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In an astonishing example of the duplicity of the American media, The New York Times–which is our nation’s newspaper of record–which means that it records the “official history” of the United States–has presented a transparent demonstration of its duplicity and mendacity by publishing an article about the firing of Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, which excludes what he himself has said about his case and why nytimesthe firing was legally unjustifiable and morally wrong.

The article, “Florida Professor Who Cast Doubt on Mass Shootings is Fired“, The New York Times (6 January 2016) by Lizette Alvarez, which builds the case for Tracy having harassed the Pozners–when the truth was precisely the opposite–was so sloppily done that the paper has had to publish a clarification (in fine print at the end) for reporting that Lenny Pozner had been fired rather than James Tracy. The author embeds a link to the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, where Tracy lays why his actions have been directed at protecting the public interest, which The Times ignores:

NYT Part 1

That The Times has to rely upon the tedious suggestion that Tracy is a “conspiracy theorist” not only displays its perfunctory response to a serious development but betrays its complete failure to investigate any of these events to determine whether they are real or illusory. Indeed, anyone who has followed “The Real Deal” knows better, where “The Real Deal Ep #137 Staging Attacks from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino”, demonstrates that the San Bernardino event was also fake, where we even have the Craig’s List ad for extras–some with speaking roles–for San Bernardino.

NYT Part 2

Another oddity here is that the photograph of Tracy appears to have been tweaked to give him an ever-so-slighly demented appearance. Certainly, those I have seen in the past are rather different in their character, such as his official Florida Atlantic University photograph, which has been widely published. Either way, the reporter has to have known better, yet The Times makes no effort to be “fair and balanced”. At least it’s only our nation’s newspaper of record!

Proof of The Times Duplicity

Notice the embedded link to the “Sandy Hook Hoax facebook page”, which demonstrates that Tracy was not harassing the Pozners but the Pozners were stalking him! Since he and Venonique received more than $1,000,000 in donations from a sympathetic but gullible public, Lenny appears to be worried that, if the hoax were to become public, he may have to give the money back and might even be prosecuted for fraud. So he went after Tracy with a vengeance–which means that The Times has to know better because they linked to the page where Tracy lays it out:

NYT Part 3

Tracy makes the key point that perhaps the most important objective of the faculty at institutions of higher learning is the transmission of knowledge (what is known), which is expected to be true. What properly qualifies as “knowledge” has to be substantiated by relevant evidence and based upon the principles of logic. The most people believe something to be true does not make it true. In this case, the mountain of proof that has been adduced proving that Sandy was an elaborate hoax has simply been ignored by both Florida Atlantic and by The New York Times.

Notice that The Times had to go out of its way to avoid mentioning me or the book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015). At the minimum, in a case like this (where repeating claims made against a specific party that are unwarranted and actually provably false), a newspaper of any degree of integrity would publish some of the reasons for his stance rather than taking for granted that they have a proper understanding. That a McKnight Professor Emeritus (who happens to be a former Marine Corps officer with many publications to his credit, where this is his 31st book) stands with him along with a dozen other contributors (including six Ph.D. college professors) makes the case against him overwhelmingly less plausible. So they simply leave it out!

These are such stunning facts about Noah Pozner that only someone who was out to deliberately suppress the evidence and disseminate false information could have resorted to such tactics. Tracy was doing his best to protect the public from scams, where not only has Noah “died twice” but the death certificate that Lenny gave to Kelley Watt turns out to be an obvious fabrication: it has no file number (the space is left blank) and the estimated time of death is 11 AM (when the shooting officially took place from 9:30-9:45 AM). The bottom of the certificate appears to be authentic and bears signatures, including that of Wayne Carver. But it has been combined with a completely contrived upper portion.

The situation is complete disgusting. Here you have OUR NATION’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD with a reporter who knows better (because she links to the page where she can read the reasons that James Tracy has given for his attempts to defend the public from fraud), but they are suppressed in order to defend the wrongful and unwarranted decision by FAU to terminate his position, when he should be applauded and promoted for his service to the public rather than punished and condemned. The United States has become a moral cesspool run by men of no integrity, who are paying the public for suckers and saps to promote their own agenda and undermine the Constitution of the United States.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota.

