Profs. Jim Fetzer and James Tracy are featured during the second hour of Jeff Rense’s February 1, 2016 broadcast. They address Tracy’s January 2016 termination from his tenured professorship at Florida Atlantic University, and how the action threatens the constitutional protections encompassing academic freedom and free speech more broadly.

RenseThe discussion also highlights the role Sandy Hook massacre news coverage and university power relations likely played in the firing, and how the fraudulent dimensions of certain mass casualty events and similar phenomena are simply deemed off-limits in the US academy.



The new titles Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and And Nobody Died at Boston Either, are now available at Moon Rock Books, where your purchase now also supports free speech…!




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45 thought on “James Tracy on Jeff Rense (Audio)”
  1. This was a most revealing tape for those unfamiliar with the issues of Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.

    The ultimate questions to be answered directly, and they’ve clearly been answered indirectly as of this date, are very simple. Who is behind this brouhaha that has swept over America and the world? Let’s not make the most overt mistake by declaring that Obama is behind Tracy’s firing, such is not the case.

    Bill Cooper’s 6+ hour expose’ has the answers to the origins of these massive intrigues. You can easily find parallels in world history when you read books like “The Nameless Wars” by Archibald Ramsay. Also, read “Communism by the Backdoor”, the author is Dennis Wise.

    Will Tracy prevail? Did the families of WTC victims prevail? Why not? Do you think certain judges had something to do with that? Jeff Rense may well be right. Judges have been set up at various way stations to participate as leavening agents for certain cases affecting the welfare of certain groups, organizations, societies, and ways of thinking. Globalism has many tentacles, say hello to globalism and its pundits and their ramifications.

    That said, visualize on the well known image of the giant octopus with tentacles strangling the US Capitol……the fearful and shocking bought and paid for allegiances to Israel and Zionism on the part of virtually all presidential candidates underscores and chronicles the last 100+ years under the anvil so well. How can the nation survive as it faces this blatant asphyxiation?

    1. Interesting last paragraph Gill, I’ve been a watcher of the James Bond series for years, and “Spectre” has always been the arch enemy of the free world. In a esoteric way the octopus has been the symbol that represents that syndicate.
      Ian L. Fleming, was a known member of Chatham House. That strangle hold is going to get more tighter in the coming years.

      1. Yes, Ted. There are people who insist that England is still desirous of re-incorporating us into the British sphere. People tend to forget the goals of the war of 1812. They forget the REAL causations of the American Civil War. They forget who caused the death of President McKinley and his replacement by Teddy Roosevelt. They forget the bungling by Woodrow Wilson.
        We must all realize just who is behind these intrigues. There are people who lay cards on the table and mention names, organizations, events. They are blunt, they are to the point, they are factual. They know who our tormentors are.
        It’s all uphill from here, Ted. I think the trek will make Everest and K2 seem pretty easy by comparison……

        1. Woodrow Wilson is a traitor to the Untied States and his name should be taken off any public monuments, all titles revoked etc. for opening the financial gates of hell and ushering in the Federal Reserve, which a financial Criminal Syndicate ruling our country

        2. I was thinking about your comment that Wilson was a traitor, but a statue or other reminder serves to keep his miserable memory in our minds. It will remind us that our nation’s history has been littered with the complicity of traitors by the dozen. Divide 535 by 12 and you will calculate the number of dozens of traitors in our Congress, I might add.
          The malarkey that the mural in the Newtown school “prevents healing” is the farce of all farces. SH is “celebrated” yearly, so what’s the problem with this mural? Were I a student at Newtown HS, I’d be noticing how deceitful and mendacious people can be.

          Bet your bottom dollar that some of those students are totally aware of this ugly farce that was perpetrated against the citizens of this nation. In the meantime, let’s all focus on a better way to get our message into the minds of Americans so they can develop their own anger toward this group of secret shadow sycophants who are trying to bring us down.

