Is Noah’s older step-brother, Michael Vabner, Noah “all grown up”?

Or is Noah simply Michael as a child?

On becoming a “Sandy Hook Truther”

Kelley Watt

I am often asked, “What got you interested in doing research on Sandy Hook?

My story begins on a cold winter day mid-January of 2013. I had missed a lot of the news coverage at the time of the shooting so I decided to look into it and get more details because, like everyone else at that time, I thought this mass shooting had really Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.43.09 AMhappened. We had just had wi-fi installed at our cabin and, as it was too cold to go fishing, I had all day to devote to just looking into the television coverage to see what I had missed. So I turned on my ipad and my life changed that day.

What I found out sent me on an over-three-year quest of hard-core investigation, Let me begin.

The first thing I did after turning on my computer was type in the word “GOOGLE”. Then I typed in “CNN” combined with the words “Sandy Hook Shooting”. I then clicked on a segment by Anderson Cooper, where he was railing against a professor by the name of Dr. James Tracy, saying this man should be fired (where he held a taxpayer financed job as a public university professor at Florida Atlantic University). Anderson Cooper seemed a bit unhinged: he seemed to be really upset that the professor was suggesting that PERHAPS this hadn’t really happened.

Being a naturally curious person, I decided to look up Dr. Tracy on Google and find out what I could about this “deranged” professor. With a single click, up popped Dr. Tracy’s and, because I had nothing but time on my hands, I clicked on what he had on his blog at the time, which was not a whole lot, primarily a press conference of the Connecticut Chief State Medical Examiner, Dr. Wayne H. Carver. Under the video was a written transcript which I found helpful, because in hearing Dr. Carver and seeing his words actually written out I noticed how many times he used the word “uh”.

After listening, I re-listened and counted the ” uh’s” myself: there were no less than 155! I was left speechless and watched the press conference two more times, it was at this point I knew something really weird was going on. When asked by a reporter, “Dr. Carver, what were the kids wearing?”, Dr. Carver’s reply was “Cute kid clothes”, Hmmm, I thought, why didn’t he say “school clothes”? Why did he not know how many girls were shot and how many were boys? Then when he made the statement. “I hope this does not come crashing down on the residents of Newtown”. I literally had to hit the “pause” button and re-listen.

After seeing Dr. Tracy’s Memory Hole another video popped up on You Tube and it was the infamous video of Robbie Parker in a full belly laugh within hours of his daughter, Emilie being gunned down.

So, these became my initial inquiries into what has since become know as “The Sandy Hook Hoax” and, although I did not realize it at the time, I was now a “Sandy Hook Truther”.

Placing some phone calls

After the initial shock of what I was discovering, although I had no idea at the time why this event was being put out as really happening, I decided it was time to place a few phone calls. I placed a called to the Environmental Protection Agency, because I own a residential and commercial cleaning company, I knew that major bio hazards were present and I also knew that they had to be disposed of properly.

Bio hazard waste must be carefully documented and disposed of in the most intricate way, so I wanted to know who received the contract for this type of gory clean up. When I called, I was passed around on the phone by several employees snd finally someone suggested I call the Connecticut State Police. So I quickly placed a call to a Lieutenant Paul Vance, who I was told was their press spokesman. Asking Lieutenant Vance who cleaned up the blood at Sandy Hook, he responded with the astonishing answer, “What blood?” My response was, “26 people were murdered, that blood”! He then asked if I was one of those “conspiracy theorists”, telling me, “I stepped over dead babies”. Again asking “who got the clean-up contract”, he suggested that I might find out by calling the Major Crime Squad in Western Connecticut. They had no answer for me, either.

Now I am hooked on The Hook! I watch more videos and found one which appeared to show a bunch of people walking around the firehouse in Sandy Hook, where everyone had been directed to go. Upon watching this video as well as ABC, CBS and NBC’s coverage, I began noticing everyone they were showing on television had on casual type clothes such as sweatpants, hoodies, ball caps, jeans, sweatshirts. One guy in an FBI vest was even wearing a red bandana! Now I’m thinking, “What’s up with this?” Because of the time of day, I’m thinking, these people must not work. Later I discovered that the people who live in this area and county (Fairfield County) are Hollywood movie moguls, venture capitalists, wall street bankers, hedge fund people and the like, so now I am really looking at this and saying, “This is too weird”, but it definitely had me captivated!

After seeing the You Tube video of people walking around the firehouse going in one door and out the other for what appeared to be maybe hours on end I decided I needed to call the Sandy Hook fire station to ask them why all these parents were walking in circles. I was put on speaker phone and was asked, “Are you one of those conspiracy theorists”? Then strangely I was asked by someone. “Did you vote for Obama”? They wanted to know where I was from and refused to answer my questions. I was being very serious, but they were laughing.

Then I started in with hundreds of calls to the press, Hartford Courant, The Danbury News, The Patch–literally every media including television and radio stations in the State of Connecticut. I had noticed something in all of the interviews that had been conducted with the parents of all the ” supposed” dead kids: that none had a single tissue in their hands as they gave these emotional descriptions of their deceased children. That was so off-the-charts that it was really starting to sink in that this was a big fat lie! Parents don’t bury their children and give interviews within hours and not need a Kleenex when describing what had happened to the press.

Lenny Pozner “following” me

A year has passed, everyday, I have spent a minimum of five hours reading and watching videos. I am focused on the dad of Adam Lanza, the shooter, but I can hardly find a thing on him. I recalled an interview of Ted Bundy’s parents and of Jeffery Dahlmer’s and of Gary Ridgeway and countless others as the press wants to interview the parents to get insight into the life of the killer. But for some odd reason, nobody in the US or the foreign press had any interest whatsoever in an on-camera interview with the father, Mr. Peter Lanza.

Keep in mind the press interviewed a girl, Alexis Israel, who went to Kindergarten with Adam, his son, the killer, who admitted she didn’t really know him other than that he is was very intelligent; they interviewed Alan Diaz, who claimed he went to high school with the shooter; they interviewed Adam’s psychiatrist, his school nurse, you name it, but no Peter Lanza–they just could have cared less about this infamous father. I know that I’m looking at a completely fabricated story/event; after a year, nothing is adding up.

I began making comments on videos and, two years into my research, I got an email from Google+ telling me, “Lenny Pozner is following you on Google +.” I hit the ” reply” button and wrote, “Why are you following me? Is it because I don’t believe a word about anybody dying at Sandy Hook and I don’t believe you had a son who died?” He would eventually send me a copy of “Noah’s death certificate”, which turned out to be a fabrication combining an authentic bottom half with a fake top half, which you can find here and in NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which banned less than a month after its publication.

We talked through emails for about three hours and then Mr. Pozner, who was making the case that he did have a son who died at the school, said he was tiring of typing and could we talk on the phone instead. So I said, “You will have to call me because I don’t want you to say I was harassing you by me calling you“. He proceeded to call and we continued talking daily for some 2-3 months. I asked him for some substantiating documents to back up his wild claims and I requested a report card, a photo of his wife holding his son in the hospital as well as a death certificate which he claimed anyone could get for $19.00 (which was false).

