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InfoWars Article SCRUBBED (Sandy Hook Coverup)?

By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

After 1 month of strong sales, Amazon suddenly banned the new book, Nobody Died At Sandy Hook. The book was pulled from, then deleted from customers’ Kindles.

After Amazon pulled the book, Alex Jones’ InfoWars noticed – and published this article exposing Amazon’s book ban. Here’s a screenshot of the article:

InfoWars article on Amazon ban of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

To draw attention to their article, InfoWars tweeted a link:

InfoWars tweet on Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

But within hours after that article was published, InfoWars suddenly deleted it from the Web. The InfoWars article simply vanished – without explanation.

This left onlookers wondering who removed the InfoWars article – and why.

Fortunately, some web services save copies of material. Thus, the deleted InfoWars article was recovered – in its entirety – from a copy stored by Google Cache:

InfoWars on Amzon book ban in cacheInfoWars on Amazon book ban in cache1InfoWars on Amazon book ban in cache2

As folks reacted to this curious censorship (by Amazon; then by InfoWars), the Google Cache copy of the InfoWars article was suddenly deleted as well – replaced with this “404 Error” message.

Here is a screenshot of the deleted InfoWars article, “Sandy Hook Truth Book Banned By Amazon,” at Google Cache prior to deletion (Meme text added):

Google cache of scrubbed InfoWars article on amazon book banning

So, we have:

  1. Amazon banning Nobody Died at Sandy Hook while continuing to sell 19 other Sandy Hook books.
  2. InfoWars writing and publishing an article about Amazon’s banning of that book.
  3. InfoWars suddenly deleting their own article the same day it was published.
  4. InfoWars (or some other party) asking Google Cache to remove all traces of the deleted InfoWars article by scrubbing the cached version from Google servers.

All that effort makes no sense – unless the government is hiding something. Why ban the book to begin with? Why delete the InfoWar’s article about the book ban? Further, why scrub the article from even the cache, so that there is no longer even a trace of the article on the Web?

The State Police Photo

Was InfoWars ordered to delete their article because it includes this picture credited to the Connecticut State Police – showing police preparations at Sandy Hook Elementary School BEFORE the alleged massacre happened?

CT state police relaxing at Sandy Hook school

Look at that photo: that’s not how folks behave at a “school massacre” where 27 people lay dead in pools of blood. Why is CT Chief Medical Examiner Wayne Carver casually lounging outside the school, while 20 kids presumably lay inside, freshly murdered? Why is everyone relaxed like they’re enjoying a break on a movie set?

Indeed, some believe the CT State Police photograph was taken during preparations – before any windows were broken – the day before the hoax “went live.”

That same photo — and more — is in the banned book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

InfoWars nobly trumpets that “there’s a war on for our mind” but InfoWars is fighting that war on our behalf. So why, then, has InfoWars joined the nationwide blackout on Amazon’s banning of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook?

Even the FBI agrees that nobody died at Sandy Hook – since the FBI’s own crime report shows “ZERO” murders in Newtown CT during 2012:

FBI 2012 crime stats1

Why Censor The Book?

If Nobody Died at Sandy Hook is “nonsense,” why doesn’t the Regime simply ignore it? Why get the book removed from Amazon (and Barnes & Noble); get an article about the censorship taken down from InfoWars; and then SCRUB the already-removed InfoWars article from Google cache?

The answer is clear: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook is “over the target,” and that’s why it must be taken down. Sandy Hook, the “biggest school shooting in US history,” was a carefully planned hoax to steal your guns, take your freedom, and terrorize your children.

Eric Holder even announced his plan to subvert the US Constitution on CSPAN (video) – by “Brainwashing people” against guns.

The Sandy Hook “shooting” hoax is that treason, foisted on unsuspecting Americans.

To overcome this Amazon/InfoWars censorship, the banned book has been made available as a free PDF: Nobody Died At Sandy Hook.

If you haven’t seen a documentary on the Sandy Hook hoax that repeatedly was taken down from YouTube, watch it now: We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook.

