Life of Adam 1This past Monday the 28th Independent Media Solidarity released its second documentary production, “The Life of Adam.” You can watch the full 2-hour video on the IMS website. Watching it stream through our site allows us to switch sources if any are taken offline because of a copyright claim or other reason.

As I sat down to post this I discovered some as yet unseen script material written by my co-producer, MrStosh for our latest project. This is the kind of clarity and articulation I can rarely produce, especially after the past few, frantic days…

“There are essentially four main aspects surrounding the life of Adam that have been manipulated in such a way to create a mythological portrait. They are:

  • His Education
  • His Medical Condition
  • His Family
  • His Involvement at the “Primary Crime Scene”


That breaks it down beautifully. It may not appear so to some readers who may have been swallowed up by one of the two warring factions in conflict over Adam Lanza’s existence. I admit that, I too was fairly firm in my stance that Adam was largely a composite or only existed on paper. Months ago, when we began work on “The Life of Adam,” I slowly shifted to center in my theories about Adam.

Surprisingly, getting an advanced and comprehensive lesson on Adam Lanza doesn’t snap things into clearer view or even narrow the possibilities very much. In my view both extremes–including Adam being a real person and child of the Lanza family who did commit a mass slaughter and Adam being a complete fiction who had nothing to do with what happened–are still possibilities. Both are very unlikely though. The truth is probably somewhere in between. This is where things get very murky.

Ultimately, the most reasonable and rational way to approach the issue of the character the media tends to refer to as “the shooter” is to ignore the critics and the lure of motivated conspiracy-promoters. The facts that can be ascertained and other details that can be accepted as valid seem to draw a somewhat discernible picture. Adam may have existed as the child of the Newtown Lanzas, or he may have otherwise been a part of the landscape. But in no way do I think his possible existence helps to support the official story-line in the slightest. We still have the unresolved problem of Adam’s near invisibility both in the community and online in the period leading up to the Sandy Hook event.

The Life of Adam 2There’s also the mystery of how one person can hold such diverse characteristics. Early in my research I referred to him as being like Gumby. If that reference is before your time then maybe Stretch-Armstrong will work just as well. My point is that Adam has served to enforce the diverse views of many people in various sectors, but especially in the media. When it seemed opportune that Adam was a typical kid, it was noted that he played the saxophone and was taking lessons in Mandarin Chinese. When it better fit the narrative that Adam was severely psychologically impaired, it was revealed that he holed up in his sunlight-free, darkened room and would only communicate with his mother through impersonal emails.

I’m far from through researching this topic. Although I suspect, as it was in my case, our new documentary on the topic of Adam will go a long way to bridge the divide between researchers who largely share the same goals. We may not have “solved” the puzzle. But a thorough compilation and analysis of the details of the Sandy Hook shooting’s central pillar was needed. I think we’ve done a very good job of that, and hope we’ve contributed something that will eventually lead to what we all seem to want; full disclosure.

I wish to express a sincere apology for the delayed release of this documentary, despite having clearly announced a firm release date. Regardless of what caused the delay, it was unprofessional and unfortunate all around. When some people described spending Christmas at their PC and bouncing between our channels, looking forward and expecting to watch our new video, I believe them! IMS knows that many people support and appreciate our efforts and we value that a great deal. Hopefully the delay didn’t inconvenience you, but if so, once again we apologize and will work to avoid making such a mistake in the future.

The Life of Adam 3
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  1. It’s been my understanding that Adam Lanza doesn’t exist. His brother, Ryan, was named Adam and changed it some years ago, which is why Adam has no Internet footprint. It also explains the initial mixup of identities…It’s just all one big sham

    1. I believe your position is the one which makes the most sense to me. But this is not about normal sense-making. It is a game of altered perceptions.

      Once I heard that the brother had called himself “Adam” it seemed to make sense, when I thought there was a chance of it doing that.

      But to take it even one step further – isn’t it also possible that even the Lanza family itself is a fake? This perception game – like the classic figure/ground one where you see a facial profile, then a pitcher, or an old woman then a young one — is designed to confuse the viewer. Neither is “true.”

      Even the piece of knowledge dropped into the story that there was name change – it comes from the source of the rest of the fiction, so it has just as much substance as the rest of the tale.

      If the story of Sandy Hook is historical fiction, then perhaps real characters are dropped into it for verisimilitude, so you may be right.

      But I consider it much trippier than that, much more of an airy confection like cotton candy that melts on contact with any living being. It’s like a cloud in the sky that looks like something, but only because Hamlet told Polonius that it did.