Lenny Pozner is well-known for stalking individuals online. See “Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: The Fine Art of Online Stalking and Harassment

Having spent three years following Obama’s birth certificate fiasco, I was leery of any death certificate, and the hospital photo he sent was not taken in a hospital and what dad keeps handy his son’s report card especially when he lives in a different state and is separated from his wife. Needless to say, he made me think even more this whole charade called Sandy Hook was a fake event because I never got the feeling he was a grief stricken father. Besides what father who really lost a son would talk to some stranger calling him a liar, day in and day out. I even sent him a video of the movie, “Big Fat Liar”, which he thought was funny. Anybody who really lost a child would have hung up long before. (For additional information on the author’s encounters with Lenny Pozner see, “Are Sandy Hook Critics Delusional With ‘Twisted Minds’?“-Ed.)

Is Noah Michael Vabner?

As Lenny became more of a “trouble maker” to those in the truth movement, shutting down documentaries, You Tube channels, getting people fired from their jobs, going after copyright images claiming they were his I figured he really must have a LOT to lose so I thought, “What could it be? Why is this man on the war path?” He wasn’t mad when I didn’t believe him but by this time another year had passed and researchers were really exposing the truth, having found the FEMA manual that was hidden on the internet stating the event was a “drill” staged over two days. By this time, a lengthy (over 2 1/2 hour) documentary started making its way on the internet and really stirring up a hornet’s nest with millions watching he and the others were desperate, like I said, trying to get every thing Sandy Hook off the net.

Noah and Michael / Noah and Arielle / Michael and Danielle

Then after three years, someone wrote a letter to Dr. Tracy suggesting that Lenny Pozner’s stepson, Michael Vabner, bore an uncanny resemblance to his ” dead” son and to look into it. Seeing this as another avenue to research I looked into it, first by going into his step-son and daughter’s facebook pages. To my surprise, very little if anything is said about their dead step-brother and just a very, very few had any comments about it. I’m thinking, “How do you spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E?” These step-children are 20 years old and yet have virtually no Facebook footprint. After a few clicks I found several images on Lenny’s stepson’s Facebook page, which I presented on “The Real Deal” after Dr. Fetzer asked me to come on his show.

Is this why Lenny is on the prowl? Is Lenny’s stepson, Michael Vabner, really Noah “all grown up’? Is “Noah” a name they used with photos from Michael’s youth? And is Danielle really “Noah’s twin” the media has depicted him as having? Are Michael and Danielle grown up versions of Noah and Arielle? Are Noah and Arielle Lenny’s creations by using photos of Michael and Danielle as children? I have asked quite a few persons whether these look like the same person–and they invariably respond that they do. I think so, too, which would explain at least this one most peculiar aspect of the Sandy Hook story.

[Editor’s note: Lenny Pozner (or whatever his real name may be) has been abusing copyright claims to take down research on Sandy Hook, which involved an elaborate scam, fleecing the American public of millions of dollars in donations. We are in the process of solving a crime, where exposing that Noah Pozner did not die at Sandy Hook has become a crucial element of its resolution. There are exceptions for fair use and criticism under the copyright laws, where this is about as clear a case where there is not right of copyright as anyone could possibly imagine.]


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96 thoughts on “Is Noah’s older step-brother, Michael Vabner, Noah “all grown up”?”

  1. Research means following all leads, asking questions and taking the time it requires to answer lingering questions. Many in the press as well as many government reprensentatives to whom I have spoken believe this event did not happen. One must not be intimidated by those who have an angenda and want to push lies to fit their agenda. Everyone who has looked into this knows this did not play out the way they are claiming. The photos of the school prove it had been non operable for years and that is why they are not turning over documents concerning its functionality to Wolfgang Halbig. If the school was closed years before alleged shooting and the Sandy Hook kids are now attending Chalk Hill which was also closed ( and still appears to be closed) then the question that now begs to be answered is ” Who is going to Chalk Hill and where is the proof that around 600 kids are being bused to Chalk Hill”? There are absolutely no photos or more importantly videos of any children entering Chalk Hill. The only photo I have been able to ol? is a photo of a bus supposedly ” evacuating children out of Chalk Hill during a bomb threat” the only problem with that is the photo of the bus shows it is empty and the bus driver is missing as well. I placed a call last November to Chalk Hill saying I wanted to enroll my kids at Chalk Hill and was told ” nobody but SH kids are allowed”. I then asked, ” even if I buy a home across the street from Chalk Hill”? Answer, ” even if you buy a home across the street you still can’t put your kids here”. There is only one reason for this and both you and I know what it is. Could this be why they are not turning over FOIA requests concerning Chalk Hill to Wolfgang? Could it be because they never re- opened this toxic school? Is this why the extreme police presence, is this why the nature trail behind the school is closed until after 4 pm each day? Perhaps someone on the trail might become suspect why there is never a recess. Hmmm

    1. Good points Kelly! To sum things up in a simple list:

      1) There NEVER was a Sandy Hook Elementary School.
      2) There may have been a Chalk Hill Elementary School at the exact coordinates of the Sandy Hook School, which may have been closed many decades before the Drill.
      3) The building purported to be the Chalk Hill Elementary School was never a school building in any way shape or form. It has the general layout and appearance of an office building.
      4) The letters in Chalk Hill and Sandy Hook are EXACTLY 5 + 4.
      5) Prior to the drill, the letters Sandy Hook replaced the appropriate letters in Chalk Hill, and voila!
      6) There are no alumni from Sandy Hook Elementary School, or Chalk Hill Elementary School who have come forward either PRO or CON. No alumni = No existence.

        1. I took a drive through Newtown, CT back in March of 2013 when all of this information was hot news. I believe all reports linked to this town to be complete fabrications. Wiki listed the population of Newtown, CT as far back as January of 2013 in excess of 21,000. I encountered no more than 5 cars on the road, including myself, and did not see more than 40 people during the hour I spent in town, between the hours of noon and 1 pm during my business trip. I estimated the town’s population to be no more than 500. Therefore, all reports linked to this city are completely fictional. How can there be 5,000 students in the Newtown public schools in 2010, when you would be hard pressed to find 50 people within town limits during a typical school/business day?

          My conclusion three years ago was that Newtown was a sparsely populated Potemkin village.

        2. John Law,I just read on a site that pop was 1,977 in 2013….now it is over 28,000. Are they selling away houses for a buck again? In the so called “official” Newtown site,I found NO population figures,unless I overlooked it,somehow. That is one curious little hamlet,regardless… Potemkin Village,indeed.

        3. Look in Google and you will see websites that list Newtown’s population from less than 2000 to over 28000. Go figure. Are these all doctored figures? I follow high school athletics from time to time and notice that Newtown has athletic teams that compete in the “large school category”.How could the high school be bigger than the town unless it was a regional high school and not a local high school?