Also see these interviews with James Fetzer (co-editor of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook):

[VIDEO] James Fetzer Interview: Sandy Hook (AMAZON) book ban

[VIDEO] Amazon & Infowars Censor Sandy Hook BOOK!

Barry Soetoro, Esq is the pen-name of a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of “Barack Hussein Obama.”

For all the posts FOTM has published on the Sandy Hook hoax, click here.

To read/download the banned book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.

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52 thought on “InfoWars article on Sandy Hook book ban scrubbed – even from Google cache”
  1. I’ve got a copy of the book. I wonder if it will soon be selling for thousands like Phillip Marshall’s “False Flag” a few yrs. ago.

    My idea is that the admin. went to Amazon’s Bezos with the appeal that the FEMA manual, specifying the details of the drill on 12/13, was a ‘classified’ document, or perhaps a ‘sensitive document’.

    We’re living in a suicidal cartoon. Democracy sweeping the planet, hunger will be gone in a decade (2 in Africa), literacy is growing everywhere but American. The merchants of tension and war are growing desperate.

    1. Marv, my theory is that the printer backed out. A way to prove that would be to offer a copy for sale as a used book and see if Amazon accepts it for sale. Hey, list it at $500.

      If they won’t take it, fine.

    1. Toni, I just posted a link to an article from Barry Soetoro, Esq that is fantastic on the other leg..up there above us..haha

      It’s called something Obama the Temp.

        1. I don’t know if anyone is interested in this – I wasn’t going to go here (I listened to the Entire Boston Bombing scanner as it was going down, and that was the last time I’ll spend a night doing that!) but now the Weekly Standard has posted an article that’s linked on Drudge as

          SAN BERNARDINO TERRORIST INVESTIGATED WEEK BEFORE ATTACK?? …so someone may be interested in following up? The Standard article includes timestamps – I don’t want to link gdrive here, so I’ll link the reddit thread – there are actually multiple uploads by other users now

          another very interesting post analyzing scanner traffic (different OP) – long but covers much I hadn’t heard before (two locations – Hernandez Center and The Rock – were set up for witnesses and families) with comments like:
          [[For nearly three hours, there is a clear confusion over the scanner as to why the victim’s families are being directed to the Hernandez Center, and there are repeated reminders that witnesses go to The Rock, then Hernandez, as witnesses were showing up at the Hernandez Center, and family was showing up at The Rock. (This is important for later)]]

        2. Regina, yes, I’m interested. Today I saw the second video of someone alleging to have been there and seen the shooters. His description matches that of a lady videoed earlier. Both said there were three tall white guys in military gear.

          The Reddit link is interesting. First, I detest the use of the term “long gun” as this has become some sort of catch phrase for them.

          I am having a hard time understanding the significance of the .22 cal. long rifle found. What are they saying about that? Someone mentioned it was a “diversion”.

          The description of the area is very helpful and this is always lacking from their presentations. It makes it hard to visualize.

          The video of the three black SUV’s is pretty hard to argue with as well. These were obviously “extras” or alternate versions. In a real event we would probably be seeing real footage from security cameras and people on the street. They are tightly controlling the information.

          The lady in the Reddit piece is complaining that they told her not to say anything. That is also a tactic used on those placed in lockdown. “Stay away from the windows, don’t go outside and don’t talk to anyone about this”.

          We’ve seen examples in other hoaxes of them coming back to intimidate those who speak too freely. It seems obvious that they framed their patsies for this.

          I can’t help but think that the group with their hands up were in a position to actually see what went down. They were probably taken away in busses (located at the other side of the tree line), and given a debrief and instructions not to talk. Perhaps the lady in the Reddit piece was one of them.

          This one has now moved to a spectacle of them building a background for radicalization. The MSM assumption is that it has been proved that it was “terrorism” perpetrated by radical Islam.

          They are busy stringing links together in support of this scenario. Just like in Paris one of the women is said to “not be religious until recently”, etc.. In the BMB production Djokar is said to be a fun loving kid.

