Jeff Rense and Prof. Jim Fetzer discuss’s transnational ban of the new blockbuster volume, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. The book is being downloaded worldwide by the thousands free of charge, yet the pdf has also been reportedly removed from the accounts of Amazon Kindle users.

They also discuss the recent San Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.50.46 PMBernardino mass shooting, and the Obama administration’s reckless leadership of the nation on this December 3, 2015 program.

File redistributed with permission.


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31 thought on “Unprecedented Censorship of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’”
  1. I just sent the link to someone whose friend attended a funeral for a child at SH, with the message that he must have not known that the friend is a crisis actor. The bizarre thing is that the fellow who went to the funeral is a psychologist – so much for academic training giving any insight into what’s happening. Apparently he took the event seriously.

    As to San Bernardino, today Syed’s dad is singing like a canary and no longer is he following yesterday’s storyline told by the lawyers that the pair were just ordinary folks with no interest in politics.

      1. I get those comments on Fellowship of the Minds as well, but never once has a commenter answered my question as to who their friend is and whose funeral it was.

        Hearsay assertions of “I know someone at Sandy Hook whose child was killed” seem to be the best they can come up with to counter the facts-and-evidence based investigations and discoveries of SH skeptics.

  2. I am most pleased with this text coming out at this particular time in our on going history due to the fact that Bubba & Bubette are starting to listen to Uncle Sugar a little bit closer these days. My only hope is that it will make the top10 sellers list and stay on it for 12 to 14 months to insure that the reading, caring, public fully understands this is a ‘recipe’ that came out of a cook book. And it just might not be the only dish cooked up & served out of Sugars’ Kitchen. All for a hungry public that has to read off of a ‘new deal menu’ as to what’s for dinner. Hungry or not.

    1. Good read and I’d say a very plausible possibility. I needed the reminder that if we’re able to fully expose a big event and place provable blame then the perpetrators lives are at risk, hence desperation and dangerous actions.

      Drove from D/FW Airport to Waco this past Sat on I-35, about 80+ latitudinal miles, trails the entire way. Saw spraying and saw real contrails… which are always at much higher altitude. It’s a great way to prove the difference. Contrail formation requires cold air, which is at higher altitudes. And real contrails dissipate relatively quickly… and some aircraft very quickly.

      1. Kevin,
        I couldn’t agree more..

        I loved the way he brought up something that I’ve screaming on to Deaf Ears.

        He said Cruz and Rubio are just as unqualified to run for President as Obama was. That’s True

        They are setting a precedent here to continue this in case Obama fails..IMO

        Under this narrative the Progressive Uni-Party is pushing,

        The child of an American Woman whose Father is an illegal Alien, and is 35 years old now, can qualify to run for President of the United States of America because his Mother was a Natural born Citizen.

        Under this Lie. Do you realize how many People qualify to run for President of the Country who have Dual Citizenship.

        So, let me put it this way…..

        Any illegal Alien ( whether it is the border or Visa violations)Child. Born to an American Man or Woman who was a Natural Born Citizen of America, Qualifies today to Run for President of the USA if you were born here in 1981.

        That’s about 2 million illegal Aliens just in California alone..That’s the Plan. Nothing Racist, unless the Constitution is Racist?

        1. Ric, great suggestion. Well worth reading. I saved it.

          Obama is indeed a temp. My Microsoft Word spell check still has no such word as Obama, but Osama is there.

          As things stand now the only salvation anywhere is not to show up at selection booths, and for all soldiers to lay down their arms and go home to their families. No voters and no soldiers, what is global empire to do – until they roll out Plan B.

        2. I’m going to do a write in vote for Putin. Can you imagine the Queen Gander of Psychopathy replacing Idi? She’s Lucria Borgia on steroids.

          All of the males have made their obligatory pilgrimages to the Zionist Entity. By now I imagine all of them have been circumcised three or four times.

          Every cycle I think that they can’t outdo the last. Somehow they reach down into the twelfth circle of Hell and find another.

          Maybe we should just write “Repent” on the ballot and put it in the slot.

        3. “Maybe we should all just write ‘Repent’ on the ballot and put it in the slot.”

          Genius! I will so do that, if there’s a way to do it. I love it!

      2. To add to this: The same day, from Houston all the way to Galveston (about 60 miles) there was a latticework of trails that turned a gorgeous blue Texas sky into grey film.

        After being dormant for quite a while, the flyboys have been very busy lately loading our atmosphere with chemcials. While you or I would get a citation for burning a barrel of leaves, apparently when the USAF chokes the sky from horizon to horizon with unknown materials it is A-OK.

        And they wonder why Washingon is loathed by so many Americans.

        1. ARETWODEETWO,

          You must be mistaken.

          The Govt. told us those “Con (artist) Trails” are a natural phenomenon from our changing atmosphere due to Global Warming. oops, I mean Climate Change, oops, I mean Global Taxes.

          Now be a good little slave and refer to those little lines in the sky as “Consistent Contrails” ……….

  3. Now, if Newtown only could agree on a permanent memorial site before the story gets too old. Perhaps they linger on purpose, making sure the story never goes away. The opening of the fortress will surely put them back in national headlines with all the requisite dignitaries present.

    NEWTOWN – Saxophonist Jimmy Greene, the father of a child slain in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, has been nominated for two Grammy awards.

    1. Only 2 comments so far. I’m going to post them at some of my fav YT channels. I’m sure YT will censure so I’ll type out info to site also. I’m sure Peekay will want to “truth bomb” this article but I’m also sure those comments will be deleted also.

      1. Four comments so far and all positive. This is one post they won’t allow any comments to the contrary. News of these nominations will accompany the gun control agenda to glittering places such as Tinseltown. Award ceremony is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 15th.

    2. Yes, there is a definite shelf life to the memorials. At MIT, where the Tsarnaev’s allegedly shot Sean Collier the policeman, they have re-named the square at Main and Vassar St. Its prior name was bestowed on the memory of the heroic 9-11 passenger, Daniel Lewin, who worked nearby (and became a billionaire with Akamai computing). Imagine removing one memorial to put up another – but this is no problem if it is a false flag. You rely on a short attention span – even among MIT people (maybe especially among them, who regard the “real world” as too contradictory, pointless and confusing). So strike while the fit is on, or there may never be another chance.

      It’s like we are living in a continuous quasi-religious age of festivals for the dead – someone discovering our world from elsewhere would remark on the oddity.

  4. Just in case folk here are unaware of other events around 14 December 2012 …

    Another poster elsewhere on the MHB has already flagged up :

    13 December 2014 – The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the CIA ‘tortured and sodomised’ terror suspect,


    14 December 2012 – on the same day as the Sandy Hook production …

    24 primary school children were stabbed to death in China, in the Chenpeng Village Primary School stabbing.


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