        4. The Borough of Newtown has about 1,900 souls on one square mile. The Town of Newtown (including Sandy Hook) has 28,000 souls on 60 square miles, give or take a few actors.

          ~The Borough of Newtown, located in the central area of Newtown encompasses an area of approximately 1,252 acres or one square mile. The Borough was incorporated in 1824 by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly. It is a unique self-governing municipal unit, one of only nine Boroughs located in the State of Connecticut.~

          I am not defending anything related to Newtown, but I am very familiar with the place. It does come across as a sleepy hamlet due to many residents commuting to work in neighboring cities, even NYC. Newtown does not have any major shopping centers and people travel south or west for major shopping sprees. Therefore the town has the appearance of being more or less deserted.

          I recall one Halloween when the merchants of Newtown arranged a parade around Queen Street for the kids. My daughter had a friend in Newtown and we joined her and the mom for the fun. It was so cold we almost froze to death. Almost. I have photos from the event with our faces red and icy.

          In other news, my prediction is that Matthew Mills will be made an example of in court. He is not the right person to convince a jury that SH was a hoax.

          ~BRIDGEPORT — So-called truther Matthew Mills will get his chance to convince a jury that not only did the Sandy Hook tragedy not happen, but that hero-teacher Victoria Soto was a made-up person.~

        5. Yeah, sleepy little burg with a fortress school. Poor little celebrities. Soto controls the dialog. “Stick him judge. He made me cry”. We live in a mindless age.

      1. Why have none of the 30k residents of Newtown not come forward to expose this massive swill can of lies? No opinions among these people? Don’t care? Under death threats? Are they getting tax write-offs by keeping their mouths shut? How much money have the Feds spent on this nightmare?
        No public citizens that watched the disgusting “FOIA hearing with Halbig and Kay Wilson” have registered complaints about the phony baloney proceedings of that court? People are fearful to go against the state? Apathetic?

        1. The answer to your question is very simple. There are NOT 30K residents to deal with. There are less than 500 to deal with, and perhaps even fewer. Take a drive through the hamlet of Newtown if you are ever in the New England area and you will see for yourself, it is plain as day.

    2. Kelly,
      To further confuse the situation, Chalk Hill School is now referred to as “Sandy Hook School” when you access the Newtown School District website ( If you then use the “Schools” drop down menu and click on “Sandy Hook School,” it takes you to a school named “Sandy Hook Elementary School,” with the Fan Hill Rd. address in Monroe, CT. Even stranger, if you click on the “Students” menu on his site, the first listing on the drop down is “SHS Handbook,” which opens to the handbook for Sandy Hook Elementary School: 2010-2011 School Year, citing the Dickinson Drive address, followed by a “Welcome” by Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

    3. Nice research. To further your suspicions about the photos;

      I lived in Ridgefield, CT in the mid 80’s, which is the town due South of Danbury, Newtown is the town due East of Danbury. I spent my last 2 years of HS there. I’m from and have spent 3/4 of my life in N. Texas. I remember it being cold on the first day of school after Labor Day- need a coat cold. I remember having to wear a jacket in late May because of how chilly it was. It was still cool in June. CT is a cold weather state, and there are trees everywhere. Very small window for swimming. I went to the beach on the CT coast a few times. It is a rocky beach, not fine sand. I remember this distinctly because I’d been to the beach in SouthWest Texas, and the found the whole beach experience in CT very disappointing. Cold water, no waves, rocky beach.

      1. Woo hoo…a Texas boy! I’m in north Texas also. I’ve never been to CT, but I know it’s famous for cold weather. One of the first things that I noticed about the SH event was that people milling about the school were definitely not dressed for a cold December day. The next day’s news coverage starring Dr. Carver and Co. convinced me that something fishy was going down.

        1. Maryaha,
          Here is a link to the recorded weather information for Sandy Hook, CT, on 12/14/12:

          At midnight, the temperature there was 26… it climbed to 40 at noon and reached the day’s high at 44* a little before 2 PM, where it remained until about 4 PM. By the late evening, the temperature dropped to the lower 30’s. The winds, which were mild most of the morning, picked up before noon and peaked between 1 and 4 PM, making that 44 high feel much cooler.

        1. In Kelley’s interview with Fetzer she has numerous photos of Noah, and a preponderance of them are him in shorts and short sleeves, or swimming, water related. She found this potentially unusual if he was supposed to be a resident of CT, she speculated that the group of pictures indicated living in a warm weather state.

          I was just letting her know that since I’ve lived most of my life in a warm weather state (TX), a State in which you’ll have the option, if but for a day or two, to wear shorts and short sleeves every month of the year. And I lived in a town in CT about 20 miles from Newtown, and know how limited your opportunities are for wearing warm weather clothes are. Also, you don’t play on a rocky beach like you do on a sandy beach. Therefor I believe her suspicions that the Pozner family photos were not taken in CT are well founded.

          For me it’s just one more small piece that does not add up. Just like ‘normally’ in Dec in CT it’s gonna be cold, especially in the morning.

      2. In New England, you wait for the winter to be over (it goes for, from my childhood-in-California perspective, about six months). I live in Massachusetts, but coastal Ct. is very similar – it’s a small region. Unless you can afford to stay at Cape Cod or one of the islands, pricey experiences for the rich only or for very short periods, you are going to have a miserable summer at the beach – rocks, cold water, black flies biting you. If you kept yourself from giving up all hope all winter, with thoughts of summer sun, you are bound to be a bit underwhelmed once it arrives. People tend to take to boats for their recreation. Or, incomprehensibly, go up to some cabin in Maine that their grandparents left them – talk about boring.

        1. Musings,as young’ans,we visited our Uncle(a Harvard prof)who lived on Priscilla Beach,near Boston. This was in the ’50’s,but we all remember just how icy the ocean was in the middle of the summer…we were glad to get back to our tepid lakes in upper E Tn. I tell you!

    4. The question of whether this school was operational or not prior to the shooting can be easily confirmed through methods other than 5 letters, etc.

      Has someone examined the local papers for x years prior to the shootings? Every local paper reports on school events, school plays, school budgets, etc. If there were no articles and reports, there was no school operating.

      Has anyone requested the detailed budgets from the school district for the years leading up to the shooting? Every school district has detailed budgets with “railroad” schedules showing each account by school that composes the overall total school district budget. If the school was not operational, they would not appear on the railroad schedule – or at least not for certain line items like busing, teaching salaries, etc.

      Every state produces detail reports/studies on schools, with some type of rankings. Have these been researched for the years leading up to the shooting to detail if Sandy Hook appears in these studies/reports?

      This type of evidence is what I call “substantial competent evidence”.