      1. The name of the game is misinformation.

        I was watching early reporting of the recent San Bernadino event, when the news anchor made the statement that “facts will change.” Presumably, what he meant was that it was a fluid situation and our awareness of what has taken place could change.

        I turned to a family member and said, “Facts won’t change. They stay the same. What we are told by the media will change.”

        Reality is that they throw so many “facts” at us that it’s impossible to get a clear picture. Fog of war reporting is blamed, but there’s little fog, really. It is carefully scripted nonsense, designed to muddy the waters. Permanently.

        Was Adam in school, out of school, or homeschooled?

        Was he Autistic and developmentally challenged, or a brilliant high achieving student?

        Did he shoot guns or was he sensitive to the touch of metal?

        Did he stay in the house all day or play games at the mall for hours?

        Is he Adam or Ryan? Newtown or New Jersey? 20 or 24? Dead or alive? Patsy or participant? Murderer or myth?

        All these muddy waters and the effects are these: researchers chase rabbit holes and chase their tails, the rest of the public scratches their heads and moves on to hockey season.

        1. Nailed it Maestro. And you see this same pattern consistently in these staged mass shooting events. Deliberate, designed confusion. Which has become the primary role now of the news media.

          Shooting | FEAR | Confusion (Guns are bad!)… rinse and repeat.

          I thought the documentary was solid. I still lean towards Adam being a created fiction. Nancy was murdered/sacrificed. Peter and Ryan make off like bandits.

          Oh, and what exactly was Adam’s motive suppose to be again?!?!

        2. Kevin,
          if you recall, the story started off Ryan had Killed his Father Peter in NJ.. Remember all yellow cop tape wrapped around some home in NJ.
          And that’s just one of the many scenarios that was running that morning.

          It’s true, you could compile a list of contradictions for every single event that was manufactured Terror by DHS.


    2. I agree. To me, Adam is a bit of a red herring. The crime is the fraudulent collection of charity money. That’s where they need to be hit.

      I think there is enough stuff to put together focusing on it being a two-day event, December 13th and 14th.

      Why was “Adam’s” death certificate date amended and changed from the 13th to the 14th in 2013? Why was it dated the 13th to begin with?

    3. I can think of two possible reason’s why they may have created a brother for Adam.

      Adam’s academic and emotional status may have ruined his chances for admittance to the “right” schools. They renamed him and changed his DOB to wipe the slate clean.
      His father’s expertise was in tax minimization. A second son would allow him to write off Adam’s care expenses, while maintaining an Earnst and Young future for Ryan.

      This production was very safe – very carefully balanced. However, I have read the reports from Sedenski, and the Office of the Child Advocate, and they are exactly what you might expect them to write if no real data existed. They are devoid of data. They lack the professional and clinical details necessary to be credible, and seem to have been written by FEMA flunkies. The police report is a mess. Therefore, I am concerned that this documentary supports the idea that a massacre did indeed take place, when a mountain of evidence has been unearthed to the contrary.

      1. Sandy,Will you cite one or two references in the documentary to support why you think the producers believed the “idea that a massacre did indeed take place”? I might have missed it.

      2. I never got the impression while watching this video that the producers thought a massacre had taken place.

        It was a narrowly focused documentary, picking apart at this drama’s most central character.

  2. Looks like Dr. Tracy made the Today Show.

    Hopefully the attention will garner support for a factual verification of what really transpired.

    Based on the numerous anomalies observed in the course of the event and investigation how can anyone suggestion that questioning the official story is unreasonable.

    I mean numerous LE personnel were having a tailgate party in the parking lot laughing and smiling over the blood trail of Olivia Engel and yet nobody is upset about that or considers that insensitive ?

    Yet Dr. Tracy asks for verification and he deserves to lose his tenured job ?

    The Sandy Hook Justice Web site showing the pictures of the laughing police has recently been shut down so it appears.

    1. I can’t help but observe the screaming contradiction in the “victims” parents and family members reaction to people that question the official story.

      These family members were on TV within days of the murder of these children and nobody was crying at all or the least bit upset. A number of them were laughing and smiling.

      Yet when someone asks a question or expresses doubt about the official story the families are devastated and brought to tears ?

    2. A hatchet job on Tracy, just as I thought. Definitely nothing to celebrate. The “public’s” mind is so twisted and captured, there is little to hope for down this venue. The vocal inflections, quick scene changes, multitasking screen…. all are part of a very carefully studied grip on the minds of TeeVee watchers around the world.

