Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: The Fine Art of Online Stalking and Harassment

Submitted by Tony Mead 
(Warning: Graphics contain strong language/profanity)

Since so many people are showing up on my Facebook page for the first time, not knowing the persecution that we’ve endured, I think it appropriate that I introduce you to the HONR Network.

The HONR Network was founded by Lenny Pozner to seek out, identify, stalk and harass anyone who investigates the suspicious and confusing facts surrounding the Sandy Hook incident. They are dedicated to investigating individuals’  backgrounds, places of employment, family and friends, and then attacking their targets by posting personal information, pictures and even contacting people’s employers with accusations of harassment.

Lenny Pozner and HONR Network elite members strategize
their next move: “Hope … we get his brother
in laws
number …”


Over the past 3 years, I have been continually stalked and harassed by this relentless, calculating, heartless group who seem to work round the clock, dedicating their lives to “debunking” any inconsistencies that we find and defending the idea that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a genuine tragedy.

My business has been attacked:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.26.09 PM

my character has been assassinated

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.27.53 PM

In addition, my friends and family have been contacted by these people in an attempt to distract and deter me from this investigation.

I am not alone and I have countless stories from others like me who have been stalked online. Many have left after being “shamed” and judged by their peers. Most of us have endured and persist in our quest for justice.

Wolfgang Halbig, a renowned National School Safety Expert and former FL State Police Officer has endured relentless attacks against his reputation, his character and his honesty. He has had his website removed, his Twitter account removed, his GoFundMe account removed, and his PayPal account removed, all as a result of this small, yet ruthless group of stalkers.

This group is lead by Lenny Pozner and includes CW Wade, Keith Johnson, Thomas Bittman, Stephen Waddock, Ryan Graney, Loucy Pepin and Arie Fique, among several other disreputable characters who may, or may not, just be additional online profiles of these individuals.

Indeed, Lenny formed a Facebook Group called “Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous,” where its 35 members conspired on how to attack anyone that participated in investigating Sandy Hook. Their members even included the Rabbi Shaul Praver !!

Now, I ask you, why is a distraught father, who has recently lost his son, so obsessed with persecuting those who seek the truth about the incident? I know that if I lost a child, I would want to know that proper mass casualty event protocols were followed, proper security had been implemented, and that everything that could possibly have been done to perhaps save my kid was done.

Instead, Lenny is busy working round the clock to insure that no one dare question the Official Report !! And – why in God’s name is a RABBI in there?

Lenny took it upon himself to contact me, at first through Facebook messaging and then through multiple phone calls. After writing the article for the Hartford Courant, he sent me some very bizarre text messages explaining how he was exempt from lawsuits and “judgement proof”! “Get in line, sucker” was his response- hardly the type of thing you’d expect to hear from a poor, grieving father.

As people show up on the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page for the first time spewing forth hatred and disgust that we could be so “disrespectful to the families” and “wishing something like this happens to you”, I would encourage everyone to dig a little deeper. The reason most of the new people are here is because they have heard that Dr James Tracy has been fired due to his attack against the poor grieving family.


Dr Tracy was issued a DMCA copyright complaint against an image of Noah Pozner that was used on his blog. It was the same image that had been used repeatedly by major news networks throughout the world after Sandy Hook and then again after a school shooting in PAKISTAN !

Dr Tracy then agreed, as a courtesy, to remove the image, but also filed a counterclaim asking for proof of copyright ownership, proof that he is indeed the father (remember- “Lenny” is an alias ! His real name is still a mystery. He goes by Lenny, Leonard, Eliezer, Len P Osner, and he told me that his given name is Leonid!) and a dated, time stamped copy of the original image.

Lenny was incapable of providing such things and so, after 30 days, the DMCA complaint expired. Tracy could have legally re-posted the image to his blog, but he didn’t. Instead, Lenny decided to attack Tracy through the media. His termination, despite all of the media hype, is for a technicality that has nothing to do with his views on Sandy Hook.

Lenny Pozner could have easily proven that he had the rights if this were true. Lenny has certainly displayed a competency (or incompetency) regarding DMCA complaints. He has filed THOUSANDS of copyright complaints on YouTube against anyone investigating Sandy Hook. Most are overturned, but not until the video is first removed and a counterclaim is filed.

Many people don’t want to file a counterclaim because in order to do so, one must provide their actual name and address, which opens you up to further stalking and harassment from Lenny and his clan.

If Lenny were a poor grieving father, would he attempt to dispel any suspicions by posting an obviously altered death certificate? It’s not as if it’s slightly altered, it is an obvious fakery!!


If the Pozners feel as though they have been harassed, why is it that they have brought no legal action against these supposed provocateurs ?

Take a look at these websites that actually taunt and harass people (here, here, here, and here):

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.50.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.50.48 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.52.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.53.24 PM


Notice that they all have the “Standing with HONR” seal of approval stamped in the corner. That means that Lenny himself has approved of the harassment.

Then ask yourself, if you were to lose a child in a horrific tragedy, would YOU be so inclined as to engage in an internet battle with people that you don’t even know ?

I spent 30 minutes on the phone today with a detective from my local police force discussing what constitutes “cyber-stalking and harassment”. He explained to me that these people are protected by the 1st Amendment and unless they are contacting me directly in a threatening manner, that they can basically say whatever they want in their blog posts and the State Attorney will claim that they are within their rights.

Although I was disappointed that I could not enlist the help of Law Enforcement to help me with my situation, I also realized that if these idiots could say whatever the hell they wanted to about me on the internet, the Professor Tracy should certainly be afforded the same rights on his Memory Hole Blog.

Here is a continued sampling of the techniques used by Pozner’s online vigilantes plotting actions against Sandy Hook researchers. Such methods  include trolling, stalking, contacting relatives, friends and employers of targeted individuals, filing bogus complaints against account holders of social media platforms such as Facebook, even potential physical attacks.















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  1. Pozner is just another despicable piece of trash. Throw him in the heap with the others. A massive counter offensive is in order and this article is a good first step.

