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Professor Tracy, who was fired by his University is a frequent contributor to Global Research. His articles are incisive and carefully documented.

The Global Research articles of Prof. James Tracy can be consulted here

Academic freedom is a fundamental principle, which has been blatantly violated by Florida Atlantic University.

Global Research expresses its support for James Tracy.

Michel Chossudovsky, January 2016

* * *

Adam Lanza was blamed for the December 14, 2012 Newtown, CT shootings, perhaps wrongfully.

james-tracyFlorida Atlantic University (FAU) tenured Professor James Tracy questioned inconsistencies and anomalies in the official narrative – reinforced by the corporate media unwillingness to ask tough questions and demand clear answers.

Tracy questioned whether any shootings took place – “at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media” described events, unquestionably reporting the official narrative.

Contradictions abound. Key questions remain unanswered. How did one alleged gunman fire so many shots in so little time and supposedly inflict so many casualties?

In five to seven minutes, Connecticut’s top coroner, Wayne Carver, and police officials said Lanza shot each victim from three to 11 times – 182 shots, one every 2 seconds plus likely misses.

Yet the official narrative called him the sole gunman, a youth with no military training, using a 30-shot magazine in one weapon, having to reload over half a dozen times to have done the alleged shootings himself.

According to Tracy, “(p)hotographic and video evidence (is) lacking in terms of its capacity to demonstrate that a mass shooting took place on a scale described by authorities.”

(N)o visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry” is available nor eyewitness testimonies, nor what’s typical in a crime scene’s aftermath – “broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors.

Sandy Hook Elementary has 600 students. No video or photographic evidence indicates any more than small numbers were evacuated.

Key Sandy Hook questions remain unanswered. The initial narrative remains the official story. Tracy called it an “elaborate hoax” – excluding names, ages and genders of alleged victims.

He cited 10 top reasons to suspect Sandy Hook was staged:

1. “Proof of death (was) suppressed.”

2. “Emergency protocols were not followed.”

3. “Drill protocols were” used instead.

4. “(F)oreknowledge of the event” existed.

5. Reports about weapons used were “contradictory.”

6. No verifiable evidence indicates Adam Lanza’s responsibility for the shootings – after supposedly killing his mother, then taking his own life after the incident.

7. Authorities and media sources “displayed inappropriate behavior.”

8. Photos of the crime scene and victims “look(ed) staged or fake.”

9. The crime scene was deliberately contaminated and destroyed, making it unusable for investigation.

10. Alleged “(d)eceased children sang at the 2013 Super Bowl.”

Plenty of evidence calls the official narrative into question. Tracy’s exhaustive work deserves high praise.

In December, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) terminated him, a tenured professor, without just cause, citing only the “university practice regarding personal issues.”

“In accordance with the University’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Faculty of Florida union, by which the University and James Tracy are bound, faculty who receive such notice are afforded a grievance process. James Tracy has 10 days to respond to the notice after which final action may be taken,” a statement said.

His firing sends a message to other academics. Think twice before challenging the official narrative, especially on a headline-making story – calling it a hoax. It’s also another First Amendment body blow.

In mid-December, Tracy repeated his charge about “subterfuge and fraud” at Sandy Hook, saying:

In a geographically vast country where imagery and emotion reign supreme, where fact is often replaced by unsubstantiated claims and hearsay, the eventual result will likely involve mass fraud leading to a severe loss of our freedoms, perhaps eventual tyranny.


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47 thought on “Academic Freedom in America? Tenured Professor Questioning Official Sandy Hook Shootings Narrative Fired”
  1. Sandy Hook, perhaps more even than 9/11, is a test of the ruling elite’s complete control over the media and the use of that control to manufacture “reality”.
    9/11 was a real event with a false “official” narrative.
    Sandy Hook is a completely fabricated non-event.
    It’s quite likely that Adam Lanza didn’t even exist.
    It’s quite likely that few, if any, people died.
    Yet, based on this manufactured “reality”, real attempts to change policy and laws of the land are being made, and Dr. Tracy’s job is threatened.
    The corporate-controlled “mainstream” media and our “elected” officials operate in a closed loop.
    How long can it be before, as more and more people begin to see through the veil of lies, that, as the Sandy Hook coroner put it: “It comes crashing down on ‘their’ heads”?