      If you haven’t ditched your TV by now, you haven’t made any progress at all.

      1. Anne B…. It gets better…. checkout what else he’s been up to… (Note- big surprise that he fails to mention that he had to quit his job as US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.)


        Kendall Coffey is a founding member of Coffey Burlington, PL, concentrating on complex litigation at trial and appellate levels in federal and state courts. Mr. Coffey currently serves as the Chair of the Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission.

        From 1993-1996 he served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, one of the nation’s largest federal prosecution offices. Thereafter, he had major litigation roles in such high profile cases as the Elian Gonzalez international custody battle, and the 2000 presidential election recount. A legal media commentator on high-profile cases, he has appeared on the Today show, Larry King Live, the O’Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Fox & Friends, CNN International, and numerous other nationally televised programs.

        Mr. Coffey is the author of Foreclosures in Florida published by LexisNexis.Over the years, he has written some three dozen articles on legal topics in publications ranging from the Yale Law and Policy Review to the Wall Street Journal and he recently published another book, Spinning the Law: Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion. He also teaches law as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, School of Law, and has lectured for The Florida Bar, The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, Dade County Bar Association, Professional Education Systems, Inc., National Business Institute, Inc. and CLE International, Inc.


        1. John – Mr. Coffey also neglects to include his loss of the honor mentioned below….

          ~Miami attorney Kendall Coffey has to be the happiest man in South Florida.
          Because, from this day forward, when lawyers gather at one of those posh Brickell Avenue watering holes for an after-work cocktail, Coffey knows his name won’t come up when someone asks the question: “What’s the dumbest thing a lawyer ever did in a strip club in Miami with a credit card?”
          Last week, the answer to that question was, indeed, Kendall Coffey.
          No longer.
          That honor now belongs to Miami DUI and traffic ticket attorney Mark Gold.~

  3. I do not believe that centering the discussion on the Adam character does justice to any investigation. Just consider the extreme tenacity of the state of Connecticut and the lengths they went to to obscure matters, both in criminal matters and particularly in the FOIA court scenario with Halbig. Notice that the “other side” altered the discourse when “this side” made some serious observations and explanations for events in the event as a whole. How many people had to prostitute themselves to fit into this drama? Are they necessarily believers in gun control or are they as likely to be controlled dupes, bribed and/or coerced?It’s clear the PTB had to involve a lot of people on this event, mainly the 30000 members of Newtown and their “silence”. Why hasn’t anybody cracked yet and spilled the beans?
    Adam, to my derivations, is NOT the central core of this incident. Not by a long shot, no pun intended.

    1. Come on, Gil, really? The filmmakers picked an element…a single element…to focus on. They made it very clear from the beginning that that’s what they were doing. I think they did a tremendous job. This effort runs, what? Two and a half hours or so? How do you suppose this whole story, covering every element to everyone’s satisfaction, could be done?

      I think it was really smart to choose Adam as the focus: first off, it’s (probably) not going to get anyone fired or sued (or worse), as could likely happen the victims were the focus instead. Adam is, arguably, the most mysterious element of the story, the one with a broad human-interest appeal.

      “The Life of Adam”, I suspect, is intended to arouse the curiosity of people who have bought into the official narrative, not those of us who have already started asking questions. I think focusing on Adam was a smart choice in this case. The public’s natural sympathy doesn’t create the same barrier with Adam as it does if the filmmakers had focused on the victims. It’s “safer” to ask questions about Adam.

      1. I wrote what I felt was also of concern, it was my opinion, I’m not entitled to it because it doesn’t jive with your stuff? I think Adam has been beat to death by now, what about the performance of the cops, the governor, the idiot president?? Lots and lots more to include in the dragnet. Stop your whining, will ya?

        1. Recynd,
          Haha, I just came back to see whats happening after your spill whit Gil.
          I’ll stop Here…haha

        2. Gil,
          I fail to see even the slightest hint of “whining” in Recynd77’s reply to your comment. How did you arrive at such a conclusion? Perhaps I am not as insightful as you, so please enlighten me. And nowhere is there the implication that you are “not entitled” to your opinion. Recynd77 simply doesn’t agree with your analysis. That’s it.
          And… for the record, I agree with Recynd77’s analysis of “The Life of Adam.”