      1. I find it hard to believe no one can find out if this school was operational prior to this event. We have 7 schools in my town including 2 that have been closed for some time. Everyone in town pretty much knows this information. There are Board of Education meetings …etc. I would think if SH was closed- someone would be able to provide proof

    5. ” I placed a call last November to Chalk Hill saying I wanted to enroll my kids at Chalk Hill and was told ” nobody but SH kids are allowed”. I then asked, ” even if I buy a home across the street from Chalk Hill”? Answer, ” even if you buy a home across the street you still can’t put your kids here”. There is only one reason for this and both you and I know what it is. Could this be why they are not turning over FOIA requests concerning Chalk Hill to Wolfgang? Could it be because they never re- opened this toxic school? Is this why the extreme police presence, is this why the nature trail behind the school is closed until after 4 pm each day? ”

      That is just insane!
      What a bizzaro world.

      I wish I could find it again and I apologize if I’m mistaken.
      But wasn’t Chalk Hill also deemed unfit for habitation as a school?

      1. Bucket Lady,

        From the Monroe Courier- December 16, 2012:

        “Students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where the school shooting took place Friday, will begin to attend classes at the former Chalk Hill School in Monroe later this week.

        As of now, local, state and federal officials are transforming the building into a school again. “I’ve never seen anything happen so fast,” said Monroe First Selectman Stephen J. Vavrek.”


        “Chalk Hill is part of a three-school campus that also includes Fawn Hollow Elementary and Jockey Hollow, a middle school. Chalk Hill was closed at the end of the 2010-11 school year primarily for budget reasons but also due to declining enrollment. Control of the building later was officially turned over to the town by the Monroe Board of Education.

        It now houses the Monroe Parks and Recreation Department, Monroe Volunteer EMS training center and Monroe Early Learning Center, a privately-run childcare center for the children of Monroe Board of Education and town employees. Those three entities are expected to remain in the building, but their exact locations and public access may be adjusted.”

        1. Thanks for the links!

          “Those three entities are expected to remain in the building, but their exact locations and public access may be adjusted.”

          Interesting about the public access.

      2. That’s VERY interesting. So their school district has “special people”? So are only “Sandy Hook kids” going to be “allowed” into the new fortress? I wonder what that place is really for?

        1. Has construction started on the new school?

          Playing around in the app, if you move to Newtown and have K-4 aged children that will be receiving public education they fall into the Newtown School District.
          NSD has four K-4 schools
          Middle Gate
          Head o’meadow
          And Sandy Hook (375 Fan Hill Road Monroe,Ct)

          SHE is pretty darn exclusive. If you live near Fan Hill Road, your child can’t attend. Additional money is spent to bus your child elsewhere and even more money is spent to bus Newtown children into Monroe.
          And Monroe children don’t get visits from famous people and astronauts, just Sandy Hook kids.
          Is the Monroe facility paid for with Monroe tax dollars?

          I also noticed that the website for Sandy Hook Elementary (375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe,CT) has a side bar directing you to info about where to send your donations.
          You can send them to the Newtown School District.
          Specify where you want it to go.
          You have 2 choices….

          -Sandy Hook Special Revenue – donations specified for the benefit of the town to be used for public purpose such as schools, police, parks, playground, memorials, etc. (Ummm isn’t that why people in the community pay taxes!?)

          Sandy Hook Private Purpose Trust Fund – donations that will benefit individuals or private organizations,scholarships.
          (Private Purpose? Send us money but don’t question as to what it is being used for? What organizations?)

          This town is getting a $40 million dollar new school, untold millions went into the town after December 14th,2012 and they are still grifting for money!?

          None of this makes any sense!!
          Even the population numbers are hinky.
          2010- 27,560
          2013- 1,977

          Everything about the whole story that started on December 14th, 2012 doesn’t make sense or add up if you use basic logic and common sense.

          Yet they want to use that story to change federal laws!?
          And don’t you dare question that day or the aftermath.
          If you do, you will….
          Be criminally harrased
          Sent death threats
          Illegally fired from your job.

          I’m sorry to thread hijack but this is the only place where you can safely discuss this topic.

        2. Thank you for all of that work. It only confirms suspicions. We all knew at the beginning that this did not make sense. That’s what generated the interest.

          This is beyond doubt, a government psyop. It was managed as a “drill”. SHES was chosen for a reason.

          The pictorial evidence does not support the “exclusivity” of the school. It was a dump. Holding the alleged former students up as in special need of protection is also bogus. By their own storyline, the “lone-nut shooter” is dead. What would you calculate the odds to be of a repeat?

          They have used their “set” as the platform to erect an entire false narrative for use in justifying their agenda. The well known characters involved in the ongoing production are just that, characters.

          It is unusually frustrating to see so much questionable material simply accepted by the majority. “The school was attacked, so of course we need to build a $50+M fortress”, etc.. Obviously, the alleged events do not justify the actions.

          Some of what we see is the inevitable class that is bound to occur when reality meets manufactured reality. They would have done well to totally fictionalize a town for their production. They could have peopled it with faeries and elves riding on purple unicorns. Hey, it could happen!

          Here we have basset-hound-faced actors and their professionally trained wives giving their baleful, “oh-so sincere” political opinions based on manufactured “tragedy”. How many are there? These “ordinary” citizens that are so practiced in the performing arts should only represent a small fraction of the town.

          Where are the bus drivers, cafeteria workers, grounds keepers, maintenance people? Do any of these players strike you as someone who would send their disproportionally young darlings to a dump? And, no one but us finds this suspicious?

          In many ways this is a war. It is a war against the collective wisdom of people who have experienced life as it is, not as it is seen on TV. The perpetrators of this mental assault wish to portray those with misgivings based on common sense as heretics. They wish to ensconce the Anderson Coopers of television land as high priests. Henceforth, he shall be known as “Lord Greenscreen”.

          In a way it all boils down to whether it is appropriate to accept that we are obligated to believe anything that is said in the corporate media unless we can prove that they are lying. I suggest that the opposite is the truth.

    1. Greg, there are NO kids who attend Chalk Hill, and there is no verifiable record of anyone ever attending a school called Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, CT.

  2. There is constant mention of how Lenny Pozner was so successful in shutting down You Tubes. articles, pictures, etc. If I want to shut down photos appearing on a national magazine, do I just call up the magazine, threaten them with copyright lawsuits, and they stop what they are doing and remove all media materials that I alluded to? Is it “easy” to shut down publications with threats and implications of malfeasance? Has anybody threatened with a lawsuit forced Lenny’s hand to prove that he had copyright ownership of photos, comments,etc? Has everybody buckled under to Lenny? Does Lenny use an expensive law firm to threaten and project these instances of copyright ownership? Has anybody demanded to talk to Lenny’s law firm? Has anybody countersued Lenny?

    1. My thoughts are Lenny is backed by the Obama administration. If this becomes unravelled as it is slowly but steadily doing, all will be revealed.

    2. Many people, myself included, have challenged Lenny’s copyright claims in YouTube videos. He has never once challenged a counter claim.