          My friends insist that nothing will take Hillary Clinton down. Those in power will not let their demure sweetie go down regardless of the truth of the charges against her that may come soon. Count on one thing. We will be jobbed on this issue, just like we were jobbed by John Roberts and his inexplicable “tax” issue called Obamacare. We are being primed to lose and lose big by those who plot against us. We must not let this happen.

      2. The octopus symbol is more about this world system than it is about globalism per se. The tentacles are very analogous to the coiling, grasping, choking maneuvers of a serpent.

        On a small scale in our little communities everywhere in our country, the octopus system sets in and then sort of puts everything on cruise control. This has been going on since the Garden of Eden.

        I always describe the system as a “bribery blackmail extortion grid” that has all in its grasp. Think NYC protection rackets.

        Our local governmental bodies as well as state legislatures and U S Congress all work by this same pattern.

        Quid pro quo, mutual use, mutual trickery, whatever works.

        There is One Who taught us another way.

        1. “There is One Who taught us another way.”

          Yes, He did…and I am so glad I know Him! There is no other hope for the future. I’m so happy that I’ve read the back of the Book, and I know who wins………. 🙂

        2. Absolutely. Owners must be certain that their cattle are docile. They breed for that. There’s nothing worse than an uppity eater.

      3. The Spectre octopus does not have a religion, only humans do. As such, I find it comical that so many duped intelligent readers of this site are ardent anti-Semites like Gill. The crooks are a world wide brotherhood with an allegiance to each other. Boosting Israel sells guns and planes, etc.

        1. On the Contrary Marzi,

          I think the so called “Ellites” are Very Religious and believe they hold the only “True Source” of Ancient Wisdom. Thats why they love their Rituals and Numerology so much.

          Their God is the God of Light, Lucifer (don’t call it the Devil or Satan) they hate that.

          This is why they are so evil. The actually believe they will become Gods over all of us.

          Of course IMHO.

        2. The term “Anti-Semite” is a Jewish construct,
          and it is part of the PsyOps being carried out by the international Banking Cartel that rules the world, that is Jewish,
          to hide high crimes and treason,
          if an Irishman was caught robbing the bank and replied in his defense “This is anti-Irish! You’re all Irish-haters!” of course it would be laughable-which of course it is:)
          Time to break out of the spell that you are in

        3. There are lots of people who hate Jews because they are Jews. Have you heard of the “blood libel,” once a widespread belief (it is still a mainstay of Islamic Jew-hatred) that Jews murder Christian children, for their blood, to use in making matzo bread?

          Mindless, blind, hate of an entire race is actually quite common. That we have a convenient term for this particular example simply points to how prevalent it is. That people like you say it’s a phony phrase, in an attempt to rob it of its usefulness, only indicates that Jew-hatred is an acceptable bigotry even now. Most of the so-called hate crimes in America committed each year are against Jews, in fact, but nobody talks about that, even though the ridiculous, entirely fake concept of “Islamophobia” is constantly drummed into our heads as if Moslems are the REAL targets of “hate crimes” (they’re not).

          Back when we were busy exterminating the Plains Indians, one of the guys doing a lion’s share of the murdering, Lincoln’s General Sheridan, said “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”; no one would dream of saying that today, but it was entirely acceptable at the time.

          When the Chinese were brought over to build the railroads, they were subject to incredible prejudice.

          As for the Irish, for hundreds of years the English hated them as deeply as you yourself hate Jews, Gil. It was racial hatred; they called them “white chimpanzees.” After Britain finally conquered Ireland, the Irish were not allowed to work in most occupations; when they were dying by the millions of starvation in the potato famine, Ireland was a net exporter of food. English farmers of Irish land were happy to see those white chimpanzees starve to death or emigrate. Good riddance to bad rubbish, they muttered to themselves.

          This seems preposterous to us today, because the two races look so much the same, but it’s exactly what happened in Rwanda in 1994, when inky-black Hutus hacked to death a million inky-black Tutsis, whom the Hutus called “cockroaches.”

