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The past year eopolitical tension and uncertainty, economic boom and calamity, deconstructing Rebekah Roth, sanctioned and unauthorized analyses of the Sandy Hook event, more manufactured terror …

Several weeks have gone by since the last ‘Free Form Friday,’ so here is yet another opportunity to discuss and perhaps spar on the realities so central to our lives that corporate media build up, obscure, or overlook entirely.

Best wishes for 2016, the utmost thanks for your recent personal communications, and for your continued participation and support.-JFT

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423 thought on “Happy New Year!! / Free Form Friday”
    1. The Google search video, while meant as a “feel good” piece, actually sent a little chill down my spine. Most of what people searched for seemed to be either dreck or vigils of some sort; very little of much substance was on the list.

      It also struck me how easily information can be hijacked. Though I know Wikipedia has long been sneered upon as legitimate source material, in another 5 years, I bet I will be the last word on Truth.

      Idiocracy, here we come!

      1. For some reason it reminds me of that Coke commercial about “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” – not just vacuous but harmful.

        1. You guys, what’s the matter? You don’t accept Caitlyn Jenner as your spokesmodel for “what it’s all about?”

        2. What fascinates me about that is not just that poor Bruce Jenner is an obviously severely mentally ill person who should be pitied and helped, but is actually encouraged to enact his delusion–but the over-the-top cultural response to his delusional acting out.

          A man can think he’s a woman, just as a man can think he’s Napoleon Bonaparte. But when everyone around him instinctively reacts like it is a tremendous act of courage to become a drag queen (and possibly a eunuch), suddenly the real insanity becomes culture wide. I like Woody Allen on this:

          [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ced-feXjNXI&w=560&h=315%5D

          This post-Western civilization evidently needs the eggs.

          The universal instinct to call this sad, pathetic, sick person “she” not only is not helping him, it is revealing a truly desperate sickness this culture is developing. It’s going to get worse.

          Mark Steyn wrote a fantastic article yesterday, about the invasion of Europe by an army of young unassimilable military aged males from an alien world–and the natives are so culturally empty that they feel sorry for the invading hoards. Even after being raped by them: http://www.steynonline.com/7393/societal-stockholm-syndrome

          Mark, like me, sees how the two things are part of the same dilemma.

          Things are only going to get worse. And more unbelievably weird. And rational people are going to find themselves ever more alien in their own countries. The lunatics will not only run the asylum, the rational will be considered insane. Just wait.

          Maybe we don’t have to wait. Donald Trump, it was reported yesterday, might be banned from visiting Britain for making the obvious observation that the UK has a massive Moslem problem. Islam has almost destroyed that country, but the destroyers have so much power over the collective mind of that formerly green and pleasant land that they rule the thought life of the native people to the extent that the probable next president of the US can be sanctioned by them. And any Briton who objects will be shamed as a “racist.”

          Orwell could not have been any more pleased with his predictive powers (although I bet He’d wished he was wrong, had he lived to see it all fulfilled).

        3. Patrick,
          I really liked the Brendan O’Neill essay that Steyn discussed in the column you linked to, especially about Smith College as I once knew one of its famous lesbian alumni.

          Both Steyn and O’Neill talk about scariest thing which is the authoritarian nature of the transgender campaign for total acceptance, which Jenner soft pedals as appeals for people to “get past the things you don’t always understand” but which Steyn sums up in an appropriately Orwellian reference: a stiletto heel stamping on a human face, forever.

          It’s another example of using politically correct language to police opinion about an issue.

        4. The gender issue we face today, at least in part, is the fruit of the labor of the social psychologists of the Frankfurt School era. We were warned about the evil minds who envisioned the day when conditions could be “scientifically” created in which school children could be convinced that “snow is black” but too many of us didn’t listen. We wanted to “have it all”: sexual liberty, freedom from having to rear and educate our own children, an imported auto or two in an oversized garage, and annual vacations. That’s the dream we were fed, and too many of us were all to willing to play along. And now, here we are: our kids don’t know the difference between boys and girls.

          But there IS another angle to this, I think; this one just plain science-y (not “social science-y”): Our environment has been manipulated in every way possible: genetically-modified foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, industrial waste, street drugs, and God knows what else. Who knows what effect that’s having on us? Girls are starting their menses at 9, 10, 11 years old; boys are less masculine, everybody is fat. Hormones are out of whack. Unintended consequences of a post-industrial society, or perhaps these consequences were INTENDED?

          (Thumb-typing…must take a break.)

        5. Recynd,
          Thank you for reminding me about the impact on sexuality, especially among children, from the pharmacological/chemical detritus in the environment. I think you are right on. You bring up an issue that is not addressed in most discussions about transgenderism. Certainly not in the PBS program I linked to.

          God knows what other effects these chemical agents are having on the population. As if we’re all just here to be experimented upon.

        6. Orwell didn’t predict a damned thing, he was a Freemason who was privy to the long term plans in the works already, so many years ago. He was told what was going to happen. He didn’t care one way or another what these creatures did to the people of the world, he was protected by his membership in the club.

        7. Possum, thanks for linking this article. I did read Dr. McHugh’s commentary in the Wall Street Journal. He makes eminent sense of the transgender issue. You can’t change sexes.

          I think the most important thing he talks about are the studies that show that 70% to 89% of children who expressed transgender feelings “spontaneously lost those feelings.” It’s most disturbing when you think about those kids that are undergoing medical intervention to delay puberty while they “figure it out,” and then go on to suppress secondary sex characteristics, and finally the whole “gender reassignment surgery” thing.

          These are kids who will never feel the full range of their own sexuality. It makes me sad to think of the sense of loss they will feel when they’re older for the “gendered” part of the self that they jettisoned.

          The meme that gender is self-identified and needs medical intervention, in particular with children, is being pushed by PBS in their “hard-hitting journalism” series, Frontline.

          Frontline acts as if Dr. McHugh doesn’t exist.


          Here’s a couple trailers:



        8. Toni, yes. I see this as another example of cheapening human life. They approach this as though we’re all a collection of assorted parts. If you got a “bum deal”, no problem. They can add or subtract as you wish.

          That is not what makes a man or woman. Looking to “science” to undo whatever God provided may well be the ultimate arrogance. The state can “correct” anything that displeases you. One should never have to deal with adversity. That’s what the authorities and experts are for.

        9. It should remind you of that Coke commercial. One of the clips is the last scene of Mad Men.

          Spoiler Alert for Mad Men

          In that scene, Don Draper is sitting on a hillside at a new age retreat in California. Within the narrative of Mad Men, this becomes the inspiration for him to go back to New York and create that very Coke ad.

        10. Just intuition – I have never followed Mad Men. I have to credit Maestro for picking up on it.

        11. Brought to you by “Up With People”, fresh from their Sandy Hook tour. Or was it that Superbowl? Isn’t “capitalism” great? The USSR didn’t have a singing politburo.

    2. Fascinating commercial on many levels. Google not only collects data on everyone, but they also frame that data to support their political mission.

      We are supposed to be left with the impression that normal, everyday people are googling the things listed in that ad. It’s a more than subtle suggestion that we should be thinking along the same lines if we are to be considered “normal.”

      In fact, there is nothing remotely scientific about this Google presentation. They could have just as easily built a commercial around “Sandy Hook wasn’t real” or “Bush did 911” searches.

        1. And there, above, is my missing post. I’m suspecting that certain posts are triggered into moderation. It used to tell us. Is that what’s happening here, or something else?

        2. Your post is no doubt residing happily in Utah. Maybe the NSA needs a lost and found department.

  1. Happy New Year my MHB friends; if the previous year was any indication, and with the election year looming, we’re looking at another “interesting” year ahead. Hold onto your hats, and strap in tight…we’re going to be in for a bumpy, wild ride.

    I posted about “Making a Murderer” on Netflix, and I implore everyone here to watch (it’s cheap, like $8/mo for streaming? It’s not a whole lot.).

    Anyway, watch the machine in action:

      1. “MoM” just came out on Netflix; there’s big buzz around it everywhere. As much as I’d like to say that I’ve got my finger on the pulse of America, it probably says more about how AVERAGE my viewing is, at least in this one respect.

        That said, “MoM” is pretty compelling.

  2. Hi Yawl; HNY! 😀

    In the Dec 29 “…Adam” article here; I posted a comment pointing to a tinyurl which redirected to specific reply# in my Delphi-Deanna/Sandy Hoax messageboard thread, where I presented some photoshop (MS Paint actually) artworks I’d created. BUT, I didn’t realize that the images don’t appear to those who opened the link, if they weren’t logged-in/members of that forum!! GASP!

    So find the images properly displayed here:

    ^ “Truth” PLUS “Funny”, is the way forward! Plz share widely.

    don’t miss Smallstorm’s podcast with D.Dees; lots of focus on the lower-level mechanics of creating his artworks.
    ^ scroll down until U find the Dees/10/23/15 podcast.

    1. Same to you and Recynd and everyone else. It’s bound to be an interesting year. When the going gets weird, the weird get going.

      Emperor BO has but one year left to complete his assignment. I’m sure there’s a brand new box of EO pens in his desk and he’s all rested from his latest taxpayer-assisted romp.

      Hillary has all the flying monkeys fully-charged. All the other political parasites have been properly burped and are ready to dive into the trough.

      I’m sure we’re about to see another chapter unfold in the continuing destruction of Western Civilization. Let us all hope to keep a sense of humor. We’re going to need it.

      1. It’s going to the be the year of “Obama”.

        We start off with 87,000 new pages of regulations which will take 5 years to read.

        Obama and Lynch announcing New E.O Gun Control Measures.

        Obama threatening to put New sanction on Iran for testing ballistic Missiles AFTER he kicks them down $150 Billion in cash…

        It’s only the 1st !

        He will move swift and fast to accomplish his Agenda which don’t include any Americans.

        He has also said ” I’m NOT just giving the keys to the WH to just Anybody” A veiled threat.

        Right before he left on Vacation he said he is going to Campaign for Hillary with Bill because NO Republican can have the WH at any cost.
        Another Veiled threat IMO

  3. Happy New Year, fellow truth people

    Big issue we all need to roll around a bit, is whether Vladimir Putin is an NWO sell-out, as some bright people like Brandon Smith of Alt-Market have long argued

    Increasing millions of Russians see Vladimir Putin as a sell-out to the Western powers & to Western oligarchs … who has the role of keeping the war machine going as alleged ‘opposition’ but really a staged-conflict partner … not to mention being a total sell-out to Putin’s close friend Netanyahu of Israel, allowing Israel to kill Russia’s allies inside Syria

    Israel Shamir, Russian-Israeli-Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity, describes some of this:

    including pointing to a suddenly viral video in Russia, with over 2.2 million views, attacking Putin for allowing Russia’s giant state-funded & dominated media operation to be carrying Nato-tied propaganda … Indeed media such as RT Russian Today have become shockingly weak

    There has never been any good answer as to why Putin let tens of thousands of Russian-speakers be killed in East Ukraine, after the satanic 2 May 2014 Odessa massacre burning dozens alive & strangling a pregnant woman to death

    When Putin could have moved troops in to protect his fellow Russians on his doorstep … Western ‘sanctions’ etc would have been just the same

    As Russian military and security services contemplate how Putin may be dancing with the West to produce an edge-of-World-War-III scenario:

    We possibly have a potential coup in Russia, with the removal of ‘traitor’ Putin in favour of someone like Colonel Igor ‘Strelkov’ Gurkin (hero of East Ukraine fighting whom Putin blackmailed to come home by threatening to cut off Donbass supplies) – who will more truly oppose the West & not draw-out & prolong conflicts as is being done in Ukraine & Syria …along with perhaps restoration of the Tsar in a Constitutional Russian monarchy

  4. How many things have fooled us not just recently, but for decades?

    We know the old US – Soviet ‘Cold War’ was fake … Half a century ago, UK-born economist Antony Sutton showed that the USA was transferring tech & resources to the Soviets to prop them up, to create the ‘Best Enemy Money Could Buy’, will trillions in profits for Western military-industrial complexes, who engaged in ongoing bribery of Soviet elites … Israel was a key transfer tool

    69-year-old Swedish engineer Anders Björkman, living on the French Riviera near Monaco, gives a detailed intriguing argument that though nuclear power plants & Chernobyl-Fukushima radiation problems are real, no nuclear bombs have ever exploded or existed, saying that:

    (a) Mushroom cloud pics & videos are also chemical explosions, we’re just Pavlov’d to think they’re ‘nuclear’;
    (b) Hiroshima & Nagasaki were typical chemical firestorm sites like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg; ‘ground zero’ brick concrete steel stayed up, even their flagpoles etc;
    (b1) Radioactive debris could have been dropped with chemicals on Japan
    (b2) Most Japan houses were wood so burned
    (b3) Media hides witnesses who saw multiple bombers etc

    Consider why all 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’ might have played along, in what could be a global scam that has earned trillions for oligarchs owning armaments industries:

    1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive items. Media, & Japanese witnesses who saw plane fleets, told to shut up. Nuke story sold by adding chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in film & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

    1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

    1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to feel 2nd class as Anglo empire dominates world – UK HAS THE BOMB

    1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to roast-beef-eating Brits, accepts deal to become nuclear if they pretend to be the ones giving Israel nuclear technology – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

    1964 – China gets upgraded to major league to help justify escalating military spending – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB NOW TOO

    1966 – Israel gets to join the club as per earlier deal with France, in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later confirmed by ‘brave whistleblower’ Vanunu to MI6 London Times … who was possibly living on the beach in Tel Aviv all those years rather than in Israeli ‘prison’

    1974 – India takes deal to stop being so non-aligned & side more with big powers, insulting India’s own heritage by calling their bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ INDIA NOW HAS THE BOMB

    1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid government gets to play act in compensation for all their abuse in Western media, but agrees in advance to ‘dismantle’ any bombs before Mandela or any black government can find out the scam … joins with Israel & Taiwan in bomb test WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE showing ANYONE CAN GET A BOMB, but ‘bombs’ all ‘taken apart & shipped away’ before Mandela takes over

    1998 – Pakistan is central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme & revving up ‘war on terror’, & Pakistan finally gets to upgrade to par with old rival India PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT, plus Pakistan ‘sells’ bombs to Saudi Arabia for extra bonus

    2006 – North Korea, always making deals for latest consumer products for ruling family & elite, gets to upgrade to nuclear club CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

    Whether nuclear bombs are real or not, they sure have been ‘good business’!

    Anders Björkman’s site is here:

    1. I’m so glad to see someone besides me here who is onto this incredible hoax. Look up the deceivers’ names at the head of the Manhattan Project. You will find the same root of deception as everywhere else. Thanks for posting this in such a nice summary!

  5. Jim, please give us a secure way to support you. If we use paypal or a gofundme site, there has to be a way of letting you know so you can track the donations. We think they are being stolen.
    Also, who can we write or call? You are the front lines, and tenure is a last surviving bastion of free speech.
    Time to rally your troops, Dr. Tracy.

    1. Soros gives millions to various and sundry groups to effect certain policies. Why are there no affluent people willing to underwrite Fetzer’s massive work on SH, BMB, etc? Or, Tracy’s plunge into SH? How can this be so? There are no monied individuals willing to underwrite the huge volume of good work emanating from the halls of truth? Tell me why this is so.

  6. I’m almost done with “Making a Murderer” on Netflix and want to discuss it (never fear, Pat, “Wayward Pines” has been purchased and is next in my queue!). It juxtaposes so interestingly with so many elements we discuss here…but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

    1. It has been frustrating, having no one to talk to about that miniseries. One friend I made here, whom I talk with through email, told me she started watching it, and understood why I watched the whole thing three times.

      Another show I have started, and watched three times (just the first four episodes, which is the first Netflix disc–one time through being the commentary reel, which is terrific) is Better Call Saul. Honestly, these terrific shows just wash over me the first time through, and I can’t think critically at the time.

      I consider these things to be documents in an anthropological analysis of our time and the emerging culture of this new civilization. Wayward Pines is obviously predictive programming, so what we’re observing there is what our masters intend to do to us. Saul is more an exploration of the present, debased moral universe, and the difficulty doing the right thing entails. It’s the same world Breaking Bad inhabited, but not dark.

      I have not watched television since around 1977, so I really am like an anthropologist in this regard, visiting some jungle tribe with a clean expectational slate. Once it became clear to me that I am an alien in this culture because I’d never seen Seinfeld (all the catch-phrases our people shared in common that I didn’t catch became a clue), I watched every episode straight through, via disks in the mail. Same with Friends. What these show obviously are, is adolescent wish fulfillment fantasies: what would it be like to never grow up, but enjoy the perks of being a grown up (sex with no consequences, the only family you have is the one you choose for yourself amongst people with the same cultural nihilism). It’s what the despicable scum called the Baby Boom generation wished life could be like. No abortions, no AIDS, no shattered lives caused by the emptiness of such a life–but they could live in the Village in rent controlled apartments, and enjoy the best things New York yuppies could want back then without having to bother being professionals.

      We can learn a lot about our debased culture, based on the shows that become insanely popular. The 80s and 90s gave us Seinfeld and Friends. Now, it’s The Walking Dead–which I have no intention of watching, even though articles at Lew Rockwell’s site have contended that it’s very libertarian (government can’t help us; we’re on our own).

      This is a bad sign.

      Wayward Pines might become a cult hit later, but it is probably not widely known because it was one season only, and the big meme-generators tend to be unseen their first years, before they catch on. Sometimes the best movies that become absolutely huge were flops when they came out, losing money.

      1. Well, just hold on, I’ve got one more episode of Making a Murderer then it’s onto Wayward Pines.

        I watch TV and movies (and read fiction) the same way you do: as an anthropologist. I see the manipulation, the symbolism, and the hidden messages. The key is to know that they’re there; it’s like an inoculation against the poisonous messages.

        That said, TV has enjoyed a Renaissance: the writing is often excellent (I love Better Call Saul; it’s far better than Breaking Bad, which I generally liked, and Fargo is excellent, too), and far more care is going into the whole production. The serial format has been reintroduced to tell protracted stories and to allow better character development. It’s becoming an art form comparable to feature films.

        Whenever one consumes the content of another, care needs to be taken to avoid indoctrination. Nothing should ever be consumed mindlessly…that’s where the danger comes in.

        I think there’s value to seeing what’s going on in popular culture. It IS possible to be entertained without being “entertrained”.

        1. Just watched the first disc of Fargo. Watched the commentary reel of episode one.

          You are entirely correct about this golden age of television story telling. In the past, movie stars considered television show gigs the kiss of death. Now, they eagerly sign on to shows produced by internet companies. No one could have predicted this. And as you say, the production values are awesome. The writing, the acting, the photography. Taking 10 hours to tell a story so well beats a two hour movie any day.

        2. It makes me think of Sofia’s comments about the role of storytelling in news and other media.

          I’m listening to commentary about Making a Murderer (interview with the filmmakers) and they’re both grads from the Columbia film school, which, says one of the filmmakers, focuses heavily on “storytelling”.

          Besides discussing the story presented in MaM, I want to discuss how this story was told. I suspect (no, I KNOW) it’s even more important than the story itself. There’s wisdom to be gleaned here (“There’s gold in them thar hills!”).

        3. Pat: I’m nearly done with the first episode, and I have to say, it feels a whole lot like “The Returned” (French version) and “Strangers Unknown”.

          Gorgeous filmography/location.

        4. Yes, you’re right: I believe this is what the apostles of the Frankfurt school called “the culture industry”, and it’s clearly being used to reshape the culture (they’re giving evolution a hand, I guess). The Weinstein brothers are among the very worst of the worst, and it doesn’t help that the production company is partnered with content providers like HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Take a look at their “Three Bottom Lights” logo (it is reminiscent of the Volkswagen logo): two interlocking “W”s that form three “V”s: in Hebrew, that’s 666. These “V”s create three upside-down triangles/pyramids, in this case, illuminated ones. The pyramid (whole or as a capstone), as most people know, is the common symbol for the Illuminati, and signifies the sun, or God-status. Clever, clever…

          “V” is also the Roman sign for 5; Adam Weishaupt, founder of the original Illuminati, used it to symbolize a concept called “The Law of Fives” (which I know nothing about). The Weinstein logo appears to be three “V”s (in Roman numerals 555); 5+5+5=15 or 1+5=6.

          These numbers and symbols show up time after time, again and again. They clearly hold deep significance with some powerful groups.

        5. This Noel Ignatiev guy sounds EXACTLY like our in house whacko, the folkiedeciever. Amazing. It’s far more chilling to see an actual human–who presumably is not an actor–say the words, instead of reading them. The guy is a college professor, too, so it can’t be dealt with as just hilarious ramblings of a street lunatic (that would be Mark). It makes the blood run cold.

        6. I couldn’t agree more. Even scarier are the “whites” who seem to buy into it. This is one of the few areas where I think Obongo actually gets to impart his hatred with his owner’s blessings.

          It is clear to me that he hates this country and everything about it. There is a concerted effort afoot to destroy it. They are culling the herd. They hope to have a homogenized breed that is completely docile and not too bright.

          It’s all so obvious.

        7. Take his Same Comments and replace “White” with “Black” or “Jew” and ALL the left would be calling his a Racist..Cities Burning.

          This double standard is poisoning all the minds of our young from Kindergarten to College..But, that’s the Plan !

      2. You guys have been talking about TV shows for a while.

        I do watch some for entertainment but select.

        Don’t hate me, but I’m a typical Star Trek guy so I like that Corny Dr. Who Show…haha

        1. There are only a few of us interested; others don’t watch any at all. I’m a binge-watcher on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

          With my husband’s health so poor the past several years and our son in his late teens now, I’ve had plenty of time to spare. There really are some excellent movies out there (not the ones most people are watching, sadly), and now, even some excellent TV shows (it can’t ALL be “programming”, surely?).

          I watched plenty of Star Trek as a kid…I grew up on it.

        2. Recynd,

          You can watch anything you want as long as your awake…

          You can Eat or Drink anything you want as long as you know…..

          We don’t have to hide, We can partake in Society. The difference is are you awake and understand or are you the waking Dead.?

          We are Free !!

        3. Thank you: prayers are so welcome! He had a very serious brain infection out of the blue several years ago, and it exacerbated an underlying movement disorder (dystonia), and that has really created some problem for his skeletal system (vertebrae, currently).

          It’s been a ghastly ordeal, but it’s amazing where one can find strength. I discovered that patience CAN be learned after all! It has brought us closer in many ways, and we have learned to count our many, other blessings.

          Here’s to a better 2016, even if we have to redefine “better”!

        4. Recynd77, you are not alone. I watch Amazon Prime every night. Right now I’m into Masterpiece mysteries.

        5. Recynd, for what its worth, if they started doing actual programs with real plots and decent acting I’d watch. What I’ve seen over the years is that they’ve even spun “documentaries” and inserted propaganda into them that wasn’t there previously.

          The popular shows are actually a more subtle way to brainwash the citizenry. I have heard from my wife that there are now a few good programs….finally. Some of those are British.

          I don’t have anything against the thing itself, only its use. There once were a number of clever, entertaining shows with good writers. Then they started with the “reality” garbage.

          There is a lot that can be done with TV. The problem is that they stopped doing it.

        6. In the past year or so, TV has perked up. If it was all “Friends” and “Sex in the City”, I wouldn’t bother.

          I just started watching “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” (BBC); it’s gruesome, but funny, in that perfectly-timed, bleak British way.

        7. Get Real People…

          The most sophisticated show ever (allowed) to air on national TV

          “Would you believe” ?

          GET SMART

          Yes, Recynd. There are some really good shows that pop up now and then.

          Bill Cooper said, I paraphrase, “If you ignore TV,the News Papers and magazines your not hearing what they are saying, for “they” talk to each other through the “New York Times” . Bill Cooper1992

      3. Hey Patrick,

        Happy New Year!

        I’m watching Wayward Pines… four episodes so far…

        Its ok, but seems to me to be a copy of a classic British series from the mid 60’s called The Prisoner, which was written and starred a great actor called Patrick McGoohan and is an all time favourite show of mine….. its still considered a brilliant cult fantasy classic here….

        I gather it was remade in 2009 in America by a cable channel called AMC, so maybe that’s where the author of WP copied the premise from…..

        Or maybe WP will develop in another direction…. I’ ll keep watching, but its pretty much identical so far….

        By the way, ” The Prisoner” followed an equally brilliant TV series called Danger Man, also starring McGoohan, which ( I’ve just learnt from Wiki) was retitled as ” Secret Agent” in the USA, maybe you saw it…

        1. Hi, Steven! Happy New Year to you, too!

          I have not seen those shows, so I can’t comment, but I can tell you that after each episode of Pines I went to the A. V. Club spoiler-free blog (http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/wayward-pines-where-paradise-home-219413), where the writer and the commenters keep up with the developing theories about what’s going on. It was loads of fun, even though that conversation had happened months ago. The writer would remove any information a commenter might write indicating inside knowledge from the books the show was based on. I recommend it. (Should have thought of that before, you just jostled my mind.)

          The fun was in figuring out what’s going on, and hypothesizing. No one guessed right.

