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If the reporting on the alleged shooting in San Bernardino, California has left you confused and disoriented, you are not alone. The main stream media has changed substantial aspects of their original official story.

san bernardino2
Image Credit: Reuters

While it is understandable that some details might get misreported in the immediate aftermath of a national tragedy, no mention is made as to WHERE this misinformation originated from and WHY we should think that the NEW news reports are any more reliable.

It is difficult to dispute or verify claims when the narrative is a moving target. These evolving details are pretty significant, and seem to be — along with crisis actors and concurrent drills — another fingerprint of government sponsored shooting hoaxes and false flag events. Let’s take a look at a few of these alterations and how they relate to inconsistencies in other government-sponsored events.


As discussed in a previous Memory Hole blog post, Juan Hernandez and Sally Abdelmageed described the shooters as “THREE WHITE MEN” (emphasis ours).

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.06.21 PM

Fox and CNN then reported that the third assailant was FEMALE. She was supposedly on her way to Las Vegas to board an airplane. As time passed, that third accomplice became a MAN and HIS involvement was diminished (eventually to the point of being eliminated). Notice how the Wall Street Journal puts it in the article “Shooting Kills at Least 14; Two Suspects Are Dead” (Dec 2, 2015):

“The chief said a third person fled the scene and was taken into custody, but the police did not know his role, if any…” (emphasis ours)

Similarly varied stories were reported during the mass shooting (hoax) at Umpqua Community College. The shooter’s name changed from Toby Reynolds to Chris Sean Harper-Mercer (after going through several permutations in between – see diagram). His age changed from 20 to 26. When CNN altered his photograph, his race changed from mixed-race to white.

The motive changed for the UCC shooter (Chris Harper-Mercer) from hatred towards Christians, to hatred towards women, then to hatred towards minorities.

Similarly, the San Bernardino shooting was originally characterized as spontaneous payback over an office party argument. According to the article “Carnage In California” by Tamara Audi and Jim Carlton (also from the Wall Street Journal, Dec 3, 2015)

“Police said that there had been a dispute at the holiday party that sent one person away angry, but it was unclear if that was connected to the later assault.”

Two days later, The New York Times contradicted this account (in the article “For San Bernardino Survivors, a Day of Screams and Chaos”, Dec 5, 2015):

“… But that ended when a colleague, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, who had been there and quietly slipped away, leaving his jacket draped over a chair, returned with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, to unleash what the FBI is calling a terrorist attack.”

If Farook did have some argument at the holiday party, it would have been against his character according to Chris Nwadike. Nwadike, a fellow health inspector for San Bernardino County, said “Farook was a quiet person,” and he goes on to say that he never saw Farook have a disagreement with colleagues at work.

The spontaneous nature of this office party narrative belies the Islamic terrorist motive that would come later.  Yet even The Wall Street Journal article, “California Shooters Leave Clues, but No Clear Motive” (Dec 4, 2015), had to admit that there was no clear motive:

“Law-enforcement officials said Thursday they weren’t sure what motivated the killings. Investigators found Mr. Farook had contact, some online and some by phone, with people who came up tangentially in past federal terrorism probes.” (Emphasis ours)

The word “tangentially” should be in giant letters. They maybe once visited a website of someone who was IN THE PAST maybe tangentially tied to a mundane federal probe… I mean they are really grasping at straws here.

A few days later (Dec 8, 2015), The Wall Street Journal readdresses the issue of motive (in the article “Shooters Were ‘Radicalized’”) with a rumor of a post they got from “officials” that will make your eyes roll:

“Ms. Malik posted a message on Facebook just before the attack pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the terror group Islamic State, according to officials… ‘We have learned and believe that both suspects have been radicalized, and have been for quite some time,’ David Bowdich, the FBI director in charge in Los Angeles, told reporters in a news conference.” (Emphasis ours)

ACCORDING TO OFFICIALS?! Why on earth couldn’t they go and pull up the Facebook quote themselves rather than depend on the word of an unnamed official? At least with the UCC shooting they created fake accounts and provided us with screenshots of posts.