      But that’s not really why he files claims. He does so because counter claiming requires you use your real name and personal info. Once he has it he shares it with his trolls and they target you and your family.

  3. I long for the day I see Leonard P. Osner hung publicly.

    I will swing at his corpse like a pinata.

    Anderson “I only have a job because of mommy’s fame” Cooper’s defensiveness and treatment of Tracy made it clear something really fishy was going on.

    I think the pivot point will be alerting those who gave donations of the fraudulence. We can strip the Criminal Pozner or whatever alias he is using of the millions he stole from the American public.

    I simply cannot wait….

  4. Where did children from Newtown send their children for K-5? Where did these kids attend High School? If you spend anytime in Newtown around HS kids, somebody will tell you everything that went down. It’s what HS kids love to do.

    1. Michael if you agree Sandy Hook was closed years before fake shooting then you are agreeing that there were no kids attending Sandy Hook, in that regard, if Chalk Hill/Sandy Hook is only for kids who attended Sandy Hook in 2012 and you agree no kids were at Sandy due to it being closed then there can be no kids attending Chalk Hill. Remember I was told that only kids who attended Sandy Hook were allowed to enroll their kids in Chalk Hill. So the answer to your question is there are no children attending Sandy Hook either in the past or present. It’s a no brainer.

  5. Since 1970 there have been 253 school shootings and none had a police presence more than a day or two much less three years later. Also, 82 of these 253 shootings have happened since SH which sounds like a bunch of drills going on to me.

  6. Has anybody else noticed the conspicuous lack of contemporary video of Noah’s “twin” sister ? If he was a construct then his sister was as well which means she would be much older now in all likelihood. Thus not available in her construct state of a 6 year old.

    1. After looking at the pictures of Michael and Danielle I have to agree that the postulate that Noah and Arielle are constructs from the younger pictures Michael and Danielle are very plausible. The likenesses are compelling.

      The verification process, or part of an effective process, would be very simply to produce a contemporary video of the 9 year old Arielle. I do not recall seeing Arielle at any memorial service or other activities in Newtown. If in fact Arielle was just a 6 year old picture of Danielle then a current video of a 9 year old would be impossible.

      Youtuber Tim Hunt (Hunter?) did a great job of establishing Noah’s pictures appearing to be out of sequence with his chronological age. Unfortunately his videos have since been purged.

      I think the author may quite possibly have figured this one out.

      Occasionally I have driven passed Chalk School on the way home from work. I have seen a police car guarding the entrance to the parking lot and have seen school buses lined up to depart. For what that is worth.

      My guess in that regard is that SHES may have been slated for replacement at some point and that Chalk School was conveniently located very close to Sandy Hook. The fact the Chalk school was so perfectly suited, close by and available is too much of a coincidence. How very convenient. How many grade schools do you know that have a vacant replacement just a few miles away ? Thus the vacant SHES school was available for the drill or whatever transpired there.

      I have to believe that at some point some substantive evidence will surface to expose what really happened.

      I believe the forensic analysis, requested by Halbiq, that confirmed Avielle Richman was really Lennie Urbina was huge. If one victim has been established as a fake then what does that suggest about the others.

  7. Just saw an old speech to a women’s group on C-Span which Eric Holder gave years ago. It appears that his goal was to do to weapons what various measures have done to smoking. He was thinking about kids, and I am sure he was focusing on urban kids who are drawn to lives of crime. He felt that somehow, with the proper help from advertising firms, he could turn around the early deaths from violence by making guns uncool.

    I appreciate that when you belong to a group of people with a shortened lifespan because of gun violence, you might be persuaded to try desperate measures.

    There’s something in Connecticut called “Project Longevity” and it is very much involved with black youth.

    There are two ways of approaching child-rearing (if not more!), and one is to use authority and to scare kids into obedience with various tactics. Another is to use education, reason and example, and not mere propaganda. It’s like the difference between junk food and good nutrition – both might well get you to adulthood, but one is a quality source which can lead to lifelong health and good decision-making. The cheap and dirty method has been used in these propaganda events, and to various ends.

    It sure saves work just to scare people or shame them into compliance, and as we know the ramifications are huge once you make something illegal.

    I have been neither a smoker nor a gun-owner. I see the cigarettes are still stocked – as are the lottery tickets. So far as I know, gun sales never let up and they would be even hotter – no “cooler” – if they were prohibited.

    This is an ad campaign. It didn’t work so well. Change must come from within the person, and for that you need a better society than this one.

    But the new twist today is to defend that ad campaign as though it were reality and to falsify history. It is okay for stupid people, but unfortunately I think there is a gentleman’s agreement to pretend this stuff is real. I would blame Straussian philosophy (which has been a tenet of the neoconservatives) – it is that the Noble Lie is what you use to lead the masses. It goes back to Plato’s Republic, I guess. If you trace your philosophical line back to Aristotle instead, and care about reality, you will be appalled at this development.

    1. I can’t help but think of how well the anti-drug campaign worked. Once we figured out that few of us were, in fact, dropping dead from smoking a joint or doing a line, it was pretty much “Ready, set, go”.

      And then most of us grew out of it.

      I appreciate gun use is different in that there’s very little margin for error, and no do-overs. But lying about them will only back-fire (no pun intended).

      1. I can’t help but remember what used to get you a five-dollar fine became a felony. All the wasted lives, hundreds of billions of dollars spent, massive imprisonment.

        That’s one of the nice things about being old. I’ve lived through the whole cycle. I knew why they were doing it and I’ve been proven right. They instituted a total repressive state, complete with military police and the elimination of our former rights to be safe and secure. All on the pretense of keeping us from harming ourselves.

        They replaced “Barney” with Herr Schitkel of the Einsatzgrupen. This thing has had a very long run. But, of course, it takes time to set up a police state. Then again, they are raking it in in the poppy business. It probably surpasses the money they steal from us in taxes.

        As to “gun use”, I’ll say it again. We don’t need anyone’s permission. We don’t have to “make a case for” owning them. In fact, I could make a VERY long list of things that we seem to automatically assume that we need daddy’s blessing for that we do not.

        My humble advise to anyone who will listen is to not approach anything in life as if you need permission. The government does not give us rights. They only take them away. If we make bad choices we pay the consequences. Government is not the “cure” for life’s uncertainties.

        As we were just saying about the gas leak, etc., the things that government should do, they don’t. They jail banksters in Iceland. They forgive usurious debt there as well. Funny there hasn’t been much on that in the “news”.

  8. The national resonance of Sandy Hook occurs because it was small children who, supposedly, were brutally murdered. Consider how US power really treats American children.

    “As the water crisis in Flint continues to occupy national headlines, scientists and environmental officials have revealed a dirty secret; the poisoning of drinking water with toxic chemicals is not unique to Flint, but takes place all over the country.

    …(counties and cities) all reported that substantial numbers of children have been exposed to elevated lead levels, largely through the municipal drinking water.”

    The Virginia Tech researcher Marc Edwards stated that because of the fake testing of the water, “Flint is currently meeting the standard even as national guardsman walk the street.”

