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pdated Dec. 25, 2015)

Please note that during a December 8 court appearance Joseph “Moe” Allen was cleared of all charges concerning the Bunny Friend Park shooting because of a valid alibi offered by his mother, Deborah Allen. “They got the wrong guy,” said Deborah Allen. “The police need to do their job. They need to stop trying to just put anybody in jail for a crime and trying to solve all these problems.” Seven other suspects face charges in the case. Click here for a full report.-JFT

One of the emails I received recently dramatically pointed out a dichotomy: There was a very serious mass shooting—17 victims shot—in the Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, by a 32-year-old black man, Joseph “Moe” Allen in the latter half of November 2015—the 22nd, crime-scenewhich the emailer can’t figure out why there was no Internet media uproar following the incident like we see when there are similar incidents involving Caucasian shooters. Rather interesting, too, it seems the alleged perpetrator fled a DWI checkpoint 2 days before the park shooting. Hmmm!

Here is The Times-Picayune story “New Orleans playground shooting suspect has long rap sheet.”

Another Times-Picayune story states “Not every mass shooting gets equal billing: Jarvis DeBerry” where some folks posed that very question.

On November 29th USA Today reported “Allen faces 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune reported.”

The New Orleans Advocate had a follow-up story “Mitch Landrieu: Bunny Friend Park shooting ‘domestic terrorism’; 10 of 17 injured under 21 years old” along with a chart illustrating the extent of injuries to those shot, their ages and there were 10 female and 7 males victims.

Ironically, on November 30, 2015 Sean Brown posted the article “There Was A Giant Mass Shooting NOBODY’S Talking About, Care To Guess Why?” at Mad World News.

In that article Brown makes this point,

You see, Allen is a black thug with a criminal record a mile long, so his violent acts don’t fit into the current narrative that white conservative Christians are the largest threat to our nation. Plus, being a convicted felon, he shouldn’t have even had a gun to begin with. The law forbidding him from owning one didn’t work, and he was also a part of the catch and release program for violent thugs.

Do you think that the Presidential Executive Order (PEO) that President Obama is planning to issue regarding guns and the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution sometime within the next few weeks will deter crime? Or will it prevent citizens, who fear for their safety, from being able to protect themselves? Those are the 2 questions that really need to be answered, I offer.

Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill to curb Mr. Obama’s PEO or, as this article says, “Rand Paul’s bill could shut down Obama’s gun control agenda.”

As Senator Paul said, “In the United States, we do not have a king, but we do have a Constitution. We also have the Second Amendment, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect it.” Is the vigoro about to hit the fan—finally? PEOs really are “one-man-dictate-rule.” Aren’t we supposed to have a democratic republic form of government?

By the way, I can’t tell you how many times my computer locked up trying to write this article. Readers ought to know that I have a “resident gremlin” in my computer who lets me know when it doesn’t like what I’m writing or wants to discourage me from writing my article(s). I’ve named the gremlin “Censorship.”

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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49 thought on “Mass Shooting In New Orleans That Didn’t Get Top Media Attention”
  1. The fake shooting of the TV reporter, cameraman and guest near Roanoke, VA featured a black shooter, as did the DC Naval Yard shooting and the alleged killing of two NYC police officers by a young black man who somehow got from Owings Mills, MD to the bus station in Baltimore, to Manhattan, to downtown Brooklyn, to the housing project area of the shooting. Three orchestrated highly media publicized events with black shooters.

    1. No replies to your comment?… hmmm. Let’s not have facts obscure the agenda. BUT. I will say this: if a White man killed 17 young Black people we WOULD be hearing about this 24/7.

      In the case of this mass killing, if there is a being made here by “certain” factions within the U.S., from members of the populace straight to and through the media it is, Black lives, in fact, do not matter.