    1. Here is the way to provide for the ammo required by the “massive counter offensive” you ask for:

      Please Donate & Help Sandy Hook Justice

      Mail checks or money orders to: SANDY HOOK JUSTICE, 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, FL 32776

      Thank you!

  2. Thanks for what you’re doing, Tony Mead.

    It’s unconscionable that you have been targeted like this. It’s gangstalking. They are despicable people, and I grieve with you.

    1. It is “gang stalking”, and these people are just one local criminal harassment network that is networked into thousands of stalking groups across the country. Only the government has the money to operate a system this extensive and active 24/7, day and night, and coast to coast.

      1. The government and its whores are behind these false flags. Look how many puppets the government has made in its behalf. I even know governors who have sold their souls in hopes of getting nice positions with the government in future administrations. How sick/sad is this?

      2. Don’t just think it is being paid for just by OUR tax dollars now. We know that the feds recently hired roughly 40,000 “tech-savvy” stalkers (who probably fantasize they are members of Anonymous), but they have just recruited thousands more in Great Britain. [Trusted source]. Look for the number 77 in some of their fake names.

        BTW —don’t be fooled into thinking that most of these paid cretins are male. I would hazard a guess that about 60-70% of them are female.
        Why? Women can be more vicious than any man ever could be.

        [Also, each is given a “specialty”; i.e. SH, Boston, San Bernadino, Zionism, 9/11, etc. However, 9/11 is too important for shills and they are just involved at a sub-level. They have already infiltrated with disinfo agents LONG AGO.

        1.) Sandy Hook — consider this one a “Fast & Furious” campaign from the start! They had a two-year head start on the internet and alt.media, bloggers and video makers.

        There are state and fed shills on this one. Actually, the state shills are trying to protect Dannel Malloy. In case you aren’t aware, Dannel Malloy is totally illiterate. He claims he has “dyslexia” but this is a cover. He has admitted that “he CANNOT write”. He did not learn to tie his shoes until 5th grade. As a former special education teacher of two decades, I can say without too much hesitation that: his reading ability would be remedial (at best), he cannot write, his gross-motor coordination would be very poor. This isn’t dyslexia (IMO), but a neurological problem. Either way, his claims of a college degree, law degree and passing the bar? This is completely ludicrous. Would you hire a lawyer who can’t write a simple brief? Who couldn’t comprehend a written contract? You can believe what the “Malloy camp” might say, but I stand by my opinion on this one.

        He also has a son, Ben, who is a two-time felon. His first crime was armed robbery where he received a $2,500 bail and eventually was given probation. [It was armed robbery, but pled down to armed burglary]. His second crime has been written as 1.) felon in possession of a firearm and/or 2.) possession of a large amount of drugs [enough to warrant a trafficking charge]. It depends where you look. Either way, he received special favors and was given more probation.

        I write this to say that Dannel Malloy is severely compromised and easily influenced. He doesn’t even know what he is signing and must “trust” all his personal aides to read items for him, I would imagine.

        Regardless, there are many more shills hired for Sandy Hook because this was the most expensive CAPSTONE Drill “whole-community” event ever done and I would put the cost [federal tax payer dollars …after counting all the fraud money to every single police and “first responder” agency within 250 miles”, etc. ..seriously, I believe middle two-digit billions].

        Here are some important things to consider when you encounter a screen name you know is a shill (there are no more “trolls”).

        1.) Never engage with them. Their purpose is to FILL UP a thread with so many comments that most people wouldn’t want to read that many. You can’t “reason” or “argue” with them.

        2.) Tag teaming tactic: As I said, their object is to bombard a thread.
        This tactic just has TWO shills arguing with each other to fill up a thread.
        Sometimes it is one shill who just switches screen names to argue with “herself”.

        3.) They have the ability to “ghost” themselves and remove their comments so if you were “talking” with them it will appear later that you were just “talking to yourself”. In other words, they may be writing threatening and offensive things to you as a poster, but they can remove their own comments.

        4.) They tamper with “views” on truther videos to make it appear that not that many people have watched it. They can manipulate just about anything, from views to likes & dislikes.


        1. For years, and still at it, is one shill going by the name of Jay Reynolds. He pops up like a dandelion every time chemtrails are mentioned, no matter where. I have seen him in the most obscure local publications. He should be ready for a government pension soon. Many tried to make fun of him and it was like pouring water on a duck.


          ~Metabunk.org Also owned by Mick West – this site is a watering hole for “trolls” with a mission to convince a naive audience that aircraft chemtrails are normal “contrails”. Mick’s most prominent ally goes by the name “Jay Reynolds” who appears to have a science background but uses his knowledge like a tobacco lawyer to convince the judge that cigarettes are harmless. (ie: R.”J. Reynolds” tobacco).~

          In the link above is a segment on James Tracy featured in a good light with a link to:

        2. Great article, and very enlightening. I’m familiar with these players; I came across West’s metabunk.com when I first got interested in chemtrails, then when I was reading Miles Mathis (metabunk HATES him!).

          I had never considered the Reynolds family’s involvement. Years (and years) ago, I was acquainted with a Reynolds (Patrick), since I was dating a good friend of his, Dennis Linkletter. They were also pals with (if I remember right) Merv Griffin’s son and the Van Patton boys. Interesting times…

          Anyway, just an interesting tidbit I thought I’d share.

        3. Regrading all infiltrators, whether cyber or in real life, my experience is that most of the time they should be avoided for the reasons that you state. However, all shills/trolls/informants, etc., eventually expose themselves as such. At the right time one should go for the jugular and expose them to the light of day.

  3. I’m just finding out about Posner and his fake son’s death. Better late than never. Reminds me of the Predident’s fake Hawaii birth certificate. So can this Posner guy produce his “son’s” birth certificate? And what does he claim to do for a living that he has so much time to go after people on the internet? He is delusional to think he can control millions of people and their diverse thoughts and opinions on the internet lol unless he knows that but Uncle Sam pays him to so he just goes along with it, himself not believing in his “work.” Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.

    1. You placed this comment with the wrong article. It goes better with the article on Kevin Barrett’s new book on Paris and San Bernardino and his zealous quest for the “Zionist connection.” There were fake parents at Sandy Hook but not fake Jews, just corrupt and naughty ones. To cut to the chase, some consider Jesus a fake Jew but even he would have been horrified to see himself deified as it’s against “no graven images, etc.”