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  1. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:

    Not surprising is it! Anyone who has followed what the media has been transformed into over several years by the owners, alphabet agencies, corporations, dark government, by now clearly understand the total control of, ” the message “, to the masses. Only the Internet remains as a means of open dialogue and they will eventually try to turn that spigot off and then when people have lost everything, they will have nothing to loose.

  2. From the NY Times article:

    “On Wednesday, the Pozners put out a statement to the newspaper, saying that they hoped that Mr. Tracy’s firing “sends a strong message to conspiracy theorists that Sandy Hook and other mass shootings actually happened and that many people, including our little boy, Noah, lost their lives in those shootings.”

    So Pozner equates the firing as proof the event occurred.

    I argue his statement is proof of Pozner grasping at straws trying to keep the money had defrauded from the public.

    1. I think the meaning is that if you refuse the official story, they can get to you. We can theorize that this is accomplished through the pressure cookers in the DC Mafia. Whether it’s assassination like Michael Hastings or merely the IRS and other three letter federal agencies, when you draw too much attention and use the truth, which they deem terror, you can be assassinated. Even MSM, itself can do considerable damage. Pozner likely has all the gang-stalking resources at his avail.

      Fetzer was smart to move on from 911 and go after this low hanging fruit. I hope this ground swell can finally expose one of these FF Frauds and watch the dominos fall.

      1. Yes, indeed. I find it strange that what used to be considered a necessary check on government to enable voters to make informed decisions is now simply an organ of government. Now the citizens are “required” to “believe”.

        Anyone who questions what spews from the TEE VEE is clearly considered to be insane. Not only that, now they form “teams” to compete over the veracity of government-prepared swill.

        Then we get “Lenny” and the “Honr” army of goons who attack and blame their victims for their tactics. Obviously, their “leaders” know what’s going on and their followers are simply too stupid to know the difference.

        So is anyone asking why these cheerleaders for corporate media are so hellbent on stamping out free speech? Frankly, if I were given to this Stalinesque tendency I doubt that I’d be able to find the time to chase heresy far and wide. What do these creatures do for a living?

        Oh, I forget, there are funds galore available in the drill business. This is simply the post-production cleanup crew. They’ll be with us until the final evaluation is written.

    2. Maybe. I suggest instead that Pozner’s statement is a clever exercise in doublespeak. Readers who strongly trust their newspaper will unconsciously try hard to agree with his statement without analyzing it. They will find in it a confirmation of their belief that “the conspiracy professor got what he deserved.”

      Sandy Hook researchers will correctly find another hint—if they needed any—that Sandy Hook was indeed an act of theater and will correctly read a very thinly veiled warning that the Master Sandy Hook conspirators can and will smear and fire any other tenured professor who would dare to mess with their affairs, irrespective of her/his good professional record, and will manage to strengthen at the same time the public’s faith in their blatantly false cover story. Pozner’s message to Sandy Hook researchers is one of contempt and mockery: “if you mess with me, I’ll crush you and I’ll enjoy it, losers!”

      If Sandy Hook is a conspiracy, Pozner is only a front for a very large criminal organization. Whatever he does is the result of intelligent calculations by experts in sociology. The results speak for themselves.


    3. It certainly has sent a strong message,
      because now millions of citizens know what a fraud The New York Times, Pozner and this reporter Lizette Alvarez are,
      I ask everyone write this “reporter” (should I say criminal shill) and tell her what you think of her/their treason

  3. The only way the Times reporter could completely distort the facts would have been to sit in on a meeting with the editor who hands the reporter a print out of what has to go in the article from the federal spin masters. No real reporter who investigated the story about James and the Pozners would have come up with such a garbled concoction – including the asymmetrical photo shopped version of James that Fetzer has found. All the old noir movies about newspapers, and reporters excited to go after true stories, are now just antique relics of our country’s past.