      Just last night I read an article about two men who robbed a fast-food taco joint in Las Vegas. Accompanying the article was a commercial made by the fast-food place (I refuse to call these food hovels, “restaurants”) showing the robbery in real time along with pith about how the men wanted the joint’s tacos. In the comment section someone wrote that these men were the very type of people who comprise the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

      The comment made clear the sentiment and ignorance of far too many non-Black people in the U.S. The fact that European and then Euro-U.S. people involved themselves with the enslavement of Black people, transporting these people chained and prone in the hulls of ships for 1500 miles or so with those lucky enough to somehow survive the tremendous beating they took from ocean swells being sold into captivity, is lost on most U.S. citizens.

      That this enslavement continues today and can easily be presented, contextually, with those slave ship travels is even more lost on the majority of non-Black people (and, yes, some Black people as well) in the U.S.

      Until Black U.S. citizens are, in the psyches on non-Black U.S. citizens, raised above the level of sub-or-barely human, events like this mass killing will continue.

      Until then, agenda-filled tripe like the above screed will continue to pass for legitimate commentary, when it is little more than the twisted product of “passive” mind control techniques derived by the minions of the psychopath power elite which has the effect of bending us to, not only act against our best interests, but too obfuscate our perceptions to the point where we trust and act in accordance with their worldviews rather than developing and maintaining our own.

      (That Frompovich actually believes her computer problems are the result of her writings perfectly illustrates perfectly how controlled many of us are. This is not to say her technical difficulties do not exist but rather, if or that they do it is little more than a churlish joke being played on her and so many other people in America. With the easy capacity for 100% surveillance combined with passive, 24/7 MK, it is far beyond Frompovich’s ability to realize her words are not even her own. If this does not resonate with readers of this paragraph think —- how many variations on Frompovich’s theme have you heard… just in the last two weeks, let alone the past eight years?!)

      1. This was not a “mass killing.” It was a “mass shooting”; if I remember correctly, only one person died. I used this event as an example a few weeks ago, in a comment, pointing out that it probably did not receive national coverage for just this reason: in hoax events all are executed by people with superhuman marksmanship, where everyone dies from a minimum of bullets in an astonishingly short period of time.

        I postulated that this might be used as one test of authenticity. This event really happened because it’s hard to hit, much less kill, a moving target, and in real situations people try to get away, avoiding being shot.

        I also said that no one outside New Orleans was talking about this because it was real; that is, the national press machine did not have the script delivered to it, creating instant saturation coverage nationwide.

        Finally, I noted that hoax shootings are usually motiveless.

        Black gangsters shoot each other in cities across America every day, events that are not hoaxes, and they almost always have a very serious motive,usually drug-related: non-payment of a drug debt, one gang encroaching another’s territory, etc.

        1. James, I’m REALLY sorry for leaving “killings” in my comment. This was a couple of edits down the road and initially I typed “killing/shootings.” I then edited that out because the term, though most accurate for the situation, felt too long. Why I left it as killings can only be boiled down to a ridiculous oversight on my part… my apologies.

      2. I’m afraid I see this situation a bit differently. Thomas Sowell (who is rumored to be black), wrote a book on slavery recently. He wrote about slavery as a universal condition, not limited to Africans.

        There is no question that humans, blacks included, are capable of stunningly inhumane behavior. That said, I have never owned anyone, black or white.

        I am not indebted for the behavior of my ancestors. Everyone carries their own cross. I try to treat others, regardless of any physical characteristics or cultural distinctions like I would like to be treated. Sometimes that works, other times it doesn’t

        I do not believe that anyone owns a right to bad behavior. If we are to live in a society together we all have to respect each other. While I cherish individuality, we do have societal norms. It is not appropriate for any of us to steal from each other, do physical harm or deliberately cause others to be uncomfortable.

        In my opinion when a person identifies as a member of a group, to the exclusion of being a member of a society the trouble begins. Making special exceptions and granting special privileges for groups because they claim past injury is neither productive or appropriate.

        If a group of cannibals move in next door I do not plan to “respect’ their tradition of eating the neighbors. They very well may do that “at home”, but here, it won’t fly.