      1. No. Actually he is right on the money to state that it is joos. Because if you shake the tree eventually you find them. And, I do not mean sometimes. I mean always. This is a gov op and who controls the gov. Thats right the joos Giving their orders to carry this garbage out.
        And it ludicrous not to admit that fact.

  4. There is a lot Lenny Pozner (or Leonard Osman or Leonid Pozner) isn’t talking about regarding Noah and his twin sister, Arielle who is “conveniently” left out of most conversations as well as their supposed older child, Sophia.


    Here is the hyperlink so you can read Lenny’s facts as he sets the record straight.
    How many people know that Noah’s supposed twin sister, Arielle was one of the sardines in the 3 x 4 x 9 toilet (with the door that opens INTO the room) with “hero teacher” (?) Kaitlyn Roig.? (Oh, and don’t forget that with the door opening inward she then would have squished a lot of kids (none *behind the door) to reach out bravely and put a bookcase on the outside of the door. A door that opens to the inside?

    That’s one of her fictional mistakes. She cannot let anyone know (unless if they investigate and look at crime scene photos of all the door knobs, etc) that the door opens to the inside: 1.) it makes the squishing of the kids even more difficult; 2.) the book case to the outside of the door is idiotic and irrational; 3.) pulled the bookcase inside where it could really be a barricade? Come on. You can’t fit K or first grader (15?) plus herself into that little toilet. She even says she wouldn’t use it herself because it was so small.
    How long were they in there did she say? 20, 30 minutes? Those kids would be hyperventilating, crying, screaming …to be let OUT.

    Arielle certainly would be a crucial witness to Ms. Roig’s bravery, wouldn’t she? I never read that fictional trash she wrote, but since Mr. Pozner admits that Arielle Pozner was in that bathroom, does Roig claim that history in her book?

    Onto Mr Pozner directly: I come from a generational heredity of twins. My sister has twins, my mom was a twin, her older brother and sister were twins and I have two first cousins with twins. Where are the pictures of Noah and Arielle?? How about pictures of the three kids besides the planned photo op one in this piece? Twins are INSEPARABLE and are photographed together from infancy through toddler age, etc.

    Show me one picture of Venny pregnant with her twins. ONE! How about an elated mom Venny post-delivery cuddling her twins with proud papa. There should be at least ten of them. Please, an extended Jewish family and not one of them at the hospital to celebrate a special birth? Or even at the home?

    I don’t buy it. That’s my opinion based on my own personal experiences. Everyone else is entitled to their own.

  5. oh, oh, not only is Obama weeping over the poor children, but today he said the secret service was weeping as well. They are putting a lot of resources in covering up Sandy Hook.

    1. I heard they have developed microwave devices that can cause a target to experience a diverse range of emotions. So, was one of these dialed up to the “grief” range and aimed at Obummers head, causing him to cry ?

  6. Screen Name: Matteo Melo

    “For gags and giggles ..I reported these 3” Then he lists three hyperlinks.

    For the uninformed, this cretin is BRITISH or from a country that heavily uses BRITISH expressions; i.e. Australia.

    My husband is from GB, and this is NOT an American expression at all, but used from those who are either GB or that area or heavily influenced by British slang.

    Along with the over 40,000 and more paid “tech-savvy” shills that our federal government has unleashed onto the Internet [these are just ADDITIONAL fun-loving stalker and harassment pros].

    Can’t name source, but a large group of British cretins and trolls were formed recently to join in with this PSY-OP. I am also sure there are other countries as well. Money is money, just like paid mercenary [killer] groups like Kraft/Craft International (founded by deceased Chris Kyle), use violence and murder, these cretins use their tech-savvy skills (helped along with government resources) to do their dirty work,

    They are helped, aided and abetted, by the lax amount of legal ramifications of doing so (unless you have the feds helping you along such as the hit groups mentioned here) and non-existent laws to define harassment.

  7. They are running for their lives now. Obama’s townhall on guns was the Delphi Technique in all it’s glory. Another staged and scripted event on gun control. He has been reinforcing Sandy Hoax with tears while the governments, tax dollar paid gangstalkers have been pounding the turf to quiet the truth.

    This Rabbinical to Holy See operation only confirms the organized efforts to transform the world to a new order. One can see it all in images passing through Denver International Airport. When they decide to use the IRS, Justice and other corrupt agencies to target truthers, we will know how well we are doing. I lhave really enjoyed the DAVID WHEELER expose’ by Barry Soetoro. I’d like to see him in court and under oath.

    1. I have loved seeing “Barry” expose the David Wheeler sham! He’s got the goods on the Sloppy Sniper guy, walking around with guns he doesn’t even know how to handle. I also saw a comment left on that video that said the Obama gun speech from Tuesday with him blubbering like a little girl was filmed twice in order to get the best crying effect possible. He left a link to another YT video that revealed this, but by the time I clicked on it, it had been already taken down by YT. I sure would like to see it.

  8. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

    In their December (Florida) Sun-Sentinel op/ed, Lenny and Veronique Pozner claim that James Tracy had harassed them with a registered letter demanding proof that their alleged son, Noah, had ever lived. That’s a lie. But the Pozners succeeded in their objective when, mere days later, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) moved to fire Tracy, a tenured professor.

    Since then, the Pozner’s lie has been repeated in countless media reports and vicious comments by readers of those articles. An expert on tenure and academic freedom interviewed by NBC even said on camera that FAU’s termination of Tracy’s employment is justified by Tracy’s (alleged) “harassment” of the Pozners, which trumps tenure and First Amendment right of free speech.

    This important post by Tony Mead demonstrates that it is Lenny (not his real name) Pozner and his cronies who have been doing the harassing, character assassination, and other malevolent machinations. My blog, Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM), is one of the WordPress blogs targeted by Lenny, who was successful at getting WordPress unilaterally to take down images of Noah over which Lenny claims — but has not proved — copyright. WordPress even threatened to shut down FOTM if we ever post images of Noah again. I also know of at least one blogger, a college kid Timothy Hunter, whom Lenny successfully hounded and, as a result, is no longer blogging. Curiously, while he relentlessly goes after YouTubers and bloggers for supposed copyright infringement, Lenny continues to be incurious about how and why an image of Noah was included among the posters of those massacred at the Army Public School in Deshawar, Pakistan, on Dec. 16, 2014.