    1. I sent Ms. Alvarez a comment about her “piece.” Unfortunately, when you write to the author of an article in The Times, you are limited to 30 words. Ha! Anyway, I pointed out to her that she failed to mention that James removed “Noah’s” picture shortly after the request and that in addition to his reported death at Sandy Hook, “Noah” was also reported as a child killed in the Pakistan massacre.

      From Ms. Alzvarez’ bio: Lizette Alvarez has been the Miami bureau chief for The New York Times since January 2011. Before that, she spent three years as a national correspondent covering domestic military affairs and on the Metro staff writing long form stories for its Sunday section. Previously, Ms. Alvarez worked in the London bureau of The Times as a foreign correspondent, focusing on northern Europe.

      Clearly, she’s a “reporter” of the corporate, scripted news.

  4. I’m glad you wrote this story, Dr. Fetzer, and that James published it here. The story needs to be told.

    This is a perfect example of why the American newspaper business is dying, and why it deserves to die.

    The fraud of Sandy Hook, and Lenny Posner, operates on so many levels. Writing about the phoney death certificate, you say this:

    ‘…but the death certificate that Lenny gave to Kelley Watt turns out to be an obvious fabrication: it has no file number (the space is left blank) and the estimated time of death is 11 AM (when the shooting officially took place from 9:30-9:45 AM).”

    This caught my attention, because the estimable Dr. Carver told the world that the wee tikes’ bodies were not attended to until after midnight. No EMTs were allowed in the building to attempt to save the merely wounded.

    So there is no way of knowing which tot died when; all of them could have conceivably been saved, had standard measures been employed–who knows? Carver seemed not to be curious about that possibility, blithely stating that he got around to attending to the victims something like 15 hours after the massacre, as if that’s as natural as anything for him (he also told us that the only way the poor little things’ parents were allowed to identify the bodies was via photographs, which strikes me as equally unusual).

    The point I’m making is that the fake death certificate should have recorded as “time of death” sometime after midnight, the following morning. Isn’t that how death is pronounced? When a physician actually examines the corpse? Wee little Noah could have been the last to expire, after all, having hung on desperately to life all through the day and into the next–Caver would have no way of knowing.

    Or am I missing something?

    Of course the whole Sandy Hook story is so ridiculous that this absurdity has plenty of competition for “most ludicrous element” award.

    That the Times is as uncurious as Wayne Carver tells us he was that morning is telling. This “reporter,” being familiar with James’ side of the dispute but unwilling to report it, tells us something about this lack of curiosity: it tells us that they are dedicated to suppressing that instinct in the reader. Absurdity can’t be pointed out, when “informing” the public about tragic events, lest people think about what it implies. But people who notice absurdity MUST be pointed out, and burned as witches.

    1. Patrick, yes. They have shifted their function. They no longer claim to be honest news sleuths. They are propagandists. Our job is to pray, pay and obey.

      They are there to assist with our absorption into The Entity.

    1. Actually, since Lincoln’s side won the war he started, there has been no “union.” That war created a unitary state out of once was collection of sovereign states, voluntarily joined together. When some of them exercised that voluntariness, Washington invaded them, and murdered around three quarters of a million people to establish a singular state in the place of the old union. The formerly sovereign states were transformed into mere provinces, like counties in the states as they are today. Governors don’t give “state of the union” speeches about the collection of counties they oversee, for obvious reasons.

      But people like pageantry, and spectacle, and hate to face dark, unpleasant realities.

      So these television productions are lies. There is no “state of the union,” because there is no union any longer. The state of the union was pretty good when Jefferson was president; it was pretty terrible when Buchanan was president. Such speeches meant something in those days. Today, they are eyewash for the rubes. Meaningless.

        1. I wouldn’t put it that way. You make it sound like a British plot, which it certainly was not.

          There were many succession movements. Early in the Constitutional era, when Washington was dominated by Virginians, and the Federalists couldn’t get their way, the New England states came very close to seceding. Was England “financing” them?