Speaking of which, in the shooting at Umpqua Community College, Mercer’s social media was used to paint the alleged assailant as a frustrated racist conspiracy theorist with ties to Muslim extremists. These social media posts may leave something to be desired in the way of credibility, however. To that point his MySpace was changed five times after his death.

image2This Islamic extremism motivation might SEEM predictable and ridiculous to those familiar with false flag events, but it is by no means the most absurd. The winner for the most absurd motive put forth by the media goes to Erin Burnett at CNN. Since Ms. Malik recently had a baby, Burnett blames the shooting on postpartum psychosis. That’s right, the baby blues.

Burnett: “Jim, I mean, obviously, her involvement is a game changer in how enforcement, law enforcement will look at this. But I just have to ask you, could there be something else, anything else that could have explained her involvement? Something like a postpartum psychosis?”

Now there are a few ways to decode this type of propaganda; trying to make us afraid of pregnant women as if they are all potentially homicidal terrorists. Personally, I tend to think this falls in line with the never-ending push to increase the federal funding of abortions. I mean if being pregnant and giving birth can turn you into a mass murderer then surely the tax-payers won’t mind forking over more money to end these pregnancies with an abortion. Another possibility (that is not mutually exclusive) is that they simply want to expand the list of people that can’t have guns. Before it was just ex-cons and the mentally ill (which doesn’t make it constitutional but that’s a whole other story) but soon it will be suspected terrorists and anyone tangentially connected with them, anyone on the no fly/no buy list, anyone with radical views and, yes, even those American’s incubating a developing human life. It should be noted that gun-ownership is more likely amongst families, often with pregnant or recently pregnant women. If the woman is susceptible to postpartum depression, then they could try and restrict the gun rights of the entire family. These are just two possibilities… with propaganda this inane it gets hard to make sense of it completely.


All of this begs the question: “WHY?” If these events are really government sponsored hoaxes, then they ought to be scripted. If they are scripted, why does the script change so much?  One would think the identities and motives of the assailants should remain constant, the way they did during 9/11.

However, the real target is all of us. Rotating through all of the motive possibilities means you can spend time demonizing nearly every demographic or range of thought not fitting the state’s mold. If they were ‘radicalized’, that label can apply to anybody who travels to a non-western country or just uses the Internet and visits a site that’s not government-approved. If they weren’t on the no-fly list, the government will feel justified in expanding that list to include almost everyone. They can easily change a no-fly list to a no-buy list. Not just suspected terrorists, but anybody who associates with suspected terrorists, or any idea considered radical. Even new mothers can’t be trusted.

While this purely constructed hoax is so artificial even the main stream media can’t keep it straight (possibly by design), what will not change is that more hoax shootings are coming. Mass Shootings have exploded like a cottage industry since Obama has taken office. Give it a month or so and it will be obvious that the staged shootings will not stop and that San Bernardino is Just Another C.I.A. False Flag.


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39 thought on “SAN BERNARDINO IN FLUX: The Fluid Nature of Cover Stories”
    1. Doctor, I’m not as kind as you. I think that our idea of journalism is a thing of the past, if it was ever really so. They are simply copy readers. This has been demonstrated several times and has even become the subject of stand-up comics.

      There are several videos that show many different TV stations reading the exact same copy, word for word. How does this happen? Well, the logical explanation is that they were given that script to read.

      In these drills/productions, someone is responsible for “media” matters. They hand out the assignments to the readers and the readers read. There is no attempt to “fact check” or even to flesh out a story. My suspicion is that, if they were to do that it would mean trouble for them.

      They are not allowed to deviate from the script. Some deliberate confusion is injected into this to give the impression that these mutts are actually sleuthing around getting stories for “The Daily Planet”.

      The reality is that they are told “stand here. Read this”. The recent video on the Wheelers shows this quite clearly. While they may not be playing “journalists” in this production, they are playing nonetheless.