        What I see happening by all the over-amped sensitivity is the establishment of a broken society. This is neither good for the protected or for those who are expected to tippy-toe through life living in fear of offending anyone.

        If those with some common identifier only feel comfortable in the company of others just like them, there will obviously be problems in terms of the society at large. Dangerous and obnoxious behavior is not excused by someone’s group identity.

        There isn’t a group in history who hasn’t been oppressed at one time or another. One of the biggest tools in the toolbox for the current crop of oppressors is the use of race as a divider. I can attest to the fact that I have absolutely no sense of guilt whatsoever for whatever has happened to any particular group or individual in the past. That tactic will not be successful with me.

        1. The problem is with this form of “civilization”. When a society is formed organically, without central government, central schools, central religion, central banks, central anything, the people are happy, healthy, and free. Case in point, the Pirahã people in Brazil. One of the chief tenets of the Pirahã people is that nobody has the right to tell anyone else what to do; adults don’t even tell children what to do, and yet a child can go naked into the jungle with no tools or weapons, and return three days later with baskets of food for the entire village. When asked why they don’t preserve and store food, the answer invariably is “I store my food in my brother’s belly.”

          The Pirahã people don’t live in the past or the future. They don’t count things. Sociologists, when asked how they know that these people are the happiest they have ever seen, say they measure it by how much time during the day is spent smiling. They are polite with each other, and enjoy each other’s company. If someone falls sick or gets very old, the people see to it that he is taken care of, there is no want in the Pirahã society.

          The Pirahã don’t struggle or toil. If a man wants some fish for the village, he never misses a fish with his arrow. Most of their time is spent in leisure enjoyment. There is no central control of any kind, even within their own minds.

          Contrast that with our “western” (British/European) form of society. Tell me then where the problems really lie.

        2. My use of “society” in this context was as a situation precisely like you describe. It is “respect” for others. It is not a form of attempting to tell others what they can and can’t do. But, it does have to insist on its members not impinging on others.

          In my view, the term “race” or “racist”, as you say, is a relatively new one. I have several old textbooks from the 1920’s that use the term to define any identifiable group. There wasn’t a value judgement associated with it, per se.

          In our day it has come to mean “genetics” or some genetic superiority or inferiority. I agree with your assessment of its use by communists and others. That is another subtle bending of a term to achieve an end.

          Various groups have identifiable traits. That doesn’t mean that they are unchangeable or that every member is the same, it is just an inclination. They why’s associated with the inclinations are another subject.

          There is certainly plenty of room in the world for individual and cultural expression. No one needs anyone’s permission or appreciation to live their life as they see fit. It is only when a group’s desires impinge on other’s rights to live their lives as they see fit that there can be problems.

          No one has to believe as I do. I do insist on simple human respect, however. So in the context of the discussion what I was trying to say is that no group, any group, has the right to claim superiority or some other earned privilege to mistreat others.

          If the claim to the privilege is due to race or history it is nonetheless invalid. Sowell’s book, by the way, mirrors your sentiments. One of his arguments is that the use of Africans as slaves was a matter of convenience, not race. He discussing slavery as a universal condition.

          We all find ourselves in the world we’re born into. It is enough for a person to take individual responsibility for his or her own decisions. The fact that some seem willing to accept the sins of their fathers is a deeper mystery to me than concepts of race.

          I suppose whether one is being manipulated for the “Internationale”, or manipulated to please The Tribe, it is still manipulation. Obviously, some are more susceptible to manipulation than others.

  2. They’re now saying Allen couldn’t have done it so he’s been released:

    The overall point remains, however; gun control ensures that criminals can get guns while the average citizen is rendered defenseless.

    As for BigTim’s comment above, he’s forgetting that the Roanoke, VA shooter was supposedly motivated by gay/narcissistic personality issues and ‘psychotic features.’ The NYC assassin of two cops was said to have hated cops but somehow not white ones specifically, even though the movement that inspired him was entirely racially-oriented. Racial or misogynist motivations are attributed to these white perps while black shooters are depicted as acting out abstract, vague and non racial, non gender-specific aggressions.