          Racial hatred usually comes with the kind of over-broad, cartoonish, categorization–stereotyping–you so effortlessly use whenever you mention the Jews, Gil. It’s as if you have never met actual Jewish people–anyone who HAS simply laughs at your irrational prejudice.

          Sure, a large percentage of the people systematically ruining our world are Jewish. They are Talmudists and Shabbateans. But most Jews know nothing of the Talmud, and even fewer have ever heard of Shabbetai Tzvi or Jacob Frank. I don’t mind your denouncing these evil men and women, which is entirely appropriate, and could not be called anti-Semitism. But you are an enthusiastic anti-Semite. It is extremely distasteful.

        4. Excuse me but I must call you on your BS as far as your reference to anti-semitism,
          if there has ever been an evil in the world it is the Jewish powers that have forced this construct on society, and have hidden their crimes by this phrase,
          The Nation of Judah is a nation without borders,
          it has been fort millineum,
          ANYBODY who doubts their involvement in the World Wars in order to bring about the restoration of their homeland in Palestine, their total control over US Politician, our elections, and many other categories, education, FINANCE-CAN YOU SAY FEDERAL RESERVE?? are Typically in one of several categories”
          1. Those that haven’t done their research, or are younger, a little new to investigative research; they have to muddle through the typical propaganda they have been taught in the controlled school system, the deliberate misinformation that is being put out in the news, media, etc-if they stick to it they will evolve and learn the truth
          2. Those that are under the PsyOps programming that have embedded into you that any criticism of these facts is “anti-semitism,” and have not awakened yet to the real world-
          and God knows nobody wants to be this terrible thing called an anti-semite!
          3. Those that decide to take the blue pill its too hard to resist the politically correct, go against the grain-all’s I want is a comfortable existence
          4. The sold-out These are people that don’t really care
          they latch on to whoever is in power at the time and ride with it, and support whatever the current PC is
          5. Zionists, Jews Nation of Judah if there is a more nationalistic/ethnocentric group in the world beside the Jews I don’t know of any,
          they are successful, educated, strong family ties, religious, business, traditional ties that make them unique in the history of the world, especially as being central to the theme of Judaeo-Christianity, the influence of which is staggering,
          these people actually have paid staff that attack people in blogs and chat rooms to deride, harass and intimidate users who talk the truth
          over 50% of Newscasters are Jewish, Hollywood is owned by Jews, Jews control the Federal Reserve which is a Criminal Syndicate that has stolen all of the nation’s wealth and your children’s wealth-
          The wars that US soldiers are fighting and dying for are JEWISH wars,
          The trillions of dollars STOLEN from US citizens that go in aid to Israel (who also btw has NUCLEAR WEAPONS thanx to your tax dollars and the assistance of the traitors in Washington) was stolen by Israel, the Jews in finance that control our Government-that is why you as a citizen of the US are paying for the free education of Israeli citizens, why you cannot afford to send your children to school-
          so excuse while i vomit when I hear these people come into this august body and print this filthy lie which they are calling “anti-semitism,”
          How this group could possibly think they could be involved in murder, torture, mass killings, overthrow of governments, stealing of wealth without retaliation boggles the mind,
          to blame your victims is the darkest of evils

    2. Is there an available link for the William Cooper piece mentioned above?

      As far as wondering if Tracy (and others) will prevail…we have to get things aligned again to WHAT’S RIGHT. We (the royal “we”) have been misled down the path of reasoning against reason, and not by logic and established facts.

      If the truth hurts…get some painkiller.

      1. Look up “William Cooper, ADL, The Ugly Truth, B’nai Brith…..” The front page of the article features a picture of Cooper, his daughter, and Abe Foxman of AIPAC.
        If you need further directions to the site, don’t hesitate.