    So prints the world socialist web site, the best of the socialist news sources. The delusions of Sandy Hook are defended by media omerta, a conspiracy of silence, in the same way that media omerta prevents Americans from understanding how they are their children are being poisoned. And this is not just environmental racism against non-Whites, such as putting polluting dumps in their neigborhoods, but affects White affluent neighborhoods as well.

    Porter Ranch, thirty miles from my house, and where Anne B. lived, is currently spewing out gas from a leak in the buried storage tank, in an affluent White community where the annual income is over a hundred thousand dollars. The kids are most affected by this pollution, which increases as US facilities degenerate. But Americans do not know about this environmental poisoning; they are deluded by Sandy Hook and other fantasy scenarios.

    And they fire or discredit those professional specialists who tell them the truth.

    1. I had an errand in Porter Ranch yesterday, one mile directly south of the blown out well. Did not stay longer than I had to, but could not help notice the silence in the neighborhood. No children’s voices, no dogs barking and no cars passing by.

      Not only have several thousand families been relocated, but it had a domino effect on others as well. This is an area where cleaning ladies, gardeners and pool men were staples around the neighborhoods. They lost their employment. The real estate industry in Porter Ranch is reporting zero interest in available homes. No surprise there.

      Some of you may recall Love Canal in NY state from the late seventies. Eventually the state bought out most of the homeowners. The families of Love Canal numbered a few hundred and property values back then were much less. Porter Ranch has around 30,000 residents and property values were high before the gas well blow-out. The oldest neighborhood there, the first one built in the mid seventies, is located around Porter Ranch Country Club, most with nice views of San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica Mountains.

      Porter Ranch may become another Love Canal, but the state won’t be bailing anyone out. Love Canal is today, after a superfund cleanup, a park. No one knew about the extent of the SoCal Gas facility in the Porter Ranch hills except SoCal Gas and its cronies. Reportedly SoCal Gas owns 3000 acres in those unincorporated hills, part of Los Angeles County. They form the back yard of the Porter Ranch neighborhood in Los Angeles City.

      1. I can’t help wondering whether these types of disasters are part of a plan. Did they let it happen? I wonder if you took a map of the US from the 70’s and mapped out all these type of events, along with the EPA and BLM land grabs, conservation land grabs and natural disasters, would it map out perfectly to the biodiversity map (agenda 21)?
        Is that land slated to be off limits to humans in the future?

        1. I have wondered the same myself. Is this part of the Wildlands Project? Porter Ranch was sort of the last respite in the city of Los Angeles – away from the crowds. Gas company officials deny long term health effects, but I don’t believe a word coming from that direction. Personally I could not go back there if I had small children, or children of any age. I suspect the many wildfires are also part of the Wildlands Project.

          ~”The 5 mile radius isn’t enough,” said Englander. L.A. City Council unanimously voted Tuesday for SoCal Gas to expand relocation benefits to communities even further away from the Aliso Canyon gas leak, to Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge.~

          Construction of the new Porter Ranch Community School:

          The finished school that now sits empty:

        2. Anne, I believe it is all a devious plan. There is a website I used to frequent that had a lot of info about the plans of the NWO, among other things. The articles had lots of info on what the writer called “rewilding”, which I knew nothing about when I was reading the articles back in about 2000 to 2005. Even then he was showing how all of these environmental disasters, severe weather, etc. were occurring in order to further the “biodiversity” plans laid out by the U.N. The article linked below is a good example, as it begins in May 2000, and says: “The House overwhelmingly approved a sweeping environmental measure yesterday that sets aside $45 billion over 15 years to buy parks and open spaces, pay for wildlife protection and restore damaged coastal areas.” This is especially interesting to me now, considering that the 15 year plan began in 2000 and we have certainly seen unprecedented disasters since then.

        3. Maryaha, many years ago I read the same link. It has connected many dots since. Thank you so much for posting it. Everyone concerned about the planet we live on should spend some time with that link. I shall do it again with a heavy heart.

        4. Anne, from what I’ve read lately, they say that they’ve known of several leaks there for many years and done nothing. Just like Fukashima, they simply don’t say anything and let the contamination continue.

          There was a time when corporations operated under charters issued by the state. If they didn’t fulfill their requirements they lost their charters to operate. They are basically saying that they’ll get to this when they can.

          Crumbling, substandard infrastructure and total corporate control, free of any meaningful oversight or regulation is responsible for this. “The people be damned” is the new normal.

          So we have a runaway well dumping toxic products into the atmosphere and a nuclear power plant in Japan dumping millions of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean and all is silent.

          This may be one of the hallmarks of the Obongo phase of the New World Odor. I believe it began with the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. That was pretty quiet too. When was the last time we heard anything about that. It must be pristine.

          Anyway, I keep reminding myself that these are just the ones we know about.

        5. “Crumbling, substandard infrastructure and total corporate control, free of any meaningful oversight or regulation is responsible for this. “The people be damned” is the new normal.”

          And yet, we little people have to account for every kilowatt of electricity and every gallon of water. We can’t use incandescent light bulbs, have sufficiently-cooling air conditioners, toilets that actually flush, green lawns, or washing machines that get our clothes clean.

      2. Anne: It’s sickening that this isn’t a bigger scandal. I can’t imagine the “invisible” ruin: family homes gone, real estate investment lost, businesses ruined. This will have to lead to all sorts of chronic illnesses, not to mention the acute. And what the hell does that poison do to kids?

        SoCal Gas is probably too busy installing Smart Meters to deal with the Porter Ranch issue; I refused installation and just got my first $75 extortion fee, with extra monthly fees of only $10. What a bargain. I’ll probably end up caving (if we remodel we’ll probably be forced to install the new meter), but it makes me so mad.

        But not as mad as the residents of PR, I bet. Disgusting.

        1. I believe SoCal Gas wants to keep as tight a lid as possible on this. They have friends in high places with the governor’s sister sitting on the board of Sempra Energy, the parent company of SoCal Gas.

          Corporate might has now raised its unattractive head in upper middle class as well – not just among the poor and disenfranchised. A multitude of lawyers are circling the Porter Ranch wagon, but I do not see anyone getting back what they invested in their homes, not even a small fraction. Who in their right mind wants to invest in a home there risking this happening again and again with all the other old wells there? Personally I would put a higher value on the health side of this event.

          In Porter Ranch there are smart meters for gas, electricity and water – triple whammy. We have no say in our lives anymore. Where I live now, 8 miles directly north of Porter Ranch, there is no gas. It’s all electric, a small satisfaction. Oftentimes I wish to retreat somewhere where the impact of modern life is less noticeable. Someone recommended Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – a safe distance from Flint.

        2. My father worked for PG&E. Back in the day, they were considered pretty corrupt. But they were regulated. They had to at least give the appearance of public concern. After all, they were a monopoly.