          The “movement” you refer to was the increasing anger in the Southern states over the tariff, which mostly punished the South, and the lock Northern ports had on shipping cotton to England and returning laden with finished goods. The South was financing the North, and making it very, very, rich, and they were growing tired of it–naturally.

          This “movement” culminated with the vast increase in the tariff that came into effect when that charlatan railroad lawyer came into the presidency. That was it. They left the union in short order, asking for nothing from Washington but to be left alone. I fail to see how this required “financing.”

          Certainly once Lincoln’s armies invaded the South, the South fought back, and that requires money. Since the North had for decades been draining the South of its wealth, the South needed someone to turn to for loans. Wars are very expensive.

          In any event, Britain was not a very reliable ally for the South, hedging its bets all along the course of the war.

          If the South had won, England would certainly have been delighted, because all the South’s ports would have become free trade zones–England would no longer have to pay that wretched tariff. And the really good news is that the oligarchs of the North would have been stopped in their tracks, not having there Southern states to finance their maniacal growth any more. The bonus is that Lincoln’s armies would not have destroyed the Plains Indians, and the nightmare that Washington has become would never have happened.

        2. Thank you
          I’m no authority on this era but the British have always been in the business of taking back what they consider their colony,
          I don’t believe the act of financing the Confederacy can be dismissed that casually
          but the information re: the tariff is informative

        3. Hello sunaj57
          I would highly recommend the two books, that I just mentioned in reply to Patrick post, and I`ll add another to that list. “The Barbarous Years” The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600-1675 . Bernard Bailyn;2012.

          All three book will give you better understanding of what created the concepts of the North Vs. The South and the propaganda behind how the British wanted to take back their colonies. I was born in a British colony and attended University in London and I have only ever heard of that idea living in the US. I may be jaded by my heritage , but the “rabbit hole” goes much deeper than Queen Vicky financing the Confederacy, which indirectly she didn’t.

        4. Well put, Patrick.
          Most Americans have no idea, how wealthy the North had become because of imposed tariffs on the South, but not mainly from local agriculture such as cotton, but from African slave labour via, Cuba, West Africa and South America.
          If you haven’t read “Sins of the Father” The Atlantic Slave Traders 1441-1807; James Pope-Hennessy, a gut -wrenching historical gem of a book, I`ll highly recommend. Also on my list is “Inheriting the Trade” Thomas Norman DeWolf, and his family documentary “Traces of the Trade” A story from the Deep North.

          I still find it bewildering & amusing that in my travels around America that most people still think that the South was and still is the pinnacle of degenerate,barbarous human behavior. And that famous line “they`re all a bunch of inbreeds down there”. I think not. One of the oldest pysops that has been played on the American consciousness is the pre & post history of the civil war.

          “The nightmare that Washington has become is now touted as the American dream”.

        5. Thanks, Ted, for the recommendations. Also, glad to know that you know what’s real about that whole situation, and what’s not. Just like today, everything we think we know about that time is false.

          You might have read my obituary here for Dave McGowan a couple months ago ( I link to his web page there, and mention that his last project was his investigation into the reporting of Lincoln’s death. He called it Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong ( He never completed the work, but every one of those articles is astonishing.

          A century and a half ago, Americans were believing the most ridiculous fakery at face value, and never bothered to look into the story.

          The same is true of the root causes of the decision the Southern States took to exit the union. No one cares what really happen; everyone simply believes the lies, contentedly.

        6. “I still find it bewildering & amusing that in my travels around America that most people still think that the South was and still is the pinnacle of degenerate,barbarous human behavior.”

          “Deliverance” didn’t help the South’s reputation, did it?

        7. You should send a bashing about Charleston as I did today to Color of Change, a phony group that backs up Obama, and refuse to concede that Charleston was a drill.

  5. Since 2000 we have seen consolidation of media and other industries via a series of hostile takeovers or corporate buyouts. This was very apparent when people in Texas started to organize to quash the proposed NAFTA superhighway. There were reports of all local media outlets along that route being suddenly bought up.

