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Well, it seems as if The Donald has been summoned by the Kingmaker himself, Mr. Sheldon Adelson.

Yes, that kind old man who just loves to be involved in “the process” of choosing who gets into power in America.

No doubt Adelson called The Donald in for a debriefing on how Trump feels about Israel, and more importantly, whether or not Israel will be at the top of Donald’s priorities should he make it into power in the White House next fall.

IMAGE: Casino billionaire Donald Trump met with bigger casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Readers should not forget that it was this same Sheldon Adelson who was throwing around his spare millions in order to derail the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. Adelson pumped large sums of money into newly formed Israel Lobby Super PACs, with millions used to inflate the unelectable Newt Gingrich to help push Ron Paul from the spotlight, and even more millions used to to run a series of anti-Ron Paul adverts in strategic TV markets like South Carolina – all in the effort to help kill a Ron Paul presidential run. Why? Because Paul did not believe that propping-up Israel in the Middle East was actually in the long-term US national interests.

Hey Donald, here’s what this Israeli oligarch’s money was used for in 2012. Watch this incredibly manipulative ad, paid for by ‘The American Committee For Israel’ Super PAC:

Americans should really know by now, that foreign lobby money is being used to distort and ultimately manipulate the outcome of US democratic elections.

One can one can only wonder what Sheldon Adelson really said to The Donald…


The casino magnate and Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson praised Donald Trump’s charm following a meeting, in which the two men discussed Israel, among other subjects.

Adelson met Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the presidential elections, earlier this week in Las Vegas, Reuters reported Friday. Adelson spoke about the meeting in Macau, China, saying he had not decided which candidate to back in the presidential race.

“It was very nice,” Adelson, who is Jewish and an outspoken supporter of Israel, told Reuters when asked about the meeting. “He was very charming.” Adelson added that the pair had discussed Israel.
The 82-year-old chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the world’s biggest gambling company by market value, hosted the latest debate among Republican Party presidential candidates at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where he is based.

“He [Trump] had talked about potentially dividing about Jerusalem and Israel, so I talked about Israel because with our newspaper, my wife being Israeli, we are the few who know more about Israel than people who don’t,” Adelson said.

Speaking two weeks ago to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, Trump wavered in answering a question about whether he would consider Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, drawing boos from the crowd.

Courted by most of the Republican candidates and widely expected to be the party’s top donor in the November 2016 presidential election, Adelson said earlier on Friday during a news conference that he may wait until February’s primaries to decide who to back. He described the field of Republican candidates as “all very good.”…

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84 thought on “Oy Vey? Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’”
  1. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:

    This comes after the meeting with Pope Francis? Once the Adelson meeting, “the irrefusable offer” takes place, it will be on to Bilderberg 2016. The best comparative for Trump is ‘Longshanks’ until he craters to I$I$. If not he will find himself like the rest of us lone-wolves. I suspect he is already one of them. Too much time in Palm Beach.

  2. a comment on Reddit stated the reason for Trump’s ‘Muslims celebrating on 911’ ballyhoo was to deflect from the Dancing Israelis…hadn’t thought about it that way.

    I’m sure these two have known each other for a long time – what’s the big deal? It’s the GOP that wants Adelson’s money – gotta pay off Priebus and Rove and all those valuable minds that run the party. Trump is free publicity 24/7, so I doubt he needs anything from Herbie.

    I wonder if funding one’s own presidential campaign is a tax write-off? LOL – imagine that number!

    I’m more surprised that no one has hit on Donald’s relationship with Ari Emmanuel (Rahm’s brother) – Ari bought the Miss Universe enterprise, and Trump has mentioned that Ari’s his agent? “Great guy – Great guy” etc. Yet no one has made a stink that I know of – is Ari somehow immune from all the rancor usually directed at Rahm and Zeke?

      1. Maybe you were thinking of Herbert Blitzstein “Fat Herbie” from Chicago. Sheldon is no Meyer Lansky but Trump is surely to be a Lucky Luciano or Benny Siegel. I suspect Lucky and an alliance with the Chicago gang but never rule out a Bugsy squashing.

  3. Israel doesn’t need to bulldoze Palestinian olive trees or houses, but it makes people angry, and thus leads to more US and Russian arm sales, etc. Surprised you can’t see the story line. Now it seems that China is in the arms production race in a big way too – and drugs. Paul would have been a terrible president – against women’s rights.


    1. Marzi,I don’t think there is one single Federal agency,Party,or individual on DC who give one tinker’s damn about anyone’s rights…least of all,women’s. It is all noise for the purpose of securing power,then ignoring everyone until the next “election”. I have removed myself from the farce. I really hope I am being too cynical.

    2. the paper that prints that garbage, Epoch Times, is put out by the religious cult Falun Gong which is funded to sell or give away its paper in 35 countries. It supports US imperialism by directing attention away from US trafficking in narcotics, and being the largest military trader in the world.

      Under US administration, Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world’s heroin, US under operation Fast and Furious has armed the cocaine cartel through Mexico, and US banks launder hundreds of millions of dollars of drug money. The CIA routinely supports drug dealers as long as they support US policy.