          Now we have the same thing without any regulation. If there is any, they hire the corporate guys to do the regulating. What could go wrong?

          Besides the many other “features” of the Smart Meters, it helps your wonderful utility “control costs”. You should feel proud to do your part. Aren’t you standing a little taller knowing that they will carefully monitor every cubic foot of gas and every watt of electricity while they have an uncontrolled eruption down the road? Hey, somebody’s got to pay for all that wasted gas.

      3. When power systems age, they become obsolete and dysfunctional, and the US political system is well over two centuries old. Capitalism has progressed to put power in the hands of a few hundred families, and they serve their own interests, not those of the people, including the formerly affluent people.

        The American political system is no good, and its getting worse. Insofar as the US Constitution mandates it, the US Constitution is no good. This is very difficult for Americans to accept, because we have been conditioned to identify with American power. And American power has evolved into an anti-people power. The American people have lost all control over US power, both the government and the corporations.

        The powerful understand this, which is why they are militarizing the police. To be used when the people understand it. Which they will as Porter Ranch, Flint, and the other examples of incapacity and oppression proliferate.

        1. Map of Playa del Rey gas field:

          According to SoCal Gas Company the Playa del Rey field is one of four active storage fields operated by the gas company in the Los Angeles area. The others are in Goleta, Porter Ranch and Valencia. Goleta is in Santa Barbara County so I don’t quite understand why they consider it the Los Angeles area.

          People pay dearly moneywise to live in and around Playa del Rey. Valencia is in Santa Clarita Valley where I live. Here too old, dry oil wells are used to store natural gas. Several new subdivisions are close to the wells and a 21,000 home subdivision is going through the motions before it becomes a reality. Developers always get their way when the bribes become sufficient. Wonder if they have to disclose the proximity to the gas storage facility which has the cool name of Honor Rancho.

          With Boxer and Feinstein on the case we can all get a good night’s sleep – not.

  9. I wanted to share this with you guys.

    Check out Lenny’s Viciousness:

    From: “New Town” To:,, “wolfgang halbig” Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 8:12:36 PM Subject: Need Some Numbers

    I wonder if you could help us out.

    We’re trying to figure out exactly how much we could get by suing each of you for libel and defamation. Probably not much from a bunch of losers like you. But it’s not about money – it’s about hurting you back. We’re especially interested in removing Halbig and Fetzer from their houses and adult toys. Mead from his moving truck, and taking everything we can from Reich and his family. Tracy will be on the list, too – but after he raises a bunch of money for his legal fund. Hey, you can always ask your sheeple for some money to buy a tent or something.

    We don’t want the money. We just want to take it away from you and donate it to something you hate. And we know you hate a lot of things.

    We realize that you live in a different universe – one where you can say anything you want because you think you’re right. But since we live in a universe where your delusions are a pile of crap, and since the justice system will agree with us and not you, we’re looking forward to hitting you really, really hard. Hey, either you are completely dumbshit wrong (which you are), or the justice system is “in on it.” Either way, we win. Every single lie about a private person is easy to prove as libel and defamation. The first amendment doesn’t allow you to lie, in public, about private people. You can lie about Obama, lizard-people, religions, NWO, chemtrails, libtards, space aliens, pretty much anything like that – but not private individuals. Not protected by the First Amendment, so the Constitution is on OUR side, not yours. It’s pretty much a slam-dunk – and that is according to a lawyer. And thank you for putting your lies about people in print, and on the Internet – easy to find and use against you, and pretty hard to make it go away.

    Oh, and posting pictures of little girls, and including their home addresses? That’s cyber-stalking and child endangerment, so we’ve got at least three of you on that, too, you assholes.

    So if you wouldn’t mind figuring out your net worth – in terms of assets, not your worth as human beings, because we know that’s a big ZERO – and just let us know, we’d appreciate it. Or do we need to submit an FOI request? Need money for copies?

    Looking forward to your next big visit to our town! Keep raising money and dumping it down the toilet! And don’t lick any duckies!

    By the way, just curious – if this was a massive government conspiracy, why didn’t a bunch of guys in black outfits already take you out? The answer – because you aren’t fighting a government, you brainless idiots. You’re fighting moms and dads and little children. You’re not patriots – you’re an embarrassment to your families, and really to the human race.

    We’re sick of playing defense against you. Time to go on the offense, and hurt you back.

    We just hope you aren’t committed first. Maybe after we take everything away.

    1. Why is this attributed to “Lenny”? It looks like typical “JDL” trash to me.

      Someone should trace this back to its source. My guess is JDL, but it could be a loon or a stalker.

  10. The Flint horror story has just gotten much worse, as revealed by Detroit’s MOTOR CITY MUCKRAKER. It turns out that the purpose of poisoning the people of Flint was not to save money, but to privatize the water systems. The Detroit Water dept had offered a deal to governor Snyder that was BETTER financially than the deal from the Flint river, and it was offered numerous times. But Snyder turned it down apparently because he wanted to break up the government controlled water and give it to Private Enterprise.

    This was attempted in South America in a number of countries, and in at least some, the people rebelled. US power is now treating the American people like a third world country, led by the leadership of both parties. The Dems in institutions like the Environment Agency covered up for the Repub governor, fraudulently conducting the water tests. Poisoning the children and people of Flint. Under Obama, the Federal government contributed 5 million dollars to the disaster, a contemptuous amount compared to what was needed.

    Largely under the influence of marxism, we assume that capitalism steals from the people to enrich the capitalists. This results in what Jared Diamond called a “kleptocracy” as a government. This is a partial truth. Capitalism steals from the people to maintain and continue its POWER. And to do so, it must no only steal, but brutalize the people to subjugate them, and then lie about the stealing and brutality.

    When the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st, the oligarchy transformed the US political system into a gangster state. Not merely stealing, but killing and lying as well. What is happening in Flint is happening all over the country, and not only in environmental racism.

    The oligarchy of billionaires, multibillionaires, and aspiring billionaires are poisoning the American people to maintain and continue their rule. And the National Guard sent to Flint as a solution will be sent to the other US cities, to defend a power system ruled by the 1%, And this is being covered and justified by the corporate media. Theft, violence and untruth; but the most effective of these is untruth.

    1. Chris Christy floated this boat of privatization of NJ water systems not long ago. Haven’t checked to see the latest, but I felt it, too, was one of the first salvos in water system privatization that we can expect more of.

      1. That’s an evocative comparison, Ramona. It was Christy, you remember, a Repub governor who created an enormous traffic jam in a Dem town as a punitive response over the election. Snyder is a Re\pub governor and Flint is a Dem town.

        It has been assumed that the move to get water from the Flint river was done for economic purposes. This is most unlikely, the amount saved is too small. It appears that it was deliberately done for punitive purposes.

        The spike in the blood of the children was known in July, 2014, shortly after the April, 2014 changeover. the state didn’t even put in corrosion control that was required by law and would only have cost less than 100 dollars a month. The complaints of the residents were continuous based on the color, smell, and taste of the water, and the reports of specialists legitimated them. The tests on the water were fraudulent or not performed at all.