    Then came the “public-private partnerships” that intertwined corporate an government entities. This is fascism. Most people didn’t realize what these announcements meant.

    I watched the media become stitched together over the years. At first, there were many outlets that were free to disagree with each other. This encouraged self-policing within the information industry to produce truthful and accurate reports.

    But then, we started to see evidence of parroted talking points. Local outlets were almost repeating verbatim the news of national outlets. The information was becoming coordinated seemingly from a top-down structure.

    The average citizen is kept from speaking out through a fear of being labeled an enemy of the state, or domestic terrorist. This fear was intentionally embedded via the corporate media partnering with the government and includes fear of ridicule, impoverishment, and death. And if this fear ever dissipates, the authorities know they will lose control over hearts and minds of the American public.

  6. For anyone who is unaware of our nation’s history of Federal “New’s Disinformation Machine”(Propaganda) please read up on the Council On Foreign Relations(CFR formed in 1921) and the Trilateral Comm. It has been going on for close to a hundred years. I think there are only 5 or 6 owners of all news outlets in the US now. So much for “Freedom of the Press”.

  7. With the State of the Union address, Obama has solidified his position has the greatest presidential buller in American history, better than Bill Clinton, better than Reagan, better than Thomas Jefferson. I am using the simple American concept of ‘bulls here in a philosophical sense, guided by the learned droppings of professor H. G. Frankfort in his trenchant philosophical treatise ON BULL***. I am using the wussy spelling because the computer demons that edit our comments are perfectly amenable to appeals for mass murder, but they absolutely will not tolerate Bad Words.

    Orwellian bulls*** occurs when the Proclaimed or Pretend truth is precisely contrary to the evidenced historical truth. Obama bragged about how well the economy was doing when the unemployment is massive, and increasing numbers of the employed have part time or low paying jobs. This is concealed by our economic theorists, who eject from the labor market those workers unemployed for a few months. They no longer being workers, they obviously are not unemployed. QED.
    According to Paul Craig Roberts, inflation is now being accounted for as growth, the two indexes economically defined in Theoretical ways.

    We are not only doing so well economically, US-America is the most powerful country on earth, funding a military budget bigger than the next 8 countries. But military wars are fought by soldiers, not dollars, and US soldiers are mercenaries and professionals. They can kill women, children, and non-combatants, as the US military has done historically, but fighting other militaries is positively dangerous. might this be a reason why the US loses every war it has engaged in since ww 2? Obama Patriotically doesn’t say.

    He does Mention that increasing numbers of Americans do not think that the political system is broke, but rather, that it is fixed. He concedes that he is sorry he could not bring Dems and Repubs closer together, not Mentioning that it is precisely their closeness with the oligarchy and each other that is the political problem.

    Full marks for this State of the Union. Americans can sit tall in the appreciation that we are lied to by the most talented and the very best under Freedom&Democracy. And relish they notion that no matter how bad Obama was, his successor will no doubt be worse.

      1. I welcome abuse by racists, gil, and since you have already indicated your hatred of Blacks, Jews, and women, you certainly qualify. But what puzzles me is that you state that you are an academic and I confess that I wasn’t aware that academic cretinism extended down to your level. What kind of hellhole would hire someone like you who can only make dumb abusive comments. It must be that the decay is increasing faster than I expected.

  8. Indeed, the NY Times’ piece is disturbing, even if one assumes that Sandy Hook occurred as advertised. It reads like a one-sided editorial rather that an informative article. Still more disturbing is the failure of “not of record” media—including self-proclaimed alternative media—to correct it, even in places, like Cuba or Iran, under the jurisdiction of governments that would ostensibly love to expose an egregious instance of grand hypocrisy made in USA. The reverse truth is that the NY Times’ editors would not dare to publish such disgustingly slanted misinformation unless they were certain that only very few and marginal media would set the record straight.

    This confirms that the most frightening layer of the alleged Sandy Hook conspiracy is not the crisis acting followed by fraudulent fund-raising and gun control campaigns, nor the cover-up with the Lanza tale followed by fraudulent reports, but the censorship thereof by so many and so diverse editors and reporters.