        3. Yes, but I did not disagree with his opinions, I just stated that I felt that other people or incidents or other variables attached to this event might well be more important and they were possibly MORE important than the Adam fixation thingie. I’m also not here to convince anybody of anything, I just wanted to state my hunch, my opinion. It’s ironic how the mob mentality takes root and not from just idiots. People wishing to agree with any opinions and thoughts are 100% welcome to do as they please, just as I am, with your kind indulgences, have my thoughts and opinion presented. If you think I’m a nut case, have at it. Why the hell should I worry about somebody else’s ruminations anyway? My question is simple, why can there be no other core agent of this event of equal or greater importance? Adam or a reasonable facsimile thereof may/may not have existed, not quite sure why people are willing to put all their eggs in the Adam basket.
          That’s all, nothing up my sleeve, I’m not a Zionist, Holy Roller, or Alien being.
          Over and out,

        4. Gil, I hadn’t realized that you had originally posted a monologue; I was under the impression that we all posted to dialogue. I was attempting to DIALOGUE with you. Instead of correcting my assumption, you instead mischaracterized what I wrote by accusing me of not allowing any views but my own (saying that “I wrote what I felt was also of concern, it was my opinion, I’m not entitled to it because it doesn’t jive with your stuff?”), and then you insulted me (“Stop your whining, will ya?”) to boot.

          The problem I (and the couple of posters who defended me, I think) had with that post was not your opinion, but your manners.

      2. Yes, exactly. Any of the characters could have been used to show the deception. But most were merely “bit players”. The whole production relies upon “Adam”, his connection with guns and mental health.

        By showing the obvious problems with the character and the lack of verifiable information, it casts doubt on the veracity of the whole operation. I think they did a tremendous job.

        After all, if the central figure in the pageant is found to be fictitious, it really doesn’t make much difference that the thousands of other anomalies have been discovered.

        I have to say, however, that if my posts keep disappearing at the rate they have lately I’ll have to do a video on that phenomenon.

        1. Here’s what happened.

          Peter worked for GE, a powerful corporation which doesn’t pay taxes on 5 Billion dollars profit year after year.
          Then Obama appoints the CEO of GE as the Jobs Czar of American (Demon Rats have no problem with this as his appointing the CEO of Monsanto as Head of USDA) They only care about Global Carbon Taxes.

          Peter is paying Her almost 300k a year alimony. His friends at the Bureau call him and say, ” Peter, Obama wants to do a Hoax shooting and take all the guns. Can we kill your wife and kid.

          Peter is like “Dam, you guys rock! I’ll save 300k a year!!
          But I won’t do interviews…..

          Bureau: No Problem. We Have Lenny…….

    1. You people are missing it…

      We have a whole arsenal of Robots we’re dropping off in the Middle East that walk over to Terrorists and Fall Down them and Squash Them.

      It’s brilliant and protects the environment as Bummer said lest we bomb oil refineries and stop the money flow….. We are Good Lib’s..Puke

  4. The video does a nice job of presenting the case that what we’ve been told is not the truth, without making leaps that are likely to incite hysterics.

    There were also some new details of which I was not previously aware, and I appreciate that.

  5. I was, by happenstance. Catching “news” from NPR/PBS. It is really really awful now. Taken away the classical an into the theatre of the absurd. I saw that “bio” on Adam, and every ounce flew in the face of everything I’d been trained in at university. I wanted to add that it struck me from a “public”, that cannot stand to hear a relative mention politics or deeper depths of conversation, who hold up their hands and say, “no no we want to hear good things….” Chooses to watch more gore and violence DAILY on a daily basis than any other “culture” on earth, and uses this phony, “I want to hear good things” BS to shut down others. Can anyone explain such depravity?

  6. “You can watch the full 2-hour video on the IMS website.”

    The link takes you to

    I do not find the video at that site. I do find the video on YouTube only at

    This sentence…

    “In my view both extremes, including Adam being a real person and child of the Lanza family who did commit a mass slaughter and Adam being a complete fiction who had nothing to do with what happened are still possibilities.”

    caused me to not want to watch this video.

    If “the center” or inconclusiveness is the end result of this video, I do not think it adds to the fund of knowledge about this event.

    The fact that the whole town of Newtown appears gagged is the phenomenon that interests me most. How could that have been arranged or made to happen?

    1. You should watch it. The tone is not at all as you imply. The video carefully and thoughtfully makes the case that we have been lied to, though it stops short of attempting to name every lie. It also introduces details that were news to me, and add substance to the story, in my opinion.