    3. Intriguing 2nd to last paragraph regarding Judges: some years back around the Snowden period, both The Corbett Report & Boiling Frogs Post had separate interviews with NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice , where he spoke of geospatial wiretaps targeting powerful figures like Presidential/Senatorial candidates & Judges(Supreme Court nominees); Sybel Edmonds made a commentary about FISA court(for that matter much of the State/Federal Judgeship) judges being placed there precisely because they’re DIRTY and/or blackmailable. That paragraph of yours fits in perfectly.

      1. I do believe that judges that are appointed to high offices have been thoroughly corrupted before they are able to attain that high office. The man that broke the story several years ago, about Obama and his military litmus test (i.e. asking officers if they would fire upon Americans) said in an interview that only judges that could be easily blackmailed and controlled were appointed to these offices. And I believe him!

        1. What Jeff Rense said is very true. We like to think we live in a society where justice is possible. We will ignore even the most egregious examples that it isn’t true.

          Those in control do not allow competition, or competence. They’re about obedience. It’s all theater.

          If you’ve ever been involved with a group undertaking you can readily see this in action. Inevitably the “over achiever” in the group will “assume” leadership. They will delphi and bully the rest into submission. This is because they care not for the group’s purpose, only their own.

          Now, assume that those with these inclinations are the same ones who go in for political office, or judgeships. It’s a safe assumption because its true. It’s all about them.

          The nastiest and most self-serving of them all end up in national politics. Now consider, these are merely employees vying for their owner’s affections. The owners really can’t stand them but they are useful to them.

          If we could go back to our tribal roots they would be chased from the village under torchlight.

  2. Thanks for posting this audio interview. Truly an excellent overview of our situation. Guess I will just make a few random observations that I think are important.

    There was a law on the books that prohibited the government from propagandizing or otherwise lying to the public about anything. And then that law, within about the last three or four years. was amended to totally allow the government to issue propaganda and lies. I wish I could give the legal citation and a history of the law and who, by name, pushed for and got the amendment passed.

    Because there is this overall blatancy, in our faces, character or tone to Sandy Hook and Boston and the Pozner antics and the termination of Dr. Tracy, it looks like the gloves are off and there is an all-out assault of wrongful actions by the government against we the people BECAUSE they know, because of that law allowing goverbnent false words and actions against the people, that they are all home free. They cannot and will not be prosecuted for any wrongful actions and they can never receive convictions and sentences in connection with their false actions.

    “The new titles Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and And Nobody Died at Boston Either, are now available at Moon Rock Books, where your purchase now also supports free speech…!

    James Tracy wants to thank Moon Rock Books, which recently donated $3,000 to the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund.”

    I won’t go into my spiel about the importance of paper books. The system is trying to eliminate paper books and make everything digital and you know how THEY can mess with that.

    I want future generations of readers to come across the truth about these false events by reading the facts and this information will likely be wiped off all electronic media if our society and civilization keeps speeding toward 1984.

    What is great is that Moon Rock Books and the authors of these three important books have already given a sizable donation to Dr. Tracy’s legal defense fund and will apparently continue to donate a portion of the sale of each book to Dr. Tracy’s fund.

    People on a tight budget might think twice about spending 25 or 35 dollars for a book that they may not have time to completely read, but when they know that purchasing the book also accomplishes giving a donation for Dr. Tracy’s good cause, they will be much more likely to make the purchase. (Remember, Alex Jones and other alternative media personalities have been selling tens of thousands of dollars of their nutritional supplements and other media wares openly as a way to not only buy a health supplement but also to “support the broadcast.”)

    “If you’d like to pay by check or money order, please email”

    While the site gives the PayPal option of payment, it would seem wise and particularly appropriate if you sent your payment by check or money order.

    I hope Dr. Fetzer and the other authors, in preparing a second edition of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, will comb through the many comments about Sandy Hook here on Dr. Tracy’s site. There are many important nuggets regarding mysterious deaths of the Sandy Hook body count kind that are nicely documented within the comments to the many articles about Sandy Hook here.