        2. Below is part of the Wiki on ” The Prisoner”….as you can read, its almost identical to Wayward Pines ( at least as far as I’ve watched so far)

          I was 15 when ” The Prisoner ” aired in 1967 and it was probably the first TV show I saw that challenged the mainstream of the day and helped to wake me up.

          In the series, the protagonist, ( the Matt Dillon character in WP) is known only as Number Six.He always reacts furiously to being addressed as ” Number Six”… he says ” I’m not a Number…I’m a free man!! This phrase became a catchphrase among us counter culture types through the 60’s! Its actually worth watching Wayward Pines just to be reminded of how ahead of its time The Prisoner was

          The” free streaming” site( ok illegal pirate site) where I watch all my TV series has all 17 original episodes of The Prisoner…. strongly advise anyone interested in freedom from our wannabe Masters to take a look:


          Original release
          29 September 1967 – 1 February 1968

          The Prisoner is a 17-episode British television series[2] first broadcast in the United Kingdom from 29 September 1967 to 1 February 1968.[3] Starring and co-created by Patrick McGoohan, it combined spy fiction with elements of science fiction, allegory, and psychological drama.[2]

          The series follows a British former secret agent who is abducted and held prisoner in a mysterious coastal village resort, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. Although sold as a thriller in the mould of the previous series starring McGoohan, Danger Man (1960–68; retitled as Secret Agent in the US), the show’s combination of 1960s countercultural themes and surrealistic setting had a far-reaching effect on science fiction/fantasy programming, and on popular culture in general.[4]

          A TV miniseries remake aired on the U.S. cable channel AMC on 15–17 November 2009.[5]

          Plot summary.

          The series follows an unnamed British agent (played by Patrick McGoohan) who, after abruptly and angrily resigning his job, apparently prepares to make a hurried departure from the country. While packing his luggage, he is rendered unconscious by knockout gas in his flat. When he awakes, he finds himself held captive in a mysterious seaside “village” that is isolated from the mainland by mountains and sea. The Village is further secured by numerous monitoring systems and security forces, including a sinister balloon-like device called Rover that recaptures – or kills – those who attempt escape. The agent encounters the Village’s population: hundreds of people from all walks of life and cultures, all seeming to be tranquilly living out their lives. They do not use names but instead are assigned numbers, which give no clue as to any person’s status (prisoner or warder). Potential escapees therefore have no idea whom they can and cannot trust. The protagonist is assigned Number Six, but he repeatedly refuses the pretense of his new identity.[

          Number Six, distrustful of anyone involved with the Village, refuses to co-operate or provide answers. Alone, he struggles with various goals: determining for which side of the iron curtain the Village works if, indeed, it works for any at all, remaining defiant to its imposed authority, concocting his own plans for escape, learning all he can about the Village, and subverting its operation. His schemes lead to the dismissals of the incumbent Number Two on two occasions, although he never escapes. By the end of the series, the administration, becoming desperate for Number Six’s knowledge and fearful of his growing influence in the Village, takes drastic measures that threaten the lives of Number Six, Number Two, and the rest of the Village.[citation needed]

          A major theme of the series is individualism, as represented by Number Six, versus collectivism, as represented by Number Two and the others in the Village. McGoohan stated that the series aimed to demonstrate a balance between the two points.[6]

        3. Coincidence… hmm. I just finished the original series. I could not locate it through my online DL sources, but I don’t do torrents, just old school Usenet. So I finally broke down and bought it used, and it was still not cheap. The fact that it is obscure, hard to locate online, and expensive all speak to it’s importance.

          This almost 50 year old show it’s still extremely relevant today. The themes as Steven mentioned are spot on. Freedom, the individual vs controlled society, mass surveillance, gangstalking, drug induced mind control, psychological warfare, mental breakdown, identity theft… the list goes on.

          Highly recommended. Credit to JB Wells at C2M as I had never heard of it before his show.

        4. Ha, ha Steven. I used to watch “Secret Agent” when I was a kid. It was a pretty good show. There were a group of these shows at one time. All were British productions. There was another that starred a guy who was an antique collector in the midlands somewhere. He was always solving mysteries. Fascinating stuff.

        5. Hey Lophatt….. yeah, Secret Agent was cool, I never missed an episode as a kid… you can still see ” The Prisoner” online…its only 17 episodes and its a brilliant expose of the establishment and way ahead of its time….

          Somewhat bizarrely, we ( in Britain) still have loads of those old fashioned mystery or whodunit shows like the antiques guy you mentioned… it must be a nostalgia thing… the Brits do really good period dramas as well, like Downton Abbey which I can’t stand but is apparently huge in America… go figure…

          I’ve just finished Wayward Pines which Patrick and Recynd are into…its good, but for me by far your best recent drama series has been ” The Man In The High Castle”….. its perfect viewing for MHB commenters, a scary insight into how the future could enfold, whilst telling the story of a twisted past… I can’t recommend it highly enough..

        6. One of my favorite shows of all time was Foyle’s War. And it was absolutely delightful when they brought it back, with a Cold War backdrop this time. Netflix recently let me know the latest season (you Limeys call them “series,” for some reason), number 9, is available streaming, and I’ve watched the first episode already.

          Another terrific show was Yes Minister. Jeeves and Wooster, too.

    2. Just wanted to point out something that may impact the way you watch Wayward Pines. It has to do with the structure of the episodes, which were planned as a kick-off to a series that would go on season after season. Instead of a 3-hour movie or something, they introduce the actual series with this short series. The on-going series that was planned will now never be produced.

      The implications of this mostly involve the big actors who were never going to be a part of the actual series, as well as the unknown actors who needed to be established as the leads in the new series. So their characters are driven by producer choices as much as by story constraints. This goes along way in explaining Mr. Dillon’s actions.

      By the way, how cool is Matt Dillon’s character? I love how when the Nurse tries to creep him out by suddenly appearing out of nowhere with all the usual horror flick stinger elements, he shakes her off with a single gesture. Doesn’t buy it at all. He’s not scared of anything. You believe that he sees things the way they really are, and he has the courage to become the cop in a town that is trying to deceive him. He’s an even dude, and I for one never doubted him, even in the early episodes that try to make him seem on the wrong side. Matt Dillon is the perfect actor for this guy.

      1. Thanks for that, Toni.

        Your remarks remind of the movie Stargate, which I adore, and have watched many, many times. A friend told me it was made into a TV show, and I have to watch it, so he loaned me the tapes. I could not endure more than a couple of episodes.

        Movie stars become movie stars for the same reason writers become great writers, and Cole Porter became Cole Porter. So when they spend a year helping launch a new series they will never have to be a part of, it had better be good enough for Cole. So to speak.

        Dillon was rich perfect from the first frame to the last. I’m soooo glad he did it (Juliette Lewis, too).

    1. Thank you, thank you. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Sissel Kyrkjebø is from my old country and she was my dad’s favorite singer. Brings tears to my eyes.

      There is so much beauty and talent in this world, who are these beings hell-bent on destroying it all?

  7. To understand US state power, it is necessary to use a concept originated by the political scientist R. J. Rummel called ‘democide.’ This can be usefully defined, in my opinion, as the murder of unarmed persons by ruling power.

    The US state became a world power by, among other policies, following a policy of geo-racist democide. This is the killing of non-White persons in their homelands to steal their collective and personal property and power. The recent US history of Dunbar-Ortiz from the perspective of indigenous people, primarily American Indians, was delayed so long in the US truth tradition largely by the lack of general ideological concepts.

    The US conceptual language has been restricted and fragmented precisely to prevent the statement of holistic historical truths in a simple concise way, a way that most people can easily understand intellectually, although subject to emotional denial. The lack of simple holistic conceptions allowed the US and Western truth tradition to be restricted to a White truth tradition, in a world where 90% of the earth’s persons are non-White.

    Dunbar-Ortiz quotes the military historian John Grenier:

     "US people are taught that their military culture does not approve of or targeting and killing civilians and know little or nothing about the nearly three centuries of warfare.... that reduced the Indigenous peoples...  Violence directed systematically against non-combatants  through irregular means, from the start, has been a central part of Americans way of war."

    The democide of the American Indians historically , the deliberate killing of infants and children, women and old men, has been applied in US foreign and domestic policy to non-White peoples. Literally millions of non-White people have been killed in the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan and other wars, including the current proxy-war in Syria. In domestic policy the lynching of non-Whites is currently being continued in the police shooting of Black Americans, egged on and approved by alienated White US-Americans.

    But this geo-racist democide has simply been sanitized out of US history in our schools, universities, and other learned bureaucracies. And this occurred because the White oligarchy that has owned and ruled the USA historically has embedded in the White truth institutions a White professional Elite.

    The White truth pros tend to view reality from a White perspective, excluding the non-White views. So recently when non-Whites were accepted into the universities in token numbers, they began transforming the historical White world-view to correspond more accurately to evidenced history. This disturbed the racist White population who demanded that the media be even more racist than it has traditionally been, increasing the movement to White power.

    1. The democide of the American Indians historically , the deliberate killing of infants and children, women and old men, has been applied in US foreign and domestic policy to non-White peoples. Literally millions of non-White people have been killed in the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan and other wars, including the current proxy-war in Syria.

      Looks as if Mark has failed to turn over a New Year’s leaf concerning the misguided screeds he’s become so notorious for at MHB. For example, the above suggests that US foreign policy is motivated primarily by racism, rather than the sheerly pecuniary reasons of the wealthy bankers and industrialists who pit one group against another in the domestic realm, profit handsomely from all such foreign conflicts, and frankly care very little about the race or ethnicity of the soldiers or civilians who are maimed and killed in the overall process.

      1. Tracy’s analysis describes a persistent problem in your reasoning that I’ve been wanting to address, folktruther. You seem to confuse parts with wholes, and effects with intents.

        A couple of days ago you mentioned the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, implying dire consequences for what you call “White truth.” But even a casual reader in the legal history of American slavery will find written there the strategies of capitalists to direct a volatile labor force using race as the tool at hand.

        It’s impossible to overstate the improvisational nature of the legal contrivances undertaken to redefine one subset of indentured servants into a lifetime of hereditary slavery, and base it on a racial distinction. The capitalists vacillated between defining the new slaves as property, but also sometimes as people, according to what was better for business. They made it up as they went along, and when abolition came, the racial categories were set, biases intact, to divide and do battle with American labor power.

        So it’s your beloved Marxist critique that best illustrates the point that capitalists will seize upon any and all means to their ends, and do it under often contradictory messages. Racism and race-baiting are the same to them. They care not for racial distinctions, except as it rewards them. Do you see how this obviates your notion of a “White truth” in which racism is a foundational intent conspired upon by generations of “white” people?

        But the real reason I wanted to bring up your confusion between parts and wholes is the way you egregiously tar the whole of memoryholeblog, not to mention Tracy, with invective that you claim is inspired by the statements of one commenter or another.

        Forgive me for stating this so starkly, but I want to be clear in describing the situation. It goes like this: someone, a PART of MHB, says something you think is racist. You, another PART, free in your opinion, walks up and says, “Defend yourself.” That’s the WHOLE; the interaction. The integrity of the whole rests on free expression. It’s not tainted by the content of what’s said. It contains it.

        This is much the same way Tracy contains the discourse on this blog. As a whole, it is a space for free expression where ideas are worked out and opinions can be formed, or reformed. Commenters here, who mostly shine with uncommon brilliance, once in awhile use clumsy or inerrant reasoning, which is sometimes corrected, sometimes not. But things sound different when they’re said out loud, and perhaps that person is on to a recalculation of position that necessitates that the wrong assertion be made first. You don’t know, but you’re quick to broadbrush the whole of the blog with your objections. I think you would tear the words right out of the air, if you could, to keep people from hearing them. You don’t seem to realize that you need only take responsibility for your own opinions, as others are responsible for theirs.

        Tracy is not made the agent of some ideology because he publishes someone’s stupid comment. He contains it. And you impugn the integrity of this blog when you insult him with names. Perhaps your New Year’s regimen for change should include a message to the Professor that acknowledges your past disrespect and offers an apology for your insulting behavior.

        1. Folktruther is not here to talk about the weather. He’s agenda driven, I’d wager he’s no friend of any of us. He writes in a variant of Babel, it’s called Drivel. Not sure why he is treated with some level of tolerance, he deserves not a whit of it. He’s easy to expose, he’s banal, trite, hackneyed, and he doesn’t care about the diatribes we direct his way. Does that not give away just what his makeup is?

        2. Because he’s good for practice?

          Love this sentence: “He writes in a variant of Babel, it’s called Drivel.”

        3. Excellent Toni, I’m very impressed. For me this is odd, but Thomas Sowell recently wrote a book on the history of slavery, all forms of slavery. I’m not a big fan of his but the book is good.

          One of the points he makes is that economics drove slavery in America, period. There were many white slaves as well but, economically, it was cheaper to pick them from the slave ships that brought them. There had been experimentation with Native Americans as well, but they were found to be too rebellious and likely to sneak away.

          There are ancient Egyptian writings that describe various slave types in minute detail. There were many slave rebellions. American Southerners eventually became as much victims of slavery as the blacks. They found themselves outnumbered by those that might at a moment’s notice rise up and slaughter them. Still, they couldn’t work their fields without them.

          While I agree with your meaning regarding “capitalism”, I think we misuse that term routinely. Ideally, having a marker economy with necessary regulation to prevent monopoly and other forms of exploitation is desirable. “Capitalism” actually is making money from money. It only produces debt.

          Both “Capitalism” and “Communism” end in the same place. They just take different paths to get there. But you are absolutely correct that it was the primary motivator for slavery and the Civil War. Race is a side issue.

        4. Lophatt, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your thoughtful comment. Thanks for adding the contextual long view for slavery, and for recognizing my point that race was secondary, but expedient to the intent, and therefore “capitalized” upon. (heh)

          I wanted to expand on the slavery issue, also, as I probably should have in the first place, before I let myself get distracted into a lecture.

          The slave system I was referencing started in the English colony in Virginia, where the first Africans arrived in 1619. Though they were kidnapped, they were not slaves. They shared their indentured status with many Virginia colonists, till a labor shortage of Europeans was used to redefine the Africans’ status to hereditary, life-time servitude based on a racial distinction. It took about eighty years.

          I should have elaborated that during this same span of time in England, the Magna Carta was being aired out to argue for the personal liberty of the individual, and an English court declared chattel slavery “odious” and “unsupported by common law” in England and Wales. There was growing recognition that basic human rights were not bestowed by government or even by human law, but were the rights every human being is born with, the “freeborn rights” which we call unalienable.

          But in the English colony, the birthright sovereign to the sons of England did not fall on every Virginia boy. Free boys living in slave quarters were a problem for the moneyed interests who wanted to control property and inheritance, especially against the sons the master may have had with his slaves.

          Following the reasoning that the offspring of an animal belongs to the animal’s owner, they made up a law that said the offspring of a slave, she being owned much like an animal, is also the property of her owner. And so it was that a father could strip his own son of his freeborn rights and own him like property.

          These legal contrivances, which were exported mostly unchanged to the rest of the Southern states, were established in glaring contravention to the political ideas that were being publicly discussed at the time. Unalienable rights. Liberty. Self-determination. All the best expressions of human aspiration that would be incorporated into the founding documents of this country, were named and expanded upon in the presence of this arbitrary slave system. And everybody knew it.

          Between the two comments, I probably could have worked this into a decent little essay, but I’m an imprudent person who suffers from her own bad judgment. So I made a mashup of two kind-of-good comments, gave one a Marxist overlay, and tried to change an obdurate mind. It was a dead end in a failed project, with which I’m now so thankfully done.

          All this is to say, I think I may have given you the false impression that I believe all this stuff about the capitalists. Of course, I do believe it, but only for the moment that I’m using it. I mean, I’m not an ideological Marxist. To me, it’s just another useful way to look at something, a lens, one among many.

          It’s hard to work up a lot of warm feelings for capitalism, though. I can always see a bunch of desperados trying to corner some advantage from which to run a con on their target population. They give each other passes for unethical behavior, till they breach corruption. It’s very Mamet, very Glengarry.

          You recognize those mutts, right, lophatt? Maybe a system can be imagined that doesn’t insist upon predation, but I could be wrong. Jon Rappaport says it’s not the capitalists anyway, it’s the criminals, and that all it takes is the courage to confront them.


      2. James Tracey – speaking of the war in Syria – the media has proven to be a lying propaganda machine from its fake coverage of this. Most of my (Christian) relatives – easily over 100 – have lived in Aleppo since the early 1900s (displaced by the Muslim genocide in Turkey). They swear it is not their government attacking them. They don’t even comprehend the dialect of the gorillas who have been bombing their buildings but know the US has been funding it. Their visas to the US have been denied (only Muslims allowed by Obama). A few have gotten in to Canada. They are without water and electricity and I won’t mention the final mode of communication they have left as it’s being destroyed. Lately Russia has been bombing the real enemy (the non Syrian fighters – makes no sense for the Syrian gov to kill its own people) and as a result they have had produce and better conditions in time for Christmas. The US is trying so hard to pit Russia against Syria (hence the missle that downed their plane from Egypt, blaming it on the US created “Isis” but Russia is not stupid I think they’re the only major country not afraid to go along with US propaganda.

    2. Folk,
      Are you just BI-Polar or is this just “Part of your Plan” you disclosed to us simpletons where you are conditioning us for your final “swoop” on our minds?

      You changed your whole Act and was being “Nice” but now you are back to the “Racism” and “White Power” act again.

      Just answer the question and don’t waist my time calling me Names.

      You said it, Not Me.

      1. PS: You all know I can’t handle it if he attacks me with his garbage, so please feel free to take over the response.

        One last time, Folk, you seemed to have some peace for a while. What happened?

  8. If I may be permitted another notorious and misguided screed in response to Dr. Tracy, I suggest that the sanitizing of geo-racist democide is precisely because of the explanation that he provides as an alternative. That the oligarchy is motivated ultimately by the economic motive of money. I suggest as alternative, possibly in a notorious and misguided way, that the oligarchy is motivated ultimately by power, and that economic greed serves the interests of power rather than the reverse.

    Marxism, the major world social theory of the 20th century formulated from a peoples’ perspective, maintains that the major form of oppression is class oppression, and so it often is viewed from a national power. But viewed from a world perspective, the major form of oppression historically has been RACIAL oppression, and this is conducted by the state power systems of nations and geo-races.

    The USA has been owned and ruled by a White oligarchy, and their views have been expressed by influential theorists like Samuel Huntington. In answer to the title of his book WHO ARE WE?, he responds essentially that we are White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and don’t you forget it. The oligarchy doesn’t, and have amassed their capitol historically largely by killing and enslaving non-White people.

    Their power is based to a large extent on the White US population identifying with the White ruling class because they are of the same national race, combating non-White people. It’s against the economic interests of the White working class to identify with non-White subjugation, since it creates people who will work for less, but it is to their short range emotional power interests.

    But has US world power slides down the razorblade of history, it is White people that are more and more feeling the weight of democide, enslavement, and poverty. Property (chattel) enslavement has given way to prison enslavement, and the people killed in these false flags are White people. Most significant, the oligarchy are stealing mostly from White people because that is where the money is, and instead of making far more money by increase economic growth, for power reasons they prefer to impoverish the population because, since Aristotle, the powerful know that an impoverished population is easier to rule.

    I realize that this is another notorious and misguided screed, but I only hope and pray that I don’t get another bad grade.

      1. White People make up less than 5% of the Worlds Population yet we are told to give up Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and all the other country we settled because we are Racists?

        WE are the Minority and want FREE SH%T and Schools and Housing.

        The 95% want everything for Free? No, It’s a Ploy from the Demon Rats

        Where am I wrong?

        We didn’t hunt down African’s for slaves. They were sold by the superior Black Tribes to all the world yet the US only pays the price.

        No One Alive in America today has ever owned a slave and those families who did are the super rich families of today who FUND the Democratic Party.

        Pure BS and it needs to end….

        1. Firstly, what we call “white people” is a very ambiguous term that means nothing…what we call white people were also slaves – of so-called Whites. History gets “oh so confusing” until you realize the vast majority of what we term “society” are in fact secret societies with secret histories & secret agendas. Its always been that way, and will always be that way. Demagogues infiltrate every community and we end up with the destruction of “black wall street”, the funding of race-based movements like NAACP, National Urban League(Rockefellers), KKK(run for the Democratic Party by law enforcement, masonry, FBI), the Minutemen(in the ’70s set up by FBI), the scalping of native Americans(mercenaries like Daniel Boone paid by US federal government), transatlantic slave trade, itself(which also included Sephardic Jews like Columbus, affected Europeans as well as Africans by their own leaders & ruling class) and there we have it. The categories mentioned are artificial constructs manufactured by the elites, and terrorism is the mechanism with which ordinary people who wouldn’t commit crimes would be justified, encouraged to do so. European-Americans were brought to grounds under the influence of ruling demagogues to witness the castration & roasting of ” negroes”, as well as whites who associated with negroes…pure terrorism. Wealth really was appropriated for “certain whites” from blacks, and also whites, Chinese(railroads)…all by the real enemies.
          Guilt shouldn’t be a mechanism for resolving conflicts; a recognition that society not only is unjust, but shouldn’t be expected to be, is. We all get taxed(robbed) don’t we(except the exploiters)? Why should we argue about which among us is getting robbed, raped, abused more? That’s reveling in victimhood, and therefore asinine.

      2. Take THAT, Markieboy.

        I’m guessing that, for purposes of holding together his idiotic theory, our folkiedeciever will award Mao and his cadre honorary “white” people status, because the people they murdered were definitely non-white. Same, I’m guessing, with the Turks, and Montezuma’s Aztecs. And all those savages who inherited de-colonized Africa; you might be inky black, but if you murder a few million fellow black people, you MUST be a white guy in blackface. Because only white people do that.

        Poor feller. He’s got a story he feels obliged to stick to, even though his audience is busting a gut with laughter.

        We’re laughing AT you, Mark, not with you.

      3. Perfectly true, although not ALL the troubles. But it is not the Tsarist autocracy’ or other despotism that has enormous world power, or rules the USA, but the White US oligarchy. They have historically used racism against non-Whites to consolidate their rule. I have attempted to point this out in my notorious and misguided screeds, apparently to little effect.

        1. Yes, to hilariously little effect. Busting a gut laughter effect.

          You don’t give two sh*ts in hell about the tens of millions Mao killed, Markieboy, even though those folk were not white. You couldn’t give a god damned thought for them, because the murderers were communists (the good guys, in your view) and the killers were not white people.

          Because you are the true racist.

          Tracy linked to a page, and you ignored it. I laughed at you in reply, because I knew it wouldn’t penetrate your lying facade. Who, Markie, is doing the murdering? Tracy told you. Almost no whits are doing he genocide, proportionally. Hurts, doesn’t it?

          Answer Tracy’s throw down, a&$hole.

          I wonder if you are one of the effete dilettantes who pretended to care, way back, about what China did to Tibet–and no longer give a flip. That’s my bet.

          You pretend to care about how poorly terrified policemen respond when terrifying thugs (whom they can have no way of knowing are armed or not–although they can guess well enough most of the time by experience) are shot when acting menacingly. But you don’t care about the millions killed, and societies erased, when it’s done by people who are not white. You certainly did not care one little bit about Rwanda. Because the murderers were inky black, you didn’t care that their victims were inky black.

          You are a liar. You want us to treat you seriously, yet you systematically libel us in this place, as you strut about as some sort of moral superior in our midst.

          Take up the cause of the murdered in China, you piece of garbage. And in Tibet. And the Armenians. And the horrors the inky black dictators of Africa are committing even now. Then get to Montezuma’s nightmarish regime. By then you will certainly have calmed down enough to notice that America is really, really, small in that range of horror-shows.

          White people, you will see, are nothing in the scheme of viciousness in history.

          But I am confident you will not do that. Because you are a fraud. A pathetic, low intellect, waste of our time.

    1. Folk said:
      “The USA has been owned and ruled by a White oligarchy”

      News Flash:

      For the last 7 years Obama, a Half white man, a quarter Black, a quarter Arab has run this country. This man is so prejudice he has Never to this day even expressed anything but contempt against White People

      He called his own Grandmother “a typical white person”….He forgot to say the were CIA and VERY Rich……

      The racism you describe is Obama and the Democratic/Progressive Party

      1. “Typical”, heh, heh. Yeah right. In this instance I suppose its a “Mullato-archy”, or maybe his “genes” are just too tight.

        I’ve never been a big fan of racial determinism. I think you can judge a person by the company they keep. Of course when you’re discussing a manufactured entity it really doesn’t make much difference whether they extracted the basic materials from the shallow end of the gene pool.

        These politicians are like prize cattle at the county fair. Cattle are bred for docility. We know what happens to uncontrollable cattle.

        As far as I know no one (even Mark) has attempted to define CIA as a race. I do think, judging by the company he keeps, that these connections are not accidental.

        We don’t have to confine our observations to the US. Pick a mutt, any mutt, worldwide. Does anyone actually believe they are running their own agendas? Of course their owners allow them to play at their own scams, so long as they don’t endanger the Plan.