    Mr. Mead also raises an important and most fascinating question: Just who/what is bankrolling Lenny and his HONR Network?

    This post by Mr. Mead deserves to be widely disseminated. Please help the cause of truth by spreading this post via email and on social media.

      1. There are rumors that he has hinted that he gossiped more than once that he “can’t be touched legally”; which could be referring to Venny’s status as being diplomatic immunity? Whether he’s a dual citizen with Israel? I have no idea as I was under the assumption that he was born in Russia [however, this doesn’t mean he isn’t a dual citizen with Israel].

        I’m tired of all this professional “martyrs”; or shall I have the dozen or so “hand-picked” chosen few who now major money being professional lobbyists. What gave Francine Wheeler the right to give the Presidential Address?
        QUESTION: Does anyone know if any of this grieving martyrs still live in Newtown or the surrounding area? Many have just dropped off the face of the earch somehow.

        Didn’t many of them bury their “children” there and then just up and left their graves to be tended to by strangers?

    1. GOT MOTIVE?

      Project Longevity was announced by AG Holder and Governor Malloy on November 27, 2012, a few weeks before the Sandy Hook event. It clearly establishes a joint state and federal, multi-agency task force with the mandate to stop gun violence nationwide. It also anticipates the widespread commandeering of private citizens. Read the press release, and ask yourself the question, how far would they go to mislead the public to justify their ends?


  9. Just for the record, I asked Lenny if he would take a polygraph which I agreed to pay for in his home state of Florida as well as airfare to get there, at first he agreed then stated ” I don’t like to fly” whereupon he was asked by me ” then how did you get to that place in Jamaica 6 months after Noah was ” shot” sipping on that margarita, which you posted on your Google + page?” His reply was ” I flew there”, to which I replied ” I thought you said you did not like flying”. ” So you fly to a margarita sipp’n location but not an hour away to sit for a polygraph, Lenny, you are lying about Noah”.

  10. We are at war. A war we were all born into without our knowledge or consent. Most are not even aware the war exists. But it is very real, and we are all affected by it… whether one chooses to participate in it or even acknowledge it.

    Sandy Hook was a major offensive by our enemies. ‘Gun Control’ seems to be THE issue on which Obama’s administration will be judged. I will assume that he has major incentives/disincentives for accomplishing this objective. Hence they will/must defend SHS. And therefor why they will go ‘all out’ in 2016 to accomplish it. They will NEVER admit fault or confess the truth. Deception, fraud, harassment, threat, stalking, blackmail, bribe are the tools of their trade. All hallmarks and traits of the real criminals in our society.

    So thank you Toni, Jim (Tracy), James (Fetzer), Eowyn, Wolfgang for fighting on the front lines. And all the other genuine warriors and truth seekers/tellers who wrestle against the wickedness of our time.

    I choose to join you on the front lines of this war.

    1. I think that those who underestimate the power involved here, ascribing it to some “cult” are in for a surprise. If there is truly a desire to disarm Americans, making an end run around the Second Amendment without due process of law, through edicts and such, then let it all come out. Because ruling by sensationalism is bad government. It is what the Soviets perfected, and not what I can stand my country to come to.

      The latest most likely ridiculous stunt, is the shooting of a policeman “for ISIS” as though Americans are running around controlled by this group of terrorists which were created by our own war against Syria. What kind of absurdity is that? But hasn’t the Rubicon been crossed more than once already? In fact it is seems to have had a bridge put in wide enough for any number of mercenaries to march over six abreast.

      The authorization to disarm Americans would come out of the fear that ISIS is already here, among us, directing its minions, which is a load of rubbish.

      1. Coming to a town near you, an ISIS brigade. Screaming blood curdling Islamic chants and waving their knives and guns, they are fearsome looking. Yes, folks, they are in America as we speak. Ready to take your home, your family, your schools away from you. Ready to take over the country, all 16 of them. That’s why, to keep our country strong and you safe, we need to take your weapons.
        Remember. Americans with no guns for protection are safe Americans. The weaker your defenses, the more your blessed and benevolent government will take care of you and keep you from decapitation.

        If you want to keep your heads on your shoulders, remember to turn in your arms and go to your basements and cower……

        A cowering American is a safe American….

        Your President, Barack Obama,

        1. This is incoherent, Gil. You are missing the central point.

          Barry and his underlings keep insisting that there’s no Islam to see here, even when the events are completely obviously expressions of Islamic radicalism. The media assault us with that theme, saturation coverage.

          It does not matter that the government creates these events, and sets it up as an obviously Islamic promotion–when in fact there really WAS no Islam involved. The point is, they ALWAYS say, “no Islam to see here–it was probably some lunatic, gun-nut Christian.”

          Islam is in fact a deadly, evil, enemy–but it is being wielded as a tool in our masters’ hand. But our masters always deny that tool even exists. They ALWAYS intone, “Islam is a religion of peace”; “This was not an act of terrorism.”

          They DO intend to disarm Americans, and they also intend to terrorize Americans with fake Islamic jihad. But their game is to deny that it is the jihad that justifies the disarmament. We are “bigots” to believe that Islam is violent, and something to fear, they always say. That’s the way this promotion works. They give us abundant evidence, and then deny we should see it as evidence.

          The system NEVER makes Islam look bad, officially. They always claim that Moslems would never do such a thing, because their “religion” does not allow it. It is a giant con game.

          Islam is the perfect foil. It REALLY IS a deadly, toxic, evil. Anyone with sense knows it. So the system uses fake Islamic terrorism to terrorize us, and rushes out to assure us all that there’s no Islam to see here, and anyone who says there is is a “bigot.” And then later, when the fake story ends up “proving” that it was Moslems shouting “Allahu akbar!” who did i, we are assured that this is an aberration: Islam is a religion of peace. It works that way every time.