      Because of China’s experience with British imposition of opium, addicting a large fraction of the Chinese people, China is very leery of drugs, and executes major drug dealers.

  4. “Adelson met Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the presidential elections, earlier this week in Las Vegas….”

    Well knock me over with a feather. Two billionaire casino moguls competed with one another for decades, and had never met until one of them runs for president and the other is handing out money.

    Donald desperately needs Adelson, apparently.

    This is front page, above the fold news!

    What’s most noteworthy about this article is not the nonsensical idea that these two guys have not always been in contact, but that the 21st Century Wire thinks, apparently, that Israel and Jerusalem SHOULD be divided. As if to argue against that position is somehow nefarious.

    Joel Rosenberg captures my thought about that perfectly (https://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/a-message-of-warning-to-the-nations-do-not-divide-the-land-of-israel-understanding-the-book-of-joel-part-5/):

    “The Bible is crystal clear: the Lord Almighty will judge all nations who divide the Land of Israel.

    “In Joel 3:2, the Lord says: “I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My land.” (3:2)”

    As I always say, either the Bible is true, or it’s not. All Jews, poor as church mice or billionaires in the casino business, quite logically will heed the warning of God transmitted through Joel–and advise secular rulers, wherever they reside, and whatever religion they hold, to do the same.

    But note that Joel is future history foretold: the land if Israel and its eternal capital WILL be divided, God will become very angry about it, gathering all the nations of the world to fight a completely unnecessary war to essentially punish themselves for their crime. The only question here is where does one stand on the question BEFORE it is committed.

    There are three points to make here:

    1) Biblical prophesy has a 100% fulfillment rate, over thousands of years, so to bet against its track record continuing is a fool’s errand.

    2) HOW Israel was reborn and the Jews regathered in their ancestral homeland (for the second time, just as the Bible foretells) is immaterial. The point is, it was foretold, and it happened–against the most astounding odds (no one in the year 1800 would have even entertained the thought, much less in 1500 or 900). Israel exists, and hundreds of prophetic passages are poised to come true–just read the morning paper).

    3) It does not matter that it was Shabbataism that has guided the history of modern Israel, and that the rulers of the country are, and always have been, Shabbatains. When Jesus came to Earth the first time, it was the same. And they murdered him for what he came to do: upset their apple cart. The Bible is quite clear that when He returns, it will be a very evil, corrupt matrix He arrives within. Israel is not good, never has been (but then none of us are: it’s a mirror for all of us).

    But as Gandalf told Frodo,

    ““I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.””

    That, it seems to me, is not just what those two billionaires have to decide, but what we all must decide. Ancient prophesy is playing out in our midst, whether we like it or not.

    If you believe the Bible (the most logical choice), we know that the terrible troubles we have unfolding all around us are leading to a very well documented set of events. We can’t change that. We can’t wish things, places, and leaders were nicer. We are in a tide of history. We should be aware of the darkness, and our inability to change it. We should be aware of Shabbataism and what the Talmud has done to the Jews. But just because they are betraying their inheritance does not mean that God has broken His covenant with them.

    That is, good for Sheldon. Hopefully, Donald chooses wisely. He won’t be able to change future history, but it’s better to be right and lose than to be wrong and win. God is keeping score.

    1. The question is Patrick, Who are the real “Israelites” ? And what was the real motive behind the ” Balfour Declaration ” ?
      We have all sinned, and thru his mercy can be forgiven. I don’t think God is keeping score, but that we humans have that inability to forgive.

      I was born in a part of the world that provided the current wealth to most of Europe, and my paternal & maternal great-grand father were both of European heritage. One of them of, a Portuguese Jew, who benefitted from the world largest transshipment of human cargo, a genetic history of shame and truth, but also of forgiveness.

      1. “Who are the real “Israelites””

        There is a surprising continuity amongst that race, through time; they retained their language and customs across the millennia, whereas no other ancient people ever did that. Where are the Jebusites today? There is no break in the chain of custody of their civilization. They are them. People who have handed down the Hebrew language from generation to generation for thousands of years, copying the same Hebrew Bible exactly, without error, all that time, practicing the same customs without alteration.

        The first zionists, Western Jews who migrated to their ancestral homeland, did so in 1879. Quickly, the crafters of the New World Order seized upon the movement, and propped up Theodor Herzl as the front man, and the Shabbatains seized control over the thing ever after. But at the start, there were very few people there; the country was a barren waste. Arabs were attracted to it though, migrating from from surrounding lands, as the Jews drained the swamps and watered the deserts, and made the place worth living in. These Arab migrants would eventually be called “Palestinians.”

        The Balfour Declaration was a result of Britain winning WWI, and Lord Rothschild having an interest in crafting the New World Order. The zionist enterprise had been underway for more than three and a half decades by then, but the Rothschild power already completely controlled it; the Declaration supposedly was to create a country for the Jews in the land of ancient Israel, but in practice, the British systematically restricted the entry of Jews into the land as Europe became increasingly hostile to the Jews (think: Kristallnacht), while allowing vast hoards of illegal alien Arabs to flood in. Britain was playing a double game.