  3. Nothing exposes the Memory Hole’s racist bias as much as printing this slanderous article against a African American without printing its disposition. Joseph Allen, described as a “black thug” in the article, was fingered by a single person as the perpetrator in this crime, and he was arrested by the police and charged with the crimes in New Orleans.

    At the time of the shooting he was actually in Houston, shopping with his wife, as a number of videos verified. He was released by the police after being exonerated. Neither the writer nor professor Tracy Mentioned that he was cleared of committing these crimes, not fitting into the story that it is Blacks shooting Whites that is the problem, not Whites shooting Blacks.

    1. I think taht the fact of Allen’s innocence being overlooked in this article is more indicative of some contributing writers lack of due diligence than any systematic racism on the part of Dr. Tracy or MHB. Perhaps, if articles were moderated as diligently as comments are on MHB this would happen less often.

      1. Allen was arrested after he turned himself in on Nov 29th and charged with 17 first degree attempted murders. At the time, as a Times-Picayune article on Dec 9, reports, he was in Houston picking out baby clothes for his pregnant wife. He was released from prison, where he should never have been incarcerated, on Dec 9th. This article was printed on the Activist Post Dec 23, after the paper reported him exonerated on Dec 9th. The article was reprinted on MHB on Dec 24th, two weeks after he was reported released by the media.

        You don’t find any systematic racism in this account, PeaceFrog? You think this is the way Allen would be treated if he were White? Arrested and Charged with 17 counts of first degree attempted murder while actually in another city. Defamed by Activist Post after being exonerated, where this article is still listed. And then by MHB.

        Well, maybe you’re right. After all, I’m the only one objecting to it. Just as I was the only one objecting to treating the mass murder of 9 African Americans by Dylan Someone as a fantasy. or objecting to attacking BlackLives Matter without attacking the cops shooting, and otherwise killing unarmed African Ameicans.

        You don’t think there is a pattern here?

        1. There were numerous anomalies in the Dylann Roof case that were not examined by the media. Albeit imperfectly, I think that this blog met its mission statement by examining facts, in the Charleston case, that were largely ignored in the media. The Black Lives Matters movement is a media poster child cheerleading the much desired push for federalization of most criminal laws. BLM did not require more positive PR from MHB, and neither did the public, the MSM was doing the job most efficiently.

          However, I concede your point that this story needs to be updated regarding factual developments that make it misleading at best.

        2. Whites are treated as garbage by Obama, stop telling us about your one way street theory of racism.

    2. Ugh! Did someone commit a “micro-aggression”? Not to answer for the “transgressor”, he could just as easily been a “White thug”, or a “purple thug”.

      Used as a descriptor, I hope you’re not suggesting that there isn’t a type. There is. If I say he was a “Redneck thug” would you object to that? Would a “type” come to mind? I think so.

      1. I would guess, lophatt, that the shooting of 17 was not covered prominently in the media because the people shot were African American. The park is in the 9th Ward, and African American neighborhood.

        1. My point Mark, is that “race” has become such a “concern” that it is used as a weapon. I suppose you think that if white people are discriminated against, its ok.

          Here’s a good example. Perhaps we shouldn’t discuss this either, because some people think Jews are a “race”. It IS interesting though. I’m sure this is all a coincidence:

          People should simply say what they think. If a Samoan commits a crime and someone says, “today a Samoan killed a pygmy during an armed robbery….”, it could be a factual statement. I don’t believe the implication would be that the crime was committed BECAUSE he was a Samoan. But, nobody cares about Samoans so I guess it’s a moot point.

  4. Surely they just have not yet found the manifesto that ties Joseph Allen to ISIS. Surely he must be a gay cross-dresser who has been victimized. Surely he has been radicalized by the internet so we must have stricter internet regulation. For sure his neighbor lent him the guns. He must have used encryption also, so there must be new laws about encryption.