  9. The Washington Post is another CNN type propaganda machine. Even today they still wrote an article stating the San Bernardino shooter (not that she actually was a shooter) Tashfeen Malik is part of ISIS after it was stated she wasn’t. There is no real news out there other than petty local news like car accidents and the weather. And why would they put their supposed baby supposedly in foster care when it has a grandmother and family?

  10. Well nobody should be suprised the Jew York Times printed this,
    this is a Jewish/Israeli controlled propaganda mouthpiece, they have attacked anybody trying to reveal 9/11 and other related topics,
    I hope to see the editors tried fro treason in some future citizen court,
    I don’t happen to believe America will fall to the traitors that have destroyed our society from within but there is going to be a balancing of the scales of justice because America is waking up

  11. Here’s a short bio on the report Lizette Alvarez:
    Lizette Alvarez (born October 30, 1964) is an American journalist, the Miami bureau chief for The New York Times since January 2011.[1]

    She won the 1995 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting,.. . She won a 1996 George Polk Award with The New York Times.

    She was part of a team at The Miami Herald that won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, (Wiki)

    So this reporter won an award for Investigative reporting?

  12. Who Controls the N.Y. Times?

    Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast:
    Published: October 28, 1993:

    Retracted the NEXT DAY:

    Correction: October 29, 1993, Friday An article yesterday about accounts of a plot to build a bomb that was eventually exploded at the World Trade Center referred imprecisely in some copies to what Federal officials knew about the plan before the blast. Transcripts of tapes made secretly by an informant, Emad A. Salem, quote him as saying he warned the Government that a bomb was being built. But the transcripts do not make clear the extent to which the Federal authorities knew that the target was the World Trade Center.


    1. the NY Times reporter, whose name escapes me, originally reported, PeaceFrog, that pres Kennedy was apparently shot through the throat. In the Oklahoma bombings, the media originally reported that there were bombs inside the Federal building. However what influences the public mind, and create the media consensus, is the continuing repetition of false news.

      The only defense is a people’s political culture that repeats the simple truth in the same way that the media repeats the simple untruth.

      1. Agreed. For the record, a bullet did enter and exit through JFK’s throat. As I remember, the media initially reported bombs found inside the Murrah building on local access T.V. Sargent Terry Yeakey had a witness who worked in the building and who heard multiple bomb blasts inside. The upshot of that state investigation was Yeakey’s death, under suspicious circumstances, and, his witness, who had no previous psychiatric history, being involuntarily hospitalized. Some inconsistent reporting can be explained by facts coming out of emergency situations being confused. However, unlike mistakes, there is a pattern of misrepresentation and misinformation when a conspiracy exists (as is the case in the incidents discussed here). In my opinion, the Bureau Chief and author, in this article, purposefully misprinted Pozner as being fired, and then ran a “correction”- a bit of showboating. What do the facts matter if the last word, definitive investigative journalism is being provided by the government?

      2. Truth and untruth are NOT mere opposite sides of the same coin. Often, it takes a lot more truth to undo a small appearing lie than one would suppose. Now why is this? Lies are embellished by people who gladly prostitute themselves as representatives/traitors to the cause of truth. Do you think Bob Schieffer really is worried about telling the truth as he lies his way through the CBS evening news? Is he so stupid he does not know right from wrong? Or, has he, like some others, merely whored himself out to the highest bidder, sorta like some people that lurk around this website?

    1. and the limo that Kennedy, etc, were riding in cleaned, sunaj, before the evidence collected. Just as the evidence of the Bobbie Kennedy murder was destroyed. The same procedures and tactics are used in all these staged homicidal operations.

  13. I wouldn’t take a free subscription to the NYT. Wall Street Journal is at least marginally useful (with the exception of that whole first section of “news”).

    Both papers (each in their own way) are essentially “religious” newspapers…the religion being “terrorism”.

    NYT would naturally need to adopt a defensive position for the Liberal Gladio gungrabbing fall-flag “strategy of tension” events exemplified by Sandy Hook.

