Climate alarmism is fraudulent and the IPCC is a political body, says meteorologist and brother of UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn


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Piers Corbyn, a meteorologist (and brother to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn), says the religion of climate change is a con, much of it being pushed by big money, and politicians that are twisting science for their tax and payola agenda for their mates in industry.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC This Week, 04 December 2015.

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18 thought on “Climate Change Heterodoxy”
      1. That’s a good question seeing the advertising business is so huge. I suppose they could have been notified of a money making opportunity. Its hard to say but the ads just might speak to people viewing them especially those who do not do their own thinking.

      2. The outdoor advertising space itself is also owned by COP21 sponsor JC Decaux, the world’s largest outdoor advertising firm, according to the company.

        Images of these parody ads were published in an online gallery early this week by the British anti-advertising collective Brandalism, which has taken credit for the installations.

        According to a news release from the group, more than “80 renowned artists from 19 countries across the world” — some of them quite high-profile — participated in creating spoof ads for the project.

  1. One must wonder to what extent Dr. Piers Corbyn has made of himself a hellacious embarrassment to his brother Jeremy, who – as a leftard – must be presumed to have gone “all in” for the AGW fraud.

    1. I got of his statements his Brother just “tows” the line and he didn’t elaborate either.

      I’ve almost just giving up on this. The guy Dane makes the film “what the heck are they spraying”. Goes to DC and confronts congress..crickets. They have No clue..right.

      Yesterday I watched from 7am to 2pm them destroy my skies with Chemtrails…It was horrific. No one has Any power. We just sit and watch our Masters.

      1. OMG, the spraying has been ridonkulous (worse than ridiculous) here!! I’ve taken loads of pics.

        I made a comment elsewhere that when I die prematurely of some incurable, undiagnosed disease, we’ll know who to blame.

        1. If we can’t stop the spraying, right in front of our faces, above our heads for all to see.
          What control do we have of ever getting the truth of all these shootings since O’King of Is’lame took over..

          They want us mad. I know Op Galdio, but it’s beyond that at this point.

        2. We had two days off in a row, if you don’t count the sunrise/sunset bombing in SC. Today was a full frontal obscene assault with rainbows, putrid pink and mammoth black blankets.

          Selfiies have been replaced with pictures of what might just as well be another planet- all up and down the east coast.

          The rain has been epic with I-90 actually closing for several days, not as bad as what appears to be happening across the pond!

        3. Your 3k miles from me and your sky is getting just as destroyed as mine……..

          Who in the F%$K is paying for this? Congress doesn’t seem to missing any money..1 Trillion a year?

  2. Climate change is an incredibly complex subject that cannot be simply addressed as Al Gore wants to put a carbon tax on you. There is less than one percent causation due to carbon in the atmosphere and that is true.

    The government would tax the air if they could get away with it. It cannot be refuted however the seas are rising. This can only happen through melting ice.

    The polar axis has also been shifting and that exposes more ice to more sunlight.

    King tides now days run through the city of Miami at times.

    1. Dub,
      The Govt. IS trying to tax the air we exhale.

      we go up, we go down. The best Forests in the world were created when we were warmer and CO2 was twice as high.

      Don’t even give these Taxation Fools an Inch on this one. We don’t need them.

      In Good intentions I say this.

      o Politicians. Bankers, Global CEO’s and Fanatics can be part of this discussion.

    2. Sea level is not rising at any significant rate at all. Be very wary of where you get your information. And now that the polar icecaps are quickly growing, sea level more likely is receding. Oh, and polar bears are thriving on the ice and are in no danger of drowning at all. In fact, if polar bears are in any danger at all, it is because of too much ice, which would block them from catching seals to eat.

  3. Professor Clifford Rechtschaffen, Senior Advisor to Governor Moonbeam, stated the following in an exclusive interview in Paris to Norway’s main rag Aftenposten:

    Aftenposten: What are your thoughts on USA’s next president being a republican climate denier?

    Rechtschaffen: We’ll have a huge problem. California is at the forefront on preventing CO2 gas release. If the next president destroys California’s progress, the world will lay in ruins.

    Folks, there you have it. We are also shown a photo of Pismo Beach, CA with a caption that says: With global warming the sea level here will increase tremendously.

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