        None of these selectees would have stayed out of prison if they weren’t picked by their owners. I really think they get a kick out of watching them. I wouldn’t let most of them run a snow-cone stand.

    2. folktruther, I suppose had Tracy called my comments “notorious and misguided screeds” I’d be devastated, too. I would, though, try to make a response other than, “It is so!”

      This is another source of annoyance with you as a commenter. You ignore other people’s responses to your arguments, in favor of repeating your same lines. You refuse to engage in a back-and-forth kind of way.

      Have you made an apology to Tracy yet? It might help you feel better.

  9. “..deconstructing Rebekah Roth,”
    This “person” has never appeared on live video. We only have a voice. There is zero evidence that the “person” who speaks on all the radio shows is the person who wrote the two fiction books, Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception found on Amazon.
    My conclusions about this personage are…

    “She” or it or the voice is working for HIGH LEVEL intelligence entity that is still being diligent to deal with or cover up all 9-11 truth revelations to this day.:

    The message she is pushing in a sophisticated twisted way, a la Cass Sunstien cognitive infiltration, relates to two things –

    Israel / Zionists role in planning and perpetrating 9-11,


    Retaining the “planes and passengers” part of the official 9-11 narrative.

    The best theory about her game I have heard is that she is DESIGNED to be outed and that her deconstruction now in the alternative media is playing out just as planned.
    She has repeatedly indicated that Israel and the Zionists played major role in perpetrating 9-11.
    When the easily fooled public become convinced that this woman is a “total fraud” they will think that ALL of her stated claims were false as well. Ergo her claim that Israel /Zionists did 9-11 must be just as false just as she is a false person snf Israel / Zionists must be innocent of 9-11 perp.

    This woman’s named was crafted as a Judaic name, both first and last name, Rebekah and Roth.

    What better way to have a person accepted as credible than to have the 9-11 truth seeking audience see that a person with a Judaic name is actually accusing Israel / Zionists of perpetrating 9-11.?

    Best and most recent coverage of deconstruction of Rebecca Roth is found here.

    Truth Unite with Scott Bennett and Michael Jay with JIM FETZER

    Published on Dec 17, 2015

    audio only for the following
    “Cognitive Infiltration: JFK, 9/11 and Sandy Hook with Scott Bennett”

    The game is to support the official story of 9-11. The planes and passengers must be retained in all new 9-11 “truth” theories and Rebekah does this.

    (Technically, a plane driven in to the Pentagon is the legal reason we went to war on Afghanistan and Iraq.)

    If you decide to look in to this issue of deconstructing Rebekah Roth, do not surprised if your computer starts balking and sending odd messages to you.

      1. “Ms. Roth can be seen and heard here live on camera…..”

        Anne B, thank you so much for this video link, an important contribution to this subject and discussion.

        That is the ONLY live video that I have seen or heard of on this entity, “Rebekah Roth.” That live video makes this product much more saleable.

        I would not be surprised if this particular video with her on the John B Wells Caravan to Midnight show is the only such video out there. I think her handlers decided it was unwise to have a live video of her speaking and conversing extemporaneously. All the videos I have seen up to this point just show photos of her face and other photos while the audio is playing.

        She obviously is a person with some advanced level of knowledge about commercial airline operations from the perspective of a flight attendant’s experience. How she obtain this knowledge is open to question. She could be a person with a good ability to retain a bunch of facts, “a photographic memory.” She could have zero to 30 years of actual employment as a flight attendant for a commercial domestic airiline. Highly unlikely she worked a full 30 years in such a person. Possible that someone just drilled her on inside level of knowledge of airline flight attendant info without her ever having worked at all as a flight attendant but just having the needed qualification of a good ability to retain what was taught to her and do so in an extemporaneous way, thus lending credibility to her persona.

        I still am questioning some other trickery that may be a part of this particular live video of her. She definitely appears to have a wig and glasses to disguise but I even wonder if that speaking voice actually belongs to the person shown on screen. I guess I have seen so much video and audio fakery connected with Rebekah Roth that I now question everything.

        All the alternative Internet radio show hosts who bit the bait and had this entity as a guest with some new bombshell 9-11 information and theory after 14 years from the event ought to fess up and admit their error. That would at least hold up their market share in the alternative news market.

        I personally was able to nip in the bud the posting on IamTheWitness.com website of a Rebekah Roth YouTube video by site owner, Daryl Bradford Smith. To his strong credit, he immediately took the video down from his site when I supplied him with my suspicions about this entity which started the day about six months ago when I heard her speak as a guest on John Stadtmiller’s, RBN show. Stadtmiller was hostile and rude to me when I told him that his guest was a fake guest with fake information and he has never to my knowledge retracted his support of Roth entity.

        Another outcome or goal of the Rebekah Roth production or schtick is that is is breaking up all the different alternative radio/website sites and show hosts and site owners.

        I personally do not like John Wells, Christopher Bollyn, and a bunch of other so called or purported 9-11 truth seekers.

        Big long-term problems with all who support Dr. Steven Jones – nanothermite – Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth yadda yadda stuff.

        Mike Piper said that Christopher Bollyn was very close friends in frequent communication with Mr. Nanothermite himself, Dr. Steven Jones. I have always connected the whole nanothermite gang and all their spin-off entities such as Architects and Engineers group to supporting the Israel and Zionists had absolutely nothing to do with perpetration of 9-11 idea.

  10. Happy New Year(good to see you on the forum Prof.)!! With the Gregorian calendar year past, one theme has IMO been consistent: The Bolshevisation of society & culture as primer for the overused term: New World’s Order. Whether it’d be Anthropogenic Climate Change(which is fake…stevengoddard.WordPress.com, corbettreport.com blow that out the water), gun control(the no-so-secret efforts to implement the UN Small Arms Control Ban…strangely all led by Democrats), environmentalism(the religion of Gaea, Fabianism, and genocide in order to save humanity), middle east conflicts & ISIS/ISIL(a NATO Intel cutout), the issue of fossil fuels(no such thing as a fossil fuel…thanks L. Fletcher Prouty, F. William Engdahl), mass false-flag shootings, a common thread ties these seemingly separate issues together(putting aside that they’re the same agenda): FACTS DONT MATTER.

    Which brings me to the subject of “Radicalism” & Youth-Oriented culture: https://publicintelligence.net/nctc-counterradicalization/ lays out the plans to “counter radicalise” through “radicalization(there’s no other way to define it)”; radicalization meaning people who do things like…NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK, while counterradicalization means the actual funding, training(indoctrination), penetration of organizations, local councils, community groups, school & planning boards, essentially what people associate with CoinTelPro (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Climate_Reality_Project) as this link will show you. These operations(can’t call it anything else) are carried out the same way, no matter the purported cause, whether Arab Spring, Color Revolutions, The Mujahedin(even their madrassahs & textbooks were produced by US), The Red Chinese Communists(Yale University), Wahhabism(Wahhab was British Intelligence), The SDS/Weathermen/Underground(I suspect Operation CHAOS, but they were certainly trained, indoctrinated & radicalised in school), ’60s Feminism(Gloria Steinem CIA), even liberation theology. It got me to thinking that the state of being radical isn’t actually normal human behavior in that it doesn’t originate from a “normal” mind in normal conditions. It doesn’t emerge from reading content, it results from CONDITIONING, REGIMENTATION, INDOCTRINATION, BRAINWASHING…which brings me to the youth culture: why its promoted incessantly, why youth tend to be used so often as “change agents”.

    The youth – having very little historical context, and generally at their most self-centered & egotistical state, are by definition at their most vulnerable, and are ripe for the picking for recruitment for centralized, highly compartmentalized cultural(intelligence) ops, or simply Military, Police. Having no connection to traditions, having been stripped from the bosom of their elders by compulsory schooling(progressivism/Fabianism increasingly wants them at Pre-K level), they make the perfect change-agents, the perfect dupes, patsies, RADICALS. They have a single-minded(self-centered) purpose, are incredibly myopic, and believe that the world would be better if they simply changed it(egoism). They’re not wise enough to know that Revolutions are the change that…brings us back to where we started.

    Has weather/climate/rain worship NOT been tried before? Central Banking? Or how about RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY? Race/Class – based, sectarianism, tribalism? Have revolutions in civilization ever fundamentally changed anything other than the players? In Communism, was NOT one ruling mafia family replaced with another, and poverty NOT further entrenched? Its a lot to think about, so HAPPY NEW YEAR MHB??.

  11. I must say that U agree with many of the comments that some alternative media sites are limited hangouts at best, and misinformation at worst. Regarding AE911TRUTH and Stephan Jones, they do not engage in the no plane theory, it is true, but I believe AE911TRUTH are trying to limit their argument to the Nanothermite in order to enable the uniniciated to take their first step.
    We should never trash serious researchers such as Jones and Gage. For the real researchers no planes is an obviols conclusion. As an architect, I only use Gages arguements . The reason is simple, it is enough to prove unequivocally the controlled demolition of the towers. I am focusing on my strengths. I try to inform a few people each year, but thoroughly. I give them a private version of Gage’s arguments.
    Let’s not trash those with slightly different views. I used to think no planes was crazy too.

  12. Hi Dr. Tracy!

    Hope all is as well as it can be under the circumstances and that you have a union that has some decency & intellect!

    In the mean-time (literally), I think you may have grounds for suing Rachel Maddow for her tirade on The Rachel Maddow Show 2015 12 17.

    She completely misrepresents your stances and actions. Here are some quotes from the “show” below:

    He insists there wasn’t really a massacre in Conneticut 3 years ago the 20 kids and 6 adults killed there, according to him, they weren’t really killed. For years he’s run a conspiracy blog saying that massacre at Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax as was the Boston Marathon bombing…

    Note how she then speaks of letterS in the plural although the visuals do not include a “s” after the word “letter”:

    They said, among other things, he sent certified letterS demanding proof from them…

    This was not mispoken – this was purposefully misleading the public.

    If there was a trial involved (and I don’t mean the FAU witchhunt that is currently in process), wouldn’t this be considered “tainting the jury”? How can her assertion, stated as fact in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers, that Dr. Tracy is “soon-to-be-fired”, NOT be illegal?

    It’s not surprising that this soon-to-be-fired Sandy-Hook-Truther-Conspiracy-Theorist-Florida-___________ is in league with Alex Jones.

    Not to mention the unbelievable immaturity inherent in the “throw everything-you-can-find-at-him” name calling! (I’m surprised she didn’t throw the words “white” “husband” “father” “scholar” “PhD” and “male” in there too!)

    This too, is defamatory:


    finally? and where are the facts backing “started to sever ties” since nothing had been decided at that point?

    Of course, the o-so-logical Rachel made her big finishing arc by denouncing Donald Trump, who is apparently guilty!! because he spoke with Alex Jones:


    I never cease to be amazed/appalled by how gays – currently gay “news” anchors like Maddow and Cooper – so maliciously and fascistically attack others for their opinions or even for simply speaking to the “wrong” people. Why I expect LGBTetc. to behave better, just because they expect others to be tolerant and understanding, just reveals my own naiveté.

    Dr. Tracy, I think you have grounds to sue R. Maddow. Please do!!!!!!!

    And Godspeed, my friend.


    1. James has a point that the Progressives are often worse than the Conservatives. I don’t watch tv but I was at a friends house and he was raving about Maddow. She was interview Brzizinski at the time. I should have said something but sometimes I just get tired. her hatchet job is similar to the one I saw in the Columbia Journalism Review a year or two ago.

      Alex Jones appears to be disassociating his group from Sandy Hook. It’s the US strategy of Divide and Ruin. I disagree with Dr. Tracy on a number of issues, but that isn’t why they are trying to fire him. They are attacking him because he is telling the truth, and common decency demands his defense.

    2. THX1138 – I think it’s fine they say whatever about him then people can look up his website and learn the truth (such as myself, I wouldn’t have found out who he was without a similar article criticizing him lol).

      1. Along the same lines, I’d have to thank Cooper for sending me to MHB. If I hadn’t heard his absurd interview with JT, I might never have made it here.

      2. Hi Mary,

        It’s not fine. Most ppl won’t look up his blog and Dr. Tracy should be keeping his job, not having Rachel’s Mob, Anderson’s Mob or anyone else’s mob force him out.

        We are talking about his rights (our rights) and his livelihood.

  13. The rise of rightist despotism in the United States and the West has been described as fascism, but this is inaccurate. It appears to be a kind of oligarchical Nazism, a somewhat different thing. It has been and is being fostered in Ukraine by US neolibcons where the oligarchs are stealing anything that isn’t nailed down, and the repression, and killing, of the Ukraine population is being done by Nazis, directly descended from Hitler.

    The ideological difference is that Nazism was anti-Semitic and Italian fascism wasn’t, until allied with Hitler. An odd aspect of the anti-Semitism was that most of the civilian children, women, and men killed under Nazism were Slavs, not Jews, although they were killed as well.
    This is even more pronounced in Ukraine where the anti-Semitism is directed at killing Russians and Russian speakers, the majority of the population.

    Remarkably, the anti-Semitism is promoted by Israeli agents, like the billionaire oligarch Kolomoysky, and Soros groups. Israel sent military officers to help promote the Maiden coup under the direction of Nazi parties. This despite Israel diplomacy being rather friendly to Russia rather than totally following US lead. The anti-Semitism is intended to frighten the few hundred thousand Jews into emigrating to Israel.

    The rise of Nazism again is illustrated by the Turkish leader stating publically that Hitler provided a good example of leadership in a Democracy, and the teaching of Hitler’s Mein K to school children. In the USA, it is illustrated by the rise of the White power movement and Nazis like John Friend. There is a difference however in the current movement in most countries.

    Hitler’s Nazism mobilized the people around power. The function of current Nazism is to DE-MOBILIZE the people, allowing them to be divided and ruined. This demobilization was pointed out in DEMOCRACY, INC by a Progressive political scientist. Another big difference in the current oligarchical Nazism is that the oligarchy has nuclear weapons. The US is going to spend a trillion dollars in the next few decades to enhance them.

    The US oligarchy consists of a few hundred families of billionaires, multi-billionaires and aspiring billionaires who have owned and ruled the USA historically. When the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st, they began transforming the traditional US power system into a more despotic form. Apparently one form possible is a kind of libertarian-Nazism combined with primitive religion.

    The TPP and TTIP is an attempt to place the corporates in a world position over the governments, with the economic courts established by the oligarchs to allow the corporations to sue the governments if environment or labor laws threaten to diminish their profits. They can only be established if the populations are controlled by despotic means, and power delusions, so they are apparently financing the Nazi rise, and continuing to promote delusion management. And they will defend this policy with nuclear weapons.

    1. I never got the memo that your name is Mark, but I see from today that it is. You’re full of crap, you don’t know true history, and you do nothing but muddy the waters here. Why not go somewhere else? I’m pretty sure everyone here has caught on to you by now. Don’t let the door hit you on your ass as you leave!

      1. I see what it is, THX; you identify with a story that is not restricted by reality. So that anything that fits into the story is True, even if it doesn’t correspond to reality. Thus, anti-racism began with Trotsky because he was Jewish, Orwell was a Freemason for some other story reason. You will hold any position that fits into the story no matter how preposterous it is. And this is true of all the anti-Semites because that is the only theory that they have.

        So when you are confronted with evidence or reason, the only response you have is unreason, violence, or absurdity. And this is the case for all unreason at that moment, which creates a collective consensus. If it is bound in a power ideology, than that consensus can endure historically, as the Nazi one does. Above all, it is necessary to retain the story, because that’s all you have. That is how the Nazis fought to the last man in ww2, they identified with their power story to the death in a situation where they knew they would lose.

        It’s apparent then that we are in a very dangerous situation, because the oligarchy identify with the power story of Free Enterprise. And it is losing and will continue to lose to a state-market economic system. That is why the Chinese are being so especially cautious; they are not dealing with a rational US leadership. Their world-view is not as absurd as yours, THX, but they may identify with the way you do yours. And they identify collectively with each other the way the anti-Semites do here. And they are refurbishing nuclear weapons.

        It appears to be necessary somehow to disrupt their power story. But how can this be done when an oligarchy has constantly, and successfully, conducted delusion management to rule? And while they are endlessly at war? When power systems are at the end of their rule, they become politically insane. The Tsar was effectively ruled by Rasputin until he was assassinated. Nazi Germany by Hitler and Gobbels. In the USA, we may be increasingly ruled by people like you, Thx. Who have their power story and are sticking to it.

      2. That was folkie’s handle before he came up with the perfectly ridiculous one he uses now. Someone else, making sense, wrote a comment under the name “Mark,” which disturbed the poor fellow, so with indignation he announced the change, saying “my real nam’e not Mark, anyway.”

        Many of those of us who were hanging around this joint back then refuse to address him with any indication their is any “truth” about him. So I poke fun of his idiotic moniker by calling him “folkie” and “folkiedeciever”, as well as Mark. Those who are less inclined to playful disrespectfulness in dealing with the callow little man address him as “Mark.”

        He will not go away, because what he reads here is generally intelligent, truthful, and historically well informed. For him, this is the definition of “racism,” his special focus in life. This is a massively “racist” place, in his peculiar perspective, so he visits it the way normal people visit the zoo, or anthropologists visit savage jungle tribes, hoping not to get eaten as they gather data on the lives of cannibals. He’s not smart enough to know that all us “natives” are laughing at him as he does his oh-so-serious “information gathering.”

        The thing is, in reality, this is not a “zoo” and he’s not a normal person. And this is not a strange, inscrutable, culture and he’s not an anthropologist. What he calls “racism” is the normal, real, world; he only THINKS he’s visiting the zoo when he comes here. In his fevered imagination, he probably really believes that this normalcy is his definition of “racism.” I know that it is impolite to laugh at the chronically mentally delusional, but in his case I can’t help myself–especially because he lies about me routinely with the most vicious attacks of anyone.

        I guess that’s something to be proud of: it makes me the most normal of the bunch!

        1. Pat,
          I’m convinced Folk is an A,I, program written by the NSA.

          I just don’t know if it’s Artificial Intelligence or Articulate Ignorance.

          Very Robotic in Responses. Just Sayin

    1. It’s hard to tell what’s happening in the Oregon situation. I hardly need elaborate on distortion in the media.

      Let’s hope the federales don’t push this to a conflagration, although that looks like where they are going. I’m sure they’d like to take down some Bundys, someplace. Those folks are too uppity for the federal government.

      I wonder if Recynd has an inside line on this.

      1. A usually level-headed friend of mine says about the Oregon situation, “Goes to show when you have the connection, protection and the complexion” that cops will let you have a stand-off, I guess? Tell that to Ruby Ridge and Waco.

        My friend is an activist for the homeless and a “Black Lives Matter” advocate, but he always comes to the defense of his white friends when someone says something like, “all white people are racist” or some nonsense, he will say, “Speak for yourself.”

      2. Apparently, it all started when 2 locals were released from state prison and retried and sentenced on federal charges (they can do this without violating double jeopardy because of the “dual sovereign” rule). This reeks of COINTELPRO instigation tactics.

        1. It’s worth reading up on double jeopardy and the dual sovereign rule. All us “volunteers” might not agree, but the Supreme Court says, “It is the natural consequence of a citizenship which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection from both. The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.”

        2. I just posted on this – it’s out processing through the Bermuda Buffer, but there’s some fishy business going on. It may be that the actual “occupation” was a rogue operation not supported by the actual on-site militia.

          Currently watching the town hall meeting that took place Friday night – to calm nerves before the planned Saturday rally. It’s pretty detailed – covers a lot of ground, but interesting to hear the locals

        3. Regina, I understand that the Hammonds did not invite anyone nor do they want them to take any actions on their behalf. Apparently, they are willing to throw themselves on the tender mercies of the feds.

          Bundy is not acting at their request. That doesn’t mean that his action is invalid. Just as the feds used the Hammonds to provoke an altercation, Bundy is using it to make a point.

          The Hammonds are the victims. Bundy and friends are making a valid point as well. This is all about abuse of authority.

        4. Lophatt, this is a reply to you (not sure I got the right button) –

          I’m not sure where I am on all of this, but according to the speaker in this video at 1:11:, it’s not that the Hammonds are throwing themselves on the mercies of anyone – they were told by the U. S. District atty’s office that any contact with the Bundys, patriot groups, etc. would result in their being “taken by force before January 4th, and given less than desirable prison conditions”.

          I agree that it’s about abuse of power – I’m just trying to figure out all the tentacles. It seems like the people in the town hall are trying to find solutions, but I can’t tell if they’re all honest players. The timing is so convenient. And the headlines keep changing – that’s what first caught my eye.

        5. Regina, I understand. I’m not sure by what authority the feds can tell them who they can talk to, but I’ll take it on faith that they’d arrest them early.

          i didn’t mean that they “chose” (in a voluntary sense) to surrender. My understanding is that they agreed to do that. That is their choice. I’m not sure its a good one, but it’s theirs to make.

          I don’t see any “bad faith” by anyone. Bundy and crew are using this as an opportunity. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If they try to punish the Hammonds for Bundy’s decision they will have to fight that in court.

          I often advise people that there is little that can be done for where we find ourselves, at least directly. That doesn’t mean that I don’t admire courage, even when there is little chance of success.

          We have seen examples already of what happens when people stand up to authorities. I think it is a crying shame that we have to fight for our God-given rights, including the right to be left alone.

          If Bundy and friends have martyr complexes and want to sacrifice themselves I understand. I don’t think they are doing this to harm the Hammonds. This is all part of the push to drive people off the land and to make them totally dependent.

          I am glad that there are those who will fight for their freedom. Whether the publicity helps or hinders that remains to be seen. It does serve to force the issue into the public sphere.

          If you consider that murdering people at Ruby Ridge or burning them alive in Waco didn’t have much of a lasting consequence for those in power, it is difficult to believe that they are concerned about this. What should have happened as a result of those abuses, didn’t.

          Oregonians demonstrated tremendous support for freedom and sent a message to the mutts in D.C. when they turned down Obongo’s scripted visit after Umqua. Everyone should follow that example.

        6. This dual citizenship ruling does not make sense given the very high degree of cooperation between states and the feds in criminal matters. A good argument could be that it represents an 8th Amendment violation given that the states and fed are working hand and glove in most criminal matters, and, therefore such prosecutions inevitably lead to excessive punishment. This is especially the case here as the underlying sentences are tied to federal “private” eminent domain, that in many jurists’ positions, is unconstitutional law.

        7. I tend to agree – two things to remember about life here in Oregon

          this is our second media-event gun issue in 3 months (UCC was 10/1)
          our Governor was elected as Secy. of State, not governor…she took over when Kitzhaber resigned due to corruption (which received a Lot less media coverage than the gun related events). Her claim to fame is that she’s the first “openly bi-sexual governor”* in the U.S., and sure strikes me as a lib lapdog.

          *as always, I don’t care who people sleep with – just shut the door and leave me out of it

      3. Based on what I’ve read on this, for some reason they decided to use the Hammonds as a sort of test case. What they were accused of is done routinely.

        They were originally charged under this federal statute having to do with “Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty”. The judge who heard the case did not agree and charged them with nine (down from nineteen) counts of “arson”.

        “Arson” does not fit the definition of what they did. No federal or local funds were expended in putting out the fire. They were fined $400K and a year in jail. The dad was reduced to a couple of months, the son served a full year.

        Later, on appeal, a federal judge decided that the original “terrorism” charge applied and order them to serve the remainder of the minimum five year sentence. That is what lead to today’s episode.

        What has been happening is a move to central federal control. The language, as usual, has been subtly changed with regard to “Public Lands” to “Federal Lands”. Until very recently BLM land was “managed” by the feds. State laws applied.

        Currently in states like Nevada and Oregon where there are vast tracts of public land, the federal government is attempting to take total control of those lands. This is not traditional.

        In addition to the planned “surrender” of the Hammonds on Monday, Ammon Bundy has seized a federal building outside of Burns OR for use as a “sanctuary” for people such as the Hammonds. This is likely to get ugly.

        What Bundy and his friends are trying to do is establish in a real way the theory that “public” means “us”. I applaud this, although I don’t expect a good outcome. While we say that we govern ourselves, our actions belie that assertion.

        When we accede to tyranny we enforce the precedent that “authority” can do with us as they will. This is entirely the situation, of course. They will not allow their authority to be challenged.

        Now, they could leave us alone. That is the proper thing to do. We have ample examples of the fact that they will never do that. Murder by sniper or burning people to death is considered appropriate for those who defy authority.

        The original charges that brought this showdown were mean-spirited and inappropriate. That is not an accident. They provoked this and they will use it as another example. Only compliant slaves are wanted in the New World Odor.

        1. some interesting comments by local law enforcement

          PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Federal officials are flying into Oregon Sunday to take control of the situation in Burns where armed militia have seized control of a building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

          Sources told KOIN 6 News those officials will work with local officials to try to bring an end to the situation. The FBI will be the lead agency in dealing with the situation, these sources said.

          Law enforcement officials have asked politicians to refrain from public comments on the situation out of fear it could inflame things.

          On Sunday, Sheriff Ward issued a longer statement that said, in part:

          “These men came to Harney County claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers, when in reality these men had alternative motives to attempt to over throw the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.