  2. Fetzer’s YT channel suspended,, apparently the work of “Rebbecca Roth”; 4m 36s:

    I never much cared about Roth (an alias); though I was impressed at how suddenly she burst on the truth scene and was on every alt-media hosts’ show, giving another infomercial for her “fiction” 911 book. I was similarly bewildered when Fetzer and that other Oz guy were doing several shows dedicated to trying to demonstrate how Roth was a fraud:

    ^ My attitude was a similar, “who cares?” I only skipped through those JF/Roth shows, just seeking their gist, IE their “point.” I never did get it; though I may have heard JF say Roth’s role was apparently to put the “hijacked commercial airliners” notion back on the map?

    Dr. Tracy, you’ve gone “radio silent” since your FAU situation began; but I’d love to hear you back hosting & being guest on shows, to tell your perspective re FAU, “Pozner”, etc. 🙂

    1. I used to think Rebekah was the real deal, since she did dedicate her 2 novels to the victims of the USS Liberty attack. And she did lay responsibility for the false flag 911 right on the doorstep of Mossad and their traitor friends in the USA. She also has mentioned in at least one of her videos that she is well aware that she could be the target of a drone attack. That sounds like a good enough reason to use a fake name and wear a disguise to me, for Chrissake ! She has also exposed the Gelatin Art Students to be linked with the Israeli Art Students, and has linked the BB-18 boxes to a subsidiary of Haliburton (LittelFuse). I’m not so sure we should wright this woman off yet. Something stinks with the attacks on her. To me, nothing substantial has been said against her, except for the fact that she is using A false name and a disguise. If I was her, I would too considering that she is dealing with murderous, theiving D-bags with an international reach. Just because she believes that drones were used, instead of holograms, is no reason to discard everything she says.

    2. I don’t believe Rebekah Roth had anything, per se, to do with Fetzer losing his YT channel. Roth, most likely, is supported by some shady and nefarious characters/organizations, all allied with those who wish to obscure and hide the real truth about 911. Imagine, for a while, Roth was on top of the world espousing her fictional book about the real deal behind 911! Her fictional book……

    3. “Roth” is quite simply, despicable. As Jim says, there are a host of aliases for this woman besides the ones reported recently. She is beyond doubt working as an agent for someone.

      She does not introduce anything new in here fictitious book that wasn’t already freely accessible to anyone with a willingness to look. The one “new” detail was the alleged airbase which has since been determined to have been more fiction even if one is inclined to believe that there were airplanes used.

      It is appropriate that this is posted in this thread as it is another example of how information is controlled. As can readily be seen both Amazon and U-Tube are simply other gatekeepers engaged in controlling information.

      1. Lophatt, let’s remember that writers have been using “nom de plumes” for hundreds if not thousands of years. And every day people use aliases more times than you can imagine. This is no reason at all to call her a fraud. She has some info that needs to be investigated and vetted. As it is, no one except the perpetrators has a handle on a lot of the circumstances surrounding 911. And the same goes for Sandy Hook, and even the Kennedy Assassination, and a lot more of the history of the world. It is very possible that hardened drones were flown into the towers, and that explosives in the perimeter walls were detonated to make the passage easier. A homing device could make for pin point accuracy as to where the planes struck.

        1. Stop making it sound like everybody uses aliases by the dozen, will you? Ask yourself why Roth et al. have to use the multiplicity of names in the first place. Normal, you say? You are also wrong when you say only the perps have a handle on the circumstances surrounding 911. That is a pathetic statement, have you not read the vast writings of Dr Eowyn and Dr Fetzer? You sound just like Roth as she tries to keep the fiction in the story about real planes involved in 911. Are you a shill, perchance?
          Shills, unless willing to spend some time in a blog and develop a good feel for the questions they will be asked, tend to sound quite stupid as they basically force their “phony reasoning” onto the readership. Moreover, shills think they are sooooooo smart and the group is sooooooo ignorant. This really makes you look pretty stupid. And obvious…..perhaps it’s time for you to use one of your aliases, eh?