  7. James Tracy, after being fired from his job in spite of his tenure; now also gets harassed & terrorized in his home, both through USPS and internet/email:

    Meanwhile, Delphi-Deanna Spingola continues masquerading as a VICTIM, as her sandy hoax profiteering book “Screening…”, which she touts as blowing the Big-Pharma Sandy Hoax Cover-Up Operation wide open, even insinuating that honest SH Truth researchers (besides VICTIMIZING her…) might be working for Big Pharma coz we “maintain that SH didn’t happen” (thus ‘vindicating’ pharma LOL)— her book supposedly exposing the REAL SH COVER-UP namely Big Pharma’s guilt, presently enjoys four 5-star reviews at amazon, and is absent ANY 1-star reviews from any “hoaxers” calling out both Delphi and Sandy Hoax!

    ^ Amazon “Censorship Operation”, to use Delphi’s (kosher bosses?) imaginative language? We already know amazon’s NOT averse to fiddling with the reviews! Ref:

    ^ Which was eventually, desperately escalated to amazon’s OVERT CENSORSHIP of Fetzer&Co’s “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, after the SH perps’ 1-star amazon review astroturfing campaign against the book, with amazon’s assistance in fiddling with the reviews, was a laughably transparent flop!

    By contrast, Delphi’s book exposing the REAL Big-Pharma SH Cover-Up Op LOL, remains happily listed & unmolested at amazon, (ostensibly) enjoying only 5-star reviews… Things that make you go “HMMM.”

  8. James

    Wolf’s website down as of this timestamp.

    Any news?

    Everybody, hang in there; I have something that will finish this is
    Issue for good. Stay optimistic.

  9. Fetzer has fully exposed Rebekah Roth… and discovered her alter ego… Monika.



    And in the first part of his Real Deal Ep 142 he reads from Rebekah’s first book where she thanks the ‘pHix Your Health’ team that Monika is a part of. I was already convinced before I heard him say this but now I will proclaim… Busted.

    I come back to a position I took up a few years back. If you are going to claim to know and/or expose or speak the ‘truth’ then you must therefor be truthful with your identity. Rebekah (and I’ll assume Monika) are pseudonyms. And her books are FICTION.

    My real name is Kevin Scott King, and I’ll be happy to prove my identity to anyone who should wish it. I live in the D/FW area of Texas. Specifically in a small city called Bedford.

    1. Kevin,
      This is a little “over the Top” for me.
      I found that Girl and listened to her voice..35% Match. The Face, even with Wigs and Makeup….25%.

      Direct me to where they make the connection.???

      1. Ric, try here:

        I’ve been suspicious of this woman since her meteoric rise. Everybody had to interview her. She doesn’t supply anything new and fails to credit those who spent many long years doing the research she uses.

        She is like a wind up toy. If she is interrupted, she becomes nasty and defensive. I think this whole thing is a limited hangout. I’m still looking into it.

        1. Interesting Lophatt, I’ll check out this video. I found these “insider” Pic’s of the “Artists” on the 96th floor (or whatever) fascinating.

          But, I will listen to you guys and investigate.

          The thing I’m missing here is, I thought we already agree the Mossad, MI6 and CIA and Saudi Intelligence were all a part of this. ??

          So the Jews Alone Did it angle I can’t agree on. They ALL did it and take turns on each others countries to torment Us.


          I’ll check it out.

        2. Ric, I and someone else began investigating this almost immediately when she started making such a splash. The two primary problems I had with it were that she did not “discover” anything. And, that so many people seemed so instantly willing to worship her as some sort of messiah.

          The book itself, frankly, sucks. Beyond that, I am suspicious. If I chose to do what she did I doubt very much that I would have had anywhere near the success she enjoyed in getting interviewed by so many sites and the attendant publicity.

          If you can stand to listen to a couple of the interviews a few things may stick out. She is a machine. She doesn’t “discuss”, she “tells”. Anyone interrupting her stream of consciousness gets assailed.

          She doesn’t appear to be bright enough to pull this off. She is obviously a liar. My initial conclusion is that she is an agent of some sort. By that I don’t mean a trained agent. More of a contracted agent.

          Little by little the masks are coming off. It is a lesson in discernment. There is an agenda here. Many of us devoted countless hours to investigating and sharing our conclusions about 9-11 over the years. She (or her staff) scooped them up, gave no credit to anyone but herself, and claims to have “solved” the puzzle. She hasn’t.

          By the way, listening to Fetzer and Powell on the snake oil business is worthwhile. Let that soak in. Her delivery there is every bit as compelling as her new schtick in the investigator/author business.