          “We are currently working jointly with several organizations to make sure the citizens of Harney County are safe and this issue is resolved as quickly and peaceful as possible. At this time we do not have any information that any other areas in Harney County are in immediate danger.

          “We ask that people stay away from the refuge for their safety. We also ask that if anyone sees any of these individuals in the area to please contact law enforcement and do not confront the individuals themselves. …”


        2. They’ll likely bomb the place. Isn’t it nice that “the media” are so compliant? The FBI was in charge at Ruby Ridge and Waco as well. If they are able to keep people away they will make short work of this.

          “These individuals” have a right to go wherever they like. So it looks like we’ll get to see how “authority” deals with “dangerous extremists”.

        3. “They’ll likely bomb the place” Haha

          MSM certainly won’t notice..

          We may need to send some White Cops in there to shoot someone of color protesting for the cause…

          No. MSM probably still wouldn’t cover it…wrong agenda.

      4. I’m on an email list for Bundy “supporters” (for the record, I’m interested; I’m friendly to their cause, but I wouldn’t call myself a supporter), but other than that, I don’t know much else. Funny, no one at church mentioned this (but few are all that political); however, a long-time member passed away this weekend, so most every body was mourning a matter closer to home.

        From the few interviews I’ve heard, I’d throw my lot in with the Hammonds. I sure don’t think they’re “terrorists”, and I bet they’re paying a steep price for their support for the Bundys. I also think there are armed, trained militia groups that have been champing at the bit for a juicy cause to rally behind. God bless ’em, but heaven help them.

        1. Recynd, sorry for your loss. As usual, I too am skeptical of “causes”. But, regardless of the particulars, this points to a much larger issue. The issue is whether we are a people who rule themselves, or a people who are ruled by others.

          In all the discussion (out of the corporate media I might add), the Hammonds were holdouts to an attempt to cancel their grazing permits and have them relocate. There was a “wildlife preserve” established and all of their neighbors were coerced into moving but them. This makes their legal troubles a little easier to understand.

          The US Geological Survey recently issued a report on the area finding it rich in certain minerals and other resources. The same thing has been happening in Nevada. Harry Reid has been neck-deep in this for years.

          We all know that a lot of people don’t ask permission, they simply act as if they have it. In the case of government entities this is egregious as their rights are “enumerated”, ours are protected. The mandate of BLM is to “manage” the PUBLIC land under their care. They are to do this in a manner that is most beneficial to the public interest.

          The federal government is not permitted to own land other than for specific purposes. Those purposes are also enumerated. So, as a starter, it isn’t “their” land. However, by conveniently overlooking this fact and moving straight to legal action as the “owner”, they have obfuscated the issue.

          My interest is not tied to Bundy or any other person or group who would do this. My interest has to do with a government that has taken it upon itself to decide our futures and abuse their authorities to social engineer an outcome that they’re after.

          Growing up I had several relatives in Nevada. I spent many days each year at my aunt’s house there. I rode motorcycles, hunted rabbits, target shot and roamed the vastness. I have not seen anyplace like it for feeling independent. I loved it.

          Most of this land was controlled by the BLM. By control I mean that there were little signs on fences every so many miles. Outside of that one rarely saw any of them. The people living there in that day and age were hugely self-reliant. Nobody thought of asking a government agency for anything or calling one unless it was absolutely unavoidable.

          Eastern Oregon is largely the same. If you screw up you die. If you know what you’re doing and are prepared you can thrive. It is an authoritarian’s nightmare.

          These are people who came in the 1800’s and made a living in a sometimes hostile environment. Those who could work hard, use their wits and survive flourished. There are not whiners. These are people who want to be left alone.

        2. Thanks Toni. I meant it. If you look at the video I posted above by Stephan Molyneau, it becomes quite clear what’s going on. We are the “host” and every parasite with a scam is feeding off us.

          What’s worse, there are many out there who can’t wait to be totally controlled, stacked and packed, and cuddled in the bosom of The State.

          These are pathetic creatures. They sit in rapt attention while Obongo trots out his troop for another curtain call. Barry and the Obongonoids. He wrings his hands and thinks of that middle-aged dumpy man who avoided his amorous attentions and weeps bitter tears.

          Someone once said (I can’t remember who for some reason), “Inside of every liberal is a tyrant raging to get out”. I think I agree.

        3. “He wrings his hands and thinks of that middle-aged dumpy man who avoided his amorous attentions and weeps bitter tears.”

          So that’s how he made himself cry in the video!

          Listening to the Stephan Molyneau video now.

  14. The “militia” situation in Oregon is getting interesting – this name “Blaine Cooper” has been crossing my eyes all week (something about him being legit or not?)…now I see what’s up.

    Friday night the town/protesters/militia held a meeting to address the locals’ concerns…reports state that “Over two hours, the conversation shifted from sometimes profanity-laden declarations to agreements the Hammonds had been too harshly treated and that a peaceful rally might do some good. The meeting ended with handshakes and then more conversations outside with cigarettes in the 7-degree weather.”

    Saturday the militia held a rally, placed flowers in the snow (which I still don’t quite get the gist of) and threw pennies on the ground outside the courthouse as a symbol of ‘buying back their government’. Apparently the protest/militia members who were behind the rally are Not the same people who took over the federal building – and now the name Blaine Cooper is being bandied about as an infiltrator/plant/etc.

    I looked at Oregonlive this morning, and one headline clearly stated that a 3rd External group had taken over the bldg. – now it reads “armed militia”. The article text retains the 3rd party reference:
    “A splinter group of militia in town to support a local ranching family took over the federal office Saturday afternoon in a development that stunned the community and visiting militia.”

    Oregonlive’s banner headline:
    “Militants continue occupation of Oregon refuge: What you need to know”

    (maybe they should try something a little more blatant, right? jeez – please, tell me what I Need to know argh)

    James has linked the zerohedge article (Now Is The Time To Stand Up) below, which gives a good background of the original intent behind the protest.

    Truth Virus 2 posted a video stating that Blaine Cooper & Gang hijacked the movement and took over the federal bldg. Without the support of the militia

    Another name in this story is Jon Ritzheimer, who has a pretty long story as a somewhat suspect racist antagonizer – his latest move was to post a video which “suggests he plans to occupy federal lands and fight to the death, rather than suffer the tyranny of the rule of law”. He’s inside the building with Cooper.

    Those behind the original protest/rally do not support this action. Their argument is that the federal govt. has no right to the land, it should be returned to the county, and that the entire matter of the Hammonds should have been handled locally, not by the feds. Dwight and Steve Hammond have said all along that they intend to turn themselves in and serve the remainder of their sentence.

    “Law enforcement response: During Saturday’s rally, not a police officer was visible. And so far law enforcement agencies have not approached the refuge or blocked access to the territory. The FBI is in charge because the refuge is federal property. The Harney County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police are engaged as well.” (oregonlive)

    It’s a powderkeg. Meanwhile, we’ve been under constant reminder the past few days that once Obama returns from his winter break, we’ll be seeing Executive Actions aimed at gun control. We’re just not Sure what they’ll include. Yet.


    1. As you can see from some of the comments right here, this is rather cleverly managed. If one is inclined to legal answers, it’s a simple deal. If one takes it a bit farther and looks at the moral and ethical aspects it’s another deal entirely.

      Telling you “what you need to know” is based on the assumption that you have no personal freedom in the matter. Much like jury nullification. if the community simply does not wish to impose the federal brand of “justice” on its citizens are they obliged to do so?

      So the feds are telling everyone “what they need to know” and so are the local corporate media. The certain hope is that, when they stomp this out, people will say, “well, what could they have done?”, etc..

      The more often this happens the less likely it is that anyone will ever regain a measure of freedom. In theory, they are working for us. If you don’t want them to kick in your door, shoot your dog, murder your relatives, you should be able to have them fired, even charged.

      So maybe what needs to happen is to force that discussion. If they quit trying to persuade people that they serve their interests at least we can discuss whether or not that arrangement is suitable to us.

      The rural population is antithetical to every goal they have. The want us all “packed and stacked” and under constant surveillance. Anything they can do to force people off of their lands makes them less self-reliant and more controllable. .

      Food and water will be the new “oil”. They want corporate control of all resources. If we must go to them for our food and water we will be less likely to resist. Having extreme penalties for land use issues is one way to affect their agenda.

  15. and right on schedule – here comes Anderson

    (CNN) — President Barack Obama is mounting a final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy despite Republican opposition and is expected to announce unilateral action soon.

    He will join CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday for an exclusive one-hour live town hall on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, in hopes of mounting a final pitch to the public.

    It’s an issue he has had zero success on so far in his presidency, despite his repeated, emotional appeals for change. Congress has remained a roadblock even in the face of widespread public support for Obama’s past calls for universal background checks or bolstered mental health support, with near uniform opposition from Republicans and a split on the issue among Democrats.

  16. Some music for a Sunday?

    Van Morrison recorded this song in 1968. In it he predicts that he “shall never grow so old again,” a claim that must be taken as metaphoric, Van having just turned 23.


    This is one of the early uses of the image of “walking in gardens all misty wet with rain,” a trope Morrison has been following in all the decades since.

    Rock journalist Paul Du Noyer writes, “Sweet Thing puts the singer in a hazy, pastoral paradise where he wanders in ‘gardens wet with rain’, or counts the stars in his lover’s eyes, and vows to ‘never grow so old again’ or ‘read between the lines’. He pleads with his mind to keep quiet, so his heart can hear itself think. He yearns to obliterate experience and rediscover innocence.”

    The year before, in 1967, Van had already made a record called “TB Sheets,” with one of the most unromantic songs in the history of recorded music since “St. James Infirmary.”

    In a collection of his essays edited by cultural critic Greil Marcus, the great Lester Bangs describes it: “In TB Sheets, his last extended narrative before making [Astral Weeks], Van Morrison watched a girl he loved die of tuberculosis. The song was claustrophobic, suffocating, monstrously powerful, ‘innuendos, inadequacies, foreign bodies’. A lot of people couldn’t take it; the editor of this book [Marcus] has said that it’s garbage, but I think it made him squeamish.”

    It’s pretty raw. The young rock star starts back-pedaling out of the hospital as soon as he gets there, throwing out excuses and assurances, chiding the girl for crying, and offering to send someone from his posse by later with a bottle of wine. Gotta go, gotta go.

    You have to admire Van’s honest work in this recording. Though he never states it directly, what it exposes is his self-disgust. He’s said to have been unable to continue the session after recording this song.

    Great blues. The harmonica is supposed to hurt.


        1. “Van the Man can be a little depressing.”

          Or not. I tried to draw on his range.

          But, howdy-do again to you! I know steeleye span, but forgot this song.

  17. Just in time for Obama’s Gun Grab Today , Sandy Hook put back in Spotlight.


    Retiring Newtown Police Chief Reflects.
    “The Hartford native, who was hired by Newtown police in 1978 and became chief in 2001, speaks only in vague terms about what he saw in the classrooms where the students and teachers were killed. It’s hard. It’s really hard. It’s unimaginable is the best way to term it,” he said. Responding to the school that day was “surreal,” he said.
    ” But the Hard Cash was Real and now I can Retire Rich!” he went on say…

    “In many ways we’re still the same community we were before,( just a Lot richer) probably closer-knit and more compassionate. We know that time ( and Cash) heals. It may not completely heal. But it does heal.” “You should see my bank acct..” He said to AP.


  18. Congratulations to the slews of seers who are forcing the media to trip over themselves in convincing us they are real. We have successfully narrowed down who the evil controllers are. They are free to publish their rubbish on controlled outlets such as utube without threats of false lawsuits and real harassment.


    Even the local ‘news’ paper, the Democrat & Chronicle, called foul on this terrorist threat that was not thwarted, but created by the FBI!


      1. He’s basically talking about the H-1B1 Visa program that is being used illegally.

        My daughter entire US wide company is getting gutted by March with people from India under this Ruse and “They” have to Train them to take their Jobs !!! About 15K of jobs in the medical field Insurance Coding for Obamacare.

        Just like Disney and Edison Jobs. They like putting a little salt in your wounds when they fire you After, you train your foreign replacement.

        1. “They” have to Train them to take their Jobs !!!

          If they do that, they’re fools. Quit and train no one!

      1. Okay, this might be too petty to mention, but here it goes: who cries out of the outside corner of their eye? Don’t tears firm in the inside corner? There’s very little info about this online, but a casual survey of household members agree with me (but then again, I feed them).


      2. yeah, he flips us off in so many ways…

        Funny how the tears fall AFTER the million-$$ obscene Hawaiian vacation!! (and no tears for the homeless all that $$ could have housed)

    1. Ric, thanks, I’ve watched no television lately and missed this. It’s the most nauseating thing I’ve seen in awhile. Kinda makes my blood boil.

      Obama must be getting really desperate for his agenda to come out and sell this fakery with public tears.

      I bet he had Vick’s Vapo rub on his fingers to make himself cry. That’s how they do it in the movies.

      1. A lot of people have said, Pepper or Hot Sauce or Onion as in Hollywood.

        I think his Tears Are Real !

        He’s had 7 years to either surrender the US to China and Russia, The East and West coast respectively( per Bill bill Ayers plan) and we live in the middle.Those who disagree go to re-education Camps and about 250 thousand of us will be executed. This is FACT…

        I Love Democrat’s..Don’t You?

        1. Ric… you just basically described the plot of a brilliant new series called ” The Man In The High Castle”….. except in this series it asks what if Germany & Japan won WW11? The Japs turn the west coast states into their colony, whilst the Germans occupy the East coast, with a ” Neutral Zone” in the Rockies/ Central areas….its well worth watching and completes in one season……
          its easy to see this series as predictive programming and a version of what you call Bill Ayres’ plan…. although I’m not sure he ever actually advocated that… I followed him a little in the 60’s, as we all did back then and I don’t recall him suggesting that, but its been a long time… I was startled to learn Ayers was alive and kicking when Obama came in…. ! An old hero of mine, but obviously not to MHB types these days…..to us he was part of the fight against the oligarchs that still rule the world and who MHBers also fight against, but his alternative future is obviously not one that righties can embrace…. anyway, forget Ayers.. watch ”The Man In The High Castle” !

      2. Toni, you’re right! He touched both eyes before either teared! Jalapeno pepper juice works well, and you just need a tiny bit of it on your fingers…

      1. I always dig TruthStreamMedia; they are so good at what they do, and I can’t help but be invested in Melissa and Aaron’s love story.

        I think they do a great job at reaching and teaching the “everyman”; between their relateability, research, and technical skills, they have all the bases covered.

        And yes, of COURSE Obama was lying. I’m only surprised that EVERYONE can’t see it, but I suppose people said that about Baby Bush’s “WMD” speech, too (sadly, I believed him). It’s easy to be fooled when you’re only paying half-attention.

        1. Reynd… yeah, I’m with you on Aaron and Melissa, always incisive and on the button. This about sums them up..

          Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton created Truthstream Media.com as an outlet to examine the news, place it in a broader context, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, grasp the underlying factors, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free…

          Not much to disagree with there!

  19. Conspiracy theorists better not get any crazy ideas. For a town that begged for privacy, they have managed to garner more attention to themselves than any other town with a state sponsored drill this last decade. Truly pathetic.


    “Because the memorial could draw out-of-town attention and potential vandalism by conspiracy theorists, the Police Commission has suggested 24/7 surveillance cameras to provide extra security.”

    1. “I vant to be alone. Just send your money”. Absolutely, they need all that security. Just look at all those other memorials to myths. Who’s gonna keep the world safe for lying actors with all those “conspiracy theorists” around? What’s the NWO coming to?

  20. Today, both PJMedia (https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/1/5/coverup-of-mass-molestations-on-new-years-eve-in-cologne-draws-ire) and the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3386673/Women-Cologne-lockdown-council-admits-no-longer-safe-wake-African-Arab-mob-s-rapes-declares-upcoming-carnival-no-area-females.html) report about the mass sexual crime committed by the aliens Frau Merkel invited into Germany last year. I particularly love this excerpt from the DM:

    “Asked by a journalist whether refugees were behind the rampage, Maas said police were still working to identify the attackers.
    ‘This is not about where someone is from but what they did,’ he said. ‘Making an issue out of it, lumping it together with the refugee issue, is nothing but exploitation. Now is the time to determine the facts and then decide on the necessary consequences.’ ”

    This was a quote from Heiko Maas, Germany’s Justice Minister. I know that politicians’ native language is lies, but this still has to have been difficult to say with a straight face. One wonders at what point the job is simply not worth it.

    As I have said from the start, when I noticed the first reports in the Daily Mail last summer, before any American news outlets apprised us American ignoramuses of it, this invasion was planned. It was obvious to me from the first pictures of the invaders, and the piles of garbage they generated, and the toilets they evidently did not want to use because that’s where some of the biggest piles were seen. And they all had cell phones that apparently work in Europe–and had to have been pre-paid (where is the phone company going to send the bill?)

    These people are Moslems, who grew up with minds made by Islam. Anyone who did not expect them to regard Europe’s women like predators was a moron (and most Europeans are lefties, and thus indeed morons). But the people who planned the invasion knew perfectly well what to expect. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the civilization that once was the West, and the whole point was to create a clash of civilizations deep in the heart of Europe, the better to destroy it quicker.

    At least an American publisher wrote about this outrage (which German officialdom REALLY tried to stop the public knowing about), although I doubt many other “news” outlets will pick it up.

    Meanwhile, back home, Mexico sends us the dregs of its society, year after year, decade after decade, freeing itself from the terrible burden they once represented. They’re OUR problem now. The joke’s on us. I can’t help but be reminded that a year and a half ago Mexico facilitated the invasion of America by hundreds of thousands of impoverished central Americans, billed as unaccompanied minors, but most of whom were clearly young gangsters straight out of prison. Now, Mexico has an intensely secure southern border, allowing no such riffraff into the country; it is obvious that Mexico made a deal with Barry Soetoro to provide safe passage to the northern border.

    The whole idea is to replace the population of all the European countries with aliens from incompatible cultures and civilizations, people who are incapable of advancing the standard of living the way the West has always done. After all it is the West that invented everything that characterizes the modern world, that developed the Earth’s resources and converted worthless rock into iPhones and airplanes and dentist’s drills.

    And guess what? The invaders come from places that invented NOT ONE THING that we take for granted as the normal things of life. They have no patents, not information content, no innovations to speak of. They just take.

    And somehow, we people of what used to be the West are somehow supposed to feel guilty, and thus sorry for the invaders.


    1. It is too late for Europe. There is no turning back now. Over here we’re already a full course meal on the same globalist menu, no longer just à la carte.

      What the Council on Foreign Relations has to say on the subject. They ought to know since they have intimate knowledge of the “crisis”.

      Europe’s Migration Crisis:

      The Corbett Report on the same Council:

      The Council on Foreign Relations is well known amongst researchers of parapolitics as one of the organizations of interest directing Washington’s foreign policy. Once derided as “conspiracy theory” the influence of the group is now a truism that is openly joked about in Washington’s foreign policy circles.

      What many do not know, however, is that the CFR is in fact a branch of a slightly older, slightly less-known organization: the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Born from the ashes of war-ravaged Europe following the Great War, the idea for the RIIA was forged at an informal session during the 1919 Paris peace conference. The Institute was formalized the next year, first as the British Institute of International Affairs, and then, after receiving its Royal Charter, as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

      1. Thanks for finding this, Ric. The situation is horrible.

        As I say, this is not an unexpected situation–except to brain dead liberals. It was planned, and the invaders are being encouraged. And it’s going to get much, much, worse–because Europe’s countries are not going to deport the invaders, returning them to their homes in Africa and Asia, as is the obvious thing to do, to restore normalcy. As Anne says, Europe is beyond help at this point. Even if the people rose up, and overthrew their treasonous governments, it would still be too late, because the socialistic ideology the peoples of Europe now swim in like a fish in water make a crusade impossible to imagine. They need to fight back, and expel these invaders. But they won’t.

        1. What tells me a story is these people have been greeted with Teddy Bears as the man said and have no compassion for the people who opened their arms….Warning

          To be that bold and defiant in a mere couple of weeks, tells me you Never respected them before you even came.

          I hope Anne isn’t correct and there’s still hope to fix, but I think she may be correct………………..

          We are Next.

        2. Ric, I read the daily news from my old country and their neighbor Sweden. The front pages are littered with “refugee” sob stories and politicians meeting again, and again, and again ad nauseaum to find long term “solutions” for the invasion.

          To a simple mind the solution is to not allow the invasion to begin with. But that is only for us simple minded who could predict the outcome. The Bilderbergers want this and their foot soldiers throughout Europe make sure it happens. It is too late to turn the tide. Hundreds of thousands of “newcomers” are expected to northern European countries this year. They come to stay.

          I am made speechless at the drawings presented for the future refugee cities in Norway. Not only will there be such cities built by military contractors experienced in building military barracks, but dozens of ships up and down the coast are made available to house the newcomers. In the meantime girls and women in the cities are not safe waiting for subway trains which are common means of local transport. They are afraid to use the subways after dark due to rapes and other crimes at the waiting stations. Crimes that never were an issue before the invasion.

          To add fuel to the fire, so to speak, house and apartment fires are now at an astronomical high. The newcomers are not used to modern means of heating and cooking. And the men all smoke like chimneys, even the young male children with beards. No, it is too late. Natives, decedents of the Vikings and now accustomed to a very high living standard, are too complacent to object. The few that do object have nowhere to go except writing letters to the Bilderberg sanctioned prime minister. Much good that will do – not.

          Out of control propaganda rag “Aftenposten” printed a few such letters to the PM during the Christmas holidays. Many wanted more done for the newcomers and a few were none too pleased with the invasion. That is the extent their objecting voices will be heard, or in this case not heard.

          An interesting contrast from the past to present is a town named Rjukan where a mountain resort is now housing hundreds of newcomers, mostly men who seem to be in good shape in their twenties and early thirties passing time playing soccer games in the snow.

          This town became famous during WW2 for heroic actions by locals. A movie was made in 1965 starring Kirk Douglas, mostly filmed on location:


        3. Mullah Krekar is Norway’s most famous Muslim. He came to the country in the early nineties and he and his large family have been supported by taxpayers ever since. Krekar has spent much of this time in Norwegian prisons, still incarcerated. Italy wants him for a recent terror plot he planned against that country while imprisoned.

          From Wikipedia:
          November 2015 Arrest
          On November 13, 2015 it was reported that Krekar was arrested in prison[50] in Norway on November 11 “in a coordinated police swoop on Islamist militants planning attacks.” He and 14 other Iraqi Kurds and one non-Kurd were “arrested in countries across Europe in collaboration with police from Italy, the UK, Norway, Finland, Germany and Switzerland.”[51] The BBC reported that the raids targeted Rawti Shax, “which seeks to establish a caliphate in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.”[50


          Mullah Krekar in Norway gives chilling and honest interview about Islam and the West. 11 minutes translated:


        4. I just got to Mark Steyn. Can’t neglect to share it: http://www.steynonline.com/7407/checkpoint-charlie-hebdo

          An excerpt:

          And so the Arab Spring has come to Europe – or at least the Tahrir Square part of it.

          But don’t even think of saying things like that because that makes you just as bad as the gang-rapists. Just ask Ralf Jaeger, the Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia:

          Mr Jaeger also warned that anti-immigrant groups were trying to use the attacks to stir up hatred against refugees.

          “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chatrooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

          So, in the multiculti utopia, chatrooms are “at least as awful” as gang rape. Maybe his cabinet colleagues might usefully stick some fingers in Herr Jaeger’s orifices, starting with his mouth.

          But, in Frau Merkel’s Germany, he’s not wrong. Consider this passage from that Washington Post piece:

          Proponents are hailing the government effort as a way to foment respect while also controlling the most savage voices in society.

          So “the most savage” voices in society who need to be forced to “respect” others are not the thousands of men participating in a group sexual assault of female infidels, but the Tweeters and Facebookers who point out that these guys come from a very particular segment of the population. It’s revealing that Anthony Faiola could even write that sentence and not be aware of its insulting absurdity. I have written for years about western feminists’ acceptance of the “two-tier sisterhood” – one life for them, and another quite different one for women born into certain other, ah, cultural traditions. Given mass Muslim immigration, it was never likely that this division would be more than an interim phase, and, as German women are now learning, in the hierarchy of identity politics Islam trumps feminism.

          End of quote

          We are witnessing cultural suicide. Once gradual, what once was the West is racing toward extinction as fast as possible. It’s the cheerfulness about it that perhaps bothers me the most.

        5. I can’t imagine why anyone would pick Europe for a vacation destination anymore, but we can still enjoy Rick Steve’s Europe on PBS – the way it was.


          Have no fear, after the newcomers complete these courses and receive their diplomas, all will be well for local women and girls:


          So, a whole new industry is being built around an invasion of a foreign culture. Back there in Santa Claus land one word has received its fair share of mockery over the years and rightfully so. The state wanted people working (paying taxes) at all costs and thus invented the word “sysselsatt”. Everyone of working age had to be “sysselsatt” – come hell or high-water.