      The main problem is that we have been given to understand that this is not a fiction. This is propaganda. They have nullified the law that once protected us (in theory) from government propaganda distributed as truth. They have actually announced that they intend to do this. Now they are simply following through on their promise.

      The new wrinkle seems to be damage control. The meme is shifting to media as religion. It is unpatriotic and possibly sacrilegious to question the script. In fact, it may be a sign of “mental illness”. As the Wheelers plea reveals, they want data bases on all of us. They want them kept current with each of our official mental stat i.

      Well, at least that’s what the script they read said. I doubt they want little more than a paycheck.

  1. ??? This was a government facility in a metropolitan area, where are the videos from the surveillance cameras? No videos at all from any source not a cell phone not a security camera, nothing. Preposterous. And no one, no media, no reporters are asking how is that possible in today’s government surveillance state and a world full of cameras? Has anyone even looked around this facility to see if there were cameras? Has anyone asked why not, if there weren’t? This facility to me me seems to be the most logical place to have cameras short of a bank. a court house, or a federal building. Where are the videos?

    1. Yes, when you consider that it serves citizens who are developmentally delayed or handicapped, surely there are interior cameras, if only to observe staff interactions with them. I wonder if medications are dispensed there – perhaps controlled ones that some people might take for anxiety or psychosis. You’d probably need a degree of monitoring of the places where they are stored. You’d expect at least the amount of cameras you might see in a hotel, because of the need to protect the vulnerable people coming and going. I’m not sure if it is all drop-in or if there are long-term residents.

  2. Hello from Australia .. Looking at the vision the guy took of the SUV driving past at 40 mph .. I tried to pause it to see the driver and passenger , but of course you cannot because the windows appear to be tinted with the darkest tint you can buy.. It looked like a small fire cracker fell out the back which was meant to be a pipe bomb? And then there is no footage of the gun man fleeing the SUV and being shot in the street? Yes I agree a lot more footage should be available from CCTV from all over? But only one camera phone and a bunch of helecopers got the only footage? Bizarre .. Dig this blog .. Keep up the good work!

  3. A few questions come to mind. In a competitive 24-hour news cycle, reporters are forced to run with any rumor or suggestion they can dig up or insinuate. We see it over and over again (for example, following most any natural disaster, such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy). Therefore you can be sure that much of the news coverage immediately following any major event will be garbage. Inconsistencies are the norm with such coverage; they are to be expected (albeit irresponsible). Seen in this light, why would I take them as evidence of a major conspiracy or cover-up, involving countless actors at all levels (gov’t, media officials, and private citizens)? Why should I jump to such an extreme conclusion? And how in the world is it possible for alleged cover stories of this magnitude (e.g., Sandy Hook), involving so many actors, to be maintained without some player involved eventually leaking the goods (i.e., the full inside story and details)?

  4. This Article proves the BMB was a Hoax. This Fabricated News Story doesn’t have One Once of Truth….Proof MSM is Govt. Propangada
    Man who loaned gun to Boston Marathon bombers sentenced to time served

    By Scott Malone 14 minutes ago

    BOSTON (Reuters) – A man who lent the Boston Marathon bombers the gun they used to kill a police officer three days after the 2013 attack was sentenced to time served on Tuesday after pleading guilty to drug and firearms charges.

    ( This proves no one was shot or no one was robbed with this Gun because anyone would get an accessory charge and 10 years.)

    U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf sentenced Stephen Silva, who was arrested in July 2014, to time served plus three years’ supervised release for the charges that he pleaded guilty to last year.

    (Really? All LIES)

    Silva was not accused of playing any role in the April 15, 2013, bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line, which killed three people and injured 264, but admitted having possessed a handgun with its serial number filed off.