        This was intended, in my opinion. They have been engineering a war between the West and the Moslem world, and Israel was to be its agent, the center of the plot. The tension there is artificially generated, and amplified.

        So, on the surface, the Balfour Declaration is one thing, but it was a lie. Honest Jews who believed in the zionist ideal were suckers all along. Countless idealistic young people moved there, only to find out it was all a sham. Barry Chamish, one of my heroes (and a personal friend) is one of those. He convinced half the country that Yitzhak Shamir was murdered in a government conspiracy–so they almost succeeded in murdering Barry, twice. He escaped to America, where he continues his work.

        God is DEFINITELY keeping score. But He doesn’t break is Word. People who betray Him will pay a price. Even nations. Ezekiel tells us that Israel in the last days will suffer nuclear war, and Zechariah tells us that 2/3 of the Jews will be killed. Israel was regathered in the land, yes, but the same kinds of people who ruled Israel in Jesus’ day rule it now: ruthless, cynical, and worldly. Whatever posts they are involved in are foretold to backfire on them; if only they would stick to the Bible, and toss away the Talmud, they would know that. But then, Jesus told their ancestors exactly that, and they didn’t listen THEN. They are, as the Book tells us, a hard-headed bunch.

        1. Patrick,As I watched much of Simon Schama’s “History of the Jews” last night,I noticed that he stated that,”I am a proud Zionist.”. I wonder just what he was trying to impart?

        2. Well, I’ve not seen that production, but I’m pretty sure he meant the idea that his people’s return to their ancestral homeland, the only place they are not outsiders, unlike the rest of he nations, where no matter how acculturated and loyal they may be, at any moment they can be turned on and denied “insiderness,” as has happened time and again. It’s an idealism, a nationalism, an expression of pride of heritage.

          I seriously doubt he was announcing he is part of an international cabal that is toiling away at a plot to take over the world.

          Incidentally, I slipped. Barry Chamish’s book, which persuaded half of Israel they’d been lied to is titled Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? Wrong Yitzhak.

        3. Patrick,I appreciate the response…that seems to make sense,as I really enjoy what I’ve seen of his documentaries,and don’t see him as one of “them”. And,yes,God is keeping score,since WE clearly AREN’T.(many of us,anyway) Have a Merry Christmas,Sir.

        4. Thank you, Ray, and I wish you the same. I can’t say I have high hopes for the coming year, but I wish you the very best for it, too.

          Merry Christmas to all who read these pages! And many thanks to James Tracy for making our gathering here possible, for his courage, for his fortitude in the face of opposition, and for representing what an academic really should do.

        5. My apologies for the delay in replying Patrick, I was out of the country on holiday, and I tend to leave my blog life back in Walmartland. Thanks for the reply and your points are well noted. A hard-headed bunch, they are ! Proverbs 16:25 says it all about the current and future state of Israel and America.

        1. Hi DM
          My apologies for the delay in replying, I was out of the country on holiday. Edgar Cayce research never really appealed to me, I was indoctrinated in my youth by HW Armstrong ,thru his Worldwide Church of God organization and the Bobby Fisher connection. Maybe I need to revisit his teaching/research.
          Thanks for the link and happy new year to you.

      1. Yes, but consider that chapter 11 is about God’s authorizing Antichrist (the chapter should begin with verse 4); it’s about the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week. It is possible that verse 10 is “the abomination of desolation” at the middle of the week.

        Of course exegesis of the prophets is subject to debate, as the differences between the various commentaries included in your link demonstrate.

        In any event, things turn nightmarish in Israel toward the very end of the age, coming to the vary brink of obliteration. But God regathered them at this time for a reason. (Isaiah 66:8 : “Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?Can a land be born in one day?Can a nation be brought forth all at once?As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons.”

        Chapter 11 starts the process that will force them to look upon Him whom they pierced, in chapter 12, verse 10:

        “I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.”

        When do they do that? Hosea tells us in chapter 5:1-6:3:

        15 I will go away and return to My place Until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My face;In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.
        1 “Come, let us return to the LORD.For He has torn us, but He will heal us;He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. 2 “He will revive us after two days;He will raise us up on the third day,That we may live before Him. 3 “So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD.His going forth is as certain as the dawn;And He will come to us like the rain,Like the spring rain watering the earth.”

        Jesus went away, and will only come back at the very last minute, because it is only after Jerusalem has become a “cup of trembling” for all the world (Zechariah 12:2-3), and after 2/3 of the people have died (Zechariah 13:9). THAT’s what it will take for the nation to repent, and accept messiah. The Jews are holding the world hostage, in other words, and will not relent until, as Jesus says in Matthew 24:22, all life is on the edge of being destroyed.

        Now THAT’S what I call a hard-headed people. God has given them the key, but they refuse to use it.

    2. 1) Biblical prophesy has a 100% fulfillment rate
      Many people believe that the daily horoscope is 100% accurate. It’s a matter of interpretation of very vague language. It is a trick.

      2) HOW Israel was reborn and the Jews regathered in their ancestral homeland
      Exactly which “jews” are you talking about? The converts from Khazar or those reportedly living in Juda?