          This is one of those bonus attractions to keeping files on everyone. They can create linkages and spin yarns. Since we are funding “ISIS” it isn’t hard for them to reach out to selected individuals so that it can be linked later in a useful way.

        3. If the form we recently saw here (or linked here) is valid – the one calling for extras to film at Highland (which appears on the map as a subsection of San Bernardino) – then a release form with confidentiality agreement was signed by the actors. You seem to waiver in your view of the people with hands up (there are two groups I saw – one outdoors with the lanyards being turned in to one guy kind of casually, and one filming at an elevator guarded by a wise-cracking “soldier”-cop). I don’t think there was ever any shooting to witness at all inside that facility. Why? Because nobody in the developmental facility reacted to shots. That means if the regular employees were there, they were not reacting until the armed men “rescuers” showed up.

          Actually it is in the nature of film-making to frame scenes as one wants, and even to prepare a set as one likes. Then to sequence scenes however one prefers.

          But even so, seeing through bloopers is possible (hence the popularity of showing them from movies, like the wristwatch in the Ben Hur chariot race or the Imperial Storm Trooper bumping his head in Star Wars) like the lanyard mess-up.

          Hey they crank this stuff out daily in Hollywood – a few mistakes usually go down perfectly well with the excitement-craving audience. It’s like the Roman mob needing their daily dose of it – while Rome strides about making a wilderness and calling it peace. Only we’ve done Rome one better – we can convince through movies with no need for actual death and destruction this side of the Rubicon.

        4. I’m not sure about the .22 either – what he details pretty well is that there were three incidents going on (three locations), not one. Six people involved, not two. How he gets from the call about a person in camo to that being “the couple” ditching the .22 was a little confusing – if Farook was at the party 30 minutes earlier, I don’t see how he could be part of the earlier sighting?

          That ‘handler moves up the date of the attack’ theory really caught my eye – having said that, I was impressed by his overall analysis but an EMT guy later in the post says that nothing of Real importance goes out over the scanner, the “good” stuff is messaged or sent over a separate channel and I believe that. Can’t help but wonder if the scanner feed is part of the setup?

          Until today, I actually believed that people had possibly died (not the ones on tv, but others) – then I found that link to the San Bernardino coroner, with no related deaths reported between 11/27-12/3…changed my mind.

        5. Yeah Regina, I haven’t really said what I think about whether they killed anybody because I’m not yet sure. I could easily go either way.

          I rather like Musing’s version. It is the most straightforward. The more that comes out the more I’m leaning that way. The multiple scenes and scenarios could easily be done in a drill or more than one drill.

          I’ve always said that they splice these anyway they like. It doesn’t mean that it happened in that particular order, or that it happened at all.

          You can have what seems to be contradictory things that are equally “true”. For example, if no one was shot, there could still be fake shooters and they were three white guys. Or, alternately, the witness could simply be lying.

          I may be simple minded but the home invasion actually lends more onus toward total fake. Real people would be outraged by that. They apparently didn’t have a concern in the world over it.

          If someone really went in there, guns blazing, there would be footage of that. Where is it? Even with the footage it wouldn’t necessarily be real. But without it one wonders why we are supposed to believe the whole tale simply because they say it happened.

          Regarding the conga line, I was referring to the ones outside by the trees. I was attempting to tie that to the Reddit post where the lady complains of being told not to say anything after being delivered to the site by a cop. If they took that group by bus, (and I’m just speculating here), there would be a reason. Whatever they saw, or didn’t see, was not to be discussed.

        6. Thank Ric, that’s the second one with the same description. They could have done a better job with the frame up. I’ll give it a “four”. It has a catchy beat and you can dance to it.

  2. What I fine so interesting is that Alex Jones, has not publicly address, the reason the book was pulled from his website. Or did I miss that part. As I said before the CIA created Jones & Obama for their sick pysops games.

    And every time we post comments to this & other blogs and web sites, they`re data mining it content…

    I absolutely detest the mass media, but I found this Fox news clip on You Tube, to reveal our current selected puppet in chief to be well versed in “international affairs”. His words not mine.