    ( He loaned his gun which was used in Murder and had shaved Off the serial number? You or I would 10 years Period. He walks, why? Because no of this ever happened)

    He testified in March that he lent that gun, a Ruger P95, to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who told him he wanted it to rob college students in Rhode Island. ( Hahahaha No Comment)

    Tsarnaev was found guilty in April of carrying out the bombing attack along with his older brother, as well as shooting dead Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier three days later.

    Tsarnaev’s older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, died following a gunfight with police later that night.
    Silva’s twin brother, Steven, erupted in applause when the sentence was read out and was escorted from the courtroom.
    Prosecutors had sought an 18-month sentence, citing the defendant’s cooperation in the bombing investigation.
    (Reporting by Scott Malone; Editing by Alistair Bell and Frances Kerry)

    Comment on article:

    RichardZag 52 minutes ago

    All of the evidence points to the Boston bombing being another psyop hoax and the Chechen brothers having been set up as patsies. The older brother, Tamerlan, was seen on video after having been forced to strip naked and get into a police car. Several members of his family, including his own mother, identified him. This means that he was summarily executed. They also tried to kill unarmed Dzhokhar by firing several hundred rounds into the boat where he was hiding. None of the supposed subsequent revelations about other plots, writings on the boat, etc., were ever verified by any independent source. Tamerlan’s friend, Ibragim Todashev, was detained and questioned for several hours by the FBI without a lawyer and without being charged with anything. He obviously refused to cooperate and that’s why he was shot 7 times including in the back of the head. His killers claim self-defense. Several mainstream news sources reported that Dzhokhar pleaded innocent speaking with a heavy Russian accent which surprised several of his friends because he speaks perfect American English without an accent. You can even find videos of him on Youtube that confirm this. We don’t even know whether the real Dzhokhar is still alive. His so-called lawyer, “Gentle Judy Clarke”, is a CIA operative who specializes in keeping a lid on government psyops. Her clients have included people like MK Ultra victim, Ted Kazcynski. It is known that the Tsarnaev brothers had been working with the CIA and traveled to the Caucasus using aliases. Both the FBI and CIA were very well aware of their identities and didn’t need any help from the public in identifying them. If people let this frame-up and sham trial go ahead unchallenged, they could be the next one to be declared an “enemy of the state” and railroaded on trumped-up charges.

    1. Ric, this entire comment of yours and/or the story it’s based on is meant to support the idea that those two brothers went on a killing spree. The whole thing’s a lie. Nobody died at Boston Bombing. See my links above in answer to Mary. Nobody died at the Marathon, the brothers did not shoot a cop or throw pipe bombs at the cops.

      Further, now that I think of it, the online photo of the older brother at the mortuary may be a fraud. Do you realize how easy it is for them to fake body injuries? Look at this:

      Control of our response to what is happening to the world is exercised via deception. We must become more adept at piercing deception. Here are stunt dummies; their clothed bodies, but not their heads, look real.
      Here is a totally lifelike head.!about2/cvq7
      Please remember that these are not real.!gallery/cox7 For the movies & for hoaxes.

  5. the media are really good about dropping out suspects. in the Oklahoma bombing, there were originally three suspects that rented the truck, but the third was dropped in the media story.

  6. Every TV script begins with a story idea. The writer comes up with several ideas for what can happen to the characters in the show he or she is writing for.

    Then the writer will “pitch” the story idea out loud to the other writers on the staff. The other writers will respond to the idea by pitching their thoughts and constructive comments.

    Hopefully, the story idea will be approved by the head writer, who is usually called the “executive producer” or “show runner.”

    The writer and a few others will then take a day or two to “break” the story. This means they go through the plot points of the story very carefully to make sure it all makes sense.

    The writer now goes off to write an “outline.” This is kind of like an outline you might do for a report in school. It is fairly short (about 10 pages) and contains all of the scenes and suggestions for what the characters will say in those scenes.

    The writer does write the script, but it’s not yet ready for TV. Writers usually get two weeks to write what’s called the “writer’s draft” of the script.