    1. I think they’re so busy developing new ones that when an organic one happens they’re at a loss as to how to spin it. They can either rush around trying to pin it to their pet projects or let it go.

  5. The number “17” is odd. There was another black incident involving 17 black men and a white woman. They raped and burned her to death. No reportage on that one.

    I suggest that there are at least two things going on here. There is an obvious disparity in the way events are handled depending on the make up of the actors and the plans of the overlords.

    The racial component, while important, is secondary. If they are pushing for civil war with its attendant martial law, they wave the race card. If they are pushing gun confiscation and mental health, they wave the guns.

    If they are not prepared to use an event or they have not created the event they largely ignore it. In all circumstances the coverage is managed.

    The same tactics are being used “at home” that are being used all over the world to disrupt governments and populations to suit their agenda. Race relations here are at a low, deliberately. That does not excuse people’s behavior. In a sense they are being encouraged to disrespect others by the BO administration.

    The second aspect is that they prefer to control these events and, therefore, tend to hype the ones that they create, rather than “naturally occurring” ones. They DO use them, however.

    It is more than obvious that the “media” is nothing more than another branch of government. The PTB do not respect the populace. They see us as cattle to be herded. In fact, just as cattlemen do everywhere, I believe they are breeding us for docility.

    No one can seriously believe that race is not being manipulated for an agenda. Divide and conquer has worked for centuries. While we’re fighting each other they’re stealing our possessions.

  6. folktruther;

    Shut up.

    Dr. Tracy not only is your character being assassinated and your livelihood targeted but judging from the recent appearances of new commentors with a clearly evident goal of flooding the blog with historical boogyman falsehoods and a river of racial hypersensivity tears may I suggest you are being trolled by the very collection of psychopaths who are gunning for your proverbial head. I suggest a crackdown so as your blog may remain readable and not a replication of LiveLeaks.

    Thank you.

    1. thank you for your Christmas wish, Panzer. It has become obvious to me that many people do not want to exchange conspiracy delusions for truth, but for their religious, racist and violence delusions. However what I don’t understand yet is how conspiracy truth has been captured so much by a nazi oriented movement.

      And why doesn’t Infowars defend Tracy? Don’t they realize that they’re next?

  7. Merry Christmas, MHB! It’s been a singular pleasure to have spent another year with you all. It’s so nice to have some place to gather where, for better or worse, we can discuss the undiscussable: we are NOT “polite company” here!

    I would list you by name but I’d feel horrible if I left any one out, but do know that I DO “know you by name” and perspective, if not by face. Maybe one day, under happy circumstances, we shall all meet face to face…that’s something to look forward to!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas (or Yule, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hannukah, Festivus, or whatever you celebrate this time of year)! My Savior was born ❤️.

    1. Same to you, and thank you. Let’s make it a great new year where we come together for solutions that work, and find mountains of support for Dr. Tracy. I read all of your comments and appreciate them.
      Activist Angel

  8. Merry Christmas!! There are so many dimensions to this particular story, the overall narrative regarding gun control, school to prison pipeline, state disenfranchisement of individuals who are convicted of felonies(regardless of the felony…which could be unauthorized pharmaceutical retail sale & distribution), the demonization of “felons”, the lack of actual investigation by law enforcement anymore(fixing the facts around an overall narrative), and the fact that 93% of all convictions result from extorted pleas. But yes, a racial narrative & a rap sheet & felony narrative are at play here, so that the masses are affected by the long effective SUPREMACY OP & totally miss that the similarities of the reportage are quite striking: like the fake mass shootings, have we heard a ACTUAL MOTIVE for this ” mass shooting”? Or are we to assume this “black thug with a long rap sheet” doesn’t even need a motive for attempted killing because, well he’s a felon anyway, a monster & therefore is unreasonable and senseless & par for the course for these senseless acts we can’t seem to make sense of? Repeat enough times, we’ll believe any goddamned thing. That’s how deep this all goes.

  9. Regarding Slavery:

    The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

    Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

    From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.

    During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.