      3) When Jesus came to Earth the first time, it was the same. And they murdered him for what he came to do: upset their apple cart.
      You better watch out
      You better not cry
      Better not pout
      I’m telling you why
      Santa Claus is coming to town

      All a huge work of fiction. It is the original hoax, which has apparently been kept going for two thousand years. I have no doubt that bad people like these lived all those years ago, and that they duped the people back then just as they are hoaxing them today. I am sure that they took advantage of cataclysmic events to make people believe they had all the solutions to people’s problems. I have no doubt that they tricked people into believing that they had “prophesied” the events which occurred. But I can assure you, it is all just a mental trick. These people today could, no doubt, create a Star Wars “death star” and put it into orbit, but I can assure you that it would be a complete sham.

      If you were an ordinary, mostly powerless people, (you know, people who have to drop their pants to poop, just like everyone else) who wished to rule the world, how would you go about accomplishing this? You would need the backing of a huge number of people. The only way to do this, (because trying to get people on one track is like trying to herd cats), would be to convince them to believe in your fantastic story. Now you just have to keep crafting a convincing story, one that appeals to many different personality types (like a horoscope). Bam! You’ve got the formula! Now, just hammer it home day after day, year after year, and eventually, you rule the world.

      That’s it in a nutshell.

      1. And what an instructive nutshell it is! I stand corrected. Silly me. All those long hours of study, all that writing, all that thought, just to pursue nonsense. My life has been wasted!

        But you have helped me, THX. You are soooooo persuasive! I can now proudly embrace atheism. What a relief!

        I think I shall now join a Karl Marx study group (do any still exist?). Sorry, but I can’t abide Richard Dawkins, should he have a cult of followers, so I might be a very lonely atheist, now that you have disabused me of my foolish belief in the God of the Bible.

        Thanks, though! (I can’t wish you a merry Christmas, I guess, since Jesus is evidently just a fraudulent fable. Too bad. This will take some getting used to.)

      2. What amazingly gifted hoaxers they must be to hold the world hostage for two thousand years without a drop of supernatural help. Such a formidable group intellect handed down over the millennia is not to be trifled with. And still so interested in the practice of law. The very same law that still tries to finish off their supposedly imagined tormenter(our savior) to this day.

      3. THX1138: True story…As a 5 or 6 year old,I hit upon the fantastic solution to Evil in the world;I would simply pray to God to offer Forgiveness to Satan. The second I started praying,I was hit with an almost lightingbolt flash in my head,along with thunder…it scared the Devil out of me,and I never mentioned it to Him again. Now,I just gotta wonder…How in the universe did those pesky “Hoaxters” KNOW of my prayer??? That was some trick!

    3. 1) Biblical prophesy has a 100% fulfillment rate
      Many people believe that the daily horoscope is 100% accurate. It’s a matter of interpretation of very vague language. It is a trick.

      2) HOW Israel was reborn and the Jews regathered in their ancestral homeland
      Exactly which “jews” are you talking about? The converts from Khazar or those reportedly living in Juda?

      3) When Jesus came to Earth the first time, it was the same. And they murdered him for what he came to do: upset their apple cart.
      You better watch out
      You better not cry
      Better not pout
      I’m telling you why
      Santa Claus is coming to town

      All a huge work of fiction. It is the original hoax, which has apparently been kept going for two thousand years. I have no doubt that people like these lived all those years ago, and that they duped the people back then just as they are hoaxing them today. I am sure that they took advantage of cataclysmic events to make people believe they had all the solutions to people’s problems. I have no doubt that they tricked people into believing that they had “prophesied” the events which occurred. But I can assure you, it is all just a mental trick. These people today could, no doubt, create a Star Wars “death star” and put it into orbit, but I can assure you that it would be a complete sham.

      If you were an ordinary, mostly powerless people, (you know, people who have to drop their pants to poop, just like everyone else) who wished to rule the world, how would you go about accomplishing this? You would need the backing of a huge number of people. The only way to do this, (because trying to get people on one track is like trying to herd cats), would be to convince them to believe in your fantastic story. Now you just have to craft a convincing story, one that appeals to many different personality types (like a horoscope). Bam! You’ve got the formula! Now, just hammer it home day after day, year after year, and eventually, you rule the world.

      That’s it in a nutshell.

    4. Well Patrick, I can assure you that Trump was already an acquaintance of Adelson. No one can become a real estate mogol with the proper dispensations.

      Trump only appears to be a breath of fresh air because the current atmosphere is so rancid. None of these mutts are the real deal. In fact, if he represented a threat to The Plan you wouldn’t know who he was or you would be reading about his sudden bout with depression.

      Billionaires do not need jobs. In fact, neither do millionaires. They do these stints because they owe. It is payback time.

      Whatever spawn “wins” there will be no change. I admit that it is entertaining to watch him make the other wet themselves. But, alas, it is pure theater. They like to prolong the notion that the eaters have some say in their lives.

      Myself, I’m planning on writing in Vladimir Putin on my ballot. Not that he’s my “hero”, just that he looks so much better than the other offerings. I always vote. Don’t ask me why. In NEVER vote for anyone that either of the two branches of the usury party run. In that small way I can legitimately claim that I didn’t pick their selection.