        It appears that there was a deliberate conspiracy to poison the people, and children, of Flint.

  11. I’ll finish reading the article later, but wow, when I scrolled down and saw the photos, the resemblance is more than striking. Compare the ear on the left of each photo, the slant of the eyes, the eyebrows and the upper lip. Step son? That’s simply too much of a resemblance to be anyone other than the “young” kid in question. I thought I’d seen and heard everything on SH, but this one takes the cake. Money appears to buy silence, but can it buy their own peace of mind, not to mention conscience?

  12. Wait so is Patrick the administrator or Toni or who? The other day the admin answered as if he was Tracy. The above is clearly not Tracy writing, at one point it even says –

    “…someone wrote a letter to Dr. Tracy…”

    Then the narrator moves from third person to first suggesting (presumably) tracy was the one spoken of who was invited to the real deal show with fetzer???

    Nevertheless, Tracy we all salute your steadfastness in revealing the truth. And thanks to fetzer for all the good he does to the truth movement. These two leaders must feel like the founding Fathers did when they had to turn their backs on their country. Oy!

  13. Just thinking back to last year didnt some one find a link to show internet activity had stopped at the school… Jungle Surfer’ has a video, showing through the ‘ wayback system,’ that this was true.. it demonstrates that from 2008 there was no internet activity at the school.. it started up again in 2012 and 2013… so can this prove that the school was not in usage as a School…I am still very interested in why nobody has brought this question to the authorities, or have they? on another topic the photo of Noah at the beach, they would say ‘ he was on holiday somewhere else ”… I have had great difficulty looking into these pages and memory hole blog, getting cut off all the time.. hmmmmm…..hope this posts..

    1. Poppy, yes, I’m not sure at this point just who it was, but someone did check records that show no activity. Having said that, i’m not savvy enough to know it the record searched contains all possible sources emanating from the school or not.

      I am in the minority here on this as I’ve been very cautious about this aspect of the operation. I think its safe to say that it wasn’t operating as a “normal” school with the advertised compliment of students in attendance. My suspicion is that it may have been used for “special education” in small numbers and storage.

      The claim has been raised to authorities. I believe that at least some of the FOIA requests are intended to show no activity. That is hard to do as someone can simply say that no responsive records exist. You are free to draw your own inference.

      Many believe absolutely that the school was closed. I’m not as certain. It would be interesting to know for sure, but so far I haven’t seen anything I’d consider conclusive. Others seem to be satisfied.

      Yes, something strange has been going on lately. We seem to be under new management. Maybe one of the perils of “incorporation” or something.

      To sum up, the anecdotal evidence is good that “400” to “700” (depending on the source) students were not in attendance. I would gladly concede that it was totally closed if the right evidence comes along. I am familiar with the evidence that has been uncovered.

      I wish someone could interview staff workers from SHES. This would be an easy thing to do normally. In fact, I would expect that the corporate media would have searched high and low for interviews with staff and faculty. Of course, if it was as many think, totally closed, then there would be no staff to interview.

      1. You’re not alone in not being 100% convinced the school was closed; it SEEMS like it might be, but “seems” isn’t “is”.

        I AM totally convinced that the narrative fed to us is a lie; to be honest, the details aren’t that important to me.

        1. Recynd, I COMPLETELY agree. It would be wonderful to conclusively be able to prove that it was closed, I haven’t seen that yet. The anecdotal evidence is pretty strong, but not conclusive.

          That, as you say, doesn’t make this any less a lie. I just hate to make categorical statements that can be blown to pieces by a little evidence. It isn’t necessary.

  14. I have a question for Kelley Watt. Did the photo of “Noah” on a wall in Pakistan come up in your conversations? That is if the conversations took place after the Pakistan event in December 2014.

  15. Anne, I had quit talking to Lenny before the Pakistan shooting but I did send him an email about it saying ” you have a lot of explaining to do ” ( in regards to Pakistan) and his reply was ” contact the msm”. ( meaning main stream media) that was the last email communication i had with him.

    1. Kelley, I really enjoyed this article and the program you did with Jim Fetzer last week.

      In the screen capture above, where Lenny is conversing with Paul Golden and Keith Johnson, who are they talking about?


    The link above has a couple of photos with a Joovy stroller. The Joovy company was founded in 2005 so these photos have to be post 2005.

    Company Overview
    Joovy, LLC manufactures and sells family gear products in the United States and internationally. It provides single, double, jogging, and triple strollers; and highchairs, playards, accessories, toys, and stroller parts. The company offers its products through dealers, as well as online. Joovy, LLC was founded in 2005 and is based in Dallas, Texas with an additional facility in Orange County, California.

    1. As I’ve said before.
      The picture of Lenny with Noah where Noah looks about 5 years old but Lenny looks 10 to 15 years younger than he did 12-14-2012.

      Compare a pic of Lenny on his Gun campaign in 2013 to that picture on google.

    2. Are you certain that is the brand of that particular stroller? I saw ones like it much earlier, even I think, in the 1990’s where women were jogging with them. So the idea that this must be that one brand is something which must be established before you can draw any conclusions from it.

      1. There are two photos in Lenny’s link with the name Joovy in clear sight on the stroller. One is of “Noah” alone and the other is of two toddlers in a Joovy twin stroller.

        Of course, photo shopping could have taken place here too.

    3. There are some very interesting photos in that link for Lenny’s Google Plus. I noticed there were several images of a birth announcement for Noah and Ariell, which would certainly be very easy to concoct to make the official story line seem legit. Every time I see photos of the alleged victims of SHES, the first impression I get is that they are not from the 2005-2012 range; they look more like photos from the 1990s. My daughter is 23, and the photos look to me like many we have of her when she was little. I feel the same way about the clothes that the kids are wearing. Sure, they could be hand-me-downs, but I don’t think so.

    1. Did you see the somber sad picture poses by Lenny , Veronique ??? Who in the world poses for sad pictures ?

      Almost as bizarre as Robbie Parker the celebrity victim throwing out the first pitch at a Ranger game. Seriously who in the world would be throwing out first pitches at ball games and celebrated as the father of a victim brutally murdered.

      Would the Cheshire Hone Invasion sole surviving victim, Dr. William Petit , conceivably do something so absurd? Can you imagine asking him “hey Dr Petit would you like to throw out the first pitch? We will announce – Ladies and gentlemen please give some applause to Dr Petit some applause -….” The total utter absurdity of such a thought –

  17. The ears of the young Noah Pozner do not match the ears of the step brother Michael. Look at the ear lobes. A person does not grow fatter ear lobes as he/she gets older. The shape of the ear doesn’t change much either. It just grows a bit larger along with the head of the person.

    I have noticed this before. Some (not all) of the “before and after photos” in the commercials for “lifestyle lift” are often showing two different people who may resemble each other. The ears usually give it away.

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