A detailed investigation of the Boston marathon bombing that reveals that it, too, was another drill with Hollywood special effects, where none of the purported victims died and the two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were framed for a crime they did not commit. The Boston police were calling out on bullhorns, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” The Boston Globe was tweeting that a demonstration bomb would be set off for the benefit of bomb squad activities.


There was noise and smoke but no blood, which only began to show up later. The smoke was produce by a smoke machine. It was done using amputee actors. The backpacks that blew up were black nylon, but neither brother was wearing a black nylon backpack. The older brother, Tamerlan, was killed after he had been taken into police custody. It was another sham event to undermine the 4th Amendment and Posse Comitatus, where the patsies were chosen to demonize Muslims, once again.


Those who planted the bombs were Craft International personnel, who were exposed by the alternative media already the day of the bombing. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted in spite of a mountain of proof that it was a drill. There are over a dozen contributors, including six Ph.D.s (current or retired) college professors and three J.D.s, who are dismayed that the government of our once-great nation has been perpetrating feigned acts of terrorism on the American people to advance its political agenda.


Among the best students and scholars of the Boston Bombing have contributed to this collection:

* Sheila Casey * Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D. * Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D. *

* Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. * James F. Tracy, Ph.D. * Mike Palecek *

* Allan William Powell * John W. Whitehead, J.D. * Craig McKee *

* Ole Dammegard * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D. *

with contributions from Hollywood producer Nathan Folks, from Lorraine Day, M.D., and from Maret Tsarnaeva, J.D., Tamerlan and Dzhokhar’s aunt


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59 thought on “AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER: State-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects”
    1. That’s why the whole framing thing seems odd to me. The courtroom was barred to the public, and may also have been part of the sham. Remember, it was a federal court and under the same control as the event itself, a product of the federal government acting in Boston with local cooperation.

      The alleged killing of a security cop at MIT had many flaws, not the least of which was the positioning of the police car and the alternative stories that were designed to explain the Tsarnaev brothers being in the area. The store they allegedly robbed just before killing the policeman, 7-11, refused to cooperate and the CEO denied the security shot of a Tsarnaev could have come from his store. That is a whole story in itself. The neighborhood where they would have done the carjacking, East Cambridge, also was taken out of the picture. So everything in the immediate area of MIT was eliminated as a crime scene, probably for reasons of resistance by the people who control such places, and it was moved to the Cambridge/Watertown border to the west.

      Something broke down in the original narrative, and good reporters might (at risk to their lives, probably) be able to pinpoint what that was if they could get people to talk.

      I’ve always wondered why the Chechens were staged as the villains of the piece. Perhaps it was because the Tsarnaev’s had already returned home or would be no problem. The intelligence connection with their alleged uncle is of course another interesting point.

      In its way, because international relations with Russia are implicated, and also the international sport itself of marathon running, the Boston Marathon Hoax has more fingerprints of the intelligence community and some of the complexity of the Kennedy assassination, where there is a black box about alleged perps and their relationships with Russia.

      1. I think one possibility of naming (though not framing actual) Chechens as the perps was the need by the administration to pivot towards Russia in the Syrian crisis and thus to say “Your enemy is our enemy – the Chechens” after all those years of trying to blame Putin for setting up the Chechens.

        I have to say that when I first mooted this, the relationship of the BMB to the Syrian crisis, the shrieks of “crazy” were so vehement, that I must have touched a nerve. All of these hoaxes are for propaganda, and moving towards Russia was going to take some heavy lifting back then. But as we see, they are supplying the firepower to go after the enemies of the current Syrian regime, and we don’t have to. This would indicate serious infighting in our own federal establishment. Another indicator, perhaps, of that infighting, is the recent incursion of US Navy into Iranian waters – maybe. We can never know for sure, and we are not meant to. The Bodyguard of Lies is very active.

        1. They used the Chechens like they use the Kurds. Proxy interference is the tool of choice these days.

          They set these guys up, frame them, and move on to the next operation. Just look at Syria. They have so many custom-made groups, liberally salted with mercs, fighting senselessly you need a program to keep them all straight.

          Chaos is the name of the game. Destabilization, (think Gladio). They either own them lock, stock and barrel, or they destabilize them until they can.

          Everybody got a piece of the BMB operation. Israel was a “trainer” allegedly for home-grown Stasi. As you pointed out, MIT was to be involved but blew it some how. This production was so “over-the-top” I’m surprised everyone didn’t break out laughing. I know I did.

