fact base”.

          Iran Contra produced many people who ended up on their own TV shows, radio shows, books, etc. These people became fixed in the minds of Americans and they were cleaned and polished to look like good, solid Americans.

          We are immersed in one massive propaganda war and people simply refuse to take the time and show interest in their nation’s political process. They don’t know, they don’t care. They forget, so what?

          Likewise, there are some pretty smart people who think all one has to do is talk on alternate radio or write a book or two or twelve and the problems will be recognized and dealt with lickety split. Let’s face it, our abilities to get the message of truth out to people is highly limited. We don’t have the bully pulpit, we are not slick. And, if you have not learned it yet, truth that is not embellished in a number of ways will be stillborn when subjected to the whims of the American public. If you think truth by itself, per se, is enough to sell your wares, guess again. It takes repetition, the right talking heads, etc etc. It takes money.

          That said, why has Newtown, Connecticut not blown apart because some citizens there spilled the beans about Sandy Hook?? Even if crisis actors are identified as being deceivers, what about the rest of the citizenry there? Are they in on it? How? Why? No answers tells me that I simply have not asked the right question and if one fails to ask the right question, one does not get the right answer. ‘Nuf said….

        2. Like your comment but have some reservations about …

          “Let’s face it, our abilities to get the message of truth out to people is highly limited. We don’t have the bully pulpit, we are not slick. And, if you have not learned it yet, truth that is not embellished in a number of ways will be stillborn when subjected to the whims of the American public. If you think truth by itself, per se, is enough to sell your wares, guess again. It takes repetition, the right talking heads, etc etc. It takes money.

          Our ultimate goal should not be to “get the message of truth out to people”. I often hear the term “wake people up.” No, that is a side effect our our higher intent. And “the American public” is not our primary audience.

          Primary goal should not to “sell our wares” and “wake people up.”

          Contemplation, meditation, reflection and thinking are what is necessary for an individual to come to truth, not hypnotic repetition.

          “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

          Attributed to Joseph Goebbels in Publications Relating to Various Aspects of Communism (1946), by United States Congress, House Committee on Un-American Activities, Issues 1-15, p. 19, no reliable source has been located, and this is probably simply a further variation of the Big Lie idea.


          Money appears to be always involved in the selling of falsehoods, but getting truth across can happen with good spiritual power alone.

          And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved2 Thessalonians 2:10

          The Man of Sin
          …9 that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, 10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,…”

      2. When will people understand that silence is bought very cheaply. Threaten family, threaten income (employment), threaten the insane asylum, there are any number of ways for ‘omerta'” to be purchased. If people have any backbone, they are then shown either the Zapruder film (or the Reagan/Hinckley film) or a couple of witnesses are found dead in ditches after ‘one-car’ accidents…etc. I think you get the drift.

        1. I think you have summed it up well! When ruthless people (wasn’t there a movie by that name?) who have no qualms whatsoever about committing murder, threaten and terrorize anyone that might be a whistleblower, people do tend to clam up a bit.

    2. “But, “alleged” Sandy Hook parent, & US Senator Hillary Clinton…photographed together in 2006? Sandy Hook Elementary closed in 2007…the SAME YEAR the data collection company charged with collecting/storing Clinton emails (conveniently near NEWTOWN, CT) is formed? No Inspector General in State Department HER ENTIRE TERM while this operation(what else could it be) was going on?!!! ”

      Thanks for connecting the dots a bit for me as to Killary’s connection to Sandy Hook, but I am still not completely clear on the connection, partly because of the deficiencies of the manner of vidio presentation.

      (Sure hope that Reich fellow has good attorneys but not sure it will make much difference. Would like to follow that case though.)

      MHB and the contributors here have greatly contributed to our fund of knowledge of HOW this operations such as Sandy Hook work.

      One little observation I would just remind us of is that no matter what small aspect of Sandy Hook one chooses to research, your findings will never even come close to what you would expect to find if the event was real. I express this as “nothing pans out.” Another way to say this is that virtually all of our findings wreak of gross irregularities.