  3. Interesting… I can’t open article to read post. Page comes up that says archived link can’t be found. I can’t bring up article on the full webpage to read either.


    1. Were they the city health workers, other city employees, or the developmental facility employees? Why was that room chosen? Obviously it is deep inside the facility. What is the protocol for getting to it? What kind of security must be overcome?

        1. That’s your forecast, and it is probably true. But as with Sandy Hook, there might be some prior evidence that things were shutting down and a new facility being sought (if they are going to have one).

  4. Jones came right out and said that he has received more threats on Sandy Hook than on anything else.

    I believe that was the show where he was discussing Dan Bedondi’s discussion with the retired FBI Agent at the FOIA hearing

    1. Ray, think about that for a moment. Why would this be such a threatening issue? I suspect the level of those involved is the only answer.

      They are clearly lying. Their certain hope is that the PTB will protect them. They probably will.

      1. Exactly lophatt- look at the extraordinary lengths they have gone to on suppressing any information on the subject. A 5 year felony charge for disclosing information not authorized in CT ?

        No doubt very high powered people are behind the lies and they will use threats, intimidation and whatever is necessary.

        Do you think Andrea McCarren suddenly became shy after she reported that the nurse said the shooter was a son of a kindergarten teacher? She absolutely will not attempt to clear that up.

  5. On this Subject.

    Lets just ask AJ whats up?
    I’m sure he got the same memo STFU and his story was removed just as anyone who had downloaded the PDF on the Amazon Kindle.

    Google cache was deleted against all norms of our values. Obama has had the Nation Archives erase history to protect him. Sandy Berger stole also from the archives. SS Death Index even changed their records. We are Not in control and these Devils are running Free.

    This is where we are. This is how bad it is and yet it’s the new normal since the 4th estate gave up in fear or joined the Cabal.

  6. It was probably banned because those people DID die at Sandy Hook. Is it really so hard for people to accept that a team of pros went in there and shot the place up? They’re doing it all the time in foreign war theaters. Why should the domestic front be any different?

    1. You have a Roman bust there, so you probably know the expression “Crossing the Rubicon” – that’s what you do if you enter the New Rome and kill your own people. So far, I think they hesitate to do that. Just my opinion. It’s called “patriotism” and these people think they are patriots, just doing what is best for their country and not getting their hands wet with American blood (especially not school kids). Many people have observed that the school photos look like they were taken a generation back. You’d never recognize those “kids” because today they are grown up into 30 year olds. Judging by the fashions I remember in New England when my own kids were small (and I saw the affluent school district co-students too), the Sandy Hook kids were dressed in 80’s and 90’s togs.

    2. You could only say that if you had no interest in the contents of the book. As if there is no point in investigating, because the narrative of the event is obviously true.

      If you cared to investigate, just a tiny bit, you would find that it is impossible. Airily offering the offhand “probably” is laziness of the first order. You win the prize.

    3. Mr. Bradley, your post seems to clearly assert that people DID die at Sandy Hook. The contention has loomed now for three years; what evidence do you have to support your proclamation? Unfortunately for those behind the SH event, as well as all the others, many of us refuse to engage in faith-based black operations propaganda. You say it, and it is so?

      Your argument is convoluted. You seem to be saying that the book was banned because people DID die at Sandy Hook. Uh, the masses have trusted that as being true from day one. It is not as though the content of the book was claiming “pros” were the real killers. Quite the contrary.

      The book was banned for one, quite simple reason. Nobody died at Sandy Hook. Would you like to know one of the MANY reasons WHY I am 100% convinced of this? Great. Fairly short and really sweet.