      2. I have not explored the alleged security officer murder in this case but there remains the possibility that the guard was killed in order to cement the narrative. Security guards and street level cops without secret society membership are like soldiers on the battlefield, they are expendable pawns.

    2. The court proceedings were a sham.

      Friends of Tsarnaev said that wasn’t even him on the stand.

      The guy who set off the first firework was wearing a white hoodie and got a bit charred.

      1. The only viable explanation is that he is an actor himself simply playing his part. After his “execution” he will go back to Chechnya a rich man. Until he meets up with an unfortunate accident, that is. Can’t keep any loose ends floating around.

        1. Yeah, like what will probably happen to Lt. “What Blood” Vance as soon as he starts to relax and let his guard down. It never pays to make a deal with the devil.

      2. Anyone who has ever been tortured knows the answer to your question. Torture is much worse than death in the mind of the victim. In fact, victims pray to die rather than face another day of the same. Any torture victim will say whatever is necessary to forestall the possibility of being tortured again.

    3. Absolutely NONE. Proof of that came with 9/11. All filed cases “settled” out of court to avoid evidence to become public record. But it’s not the “system’s” fault. It’s OUR FAULT for electing Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys who are all bought and paid for puppets and whores.

    4. Why did none of the evidence to support this view appear in court? Very pertinent question! The best answer to it is to generalize it…

      Why did none of the evidence to support this view appear in fringe political movements? On the ACLU web? In the mass media controlled by “rogue” governments? In Muslim publications? In Amnesty International’s numerous publications on human rights violations in the USA? Etc.

      “If this is true, and [you] agree at this time that it is true,” then the most alarming aspect of BMB is not the morbid street theater and its cover-up, but the process that makes so many institutions whose research capability dwarfs Fetzer’s go on with the sham.


        1. Notice no shrapnel anywhere and no shrapnel injuries despite the claims it was in the bombs. Is that covered in the new book because it’s not on the cover, just the smoke and noise mentioned. I met Jeff Bauman or at least someone calling himself that who was touring with his book on the Boston fiasco. He did not have reddish hair as seen in this photo and he had a wider face and chest. If the actor in the photo had been so injured, he wouldn’t have survived to write a book.
          Does the new Boston book cover the FBI agents who arrested Dzhokhar were later dumped out of a helicopter so they couldn’t testify about him telling them that he was part of the drill?

        2. Excellent last question, Marzi. In the article I linked the boat that they were using was leased from the Navy Sealift Command (which never loans their equipment without SWCC personnel on-board),which in my guess,was stationed at Little Creek.
          It interesting that the word “Seal” is mentioned four times in the article. Joint operation this hoax was, and these two agents forgot the code of silence.

        3. Where’s the autopsy report to see if they died from the height or drowning? If it’s the height then other personnel should be charged . . . You’re right joint venture. If they had only gone on video beforehand.

  1. Man, Fetzer is on FIRE!

    I’m just going to go ahead and give pre-congrats to the whole team who have created this and the Nobody Died @ SH book. Including Dr.’s Tracy and Eowyn.

    Does Fetzer actually sleep? He’s a machine. (I mean that as a compliment, not that he’s gone Transhuman on us or anything.)

    1. Yeah, he’s a “force of nature”. I have a recording of a phone call he had with a reporter that makes me tear up with laughter every time I listen to it.

      Everyone should help by buying his books. Soon we may be back to books being the only way to educate the public.

  2. I shared this morning the piece of Mr. Fetzer cause it’s very accurate, but I missed among the authors he mentioned at the bottom a reference to the great work of Mr Dave McGowan, in my opinion and without intention to disrespect the others’ work, the author of the best investigation about the “crime scene” upon the photos released by the FBI.

      1. My suspicion is that Peekay took too much credit for work done by the great PlasmaBurns. For those unfamiliar with his work, it was the best and earliest analysis. I hate to think he shared revelations with Peekay and others that were later sold as their own, but suspect that’s what happened. PB is too soft-spoken to make the claim.

        I will also merely touch on the fact that, it was PlasmaBurns and his actions and interactions that led to a series of events that indicated a further “terror attack” may have been planned for Boston. The plot appeared to involve a deeply rooted spy network, for lack of a better term…Intel operatives, academicians, EMS people, emergency response software developers, lawyers, etc. If these suspicions were founded, he may have partly thwarted the plans. It all started with the mailbox. That’s as much as I’ll say about that.

  3. I`m sure this book will be eye-opening to most, and infuriate others. But needed in our time of deceit.
    As an old marathon runner and US Navy Corpsman(Doc), the day after this event happened, I was screaming my head off to those who would listen,that this was a hoax, and my reward(not that I was expecting one) was a sore throat and a mental health eval recommendation from some friends and former acquaintances.