      All of this begs the question…
      how could so many Newtown and Sandy Hook connected people ALL be in on this? How could a whole town or a whole state be in on this giant deception?

      The answer points us to the serpent.

      1. The only thing I can think of is that the entirety of Newtown must be a CIA “spook” town. I have trouble keeping all of the Newtown/Sandy Hook/Fairfield information straight, and I have wondered if its possible that this adds to their ability to defraud so many people. But I’m just guessing.

        Having said that though, it doesn’t appear that the corruption and fraud is limited to this one area of Connecticut; it seems to pervade the entire state.

        Is there any truth to the rumors that came out shortly after the SHES event, that there is a Satanic temple or temple of Set in that area? The reason I ask is because of an article I read recently on Vigilant Citizen. The article was in regard to new information that had come out of Scotland Yard concerning the identity of Jack the Ripper. The gist of it was that he was a high-ranking Freemason and that Scotland Yard authorities knew exactly who he was, but since they were ALL Freemasons, they were forced to keep silent because of the oaths they all take. The authorities didn’t approve of murder, and they weren’t protecting Jack the Ripper, they were protecting Freemasonry.

        1. Intriguing…if what you say is true Maryaha regarding “Jack The Ripper”, that’s in itself a revelation: that Scotland Yard is a branch of FREEMASONRY. Oh, how far down the rabbit hole can we go?

      2. Or as FDR is quoted as saying: “nothing in politics happens by accident”. He certainly would’ve known that, being in on the ” false flag” provocation incident of the Lucitania(while Assistant Secretary of The Navy under Wilson), and provoking & planning the conditions & likelihood & inevitability of”Pearl Harbor”. Sandy Hook was even more complex than the planning for entry into WW2, but we know it was definitely NO accident…& that it & similar Mass Casualty Events are planned YEARS IN ADVANCE, and skilfully timed to fit in with geopolitical, even occultic objectives. Of course, they’ve provided a word for it: TERRORISM.

        1. That statement by FDR has certainly been proven correct. I know he is held in high regard as a great man and a great American, but he was deeply involved in masonic occultism, along with his wife and many members of his administration. I didn’t know that until I read Apollyon Rising by Tom Horn, that has a lot of info about FDR.

          You mentioned the Lucitania, and I believe it is quite possible that the sinking of the Titanic was a false flag also. It wasn’t about the Titanic itself, but who some of the passengers were.

        2. Read Dave McGowan’s website (before it’s taken down). NO one in politics isn’t vetted. The Lodge runs it all. And the media ‘covers’ it.

  2. Watching the tape made me dizzy. Too bad, there were some interesting topics that whizzed by, too fast for the human eye.
    This Connecticut makes us marvel how sticky this place has become. From the land of steady habits, we’ve become the land of a pernicious progressivism that has lead to this political swamp that inhabits the state.
    How does one look at this state that was once so innocent and now is so immersed in perfidy?
    Where do we go from here? We keep hearing how the end is near, we keep hearing that the nation will be swallowed up in some United Nations brouhaha and we’ll become country #54, no longer America.
    And some people can only insist “it’s time for a woman president” and failure to support a woman for president is tantamount to being sentenced to the other side of the River Styx.
    I wish the maker of the tape would S_L_O_W it down so we could see all the mentions of events happening here and there. The tape had such potential…..

    1. The text moving in fast motion made me a little dizzy too. ZeeRoe3’s videos are always excellent and info-rich, so I viewed it full screen and paused it every time the page changed. I’m still trying to get it all straight in my head though.

  3. Francine Wheeler posing for a photo op with Killary is quite possible.

    “Oddly, Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Maureen White (Finance Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee). Maureen White is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and was finance chair of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.”

    Mrs. Clinton Foundation likes to pose with the little people to show her humane side wherever it may be. I knew a lady in Connecticut who proudly displayed a photo of herself and Mrs. Clinton. It was taken at a Steven Spielberg facility in California where my acquaintance did post production work for Spielberg. Mrs. Foundation was there hustling for money.