          The invasion has made sure everyone of working age is “sysselsatt” except the invaders.

          “Sysselsatt” is a word for “getting a paycheck minus taxes even if you sit on a chair chainsmoking all day looking out some government office window. Or, in new speak: “The term is used partly as a synonym for work in the context of labor statistics.”

          So, thanks to the invasion Europe is now back at work – or at least “sysselsatt”.

        6. Hi Anne B…. I usually enjoy your comments and you seem well informed on American issues, but your comments here on the state of Europe are just ridiculous, so I have to respond so that other readers with little personal experience of Europe don’t think your view is factual, rather than a highly filtered opinion…

          I’m British and I’ve also lived many years in Spain and travelled widely throughout Europe so I’m closer to the events and issues you are commenting on…

          You say ” I can’t imagine why anyone would pick Europe for a vacation”….presumably as a result of news stories about the recent influx of refugees and migrants which have been blown up by the mainstream media out of all proportion, partly in the interests of selling news and partly to further the New World Order agenda of ” divide and rule”…. as long as you are focusing on the differences and temporary difficulties of absorbing some newcomers from beyond Europe, we are not looking at the main problem which is, of course, how we are being enslaved, impoverished and denied our personal freedoms by the oligarchy that seeks to control us, mostly, I might add, originating from your country and apparently largely unopposed by your people….

          All I’m really saying is… get some perspective! There is no ”invasion” as you and others put it… I sometimes wonder if you Americans understand the size and diversity of ” Europe”… the European Union countries alone have around 500 million population of which about 0.5% are muslim immigrants….. that’s not counting the non EU European countries….. which are many millions more….. they have almost zero statistical effect on our societies or our traditional way of life, which continues the same as always…

          mocking education classes for migrants? Why? All our children get sex education and civil education classes in schools…its sensible to extend that to people who arrive from a different culture…..

          Maybe you and many other Americans on here and on similar blogs are just relieved at being able to act all superior and smug at these temporary migration issues we are experiencing in Europe, given the almost universal dislike , even hatred and disgust, that most non Americans feel towards your country as a result of your rapacious economic model and imperialist foreign policies that have led, ironically, to the very ” invasion” of migrants that we Europeans are trying to deal with as humanely as possible…

          You live in a country with over 100 million adult able bodied citizens living as fully or partially unemployed, with over 50 million on food stamps and a third of your country below the official poverty line and you feel you can say things like ” Europe has gone” ?

          Given that over 1,000 of your citizens were murdered by your police in the last year and more than 30,000 citizens were shot and murdered by fellow citizens, I think I could probably comment that ..” I can’t imagine why any European would vacation in the US”… to me it sounds like a lawless, violent society where I would definitely feel unsafe and, indeed, I’ve never visited there, but doubtless you, as a local, would respond… nah, it doesn’t feel that way when you live here…. so, it’s all about perspective……

          Europe definitely has a serious issue right now with the sudden influx of refugees , but I have no doubt that it will settle down very quickly and become a non issue in the longer term… to stir the pot as you and others on here do is unnecessarily vicious and unjust.

        7. I wonder if Anne wii reply to Steven’s ill-considered words. She’s altogether sweetness and light, so it will be interesting to observe, if she does. If it were me, well, Steve would end up deeply embarrassed. He knows nothing of Anne, being a newcomer here. “Newcomer”! Ha! A jest I didn’t even intend. If only he knew the trap he set himself up for.

          Steven is a self-hating Briton. One might ask him if he thinks it’s a good thing that English people are today a minority in London–and he would certainly answer yes. Britain, for people like him, should not be anglo-saxon and celtic. He has stated here that Enoch Powell is anathema, in his thinking. The people who decided to de-English England, to Steven, were altogether correct. He LIKES the idea that in future no one will be able to visit the world where Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters conceived their stories.

          As I say, he’s a self-hating Briton. (And when I say “Briton”, I don’t mean he could possibly be a Pakistani who holds a British passport, whom the newspapers would reflexively describe as “British”–I mean, from what we can glean from his comments here, he is an actual Englishman.) He’s an Englishman who desires that Englishness ceases to exist.

          It’s called “multiculturalism.”

          This is sad.

          Poor fellow.

          But as Frau Merkel and her cohorts feel, the end of the cultures of the countries of Europe is for them a positive good. The faster the better. Why they desire this is a mystery too painful to explore right now.

          Poor Europe. Poor Britain, which now has the likes of Steven, who even refuses to acknowledge that Britain is not a part of “Europe,” never has been, never can be–but he wants it to be so. Why do the likes of Steven WANT to make Britain a part of Europe? That is the problem in itself.


        8. Hello Patrick,

          Why am I not surprised at your pathetic response to my comment? It’s exactly the same as last time we clashed.. i.e. , you failed to address a single one of my points, contenting yourself with attacking me personally, despite knowing nothing about me … I feel vindicated actually….because if there were faults in my reasoning you would have jumped on them, but you didn’t so clearly my points were unassailable…

          For the record..

          I don’t hate my country

          I have never expressed an opinion on MHB for or against multiculturalism

          I have never stated whether I think ” Englishness” is traditional white, Celt, Anglo Saxon or something different… nor opined on whether Britain is distinct from the rest of Europe or an integral part of it

          All of the above are your unsupported personal opinions and assumptions based on , well, based on nothing I can see except perhaps your inability to have an answer to my views, so you resort to a personalised level of nastiness, always, of course, the hallmark of someone who is unable to employ evidence, logic, or reason in their efforts to elucidate an opinion contrary to that held by the original commenter

          As I expected, I got a respectful, reasonable response from Anne B. As I also expected, I got nonsense from you.

        9. Well Steven, I have to make this short as I am preparing for surgery the coming week. And short it will be. It may not interest you to know, but like you I am a European, grew up in Norway and have also lived in London. I’m still a Norwegian citizen with a green card here. That citizenship was to be my “safety blanket” in case something happened here and I had to move back.

          Guess what Steven, that citizenship is no longer a safety blanket and I’d much rather live on the North American continent – maybe not California so much. I have a large extended family all over Norway, friends in many places there, and I’m fully informed of what is happening there and the rest of Scandinavia. I read Scandinavian and other European papers. I listen to interviews from Europe. Many of my relatives are afraid to speak their opinions as not to be labeled outcasts, but I am not afraid. I see what I see when I visit my old country. It is not the same country that I left behind. Murders and rapes were almost nonexistent then.

          Media over there are not making a big stink, instead they are trying to sugar coat the situation as much as they can get away with. I read today the police chief of Cologne has quit. Do you wonder why?

          You, Steven, perhaps should take off your rose colored glasses and try to imagine Europe 20 years from now. What do you see? The same as today? You seem to ignore the fact that family unification is a big deal, and one “migrant” entering Europe can bring in an extended family of a dozen or more. They also have many more children than European natives. So one person coming in means many, many more in his personal wake. They will all need assistance which you seem to have no problem providing for them.

          What is happening in Europe is a planned invasion. It is not the kind of immigration from the past throughout the British Commonwealth and to USA. Look up the words invasion and immigration. They are not the same. I am an immigrant to this country from neighboring Canada, previously living in UK and Norway. I did it the legal way from one country to the next, which took time and paperwork, nor did I expect government handouts along the way.

          From the web:

          Invasion: Entrance as if to take possession or overrun, infringement by intrusion.

          Legal immigration: Moving to a different country with the intent to settle there and with all papers approved.

          May God save the queen and the rest of you.

        10. Hello Anne….

          First off, I hope your surgery goes well and that you regain perfect health as soon as possible!

          I understand your reply and yes I had already gathered that you had links to Norway from your previous posts….

          I was motivated to respond originally because you said ” I can’t imagine anyone wanting to vacation in Europe anymore”… this seemed like such a crazy over reaction that I had to answer.. You do know that millions of Americans visit Britain and all parts of Europe each year and the stats are not decreasing as far as I know…

          I gave examples of why I can’t imagine any Brit or European wanting to vacation in the USA and its interesting that neither you nor Patrick answered that…. but to be honest I said that as a rebuttal, I might still dare to risk the violence in America one day and visit myself…I’ve always wanted to see Roswell, Area 51, Mount Shasta, the Four Corners etc, unlike my fellow Brits who only go to Florida and Vegas… lol

          As I said, its all about perspective…. the numbers of non Europeans currently arriving here is tiny compared to our total populations….. I do concede that Norway is an exception as it has a very small population to begin with, but in Britain, Germany, France etc, we are hundreds of millions… and Britain has agreed to take in 20,000 migrants… over 5 years! Its less than a drop in the ocean, its statistically the same as zero…

          Of course there are major differences between the 2 cultures and incidents like Cologne over New Years will occur ( by the way, the latest info from Germany shows that only 4 Syrians were amongst those who committed criminal acts, most were established North African migrants who have been a long standing and poorly dealt with problem in Germany), but I believe we have to be positive, we have to accept the reality that these refugees have been forced from their homes against their will, as a result of war, conflict, fear for their lives, pure desperation….largely because of the aggressive militaristic imperialism of America and its sycophantic supporters….. it has to be dealt with, they have to be peacefully accommodated in the short term…. many will voluntarily return if peace ever returns to their homelands…..the remainder will assimilate, just as all migrants have in the past

          In the USA there are 7 million muslim Americans… are they running around groping women, assaulting and robbing people, changing the prevailing culture with jihad and sharia? Of course not, their crime stats are no different to whites, they work, they live peacefully, they send their kids to the same schools, shop in the same malls, drive the same cars, do the same jobs, pay the same taxes…..

          If you don’t like refugees or muslims in general, because they are different to you, they follow a different religion, they eat or dress differently, whatever your ”reasons” are, then the answer is simple… lobby your government ( or mine, or Norway’s) to stop bombing their homelands or financing those who do…. don’t complain when the policies of the West result in refugees on our doorsteps….our fight should be with the NWO, the oligarchs, the psycho rulers who stir the conflicts that lead to the migration of desperate people… not with those desperate unfortunates themselves…

        11. I’ll probably kick myself for jumping in here, but you, Steven, seem to be of the opinion that the majority of “immigrants” are, in fact, fleeing from West-sponsored war. I’m thinking that’s not the case. Rather, I think the mass migration is manipulated from above, that this movement of large populations from the middle East (including Northern Africa) is more akin to a redistribution of wealth (human resources), or else it has to do with destabilizing the host countries (I think this is the meaning of the term “Balkanization”?). I think there is enough evidence (recent policy reports, journal articles, etc.) to support this. “Weaponized Migration”, anyway?

          I don’t think anyone here has said (or even hinted) that the problem with the immigrants is that “they’re different” or that “they’re brown-skinned”. That’s so offensive; I can hardly believe you said that. Newcomers bear the burden of being good house-guests, and then becoming good, LEGAL residents. If one maintains one’s culture at the EXPENSE of the host, well, that culture has to go; even I, a fairly radical voluntaryist, sees that. Especially, especially, if the guest is being supported at my expense.

          I don’t know how you can say that recent immigration is “a drop in the bucket”. Los Angeles is now 50% “minority”. I believe London is fast approaching the 50% mark. In 2014, 40% of Marseille was Muslim (and I bet that number just keeps growing, and fast). These are just a few examples, but they are telling.

          I have been watching Stefan Molyneaux’s most recent video, “An Honest Conversation with a Middle Eastern Immigrant”.

          In it, Molyneaux references an IQ study that gives a table with the average IQ for countries all aroud the world. It is worth taking a look at: http://www.iq-research.org/en/page/average-iq-by-country
          (just copy and paste if the link doesn’t show).

          Contrary to what Folk thinks, we’re not all a knuckle-dragging bunch of racists here. But most of us aren’t deluded, either. Clearly, there’s an underlying agenda, and NONE of us, regardless of skin color, will profit from it. We are all “chaff”; at best, we’ll be used as slave labor, and that’s at best.

          There is a white genocide going on. If that idea buggers your delicate sensibilities, then look at it a little differently: there’s a middle-class genocide going on, all over the West, and America included. There’s a push to get everyone into cities, get us all downsized, out of cars. “Stack ’em and pack ’em” buildings are going up literally EVERYWHERE along main thouroghfares and highways: retail at the street level, with residential above, with maybe enough parking for a single car per residence. It’s happening all over the US, and I bet it’s happening in Europe, too. This is Agenda 21, my friend. Ignore it at your peril.

        12. Hi Recynd…

          I agree with most of what you say….. I see the same trends you do…

          I think we are both right…. I believe that (most) of the refugees and asylum seekers are fleeing the West sponsored wars, but I also see how this influx is being manipulated by TPTB for their own agenda

          Merkel said yesterday that the migrants must be law abiding or will be jailed or deported…maybe I’m naïve but I believe this will happen, in Germany and everywhere else in Europe….

          I don’t think I used the phrase ‘brown skinned”, but in any event I was just struggling to see a reason why so many seem to detest the migrants and finding it difficult to see any reason other than bigotry, but I accept you aren’t bigoted, although you seem to be saying that immigrants are ”dumbing down” the populace… maybe I misunderstood you…but if so that seems a little offensive too……don’t you have that ”tiger mom” thing in America where oriental and Asian kids are obsessively pushed by their parents to succeed?

          On the wider social changes you mentioned, I agree hundred percent, been watching it and protesting it since the 60’s…if I had been a practical, craft capable type I would have gone self sufficient homesteader decades ago… lol

          I’m still a dreamer, maybe, but I see the migrants as our fellow victims of the NWO, lets try make them part of our side against the psycho oligarchs, rather than letting the wannabe ‘rulers’ manipulate us into a fight amongst ourselves type mindset

          I can’t think too straight right now… I’m in shock over losing David Bowie today….bless his heart and may he fly with the angels….so forgive me if I’m talking nonsense!

        13. It has nothing to do with redistribution of wealth. My family in Syria were well off, homes paid off, lots of gold jewelry, business owners, typical of their neighbors. The west sponsored thugs have destroyed their homes, businesses and crashed their currency. Think of the single middle eastern country that has not been effected by this continuous war from country to country.

        14. You misunderstand my meaning: “resources” as in PEOPLE, not MONEY.

          Please check out the video I linked to. I thought it was very interesting, and valuable.

        15. And these wars make no sense Islam killing Islam yet staying the US is their enemy. So much BS the public eats up. My relatives in Syria are all Christian some with blue eyes. They are trying to get out too – with water and electricity shut off and everywhere being exploded how could they have any choice if they want to live? Many had wealth so it’s not about wealth distribution and if it was about religion why would the so-called Isis be bombing entire Islam countries (let alone the lies that the gov is bombing it’s own country which made me no longer believe in the US propaganda media.

          I have my theories of why all of this is happening – from razing down ancient cities/people in the way so they can put a Starbucks and McDonalds in every corner and build mass produced cheap apartments the globe over, to Issrayl trying to peg the West into destroying all of their enemy neighbors for them which you have to admit is exactly what is happening while in the process creating the US as their enemy instead.

        16. A little English humor from real life. Any Brit worth his or her fish & chips knows of the department store Marks & Spencer. I used to babysit for the two Lewis children while attending school in London.

          ~When Henry Lewis was the CEO of Marks & Spencer, he was asked why, out of all the management trainees that he joined with, he had made it right to the top said ‘You know, I really have no idea.’ After some thought he added, ‘But I have noticed that every job I have ever done has been abolished after I left it.’~


        17. I’ll probably kick myself for jumping in here too, haha.

          Pat is correct when he says the west is using Islam as a tool for control. This is going to back fire. Well, not really because they are all luciferians’ at the Top and think they already “Won” if you will.

          This is how the 12th Iman comes to power. You know, the Prophet Iran and Saudi Arabia and all of Islam keeps referring to.

          The Western Powers will bring the fulfillment of Muhammad Al-Mahdi the 12th Imam prophecy.

          This will fufil not only Islams Last and Terrible Prophet, but also the Jewish Messiah and the Christian Anti(instead of) Christ.

          The Christians will be the only Religion who rebels and thus is persecuted by the whole world including many New Age Christian movements and some very old Christian Institutions…..

          I don’t what to spoil the fun. You can read it all yourself but most won’t.

          Spoiler Alert: We Win……

          I’ll probably kick myself (again) for jumping in here. haha.

        18. Wow Mary.
          If your for real, My heart goes out to you and Yes, you get it.

          It’s them, not Us, not you, that are behind this.

      2. It’s OK Ric if the women were groped and raped. Thank God they didn’t offend anybody. This happened in several towns. Why, it almost looks “organized”.

        They are sending these hordes in like Anthrax. Just like here, their politicians say “we have to make this work”. Why? Says who?

        Those borders and cultures are all coming down. They want chaos. Ultimately they want one homogenous, dumbed down, docile breed that they can cull.

        I think if anyone takes a couple of steps back and looks at this in its totality its pretty easy to see what’s going on. I can understand the bought and paid for psychopaths that are working this plan. I can’t understand the sycophantic minions they’ve managed to capture.

        Even jellyfish understand self-preservation. The universities are churning out degrees in “I am Unworthy”. This is what happens when the controllers use their parasites to social engineer a world more suitable to their interests.

        Doesn’t make much of an argument for “gun control” does it? The polizei just stood there and watched. The bouncers from the nightclubs had to step in.

        These interlopers aren’t there because they’re afraid. They’re there because they are on a mission. They’re treating the Europeans like Obongo treats us.

        1. I find it fascinating that Only the Iron Curtain Countries, East Germany, Hungry, Poland, see whats going on.

          Slave Once, Shame on you, Slave Twice, Shame on Me/Us.

          They Get It…

  21. Interesting statement from Oathkeepers on the Oregon protest… As an old anarchist, I particularly enjoyed the last few sentences

    I’m hoping James may open a thread on the Burns County/ Malheur Reserve issue… there is a lot to discuss here….

    Short Oath Keepers Statement on this Standoff

    I will post a longer statement later, but for now, here is a brief statement on this situation, in general:

    Oath Keepers adamantly opposes the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. This is not in keeping with the moral imperative of only using force in defense when people’s lives are at stake, as at Bundy Ranch in 2014. In this case, neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors were in imminent threat of being murdered, and neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors asked for any form of armed standoff. In fact, they oppose it. This is being done by outsiders who misled and deceived locals, deceived the Hammonds, and deceived the patriot movement by luring them in with a peaceful rally and then attempting to rope them into a premeditated, manufactured armed standoff. Both Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (who we suspect is an agent provocateur) told the locals in the Committee of Safety, at a public town hall meeting on December 15, that they, the locals on the committee, would be making the decisions on what was to be done, how, and when. That was a lie, as they were already staging their men and supplies in the area to takeover the wildlife refuge, and had already planned out this takeover of the federal facility at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. By doing this, they have given Obama the best New Years present he could hope for – an example of militia movement/patriot aggression, which gives up the high ground while also having the least credibility and support from the locals possible, after lying to them, and also the least support from the patriot community, who were also blind-sided by Ammon and Ryan Payne.

    However, as much as we oppose what Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne have done, we must warn the Obama Administration that it does not have free reign to “Waco” the people in this standoff by using deadly military force, such as an SOD-X, Delta Force, or the FBI HRT to kill them all. The Federal government must respect their right to due process and do all it can to end this standoff peacefully, without loss of life. It must treat it like the Freeman standoff, not the Waco standoff. There will be no more free Wacos, as Mike Vanderbgh, Founder of the Three Percenter movement puts it. Treat this with kid gloves or risk a civil war.

    Stewart Rhodes
    Founder and President of Oath Keepers

  22. A GIFT to Cuba just like our Top of Line Drone lands in Iran?

    Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba
    Inert Hellfire missile sent to Europe for a training exercise makes mysterious trip, sparking concerns over loss of military technology


    “Our top-of-the-line Hellfire missile winds up in Cuba, a totally undamaged drone “accidentally” lands in Iran, GITMO is being closed, thousands of drug dealers are released from prison, millions of illegal immigrants are being allowed to enter the country, proposed “Global Warming” remedies will cost our economy $billions,……”

    Sounds like a pattern.

    1. “I am restricted, under federal law and regulations, from commenting on the specific defense trade, licensing cases and compliance matters,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said during a press conference Friday.
      State Department spokesman John Kirby discussing the missing U.S. hellfire missile during a press conference Friday, Jan. 8.

      When pressed for more detail, Kirby said he’s “not at liberty to comment further.” But that did not stop reporters from pressing the official on the issue.

      “You’re not suggesting that you actually sold this to the Cubans?” one reporter asked Kirby. ”I don’t understand why you can’t say, ‘No, we didn’t sell this to the Cubans, it got there by accident by mistake.’”

      “You want to leave open the possibility that our government sold or gave a hellfire missile, intentionally, to the government of Cuba?” the reporter continued, seemingly agitated.

      There it is guys, Kirby knows Obama gave it them….

      1. Ric, I’m surprised at you. Are you suggesting that “our” government would do something underhanded? It was probably just a delivery mistake. You know, like FedEx or UPS going to the wrong house.

        I know that all those neighborhoods in SoCal look alike. Of course all the 1950’s vintage cars should have been a clue and the fact that it’s 3,000 miles East.

        Now that its happened of course its a secret. It’s like those missing nukes. Pilots take off every day not knowing what’s attached to their wing pylons. It’s a funny thing. I get a lot of catalogs in the mail but I don’t remember any of them selling missiles.

        Maybe that’s what we need…, missile control. Can anybody buy these or do you need a background check?

        1. No Sir, I’m not suggesting My Honest, Peace loving Govt. would Ever Hand technology like Clinton did 2x’s in the ’90’s to China’s and N. Korea’s Nuclear Programs..Not Me..No No.

          That Drone in Iran and the Missile to Cuba were Not Gifts…..No No Hehe

          Please Don’t Turn Me in to “them” and I will give you 35 of our 100 allotted Living Credits the New World Odor allows Us ( well those of us who obey)

          Govt. Good..People Bad. haha

  23. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/01/corrupt-american-government.html

    How Corrupt Is the American Government?
    Posted on January 5, 2016 by WashingtonsBlog
    See For Yourself

    Here is my comment as posted, for now at source site.

    “I commend you on such excellent true journalism, however, I take exception to the part about false events such as 9-11 and Boston Marathon “Bombing.”

    You really tell it like it is on everything EXCEPT the false events happening in USA. That is a major, perhaps deliberate, failure.

    You state…
    “Terror attacks such as 9/11,
    the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas shooting all
    happened because of PERVASIVE CORRUPTION in
    our intelligence agencies.”

    Sure, there is massive corruption in the government and intelligence agencies and the media, but not telling the whole truth is corrupt too in my book.

    The linked Washington’s Blog article assumes that the definition of terrorism means an “external threat”, that is, an “attack” from outside the USA. With that false definition you are unable to convey accurate information to us about false events, aka “false flag” events, such as the Boston “bombing” and the “Texas “shooting”, whatever that is.

    Definition of terrorism in English, Oxford Dictionary:
    “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

    “The fabricated external threat of terrorism has been deftly translated
    into meaning that anyone challenging the status quo, be it political,
    economic or psycho-spiritual, is the enemy. Not external enemies but
    domestic, as has always been the case, but openly declared since the
    first so-called Patriot Act. Dissent has become illegal and they’ve
    virtually declared any thinking American an enemy of the State with a
    litany of laws, rules and regulations at their disposal while mechanisms
    set in place long ago to protect personal rights have been eviscerated.”

    Nobody died at Sandy Hook

    There were no commercial airline jets that crashed at any of the four designated places on 9-11 and there were no hijackers and no passengers on those mythical airplanes.

    You failed to convey truth to us about the major issue of all the false events being perpetrated on U.S. soil in the last half century.

    1. Was unable to post this on Dr. Fetzer’s site so will post here…

      The New York Slimes does not have a monopoly on deceptive journalism trickery.


      CORRUPTION Is What’s Making Us Vulnerable to Terrorism Posted on April 21, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog

      “Americans’ Safety and Security Is Being Sacrificed On the Altar of Corruption By the Military-Industrial Complex”

      Here you have a fine web journalist with a great reputation using the truth about corruption to deceive and hide the truth about “false flag” or false events designed to manipulate the public into fear of “terrorism” for political ends.

      Can any of you recognize the slimy journalistic trick used in this article about all these “false events” that Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Tracy frequently write and speak about?

      Throughout this article it is taken for granted that the events are real and that events were perpetrated by evil doers of some kind. The article harps on the CORRUPTION meme but uses it to hide the truth, as a diversion. Mr. Washington’s Blog refuses to recognize that all these false events, aka false flag events, are premeditated, crafted, orchestrated and totally created as a Big Lie event to sell terror and fear for ulterior political aims. That seems to be his main goal and he cloaks it in what on the surface looks like powerful, hard hitting, investigative journalism and “truth.”

      Dr. Tracy’s case determines the future of American university higher education. What is called truthful and factual and what is called knowledge are changed by the way this case plays out.

      Every aspect of Western civilization has been undermined by an insidious HATE of the truth, the Light that is Truth and the One Who is Truth.

    1. Heh, heh. He thinks he has a ready-made gig at the U.N.. Why stop with wrecking one country? They have done to Europe what they’ve done here. It’s amazing how little it takes to destroy a culture.

