This week filmmaker and media activist Peter Klein returns to the program to discuss the creation of the latest feature-length documentary production, The Life of Adam, produced by Klein and Independent Media Solidarity, and released on December 28, 2015.

mhb_loa2Founded in 2014, IMS includes several dozen independent researchers and media producers, several of whom contributed directly to the new film. In November 2014 Klein and IMS released We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, which has since received in excess of 3 million online views, despite an intense campaign to expunge the film from YouTube and Vimeo platforms via fraudulent copyright infringement claims.

In 2013 Peter produced an embellished version of Sofia Smallstorm’s video presentation, Unraveling Sandy Hook in Two, Three, Four and Five Dimensions. He has also done extensive research on the unusual death of Michael Cravey, a 28-year-old Florida-based YouTube enthusiast and researcher who was killed by police in March 2014 under especially curious circumstances.

More information on all of the above films and other projects is available at



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7 thought on “Making ‘The Life of Adam’”
  1. Nice interview, thanks. You covered a lot of ground. As with most things, its all related in the end.

    As an example, the comment about the “Bay of Pigs” is easy to understand in the context of using a proxy force to affect officially desired outcomes “unofficially”. Obviously, arming and training dissident Cubans to invade is not going to be looked at quite the same as simply assembling military from GITMO and invading. Technically, that would require Congress (ha’s!) approval. Anyway….., this is illustrative, somewhat, of how premises color our conclusions.

    Personally, I have an objection to using the terms and conditions forced into our minds by our education and on a daily basis by the drone of the media. For example, we speak of “we” when discussing various invasions and wars worldwide. We do this as if “we” had something to do with the decision to engage imperial machinations.

    We know that authorities who are part and parcel of the these various hoaxes, will in no way expose themselves on demand. Yet, people pursue these discovery issues actually expecting a satisfactory outcome.

    The simple truth is that nothing we’ve been told is true. Even relatively harmless issues are not as described. All we are allowed to see and/or know about things are what is not suppressed. Very occasionally we glimpse an actual motivation or maneuver behind the scenes.

    We are relegated to the position of observers in our own lives. In many ways the exciting part of doing research and sharing our findings with others is in some small way being able to participate. As can be clearly seen by various efforts to stifle our discoveries we are having an effect.

    I think that the road ahead is dependent on being able to accept our world for what it is, warts and all, and approach it from that knowledge. It is wasteful of our energies to proceed as if the world were as described. One good investigator is worth more than a thousand official responses.

    As the discussion indicates, whether “Adam” is a “real” person or synonymous with the character “Adam”, is interesting, but not overly important. There are so many anomalies with the SHES tale that to take any of it at face value is an exercise in faith, not logic.

    Thanks again, Mr. Klein is both a gifted videographer and an articulate speaker. Dr. Tracy is, of course, a skilled and insightful interviewer. I hope that Peter has more efforts in the fire. I think these go a long way toward reaching those who might not otherwise take the time to read an essay.

    1. Well Mick, absolutely! Your link is pretty good. Most don’t know that Congress (ha!), can effectively place an Executive Order on “hold” indefinitely by simply standing up and doing it. It only takes one parasite, out of 535. Despite the hand-wringing and tears, how many times have you seen THAT happen. I’m waiting.

      One small point, the NDAA happens every year to fund DoD. There are “amendments” to certain years that brought in the unconstitutional detainments, torture and secret detainment. Not one parasite stood up there, either.

      They often advertise their intentions. They quite clearly stated that they would be lying to the public and funding psyops to affect policy. Everybody just stared.

      Now we see an epidemic of this “believe or we will punish you, heretic”. “Yeah, we’re lying, but you MUST believe. It’s your duty to believe”.

      I have to admit, even I am shocked by how low we’ve fallen. These psychopaths have hit rock bottom and started to dig. In the fifties and sixties I remember all the talk about the USSR. This is worse, far worse.

  2. ‘The Life of Adam’ was exceptionally well done. I’ve researched the events at Sandy Hook for years, but had never focused on Adam, so I learned things I hadn’t known before, Those who were involved in making this film should all be honored. Excellent job!!

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