  4. I am not a fan of this type of YT production, where the producer fancies himself some type of Shakespeare. Having said that however, I have always maintained that while we respond differently to varied styles of presentations, be they on You Tube or blogged, what is mandatory is that profitable, reliable information is produced, so that our individual, as well as collective libraries of information, increase.

    One of the tidbits included in this YT is the Hartford Courant article informing that the FBI had released 164 pages of previously redacted material regarding Sandy Hook. I read that article, finding only that the FBI had released the information. Pressed for time this morning, I clicked on one other YT piece regarding this, hoping to see THE ACTUAL un-redacted material. I didn’t see it.

    Can anyone provide a link to the 164 pages of FBI un-redacted material?


  5. Sandy Hook mentioned in the Times video within this article about gun sales soaring in NH. The reasons why people want guns are misguided – they use the SH school shootings and Paris as two of the reasons. How come their teenage kids can’t research a little and come up with the drills and actors? And are these adults so brain free they can’t find this out for themselves?

  6. I do not agree with dachsie when she says that contemplation etc are more important than repetition. Where has MSM intellectualized the process of inculcation?? I would say that emotion will do far, far more toward getting points across than this deep intellectual process among a public NOT known for this. I get the feeling you think a BA in philosophy will help more in this inculcation than the emotive aspects that don’t require the baccalaureate. Reading Eric Hoffer and Gustave LeBon recently, these great thinkers believe in the harnessing of the emotions rather than the complexity driven modalities that require something Joe Sixpack simply does not possess. It’s why some luminaries say “image is everything”. Are they wrong?

    1. “these great thinkers believe in the harnessing of the emotions rather than the complexity driven modalities that require something Joe Sixpack simply does not possess. ”

      You are still talking about something different than I am.

      I am wanting individuals to come to the truth for their own good, the personal integrity and the good of their soul.

      You are talking about manipulation of the masses and harnessing their emotions to inculcate what is useful for the controllers plans and goals.

      There are real catastrophes and tragedies that cause emotional reactions in people but even real events are quickly harnessed and harvested for their emotive value and used to manipulate for ulterior motives. And most of the time these days we do not really know how to verify that something is a real event or an engineered event.

      In every created or engineered event, they can choose to kill real people or not. They can exagerate the number of deaths and use that or they can minimize the number of actual deaths or simply have the media emphasize or deemphasize the deaths.

      3000 people killed at 9-11 in NYC is I think an inflated number. There is no verification of who was killed or if the name of the person is an actual person. Attempts at that are a complete bust. I suspect the number is more like 300. I think when people say nobody died on 9-11 that that is a gross distortion and curiously unwise and undermining to truth seeking. 9-11 was the impetus and rationale for killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent humans in unjust wars.

      Yes real human lives lost in an event definitely makes the event more evil and grave, but even though nobody died at Sandy Hook, the event wreaks of a hidden greater human tragedy because it has managed to turn a large number of humans into dead men walking.

    2. Gil I am not sure how germane my response to your post will be.

      I agree with both you and Dachsie. The question is, where do we hope our efforts, in what ever manner we execute them, will lead? Complete success would certainly look like this; “This is breaking news….reports are coming out of our Washington bureau that what we have all been led to believe occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on December the 14th, 2012, was completely fabricated. How and why we don’t know at this point as details are slowly coming in, but I repeat….”

      Ya know, I got chills as I was typing that imaginary, fanciful report. Do we believe this actually MIGHT ever happen? I used to think there was a very slim chance, even though I was well aware that JFKs head was blown off on TV a half century ago, and the majority of the masses still believe LHO was the perp.

      If we believe there is ZERO possibility that Sandy Hook, or any of the other orchestrated events, will ever be dragged into the light of truth and exposed for the fabrications they were, will we ever cease to search, or slow down in our efforts towards disclosure?

      I Think not.

      Regardless of however futile this work may seem at times, we press on. What is the alternative?

      Gil and Dachsie address an old nemesis of ours. How could the whole town of Newtown be involved, complicit, and stay silent? Take it further. How could all of the local, state and federal officials be involved, complicit, and stay silent? I have had this battle, both on line and face to face, with a number of individuals who tote the official line. Ultimately for me, and I believe Dachsie knows this as well, the answer can only be understood in spiritual terms.