      Don’t you find it a bit disgusting to watch these shameless psychopaths find their way to his chambers in order to kiss his ring? Would ANYBODY really want someone like that to represent them (if they believe that fallacy at any rate)?

      No, this cycle I’m going with Vlad. I considered Zippy the Pinhead for a while.

      1. I do find it disgusting. That people like this have such power and influence is an indicator of the dire state we are in. Soros is another one; if you believe Paul Craig Roberts, Soros money has been massive in the behind the scenes effort to undermine Putin in Russia; he has in response banned Soros-backed organizations.

        You are of course correct about Trump, but what I find so damned entertaining about him is the enemies he so effortlessly collects. I have no delusion that he actually wants to dismantle the egregious “system” we groan under–he swims in it joyously, after all–but what I love is the way he has forced the other candidates to finance his campaign, and they can’t do anything about it. The television “programming” is all Donald, all the time, and the paid commercials in-between are purchased by his rivals. And he’s having the time of his life. I can’t think of a time when a political campaign has been a non-stop lauph-riot. His pleasure is infectious. And what could be worse than Donald at the controls? Whatever power a president actually has, at least we’ll be laughing as he exercises it. For a change.

        What’s even better is that the talk show hosts and news readers really hate being put in this position, which is a pure pleasure to observe. A friend of mine has a theory that Roger Ailes calls Megan Kelly into his office each day and orders her too give Trump a large portion of her broadcast–you can tell this is probably so because she is visibly resentful when she does follow those orders.


        You have to love a spectacle like that. The guy is playing these despicable people like a concert grand piano.

        My original point, of course, was twofold: there can be no doubt the two billionaire casino moguls have hobnobbed for decades–that is a very small club. And secondly, Donald does not need Adelson, and wouldn’t dream of taking a penny from him, much less taking orders from him. So the premise of the article is ridiculous.

        It did cause me to segue into the nature of biblical prophesy, though, and the reasonableness of his advising candidates not to advocate dividing Israel or its eternal capital–but that’s just because I take the Bible, and its prophesies, at face value. It WILL be divided, because the Bible says it will, but that is NOT a good thing, and it should not be advocated. Very bad things will result. The agenda of Shabbatains and Talmud-believers is one I certainly do not advocate; Israel’s leadership, from the beginning, has been evil, just as it was the FIRST time Jesus came to Earth. But if the Bible says God regathers the nation He created at the end of the age, and people who divide the land will draw His displeasure, well, it’s an easy call to make. I do not wish to displease Him.

        That is, if Sheldon had a whiskey with Donald, and said, “Hey, Don, don’t let them divide my ancestral homeland, OK?”, I congratulate him for it–even if he is a despicable monster. Just as I would if he advocated stopping putting fluoride in the drinking water, or painting the skies with poison. Bad people can have true thoughts, after all.

    1. interesting, Ted. A German scholar of the 19th and early 20th century, Werner Sombart, argued that Jews were the originators of capitalism. He was arguing against Max Weber’s famous THE PROTESTANT ETHIC AND THE RISE OF CAPITALISM. probably both views were partially true, but slavery was no doubt an important aspect of the development of capital. Which means that racism was an essential component of initial capitalist production.

      1. Hey FT,
        My apologies for the delay in replying, but I took a holiday away from Walmartland. And happy new year to you. I don’t believe in racism, for me it`s just a social engineering meme , that has its roots in eugenics, xenophobia and Satanism. The Jews may have had their part in this ideology, but today every “classified white person” is guilty of promoting it.
        A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., “Racism and the Early American Legal Process, 1619-1896,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (Vol. 407, No. 1, May 1973),
        Theodore W. Allen; “The Invention of the White Race” (Vol. 1 & 2 .1994)
        These two books provide an in-depth view on how classism and capitalism work to benefit the few. And the rest of us sorry lots are fighting over colour, credit and created concepts.

      1. Thanks for the link. By the way have you seen the Bobby Fisher documentary on HBO ? So he returned to Iceland in March 2005 and did an interview at the airport and one of the reporters asked him, what was the delay /disappearance of him in 1972 when he first traveled to Iceland to play Boris Spassky ?
        His reply was priceless; it was the CIA, and had nothing to do with me, I would have shown up on time but “they” had to debrief me.

  5. Adelson has in the vicinity of 25 billion dollars (it fluctuates with the stock market) so a mere 1% tossed into the political arena provides a candidate with a quick 250 million. He owns the Venitian resort in Las Vegas which is astonishingly tastefully done considering the usual vulgarity (I was given a tour some years ago.)

    China chose Adelson to refurbish Macao, which now has four times the receipts of Las Vegas, and where Adelson made most of his money. I suspect one of the reasons the Chinese chose him was because he was a Neo-Zionist, and he would get the US involved in the Middle East, decreasing pressure on east Asia and China.

    I used to think that the Israeli tail was wagging the US dog, persuaded by Jeff Someone five years ago ( my memory for names is getting worse) but on further reflection, I think US imperialism is in command of Israeli imperialism. Both Cheney and Rumsfield had Neo-Zionists as chief advisors, but they were Anglos and made the decisions in favor of American imperialism.