          I hope to find more on this because there are other missing pieces related to this out there. For those who were chumped, interviewed her and slobbered all over her for their unworthiness, I hope they learned something about trust.

          My theory is that the Cleopatra wig works as well today as it did with Mark Antony.

        3. Wow

          My voice analysis just went to 98% after comparing your video to her voice. It’s almost a direct match.

          The thing I’m missing here is, I thought we already agreed the Mossad, MI6,CIA and Saudi Intelligence were all a part of this. ??

          Why the “she’s directing it at the “Jews” and letting Georgie Bush off the hook narrative?

          They are ALL guilty as charged!!

        4. First attempt would not post, I’m guessing too long, so a brief.

          It’s not just her it’s the same guy (co-host, RamJet) as well.

          Their magical potion Monika and her host are hawking… Immortelle.

          And if ‘Koreann Ashlie-Nourani’ is her real name…

          Did you notice the ‘lie’ in the name? See the trend in her names?, also all unusual spellings.
          Rebekah – Rebecca
          Monika – Monica
          Koreann – Corianne
          And while searching to verify the spelling of Rebecca I accidentally discovered that the common meaning(s) attributed to it are: captivating, snare, to bind, Monica: advisor, counselor, Corianne: no known meaning, related to Kori which means: maiden. The other commonality is the ‘k’… I know, just more amazing ‘coincidences’.

          In the above clip she never actually speaks what she claims is her real name… interesting.

          She claims she flew from ’73 – ’04 with NorthWest but did not receive a pension because it was not an option for her when she left?!? (terminated with prejudice, or never worked for them?). She was in college while a flight attendant but did not get her degree because of a car accident? Ok, so you had a really bad accident and have to put your education on hold while recovering, not oh well I guess I can’t complete it now. I had 6 car accidents while in college (nothing I’m proud of) but thankfully was using Immortelle and was able to pull off a miracle and graduate.

          And full credit to Allen Powell for exposing Rebekah, who wrote this article;

        1. I’ve been wasting my time for about 3 hours on this.

          This is pointless. When I see every Alt News Show capitalizing on this and it all comes from Fetzer and Allen and that is the only source….

          It’s TEE VEE on the Internet.

          You are all smart enough to either get it or reject it.

          It’s like MSM via the Internet to me……Really

  10. I’m in the middle of watching “Making a Murderer” on Netflix, a ten-part documentary series covering “a DNA exoneree who, while exposing police corruption, becomes a suspect in a grisly new crime.”

    The amount of evidence the filmmakers were able to get their hands on is simply amazing, especially compared with SH. I’m not even halfway through (so I don’t know how this will turn out), but anyone doubting whether conspiracy happens every day should watch this.

    This documentary is head and shoulders above, say, “Paradise Lost”, which I think, in retrospect, was a travesty of justice.

  11. I’m glad to see my article getting some attention after all that has transpired the past few days. It was nice to get some rest, for sure. Thank you to everyone for their interest in our documentary and their comments, positive or negative.

    I wish it were possible to share my views about the larger SH event without giving the wrong impression and possibly creating more division. I will make a few points that might lead others to get closer to the truth.

    After viewing the officially reported information about Peter Lanza, one thing seemed to me irreconcilable. The official State Police report indicated Peter’s employer as being GE and doubles down by adding that Adam’s medical/psychiatric care was paid for through Peter’s GE health plan. I think it was the Sedenski report and later in a Courant article that included that Peter was a professor at Fairfield University. Peter himself wrote in an email to Adam that the past 15 years teaching post-graduate students gave him the needed experience to help Adam with his educational instruction and planning.

    To my thinking, it would be almost impossible to image Peter could have been a teacher at either Fairfield University or elsewhere at the time of the event in 2012 for numerous reasons. It would have been too public a position as well, given that the planners would know his students would be targeted by the media. The GE executive in their accounting division works far better to isolate Peter. The alimony Peter was required to pay Nancy being roughly $300,000 annually sounds more affordable to a GE executive.

    Assuming Peter is paying no more than half his annual salary, that would put his salary at $600,000 minimum. That sounds about right for a Director or Vice President at GE. I’ve worked for two former GE executives personally, so I have “some” concept of what kind of people they are. There’s something about Peter that seems too “blue collar” to be a GE executive, IMO.

    The big problem though is, how can Peter work in accounting for GE AND be teaching post-grad students at the same time? If he was actually a professor rather than working for GE, how could afford such a high alimony figure? So, he is either lying to Adam about being a teacher or they are lying to us about his role at GE.