      One thing I am sure of that all of the false flag events share in common is that the human agents involved were spiritually enabled to plan, execute, and cover-up the orchestrations to this day. There is one head overseeing everything, a maestro conducting, pulling all the strings.

      Dachsie you are dead on. The Serpent. The reason? To prepare the way for the one you referred to in the 2nd Thessalonians passage. I know this all sounds so unscientific, so unreasonable and fantastical.

      But isn’t the truth fantastic?

      1. The truth behind Sandy Hook would be like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
        When questions go unanswered, were the right questions asked in the first place?
        Arguably, our fellow combatants on the “other side” are like a mutable virus. We lunge, they parry. This game goes on and on and on. Just like the 12 people around a big, round table; one whispers in the next person’s ear until all in the circle hear something that ultimately can sound very little like the original story. This mutability, this mutagenesis, was a huge part of the 911 sequelae. Experts came, experts went, and now we are sort of at arm’s length with each other. Is this the end of the tete a tete?

        Jim Fetzer plugs on doggedly and often brilliantly. Who outworks Jim? That’s right, nobody. Have you seen Jim facing off with guys like Hannity? Hannity has no use for truth. None. Ever argue with somebody who can’t add 2 and 2 yet wants to joust in differential equations? Say what?

        There are a few seminal points we can ponder. Why is it that so-called radio conservatives, so-called, give one the impression they are all immersed in Zionism and refuse to criticize the Tribe? Listen closely to Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and you can’t help but feel they are both blackmailed and bribed by corpulent sums of money not related to advertising revenues. It’s blatantly obvious, it’s ugly.

        Point number 2, if we think mere sober analysis dispensed to the average American is going to gain support aplenty, the so-called intellectual approach, will not work. We may command fact at times but if we don’t command the airwaves and penetrate the collective skulls of mush of the average American, we are just blowing off steam. Whenever I see examples of overpowering scientific analysis leavened with cocksure certainties, I know we are just spinning our tires.

        We wonder about the solidarity of the Newtown crowd holding on to vast numbers of secrets, how about the coherence of our efforts to dispense truths that gain traction? It’s no criticism of Fetzer that I raise this question, but this is really the domain of the philosopher who is trained and skilled in penetrating the dark recesses of ignorance? Something so basic is blocking us but it’s right out in front of us and it’s too close to focus on.

        Truth isn’t everything, it never is.

  7. Comparing the 2011-12 budget that details the number of students per class, per school, to the 2015-16 same details, it is obvious the numbers are bogus and more than likely there are no students attending Hawley or Sandy Hook.

    There are 455 less students in K-4 in these 4 years , at least one of4 – k-4 schools should of been closed by now. We had an investigator report on this site that he inquired about enrolling his children at SH and was advised only the original students are allowed to attend.

    Instead of seeing the expected missing 20 students in the totals, there has always been the 4 classes of around 19 students. The fake surviving witnesses to this event would of graduated the 4th grade this year. Next year only SH students will be attending the new school, which means the entire population of the dreaded year will have graduated to the middle school before ever being ‘mixed’ with other students.

    All history keeps getting erased so I saved these budget documents. Posted a few years ago an article where the very proud ms LL reported a savings of a sizeable amount by not replacing the boilers in the Hawley School. Of course, it was necessary to erase that story from the web along with all other news that hints at the massive corruption in corrupticunt.

    This article in the Newtimes is very revealing in reading the comments. They report crowds of parents with signs, but only offer 1 picture of a sign in the woods. The Hawley School will stay open one more year in spite of needing $14 million dollars in repairs. Couldn’t you build another school for that? Would parents really let their precious children attend a school in the frozen north east that needs a new boiler and new roof and apparently a lot more at that price tag?

    Comment from MattB – Was I at a different meeting than the NT reporter? 98% of the public input had ZERO to do with emotions, or stress, or healing or SH. We hadn’t even seen Brymer report before the meeting (it was handed out near the end). Makes for a good article I guess.

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