        2. I don’t care if she calls herself “Cleopatra”. She takes credit for other’s work, doesn’t add a thing to the subject matter and now this. She is an agent. It has nothing to do with whatever name she uses. I might ask, why so many aliases are necessary, however. Maybe they’re more common in the snake oil business.

          For what its worth, there is much more out there on her than her “nom de plume”. She writes a crappy fiction, claims to have “solved” 9-11 and everyone who ought to know better can’t get enough of her. Go figure.

          He “contribution” isn’t worth a pimple on Fetzer’s derriere (since we’re apparently in French mode). She has the unmitigated gall to call Dr. Fetzer “an idiot”? From what I can determine her whole “career” is one scam after another.

          But, on one aspect you’re correct. I gave the “9-11 research community” more credit until I saw the reaction to Cleo. As to the rest of your theory…, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  3. I am so sorry this happened to you, Dr. Tracy, but even sorrier that similar things seem to be happening to many people throughout the nation. But for me, the actions taken against you served one purpose for me personally. As an independent researcher, I have always stayed mainly unknown. Because of your ordeal, I decided to share some of my research and personal history and experience in an article about the medical response to the event, which a friend forwarded to you, and which you published (and I am grateful for that…) In that article, I felt I had to provide my name and qualifications, and so was forced into making myself publicly known. It is an action I don’t regret, because I am finally at the point where I realize just how much danger we are in when we can’t ask legitimate questions or voice opinions, and where people and media no longer require proof before publishing articles. I feel an obligation to my children and grandchildren to fight as hard as I can in order that they may enjoy the same rights and freedoms that most adults have grown up with. I will continue the fight, and will be a proud warrior behind you. Thank you, sir, for your bravery.

    1. Thank you for your support, and for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

      For those who may have missed it, Diane Jakopovic’s article, “Sandy Hook School Shooting: A Medical Practitioner Analyzes the Official Report’s Omissions and Anomalies,” published at MHB on November 18, 2015, may be found here:

    1. One thing that boggles me is the fact the Obama Dept. of Education has previously said that Sandy Hook was a drill and nobody was killed. This is according to Dr Fetzer and his interviewee, a Mr. Preston, I believe. Preston supposedly knows people in the governmental education hierarchy and was privy to this information.

      If this is correct, why is there no acknowledgment of this revelation?? Why has Gov. Malloy not acknowledged this?

  4. Global research is one of the two best blogs in Northern America, both deserving financial support, and one would expect prof Chossudovsky to behave honorably. Prof Tracy is not associated with the other blog. But, Project Censored, where James has been associated for years, should also support him. Every effort should be made to embarrass the university for harassing professor Tracy, until he gets his job back.

    Unfortunately, I think that there is a more general campaign centered around legitimating the government-media story of Sandy Hook, and the attack on Jim Fetzer supports such a belief. That means that one has to attack the official story of Sandy Hook as well, to stop the attack on James because it is counterproductive.

    This is much harder. If Obama and now the Secret Service are weeping for these poor kids, all the Fed organs–Fema, Home Security, CIA, FBI, etc– will be weeping too. Nothing significant can be expected until a change of administration.

    But it may be that the new administration might blame the whole fiasco on Obama, especially if, as is likely, it is Repub. The Council of Foreign Relations has indicated that it wants to clean up some of the ideological dreck accumulated under the Terrorwar, so change may be unlikely, but not farfetched.

    In any case, to the extent that the American people believe that Sandy Hook was a Fema drill, to that extent it will increase professor Tracy’s professional reputation. Even among academics, generally a pretty cowardly crew morally and intellectually. But they don’t like people fired and will say so, if they don’t have to stick their necks out too far.

    On the left, this happened to Michael Parenti during the War on Communism, and his career blossomed with writing books and academic and other talks after he was blacklisted. The situation is different under the War on Terrorism, as are the two professors. But things are not so bad. There are worse things than being fired, and some journalists and others have suffered them. But this doesn’t seem that kind of situation.

    1. Folktruther says:
      “Every effort should be made to embarrass the university for harassing professor Tracy, until he gets his job back.”

      Ft, where does this fawning come from? After you reiterate your contempt for him, its hard to take you for Tracy’s sudden sycophant.

      You’ve made it clear in the past that you think people should lose their jobs, and even go to prison, for expressing “threatening” thoughts. What’s different this time? That you agree with the threatening expression?