    I just wanted to say a word about the millions in donations Posner and the crisis actors have obtained. I have no doubt that the public were deeply touched by the initial report of Sandy Hook school “masacre” and that many people did send donations to various sites, but the truth of the matter is that we have absolutely no accurate objective financial accounting and auditing of those donations of any kind. We do not know how much money was collected and we do not know who got that money. It may be that each “crisis actor’s” donation site was totally controlled by the same entities that hired and paid the crisis actors’ wages.

    I recall researching an approximate forty thousand dollar donation that the Knights of Columbus organization apparently made to the amputees of Boston Bombing or the purpose of buying them the latest kinds of protheses. I wrote to the organization and asked them the names of the amputees who would be the beneficiaries of their donation. I was met with stonewalling and extreme hostility and rudeness. So organizations that donate to these “victims” of these false events may be just garnering chits for their organization with the government or be playing a more sinister kind of participation role.
    Just sayin.

    1. ““You are either with us or you are against us.” And GWBush wasn’t talking about “America”. ”

      Dubya was doing a take off on…

      He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.

      A House Divided

      (Mark 3:20-27; Luke 11:14-23)

  3. Regarding fundraising for JT’s legal fees, I don’t know how it’s going with contributions that people are mailing in, but the Fundly site reports just over $1000 raised, with a goal of $10,000. MHB has almost 10,000 followers, and probably many more who don’t officially “follow”. If everyone donated $1 he would meet his initial legal fee goal. If everyone donated $5 he might have a cushion to get him through a period of unemployment.

    1. Well said. Let’s put our money where our mouths are.
      We should raise enough to pay Jim’s legal fees AND give him and his family a well-earned holiday! $5? That’s peanuts for you rich Yanks!
      What about contributions from abroad?
      I live in England, but want to help too.

  4. Life in Newtown these days……

    Newtown High School students were so traumatized by the SH mural in their school that they found ways to cope – see below. The whole place is a joke, aided and abetted by adults in town.
    “HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A mural inside Newtown High School that paid tribute to victims of the Sandy Hook shooting rampage was created as a form of art therapy. But within two years, the administration became worried that despite its intentions, the painting of a dreamcatcher was upsetting some students.”
    “NEWTOWN, Conn. — Three Newtown High School students have been charged with selling sexually explicit pictures and videos of their classmates. Twenty other students were referred to a juvenile review board for reportedly sharing those images with friends.”

    1. The Newtown High School administration is NOT worried that the picture is upsetting “some students”. The administration is worried that somebody is going to spill some beans and inadvertently uncover some causation with attendant complicity regarding the Sandy Hook undercover event. Even if most of the town of around 28k were unaware of the deeper details, surely they must have friends over in the po’ side of town that are much more familiar with the efforts being made to throttle contributory participants and efforts for such obscurantism. The utterly shabby performance of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Court in dispensing with Halbig’s queries followed by the total inaction by the governor on this issue is testimony of the utter depravity of the effort made to perform and cover up this debacle. It’s a total disgrace not just here in the Nutmeg state but all over the country. If the Super Bowl were blacked out on TV, you’d have an insurrection and another Kristallnacht, but for this travesty, NOTHING. Nothing says it all. Sandy Hook signifies the oncoming death of this nation.
      Lawlessness has become the law of the land.

    2. Wow! The social engineering runs deep. The “authorities” will decide. I’m not sure what a “juvenile review board” is, but I can guess. That’s pretty helpful. Charge kids with a felony and get them off to a nice start. I guess they’ll have to become pornographers now.

      The propensity of these types to want to control every aspect of people’s lives is frightening. The want to “forget”, but they will accept cash and credit cards.

      Raising perpetual “victims” who can only be helped by “professionals”. We spoke of “modeling” earlier. I think many miss the significance of this in the focus on gun confiscation. These actors were there to “model” their owner’s ideal in obedient eaters.

      “Art” is only art if it to “heal”. Any insult to a blissful life lived swaddled in the warm embrace of the State must be dealt with harshly. THEY, and only they, no the proper course of action for everyone at all times.