    WSJ defends all the machinations of the larger, more vicious Neocon Gladio (their crowning achievement being 9/11).

    As long as these cult-like religious organs of state propaganda keep singing the “right” song, the sycophantic mockingbirds at lower level will continue to spread their poisonous melodies.

    Kudos to the professors who have stood with Dr. Tracy. You are truly deserving of your collective academic accolades as evinced by your articulate, ethical support for the railroaded Dr. Tracy.


        1. You seem more like a person who believes what they are told to believe.

          Why critically think? No headaches, tho, right?

        2. Say what?!? You are the one who posted these pictures which clearly show a drill in progress. To think otherwise is absurd. The man in the orange shirt in the center of frames 7,8.9,10, and 11 is clearly and calmly filming this event from the middle of the street, while others are calmly walking in the other direction.

          I can’t read the language that this is posted in, but I can clearly see the HD pictures, and the pictures do not lie.

        3. My apologies.

          I took you for a Lenny minion.

          I sincerely apologize. Seriously.

          (hangs head)

        4. Thanks. No offense taken. I am a former military investigator and I know the difference between real and theater. These pictures unambiguously show theater.

        5. No, I’d say that the pictures point to about an 825% proof of a false flag drill. Likewise, a picture is worth between 400 and 650 words, not 1000, where did you get your figures from?

  14. Good. Tracy SHOULD be fired. Harassing people who lost their children in a mass shooting is horrendous. Only incredibly stupid and criminally insane people think the shooting was a hoax.

    1. Did it make your day to come here and post this? People who act before they think are referred to as thoughtless.

      Life recognizes that so don’t be alarmed if you get a little blowback and your job is the next to go.

      I’d tell you to read everything before you speak but its not common for thoughtless people to want to take the time to get all the information.

      Beware, the tongue is a double-edged sword, best to wrap it in silk!!!!

    2. Dandruff —

      You write: “Harassing people who lost their children in a mass shooting is horrendous.”

      I would agree that if lives were lost, it would be horrendous to harass.

      However, there was neither harassment nor dead kids. So your point is moot. It seems that you are doing a bit of harassing here brah.

      Why don’t you try employing your critical thinking skills instead of pointless emotional appeals.

    3. “Only incredibly stupid and criminally insane people think the shooting was a hoax.”

      Funny…I say the same thing about people who believe that the laws of physics and chemistry were suspended on Septemebr 11, 2001.

      As far as the harassing goes…well, apparently, your reading comprehension might be taken into question, as the article clearly indicates that the actual “harassment” came from the Pozners. Tracy didn’t seek to have anyone fired; just not defrauded.

      Did you not see the picture of Noah halfway around the world? What’s the explanation?

    4. US power can always produce these smears against dissident truth. It is necessary to not only enlighten the people that they are intellectually false, but to toughen them so they are not intimidated by them. And in addition, to weaponize the people’s truth to counter the weaponized power truth.

    5. Since when is it “criminally insane” to question an official story? Oh, I see you are hesitating to appoint yourself psychiatrist-in-residence here, because you hedge with “incredibly stupid”. What I would ask you is this: When did you become so invested in a story that you were told about this? At what point did you say to yourself “There can be no doubt, as sure as the sun comes up every morning and the earth is the center of the universe, the authorities tell us the truth all the time, and always have.”

      1. Why he’s “Nancy Grace certain” of it. His TEE VEE never lies to him. Obongo’s a saint, Hilary is simply a kind-hearted frumpy matron in pants suits, and A.C. is a truth teller with a strange nose condition.

    6. Making another garbage run, swine? Your verbiage is so inane and stupid, are you just starting your career in shilling? I’m sure by now there are books written by successful shills who “made it big”. I’ve read where shills can make 81 bucks an hour insulting people and working for da man. Sorry you lost your job, you had it coming. You are not fooling anybody on this site. I just wish shills would take a couple creating writing courses before they venture out into the world. You are boring……but, I confess you made me laugh with your jollisome epithets and hollow insanities. Some day your ship will come in and you can get a real job and possibly make minimum wage.
      Best of luck on your shilling career, you’ll need it.