    The writer’s draft is usually around 40 pages for a 30-minute show. Once the writer turns in the script, it then goes to “rewrite.” the rest of the staff, guided by the show runner, goes through the script one line at a time, “punching up” any dialogue or story points that need improvement. This process takes another week or two.

    The writers go back to the Writers’ Room to rewrite some more. They stay at work until the script is finished for the next day’s rehearsal — no matter how late into the night that might be!

    This goes on for another day or two of rehearsal, until, finally, the script is “locked”… and THEN it is filmed and put on TV.


    1. I like your description and it is needed, however, I am coming to not accept the concept…

      “… they go through the plot points of the story very carefully to make sure it all makes sense.”

      Increasingly I am getting the strong feeling that nonsensical features to the story is what is desired.

      They are getting away with more and more blatant nonsensical, ostensibly sloppy events. They know they will keep getting away with it.

      I think the desired outcome has a lot to do with molding our minds. We may experience cognitive dissonance now but very soon events full of blatant inconsistencies and incongruities will not cause us cognitive dissonance at all. Our minds will have successfully become totally cooked.

      (I am not able to receive notifications of replies and am not able to subscribe to this blog.)

  7. I doubt that couple had anything to do with the shooting. If their faces were concealed during the shooting how could the FBI get tips on where they lived, immediately go and shoot them?

    1. Mary, observe that they have sucked you into two assumptions:
      1. That there actually was a shooter; and
      2. That Farook exists.

      IMO there is controversy about the identity/description of shooters in these incidents in order to involve us in the question of WHO was the shooter, so that we will forget to ask WHETHER there was a shooter.

      Then the character/story/motive of the shooter is given to us by the “authorities,” the media quoting a person we never see– wasn’t there one in San B’dino whose voice we heard on the phone only? Or sometimes a crisis actor is used to give the shooter’s personality or motive. We forget that we don’t know whether it’s TRUE.

      1. There’s one more thing– captured on film: At 12:10 on this video the newsman becomes concerned that his “witness” is lacking credibility cuz he keeps putting his hands in his pockets. So the newsman, not knowing that the camera is now picking up below his waist, puts his hand out and sort of pinches his witness’s wrist to make him take his hand out of his pocket. To me that’s a dead giveaway! Would he do that w a real witness– be concerned about enhancing his credibility? This witness is David, the one who filmed w his cell phone while we heard the cops shooting at the SUV.

        1. Penelope: I just watched the video you posted; the three black SUVs is the most compelling part, along with the stupidity of witnesses getting out of their cars to film it all (though I suppose I’m glad that there are third-parties gathering evidence).

          I saw the part with the reporter touching the witnesses arm. While his action clearly means something, I think it’s foolhardy to ascribe intent/meaning. Who knows what the signal meant? The reporter has someone giving him directions in his ear, so perhaps it was time to cut the “interview” off…who knows?

          It reminds me of the video that came out of SH where a child-witness’s dad had his arm around her neck/throat, and people accused him of “strangling” her. Too speculative for my taste.

          However, I’m glad the video you posted showed the aerial shot of the three black SUVs and the final chase.

        2. Recynd, yeah, it’s pretty obviously a setup. We talked about this video before. The “witness”, Espinoza, is sort of “Harley Man meets Carlos”.

          The whole place is in “lockdown”, remember. But, they happen to find articulate witnesses when needed. Residents said that they were told to stay in their houses and away from windows. The “witness” is just “finishing up”, (whatever that means) and going home for the day.

          Now, we have FBI, ATF, etc., in a car chase? Meanwhile, the normal traffic just cruises down the road? They make no attempt to clear the road even though they have a multitude of cops to do that?

          No, I wand Joe Sixpack to drive right up to the scene of a shooting.

        3. Yep, you’re spot on. The ‘reporter’ actually changes hands with his mic, so he can reach over with the hand he mistakenly believes will be best concealed from the camera.
          I’d say that was truly ‘breaching the credibility gap’!
          And the witness constantly repeating, “Yeah, it was real and I saw it happen” (or some such garbage). Yes, mate – and we saw that pig in the sky go past your head as you were being interviewed.