    I’ll stop here since this is pretty long. I’ve got more, but this is an important area to look into because it connects to both GE and Edleman.

    1. Thank You tyrannynews for putting this excellent project together. I think most of us here would like to see this event and others like it exposed as criminal activity perpetrated by Obama and Holder. Efforts such as yours and Tracy’s may allow an understanding of this event to reach critical mass. Many now realize 9/11 involved our dear leaders.

      I personally have noticed many events around Sandy Hook point to it being a two-day event. I believe the event was filmed on December 13th and 14th. I think it would be worthwhile to shed light on circumstances that point to this being the case. For example the shed door that the cops busted open and entered with a canine. I argue that shed door was busted open during preliminary filming on Dec. 13th. In news footage we see the cops bust open the shed door and enter with canines.

      Yet on the morning of the actual “shooting” from the helicopter footage when the cops were chasing the second, third, and fourth “shooters” onto the hillside, we see from the helicopter footage that the shed is already open.

      To me the mysterious open shed door is proof that the video was filmed the afternoon prior.

    2. TN Peter Lanza may have been a part time professor at Fairfield University – I am pretty sure GE Headquarters is also in Fairfield. It is quite routine that local professionals act as adjunct faculty so I do not see these two employment situations as mutually exclusive.

    1. That’s just strange…I rate things on IMDB all the time (I even have the app), and I’ve never received an error before. Yet when I tried to rate TLoA, I got an error message.

      I’ll try again in a bit.

  12. Dear James Tracy:

    A big THANK YOU for having the temerity and courage to continue to maintain and operate this site and your relative position during this current time period. A thank you to Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig and to others too. Evil is very dark and very obscene and yet it pretends to be light. It is this constant pretension/deception and desire to declare itself to be light that is most dangerous of all, as this is what fools people the most and people are most easily fooled. This is very sad. Extremely sad.

    Ned Lud

  13. Since medication is part of the Adam myth, it’s germane to know that medications for a myth should have a paper trail, too, so where are Adam’s actual prescriptions or medicine bottles, and humorously where are his fingerprints on them? Sports doping on the other hand has almost no paper trail. Take the sports doping story on American hero Peyton Manning. Only five seconds of the report were broadcast on the media and then the story was dropped very quickly. The full report implicates just about every sport and top athletes in track, football, baseball, and more, and of course the Olympics. As many reading this blog will be watching their sports heroes this weekend, they may as well know the truth about them in the full report and short report follow up confirming the original allegations.

      1. IMHO everything we have seen these last three years after the “event” have been carefully constructed, most likely before the “event” to control the aftermath.

        From the purveyors of the “event” we’ve had three years of nonstop propaganda; books, lecture circuit, glowing articles, media stars, charity foundations, tug at heartstrings moments, cross country bus tours, rides on AF One, photo ops with O, TV interviews, demolitions, celebrations and Lenny. On it went.

        All this from a town that begged for privacy and chased out of towners away. The crown reward is a 50 million dollar building presented as an elementary school.

        It should come as no surprise that another crowning moment is a documentary titled “Newtown” premiering at an industry accepted forum – The Sundance Film Festival. It takes clout to have your work make it up the ski slopes there.

        Once again, imho, the film has been in the works for three years and thus part of controlling the aftermath with this showing at Sundance. Nice Film Festival next?

        1. In light of documentaries like “Paradise Lost”, “Making a Murderer”, and now “Newtown”, it looks like this new era in storytelling will in fact be pivotal to framing these events in history, as Sofia has discussed. There is something especially compelling (and, by nature, potentially manipulative) when pictures/visuals are added to the oral/narrative component of a story…storytelling is indeed a powerful tool, and one that is becoming increasingly sharp- and double-edged.

        2. Storytelling is not just for children anymore. Storytelling events have become increasingly popular and there are some master story tellers out there, real grass root story tellers who don’t need any visual aids to keep the audience spellbound. I attended such an event in Prescott, Arizona. Priceless.

          The ancient skills of storytelling never died and is flourishing again in many places, the state of Arizona being one. Now we have story tellers on screens big and small, but stories left to the imagination are making a big comeback. Perhaps they never left.