          The point is, the system NEVER blames Islam. Always exonerates it–even when it was set up as the fall guy, and everyone can see the evidence (fake) that Moslems were responsible. The fact that they were shouting “Allahu akbar!” as they slaughtered those people is always said to be irrelevant. Nothing to do with Islam.

          It’s quite a game they are playing.

          Increasingly, Islam is looking like the primary weapon the New World Order is employing as a psychological technique to transform the world.

          In Pakistan and Egypt, Moslems act that way naturally. It’s much harder to generate that kind of behavior over here. So it has to be faked, and the president and his toadies always deny it was anything to do with Islam at all. That way, we know we are being lied to, for sure, but not quite which way.

          the art of the con.

        2. I agree with much of what you write. But there is a problem – always a problem somewhere within your ostensibly great reasoning.

          Talmudism and Kabalism has been used in very similar ways as has Islamism. Just about the same goes for all the isms – “Jewish international banking/bankers, capitalism, globalism, zionism, etc… And let us not refrain from using our magnifying glasses on the infestation of Neocons within the present and several former presidential administrations.

          Yes, Islamism is an indefensible religious belief system. But it has been infiltrated and molded into something today that is even more insidiously evil than what is being served up to us. And what is becoming more clear to me every day is that Islamism is owned and operated by those of, to use E. Michael Jones’ term, the Jewish revolutionary spirit. My religion’s best apologists point to “radical Islam” and the bad guy Obama but never a word about the other hidden factions within the deeper confines of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

          (More and more I see how the Saudis are joined at the hip to Israel and Israelis, and I won’t even go in to what the 29 redacted pages of the 9-11 Commission Report may contain. And just Who is it that is branding supporters of “marriage” as bigots?)

          The Holy Spirit can show us our real enemy and what our weapons should be.

          For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

      2. As soon as I heard about the policeman being shot and they showed the “perp’s” face, there were already sketchy details. 1.) How did he get a stolen gun from another policeman? 2.) How did they get such fantastic surveillance photos? Wow, my husband is British and I remarked that it was like a CCTV camera (which the entire area is completely covered by).

        But when they said, that he ranted and raved that he was doing it “for ISIS”, I almost fell out of my chair. Quick —>>> bring in the “counter-terrorism expert <<<— “Oh there may be 1,000 of these lone wolves and the FBI doesn’t know how to handle the situation, blah, blah”. More fear, instead of just saying, “Where are the witnesses he even said it?” Oh, the police. He could just be mentally ill and said his dog named SAM did it! That was okay and acceptable for Berkowitz.

  11. I don’t understand why Tracy did not address the University in writing within the ten days given OR give them the internal forms they requested. Now they will hang their hat on an administrative, university code which Tracy was certainly subject to. Tracy should have answered AND cite First Amendment issues, but he did not.

    In reference to Pozner I was very glad to see that Tracy sent a Certified Letter and so I thought that Tracy knew what he was doing; it is not too late to fix this, so, for entertainment purposes, here is what I would do:

    Send Lenny a 10 Day Default Letter that on a date certain I requested such and such EVIDENCE by Cert Maill No. xxxx, etc. and received nothing with a copy of first letter as an attached exhibit AND a notarized affidavit of negative avernment in this format:

    “”I do not have any evidence exists and I believe any such evidence exists.”” (should have 20-30 statements…).

    After the 10 days, send a Five Day Notice to Cure and exhibits of what was sent previously AND another certified affidavit. After the five days, send FINAL DEFAULT NOTICE. Photocopy everything (this is now a legal evidence) AND file into the public record with a notarized affidavit that LENNY IS IN COMMON LAW DEFAULT as documents requesting evidence were sent and I was not presented with any evidence.

    File everything on a web page and/or on the internet and/or with the county clerk and/or open a Evidence File In Federal Court. Not only can Tracy use this Common Law Default, but anybody can use it as it is EVIDENCE!

    Contact me if you want FREE help on how to this…

        1. I personally think the university is mad because our wonderful Dr. Tracy is not indoctrinating the students properly.

    1. Well, she has removed this part of the review from the reviews. Must be reading the comments here. Pretty telling it was giving her the opportunity to “reply as Victoria Leigh Soto”. Should have done a screen capture!

  12. Thanks for this article, Tony, and correlating all the hateful stuff said against you and those of us who search for the truth. This proves that THEY are the ones that are stalking and harassing. I have a high suspicion that they are also the ones who ‘harass’ and ‘threaten’ themselves in order to screen print their own comments and then blame it on others.

    What is sad is that we have such a pathetic and corrupt media in this country, who no longer demand proof, who have no clue how to investigate (and even if they did, are much too lazy to do it,) and who write whatever they are told to say. The are supposed to be fourth estate…. the ones who keep the rest of the government in check by reporting back to the people. Now they are just the asswipe of congress. It’s sad what has happened to this once great nation.

  13. Check out this ugliness at People magazine:

    “Family of Sandy Hook Victim Commends Florida Atlantic University for Firing Professor Who Questioned Massacre”

    “We are glad that Florida Atlantic took swift, definitive action against Professor Tracy. There are consequences for such remorseless hostility,” the Pozner family said in a statement to PEOPLE.

    “The First Amendment is not a universal safe harbor for blatant lies and disgusting attacks,” the statement continued.

    “We hope this sends a strong message to other conspiracy theorists that Sandy Hook and other mass shootings actually happened and that many people, including our little boy, Noah, have lost their lives in those shootings.”


    1. Ridiculous statements by the P*sners! “remorseless hostility”? Dr. Tracy, if only your hostility was remorseful, this all could have been avoided!

      I thought a civil suit was the proper way to seek remedy for “blatant lies and disgusting attacks”, but what do I know? One thing’s for certain, this is PROOF that Sandy Hook happened just as reported.


    2. PEOPLE magazine was a fairly decent publication when it first came out; now it is just as horrendously sleazy as any other tabloid.
      Disgusting! I suppose they don’t have any journalistic integrity to contact both sides?