    Many people today will avoid calling the Irish slaves what they truly were: Slaves. They’ll come up with terms like “Indentured Servants” to describe what occurred to the Irish. However, in most cases from the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish slaves were nothing more than human cattle.

    As an example, the African slave trade was just beginning during this same period. It is well recorded that African slaves, not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology and more expensive to purchase, were often treated far better than their Irish counterparts.

    African slaves were very expensive during the late 1600s (50 Sterling). Irish slaves came cheap (no more than 5 Sterling). If a planter whipped or branded or beat an Irish slave to death, it was never a crime. A death was a monetary setback, but far cheaper than killing a more expensive African. The English masters quickly began breeding the Irish women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, which increased the size of the master’s free workforce. Even if an Irish woman somehow obtained her freedom, her kids would remain slaves of her master. Thus, Irish moms, even with this new found emancipation, would seldom abandon their kids and would remain in servitude.

    There were freed African slaves who owned African slaves themselves. A census determined that there were fewer than 385,000 individuals who owned slaves. Even if all slaveholders had been white, that would amount to only 1.4 percent of whites in the country (or 4.8 percent of southern whites owning one or more slaves).

    The entire African slave trade was run by folktruther’s tribe.

    1. Nice closing argument. Coincident to the wealthy neighborhood of and around Sandy Hook and large population percentage of a certain tribal group therein involved in the farce is the history of Connecticut as home base for slave traders.

      History they never mention on TV when the conversation turns to slavery and mercantile exploitation:

      “Connecticut’s wealth exploded in the Triangle Trade, as smart merchants and other businessmen supplied the slave plantations in the West Indies that grew and processed sugar cane.

      Connecticut’s role in shipping food and livestock to these islands is no secret. But for many years, little connection had been made between that role and slavery. Most people, in fact, have assumed, if they thought of it at all, that the major role of Connecticut citizens in American slavery was one of liberation. But while this was certainly true – Connecticut played a large role in the abolition effort, and in the Civil War, Connecticut men fought beside other northerners – the total picture turned out to be more complicated, and far more damning.

      In September 2002, Northeast produced our first special issue on Connecticut’s involvement in slavery. We called it “Complicity: How Connecticut Chained Itself to Slavery.” We explored the ways that our small New England state had profited as fully from slavery as any in the South, though our involvement was largely from a distance.”

  10. About the mind pornography behind the word “racist”:

    Doubtful readers may check the internet, the microfiche and microfilm at the local library, as well as the numerous books arrayed along the shelves there, but they shall never find an earlier usage of the word “racist” than Trotsky’s coinage of the word… Born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein on November 7, 1879, Leon Trotsky’s revolutionary activity as a young man spurred his first of several ordered exiles to Siberia. He waged Russia’s 1917 revolution alongside Vladimir Lenin. As commissar of war in the new Soviet government, he helped defeat forces opposed to Bolshevik control. He was a member of folktruther’s tribe.

    The Slavophiles which Trotsky alluded to [as “racist”] were historically a group of traditionalist Slavs who valued greatly their native culture and way of life, and wanted to protect it. Trotsky on the other hand saw them and others like them as an impedement to his internationalist communist plans for the world. This man didn’t care one iota about the Slavic Russians whom he supposedly served. To him, Slavophiles, i.e. Slavs that committed the “crime” of loving their own people and trying to protect their traditional ways were simply “backward”, and others like them were simply “racists”.

    The reality of the word’s origin is indeed quite a far cry from the left-liberal version of the story: that the word was coined in bona fides to identify people who were just plain bigoted against certain racial groups, and as a rallying cry for good liberals to protect the racial minorities from the bigots. On the contrary, the actual concept behind the word (even though he hadn’t invented it quite yet) — that ethnocentric “backwardness” must take a back seat to “enlightened” internationalism — was often used by Army-Navy Commissar Trotsky as a rallying cry for good Red Army communists to embark upon murderous rampages against peoples who resisted having their traditional way of life paved over and replaced with an alien system.