    1. It seems that a wave of anti-Americanism is sweeping across the country. Not only are websites and YouTube clips being censored and shut down, but Yale students are signing petitions to do away with the First Ammendment. And of course we all know about the attacks on the Second Ammendment, by Libtards, Communists, Bolsheviks, and other assorted enemies of our nation. Just go and google “Yale Students First Ammendment” and watch some of the clips that will come up. Even though the person conducting the interview does it as a hoax, you can hear some of the students heartily agreeing that doing away with the First would be a great idea. These morons should be deported to a country that doesn’t have any rights for its citizens and we will see if they change their minds. In the meantime, I would suggest that another form of communication be developed, since it seems that the D-Bags can very easily shut anyone down on the internet. Get off of ZuckerDicks Facebook. You are just creating a Hugh file on yourself for the criminals in charge.

      1. Apparently neither the Yale students nor this person posting have run their “A” word in their “spell check” . I cannot even rib you, TheHolyCow, in your own spelling, because I am immediately corrected.

    2. From my holed comment:

      The film, which was produced by Maria Cuomo Cole, the daughter of former New York governor Mario Cuomo, is entered in the U.S. documentary category at Sundance, which begins Jan. 21 in Park City, Utah.

  14. Check this out – This interview of a “nurse” is up by Cherry street. The time stamp indicates 1:34 pm and I don’t know what zone that is -if not eastern time then in Central or Pacific time equivalents it could be 2:24pm eastern or 4:34 pm eastern respectively. If it was a west coast time stamp it would be much darker at 4:34 pm in mid December.

    Now hoe does this nurse already know, amidst the total chaos, exactly how many parents got the bad news that their children were dead ?

    Apparently the governor told everyone at 3pm ? Scarlett Lewis said a Doctor got down on one knew and told her ?

    So just how did this nurse find out with such accuracy and end up hanging around Cherry street giving interviews ?

    1. She had not been crying, no red eyes. It was cold outside, hence the red nose. Another actress. As for Ms. Scarlett saying anything resembling truth – keep on waiting because there is no $$$ in truth.

  15. A lot of people go out on New Year’s Eve looking for pat-downs and wandings, but not from the police. Tonight in Los Angeles, there’s a huge hoe-down going off in proud defiance of the terror threat we are told has been issued against us. Not to worry, though. The police will be out in force keeping us safe from terror with pat-down searches and electronic wands and our polite compliance. The bombast of fireworks, lasers, and explosions that mimic faraway wars will cover the muffled sounds of thousands of personal assaults by the state on individual citizens.

    I can’t help thinking that they’re treating this as another exercise. Any time people get together in a public space, it’s an excuse to run some policing games. They’re probably milling around right now at that Dodger Stadium parking lot that overlooks the city. They run all their maneuvers from there.

    I think they’re up there gathering the troops, and honing some protocol. They’re going to spark up the Fusion Center, and give logistics a workout with the Federal Agencies, maybe run a drill. Clearing crowds is not a practice that can be simulated; this suddenly torched taco truck will provide the order to disperse, and officers can practice shooting people in the belly with bean bags.

    And don’t forget: roll out the new equipment, get the desk workers some experience in the street, get everybody a lot of overtime pay. Not least, cross off all the requirements needed to ensure the next payment of that Federal grant money. Done, done and done.

    Because, these days, citizens are nothing more than a population for the state to experiment on.

    I’m going down there because the concussive effect of explosion after explosion in the middle of all those buildings is a full-body sensation you wouldn’t want to get anywhere else.

    But I’m taking my camera.

    1. Good luck to you. Keep your head down and your wits about you.

      My family and I are curled up at home, reminiscing of past days spent in ignorant bliss, and listening to the neighborhood fools set off mortars, bottle rockets, and firecrackers. Any excuse is a good excuse!

      Happy New Year, all, and may Heaven help us.

      1. Now, I agree that it’s stupid to fire a gun into the air, especially in densely populated areas, but I wondered just how dangerous it was, considering the severity of penalties (a felony charge, up to a year imprisionment) and the funds and attention devoted to it. After sifting through the “falling bullet major danger” entries, I found this:

        “A US study found that 118 people were treated for random “falling-bullet injuries” at one Los Angeles medical centre between 1985 and 1992, resulting in the deaths of 38.”

        So, even if the authorities do nothing to stop this vile deed, chances are slim to none that you’ll be hit with a falling bullet in Los Angeles (or anywhere else, for that matter).

        “Think of the children!!”

  16. I wonder if all those people that are so indignant about Dr. Tracy requesting copyright validation from the Pozners are equally offended by the Law Enforcement personnel having a snack party over the blood of dead children while armed dangerous suspects are still at large in a purple van and the school nurse and secretary remain missing ?

    Just saying

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