  14. Is that the same Keith Johnson from the ugly truth? If so I figured him out long ago as an infiltrator in the new media with his helper Ajeria. After all their fake debates about Sh. With the American free press Deanna Spingola. Who came from rbn another fake. After Willis Carto died afp went down hill fast and when they pushed Michael Collins Piper out. I gave both sites and everyone there the one finger salute. And haven’t missed them at all. I really dived deep into the sh cover-up.
    And came across the good guys including you Doc Tracy.
    Remember Truth needs no protection… Lies.. well.
    This attack thing is soo typical of the far left liberal/marxists that infect this country. If I were to say what goes behind that message It would be unfair to you. Because you had to endure that system for too many years.
    Keep up the good work.
    We in Arizona

  15. yes there’s a UK group that worked Boston Fraud too

    Lenny Pozner tribe out of NYC
    New York City Shills And Trolls

    1. Boston Marathon Bombing Scam-
      complete w/ lots of Muslim patsies
      Tsarnaev brothers & all
      their friends and family

  16. Google New Jersey’s law on cyber harassment. It passed exactly a year ago and some of this might be considered reaching the threshold.

  17. Maybe someone else has already made this point (behind on my reading again), but I can’t help but notice that, even with all the allegations of Truther misconduct, there’s a considerable lack of any hard evidence (or soft evidence, for that matter).

    Tony, though this is of no practical help, my heart breaks for you and your family; I hate that you (or anyone) is having to endure such torment. If, in fact, Truthers WERE harassing participants (contacting them unsolicited, or family members, employers, friends, clients, etc.), I’d have just as much loathing for it…but other than accusations, no evidence has been produced. It reminds me of the accusations of racial epithets being hurled at black folks at a Tea Party rally; however, to this day no evidence of the allegations has ever been produced…yet the Tea Party is stuck with a reputation for being racist.

    The people like those harassing you, Tony, are everything they accuse us of being: they are obsessed, ghoulish stalkers, slanderous, hate-filled, liars. The hypocracy and outright deceit surrounding this whole debacle is of Biblical proportions. I’m glad there’s a record of it.

    Oh, and btw, “judgment-proof” usually means “broke” or “everything’s owned by the trust”.

    God bless you; you are in my prayers. Stay safe.

    1. Lets get something straight here,
      there are reams of evidence proving that the government (elements controlling the government) are engaged in State Sponsored Terrorism-PERIOD, 9/11/ banking crimes, foreknowledge,
      etc. so lets stop all this bantering about the idea that researchers are terrible people that should be harrassed-wake up Americans and see the elephant in the room

  18. Assuming Sandy Hook was indeed an act of bad-taste theater, this organized harassment of independent researchers and publishers is a fair strategy. The record of the alleged massacre is mostly a collection of highly emotional testimonies. The evidence of a hoax is much more complex to absorb, as it relies on a large number of non-trivial analyses. Therefore, the Master SH conspirators would be foolish to not launch this type of supporting project.

    Besides, the harassers benefit from the protection of the same pulpits who ostensibly had many reasons to expose the fraud but instead affirmed the false narrative and accepted its official cover-up: police unions, mass media, alternative media, churches, gun rights advocates, “hostile” governments, etc. The elusive Master conspirators who successfully coordinate such a loose, worldwide, and diverse coalition of censors are certainly capable of recruiting a nucleus of professional harassers (individuals with an above-average intelligence, a strong empathy deficit, and a basic psychological training) to direct the disruption of independent investigators’ lives until they quit. The same organizations that have lived the SH myth as an indisputable truth will dutifully ignore the harassment, except perhaps to pity the harassers and mock the victims’ complaints.

    The cloud of the SH harassment has a silver lining. Its success is a reminder that leaders who stand in the way of grand conspiracies of obfuscation are setting themselves up against an enemy with much power and few scruples. Hence the suggestion of looking for a conspiracy that would not give the Master conspirators the same opportunity. A conspiracy more obvious than SH, easier to demonstrate, with less raw emotion attached to it, preferably so obvious that people inclined to blindly believe the cover story would instead find it counter-intuitive, or even laughable…


    1. For that secondary, minor and easily refutable conspiracy, I give you Balloon Boy, run for about six hours a few years ago on CNN as though it was real.

        1. They were aided and abetted by a media bent on asking all the wrong questions about the flight (which kept the story going – up in the air as it were), and calling in medical experts instead of those who understood the physics of lifting a 50 lb. weight (the boy) into the air. Why not go with it as long as possible, to titillate the viewers?

  19. Interesting quote from the NY Times article:

    “The Pozners put out a statement to the newspaper, saying that they hoped that Mr. Tracy’s firing ‘sends a strong message to conspiracy theorists that Sandy Hook and other mass shootings actually happened and that many people, including our little boy, Noah, lost their lives in those shootings.'”

    Wait a freakin’ minute; Tracy’s firing is supposed to be proof the shootings happened and Noah died?

    I’m failing to see it as evidence here, but maybe its just me.

    1. Okay, I guess I understand now. Someone says that witches exist. They have a trial in which evidence is presented in the form of grossly hysterical teenaged girls who say that certain people bewitched them. The ones they accuse are tortured (some admitting, some not), and all are executed.

      Because it was a legal proceeding, that proves there are witches.

      You don’t need independent confirmation of anything – then or now. You just need all the procedures to go through with government sanction, and that’s your reality. They make the reality with their arbitrary processes. They have no use of rigorous proof. Only people in the reality based community care about that.

      1. I have been thinking quite a bit about all this.

        There exists in the American mindset a confirmation bias in their thinking that the US government just would not conduct manufactured terror events, but this stuff is right out of Hitler’s playbook so I would say Obama is right on par with good old Adolf.

        Down with Big Brother!

      2. Remember when Eric Holder @University of Chicago talked about NOT affording people DUE PROCESS, but JUDICIAL PROCESS? Your example is the equivalent of his degenerate argument. Especially when we take into account that witness testimony is mostly unreliable as evidence in a trial, since their testimony ISN’T evidence of what they’ve witnessed, but how they’ve been “judicially” and/or “duly processed”. What a joke.