      2. I don’t think the couple framed (if they do exist that is – reminds me of the made up 9-11 “hijackers”) did the shooting. I’m confused if you’re postulating that there was no shooting period? How did the victims then get shot? I do think the shooter was CIA/special ops people/person. Israel is trying very hard to turn their Islam enemies into US enemies so we do the dirty job of destroying all their countries for them (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen etc). Could have been Mossad as well.

        1. Mary, we don’t know if anyone was shot. There were a few people who were led out, helped onto tiny pallets, strapped to them: this bit of video was shown. But none appeared in pain, none had any blood. While this was going on a woman walked by w her arm in a sling, but she was perfectly composed, not showing any pain.

          Low-level media (reporters) were pushed away from potential witnesses– people exiting the buildings. Only specific people are later brought forward as “witnesses”.

          There was a Loma Linda Hospital press conference that looked very tense, managed & unconvincing. The only evidence we have is from the “authorities” & “media” & a few people who may have been crisis actors. Where were the medvac helicopters?

          I know that at first consideration it seems it wd be too difficult to pull off a total hoax, but in some respects it’s easier than a false flag with real injuries.

          Frequently a lot of the video is shot during a drill which may have been a few days before. Of course during a drill real bullets aren’t used– hence the police cars & their windows are all intact. And the participants aren’t necessarily dishonest; they are just participating in a drill. If their commanding officer tells them to keep quiet about it’s passes off as real I guess they have to if they want their jobs & pensions. It would probably be dangerous to tell the truth online. And of course the media is entirely controlled.

          Certainly actual hospital management are more likely to cooperate with an event in which no one was hurt in a “good cause” like gun control– especially if there was money in it for the hospital.

          The crisis actors are paid & if they lose relatives ask for donations online. (Bizarre).

        2. Mary, how do you know anybody died? You are saying, in effect: “I don’t believe the media about the couple being shooters, because I know the media lies constantly. But I believe the media when they tell me that someone shot people. I believe the media when they tell me that there were deaths.” But what evidence do you have that anyone died? We know the authorities & media lie to us & we know they hire crisis actors to lie to us. That’s the only evidence we have.

          Unless they publish the names, ages and cities of residence of the deceased– preferably stating the family members who survive them– like a normal obituary, I am going to go right on doubting.

          Here are two links to the Boston Bombing.
          Boston Bombing photos taken from an office overlooking where the crisis actors waited their turn for the photographer. Two did not even lie down until the photographer was ready for them, at which time one “became dead.” We actually see one woman put on her “blood makeup.” We see Cowboy Hat, lounging & waiting for the final event. Looked at carefully these are conclusive proof that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax.

        3. Penelope – before I look at your Boston links – to answer your question about how we know the died if we don’t believe in who the media tells us the shooters are – it’s just that they named the deceased like that Asian lady who had recently gotten engaged and her family and co-workers had made a statement about her. It’s a small office so with so many listed as dead who worked there I’m not sure that part could be made up. My personal theory is CIA or some sort of special ops (I don’t know the branches) people or even independently funded hitmen by those who have an agenda and lots of money are behind the shooting. I think the man they’re framing might have existed – they picked him as the token Islamist who happened to work there to put the blame on him, he became paranoid and didn’t understand why they chased him down and killed him (if that happened and he and his wife were really supposedly buried “quietly” a few days later as reported.

          I also believe that Malaysian airplane that supposedly disappeared was hijacked by the same people behind 911 (and no they are not Muslims).

        4. Mary, your analysis is reasonable. Thank you for explaining it. Mine: There were said to be several hundred people there that day, altho not all in the room where the “shooting” occurred. Those in the Christmas party/presentation of awards room were members of a county-employed environmental dept, from all over the county. The earlier report was that they were Dept of Health, county-wide & Farook worked as a restaurant inspector. I think the small office was elsewhere in the same building, but perhaps I am mistaken.
          Thank you for your responses; it’s interesting examining it together. Have you seen crisis actors perform in more than one of these events– I mean the same crisis actor perform in more than one?