      1. I know for a Fact Obama will Run for Head of the UN…He has to.

        An election is due to be held in 2016 to determine who succeeds Ban Ki-moon, whose term as the eighth United Nations Secretary-General will conclude on 31 December 2016.

  24. Breaking out of the last right column prison, I reply to Steven’s monumental lefty ignorance. Let’s start here:

    “…but I believe we have to be positive, we have to accept the reality that these refugees have been forced from their homes against their will, as a result of war, conflict, fear for their lives, pure desperation…”

    No, we don’t, because this is a false premise. As Anne instructed you, by definition, these people are not “refugees,” they are invaders. Can’t you read, or comprehend what you read? The people invading Britain are almost all AFRICANS. Some for Ghana. Don’t you read your own papers? They have no business in you rope, much less your green and pleasant land.

    “.largely because of the aggressive militaristic imperialism of America and its sycophantic supporters….. it has to be dealt with, they have to be peacefully accommodated in the short term…”

    No, they don’t. They need to be repatriated, to stop any further such behavior. They are a militant enemy, and must be dealt with that way. They are an army of young, strapping, military age males. They are an invasion army, planned ahead of time to overthrow your society, Steven, whether you want to believe it or not. But, Like Barry Soetoro, you WANT the destruction of your country. You LIKE the fact that less than half the population of London is now English. It makes you positively giddy when you hear the former cockneys of the East End complain about how their world has been stripped away from them. The destruction of England makes you happy.

    “…many will voluntarily return if peace ever returns to their homelands…”

    No, they won’t.

    “..the remainder will assimilate, just as all migrants have in the past”

    No, they won’t. They will commit clitoridectomies on their daughters and demand sharia law cut-outs in Britain, as they are already doing, and vote in MPs and Council representatives to make Moslem society in the midst of your country. You know it damned well, and you like it. Don’t lie to me, you pitiful wanker.

    “In the USA there are 7 million muslim Americans… are they running around groping women, assaulting and robbing people, changing the prevailing culture with jihad and sharia?”

    You are probably not stupid, so you say this as a lie. They were all not dumped here all at once. So, what possible motive can you have to say such a thing, if it’s not to lie? Watch this:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PzT8vEvYPg&w=560&h=315%5D

    Here, it is being done stealthily. These people are NEVER going to convert to Christianity and become average Americans, the way Poles and Italians and remains did. Read up on Detroit, Steve. They don’t want to be like us. They are colonists.

    “Of course not, their crime stats are no different to whites, they work, they live peacefully, they send their kids to the same schools, shop in the same malls, drive the same cars, do the same jobs, pay the same taxes….”

    Lefties are liars. If they are not lying to themselves, believing their own lies, they are contemptible. Colonizers are enemies, Steve. Where is Charles Martel when you really need him, I always say.

    “If you don’t like refugees or muslims in general, because they are different to you, they follow a different religion, they eat or dress differently, whatever your ”reasons” are, then the answer is simple… lobby your government ( or mine, or Norway’s) to stop bombing their homelands or financing those who do…. don’t complain when the policies of the West result in refugees on our doorsteps….”

    No. Wrong again. Don’t let them in. Don’t let them colonize our countries. Keep them out, and send back the ones that already set up their colonies here.

    It’s too late for London. All the cockneys are gone from the East End–and they will never come back there. The Moslems own the place now.

    Enoch Powell is rolling over in his grave. And you, Steven, are spitting on it.

    1. Oh dear, Patrick, so furious, so indignant that someone on here doesn’t bow down before your thundering pronouncements from on high….

      Saying I’m wrong about everything, doesn’t make me wrong. I simply see the world differently to you.
      Only time will tell whether your fear mongering nonsense about the refugees will come to pass. I don’t believe for one second that it will. You don’t doubt for one second that it won’t.

      Calling me names ( ”you pitiful wanker” ) rather weakens your case. Only people with weak arguments need to resort to personal abuse of their opponents.

      you accuse me of lying deliberately. I could say I don’t lie, but of course that could be a lie, so the accusation of lying is pointless.

      It saddens me that your irrational fear and dread of anything or anyone different to what you’re used to, has turned you into such a narrow minded fearful individual. It must be awful to go through life carrying such irrational baggage. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

      Further exchange on this issue is pointless so I shan’t respond on the refugee issue again, no matter how hard you try to provoke me.

      1. So, Steven, you don’t like my reaction to your hate. Well, I hold you in contempt for your hate.

        England was a wonderful place. People who delight in its cultural destruction are contemptible. Maybe you’ve heard of a wee tiny place called Rotherham, near your home town, where your precious multiculturalism spent the last decade blooming in all its glory. Mohammedanism in its purest expression.

        Just like the cops who kept the paedophilia under wraps, because all the rapists were sons of Mohammed, and all the girls were anglo/saxon or celtic, I’m guessing your instincts are the same as those cops. Islam must be protected at all cost, because England’s culture is inferior to the delightful grooming culture of the devotees of Mohammed.

        The United Kingdom prosecutes people who condemn that knee jerk defense of the political ideology that is destroying your country from within, even as it enables these despicable people to establish Sharia in your midst. “Furious and indignant”? You bet I am. But England is not my country. What makes you so contemptible is that you, who call that place your home, are not. It should make you very, very, angry to see it destroyed right before your eyes. But you welcome that fundamental transformation of your country, and wish not to talk about it with me because there is something wrong, in your view, with me reacting that way to what your leaders are doing to your country.

        In light of that, calling you a pitiful wanker, in retrospect, was letting you off easy. What you deserve to be called cannot be printed here, though, so it’s the best I could manage (and since it’s not American lingo it was certain to slip through the filter). You hate your own culture and civilization, and delight in its destruction.


        But hearing someone point it out to you makes the exchange “pointless.” Because you are not about to choose to start loving Englishness, and anyone who forces you to to face that cultural treason must simply not be listened to.

        Fine with me.

        1. Ok Patrick, I’m breaking my own vow not to respond, because your response is even more ridiculous than usual, but I hope I can refrain from further comment after this, its not good for my inner harmony to react to your kind of illogical hate…

          First, Rotherham… a perfect example of how you misunderstand my country’s local politics, local attitudes to muslims etc… you state the police allowed the mainly Asian ( not middle eastern) perps to get away with abusing young girls because they want to protect the muslims and allow them to do what they did. This is nonsense. The cops turned a blind eye because the perps bribed them. With cash. The same way criminals have always bribed cops to let them get away with their crimes. When the crims were finally exposed, they were treated very harshly, very long prison sentences and, of course, quite rightly so. They weren’t allowed to plead ” cultural differences”…they were locked up for 20 years and more.

          So you totally misunderstood Rotherham and that’s a perfect example of how you misunderstand the entire topic of the alleged clash of cultures, ethnicities,locals versus newcomers, the whole shebang.

          You keep accusing me of hate. I have never expressed hate of my country, my fellow citizens, foreigners, anyone at all. I don’t even hate you. By contrast, somewhat ironically, your entire post is an expression of hatred.

          You seem to be saying that I deserve contempt ( and, apparently, your hate) because I’m not angry at my country being destroyed or at least transformed by refugees or muslims in general.
          You might have a point if this was true.. but it isn’t…my country is not being transformed or destroyed by immigrants… that’s your fantasy, your fearmongering, your irrational beliefs, presumably based on believing nutjobs like that Pat Condell guy.. ” the great Pat Condell” ? Really? How can he be great, when he’s a nobody, I certainly never heard of him, just some wacko with a camera and a youtube channel as far as I can see. Air tight logic? Give me a break, 7 minutes 20 seconds based upon a false premise stated in the first 10 seconds which invalidated all that follows.

          As you seem to be doing nothing at all to prevent your country sliding into tyranny, prospective martial law and the end of all your constitutional freedoms, perhaps I should accuse you of hating your country. But that would be childish, naïve and , well, just silly. In my view, though, that’s exactly the ”logic” behind what you allege against me.

          Ok, enough negative waves….

          Oh, in the interests of ” rising above” your nastiness, I would like to finish by adding that I agree with you hundred percent on the fundamental source of all our world’s problems.. I’m referring here to your Eyes Wide Shut / Stanley Kubrick comment…. You are completely right about that, which is why its regrettable that your clear sightedness on that has become subsumed by your irrational views on the culture conflict issue…. pity, but I shall hope you may evolve your attitudes over time and get things into a ”bigger picture” perspective

          love and peace, buddy….

        2. Indeed, I hate what is being done to European culture. I hate Islam, because it is a prison for human souls–if Allah is not Satan himself, he’s one of his chief assistants. I hate the cultural indoctrination that results in young women holding up signs welcoming alien colonizers who will soon destroy the cozy society that allowed them to become so misguided, and likely rape them. I hate your utter, complete, willful blindness about the nature of what happened in Rotherham (it was ALL about Islam, and protecting its evils from public exposure). I hate how in Europe Islam must always be deferred to, and anyone telling the truth about it is considered guilty of a “hate crime.”

          Above all, I hate the demographic suicide Europe is undergoing. I hate it that the peoples of Europe are in pristine denial about it, too, so they won’t stop it because it is already too late to ensure that most of Europe’s peoples (and their cultures) will survive this century.

          Sweden, a couple of decades ago, had zero rapes. Now, no woman is safe, because it has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. 100% of those rapes are committed by colonists from an alien civilization–Islam. I hate that Sweden’s commitment to the insane idea of “multiculturalism” has rendered it too stupid to see what it did to itself, and expel the alien culture that is destroying it–because protecting Islam is a far higher priority than restoring the peace and safety its women used to take for granted.

          All of these despicable things are symptoms of the new civilization that is replacing the West, which is no more. I hate this new civilization with a passion difficult to express in words, and I hate the impotence that comes with knowing it can’t be stopped. The new civilization is ugly, and it’s only going to get uglier. But the brainwashed masses are learning to see evil as good, and good, evil; they are getting accustomed to the new Civilizational Mind. Boy, do I ever hate that.

    2. I notice that James dug this comment out of the spam folder after a few days (note the date). I’m glad he did, especially since the great Pat Condell in the mean time produced an all time great rant on the subject, which I am delighted to present, for the delight and disgust of everyone (perhaps excepting Steven, who, I’d guess, will not like being forced to endure Pat’s air-tight logic):

      [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIfMAP4Q1yk&w=560&h=315%5D

      These invaders are permanently destroying what remains of Western Civilization’s residual traits. That’s because the leaders of Europe’s polities take their instructions from the people who attend Bilderberger meetings, who, in turn, take their marching orders from demon-posessed people who prefer to remain nameless. (As I have mentioned here more than once, Stanley Kubrick “outed” them in Eyes Wide Shut–and none of them have names in that movie. We get the intended message, even if the picture was butchered after they killed him for making it, prior to its release.)

      Soon, there will be no “Europe” to mourn. All going according to plan.

      But it saddens me very deeply that people like Steven can’t see the truth about what is being done to their countries, and live with rose-colored glasses, even refusing to face it when it is baldly stated incontrovertibly.

      Those moronic German women Pat talks about, with the signs (in English!) announcing their delight in the arrival of their soon-to-be rapists, is even sadder. Europe gave up its central trait (Christianity), and now it will stop existing. But the people will delight in the cessation, because they are nihilists now. They believe nothing.

      Alas, their Mohammedan invaders DO believe in something. And that thing has as one aspect the freedom to rape infidel women.

      What a pitiful, nasty, evil thing the European Mind has become.

      1. Oh, Hell, let’s “enjoy” an equally great Pat Rant, from four months ago, setting up the horror show as it got underway:

        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIfMAP4Q1yk&w=560&h=315%5D

        Keep that in mind as you read this horrifying article: https://pjmedia.com/blog/the-migrant-sex-assaults-uncovered-meat

        Europe (and Britain) chose to commit suicide. Like a leper who has gotten used to sloughing off body parts that have died, their peoples actively deny that these are symptoms of their disease–except that lepers don’t choose their condition, and the peoples of Europe have in fact chosen to cheerfully invite their destroyers in. Europe refuses to produce children, but Mohammed’s hoards don’t.

        To bad those dolly-birds have to be raped in the process. Used to be, they could enjoy their freedom, because their countrymen simply did not rape them. Maybe they will learn to see the multicultural glory in rape, After all, it’s just a part of Mohammedan culture, and these women welcomed those Mohammedans, even writing signs to underline their enthusiasm, which they displayed in front of television cameras, for posterity, I guess.

        So yes, they have asked to be raped. Get with the program, girls! How can you complain? We have Steven’s heartfelt writings, and pictures of you welcoming these rapists into your country!

        I have no hope that Steven will repent of his spitting on Enoch Powell’s grave, and recognize that if he had been listened to none of this would be going on. I have no hope that the weird brand of feminism in Europe that feels sorry for the aliens they have brought in to rape them will stop being insane, and come to recognize how they have brought these troubles on themselves. Nope. Soon, there will be no Europe to visit. Eurabia simply won’t be a pleasant place to tour.

    1. You should read his bio. It took him 6 years to create the Persona “Ziggy Star Dust”. all a show. Married to 1st wife 10 years and 2nd wife 20 years. His ex-wife made up the Gay story of him and Mick Jaggar which they both deny. He never promoted homosexuality and in fact he Joked he was a “closet Hetro” Pure Show Business.

      Let’s let him get RIP..

      1. Ziggy Stardust was real enough that it almost drove him crazy…”Aladdin Sane”?

        And whether he was gay, straight, or somewhere in between is incidental; Bowie was on the forefront of androgyny, and went a long way to promote homosexuality. A “closet hetero”? Please.

    2. Recynd, I’m sorry I had to read this editorial. Seems wrong to slander a man on his first day dead.

      There’s a lot to say about this piece, and I’m biting my tongue, because the last thing I ever want to do again is go up against some professor with an affiliation to Tracy.

      I’m trying to write something without being rude, but it’s hard not to retort in kind to Hamamoto.

      1. I’m going to ignore Professor Hamamoto’s editorial and focus on a side of the subject that doesn’t get as much play as it once did: homosexuals as outsiders.

        As everyone knows, American gay life used to exist outside of polite society. It was marginalized, a word now beloved of the social justice movement. And though it did pay a heavy tax to law enforcement and organized crime, not to mention homophobia, the gay community gained a space to create a culture and a political voice.

        Because this grey area existed in a kind of legal proscription, the political voice that developed there was preconditioned to question the legitimacy of the state. It was its marginalization that gave it authority. It wasn’t all about victimhood till the state and its institutions came to co-opt the disruptive potential of a marginalized population with the promise of legality and “marriage equality.”

        They got the gay community to say, in effect, “The State gives us meaning.”

        Political speech in the gay community could have developed in another direction, one reflecting its true outsider heritage. It could have questioned whether the state had any authority at all to be deciding anything about anyone’s marriage and, beyond that, anyone’s children. It could have gone a long way toward curbing state intervention into families. It could have freed everyone from needless government intrusion in their personal lives.

        When your government has lost all authority and you need to imagine brand-new social spaces, these liminal areas will be generating political ideas that won’t be found under government patronage. It won’t do to let them be subsumed into a government/corporate vision of enforced tolerance. It will do even less to let them be demonized for what they are not.

        David Bowie was a show-biz genius. He was open and generous with his friends, and he needs no one’s defense, least of all mine.

        And he could rock.

      2. I certainly didn’t mean to bum anyone out by posting this. Bad timing; and I apologize. I truly didn’t expect so many people to be so emotionally invested.

        We can wait and discuss it another time. Or not.

        1. Not now; there are people grieving, and I’ll respect that. I really have nothing profound to offer anyway…I was originally just sharing something a MHB “affiliate” had published. I wasn’t trying to stir the pot.

    3. The Vigilant Citizen on Bowie: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/occult-universe-david-bowie-meaning-blackstar/

      Part of the conclusion:

      “His final album, Blackstar is a direct continuation of the “Bowie mythos”. Meticulously planned to turn his death into a work of art, the imagery of Blackstar ties together several iconic moments of Bowie’s career into one final narrative, one that confirms the extreme importance of occultism in his work.

      “Lazarus, Bowie’s final parting gift, conveys one important message: Bowie was a vessel to something greater, something deeper, something darker, and something more profound than most ever realized. Claiming “I am the Great I Am”, this Being gave Bowie the inspiration to become an immortal icon and lead his fans to rally behind the declaration that “Bowie is God”.”

      1. Yes, that, Pat, and here’s an even better one (I thought):

        I don’t remember reading about Bowie’s involvement in occultism when I was a kid, though I knew it must certainly be true (anyone else see “the Man Who Fell to Earth”?). “Station to Station” was a difficult album to listen to, even as an obsessed kid. “BlackStar” reminds me of that…like listening to a ritual. Shiver

      2. Patrick, just to add my two cents, I’ve said before that I don’t have any heroes. I have been a lifelong musician and I appreciate talent and gifts. Often, when we lionize people we expect them to be perfect. Maybe the better approach is to appreciate them for who they are/were and leave the judgement for the one qualified to render it.

        Emerson said “to be great is to be misunderstood”. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I have had the fortune to have know several special people with awe inspiring talent. Beyond that, they were all simply flawed human beings, just like the rest of us.

        In my opinion the road to perdition runs through the ego. Humility is indeed a blessing, no matter how successful an individual. He does seem to have gained a measure of humility over time. Humility is reflective of the accumulation of grace.

        Interpreting Bowie’s YHWH statements are iffy. Taken in the right sense, he could be right. Many chase the idea of becoming “God”. That is, of course, illusory. On the other hand, we ARE all part of God, in a sense. What tells the tale is the degree of humility we bring to that relationship.

        The Church is opposed to occult practices precisely because it is an attempt to influence events for one’s’ own purposes without the intercession of God. Said another way, it is alright to pray for something, it is not alright to conjure something. People who do this, generally, believe that they are in charge of the Universe.

        I was impressed by Bowie’s talent. I was not impressed by other things I’ve heard. I certainly do not know him personally. I sincerely hope that he arrived a point in his life where he found peace. It really doesn’t matter when we get there, if we get there.

        1. Lophatt,

          I don’t have a Facebook acct. or an WordPress acct so I can’t “Like” any comment like others do

          So here’s Mine.


  25. If anyone is interested, this is the content of the email I received today from Carol Bundy re: the Bundy stand-off in Oregon. I go back and forth on this one. If these people are, in fact, sincere, well, God bless them.


    Click Here for the Original Article

    January 11, 2016

    By: Rene’ Powers investigative journalist and hostess of One Mom On A Borough

    The following is an interview with Gloria Keys, a rancher’s daughter, 4th generation rancher. She is from Malheur County and has a vested interest as her family’s property borders the proposed monument. Gloria attended yesterday’s meeting where Ammon Bundy spoke and gave educational information to the community. This shows all of us how important knowing the facts and educating the public at large is. A Rancher’s daughter’s notes and thoughts….

    A Rancher’s daughter takes notes at the Meeting with Ammon Bundy on January 10, 2016 and says,


    “Yesterday we had the opportunity to stand together, (locals, ranchers and friends) to share what we can do to take back our lands and lives from the BLM. We met in Fields, Oregon at a local school and there were many in attendance. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. It was a meeting that was colorful in discussion as the people voiced their opinions and thoughts, agreeing the government has not honored their people. Not all agreed with the methods taken, but the one united thought was the people cannot stand by and just let our lives be ruined. The words were fast and gave us hope and knowledge, so I took notes for later reference. The education gives us the courage. Without the courage to take a stand this would not be a possibility. Education is so important.

    Before the men came into town, many felt hopeless and afraid, seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, but praying for a change. We saw land stolen, jobs in mining and timber stolen away. Then we saw our friends abused, in what i believe was an attempt at making an example out of us to keep our mouths shut. The Hammonds were abused right in front of all of us. We saw the new meaning of Framers and to frame good people as the Hammonds amounts to tyranny and it must end.

    The Framers of our country gave us the foundation for our Constitution:
    o The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were political leaders and statesmen who participated in the American Revolution by signing the United States Declaration of Independence, taking part in the American Revolutionary War, and establishing the United States Constitution. o In 1973, historian Richard B. Morris identified seven key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

    In the winter and spring of 1786-1787, twelve of the thirteen states chose a total of seventy-four delegates to attend what is now known as the Constitutional Convention. Of these seventy-four delegates, only fifty-five helped to draft what would become the Constitution of the United States of America. More than half of the delegates had trained as lawyers, although only about a quarter practiced law as their principal means of business. Other professions included merchants, manufacturers, shippers, land speculators, bankers or financiers, three physicians, a minister, and several small farmers. Several notable founders did not participate in the Constitutional Convention. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock and Samuel Adams did not attend the Convention.
    Source: https://www.boundless.com/political

    The Bundy family, the Pacific Patriot Network, the militia, other American men and women and all who are coming to town are the key to everyone in America gaining the courage, and gaining the education to stand without fear. I was afraid of what would happen with them coming to the Refuge, so we took the time to go meet them. What we found were other ranchers, other Americans who were not scary or threatening, but helpful and caring.

    This is what Americans are supposed to do! To help each other, and protect each other.

    As the days have passed since standing to be interviewed by Ammon, a short week ago, our lives have taken on new hope and energy to stop the theft of our lands, livelihoods and homes. We are excited to share our courage and our hope with all who are ready to support this nation again. Please see the pictures of the notes i have taken, they are attached to this article. Read for yourself, learn and see that we are able to live free of tyranny, we were just taught to trust in a government that has overstepped its territorial bounds. We want to see the people treated with dignity and respect, with attention to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and our unalienable rights. Natural Law is being shared and “WOW” what happens when we are reminded that the people, “We the People” are truly who are to be served.

    Thank you Ammon for the education yesterday, thank you for helping the people, for helping get our lands back and most of all, for giving America courage.

    “Not via Anarchy, but simply making it right.”-Ammon Bundy

    Thank you for reading this American rancher’s words. Please see my notes at this link: http://imgur.com/a/UmPSY . I hope you may all take notes and learn what I am through this experience.”

    Well readers, I hope Gloria’s words help you see how important it is to see things for yourself. She took the time to step out of her comfort zone and go meet the Americans at the Malheur Refuge, now renamed by the people as “Harney County Resource Center”.
    A special thanks and credit to Brandon Thomas for his technical assistance as this Mom may be a journalist but he gave the help needed to finish this article. Thanks Brandon!
    Irish Lass/rp

  26. Wayward Pines

    So, should we talk about Wayward Pines, or has that discussion gone elsewhere? I think it fits in here at this site in a lot of different ways, including the themes of:
    technology as security state,
    enforcing a false narrative on a captive population,
    indoctrination of the young,
    social “progress” through medicalization,
    and fear through violence.

    Also, there’s the meta-message level targeting the viewer population, which I think Patrick mentioned.

    1. Yes, let’s talk Wayward Pines.


      That should do it. Yes, it certainly included those themes you mentioned, plus themes of resurrection (small “r”), MK Ultra, and even “curiosity killed the cat”. I thought it was interesting that it was the “Truthers” who were the misguided ones, butting their noses where they didn’t belong. There was tons of predictive programming, as well (chip implants, ignorance for our own good, “the end justifies the means”, etc.).

      It reminded me of the ill-fated series, Persons Unknown. Had anyone seen that one?

      1. That was quick! Actually I haven’t written anything yet, but I kind of think the whole series is riding on two damaging flaws. One is in the story and so belongs to the director, et al, and the other is a subversive message that I don’t know where it comes from. Repulsively subversive.

        There’s a lot of good stuff in the series, too. Not much would had to have changed in order to remedy the two flaws I mentioned.


        I will put this at the head of all my posts about Wayward Pines.

      2. Recynd, sorry, I didn’t comment on your thoughts. I didn’t think of the resurrection thing – that’s interesting. You should flesh it out. Do you link resurrection to the MK Ultra theme? Seems like that’s how they accomplished it. If so, it connects to medicalization as well.

        The “Truther” group is a good subject, too. They’re so uniform in ideology, and you don’t see them work out consensus, especially with the oppressive security hampering all their communication. They go from making toys to making bombs. Were there no interim positions? Maybe the sanctioned public violence influenced their actions, and drove them straight to violence themselves.


      Playing God is central to the story. David Pilcher is a Woodrow Wilson progressive, you might say. The Progressives believed the next stage of evolution must be directed by technocrats; the common man, in the wake of the industrial revolution, is incapable of understanding what is best for him, and the Constitution is wholly inadequate for the task. A secret coup was necessary, if the Rule of the Experts was to be implemented. Radical changes to society would be implemented through the government, without consulting the Constitution’s plain intent.

      Pitcher saw the future, and warned the doofuses around him (that’s you and me), almost all of whom were too stupid to take his wise advice and implement it. So, for their own good, he chose to do it himself, secretly. He, in his superior wisdom, compiled a list, and made a collection of individuals who would repopulate the world after human society was completely destroyed. He kidnapped them for humanity’s own good, and after 2,000 years had passed, he carefully selected who would be awakened from suspended animation, and on what schedule.