    2. Annie, it’s not just you, Lenny and Company specialize in circular reasoning. For all the statements and articles these people tirelessly release to the public, you would think they could come up with Noah’s legitimate death certificate.

    3. It wasn’t really the Pozner’s who had the power to supposedly verbally indict and fan the flames in this witch hunt against Professor Tracy. It was the hidden powers behind them; though, they were willing sleazes to do it. Good old Lenny & Venny, or a Hollywood love match, I call them LenVen [even though they were separated at the time of the “event” and are now divorced].

      I’m sure most people know Venny {Haller] Pozner is a Swiss national who worked as a diplomat in the Swiss embassy? She most likely has diplomatic immunity. Haller is her maiden name. Who is the father of her two older children and where they live? Who cares for Noah’s twin sister, Ariel and older sister, Sophia? I know Len lives in Florida (he flew there after sitting shiva and never attended his son’s burial), but I’ve heard that Ven lives there now, too.

      I was debating earlier that Professor Tracy when he sues might have a treasure trove of evidence against the Pozner’s due to discovery; however, according to university it was supposedly his lack of filling out all those necessary forms that he had his personal web page and did not adequately state that they were not the views of his employer.
      In other words, the Pozner’s may be the puppets who raised the stink, but if the university falls back on the official reason; i.e. missing paperwork, etc. that wouldn’t bring the Pozner’s in as being part of the lawsuit, as much as I wish it could be. [I sure hope I’m wrong in this regard so justice against them would be served].

      1. There have been postulates that Noah Pozner was a construct victim likely created from older pictures of another boy. Tim Hunter had some excellent analytical work to support that possibility and made youtube videos references pictures of Noah appearing to be chronologically inconsistent with his age portrayal. Tim Hunter’s videos seem to have all been purged.

        One element of consideration to support that theory are the absence of any contemporary video of Noah’s twin sister with Veronique , or anyone else, at the funeral or elsewhere.

        Veronique is also photographed with an unknown black woman at the funeral and that same woman was seated with Obama at the Newtown memorial service ? Who is this woman and what is her relationship to Obama and the Pozners?


        1. The demand by Professor Tracy, in response to the copyright challenge by Lenny, for substantive evidence that Noah Pozner was real was a critical piece of evidence. If in fact this one element of Sandy Hook could be proven a fake then the entire house of cards could come tumbling down. Hence the obvious reason behind the disproportionate response from the Pozners in feigning indignation and demanding Tracy’s termination.

    4. Annie Oakley, its not LOGIC nor EVIDENCE, its TERRORISM. Sending “a strong message to conspiracy theorists” is code for “deterring dissent” for the official account. In other words: if you challenge the STATE, this’ll happen to you, so FEAR US!! Yes, the definition of terrorism. Facts cannot get in the way of the AGENDA.

  20. The drill of December 13, 2012, which went live, as intended, on December 14, 2012, was a federal event which – surprise, surprise – had to be approved by the President of the United States, and it was orchestrated by the Attorney-General of the United States at the time, Eric “Fast-and-Furious” Holder (among other claims to fame). To watch those very, very dark tears reminded me of those tell-tale bags of phony blood we have seen in other false flags. Obama may have only one year left, but he intends to make the most of it. A little narrow sack made of vegetable matter (developed by make-up artists) was inserted under the lower eyelid, then it was squeezed on cue. It had to contain a substance which was especially photogenic, to work well on camera and then be reproduced in the stills which followed. It even fooled Donald Trump.

    1. Cheryl –I too am 100% convinced Sandy Hook was a two-day event, December 13th and 14th. There is a good deal of evidence that points to this.

  21. Unfortunately, the events that occurred in Sandy Hook and San Bernadino are very similar. There’s currently a huge DOJ offensive on the Mexican drug cartels in San Bernadino, and it appears that two innocent Muslims were caught in the cross-fire of police shooting wildly. In regards to Sandy Hook, it was a drug sting in the parking lot of the Sandy Hook elementary school that went very awry . The gang known as the Latin Kings had been openly operating in the area for some time. You can’t go on TV and report that police shot wildly and are killing dozens of little children or unarmed citizens. You HAVE to cover it up. Ever wonder why the CNN monstrosity known as Anderson Cooper has so many bodyguards?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aZA8dww_Fo

    1. That’s a ridiculous theory. The evidence of this being planned years in advance is overwhelming. Why would DHS have preparedness drills in the Sandy Hook VOLUNTEER Fire Department in 2010 ?
      This was obviously a drill in the making since 2010 if not before !! Look at all this


      Halstead and Maureen Will – notice the date


      Smart 911 – Oct 2012

      Dress rehearsal ? Hurricane ??!!??


      They do more Hurricane Planning in CT than we do in FL !! Bill Halstead:


      Do you think it was coincidence that this “Planning for the needs of children in Disasters” drill was conducted on 12/14/2012 ?


      Here is the FEMA Document which details the actual drill held at Sandy Hook- notice at the bottom of page 14 that it says “To be performed as a real time event on 13/13/12 and presented as a real time event on 12/14/12”. If you click on ‘file’, ‘properties’, you will see that this document was created on 10/08/12.


    2. At Sandy Hook/Newtown, the only “drug raid” gone right was “Operation Juice Box” where eight cops and one police dispatcher were caught smuggling and distributing steroids, narcotics, money laundering and fraud about two years after the other fraud.

      As for SB, I haven’t studied the evidence as much as I would normally would, but two innocent Muslims is the only thing I might agree with. [Innocent, yes; however, there is evidence the bodies were dummies as well.] A police shoot-out with the Latin Kings drug cartel? I think perhaps the re-capture of “El Chapo”, one of big drug cartel leaders may have been your inspiration for this?
      Only why we’re on the subject, I’m shaking my head at how quickly the Mexican government is willing to extradite him. Even the U.S. propaganda talking heads had to say that this is always a “political move”.

  22. Tony, sorry to hear about the harassment. These people are unbelievable. I still wonder at what point they cross the line into slander and/or damaging you financially.

    I understand 1st Amendment rights and support them. What they are doing is more than simply stating their alleged opinions. Obviously, they are making a mockery of free speech and “honor”.