      Can you imagine the potential damage to the hive if the drones developed sexual interests? I shudder to think.

  5. Most Americans have been blackmailed by the fear of being watched by hidden surveillance saboteurs. When I email a notable figure in the Citizens’ movement, it enters my head that “I am being watched or listened to….”. Just think about some of the high luminaria that we are happy to have on our side. One has to entertain the fairly obvious notion that said conversation is likely being listened to and this makes us reluctant the next time around when we email said person again.
    Then again, how can we be totally sure the depth of this surveillance is as penetrating as “they” say?
    The California state college system is aghast now as they’ve found out their Kommandant, one Fraulein JanJan Napolitano has had their emails tapped. JanJan insists this has been going on before her tenure so “let’s not get in a tizzy”.
    What does one expect when one places a former operative of DHS as one’s education czar? This is done blatantly, this is done in the light of day. James Tracy’s severance is but a mere tip of a giant iceberg about to rock this country to its roots. Ear to the ground, eye to the horizon, locked, loaded, ready. Hold on, Lothar. I’m coming……

    1. “Then again, how can we be totally sure the depth of this surveillance is as penetrating as “they” say?”

      According to Dr. Katherine Albrecht, the surveillance IS as bad as we are often led to believe. Listen to her speak on the show she was on today. Links below – free download – this is a keeper. She focuses on her journey with cancer in the first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes speaks of her expertise regarding spychips and the like.

      She now has a dumb phone and does uses long old fashioned kind of ear phones and keeps the actual phone away from her head. She got two brain tumors, one on each side of her head, exactly where her phone was placed. She says stay away from all smart electronics and appliances – period. Also spoke of some kind of “drop cams” and RFID and “the Internet of Things” …in the future EVERYTHING that we buy will have tiny spys onboard.

      We are being slyly cajolled, manipulated and propagandized to buying our own suppression and oppression. In other words, we the sheeple are signing ourselves up for the onboard, in house, spies.

      Feb `5 2016 The Power Hour show – Dr. Katherine Albrecht is guest
      choose Hour 2 and Hour 3. Dr. A. was only on for first half hour of hour 3 but was on for all of hour 2.

      Do not want to get off on bible and religion but Dr. A is strongly influenced by her form of Christian thinking.

      Revelation (AP for Apocalypse) Chapter 13:16-18

      Dr. A understands the “mark of the Beast” to be a literal spychip in the forehead or the hand and I prefer Dr. Robert Sungenis’ interpretation.

      Revelation (Apocalypse) Chapter 13 Sungenis
      (Sorry this link is no good anymore. Someone caused all of Dr. S’s great articles to be disappeared from the web some years ago. A few can be found on, the Wayback Machine. I saved a copy into a personal MSWord file.)

      “John chooses the symbolism of a “mark” on the right hand or forehead since his purpose is to point out the ostensible characteristics of those who are not Christian. ..”SNIP

      Jul 25, ’13, 5:29 pm

      Comment # 23

      shows meaning of “mark” and “on the forehead” and “in the hand” in the Old Testament

      DEUT.6 [2]
      EXOD.13 [9]

      hand – the works you actually do
      forehead- your beliefs

      fail at either…not good

      One has to be very careful about what is literal and what is spiritual in interpreting biblical symbolism.

      Too literal interpretations of some symbols could be a tool of the Enemy. (Look what happened to “a long time” “a thousand years.”)

      1. It is true that the Bible uses the hand, the foot and the forehead symbolically to represents on’e works, one’s walk, and one’s thoughts. The Law required men to strap little boxes containing scripture to their foreheads, for instance; you see a lot of that in Israel even today.