      These people thought no time had passed, and no one would ever tell them the truth. They find themselves in a town surrounded by a high-tech barrier, but the technology the citizenry has access to is that of the 1970s. They are bewildered, and kept ignorant, and kept from investigating the nature of their new reality by ruthless fascism hiding behind the guise of “the friendliest town in the world”–which I suppose it IS because its the ONLY town in the world, only they aren’t allowed to know that.

      Some people had been awakened 12 years earlier, so to Toni’s point, the frustration of living in a laboratory experiment has had time to grow unbearable. Since they believe that it’s 2014, and that the cities they lived in certainly still exist, they just want to go home–but are not allowed to, and no one will tell them why. But openly not tolerating the bizarre nature of their situation, we learn, is a ticket to a padded room and thorazine. So, to break out of the prison camp some of them finally resort to explosives, all the while pretending to have acclimated to their new lives, having assimilated perfectly, no longer desiring to leave. But they wish to escape more desperately than ever. It’s driving them mad. (They did not intend terrorism, incidentally–the explosives are intended to breach the wall. The explosion in town was an accident.)

      This is a metaphor for the New World Order, in my opinion.

      Our masters have abducted the human race and are systematically reducing our freedom in every aspect, but won’t tell us what is being done to us. When we probe, we catch their attention, and are identified as trouble makers; if we start waking up others, we become a danger to the Program. The technocrats want us believing the world they are creating for us to occupy is the best of all possible. It’s all for our own good; we need to trust them. And not ask questions.

      It’s a metaphor for the New World Order, but it’s also predictive programming: they are telling us what they are going to do to us, and that there’s nothing we can do about it. Those smart enough to get the picture will suffer from the impotence that comes with that knowledge. And since most people can’t detect the clues, it makes it all the more maddening for those who can understand the cynical message.

      Just as the abductees were kidnapped against their will, and even without their knowledge, so are OUR lives wrenched asunder without or consent or knowledge. I read, for instance, more and more, articles about the agenda to do away with cash, world-wide. No one consulted us–they just do what they want. No one consulted us about the sky being painted with poison, or our water poisoned with fluoride, or GMO foods, or any of a dozen transformative projects we have no choice but endure. They play God with the world around us, and with our lives, fully confident that everything is theirs to do with as they wish.

      1. Great analysis, Pat; as I was reading it, I wanted to throw in a couple of ideas of my own (so in effect I was “listening to answer”) , so I’ll go back and reread it after I post, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll lose my thought.

        Instead of Pilcher as “God”, how about Pilcher as the Wizard of Oz?

        Within the context of this story, one can certainly see the benefit of biding one’s time with the first-gens (that’d be us), lying to them until they died of old age or penalty. It’s the kids they want. You can clearly see this happening now, in real life.

        But where does the hypnotism/MK Ultra come in? Those elements are clearly in the story, yet they’re seemingly not related to each other.

        I’ll think more on that.

        1. Glad you liked it, Recynd. A couple of things.

          First, I said “playing God,” not God. As for the Wizard of Oz, he was a fake, with no power. Pilcher, and our masters, possess genuine power. When they die, they will learn that their power does not extend beyond this lifetime.

          Next, remember that When Matt Dillon told Pilcher he needs to tell the people the truth about the world he’d delivered them into, we learn that he did do that, before, that this was the SECOND attempt to re-create human society. When people learned the truth, they couldn’t handle it, and murdered each other and committed suicide. They couldn’t take it.

          So, this “first generation” thing was a second draft of the “playing God” script.

          This just goes to show that even very smart people who play God can’t come close to managing the universe.

          As for hypnotism/MK Ultra, I can see none of that in the show. Please explain.

        2. Pat: Yes, you did say “playing God”; and yes, we were watching the second run-through of the New Civilization (the New New Civilization?), which added an interesting wrinkle to the story, I thought, and a plausible one. However, the panic and subsequent meltdown experienced by the first group could have been mitigated some way; it’s not a given that great crisis should necessarily end that way. When our system crumbles, I’M not going to kill myself, and nor, I expect, shall anyone else here at MHB. But it’s a good point, and those of us who are awake should keep in mind the possibility of widespread panic when the masses can’t get their SSRIs refilled or their microwave doesn’t work.

          In any case, sometime early in the series, Pilcher (as his alter-ego, the shrink) says, “I need your consent!” Consent plays a surprisingly large role in this story…as it does in ours. In fact, I think consent plays an enormous (but mostly invisible) role in what’s happening to us, both physcially and spiritually; consent, and the legal device of “notice”, work hand-in-hand. THEY have to tell us what they’re doing to us, and WE have to concede to it, otherwise…what? There must be rules to this game…ultimate, enforceable rules…after all.

          But I digress a bit…

          So, as far as hypnotism: recall that the blonde teacher had been a hypnotherapist in her previous life. I think at some point she even explained that hypnotists can’t make anyone do anything they wouldn’t ordinarily do, and she also said something to the effect that hypnosis isn’t magic. In any event, she utilized what appeared to be NLP techniques whenever she talked to just about anyone, but especially when she talked to kids, she’d go into this soothing, singsongy kind of cadence that was clearly trance-inducing.

          This leads me to the MK Ultra hints scattered throughout: large amounts of unaccounted-for time, whether in the pod or in a coma; trance-induction through hypnosis, NLP; group chanting, like of the rules; signals, like the ringing telephone. There were also well-placed symbols scattered throughout: a merry go round (without any real purpose), mirrors, monarch upholstery on a chair in one of the characters’ house, twinning or pairing (kids and adults alike were paired with another, ostensibly for breeding purposes).

          “It’s all about shaping the mind of a child,” explains the teacher in Episode 3. Yes, indeed. After all, the parents’ generation will be dead soon, and then the experiment can really take off. But that’s a good thing, right? (Ah, the rub!) Is Pilcher God (the Creator), the Son (the Savior), or merely a chosen prophet (like, say, Noah, or David)? I think he’s refered to as each at some point during the series.

          I think he’s neither: I’m more inclined to see him as an anti-Christ. He’s an egomaniacal technocrat, bumping against human boundaries and face-planting into unintended consequences. Damn that free will! Isn’t that what they’re working on controlling (or eliminating) in the children? Bonus points if they can get the kids to give up free will voluntarily…

          Feel free to pick this apart (this is an open offer to all); I didn’t even touch upon the medical/scientific aspect, which is a doozy, and I’ve completely ignored the Nurse/Sister, the most interesting (if wishy-washy) character of all.

        3. All good points, Recynd.

          The show is perhaps the most worthy of contemplation and examination and discussion I know of. Very rich in symbolism and implications.

          At the end of the season, David was intent on wiping out the whole second iteration of the plan to re-start human society, and try a third time. He didn’t anticipate Matt Dillon–or Melissa Leo!– to overrule him, by their sheer goodness.

          He was a fake God, completely full of himself, like one of those of India or Greece or Egypt, full of hubris. Matt Dillon and Melissa Leo took up the challenge of actually saving human lives, even given the circumstances they were now in. David considered them all disposable, because his childish vision was more important than their human reality. David was like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), creating an imaginary world he could extinguish at will, and replace as he desires. But Matt and Melissa actually CARE about those souls.

          So that makes Matt Dillon and Melissa Leo prophets. People willing to sacrifice themselves for the truth, and defy evil leadership to protect humanity.


          Since the second iteration of the re-creation of human society indeed survived, now Hope Davis’ hypnotically induced worshipful generation (I hadn’t thought of that–thanks!) will be in charge of society. Everyone will know the there’s nothing beyond the wall but savages, and pure fascism will be enforced inside.

          Happy times.

        4. It reminds me of Lucifer’s plan in the council during the pre-existence: to make people be good and to receive all glory himself, versus Christ’s plan, which was to allow us free will to choose right from wrong, with all glory going to God the Father.

          Matt and Melissa are the figurative Adam and Eve: not perfect, but good enough (to put it simply).

          This idea you have about the value of life vis-a-vis WP is a good one…I need to cogitate more fully in it.

        5. Recynd ( and Patrick)…. I enjoyed Wayward Pines and agree with most of your analyses, except for a couple of important points….

          ( MAJOR SPOILER ALERT ! )

          first I didn’t agree with Patrick’s initial account of how Pilcher and the story starts… for me, Pilcher begins with noble intentions…he explains to the Matt Dillon character that he could see a seemingly unstoppable drift towards a catastrophic global conflict as a result of the empire building and fascist leaning policies of our leaders…exactly as is happening currently IMO.
          Being a technocrat and a zillionaire, he secretly creates two groups of people in readiness for the post – apocalyptic world who will go into cryogenic pods and reawaken in the future. The first group are the techs and scientists and execs who will manage the project and the second group are fairly ordinary but worthy people who will be the new generation to kick start the future via their new life in Wayward Pines.

          When he reawakens himself and his cohorts, he feels vindicated because civilisation did indeed collapse, the few survivors have become feral, hybrid cannibals etc….and that’s when he forgoes his original, noble intentions, develops a God complex and becomes a tyrant himself…

          The other point is that whilst the ” Truthers” and the town’s fledgling resistance movement eventually strive to overthrow the ” System” or tyranny they live under…its the insiders, starting with Pilcher’s sister and right hand, ( the Nurse) who end Pilcher’s stranglehold over the people, by resisting him and persuading his elite military force( the only people with guns(!) to turn against Pilcher and overthrow his tyranny…

          I thought that was very interesting… are our leaders trying to tell us that our Truther activism and civil opposition to their psycho cabal is doomed to fail, or is there a hint that they could be defeated by infiltrating their ranks ….or that they are susceptible to self imploding via dissatisfaction by their own supposed supporters and enablers?

          You and I ( Recynd) briefly discussed another recent serial.. The Man In The High Castle…. it explores very similar themes, albeit via an entirely different plotline…IMO ” Castle” is much more interesting and thought provoking than WP and far better produced…. a discussion on the similarities and distinctions between these two shows would be a really interesting topic!

        6. I’m not convinced Pilcher’s intentions started out entirely noble, but even if they did, remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. But I’m not convinced he started out power-hungry, either. I think he got that way during this second attempt at civilization; the other ended in mass suicide/panic from being introduced to the truth too soon. (Here’s an occult theme!)

          I don’t know where Pilcher’s opulence came from (just like I don’t know where the electricity to run the fence/town came from, or the gasoline to power the vehicles and generators).

          I wonder what Pilcher was going to do with all the techies/behind-the-sceners once the town became self sustainable (I’m not sure that could happen: the mountains are hardly ideal farmland, and where’s all the poop going?).

          I still haven’t finished the “Castle”, though I should…

        7. Recynd…. I’m not sure either if Pilcher started with noble intentions…I thought he said he forsaw a nuclear war and the consequent collapse of society and near extinction of the populace, so he made his plan for the survival of a few…. but according to Patrick I mis-remembered that and I can’t be bothered watching it again…

          As for plot flaws…yes, there were many ( a working helicopter, really? lol ). Also there simply weren’t enough people to repopulate the region, let alone the country. There would be inbreeding, genetic mutations etc.

          You really should watch The Man In The High Castle… similar themes, the examination of tyranny and resistance and so on…but a hundred times better in every way…. and I would love to have someone to discuss it with!

        8. The scenario is impossible. Someone has to mine the lead (somewhere) and the brass (somewhere) and the gunpowder has to be produced (somewhere) and it all has to assembled (somewhere) to manufacture cartridges. Not to mention guns themselves. Or Washing machines. Or cars. Or telephones. And look at those fabulous houses, with their shiny wood floors. Give me a break. Restaurants with a full range of offerings?

          Forget all that. It’s not the point. The point is the point. The message.

          Steven says this:

          “… for me, Pilcher begins with noble intentions…he explains to the Matt Dillon character that he could see a seemingly unstoppable drift towards a catastrophic global conflict”

          That’s not true. He saw a de-evolutionary future only he could arrest, by abducting people in the present and waking them up in the future. Nothing about “conflict.” The human race itself was going to become zombies, is the story, and he was going to arrest that inevitability, and preserve the present to restore in the distant future. His way.

          Pilcher is noble, certainly, the same way Woodrow Wilson, or Adolf Hitler, or Pol Pot were “noble.” They knew better than regular people.

          This is the essence of “progressivism.” It is the smarties seizing control over everyone else, for their own good, and never examining their own ideas. In Wayward Pines, the prediction is correct (humanity is in fact going to turn into zombies), but the smarties (Pilcher) are not in fact smart enough to organize and engineer human society.

          That is, such presumptuous assholes ruin what they think they are predestined to remake.

          Take Obama, as an example, along with his whole cadre.

          Noble intentions, indeed.

          In the show, Pilcher’s predicted future comes true, and the people he stole, snatched out of their daily lives and put to sleep for two thousand years, really WERE the only civilized humans in that future. But he was not a god capable of managing human society.

          That’s the essence of the thing.

          No man can play God and succeed.

        9. Yes, Ric, we’re discussing a show called “Wayward Pines”. There were a bunch of “spoiler” alerts earlier in the post so it doesn’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but might.

        10. Let me clarify, I’m not dogging anyone who enjoys a good TV show.

          This show sounds very interesting and Unique.

          I just have no way to view it.

          All Good.

        11. It’s available on Amazon Prime (but you have to buy it). It’s not that it’s so much “good” as it is “interesting”, and relevant.

        12. Recynd, good points about breeding the young. It’s part of the largely unspoken theme of eugenics, too. It seems only affluent Americans are chosen for the New Civilization.

      2. Nice, Patrick. Great explication of the story.

        Pilcher’s grandiosity is certainly central. How he ever got anyone to go along with him is surprising is to me, though the story seems to say it was his immense wealth that allowed him to push through the project. That makes sense in our current world where “foundations” are advancing agendas occluded from the public, so I think your parallel to the NWO is apt.

  27. Read the Gun ‘Seizure’ Bill Introduced by Democrats That Will Likely Send a Chill Down the Spines of Georgia Gun Owners
    The Gun Grab Begins……….
    The text of HB 731 proclaims that the sale, possession or distribution of “any assault weapon” will come at a profound cost.

    “No person shall possess, distribute, transport, transfer, or sell any assault weapon,” it reads. “Any person who distributes, transports, or imports an assault weapon into this state shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than two nor more than ten years.”

    The proposed bill goes on for almost two pages, explaining and specifically naming the types of guns that are included in the sponsors’ definition of an “assault weapon.” Here’s just a portion of that section of the bill:
    Screen shot from HB 1731

    Screen shot from HB 731

    The proposed measure also defines a “large-capacity magazine” to be “any firearm magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has the capacity of, or can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition.”

    The text gets very specific when it comes to how large-capacity magazines will be handled under the law, if, indeed, HB 731 is passed, detailing the imposed punishments for those who still have them in their possession after Jan. 1, 2017.

    “Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine on or after January 1, 2017, that was obtained by such person prior to July 1, 2016, shall be fined not more than $100.00 for a first offense and shall be guilty of a felony for any subsequent offense,” it reads. “Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine on or after January 1, 2017, that was obtained by such person on or after July 1, 2016, shall be guilty of a felony.”


  28. Hi Everyone–I am listening to a revealing interview with a woman named Beverly Eakman; she speaks about education and the NWO, and how to push back against these powerful forces.


    I don’t have time to do it now, but there are remarkable parallels between some of the themes we’re discussing related to Wayward Pines and techniques used in schooling. It’s really quite fascinating. Even if you haven’t seen WP, do not let that stop you from listening to this well-spoken, intelligent woman. (She reminds me of Charlotte Iserbyt, whom I love and adore.).

  29. Wayward Pines



    The major problem that I have with just the premise of the series is that the physical stock of resources, as well as the labor pool, that would be needed to maintain this illusion, are both left out of the story.

    Factories don’t exist in Wayward Pines, and there is no China. Everything that goes into making and running this little town and its mammoth security state was brought in from the past. Somewhere back in time, the Institution had to buy into the world’s supply chain, effectively stopping it for themselves. Now their technology is static, there is no more innovation. The catastrophic implications of the end of production go unremarked upon, even as it underpins a two-tier information system: the Institution has elaborate technology with which to coordinate surveillance, and the Townsfolk have somehow forgotten that they ever had the web.

    This doesn’t seem plausible to me. If the state had cameras in your house, wouldn’t you remember what little you ever knew about networks and try and get that technology? This is why I don’t see a line of reasoning that leads to using explosives to blow up the wall to get information about the outside. The Institution has all the information the Truthers need. The task is to appropriate it.

    It’s been pointed out that Wayward Pines is a hubristic institution, and so it must be, to be so dependent on technology, and then forget how to make things. There’s no real work for Townsfolk. Nobody’s growing food. No skills are being practiced, nobody’s fixing things, no maintenance of houses. Everything just runs, and runs perfectly.

    In a way, it is the perfect metaphor for the kinds of well-off gated neighborhoods we see in America – a false reality dependent on unseen labor. Except, in this universe, there is no unseen labor. It’s never even hinted that there might be a clandestine workforce building the killing scaffolds and gathering torches to be lit. These things just manifest from somewhere. There are only Townsfolk and Security Personnel, a false division of labor. They all speak English and they’re all culturally homogenous. There’s nothing to keep them apart. Why don’t they collaborate?

    This could have been made a better series by incorporating these anomalies. These two things, the government prepper problem and the labor problem could both have been made part of the structure without disturbing the character relationships which are the heart of the story.

    The filmmakers could have solved this by acknowledging the limits of Wayward Pines’ technology and inventing a workforce of Maintenance Personnel who have to keep all this 2000 year old stuff working. Everything’s falling apart, and down at the bottom-end of the technology supply, Maintenance starts providing specialized hacks and repurposed hardware to get around institutional shortages. As more and more citizens begin to use these extra-institutional services they are knit together in a series of transactions that occur outside the Institution’s purview.

    A simple thing like a black market for electronics creates an opportunity for a rebellion to rise naturally. The citizen network would spread information for getting around state intrusion, while channeling the dissatisfaction with government provided services into a general criticism of the Institution and its legitimacy. Rebels within Maintenance would make exploiting the communications system a priority. The line between rebel and state worker would become porous. They would move back and forth. As the townsfolk struggle to wake and figure out their surroundings and become anchored in time, the Black Market Forces are there with the Truth about the nature and boundaries of the Wayward Pines project.

    The director, Shyamalan, often uses elisions of realistic detail to establish a creepy tone in his work. I think it was unsuccessful here because of the huge gaps it left in an already preposterous story.

    It also plays into the more serious problem of the subversion of Wayward Pines’ own professed message, which delivers a hero who goes on to choose suicide.

    I hope to expand on the dual message of human agency and suicide in this series, as well as its uses of characterization, in another post.

    1. I truly appreciate these observations, Toni. I came to many of the same conclusions.

      First, the thing was a really fun ride, first time through–the delight in discovery.

      Second, it’s based on three books. So I suspect that much of that problematic stuff was dealt with there, but all Night had was 10 hours to work with, so oversimplification was necessary.

      Third, once one realizes that the scenario is impossible, one tends to either reject it or look for the metaphorical logic, to determine what is the real point being made.

      Once I started to probe the absurdities I thought of Leonard Reed’s essay “I, Pencil” (http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/rdPncl1.html), which demonstrates how impossibly complex are the systems that produce even the simplest of things. You simply cannot possibly postulate a scenario where the one small town could enjoy an upper middle class lifestyle under the circumstances. As you rightly say, there is no China.

      So if we dwell on that aspect, we can start to hate the show. But I think the philosophical aspect makes it quite valuable. It’s a deus ex machina sort of thing. The story is worth telling, even if the plot doesn’t really make practical sense.

      That’s why I see it as a metaphor of progressivism. Pilcher thinks he can play God, and the lives of the people he’s manipulating are like ants in one of those ant farm toys we had when we were kids. Progressives have their theories, and if, as Pol Pot determined, a third of the population must be murdered to implement the model, big deal. It is the essential heartlessness at the core of the project juxtaposed with the genuine humanity of the people subject to it that makes it interesting.

      1. I don’t hate the show. Quite the opposite. Matt Dillon’s character is reason enough for that. Characterization is powerful throughout.

        I was trying to fix the problems I see in the screenplay, and provide a more reasonable environment for the sorely-needed rebellion.

        I get your isolated philosophical exercise thing, and agree that it would be valuable in itself. All your points about Pilcher playing god are well-taken. And I think you nailed the whole thing here:

        “It is the essential heartlessness at the core of the project juxtaposed with the genuine humanity of the people subject to it that makes it interesting.”

        1. Patrick, another thought. I think the isolated philosophical exercise conceit is undercut by Shyamalan’s style of ellipsis, which cannot contain this big a narrative.

          Compare this with his film, “The Village,” in which the erasure of outside society is maintained by simple but dramatic gestures made to a much smaller captive population. “The Village” fits the isolated exercise criteria and Shyamalan’s style better than Wayward Pines.

          Speilberg should have made this, or at least produced it. He’s good at sketching in the underbelly of the societies he creates. Think of the robot underworld in A.I.

          I guarantee you, Matt Dillon would never have committed suicide if this was Dreamworks.

        2. Interesting to ponder.

          I’m not a particularly large fan of Night’s. I liked him at the beginning, but he’s worn thin steadily. He’s always a good technician, though, and the look and feel of WP is something to cherish, straight through. And he gets great performances out of his actors.

          Again, I have not read the books, and the only articles I read at the AVClub (which I highly recommend) scrupulously withheld any information from the source material, so perhaps therein resides some of the answers. But I will not read those books.

          My daughter made me read the Hunger Games books, so in that situation I had that inside knowledge when the movies came out, and I’m glad I did.

          That’s to say, I really don’t know the difficulty the man faced in rendering the story to the screen. I’m certainly glad he had 10 hours, though, as opposed to the confining time frame of feature movies. Lord of The Rings, for instance, should have been 10 hours per book, in my opinion. I can’t watch those movies a second time, such agony it is to miss what’s missing, however beautifully rendered the evoked world Jackson presents. That’s not enough.

        1. Anthony Newly! He wishes he was Tom!

          Totally forgot about Newly. He’s like half a clone of Jones. I just so totally appreciate Tom Jones even more since this video.

      1. I haven’t watched this yet. Give me a “heads up”.
        Is he gonna Destroy Harrison’s Master Piece?

        I give Tom Jones lots of credit. He’s bold and Driven.

        1. My Therapist said once I’m cured from that TJ videoI can listen…Haha

          I never got Sinatra. I think the way he sings in pure CA style mono tone might be why so many like him.

          I love singers singing against an orchestra against the grain of the chords is fantastic.

          Your 3 years younger than me. I don’t see how you “found” Frank.
          He’s before my time.

          OK, I will “take the Nestle Plunge”

        2. Ric, I think the standard cure is to be forced to listen to Yoko moaning her way through an entire album followed by George Harrison’s “Wonder Wall” album.

          Few have survived to tell about it.

        1. Masterful! Well played!

          I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a song about death.

          Honey, I don’t miss her.

          What’s up with that little quiver in Bobby’s voice anyway?

          I’m can’t find anything that can match it for laughs right now. Were you holding this back for a sneak attack?

        2. Also, I’m not sure that popular music would be recognizable without James Brown, but it might be recognizable without George Harrison.

          All due respect.

        3. Haha, but Here the stickler is..

          “but it might be recognizable without George Harrison.”

          It would be with Jame’s too.

          Some think the Blues. One . four . Five is the basis to All Music.

          I don’t. And will stop here.

        4. Oh, yeah, I forgot I was talking to Mr. Musician. You’re probably right, of course.

          I guess I was talking more about how influence flavors things on down the line.

        5. I thought about it. Your right. But it’s was a whole movement of people.
          But. Yea, your basically right when it comes to the fundamental structure of Modern Music.

        6. Well Ric, I do a lot of the old “I, !V, V turnaround” stuff. It’s as fundamental as it gets. That’s why its so good for jamming. But, I do a lot of other stuff too.

          A little theory is what separates the “players” from the “musicians”. It’s all good though, when it is.

        1. Steven,
          Ha Ha.. You’ve been MK Ultra’d by our CIA. That song wasn’t supposed to play in England…..Sorry

          If you play play the Vinyl version backwards it: Screws Up Your Needle..

          George Carlin Joke……

        2. Steven,
          I love the Neck warmers but after that Video I will need my therapist 24/7 So you will have to find your own..Haha

        3. I wish there wouldn’t be spam with all this off topic music talk. The barrage of emails froze up my email account and it’s not of interest to me.

        4. Mary, so sorry! Please provide a list of subjects in which you are interested so we can stick to them.

        5. Please disregard, I forgot it was open form. And for the record I do have interest in topics relating to music but with such little time on my hands, when I come to this blog I expect to discuss the topics of Mr. Tracey and not lose focus onto other items.

        6. Thanks for coming back and clarifying. And not being too mad about my flip remark. I totally get your concern with keeping the focus on MHB issues, in general.

          Maybe, when you get some extra time, you could play us some music you’re interested in. I’d like to hear it.

      1. I’m waiting for a “Joy of Cooking” concert, or maybe a Wayne Newton anthology. Both could warrant a disc-burning celebration. I love the smell of melted plastic.

      2. Yeah, you took me out with that Honey video, but not all the way. I was able to struggle out of the goo with the help of that astringent number from Elvis and the Roots.