    The double standard is obvious. The appeal to emotion runs through the whole thing. As you say, the “grieving father” has turned this into an industry. Don’t forget, the drill’s not over. “Lenny” is part of the cover up. I’m sure they’re assessing how effective their attacks have been.

    1. To add to what you’ve said, lophatt: these people are cult members of the Church of Sandy Hook – like all cults, they’re run/controlled by secret societies we NOW call INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Brushing up on our understanding of the nature of cults MIGHT help us stem the tide against this level of attack, as these cult members have NO SHAME, NO MORALITY, nothing human that’d prevent them from resorting to ANYTHING to achieve their goals…similar to Alinsky radicals, they’re serving a HIGHER CALLING. Complete Psychopathy, narcissism…the usual for these types.

  23. Ok,
    20 dead kids. That would mean at least 40 alive parents give or take a few. Counting divorces that number would go up to maybe 55 combined family members affected.

    This doesn’t even include Aunts/Uncles and step Brothers/Sisters. 100 or so now?

    This also doesn’t even include the 6 adults and their combined families.
    So, How many Grieving “Parents” did we see paraded around? 8 or 10 out of a possibly 50 to 55 parents?

    I’ve always wondered why no one has ever mentioned this. And, what are the odds that the family members who did come out for gun control were All Actors? Every one of them…

  24. My impression after reading(besides disgust after seeing this blatant evil) is that we’re dealing with a cult…run as a CIA operation – much in the same way as Scientology(L. Ron Hubbard, known OSS PSYOPS), Jim Jones, The Friends of the Gate religion of the 1990’s, pretty much every cult in human history has been run as the foot soldiers of a secret order(which BTW the CIA IS A SECRET SOCIETY). We MUST for the sake of OUR OWN HUMANITY understand this fundamental fact. The simple fact(as I put on my CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960 Conspiracy hat) that what we call “The World” is in fact run by secret societies with secret, occult agendas is key to knowing why NO POLICE DEPARTMENT with ever do anything fundamental to arrest this behavior without putting themselves in jeopardy. That’s how controlled all society is.

  25. This is pretty classic! After just having been trolled by a “Daphne” who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re, this post resonates with me. “Her” threats came as a byproduct of my supporting Kevin Ryan’s articulate exercise of free speech on his WordPress blog Dig Within.

    I eased my mind a bit knowing that high-school-dropout “Daphne” would probably be too much of a bungler to follow up on “her” veiled threats against my safety.

    Which just reminds me that that which Dr. Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig (and others) have gone through is largely unimaginable for people who have never taken a stand for anything.

    It’s real easy to be in the rear guard, but Dr. Tracy has been bold and logical. Those who stalk and insult him wouldn’t know Jeanne d’Arc from Giordano Bruno (nor why I chose to end this post with that allusion). May the torches of ignorance by quenched by a sudden feeling of shame.


    1. These false flag deceivers are NOT dropouts. They are trained Israeli and Russian spies and activists for the implementation of Communism in America. They are quite busy trying to incite violence against the farmers in Oregon at present. Read the comment sections at the online Grist website/Oregon standoff. 98% Communist activists demanding arrest and murders of farmers speaking out. The Communists opposing the Americans are drumming up hatred by baiting minorities, particularly Natives to provoke a confrontation so there will be an excuse for bloodshed, arrests, murders and subsequent taking of arms, freedom to assemble and freedom of speech. One of the commie commenters on the forum”a what the crazy ranchers want in Oregon standoff” who was “posing” as a Native to minorities online while spewing Communist propaganda, admitted to another poster she was from The Ukraine. She tries to appear to be a Native by using the handle “Dream Weaver Dory” and works trying to agitate Natives and other “minorities” to a frenzy against our fellow Americans who are protesting soviet style land and water confiscation happening there, right now. When you see these hateful people and what appears to be poor grammar, it is not. They are NOT Americans!!!!!!!

      1. I figured as much (to a certain extent). You can tell a lot about “a person” by the “philosophical” position they are taking. My grammar and spelling is not perfect. Sometimes I get in a rush. It is carelessness. Sometimes I genuinely don’t know the proper grammar for a particular situation.

        I would, however, remind patriots and freethinkers about a linguistic anecdote from WWII. According to Charles Berlitz, the Dutch resistance would weed out German infiltrators by having them pronounce the number 888 in Dutch. The result (acht honderd acht en tachtig) was apparently too difficult for the various Nazis to navigate.

        I think it’s worth applying a bit of that moral to the woeful trolls among us. Thank you for your comment! It was a good one!!


  26. I commented the following on 1-8, but it never appeared. I apologize for any redundancy.

    Assuming Sandy Hook was indeed an act of bad-taste theater, this organized harassment of independent researchers and publishers is a fair strategy. The record of the alleged massacre is mostly a collection of highly emotional testimonies. The evidence of a hoax is much more complex to absorb, as it relies on a large number of non-trivial analyses. Therefore, the Master SH conspirators would be foolish to not launch this type of supporting project.

    Besides, the harassers benefit from the protection of the same pulpits who ostensibly had many reasons to expose the fraud but instead affirmed the false narrative and accepted its official cover-up: police unions, mass media, alternative media, churches, gun rights advocates, “hostile” governments, etc. The elusive Master conspirators who successfully coordinate such a loose, worldwide, and diverse coalition of censors are certainly capable of recruiting a nucleus of professional harassers (individuals with an above-average intelligence, a strong empathy deficit, and a basic psychological training) to direct the disruption of independent investigators’ lives until they quit. The same organizations that have lived the SH myth as an indisputable truth will dutifully ignore the harassment, except perhaps to pity the harassers and mock the victims’ complaints.

    The cloud of the SH harassment has a silver lining. Its success is a reminder that leaders who stand in the way of grand conspiracies of obfuscation are setting themselves up against an enemy with much power and few scruples. Hence the suggestion of looking for a conspiracy that would not give the Master conspirators the same opportunity. A conspiracy more obvious than SH, easier to demonstrate, with less raw emotion attached to it, preferably so obvious that people inclined to blindly believe the cover story would instead find it counter-intuitive, or even laughable…


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