    Nevertheless, Neo-Zionists have way too much political influence in the USA, precisely because of Zionist billionaires like Adelson. I would guess that between a fourth and a third of the billionaire oligarchy are Zionists, mostly Jewish but also Christian, like Patrick.

    1. I would also say you are Zionist, too. You really think American imperialism runs Israeli imperialism??? Look at the trustable websites and this is not what you’ll see. All you see, amply, is just exactly who is the hammer and who is the nail. Our MIC benefits hugely from it’s tacit approval of Zionism, yes, and our MIC is utterly ruthless, but jewish money is the well rooted driving force for our whoring imperialism in the Middle East. As such, all double citizens in our political swamp need to be rousted and jettisoned from our government.

      1. Israeli imperialism runs Israel and American imperialism runs America, except that the Israeli Lobby has largely captured, but not entirely, US Middle East policy. Israel does not support US Russia and especially China policy, moving to Eastern powers in trade, etc as the US loses power.

        Trump does not fully support Israeli imperialism, refusing to consider Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, for which he was booed by Repubs. US also conducted a pact with Iran against Israeli imperialism.

        But this is merely political reality, and cannot change the anti-Semitism that has perverted your soul. This blog panders to racism and anti-Semitism, so you have a forum here that tends to support your perverted views. They tend to break out in times of reaction, like the current War on Terror.

        1. Catchy use of words but we have, HERE, in the good ol’ USA ,a place called DC that is infested with the double citizens. “largely captured, but not completely” is an oleaginous way to use words but the fact remains DC is teeming with the patently saturated Washington political structure called in situ Zionism. Plus, we have 60 million Christian Zionists currently skinning road kill for the Christmas pot that are all true believers and are gladly welcomed by the jewish press and thanked mightily for their wonderful support. Ironic, but we have 60 million traitors in the country….

        2. I am not anti-Palestinian aka anti-semitic, fool. It’s almost Saturday, your day in temple, don’t forget.

        3. The last fight will be against Israel. To think our stinking political classes kiss Israeli glutes is disgusting. Where’s Julius Streicher when you need him?

    1. The only way a candidate who does not back Israhell to get elected would be to avidly say he backs the rogue state, and then completely betray them. That would be a death sentence.

      I don’t know what the solution is. The people are useless, they have no clue.

  6. And in other news: Ben-Zion Gopstein, leader of Lehava, says Christians are “blood-sucking vampires” and should be expelled from is ra el.


    I know there are those who comment here and give the impression that this is all a ‘done deal’ so we should lay down and take it, because certain interpretations of the Good Book ‘make it so’. I don’t fall into that category. God helps those who help themselves.

    1. That link makes the point I made below, perfectly. It will only be when this impulse is repented of that Jesus can return. It’s what I mean when I say that they hold the key to His return, but refuse to use it–and WON’T, until “all flesh would be destroyed.” This stubborn hatred is going to drive us right to the wall. But finally they WILL repent, and ask Him to return, and He will.

      As for the “God helps those who help themselves” business, if Shakespeare is your god, good luck with that. It’s precisely unbiblical. I suggest that you trust the God who created you, not some 16th century playwright, however talented he might have been. After all Willie the Shake is a dead entertainer, and the God who inspired the Bible is a living man who once was dead and came back to life, never to die again. You choose.

      Every prophesy, no matter how detailed and specific, and no matter how many centuries in advance it was written down, has come true, right on schedule. To believe that the remaining ones will not be fulfilled is a sucker’s bet. The endgame is playing out, right before our eyes. We can’t alter that. We can’t force a prophesy into fulfillment, and we can’t force one to fail. It’s not in our power.

      1. Hey Patrick, don’t give up man. It’s cool you believe and have passion in your life, just don’t lay over and die like Hale bopp is coming, OK? We are going to need you alive and typing someday soon. Peace out brotha

  7. There has been a trial going on since 2013 in Germany of Nazis who murdered nine immigrants and a police woman. What has been revealed has been the close association of the German intelligence agencies with the Nazis. This bears on the rise of the oligarch-Nazi regime of Ukraine supported by both Germany and, especially, Washington.

    The anti-Semitism in Ukraine is used as a glue to kill Russian speakers and their leaders, just as it is used in other countries to kill immigrants. What is difficult for most people to understand is that Israel and its agents support the anti-Semitism, in order to get Ukrainians to emigrate to Israel. Israeli military officers fought on the side of the Nazis to install the Maiidan regime. the regime is driving the country into the ground, the oligarchs stealing everything supported by the violence of the Nazis.

    If the intelligence agencies support the Nazis in Germany, And Washington supports the Ukraine Nazis in Ukraine, one wonders to what extent American and Israeli intelligence and police agencies support Nazis in the USA. There has been an explosion of anti-Semitism on the internet, but it is African Americans and Muslims getting killed and oppressed. This Orwellian duplicity parallels the situation in Germany and Ukraine.

    If an oligarchical police state is imposed in the USA, possibly a Nazi organ will be developed, as in Ukraine, to do the murders and intimidation. One wonders to what extent the police shooting of African Americans is part of this possible scenario. It is fostered by the failure to distinguish the power interests of the powerful from the power interests of the people. This feeds the racist violence that has been such a large party of American ideology historically, and which has been ideologically repressed in the American truth tradition.