      You miss the point. You don’t know you missed the point. You’ll probably never know.

      I remember when anti-semitism was one of those threatening thoughts you thought needed policing. And what did you call this place? You called it, “an anti-semitic blog.”

      All your sidelong glances and mumbled affections are pretty meaningless till you apologize to Tracy for the things you’ve said. Like a man.

  5. Just posted a blog, and some items at Facebook, and a contentious post at “Crooks & Liars” where “liberals” think that clever put-downs and regurgitation of official stories are a substitute for critical thinking. BERKELEY CALLING BLOG 1-09-16: Academic Free Speech Attack Alert! Calling All Free Speech Loving Americans! Speak out for Professor James Tracy of Memory Hole Blog whether you agree with him or not. He has a PhD in Media Studies, and he writes his own citizen’s perspective on his own private blog. His criticism of what corporate-government media is doing has resulted in the firing of the tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University. Read “Academic Freedom in America? Tenured Professor Questioning Official Sandy Hook Shootings Narrative Fired” by Stephen Lendman at MemoryHoleBlog 1-09-16.

    1. Also, thanks for mentioning this in the post at your site, Vic:

      “Note: January 29, 1737 is Tom Paine’s Birthday, author of Common Sense and The Rights of Man. Every Jan 29 Americans should gather in small groups throughout the land to read aloud the many great quotations from their foremost writer of first principles, Citizen Thomas Paine.”

  6. I saw in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Leftist rag of a newspaper) the other day a very brief op-ed entry from some guy in Swarthmore praising the FAU administration for firing James Tracy. Says this is the kind of mental illness our fearless leader (Obama) was talking about in his gun control performance last week. This clown has most likely not done a single minutes research into this whole Sandy Hook topic. Probably gets all his information from MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post and NPR.

    Check out my new YouTube video satirizing Obama’s amazingly bad acting performance. It is pretty funny if I don’t say so myself. hee hee

    “Barack Obama wins 2016 Best Actor Oscar”

  7. I am so sorry that you lost your job Dr. Tracy. When Anderson Cooper got on the wagon, I knew your days were numbered, but, in this ‘economic climate’, I feel terrible for you. It may be of very little consolation, but you are one of America’s last heroes. You gave up so much for truth.

    1. Dear Dr. Tracy, as a professor myself (without tenure), I am truly sorry about what has happened to you. It’s a dark day for academia; and as is always the case with academic politics, the students will ultimately be the ones at your university who will pay the highest price–while the bureaucrat-culprits continue vigorously to affirm themselves regularly until their retirement looms.

      Bishop Fulton Sheen once said, “Jealousy is the tribute that mediocrity pays to genius.” Not sure whether you’d agree to being called a genius, but nonetheless I think Sheen’s comment is relevant here. You are under attack BECAUSE YOUR ACCURATE ALLEGATIONS MAKE YOUR DETRACTORS LOOK BAD. If you were only partly right… you probably would still work there. But you’re totally spot-on, and the incompetent academics of the modern world simply can’t handle anybody who holds up a mirror and insists that they have to take a good long look at themselves. There’s no place in our educational system for true academic excellence any more–we all have to conform to the lowest-common denominator.

      After the coming collapse, when the dust finally settles and those who survive will have to rebuild society, I hope you will found a new university–and if I’m still around too I’d love to teach there…

  8. It is appalling that FAU fired James. They need a re-education in logic. One element of the drill narrative received little play, Nancy Lanza’s cheap pink fuzzy slippers, certainly purchased at a nearby big box store without any thought as to what Nancy would have bought for herself. This part of CT is filled with insecure status seeking actors and similar nouveau riche government types. Never would any member of this smart set ever answer the door in lower class pink slippers like Nancy’s. Just reveals what a bunch of klunkheads write the drills, and the administration at FAU is sub-par on SH for logic for swallowing this incompetent swill, called a script in some circles.

    1. One might be correct in assuming that the powers that be were behind this “firing”. Ask the question, “who has the most to lose by detection of this fraud?” This is part of a major effort to destroy America, our political and court systems are well on their way to succumbing to the debauchery. False flags in this country have been blatant, overt, glaringly obvious, and numerous. The administration at FAU was most likely forced to produce this result for Dr Tracy. Grant money cessation was most likely one of the inducements used to convince FAU to do the deed…..or else. Most likely the ranking administrators responsible for signing the termination notice were forced to do so at the threat of losing their jobs should they not perform correctly. It’s called blackmail.