    This was not one of Holly-weird & alphabet agencies best productions, but they tried and it was humorous.

    Bradley Copper also portrays “Chris Kyle” the founder of Craft International ,who were the stars of the Boston Hoax. And if you really think Chris Kyle was murder by a “Jarhead” with PTSD. Or maybe he took a extended hunting trip to Montana ? Or a dive trip to Andros. Jesse from Minnesota still wants his share.Re-think those ideas and follow the money.

  4. or were the brothers part of it all, doing their parts, as did Tim McVeigh, who wasn’t really executed (witnesses testify to that) and is probably drinking fancy drinks with little umbrellas on some island under a fake name.

    1. I have no proof but my thoughts is they were paid about ten grand to be present at the drill.

      The firework wrappers and crap that was supposedly found later was an interesting embellishment added by CIA narrative designers.

  5. I’ve been reading Paul Craig Roberts’ geopolitical insights for some time now. That is some great company to be sharing on the authors list. Congratulations and thank you for your contribution and fortitude. I look forward to getting a copy!


  6. Ha
    his court appointed lawyer Judy Clare Clarke (born 1952) is an American criminal defense attorney who has represented several high-profile defendants. She has negotiated plea agreements that spare her clients the death penalty, as was the case for Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, and Jared Lee Loughner.

  7. To me the BMB pageant was at least as obvious as SHES, maybe even more so. That event apparently attacked a different set of neurons than the SHES production. It was “action based”.

    When one tries to catalog the memes displayed in the BMB operation, the list is indeed long. From “athletes” with leg damage, to “resilience/acceptance” all the way through to show trial. They slathered it on fast and furious.

    In the end, we are divided into groups who refuse to see the obvious and us. We could devote years to explanations of why people choose to see purple antelopes when there are none. I understand it. Few want to abandon their comfort zones.

    The truth is that we can choose to look at life as it is, warts and all, or we can choose to live with the fantasies provided for us. It is only because of these known tendencies that they are able to succeed.

  8. Remember when Ibragim Todeshev, purported friend of Tamerlin Tsarnaev was killed by the feds during an interview at his home? Do you remember the guy whose face they blur who’s leaning against the building watching the brothers pass by on the sidewalk in CCTV footage?

    I think it may be the same guy, which would most likely indicate that he was part of the op and probably NOT a friend of the Tsarnaevs. Anyone else come to this conclusion?

  9. My three top nominees for

    Hollyhoax Crisis Actor Walk of Shame


    “Liz” in her debut role at…
    Sandy Hook Nobody Died Massacre, 12-14-12

    AND would you believe at a separate false event three months later…
    Liz played two completely different scenes and locations of the
    Boston Marathon Smoke Bombing April 15, 2013
    AND would you believe a repeat performance at a completely different false event — Sandy Hook Nobody Died Massacre

    Here’s Liz at Sandy Hook event, 12-14-12
    Massive Hoax Blown Wide Open
    FKTV.IS – Alexandra Bruce – January 12, 2016

    This is “Barry Soetoro’s site and is mainly about David Wheeler but at about

    On this outstanding one hour and 57 minute video.

    “Liz” working hard for your tax dollars.
    Super witness “Liz” just happened to be a live on the scene at the finish line of the Boston “Bombing” April 15, 2013

    https //

    CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag


    In same video

    Super witness “Liz” just happened also to be live on the scene at the Watertown shootout 4 days later on April 19, 2013

    https //

    at about 1:35 mark, Liz is interviewed again by CNN, but this time at the Watertown shootout.

    Carlos Arrendondo, the guy with the cowboy hat

    “American” cowboy hat actor, Carlos Arrendondo, working hard for your tax dollars in Boston …

    Good clear photos and video of Carlos Arrendondo, including photos with Jeff Bauman.

    http //

    the movie release in which Arrendondo was hired as an actor, along with Arrendondo’s wife, by movie director Nathan Folks acting role in Hollywood feature length movie, The Prosecution of an American President.
    http //

    David Wheeler

    Same Barry Soetoro’s latest greatest video exposing David Wheeler absolutely indisputably.

    Don’t know where in our neighborhoods today these three individuals live and breathe and have their being, but it would seem prime evidence for our side if they were fully identified at these locales.
    Seems these three crisis actors are walking blackmail and extortion bait and their handlers full well know this. The chances of these three crisis actors living a normal life ever again are slim to none. Their handlers become their captors.

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