    1. What you are describing is something I have seen for so long – the strangest of bedfellows. Yet we are urged to think in black and white, while there are color revolutions going on and a lot more backstage backslapping. How indeed could anyone support fascist ideology and neo-Nazi ideas, say, in Ukraine, and also be a Zionist, what with the history of the Jewish people? You have given one explanation – the kind of Trotskyite “make it worse” so that people are led to do things you want (say, emigrate to Israel). But I think it transcends a clear goal such as that. In reality there is a sympathy between different racists, purists, each approving ethnic cleansing for their own reasons. I think “perfect storm” has been used too much perhaps – this situation is one for which it seems to fit better than most – and what it portends is little resistance to certain ends – a resistance you might have hoped for simply siding with former enemies.

      I guess it brings to mind the Vonnegut story – I forget from what novel – about Black Power advocates being very chummy with the KKK because both were racial separatists. At the time, it was how Vonnegut sought to explain these seemingly disparate movements having common goals. Whether they really met was regarded as so way-out it was used in satirical fiction. Well, we seem to live in fictional times so it is hardly noted much less disbelieved.

      1. Black Muslims and Nazis communed at a demo, Musings, but Black Power was broader and mostly against bigots. Malcom X was assassinated because he was moving in a broader way, as was King to unite Blacks and White poor against the war.

        Some Zionists did cooperate with Hitler, and even with the killing. As I said before, more Slavs were killed than Jews, as Poland, which had 15 million people at the time had a third, 5 million, killed, to repopulate with neighboring Germany.

        Germany just legislated to allow Hitler’s Mein Kampt to be taught to school children. Nazism is increasing in both Europe and the USA, supported by US and Israeli policies. This is different, not incidentally, from Italy’s fascism of Mussolini, which was not anti-semetic originally, and included Jews in the fascist movement. the anti-Semitism binds the Nazis together, but they kill other races.

        1. folktruther
          When Germany uses Mein Kampf in education, officially it must be for antinazi propaganda. You need the text to expose Hitler.
          If you’re right it may simultaneously be for chasing jews to Israel, but in that case it will be presented as blowback from a well-intended liberal move.
          It would be more interesting however if germans studied the career in Germany of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the man who eagerly pushed the germans towards nonacceptance of jews. ‘Assimilated they are even more dangerous’ he went and hinted at what the romans did to the cartagaeans. He sold millions of books there and influenced both the Kaiser and later Hitler.

    2. Just tried to quote Mark and it got holed.

      So for those that get the chance to read what I’m saying (because all of my comments will likely be gone shortly), it is evident that there are many, many paid commenters here, but even more damning is the fact that this blog is setup to dupe people. J was tasked with eroding truthers credibility and he has done a pretty good job of it, despite pressure from me and a few others who demanded that lies were not acceptable.

      This is sick. For those that are real people, mhb is a site for misleading people, discrediting truthers, and working as controlled opposition for that one country that gets us in trouble. From Duff on down, this is a forum for spooks and their like to spread dis/mis information. This has been a cesspool all year and now its becoming clear, as all their cards are being shown, what the purpose has been since inception. Well played. Well played. Except where you hurriedly dumped all your chips at the end in your bid to see how many supporters you fooled.

      Guess you can take subtract one from your statistics. And I’m sure svbob and dino and the rest didn’t buy it either.

      I said good day to you!!

      1. Rep, my previous post just got moderated, so don’t leave before you see it. Not that it’s earth-shattering or anything, but…anyway.

        I do hope you’re wrong, but I think you’re right about VT, so there’s that.

        No one here says ANYTHING pushing the bounds of “free speech” (I know Ric thinks he does, but he doesn’t). Nothing anyone with any power would worry about, if except for the evidence of religious fervor, but even then, it’s within acceptable bounds, I’d say. No David Koreshes here.

        MHB, if an opposition

        1. Sorry…hit the wrong button. What I meant to say was that if MHB is “controlled opposition”, they’re not getting much bang for their buck.

          Merry Christmas, all ?

      2. don’t get excited, rep, every blog will be infiltrated by Cognitive Infiltrators. And monitored by the power system to make making comments difficult. That’s the nature of modern America. And it will get worse.

  8. A neo-zionist aspect is now involved in the attack on James. A zionist paper, the Forward, originally published in Yiddish, has featured the family of Noah, as a Jewish victim of Sandy Hook. This puts the Israeli Lobby supporting the official and media untruth, and thus against the evidence that James and Fetzer provide.

    It doesn’t help matters, let me say, to extol anti-Semitic Nazis like John Friend, or Rense blog, which supports Hitler and Gobbells and other Nazis. But basically the question is the truth about Sandy Hook, and the staged homicidal scenarios, fantasy or real, which US power uses to Shock and Awe American opinion.

        1. Comment I originally posted included the z word with no space. Second comment included z word with space in middle, and posted immediately.

          This is telling because it backs my theory that j is being mentored by fetz who is/has worked for the spook at VT who is obvious controlled opposition for the one country that trains all our cops.