      1. This is an excellent lesson for FAU students studying media: that if you go against the jew-owned media, the jews will ruin your life before they let you unravel their lies.

  9. In the course of human history, there are events which unfold that demand that we, as human beings, stop, get still, think, and take stock. We have arrived at one of those points.

    The scope and magnitude of what has happened to James F. Tracy as a result of his contentions regarding the official narrative of the timeframe of 12-14-12 in Newtown, Ct. at this point in time is essentially incalculable. All of this transcends the doctor and Florida Atlantic University.

    These initial statements are by no means intended to undermine the severity of the personal grief incurred by Dr. Tracy and his family.

    I have maintained since not long after 12-14-12 that Sandy Hook would be the watershed event in the course of U.S. history with regards to personal expression and freedom, eclipsing that of even the events of 911. All that I have witnessed since then have confirmed my initial suspicions.

    My reasoning has always been that Americans would respond to the raw emotional aspect which is peculiar to that of only Sandy Hook, where we were told that 20 elementary age children were brutally slaughtered, just before Christmas, by a mentally deranged madman who had unfettered access to personal weapons of mass destruction.

    We must also consider the cumulative effect of the timing of 12-14-12. As a nation we had endured the first WTC bombing, the OCB, Columbine, 911, and the Va. Tech massacre, as well as multiple other lower level school shootings.

    Now the Bogeyman has resorted to killing six and seven year olds.

    During Barrack Obamas national address on his executive actions of 1-5-16, Sandy Hook was referenced no less than 18 times. During his town hall meeting with Anderson Cooper, Sandy Hook was referenced no less than 11 times. No other MCE was mentioned more than once or twice.

    The individuals who planned and executed the events which transpired on or around 12-14-12 in Newtown, Ct, as well as those who participated, either wittingly or unwittingly, have managed to tend this story very well to the collective consciousness of Americans, much like one who tends to the ground around a grave. They have planted and watered strategically.

    The dilemma we are always faced with is; how do we respond? It is an easy question to ask, however much more difficult to answer, because the answer is not found in a vacuum. It is ubiquitous.

    It is incumbent upon all those who value above all, sincerity and truth, regardless of the consequences to us personally, or as a nation, to continue the pursuit of truth. We should all do what we can to expose evil and corruption.

    For me, as one who trusts in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and with eternal security, I have no fear of the devil and those who do his bidding. My only concern is for those who still live in fear of the unknown.

    My ministry partner, Bill Posey, and I will be on air tomorrow night, Monday, January the 11th, on Blog Talk Radio, discussing all of these matters. It is a live, call in program, so if you wish to contribute you can easily do so.

    Here is a link to the show.

    Please call in and contribute as you are lead.

    1. Thank you Joseph, for the link and I will be tuning in tonight. And like yourself I fully agree that Satan is the master of fear & confusion. And the firing of Dr.Tracy has to do with instilling fear in the academic community and the rest of Americans.

    2. That’s really ominous, Joseph, that Obama focuses so much on Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook, as you imply, is serving for Obama the same role that 9/11-anthrax served for Bush jnr. Well, he will be gone in a year, it’s just a matter of toughing it out.

  10. I’ve suggested a two prong defense in the coming period, a narrow civil liberties one to attain academic support against the university, and a broader conspiracy one to attack the power organs behind the university. The civil liberties defense will necessarily largely be a legalistic one.

    The conspiracy defense is based on the US power system’s dislike of legitimating the notion of conspiracies. There are two major sequences of them, the leader assassinations in the 1960’s, and the building explosions leading to the War on Terror. The latter include the first Trade Tower bombings, the Oklahoma bombings, and the second Tradie Tower bombings.

    The conspiracy defense will involve an enormous number of smears, just as I am being smeared in this blog. This will occur because the only way power can cover up the evidence of the conspiracies is by intimidating the people to make them afraid to think in a reasonable evidenced way about the staged homicidal operations.