      Last summer I trekked for the third time to that bucolic little hamlet of Sandy Hook, Connecticut (I have been threatening JFT with a narrative of this trip, but for spiritual forces I have yet to). Anyway, moving right along…. while on Miya Lane in Sandy Hook I knocked on the door of
      number 17. A woman there, in her 30s, agreed to speak with me, after informing her that I was in the process of writing a book on the events surrounding 12-14-12. The content of the conversation was primarily regarding her whereabouts and understanding of the day and time of the event. She was calm and factual, reciting that she had been on her way back home from work as a teacher, from the Bronx in NY. Strategic as it may have been, at one point I felt it necessary to be perfectly clear with her as to my intentions. I asked her if she was aware that there were many conspiracy theories regarding the events of 12-14-12 in Sandy Hook, Ct. Well, a switch went on in this woman’s head. She became rambunctious and combative. I made it worse by telling her that the format of my book (which I genuinely desire to bring to fruition) would consist of two parts; the first being the official narrative, and the last being the litany of contentions to the official story. At this point the damn broke. This woman became hysterical, crying and BEGGING me not to include the conspiracy theories in my book. I cannot overemphasize the acute metamorphosis of this woman from calm conversing to borderline maniacal pleading. And for the purposes of context I am condensing my interaction with this woman; there will be more forthcoming (previous to knocking on her door, I had unwittingly knocked on the door of the Engels at 15 Miya La….no answer)

      Bottom line, boys and girls? The book was banned because it COMPLETELY contradicts, with substantial evidence, the immediate and historical narrative. The last thing the dark forces want is potential conversation based on the book. Amazon is THE bully on the book block. But they answer to an unseen bully.

      Believe me.

      1. Joseph, I’m glad you were able to go but sorry you had to endure the theatrics. I’m looking forward to your book.

        The SHES phenomenon has taken on a “religious” character. It is the same with “global warming”. All reason must be suspended.

        As to the “suppression” of the book, I still believe that it is very likely the “printer” having pulled out rather than Amazon. The only way to prove this is to offer a copy for sale. If they accept it, the book isn’t “banned”. If it is, then it is certainly a reprehensible act.

        Truth needs neither legislation or censorship. I rather think that the photos in the book of the preparations for the drill are what they are most disturbed over. The crime tape is up, the window is unbroken and, judging from the shadows, it appears to be evening. I would assume it to be the evening of the 13th.

        There are crews “preparing” the bullet holes, Carver is supervising the arrival of his “Magnificent THING”, and there appears to be a briefing going on inside the school.

        There are also photos of materials being moved into the school. The door signs with the mover’s labels are hard to refute.

        I think just based on the photos that at least fifty people would have to have knowledge of this. I’m sure that several others do as well. All of the staff (if the school was operational) would know and the staff at other schools would know if it were closed.

        In another time and place I would think it impossible to pull this off under the circumstances. Apparently for some the end justifies the means and for others the threats and rewards are sufficient to remain silent.

        Your interviewee must be either fearful of retribution or genuinely needful of preserving the myth. You would certainly be a better judge of that than I.

        There must be someone close to this out there who cannot be compromised. We don’t really need that as the evidence speaks for itself, but confirmation would be the icing on the cake.

        All of the participants have a great deal riding on this. Censoring a book will not make it go away. Feigning outrage won’t work either. Even if they showed us bodies it wouldn’t confirm their story. I personally have little fear of that eventuality.

        I hope The Spirit moves you soon. I can’t wait to read your book.

        1. Lophatt, much thanks for the encouragement. Truly, I would not have made this last trip were it not for the MHB family. With the unique insight and all of the links provided, the Memory Hole has been much needed fuel for this mans tank.

          As for the actual reason for the books banning, I will leave that to the academics amongst us, who are far superior to me in this regard. I am the guy who knows a hole needs digging, so give me a shovel and let the architects do their thing.

          The Spirit has been moving me dear friend, but the flesh has been taxed to exhaustion.

          I am taking some much needed time off during this holiday season to tend to those issues in life which are often neglected, among them being the narrative of my most recent trip to Sandy Hook, July of this year, being sent to James for posting consideration.

          As I have glanced over my notes from that trip, it is as though I am reading someone else’s account, because it is so mind boggling. It would be borderline criminal of me to not share my experiences. Sandy Hook is like no other town I have ever visited (as my wife and friend Bill also maintain).