  15. Tracy should have submitted the yearly reports to the university as well as answered them in the public forum and ten days provided. They will hang their hat on the fact he is in rebellion of internal policies and deny this has anything to do with the first amendment. Tracy should still answer them. in writing, by Certified Mail.

    As to Pozner, he should have defaulted him twice (five day letter to cure and final default) after the certified letter was ignored and filed notarized copies of both with a copy of a notarized affidavit (keep originals) into the public record. He should open an evidence file at a federal court, deposit defaults and affidavit to get them stamped by the courthouse THEN do a web page with the stamped filings. This is now evidence and proof Pozner is not a copyright holder. Same process should be done with the agency that issued the purported death certificate. It is not too late to do this. Contact me, I can help him free of charge…

  16. Off topic and just for your information… but the Health Challenges article referencing Framovich as your show guest does not have a comments button and the audio in the article is not downloadable and not accessible elsewhere.

    C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\zz2SATNE.mp3.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

    That is the message when I tried to download audio file of Real Politik show with Frampovich as guest from TruthFrequencyRadio site.

    The download link in the article here also gives a corrupted file message when try to download audio.

      1. Hi Toni, glad to see you still around and as always elevating our conversations immensely,

        I am doing fine.

        Thanks for tip on “save page as”. That worked and I did listen to the show.

        Guess I will go back up and maybe comment on that show if Dr. Tracy puts a comment button on the article.

        God bless you and have a great new year.

  17. Just wanted to mention Mike King’s Anti-New York Times.

    You can subscribe and he sends out absolutely great almost daily emails showcasing home the NYT operates. They use every trick in the book to deceive and Mike King is in a very brilliant and perceptive way able to point out the intricacies and subtleties of the New York Slimes journalistic tricks.

    Mike is off or a while due to death in the family but if you search around you can find some of his great Anti-New York Times stories.

    1. I just looked at Mike’s site – the leaders proclaiming they don’t want war throughout history, and that was excellent except for including Osama, about whom the FBI said had nothing to do with 9/11, and the characature of a Jew as greedy and supposedly controlling the world. Plain old fashioned anti-Semitism. Thanks, I’ll look elsewhere for news.

    1. The Times’ photo is the ONLY photo of Dr. Tracy that I’ve seen that looks even remotely insane. Didn’t Time or Newsweek do that to Michelle Bachman, too? That’s pretty dirty, I’d say.

      Fwiw, I look like an escaped mental patient in my drivers’ license photo. It’s horrifying.

      1. Recynd says: “The Times’ photo is the ONLY photo of Dr. Tracy that I’ve seen that looks even remotely insane.”

        I agree, Recynd, he only occasionally “looks even remotely insane.”

        It’s these “defenses” that are cracking me up.

        1. You don’t think that stand in court? “He rarely, if ever, looks remotely insane”? Hee!

          James always seems very even-keel to me, whether in photos, on podcasts, or on video. Maybe I’m projecting, because I like him and I want him to be reasonable. But I think his students generally think the same: the comments I’ve read by people claiming to be his students have all been flattering.

          Using deranged-looking photos is a neat trick, if dirty. It’s hard to live down a really bad picture…ask Adam Lanza (oh wait, he’s dead) or James Holmes. ?

        2. “Using deranged-looking photos is a neat trick, if dirty. It’s hard to live down a really bad picture…ask Adam Lanza (oh wait, he’s dead) or James Holmes.”

          I just re-read this comment, Recynd, and you’re killing me over here. Adam Lanza!
          Just stop while you’re ahead. Stick with the nice stuff for now.

  18. I’ve just found out that Fetzer has a stick up his ass when it comes to trying to point out anything that he pulishes that will make Sandy Hook researchers look like idiots. I no longer trust him. He’s setting us up for failure.

  19. You people do know it is leagl to lie to the american public don’t you? On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.

  20. On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.


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