    It must be understood that the legitimation of the notion that the US power system has been killing Americans will tend to de-legitimate US power over historical time, so it is doing everything to smear conspiracy truthers, and use other means as well, the reason why professor Tracy was fired. I still remember the smears in the Columbia Journalism Review.

    An obvious example of their concern about conspiracies was the congressional Select Committee on Assassinations, which concluded that both the Kennedy and King murders were a result of conspiracies. The evidence of the Committee was later ‘Reassessed’ to deny that there was no “persuasive” evidence of a JFK conspiracy. And in a sense this is quite true because there would be no evidence whatsoever that would ‘persuade’ the US power system that a conspiracy had occurred.

    The ‘Reevaluation’ of the evidence of the Select congressional committee was published in 2001, the same year of the 9/11-anthrax atrocities, in conformance to the Coincidence Theory of these homicidal operations.

    The reason for emphasizing the conspiracy sequences, is to make it easier for the public to conceive conspiracies in a holistic way, since historically power has always conspired against the people. This might pressure them to compromise on the firing. If the firing, which is being Proclaimed or Pretended to be for some other reason entirely, in fact publicizes the conspiracy sequences sufficiently, then it becomes counterproductive to their purposes.

    If the smears and other intimidation doesn’t work, they may just eventually downplay the whole episode, especially after Obama leaves office. The Sandy Hook operation is after all not nearly as sensitive as the 9/11-antdhrax operation. They may downplay the former to protect the latter.

    Academics are obviously more likely to support the civil liberties approach than the conspiracy approach, since the latter has sharp implications for the learned tradition. And they don’t want to have their reputations smeared. But the conspiracy approach contains what the intelligence agencies call ‘nuisance value.’

    If an operation turns into a big enough public relations nuisance, they may simply stop it if they can do it without losing face. Such an approach might be worth considering, especially as it can be implemented to varying degrees. It would broaden support beyond White alienated reaction, and become part of an opposition that is now developing both in the USA and in Europe.

  11. Professor James Tracy of FAU joins professor Steven Jones of BYU in being struck by a fascist Berufsverbot. Professor Jones had the audacity to publicize his findings of nanothermite in de 911 WT dust, about 2800 deaths there. Professor Tracy publicizes contradictions in the Sandy Hook event that qualify the SH hoax as a US government psy-op without bloodshed. Three years later, though, Obongo sends its oprichnina to murder with impunity in San Bernardino. Nevertheless, SH is the mother of all provocations against the second amendment. Moreover, SH is the best studied of all. This means that SH is the first domino that will bring down all its successors. That is the reason why professor Tracy is feared by the SH-perps and must be silenced as was professor Jones. After having fired professor Jones, BYU offered the perp-in-charge of 911 an expiatory sacrifice in the form of an “honorary degree”. So please do not be surprised if Joey Biden is offered an “honorary degree” by FAU.

    Meanwhile, “sunaj57”, known by its (his? her? their?) intelligent comments on this blog, has kindly checked for us that

    “Please Donate & Help Sandy Hook Justice
    Mail checks or money orders to: SANDY HOOK JUSTICE, 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, FL 32776”

    is brought to you by Wolfgang Halbig: .
    Wolf’s relentless tenacity in confronting traitors in the state of Corrupticut with their treason against the second amendment leads to an ever higher stack of infringements on procedural rules, transgressions of the law, perjuries and plain lies on their part. Of course such a stack is not stable. We need to have the stamina to make them stack ever higher until collaps.

    Now, not all of us on this site are politicians: “all talk, no action”. Therefore those of you, readers, who are not too deep in debt by your creditcards, by your studyloan, by your MERS mortgage (you’ll never own the place), you are asked to contribute ammunition for the legal effort to lawfully topple that first domino that is Sandy Hook. Remember, it’s the number of people that counts rather than the money involved. Better ten persons for ten dollars each than one person for a hundred.

    Thank you!

  12. Dr.Tracy, I truly enjoy reading your articles and research papers on your blog site and your contribution to the “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook ” book. I would have love to have been a student in your class and challenge my fellow classmates to think for themselves and always question the narrative.
    I hope and pray that you find another teaching job soon and that the testicular fortitude that you have shown in speaking/writing the truth, will continue in your future endeavors.