          So let the Spirit work.

  7. Why was the book suppressed? The article says, “The answer is clear: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook is “over the target,” and that’s why it must be taken down.”

    The reference is to the WWII expression, “If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.”

  8. Announced within a week of the book ban: Amazon’s Bezos to attend tranny movie screening in the White House

    Former WH Spokesperson Jay Carney occupies a high level position within Amazon

    What I see as a likely scenario – Bezos was pressured into acting as a censor directly on Obama’s orders as part of a coverup, for surely if the truth concerning Sandy Hook were widely exposed and categorized on Amazon’s platform the ensuing scandal would make Watergate seem like a jaywalking citation.

  9. […] Everyone needs to save a local copy of this book, as it is clear that the government is trying to ban it! This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers to take your copy of the PDF, email it to ten friends, and ask them to forward it to ten of their friends, who will then send it along to ten more friends and so forth.There is clearly something in here the government is terrified of!”- Mike Rivero  […]

  10. To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the SH event, Malloy has directed all US and CT flags to fly on half-staff tomorrow.

    Should anyone happen to be around that famous town, there will be no shortage of things to participate in. Among things to do:

    “Crisis counseling will be available all day.”

    “There will be chair massage from 9 to 11 am; healing meditation, 10 am to 2 pm; terrarium building, 10 am to 5 pm; Zoe the Therapy Dog, noon to 4 pm; chocolate making, 1 to 3 pm; and brittle making, 4 to 5 pm.”

    There is even a brand new nonprofit participating, so don’t forget your checkbook.

    1. Will there be elephants and juggling dwarves? I see that Malloy is now writing “executive orders” of his own. He may as well have been born in Kenya as that is the way he is running things.

      We should all go for a meditation, massage and a beer. Besides your list, what does one do at a pity fest? Do they accept debit cards?

  11. Jay Carney, former WH press secretary, has been mentioned many times regarding Amazon and “Nobody died at SH”. As usual, the close relationships between politics and all media are on display here too.

    From Wikipedia:
    On March 2, 2015, Carney began working for Amazon as the senior vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs.[18] He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Claire Shipman (a senior correspondent for ABC News).

    1. Anne, I still think that the printer has more to do with this than Amazon, but I see the connection. If it were up to me I’d publish it a different way. If I had a copy to sell I’d give Amazon a try.

      It isn’t any surprise to realize how low we’ve sank. The tentacles go everywhere.

      1. lophatt – I agree with you on the printing, but the printer CreateSpace is still part of the Amazon group of companies according to this:

        I recall reading a fawning article about Jay Carney and his wife when he was still WH press secretary. That his wife (and working wonder mother of 2) was employed by ABC was no surprise. It struck me then how intertwined politics and media are in general, and still is with this “power” couple.

        So if we have a concern, where do we go? Who we gonna call? The WH, Amazon or ABC?

        1. Anne, I know that the printer is part of Amazon. Amazon, however, has rules about having a printer. It could be a left-handed way for them to not offer the book.

          In other words, if one has a printer, they should honor that and place it for sale. Anyone with a used book can do that too. You have to be prepared to ship the book should someone buy it.

          Their “out” is that, without a printer, you can’t deliver on your orders. I realize that it’s a game. With a printer they would either have to accept it or state their reasons for not doing so. At that point they WOULD be banning it.

          What I’m trying to say is that they have used their affiliation with the printer to censor the book. Eliminate the printer issue and all they are left with is either offer the book or not.

          The printer is an issue because, with this type of publishing, they only print the number of copies ordered. That’s a good route for an author who isn’t certain of the sales volume. It isn’t the only option.

          If one offered a used book for sale and they refused to carry it, that would be an admission that they are in the propaganda business. There are multiple, countless examples of books that a lot of people would not agree with being offered for sale. So, what could be so special about this one?

          Censorship is a very ugly thing. If someone doesn’t wish to buy it that is completely up to them. Not providing that option is another matter entirely.

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