        We see this quite remarkably in 2 Kings 9, where in verse 9 Elisha prophesies: 10 ‘The dogs shall eat Jezebel in the territory of Jezreel, and none shall bury her.'” And sure enough, it happened:

        31 As Jehu entered the gate, she said, “Is it well, Zimri, your master’s murderer?” 32 Then he lifted up his face to the window and said, “Who is on my side? Who?” And two or three officials looked down at him. 33 He said, “Throw her down.” So they threw her down, and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall and on the horses, and he trampled her under foot. 34 When he came in, he ate and drank; and he said, “See now to this cursed woman and bury her, for she is a king’s daughter.” 35 They went to bury her, but they found nothing more of her than the skull and the feet and the palms of her hands.

        This is telling us that the wicked witch may be dead, but her works, walk, and thoughts survived her. Absolutely true. The writer gives us these details about the parts the dogs did not eat to send a very important message about the ongoing apostasy the nation continued to express.

        That stipulated, it is extremely unlikely that John is using this [articular image symbolically, because EVERYONE will be required to take the mark, and it will be the only way anyone will be able to buy or sell anything:

        16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

        The chip interpretation makes all the sense in the world, given the fact that the technology Dr Albrecht references has only recently come into existence. For the first time in history it is possible to chip people and make them absolutely dependent on that chip for survival. The context of chapter 13, remember, is the World government Antichrist presides over, and the forced, universal worship of him. Which reads like today’s headline news–we are watching the construction of a World government right before our eyes in these last days. Antichrist could be revealed any day.

        These are the first verses in the Book of Revelation:

        1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants, the things which must soon take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John, 2 who testified to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw.

        John was writing what he was shown by the angel, by inspiration. He could certainly not comprehend the future technologies he saw, which we now take so much for granted, that would play so great a role in the events leading up to Jesus’ return–so he does the best he can to describe very specific items and events he was shown. He has to sometimes resort to pretty fantastic symbolism to get across the details of what he’s seen, but the mark is not as example if that; it’s pretty pedestrian. I’m guessing he was shown the chip in use: a hand being extended to a scanner, and after a beep and a confirming flash of light, a guy whose hand it is gets handed a bag of groceries.

      1. of course, he is part of the cabal, bought & paid for , like almost every “scientist” they are reading the scripts given to them by their masters, we are so doomed, money is the root of all that is evil and ‘they’ have all been bought . humans are a disgusting species , they willl kill their own children for $$$$

  6. A little off topic, but has anyone been following the new Virginia Tech murder ? Its playing out to me as another ritualistic murder, probably sadomasochistic in nature( the young girl was stabbed to death) with the purpose of demonizing encrypted web apps.

    The police are very tight lipped about the case, but her father and mother-in-law is speaking out against the social media /dating Application “Kik” .

    There is a video in the above Daily Mail link of the young girl “Nicole Lovell” mother deeply crying at a press conference, was it real or fake?
    and why the hell did she agree to do it in the first place ? With her daughter being dead less than a week. It reminded me of SH school ,Robbie Parker`s Holly weird acting.

    “The youngster bore emotional and physical wounds, suffering from bullying over the scars from the liver transplant she had at five.
    Weeks said her daughter didn’t like going to school because girls called her fat and talked about the scars from her transplant.”

    Why do I get the feeling that very few people are going to question the narrative of this, because of her bullying, and medical condition. I see a legesative bill being pushed thru to control those pesky encrypted apps.

    And the rabbit hole goes deeper…

  7. I listened to this interview again today on Real Politik radio, and I’m so glad to hear your side of it emphasized, James, especially in your comments. The complete obfuscation of the Posner copyright issue into a claim of harassment to “prove up your dead child” is detestable in itself, but that publications everywhere parroted the lie without investigating the matter is a fundamental betrayal of the public’s trust. Despicable, as Fetzer would say.

    As always, I’m just so amazed by Jim Fetzer; he is indefatigable. What a champion for your cause. You’re lucky to have him. Is there any direction he can’t come at this thing from?

    It makes me want to transcribe him and just use his language to talk about this from now on. I’ve used his words before, so it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m so sorry I was ever rude to him here.

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