  13. I was let known, that I was never going to be fully paid [securely] for teaching in the late 90s. People as bad as it is listen to npr to get you out of bed, they always give away what’s ahead. There’s an angle always. Diane from Cheers is their seller along with 2 guys who are IMO one from the biography channel when it was okay and 2 the news guy fired. Known as Dave. And I heard Kathleen Keener sp going over how my computer had a virus to pay for immediately. If anyone of you has asked how can these people do this — they are nasty people, no amount of money satiates them. They do it not accidentally they are rotten is what I’m sure of. Now. Just rotten from start to finish. Anyway it goes over more funding for more cops after every event. No shocker. [whatever you do do not confuse stepford Amy or Laura Flanders as leftists; these people repeat the MAINLINNE. They WOULD NEVER GET ON BROADCASTS IF THEY WERE NOT PHONIES. Postman argued people now will have erased memories, and indeed he was right. Decontextualization he referred to as have I. The people that do read seriously enough and are heard from are phonies the rest are the usual right wing libertarians which delineates how history has duly been erased to buy into that bull shit.

  14. Academic freedom in the USA has largely been a bad joke. One of the great heroes of American history was John Brown, who tried to initiate a slave rebellion, supported, and financed, by the abolitionists of time, and supported as well by major political and cultural figures, like Emerson and Thoreau. However, James Loewen says, in LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME:

    ‘The treatment of Brown… has changed in American history textbooks. From about 1890 to about 1970 he was insane. …after 1970 he regained his sanity. …his sanity provides an inadvertent index of the level of white racism in our society.”

    The gross and uniform distortion of history by the history profession is paralleled in every subdiscipline in American social science. The academic story is influenced by authorized power that does not want truthers to tell the historical truth, and a pre-indoctrinated audience who does not want to hear it.

    John Brown and his band in fact captured Harpers Ferry, but they were prevented from taking to the hills on time as planned. He was strongly religious and rose from his mat provided for his wounds and said, before his sentencing:

    “…I did no wrong, but right. Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, an mingle my blood further with the blood of my children….I say, let it be done.”

    The slave revolt failing, the Civil War followed, and killed six hundred thousand Americans. And they did not have nuclear weapons at that time, as we do now.

    The American people are afraid to know the truth about Sandy Hook and 9/11-anthrax, and only a few courageous academics will tell them.
    The struggle for prof Tracy’s job has enormous power implications, and it is not over. It has just started. He will be smeared as he as always been, and by other academics as well as the media. They are afraid to look at the evidence, so all they have is rhetoric, bull, and smears.

    And this can prevail for a while. But if the truth starts to permeate academia, as cowardly as it is, power may have to think again. The truth consensus can change, as it did in history. The question is not settled yet. It will continue for some time, and may help make academic freedom more of a reality.

    1. Professors of feminist studies are held in high esteem by academe. They are doing god’s work, you know.

      Not quite sure how you decided that Americans are afraid of the truth. Does this fear encompass their entire breadth of knowledge? I’ve never read this before. Afraid of the truth…….does that mean, conversely, that they welcome untruths?’

      Saying there is no truth in academia is downright naive and stupid. You make it sound like professors are obvlivious to all truths in their respective disciplines. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Then again, why should you welcome the truth, anyway? You seem hung up on creating truths from extant fictions, just how does a person do this?

      Why is academia cowardly? You mean professors don’t believe anything they research and teach? In fact, you are the one fearful of truth, sadly you have no comprehension of the drivel you spew forth. You are also a shill, a five and dime shill. Congrats, sayanim. Congrats…..

  15. I’d rather be a contributor to Global Research than a member of the hypocritical American academy any day.

    I think Galileo (among others) would look more kindly upon Dr. Tracy than upon the spineless professors who never puts their necks on the line for anything ever.

    Congrats James: you now have tenure in the universal academy.


    1. Blind and blanket accusations against professors are not the answer. They are not a totally homogeneous group. Get into the habit of individualizing negative feelings rather than a broad accusation against all members of the academy.

    2. Great, but what does it pay?

      Tenure is supposed to ensure that such flimsy excuses for terminating one’s employment aren’t entertained.

      From that ideal, I believe Professor Tracy has the law, as well as tight, on his side.

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