        It was this cutting remark that laid me low, Ric:

        “Yea, your basically right when it comes to the fundamental structure of Modern Music.”

        I was getting total eye-roll from you on this.

        1. No “eye roll” intended. As much as I love music, and different kinds, I still have my version of “taste”. It may not make sense, like describing “yellow”, but its there just the same.

          “Goo” is probably as apt a description of that…….piece, as anyone could conjure. “Saccharine” doesn’t do it justice. It’s like being dipped in honey and wrapped in fly paper.

        2. And left out for the ants!

          I don’t know anything about music, but it doesn’t stop me from offering my opinion.

        3. Haha..I don’t think Pat survived…

          That was Funny Toni.

          PS: James needs to either start a new Free Form or move this one back on page 1.

  30. If there are any skater types here, you might like this video, which has a lot of early street skater history.

    The song lyric is skater ethos, too – a quest for authenticity in a co-opted world, which begins in rejection of authority. With proud perversity the song calls on Lucifer, the Morningstar, as savior from a world of hate.

    Shitty songs, shitty art
    Shitty poems, shitty hearts
    To push away, I touch my scar
    That reads your name, my Morningstar


    1. Nevermind the spam, here it is:

      If there are any skater types here, you might like this video, which has a lot of early street skater history.

      The song lyric is skater ethos, too – a quest for authenticity in a co-opted world, which begins in rejection of authority. With proud perversity the song calls on Lucifer, the Morningstar, as savior from a world of hate.

      Read the lyric here:


      1. Oh My God, I “quick Picked” this of the net……

        This is an example of why Mere Mortals can’t sing Beatles Songs…

        This is Terrible and I I apologize to Mr. Lennon Personally

        This has been scrubbed of the net. The Original Broadcast

        1. Ric, there’s no Beatles left on youtube. Do you know any great covers? Oh, that’s right you don’t believe in covers.

        2. Yes I do believe in Covers, it’s just you go to Sit & Sleep and Buy Them…..

          If your version is better than the original, then you have “Covered” that Song……It Happens

  31. Ric… you’re right, only Beatles can sing Beatles songs…. lol

    It was my daughter’s birthday last week, so I sent her this vid… great song, great guitar riff, vintage Paul, great images….if its anyone’s birthday today, Happy Birthday to ya !!

    One very important question for Ric or Toni as you both have awesome musical knowledge…..

    Is that Anna Nichole Smith jumping out of the birthday cake ? Ha Ha

    Have a great day !

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUGm-WV4pDQ&w=420&h=315%5D

    1. The girl in the cake is a super-slice, for sure, but she’s not my Anna Nicole (whom I always loved for some reason). Anna Nicole was a much curvier girl…va-voom! (And God rest her soul; may she be out of bondage and with her sweet Daniel.)

      Okay, enough of the maudlin from me…let’s hear something from Donovan:


      1. It’s kind funny how both of these Covers of Tell Me What You See are playing the Wrong Chords……

        I’ll pretend I never saw or heard this blasphemy….

        1. You got THAT right! Somebody should tell whoever it is playing the slide guitar that its customary to play major of major and minor over minor if you’re gonna do a country number.

          But, like I say, it’s all good, when it is.

        2. You nailed Lophatt.

          Playing a Major when the Chord is a Minor…..I have no clue what that girl was playing….

          I may have gave quarter if it wasn’t a Beatles song, Dust off the Guillotine.

          PS: I think Bob Dyan might have a daughter he is unaware of and probably owes her 4 Million in back child support.

    1. Recynd,

      She is saying “Off Topic”.
      This is “Free Form Friday” which means there is NO Topic and someone even suggested her start a new thread.

      Shes new at DHS and doesn’t understand the Dark Web..HeHe

      1. I like the Dykes (Aaron and Melissa, the TruthStreamMedia couple, for those who don’t know) SO, so much. I love how she writes like she speaks. She could be my best friend. Anyway, I share her horror…I suspect we all do. And, as they say, “Stick a fork in me; I’m done.”

        I’m so glad to have introduced someone to “What’s He Building In There”! Isn’t it deliciously creepy? I used to play it for my son when he was little, and he’d squeal and we’d laugh, and ask each other, “What’s he BUILDING in there?” Such sweet times. If you have a grandchild or young’un, play it for them…out of their folks’ earshot, that is! 😉

        1. Tom Waits is an interesting character. He came to Carbondale, where I went to college, in 1980 or 81, and I bought a bunch of his albums. He was amazing. The show was terrific. It was Schryock auditorium, which was an intimate place, almost like an old movie palace, right on campus. He had sets that made you feel like he was at an old gas station, or a sleazy bar. He had obviously not washed his hair in a long time. He drank Heineken.

          I learned those albums by heart.

          He could have stuck with the persona, but, like Dylan (or Bowie), he developed a completely different kind of music, and never, ever, plays the old beatnik stuff (so far as I know).

          Which Tom do I like better? Do I like the I Want to Hold Your Hand Beatles better than the Glass Onion Beatles?

        2. Recynd…. I don’t have any grandkids, but I’m sending the vid to my 32 year old daughter….who will probably kick my butt for scaring her… lol

          I watched it on Youtube and read some comments…. one person said its supposed to be satirical… a riff on people in the suburbs, spying and nosying on their neighbours… I confess I don’t know much about Tom Waits, but I’m thinking there was more going on in his head than that !

          Sorry to keep mentioning The Man In The High Castle…. but hope you get around to watching it, its just so well done in so many ways….

    2. Recynd, I think you were totally working on giving somebody the “irrits” when you played this song.

      Tom says “What’s He Building In There?” is about the way you speculate about a neighbor, till you grow up and realize you’ve become the neighbor that people speculate about. He’s quite the storyteller.

      “When I was a kid, I had a neighbor that we all wondered about. But everybody has a neighbor they wonder about. And then you grow up and you’re the neighbor. Well, you see, his name was Mr. Stitcha and we used to skateboard by his house real loud. All the time. And his wife used to look at us disdainfully, as Stitcha would stick his head out the window and shake his fist, and say things like we’ll get you, we’ll get you. And we would repeat other things that are unrepeatable to Stitcha, and uh, eventually, what happened was, Stitcha died. And everyone said that we killed him. With our skateboards. I don’t believe that. But I did believe it when I was a kid. Anyway, this is the neighbor that, um, we all become. You see, I guess it all comes down to knowing two or three things about the guy who lives next door, and that’s all you need to know.”

      And from the book Wild Years: The Music and Myth of Tom Waits:
      “We seem compelled to perceive our neighbors through the keyhole. There’s always someone in the neighborhood, the Boo Radley, the village idiot. You see that he drives this yellow station wagon without a windshield, and he has chickens in the backyard, and doesn’t get home ’til 3:00 A.M., and he says he’s from Florida but the license says Indiana… so, you know, ‘I don’t trust him.’ It’s really a disturbed creative process.”

      A “disturbed creative process” like gangstalking; imagining your neighbor from a default of ill will and suspicion.

      I been a fan of Tom Waits for many decades, and he’s never lost me through any kind of changes or whatever. I guess I don’t look at it that way. I like to go along with wherever the artist wants to go.

      Patrick refers to this Tom Waits here, who was pretty cool, it’s true:

      Tom Waits – Live at Palace Theatre, Paris, France on April 27th, 1979


  32. Too much music and not enough talk? I can throw a political gloss over some of these songs.

    This song’s persona is a gay man talking about his rights. He speaks as an individual, though, not as part of a gay group. He locates his manliness in the republican values of self-determination and character. He challenges his detractors to, “Be a man.” Standing on his own convictions will bring “peace in the valley, no cause for war.”

    Lyric here:


  33. Anyone watching the new X Files series?

    Its excellent, but I’m mentioning it as it sets out the entire New World Order ” conspiracy theory”….. just as we all see it….

    It’s a little scary, as that kind of ” Disclosure”, coming from a mainstream source, often is predictive of something upcoming…. many believe the Cabal have their rituals… they have to tell us what they are planning…like ” The Lone Gunman” thing before 9-11….. or, well, you all know many examples…

    The show is well worth a look, even if you’re not a fan of the original series….

      1. Man, that was depressing! I spent a lot of time in marinas as a kid (my dad is a mariner/sailor at heart), and even the boatyard never felt so bleak as this.

        Suppose that’s the other side of “progress”?

        I read that one of Wait’s influences is (was) Bukowski, one of my all-time-favorites. Buk was part of the Gonzo-types; I wonder if he was a spook? Oh, how that’d break my heart.

    1. Steven,
      I wonder if this really falls under predictive programming as it’s stuff we already know. By already know, I mean it’s on the internet.

      These shows are written from the same subjects that get traffic on the net. It’s really like they’re playing catch up, rather than predicting anything.

      1. Toni…yes, you’re right ” we” already know it, but ”we” are still a small part of the population and I can’t recall another show which has spelt out the entire NWO agenda, in a few pieces of dialogue, or not in any way as clearly as this does. Certainly not one that predicts a faked alien invasion to freak out the populace and allow a world governing Order in….. . In the same week as the CIA released a 150,000 files of previously undisclosed UFO related material. But I’m a lifelong ET believer and a huge X Files fan, so maybe I’m just a little carried away!

        BTW, I agree with you on the WP thing… Rosette is stretching… a lot.

        1. Yes, Rosette is out there. She’s got her Code and she’s sticking to it.

          I have to disagree that “we” are a small population that knows the stuff in the video you posted. I think pretty much everyone knows about UFOs. Wasn’t that a main trope in the old X-Files?

        2. Toni…UFO’s yes… I meant the NWO agenda..world gov, population cull and control, cashless,digitalised,sprayed and vaccinated, mindless, stacked and packed , microchipped society of worker drones serving the Elite… you know the drill…

        3. Right, and again I think these are issues that are all over the net, which is where these writers get their stories. They are cashing in on the “conspiracy” subjects they find there. Their information comes more from the bottom-up than the top-down.

        4. Toni…. I think you may have missed reading my last post , where I tried to explain why the X Files is more than just an ordinary show….it seems to be a vehicle for disclosure. You think the writers are just trawling for conspiracy theories on the net and packaging them up for entertainment value. Perhaps you don’t particularly like the show, which is fine,so you don’t see anything more in it. Perhaps you are totally right.
          But many think the X Files is predictive programming….there are ”non terrestrial” topics from the show’s last seasons, a decade ago, which are now almost mainstream, in both ufology and science. Now, as the Elite are perhaps losing their imposed, false version of reality that they have imposed over the masses… and being forced into a corner over revealing their NWO agenda ( with or without the ET element) , a way of disclosure leaks out, but in a format where it can be dismissed as simply a fiction based upon crazy conspiracy theories.

          Don’t forget the” Lone Gunmen” was an X Files spin off and it fairly accurately predicted 9 / 11, six months before it happened . A couple of hours ago, I posted a video of an extract from Lone Gunmen which illustrates that. I don’t totally buy into what I’ve just written, but I’m open to it as a possibility and its a scary one as it would mean the final act of this world changing drama may be on the verge of being played out….

          There have been 2 episodes so far of the new X Files, only 4 more to go. I shall be watching closely!

        5. I’m taping the episode on Monday at your suggestion, so I’ll give it another look.

          It’s just that I know how these shows are made.

        6. Toni…. you really need to watch from the start…the X Files vary between chunks of the general theme , or ” disclosure” and one-off stories.. I think next Monday is more of a ‘one off”, but not sure..

          Did you watch ”The Lone Gunmen”, either today, or anytime in the past.? The vid I posted is about 10 mins and worth your time !

        7. Also, in a way, these subjects you mention, which are real threats, are then cast as dubious events because the X-files deals with “crazy conspiracy” stuff.

        8. Toni…. yes, but one widely held view on many websites that are discussing the X Files is that the Elite have to tell us what they are going to do…. its part of the Ritual, the Tradition and so on….
          so they tell us through the X Files, exactly because they hope the viewers will see them as ( just as you say ) dubious events, cos X Files deals with crazy conspiracy theories….. the extra twist on the X Files is the way of bringing about the NWO… by way of faked alien invasion….. that’s not an original idea but its much less discussed or well known among the general population…I can see both views. I guess we shall see.

        9. This is especially interesting as “predictive programming” in light of the latter no planes theory. Still, it was a real war game scenario, one they played out with a straight face to members of the military on 9/11.

          Not all stories are trolled from the internet. The CIA has a webpage that invites anyone to avail themselves of intelligence service expertise should they have project involving the government. Oh, you need a story? They’ll give you that, too. And probably money. That way they control the general direction of the project.

          Tom Hanks’ films are these kind. Also, the Oscar winning Iraq/Afghanistan films of recent years. And Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning Iraq POW movie. Funny how well they do in awards season; they have almost no afterlife.

          It’s possible that intelligence services are supplying the storyline for the X-files. I don’t know if this is predictive programming, or a manifestation of control of the final cut.

          Steven, assuming this is predictive programming, what do you think is its effect on the viewing population? In particular, how did the impact of 9/11 differ for people who had seen the Lone Wolf episode?

        10. Toni…. well, its obviously impossible to gauge the effect on people of predictive programming, but , generally, I would like to think that ”positive” leaks and info heighten their awareness of what’s really going on, the ” big picture”, at least a little, so that they start to notice the small signs that crop up every day in ”news” and commentary. They notice more that many policies, initiatives, govt led social changes and so on seem to all be heading in one direction and that direction is not towards individual freedom, transparency, or the encouragement of creativity, imagination and independence of thought and behaviour. Hopefully some are inspired to petition or protest certain issues and add their voices to what may become a rising tide of disenchantment and opposition with the overall direction of our psychopath – led society. But I am an old hippy and hopeless idealist…lol

          As for 9/ 11, the impact of ” Lone Gunmen” was more after the fact. The people who saw it and those who heard about it later can point to that show as strong evidence that predictive programming really exists…and therefore persuade others…… and we should be tuned into it when we watch what they show us and try to pick up on what they are trying to warn us about and , perhaps more importantly, what they are trying to condition and acclimate us to.

          ”The Man In The High Castle” is an interesting one. Its set in 1962 and shows an alternative society where the Nazis and Japs won the war and the USA is two colonies, divided between them. Its beautifully made, well worth watching. But its not just ( in my view) a fictional version of recent history…its a picture of how a future tyranny in the USA would ( might? ) look…

        11. Are there any scholarly texts about predictive programming? Or any info about it from the other side of the power equation? I can’t find anything but “alternative” conjecture.

    1. So who does the Luciferian Coding anyway?

      Who makes sure, from the writing to pre-production and on through to post, that all the satanic components are in place in the finished piece?

      Who’s making these decisions and who is enforcing them?

      1. Toni: Those are what you would call “good questions”. I have heard theories ranging from conspiracy to supernatural (along the lines of dark synchronicities).

        I don’t know what to think. On the one hand, there’s so many examples that it’s hard to think that it’s mere coincidence. On the other hand, it defies reason to think that every writer, every director, set coordinator, and editor is part of some great cabal.

        The idea of running themes isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The “wall” theme (like in WP and Game of Thrones, and Under the Dome) reminds me very much of the Agenda 21 wildlife maps, and has cropped up in a significant way.

        There’s no denying the prevalence of certain symbolism: the lightning bolt, pyramid, all-seeing eye, horned animals, covering/accentuating one eye, “as above so below”, etc. Could there be an entire language being revealed?

        I also know humans are prone to seeing patterns where none exist.

        What do you think?

        1. Recynd, I like your idea of running themes across shows. That would make an interesting exercise.

          I think it’s not about seeing patterns where there are none. It’s more like she’s imposing a pattern over the patterns that are there.

        2. The complicating factor is that this show is a 10 hour representation of a three book series. I have not read the books, so I don’t know what Night (or other producers) added to/imposed on the original story.

          It is possible, of course, that there are many layers of symbolism the original author was unaware of when writing the books, and the same is true of the television producers/writers. It is a subconscious/unconscious element of the creative process I have in view. I know that my best writing surprises me. Any work of art always surprises the creator, when others describe the meaning they detect in it.

          Sometimes, outsiders “read in” things that are completely false. As you rightly say, Toni, people see what they want to see, based on what they are predisposed to recognize, even if it does violence to the original intent of the artist. This is very common in Bible analysis, for example, where crackpots see patterns that have no basis, even though the Bible is indeed supernaturally birthed and thus has infinite layers of potentiality. Even an infinitely large onion can’t have layers inserted into it that are not really there, and make them legitimate.

          But when people create, supernatural messages we have no idea about can and often are embedded in the text. That’s one of the things that makes art worth investigating. It’s also a reason we should always be skeptical about these things. We need to avoid being hoodwinked. Sometimes an analysis of a piece of art is simply wrong.

          I think your critique, evoking Edmund Burke, is excellent, and it would not surprise me one bit if the author of the books had that directly in mind, or if it was unconscious, because it is history so deeply embedded in him that it’s just how he thinks. I have argued that the story is about “playing God,” and this writer thinks the same thing; it’s a good bet that that’s what the writer of the books was trying to say something about. One never knows what comes out of one’s fingertips when the writing starts to flow.

          That said, I repeat, I’m always cautious about esoteric symbolism that is claimed to be somewhere and I can’t detect it myself. I can be wrong, and be persuaded, but I err on the side of caution in these matters.

        3. Patrick, I don’t know how the books impacted the series. I understand that the author was writing the books while the series was in production, so there was a back and forth there. I’m not sure that the books can be held as the standard.

          I believe that a film has to stand on its own anyway, and is not necessarily beholden to its source material. Its integrity depends on an internal coherence rather than an external adherence. (Though this can be disappointing to readers, as your comments about the Lord of the Rings show.)

          I agree with most of your description of the creative process, although this sentence puzzles me: “But when people create, supernatural messages we have no idea about can and often are embedded in the text.”

          Are we agreed that supernatural means beyond natural law and science?

        4. Yes. I’m saying that God can speak through people because a message He wants delivered that the artist is unaware of needs to be delivered.

          Of course, we can’t rationally examine that. It would be, to my way of thinking, something separate from the normal creative process, which is in itself mysterious. I’m just acknowledging that God can and does do that sometimes. It’s just an additional element that must be allowed for.

          I was unaware of the contemporaneous composition. Interesting. That’s important.

          As I mentioned a while back, I read the essays at the AVClub, one at a time, after each episodes. Those analyses were strictly spoiler-free. I rarely can justify the time to read comments at sites other than MHB, but I did read those comments (it was months after the fact, but no spoilers were there, even then). It was like watching just the next day after broadcast. In those discussions, it was frequently mentioned that anyone who injected references to the books would have their comments deleted, implying that it was a world well established that the show was recreating.

          I did no more research than that, outside of watching the commentary reels.

          As I mentioned to you before, I’m not a giant Night fan, although I certainly admire him. If the books were written contemporaneously with the filming, the symbolism would easily be collaboratively developed. He’s got a mind for that sort of thing.

          The construction of symbol-systems is the kind of conspiracy thinking I don’t feel drawn towards–especially when they are brand new. The venerable old ones are troublesome enough. Hell, the meaning of the Bible is still hotly debated, and we’ve got all the 20th century archeological discoveries from Canaan and Mesopotamia to put it in context now, which no one had before. If even well-established symbolism and hidden meaning in anchors of civilization is tough to agree about, well, you get what I’m driving at.

          Which brings us back to predictive programming. Who embedded references to future events in cartoon shows adults watch? Who knew to popularize David Rockefeller’s 9/11 plans decades before the event?

          I have no idea. Well, yes, I do. It is supernatural, possibly?

        5. (Sorry this got so long; I thought I’d lost this while editing. I’m just going to post as-is before I lose it altogether.)

          I don’t think it’s just God who can transmit messages; lots of artists (singers, writers, visual artists) claim that they have muses, or entities that speak through them. While some people take this claim to be metaphorical (along with statements like, “I sold my soul to the devil” or “I signed in blood”), it could be taken literally. When Beyoncé says that when she’s performing, “there’s someone else up there” (a “someone” that she says is named “Sasha Fierce”), it can be interpreted several ways: (1) it’s Beyoncé merely acting a role (metaphorical); (2) it’s an alien spirit possession (that is, some spirit-being using Beyoncé’s body while she’s performing; she means it literally); or (3) it’s an alter-ego that is somehow separate from Beyoncé herself (metaphorical AND literal). In this case, did Beyoncé create this alter-ego, or did someone else (“MK Ultra”/ritual abuse programming)? No one ever seems to ask her what she means; I wonder why?

          Many people claim to be channels and mediums; the Theosophists talk about “ascended masters”, it plays a big part in Afro-Carribean religions (Voodoo/Voudon), and Kaballah is based on it (I think). People make livings contacting the departed. I don’t think ANY of these folks are talking to God.

          I know this is basic, but I thought it would be handy to break this down; in the alterna-world, so many assumptions are taken as fact, like MK Ultra techniques being used on performers, or even the “fact” of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Most of the information I’ve seen on this subject comes from Fritz Springmeier’s research or references it heavily.

          Symbols, especially the oldest ones (triangles, pillars, stars, eyes, sun) are very tricky to interpret, and they’ve been used in widely divergent ways. The poor pentagram (especially the inverted pentagram) has taken on some very dark meanings in recent times. The same with the “all-seeing eye”.

          I think it’s interesting to speculate about pop culture icons and symbology, but ultimately it’s just a diversion: we know what “they” want us to know, and it all distracts us from the real truth (the Saving Truth, or eternal truths) anyway. If one is a Christian (and I am, as we all know), then anything that diverts me from God and His commandments is extraneous at best and soul-jeopardizing at worst; most falls somewhere in between, I’d guess.

          Pride comes in a variety of ways; it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that you know something that others don’t. And not all knowledge is equal. (This is one of my own life’s lessons.).

          I’m not really saying anything new here and that you guys know this already, but hey, it’s the Free-Form Friday forum.

        6. I just spent an hour writing a reply to yours and Pat’s posts (mostly using my thumbs) and…POOF. Shitshitshit. I’m going to take a nap now.

        7. Recynd, I’m sorry, I can’t seem to get all these thoughts into one comment for some reason.

          The scenes the writer describes in the article are empty of meaning to her other than the Luciferian Code she imposes. Her Code obscures whole patterns of reference which are organic to the material.

          For instance, Matt Dillon’s character’s name, Ethan Burke. The writer says the meaning of the first name is “firm, strong and long-lived,” and the meaning of the last name is Bishop because the first sheriff was named Pope. (Burke doesn’t mean Bishop, it means burgh.)

          It seems to be part of her thesis, if she has one, that Ethan Burke is Christ. I’ll try and break down her paragraph about the title Wayward Pines. It goes: Pines means penis/spine – two Ws in Wayward on their side is 33 – 33 vertebrae in the spine – also Jesus – Jesus enlightened through spirit energy moving up his spine – Jesus attains the 33rd – also, pines means pineal – third eye – aware – who’s aware? – “Ethan Burke, the ‘Savior’ of humanity”

          These associations, which devolve from anagrams, are not referencing the text, as they say in school. They are related, more like juxtaposed, to each other, but not to the show.

          I don’t think Ethan Burke is the Christ; I think he’s a Hero, in the American tradition. If you take a more obvious read on the name, you come up with two people from the Revolutionary War. The first is Ethan Allen, who led the Green Mountain Boys in capturing Fort Ticonderoga without a shot and founded Vermont. Why are the mountains green in Vermont? Pines.

          The second is Edmund Burke, who supported the American Revolutionaries and argued in Parliament against going to war against them, because they wouldn’t back down:

          “In this character of Americans, a love of freedom is the predominating feature which marks and distinguishes the whole… this fierce spirit of liberty is stronger in the English colonies, probably, than in any other people of the earth… [the] men [are] acute, inquisitive, dexterous, prompt in attack, ready in defense, full of resources….”

          Burke also specifically warned that if they pursued a scorched earth policy, the English could leave behind a wasteland, but the Americans could always retreat to the mountains. In Vermont, there’s a city named for him.

          The mountains around Wayward Pines are not walls, as the writer alleges. Wayward Pines has a wall. The mountains are a mighty fortress.

          I think Revolution-era Vermont is the background for Wayward Pines as it would be under Ethan Burke, post-revolution. It has gone wayward under Pilcher.

          This is the way the most satisfying references are found, embedded in the setting, plot and themes of the story itself – mountains, pines, revolution, freedom, a hero.

        8. Good job. You are clearly a more disciplined thinker than Delacroix, and I bet you have a better grasp of history, generally.

          I didn’t discover the importance of, or a love for, history until I was well out of college. I stumbled on a memoir set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and it was off to the races. I read everything about Red China I could get my hands on (it was a good time for it, as lots was being published at the time). I then shifted to Tudor England, and then skipped ahead to the French Revolution, though it being so political I didn’t hang on so long. I also read as much as I could about Cambodia, and even some on WW2 (Pacific arena, mostly).

          Even my limited areas of interest gave me an appreciation for how important history–and a historical perspective–is. To everything. My recent study of the Old Testament only confirmed this.

          The way history is generally taught in schools (if taught at all anymore) is a travesty. If schools ONLY taught logic and history, we’d be so much better off than we are! Alas, they don’t. Discipline in thinking is going the way of the Dodo.

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