          Also, mark, I dont see it possible that your comment sat in moderation despite using the z word twice. Why is that? I have also noticed that your writing style has relaxed quite a bit…

        2. I’ve noticed that, too. I wasn’t going to remark on it, but since you did…

          I figured he decided that most of us are okay after all (racist tendencies aside, of course). Or maybe somebody else took over his screen name? He doesn’t seem to misspell people’s names like he used to.

          There’s actually no one here I actively dislike (except the new troll, Karen? Is that her name? But she’ll be gone soon…they always are.). I don’t care if people agree or not; name-calling is rarely productive, though, especially if there’s no context for it.

          I’ve been busy with care-giving and the holidays, so I’ve been quiet, but I’m trying to keep up with the comments, and James and his family are in my prayers.

          I certainly hope this blog doesn’t go the way of the Dodo bird: it’s so nice to have a place to discuss these topics and not have to sugarcoat everything I say. Sometimes, an idea only sounds crazy once it’s been said/written. Plus, it’s nice to get feedback (other than “You’re crazy”, I mean). So in that regard, Rep, I hope you’re wrong.

          Merry Christmas, all. I hope everyone has someone to celebrate with. If you don’t, let me know and we’ll fix that ❤️!

    1. I note that the comments at Forward often equate doubting these “pageants” and doubting the Holocaust. I believe that some of that comes from the zeal with which some have exploited the actual Holocaust, which killed millions of people (Jews and non-Jews) to embellish the events for dramatic impact. I believe that people like David Mamet have pointed out that films like the “Schindler’s List” can have an exploitative character, where we watch for drama and think every incident is history. Of course, that is how historical fiction works.

      I would tend to see Hannah Arendt’s “banality of evil” in how the Holocaust really worked. I believe that once you arrogate the power of life or death over the populace as a whole, and then you think you can pick and choose as though they are livestock, denying their humanity, you are going to end up with megadeaths.

      Perhaps there were some people who conspired daily (not just setting policy) to make things as sadistic as possible (one has only to look at Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympics to see a cast straight out of the villains of Dick Tracy or other comic book for creepiness), but that does not rule out that in the future the shoe can be on another foot, with the evil emanating from others. Just because one group was defeated, it does not follow that evil itself was defeated.

      We seem to live in a time in which principles and standards have been abandoned as well as the agreements of the past in which the public was informed and not simply manipulated through contrived terror theater. There are enabling laws for this. We have ignored the implications of some of them like the USA Patriot Act to our continuing peril.

      1. I think you’re right, Musings, once the killing starts, it has a life of its own, like wars. I hope it hasn’t started. But as the inequality continues to increase, how else are they going to keep the American people in line?

  9. Well, O’Taliban told us there was NO threat for Thanksgiving then 5 days later 3 Big White Guys..I mean 2 Arabs shot the place up.

    Now, in his departing speech to Hawaii he told us again all good……

    So does this mean we will either get blown up or shot up before the New Year?

    thinking Out loud…..

    Hey, there no free form here anymore

  10. Anyone who hires a former AIPAC staffer neck deep in 9/11 waters as his campaign’s Political Director is fatally compromised.

    From the article linked below:

    “…what connection, if any, does “The Donald” have to 9/11? Just last week the mogul announced the appointment of Michael Glassner, former Dole and Palin handler and Southwest Regional Political Director of AIPAC in 2014-2015, as Political Director of his own campaign. Glassner’s most interesting credential, however, is his 1998-2001 tenure as Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

    In this capacity, Glassner was in charge of “lobbying strategies in support of the successful $3.21 billion dollar privatization of the World Trade Center complex”, a campaign which, with the support of Zionist billionaire Ronald Lauder, placed the property in the hands of “lucky” Larry Silverstein and partner Frank Lowy. The Chairman of the Port Authority at this crucial juncture was Goldman Sachs partner, Bush-Cheney donor, and current Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee Lewis M. Eisenberg, who “imposed a news blackout” on negotiations before awarding the World Trade Center complex’s lease to the “No. 2 bidder, Silverstein Properties”


    So he’s a self-funded self-promoting tool instead of the garden variety political tool bought off with Jewish money. Same results will follow.

    Trump is no savior folks. Please don’t delude yourselves.

  11. Yes, well. What is left out with a public like this, is all these wars are violations of international-law, [one of JFKs huge efforts to enforce]. And secondly, these media monopolies and all of them, ALL which are the same faces in different make-up. Are Anti-trust violations. So the idea that any of this is okay is completely fabricated. No one ever mentions these points. Chomsky had made chaos so attractive for saps who aren’t millionaires, apparently. I read he makes himself appear that boring on purpose, now why is someone that calculated? If he or she is real? All the honest or most have died mysteriously from my research and we are left with IF Stone an stepford Amy and boring Chomsky, and Nader who tries to uphold laws that were never truly upheld. And dead people like JFK and Jim Morrison. Who were similar in intellect. The sociological tests on how erased the memories are from people are not only shocking they are terrifying. For ex: most in the US test [after on juries] that they thought ‘people were guilty until proven innocent’.

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