    Fast-forwarding to today…, the only changes to the word and its underlying concept from 1930 (besides Marxists having perfected the art of achieving the same thing with less blood but no less misery) are that the word’s targets have expanded from just Slavs who won’t submit to the Marxist internationalist plan to uproot and destroy their culture and traditional way of life, to all white people, Slavic or otherwise, who won’t submit to that same vile Marxist plan. Also, those who arm themselves with the word have expanded from a handful of communists to the entire liberal and neoconservative establishment in nations all across the world.

    This single six-letter word, “racist” has been used as a propaganda weapon ever since 1930, and people have fallen for the trick, and not knowing the history, orign and meaning of the word, continue to play the Trotsky’s tribe game, which ultimately results in division and conquer via mind-slavery. Even in this blog’s comments.

  11. This song is the opposite of what one might think just listening to it.

    He’s say I’m awake and I get it way back in the the 70’s.

    It’s not a put down on Christians or even Christmas.
    You know Christ’s Birthday is probably September and Yes he could have been conceived Dec. 24th.? It really doesn’t matter because we are not to make graven image’s or graven stories….

    1. Ric: I have struggled over the Pagan aspects of Christmas myself. Jeremiah 10:2-5 prohibits the cutting down of trees and decorating them with silver. I’ve read many churches’/pastors’ interpretations of this passage, and they all sound like rationalizations to me. My own church, which doesn’t even use the cross symbol (or candles, dove, etc.) has no problem with the modern trappings of Christmas…but I do.

      When my son was little, I couldn’t bring myself to do the whole “Santa” thing, at least not whole hog (he figured it out at 5 or 6); we hung stockings and left out cookies and milk, but it was more for cultural reasons than anything. I have a nephew who believed in Santa until he was 14. Too bad we don’t believe so deeply in Christ! Santa is our substitution, and that’s incredibly sad.

      Ho Ho Ho.

      1. “I have struggled over the Pagan aspects of Christmas myself”

        We all have, Recynd.

        If you read The Star That Astonished the World (, you will learn that without doubt Jesus was born on September 11, and that the Magi visited him years later on December 25.

        What do we take away from this information? That the text has embedded within it future history foretold, for one thing,. But also that humans can’t damage the message-system. It is, in fact, a joke that no one gets.

        This is a good one, so buckle in.

        Pagans converted to this Jewish view of cosmology, agreeing that the Jewish messiah was the savior of all the world (we are talking about centuries AD two through four). It was Rome, of course, and they celebrated a feast on the day we now celebrate Christmas. So the church switched it out, and everyone was happy, and has been ever since.

        But there were two dates in the Bible, concerning Jesus’ childhood. First, he was born in a piss-smelling barn, and a couple years later was visited by potentates from Parthia, who came to visit the child King (these men were people trained in the teachings of Daniel, awaiting the day the King would be born).

        God used December 25, purposely.

        The devil has repeatedly used September 11, purposely, because it is the day of the Savior’s birth. He can’t steal it away, but he can cloud it up.

        You should be laughing by now.

        God has a sense of humor.

        The devil does not get the joke that he keeps falling for. And he’s probably the smartest person ever created, which makes the joke even funnier. He keeps playing into God’s hands, and has no idea he’s doing it.

        December 25. September 11. Both are the dates of Jesus’ nativity. The devil has used both to take away faith in Jesus.

        I could expand on this, but I won’t, with the assumption that I have set the stage properly, should anyone wish to think together more on the topic. But I close with this thought: we who believe the Bible to be true, and thus that Christmas is a fact, must come to grips with the bleeding of Rome into what became the West. The paganism has to be dealt with.

        But the point is that God anticipated that.

        That’s the joke I mentioned top of the comment. God likes to laugh, and He wants us to laugh with Him. Perhaps it’s why we wish each other a MERRY Christmas.

      2. Recynd,

        I’ve basically have done the same as you. I tolerate the symbols and fairy tales but I’ve told my Children the Truth and why we do these things. I don’t believe in being fanatical, you just become one of them.