  8. The number killed has gone from 14 to 12, according to John Friend’s latest independent reporting.

    The MHB posted about the real, genuine mass shooting in New Orleans in Bunny Friend park is interesting to study because we can observe the characteristics of media reporting and government reporting of a real event. We can see what we can find reported after a real event and compare it to what we could see in official and media reports of false events. That is an important comparison to make.

    (We recall in the Sandy Hook event, the official state report, as shown in Dr. Fetzer’s book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, show no deaths in the Ct. county where Newtown / Sandy Hook is located, so that is an indication of how state government reporting is handled in the non-real hoax event of Sandy Hook school shooting. The report did not lie but it also did not make sense and was quite question begging.) This particular Ct. state report is probably mandated by the federal government and a comparable state report probably exists in every state, though the official report name may differ.)

    “Ten of the 17 people injured in the Bunny Friend Park shooting Sunday are under 21 years old, and the youngest victim is a 10-year-old child, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said at a news conference Monday.

    Landrieu called the shooting “domestic terrorism,” adding that one victim may never walk again.

    An NOPD spokesman said two victims remain in critical condition and two guarded at University Medical.”

    This newspaper article gave clear extensive information about the ages and sex and extent of injuries of the Bunny Park incident, though none of the 17 injured were killed at the event. I do not know if any of the critically injured have died or have survived and this Bunny Park incident does not provide us a case study for comparison that includes fatalitieis at the event.

    We have no such similar news media article about the San Bernadino shooting. Almost no information is to be found about the ages, sex, and types of injuries sustained by the San Bernadino “victims.” This is a glarying incongurency to that one real event.

    The days of their being independent web sites that freely are able to question official narratives and try to find information to explore answers to unanswered questions are severely numbered.

    The entire Internet and alternative media are heavily controlled and infiltrated in various ways.

    I encountered this article about San Bernadino event linked from a few days ago.

    December 23 2015 link
    Countless Loose Ends In San Bernadino Shootings

    Countless Loose Ends in San Bernadino Shooting Raises Red Flags
    Line Spacing+- AFont Size+- Print This Article

    SallyPainter view more articles

    I got the sense immediately that this might possibly be an FBI or government intelligence gathering operation to get information on people who post comments and decide to participate in this nice sounding truth seeking endeavor. Best I can tell, there were none who bit the bait and that is good, but the bad news is that there will be moe and more of these fake truth seeking sites about false events and the truth seeking waters will become intractably muddied.

    1. dachsielady, what a good idea. Yes you’re right; we should compare the data given in real events with the ones that seem false. There are so few real ones that it didn’t occur to me to do that. Thanks.

    1. Recynd77, we need to say that a lot.

      This gas well blowout has potential for a far reaching disaster. A miracle is needed now. Porter Ranch is located in the northwest corner of San Fernando Valley, part of the City of Los Angeles. The hills where the gas is stored sit in Los Angeles County, outside city limits separated by a chain link fence.

      I don’t think many property owners were aware that in the hills above their homes sits the largest gas storage facility out west. Empty oil wells are used for gas storage and surplus gas from around the country is trucked in there. To my knowledge this was not disclosed to homebuyers when the first homes were built in the seventies, not with the resales since then (myself included), and not with the new homes being built now.

      Oil drilling started in the thirties in these very hills which were surrounded by ranches, later sold for developments. The future does not bode well for this part of San Fernando Valley and beyond.!oil-drilling-next-to-our-homes/cp1s

      Not to be overly pessimistic, but previously two large gas explosions have rocked this country:

      Just about 70 years ago, on Oct. 20, 1944, the sky over Cleveland’s East Side ignited in the fiery blast of more than 100 million gallons of liquefied natural gas:

      On Jan. 17, 2001, Hutchinson, Kan., awoke to an apocalypse:

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