        As long as you know the truth, no Christmas Tree will ever hurt you.

        Easter..Ishtar…Big Problem. But taught my kids.

        It really is Part of the Passover to me. (pls no Jew haters)

        I’m a Christian who doesn’t prescribe to any ones Franchise. (Burger Joint)

        I don’t even like the word Christian for what’s become to represent, But I am a “Christ Follower”.

        I should just zip it. So many have ideas and should keep them if they work for you for the goal is the same.

  12. Although American universities historically have been a White bastion for telling the White truth, there are now non-White truthers who are allowed in as occasional tokens, who are transforming the American world-view of reality, especially political and cultural reality.

    Garikai Chengu, a Black American scholar at Harvard, has developed a sharp incisive style for inverting our learned power delusions: He publishes often at Global Research:

      "Friday marks the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery          in        America and contrary to popular belief, slavery is not a product of Western capitalism,;  Western capitalism is a product of slavery."

    This conceptual inversion will not be acceptable of course to alienated White opinion, but it implies an enormous change in our conventional and authorized world-views for the more enlightened of the earth’s people.

    Perhaps even more ideologically transgressive is Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

    1. “American universities historically have been a White bastion… ”

      Well, folkie, who would be surprised by that? America historically has been a white country. Duh.

      “…for telling the White truth…”

      You like this pliability of “truth” notion. You are a weirdo, Mark. Truth is not white or red or yellow or black. There is no such thing as “white truth.” There is only what is true, and what is not true. American Indians can’t have a different “truth” than the Chinamen who built the railroads.

      Your philosophy is moronic. I understand that you are of very low intellect, and have a very hard time accepting that the asinine “race” paradigm that has been foisted upon what used to be the West is a trick, a back door for communism….

      Oh. You have admitted you are a communist. You used to stalk the longshoremen of Los Angeles, trying to convince them to rebel against their employers, because they were running dogs of American capitalism.


      “Racism” is just the trick to get people who couldn’t be tricked into accepting communism to get on board with the New World Order Lenin had in mind.

      Well, since what used to be the West abandoned belief in the God of the Bible, the world has systematically fallen into the hands of race hustlers such as yourself, no denying it. Those football players who held that college in Missouri hostage a month or so ago got away with it because the administration was terrified–because the terrorists were black.

      Me, if I were in charge there, they would all have been expelled, and their scholarships revoked.

      People like you are definitely not going to like the world once you finish reshaping it. The revolution always devours its children, they say. But Robespierre and Danton were devoured, too, weren’t they? That’s YOU, Markieboy. Have fun in that prison cell, before your march to the guillotine.

      As for the rest of us, we can cling to our guns and our religion, and our delight in our dislike for those who are not like us ( Your guys will kill us quickly (you always do), which is a small blessing. But you theorists of the revolution have to flee to Mexico to await that inevitable assassination, knowing the time draws short, and the revolution is a terrible master.

      Good luck, comrade.

  13. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz has written an utterly shocking book that reframes American history and changes the way one perceives the USA. It’s AN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, which has won the 2015 National Book Award.

    It documents an American story that has somehow simply been covered up, like the Holocaust conducted by the Nazis concealed from the German people. It tells of the genocide of the American Indian nations, reducing them from 15 million people to the current 500 nations and 3 million. The destruction of these peoples were described as a product of disease, a natural condition that was nobody’s fault. What the historical descriptions excluded was that these disease were deliberately conditioned by starvation, demoralization, and lack of medical care in order to steal their homelands. And this was done over three centuries.

    The US military deliberated attacked the civilian noncombatant population, the children, women, and old men, killing them in massacres and destroying their crops, herds and food, to defeat the warriors. This was a deliberate conscious policy conducted over centuries. It predated the bombing of civilian populations in world war 2, and the killing of millions of people in the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, and other wars, which were also conducted against the children and women and non-combatants.

    How could this history have been covered up for so long? I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

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